The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 20, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Friday, July 20, 1934
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TOPATg NEWS WHILE EPS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA *Yov F«ri» New* U Not Oto *om Porch By 5:15 o'Oocfc. C*D TW New. Offic* Brfm 6 o'CIock For Prom* 1*4 or US. Full AMoeiated Pr**» Leased Wire Service VOL. UCV. NO. 232. (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION PARIS, TEXAS, FRIDAY, JULY 2O, Seattle Police And Battle Soaring Temperatures Leave Half Hundred E.K.RusseD Dead And Wide Devastation Oveir Country left! By The Associated Press Sizzling midsummer heat r death and devastation from Texas I to Kew York and Georgia to Xe- \ mark at other { braska. listed ten deaths in the last ( ficiaWy It sot aus high as 120 in the | orous aspects. In Des Moines, countrv. Xovcata. f few days. i sun at Qulncy, 111. Iowa, where the temperature soar- • to Out of Race For Governor lOO-degree spots over the j 1 -*- ,—rf» -.*.- -. Avv»<3^ »•> i^Tr; c t_ii^: Lr^iiijj*^n±tUi•& i>v«.a.— • * Okla. was the hottest spot with! There" was no immediate relief In j Farmers in the grain states re- led to 10S. Patrolman Everest [ Hasn't Time to Get Candi- j US degrees. j sight in the weather man's fore- j newed their cries for rain. | Frank ford left his car parked on I . dacv Before Voters. 1 The • deatn list numbered more j St. Louis reported seven deaths. ! ca - si for **»« torrid area. j At Falls City. ?veb-. the flow Of i r~ ne > r>olice s^a^on lot -,--•-! c" A ~ur * than half a hundred. More crops j St. Joseph. Mo., five. Oklahoma! The plains states from the Une.Xemaha river was reduced to 1 ^ows closed" "w*--- *"-- 1 ~--?-! Says Annona Man Some sections *iad acute r City five. I>aHas four. Jefferson I Rockies to the Mississippi were | a triable and water had tc be h t &*- fo""d th wilted. water shortages. } City. Mo., four.. Arkansas *tsree. Kansas City, where the mercury Houston. Texas., two. New Tork shot Thursday to 10S—the highest ever registered there—reported the hardest hit. with temperatures of 110 at Omaha and Keokuk. iaaled from a nearby lake to «ip- 1 -~ e , Ptr restaurants and other Whe h <r t - e , insMere"iste-inff is *'* two. Memphis two and Washing- ; Iowa—a new high record for j establishments, tun, -D. C-, Indiana, Fort Worth, j Omaha for July and an all time^ I NOT WITHDRAWING IN FAVOR OF A 21 deaths. Temperatures topped I Tex., and Atlanta one each. Ne-! record for the Iowa City. Unof-i se: 20 Millions For Dtouth Aid Granted NO BEER ON Law Prohibits Sale of S-2 Beer Ln Texas Saturday Texas Gets Million to Car-i te ' h * Id - ry On Drouth Relief j bitT^t July ! tween ' • AUSTIN. &?}—For the first time ! I since Jegislation of 3.2 beer. Tesits ; • will be bone dry. theoretically at I I least, & wek from Saturday when I j tbe Democratic primary election i DAY i Faint Hopes Of Rain Held Out to Texas SEYMOUR Meeting of Citizens Held to Pay THbttte to Peace Officer a_ JTJ. and S p. m. oa s primary or general election, days, j 'WASHINGTON. <^P>. Grants I Tbe Provision applies to hotels and ' totalling $30.351.077 to five- state.? t < ^'^ *& W *U as other places. El- • were announced Fridav by Aubrey : ° ert Hooper, first assistant attor- } Williams, actinc Federal Reliel i ney S* n *«^ *«<*- Offenders are | • subject to a. fine Wnile the town band played "The JEyes of Texas Are Upon You," citizens oi Seymour rallied Thursday night to I Partly Cloudy Weather Is I pay ****** 10 Sheti ' ff Arc21 Ho!mes 1 a peace officer who fears so bank robber. The sheriffs most recent exploit !'—capturing a pair of young des- i l.peradoes who had just looted, the : National bank at Albany ; Forecast For Large Part Of State * _ ^ „„ ^^^ _ ^ j $500 and imprisonment in iail- I ._ Texas. $1000.900 for drouth re- | Jn pre-prohibitlon days, it was J ••^.fj?." 11 * J ^, f ^ •'unlawful for saloons in Texas to? ,. .•..Uiniams ..