Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 27, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Wednesday, June 28, 1961 M U r » I A M 0 r I , AftKAN*A» American Writer _Jftlw>f to PrtyTam.Puntl ACROSS 1 American writer, LouM • *"»"» UIWWH, . May •>—^- « uchdl w ptffitg ; 7 She ^~ sotioi , • jmportunite i for about 10 ' i9 Machine part years H Det*st 13 Lien holdcf I 2 V'*y tfW i 14 Unpaid balance S? H"?. m l >l ° 5 "* aSHon.!,...,*. g««4f« 23 Crafts LJOBS.I _ uau caeca aara i»Stotelemtfo W §yff WI »«« : 23 Operatic solo 30 ,00,, "» : 20 Beverage — -• • ! 27 Footpath (dial.) • 31 Fisherman's • • gear 32 Writing fluid 33 Silkworm , 34 Cravat 35 Poem . 36 Malt drink 1 37 Flagstone ; 39 Weight o£India •SO Raced '• 41 Survey 44 Girl's name 47 Town in Panama 51 . Women" : was her first ' successful book 53 Hebrew ascetic ' 54 Anoints 55 Swerved 56 Sets afresh I ; 57 Vipers DOWN 1 Sea lettuce 2 Zoo creature 3 Coin. 4 L?.ke in New York slate i 5 Human.'trunk 40 Felt 42 Gentleman's gentleman 43 Relieved 44 Winged 45 Number 46 Followers' 48 Was 49 Heavy blow 60 Mr. Sparks and others 52 Worm 63 Feminine appellation NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. TIZZ By Koto Ozan» © 1961 tjr NM, Inn T.M. Re E . 0.8. Pit. OB "I tried my best to let Father win a game, but it was impossible!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By M.rrill BI MM » LARt?,C\MT YOU DANCE" WITH \ So YOUVE 1 6OTTA KFEp A LOOKOUT FOR, THE" POOL/YOU &\<5 LANDLUBBER. / rtitT PUT VDl.lf^OtlNS.llR SKRA66 ..... — ANW llSt YOUR REASON,' / THF TRUTI' .' HE'S TMfe ONLY ONEJ A8OAR13 WHO " " KII.I. ALLEY OOP By V. t. [Ci 1M1 by NEA, Inc. T.M. Hit. U.B. P«(, Oft. ' the same old things, Helen! Junior's wondering '^at he can get into and Henry what he can get out of!" NOT AS FAR \ BUT THEV MAY DO AS WE KNOW... 'IM IN UESS'N WE / MOONMEN? NOT YET. . /SET HELP TO H|M f . \1,-ftl i I THEY (SOT / ANYWAY/ X^ IN A HURRY.' 1 U 5 to ; OUR HERO'S 6UPPEN ATTACK. ' f, ON THE MOONMEN HAS CARRIED HIM THROUGH THEIR DISORGANIZED LINES TO THE OPEN TORT Of TH£|R 'JNGUARPEP CAPTAIN EASY •y Lctli* Turner SWEETIE FII By Nodln* Seltzm ft, © 1PE1 by NT/I, kxv TJ.V HCE. U.S. Put. OH. "Is your will up to date?" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraitfc I B 1»6t b> NtA. Inc. T*. lUg. »A PA OH.R MORTY MEEKU r, NH. inftrM._B,e.jw.P.i.o«J " For * dime wtr *t w« f II plug any thing you h ave to sell!* Bv Dtefc C«v*Hf i wears TO' pReeiPENT KENNED/ANO INVITED HI/A TO JOIN THBFRieNP6HIP CLUB. I VVA6 6URB HE'P WANT TO Be A AAEMBER. BUT HE NEV€R BV£N AN6WQ?6P WvV LETTS?. MAYBE HE*=EUT I GOT TOO PS2SONAC AND HE<S MAD AT ME. OlOi i I GUEeS I 6HOULON'r HAve aA,iP THAT r THINK: CAROLING 16 A REAL, ' CHICK. THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNB jKf (sftCK ywr(rAC'ef5/ £>(*%.££?£&/*, SOZfAM CH/Uf HIS eiOOD... By Wil»o» 1*6! 00 VOU KNOW \OF COURSE! SENOR THI& MANiMI55jQUiNM VI5ITEP INCUR. JUCARO? -rT HOME SEVERAL A FTtR «ER FATHER IPENTIFIE& EASY. A$ BUT /MAY6E H&65CAPEP! 1'LU QUINM &6ARCH HIM AOWW...EVEN »'\N VTHE LIMING -OFHI6 COAT I PRISON H0LP ITS 1'I.L APNMTI AM ARRV QUIMN,,, BUT I PIPN'T ESCAPE FRON\ PRISON! LOOK, 6EWED IN THE/ THEM LIIOINa..,A ORIV/ER'S ESCAPED! CALL UCEN&Er CKEPIT UHE PRISON At CARPS, ANP LETTEK5 AU IN THE NAWE OP HARRV GUIWW! BLONDIF By Chic Teung <"<. HAVE VOUTRIE13 BESSIE'S BUTTER BATTER BREAP, • BLONDIE? NO, BUT I'VE' BERTIWS AND BETTViS BETTV BAKES BETTER BUTTER BATTER BREAP •THAN EITI-IER BESSIE OR BERTHA ;, P ^~t •V /. ^RISCILLA'S PO? By Al f CREEP'S.' PESSIMIST ALWAYS KEEPS THAT TRANSISTOR RADIO TURNED ON.' t r~: i i^« iHri—i«-n '«< 1981 l.v HfA, l,, c . T.M. ll.r. U.6. P«l. till SHORT RIBS By Frank S AV-U'VJRONG fOR1«tS COllfftRy. 6-27 8/-SOMEHOW t 1IAINK -' OUT OUR WAY By J. R. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoopto ?/WJs a fBAStiFU\---Me.'!Y M-M--1SEE.' VOL) Y&INO/ GOT fe^iVif HOH-HOH--'AT'5 j WALKEPPASTHER\ 'IM.' Boy. . CUZ I POW'T / HOUSE FOURTIME5 \ 'ATS PKAWIW V. */K l i LIKE GIRLS IS \ LAST MSHT. HOPIM' 1 A BEAD *«B5/ TH' REASIN. MV I SHE'P COME OUT SO OW FLYIW* FACE GITSSD I YOU COLJLP PUWCH / BIRPS.'Oi REP-'ATAW'T A HER NOSE--YOU ./ IF THIS HOLE , HATE 'EM A WAS OWV . _ A euN/ViS *';' M \\-^ ^ TM.ffi|,US. Pit. Off. WE HOPE WE GET TO HEAVEM, CUZ WE'VE HAP-A LITTLE TA5TE. PARf?oT CAI^TALK.V HEARD HJM , IT MIGIAT) RATTLE OFF = THAT WE WASfl »tU 4 FAC6 RAISED BY MEM / O^T(4' BAR fOU SBLL A PAPROT DO^T Be LETT(N S OM HE'S A Fl Nle HOLLER PER HELP irA A /JlTrt A CAT/ 3UST 5AV U'S A PARROT, ANi % LHT fH v CUSTOMER TSACH H|N\ To , OR CLO& •DANCE' - — 6P&AK BEFORE- A LAOV'/ TALK OUT OF A SALE BUGS BUNNY PONT HEY! TH 1 CLUCK LEFT WITH A SHOPPIN 1 ' CART.' LOVELY PAV F08 A BARBECUE •i- I

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