«id feO per cent of th* | reJTiain Qn election d ) tota-i farm area had been esruaiat-j j ed a«s being drouth stricken. ? He added the drouth w a jj spreading and Augrtis* relief grants | Cor most states would be increas- j ed becaiis^ of tbls. I Up to July 7. the adrr.inlstra.tion. • tJiroush tlie "Federal Surplus R«- \ By The Associated Press hopes of rain , ^f* 5 ,. F " r Jf ay as * e ? lpe 5?J n r !S i Wednesday, came on the eve of his from S5O to = a sam cunibed around tne I00-de- i „ departure from Baylor county The istuation. though extremely! off in his hands when he touched erious, was not without its hum- ' it World Turns To Building War Planes Race For Supremacy In Air Is Started By Leading Powers , i (Copyright. 1334. b? Associated ?r*s3-> j WASHINGTON &5»i—The roar of | new fleets of war planes soaring i | Russell Thanks Friends j | For Interest and Prom- j ises of Support j ! Saying there is not time remain- j ing before the first primary for | him to properly present bis: can- j didacy to voters of Texas, E. K. j Russell of Annona has announced ' his withdrawal from the race for i governor of Texas. Mr. Russell i says he wants in definitely under- \ stood that he is not withdrawing ; from the race in behalf of any of '• the six remaining candidates. He !' asks that voters carefully consider ; the qu.Jifications of all candi- ; dates and vote their sincere con- • Nazi Death Tales Spread ee mark everywhere except near the Gulf coast- Partly cloudy weather was forecast for much of th estate- Temperatures jumped to 102 at Abilene Thursday. 101 at EfcUlas, 1OO at I>el Rio. 100 at Palestine, 107 at Corsicana, 104 at Ft. Worth 39 at San Antonio, 105 at Sherman I hundred SS a,t Brownsville, • SS at Corpus s thanked those ChristL 94 at El Paso and 94 at | consideration to assume a post in the- United State* marshal's office. Appreciative talks and expression, of regret over Holmes impending change of post featured th» meeting attended by several persons. The sheriff j Mr. Russell's withdrawal state- toznorroWs skies echoed ! " With the release of this state- j ! merit I am withdrawing mv candi-; experts Friday as | dacy for tfce governorship "of Tex- I wond powers threatened a race : as. This decision has been reach- j for aeria! supremacv. i ed aft 'M'CKAW Guardsmen Held Ready For Action j General Strike Threatened \ If Soldiers Are Used On Water Front ^ARTILLERY AND GUNS MOBILIZED Police Cautrt Supply Ade- I " «yuate Protection, Shippers Tell Officials . SEATTLE. VFf. —Mayor Charles 1^- Smith's 300 strike police, with, flood^ pf tear gsts, swinging cluiKi' iind charging: corses, routed 2,(H>*j " striking: longshoremen pickets from the waterfront Friday in a. spectacular fight- Scores w^re hurt, but none !>elleved seriou;Sly Strikers fought r hurling: locks, catching- giis containers &;•-'• iore they could explode andthrcw- :ng- them beck at police. Virtual'-' !y every one of the 2300 combatants was affected to sonrr^'exteui...: by the sras. ';"'.. in the minds of ach^viag disar- i "": mament on land or sea, the powers ' are hastening: to prepare for any shortness carefully welgriifsg the! connection with, our po- i of time remaining- be-' BillMcCraw Speaks Here 4SS.S52 '.bead '-of - cattle purchased ] •in.- the• Drouth areas. Or ' "the*-* i 4S3.SSS head from iS statea had ] been slaughtered and camncd for; distribution to the needy. A total of 22,954 head had been \ shipped to 'Rv^: southern states to; b-e fattened for canning irs th* fall \ • WilHanMif reported that relief in \ urban centers had dropped only [ two pe? e*.nt during the last \ month. He-thought 5t should have I more than that. ; Rumors oJ^ Slain In Germany Meet Cool Official Denials war-in-the-skies. {^°re the primaries, it will- be im- Great Britain, which has lag-ed 1 possible for me to ^et my candi- present for tli-eir • somewhat behind, has just made I ^ oefore ^- tfce . People and I i.-ja .-.-•. , «.w»*=iy.ct«.L*vii auid gave an account j clear it believes the time has come • ^^ On3<3 Ti '°^ "-a-^t Aliens to pass r °^- % - tm - i. •• of the bank" robbers' capture. 'f"*"Sherta'ala"'""reported "•"ruin" "hx ••tajft • ' - •'• • • - ' -- : — f -•-.•-••-- i com crop, with cotton damaged. 1 j badly. There feas been only 1.55 f I Inches of rain in tne Sherman area f RX)UNDtJP 4T of furth-; er wholesale murders spread | through Germany Friday, only to be met by cool denials Srom Nari ! leaders. . : "Scandal rnonserinsr" was the ': term applied to ihe riiniors. both 1 here and abroad, by those, officials '• who had not left the capital to > ?ince May i. The mercurj* jumped to 101 at See FAINT. Page S. CoL 8. Owners Cling To Arid Land > new squad-' roas. estimared at 500 ulanes- ' O. B. Fiaher. Introduces 'Many hundreds of offers have 1 General-to Parisians " SEATTXJE. (AP).—'.Mass*!*:'police, shooting lou^: range tear gas grins, .Friday drove Itnig^liore i>icket* airay fro:u pier |K> and pier 41, Sever-ar persons « - ere injured by-"arjtal.: ; : O£fieers T led by "Mayor" Charles 1^. Smith, stood on the GarGeJci street over the picket lines, iind d*Mvn & barrag* of wnite a^ d nausea gases. Bocli police -^iitl «r«n.tor 1.000 new to contribute .<jf Blossom and territory are *»spectin? » O £ on* of the larc^st crowds in 1 .months to srather There Saturday j ; disift* 1 " rou.nduT> ir? held ther?. With f only a *F-5fti; 'eft in "which tj carry -i t*r*?t on the part of sypportrr:*. of j tl*«' various «-«ndidat<>s 5s increas- ; jnjr daily, according t«? repfrtjs, ' and ,-v Sumner Friday • and Friday "night. ', s m foreign origiis that ^,000 persons «*» • j We re • ki ?I«d in and after the- revolt tha . ^^,0,.,^ Et SNAPS of the CANDIDATES -; efi a warning. The Newton I>. Bak- ' urtisrance i er aviation commitzee's reporr iciil • say. it -was learned authoriiatively \ Friday, that the United States - is " in the oi my candidacy. I j have refused these offers realrdnc See RUSSSLJ^. Page S. CoL 5 FERA Can't Send Drouth! Comparatively weak i » . _ _ T* . , 1.1 . ^ • i Pia^«s- The committee in fighting* r- | Planes. committee report. TO S to Green- ; be znade public Monday, recom- Pasture* I ^^^ more com.bat and attack _ I craft' to bring^ the army air corps war time efficieiicy. ^ WORLD. gre S. Col- 2, Mill Regains Blue Eagle By This he Associated ihe fh!r4 cf a Press the _, ere Although coccentrstfon camp •ed. No verification the r*j>orts» rue". ?. the belief prevail- sirs th-at the srox-- Harriman Factory- Will Go Back Into Production Under New Pact ry day nfjst woeJc. Monday night, the nteetins: will be held on the lawn *>f thtf B'orshani S r trp-*st Mcptlnje* win h»> hold at Biards- JG-wrt and tilery. Tuesday afternoon MJtiter "Wednesday afternoon and n;«rhT: at .Powderiy Thursday isrh: and Srj Par!.« Fridav nlcht. Will Rogers BEVERLY HJI.LS. Calif.—Back | the strike. There l» no doubt : **rt?tls" run Awny wish t«so f*iir. i 'Crvstivf? I^iid^irs in the OTIIOTS. i thin?: WMJ« not as» ^ori'se try t,;. | you heJJfVrt K»O p<> r cent : on««;«Jed, Th<>;,- had S-STWJC just kicks i J»!»n:y of fair nnSnded people of j Fran*'ljt<x> wcr«r !n sympathy ] •ivith >m. Th^y lost lolj* of thai by J calling th« srcnei'Mtl strike. When I y*wi fTttTfert? with everybody's l>ti«Ir.ess. you can't set atvay with i }t - i •» Movr herfi Js something that you { d«n*t read about, hut there i* a lot i of >jn. and for Inch or nam<*s, w*- j ht caH >nt "ssrreerji," that !s. | •j x\'irh tbe public on the re- voit and that internal changes of policy are underway. ThaE ihe spreadiso^r of rumors is a. real p-robleni was increasiuyly indicated by announcements in provincial papers thai some man had been sent to a concentration camp for diss^emSaatlnsr "baseball scandal" mrxJ by the threat of Vlfctor Lat.T;e. head of the 5torrn troops, to have the public prosecutor d-a.1 with ta'e-be.irers and denunciator? of his men. The numter of expensive automobiles In th« ^tree's has decreased decidedly because of t.he pre*- ' sur« on storm troop leaders and others to abandon "high livinsr." and more provincial news- are denouncing and WASHINGTON, i^P) — The ties} farmers to drouth ? land of the western • I plains are proving: too stronc: for th« federal errsergency relief ad- cainist ration to break. Tnouarh suffering terrific hard.._. -ship, all except a. coniparativs fe-^- I 3 TOM HUNTER (are declining FERA's offer of a^ i Toir. r*. Hunter of VTichica Falls \ sistance in irtovins to land that is ] started layinj: plans tvro years asro = Bettered watered. t for this year's suber^atoriai race, i This became known Friday when; immediately after he -was eTiaiin- j I-aivrence >VestbrooJc, assis^nt ac-j ated froTrt the l?3i run-off pri- '"•• aizaistrator in charge of drouth! rtiary. • relief, let it be kno\vi; that "irt I • spite of hell and hisrh water. :ne ; ' population of the drouth areas is ; | planning to sticfe it out." \ XEW TORK. G7> — Business • dis P" ate between the NHA and the ; Years of rr.sufficlent moisture, j throuErhout the 'country, said Dan i ^arriman Hosiery Mills, grrow-irsg capped by this year's disaster, h^ve i & Bradstreet in thei- weeklv ^rade \ out of a «rike of employes last seared Both of Hunter's campaigns have beer. Intensive. He has carried his bid for votes into almost Hunter ivas born 44 years &§ro Little Sag In Business Steadiness In Is Reported By Dim & Broadstreet ienn, (.•?) — The s Bl^ie Eagrle spread its win^s over • Harrimazi Friday afier an absence : of three months and hundreds of : idle workers looked forward jabi- riantly to remming: to their Jobs. I From ^V"ashingT,on it was leaj^i- i ed aathoritativeiy that the Ions: a: Wiilow Point. "Wise coupty. He | first went to schooJ at daireir.oni, 1 1~ countr\-. said Sradstreet in their weeklv trade '• crops and pastures and in j review Friday. j s maintaining a i October, had been settled with si >laces turned top-soil into : snrprisingr decree of steadiness. "In I agreement that gives Kent county, arsd obtained a, de- srree from Mayo's co'Iess, now East Texas State Teachers" eoTlejre at j some places i prreat dry dnnes that have buried buildings, mining the work of s;enerations. Unlike the tenant farmer trse spite of the adverse extrajjeous in- 1 i - iS 5r* e bacic to the rni!Is> the io^"t*/s flaences, which it has had to face," j principal industry. Despite seasonal lowering of ac- • — Asbury Wright, attorney for Xs a boy he helped j soa ,^ ^0^^^^ ot whoin a- e be . j ;W *•» t& * ™*J* mcustries rural to indes>eadenc« 'n *^» rehabilitate!: procra-i -^ese . " * "* Com mere support his mother on m. tenant farm. He read law in his spare j __ ,«« w «« i . wi K*^~-. ,.,«»<., v - t:n»e and was adniir.ed to the bar [ pftOp i e owa ^^j- ows h o me ^ T v ev b «^er show lr . S than when 22. For 15 year* he has been { are descendants of The p:oa*eii j" er> thc Revjew a *s^«^ interested in the oil business- j who braved the risrors of the west \ " The Tnost encoarasing reports Hunter Is proposing several re-!• to settle It. Thev cling- to the an- f on Distribution." continued the forms In government. Principal > ce«ra- land. * {Beview. "^-e received from New f which is a proposed "blended"! Mnch land has been declared I"England. South Atlantic, middle tax system to replace the ad vai-1 by asrricultural experts to be fit | ^sstern. ari< 3 nort-western states, for g^azin^. "*- -*-- ' -' and I r ^e company, said the mills would T a >^ oreru levy. He would levy on net | or.jy labor -unrest, volutne in both the ' ^ e reopened Monday. The plaxit •wholesale and retail trades made I ^s^ been Idle since June 25 when ir was closed, officials said, because of the cancellavion of a largre order. lost after the Blue Eagle was •withdrawn. The shutdown threw $23 workers out of jobs with 300 striking employes already on the streets- Federal relief agencies stepped in made suddenly In the face ot" "In the south-west one hundred Anxiety continued In slornr £">^P«r ranks as to which of thwnj * xiu fe * recalled to duty at the en<3 °* th « J«ly vacation and which w ^' *** 5 ^» r ou ' of :he rcorg-^nVzed PRESIDENT WILL SPEAK IN HAWAII i<*.ee «*. i ; eamittsr* 5 - Ke wouJd exempt the i the refusal to move, XVestbrook ! days of drouth have brought a. <Jis- \ to feed families firs? $30.000. charge five per cent | said, the problem now has re?o!v- | tinct lull in most branches of com- : ; destitute, on everyth-nj: over that up to 2.- j ed itself largely into one of help- [ saercial activity. j While forma! announcement eoo.OOO. trradaatinsr from that up | 1115 the people where they are in-1 "While retail sales the past -.—-"-«. i to as high as 3S per cent- He would | stead of transpJaritingr them. | week fell somewhat below expec- rtralate utilities and abolish chain j Efforts arc being made to in- t tations, volume was bolstered by stores. He proposed t* srox-ernor's j crease water supplies by build ins f successful clearance promotions, rabin-et. which wouj<3 reorsraniie | wells asd dams to conserve rain- 5 particutarly in lij:ht wetjrht wear- the state sov^rr.Ttters; to coneen- | falL It may be two or three years, j ing: apparel, textiles and house- trattf efforts tc* *Jim:nate 100 of} Westbrook indicated, before there' McOraw. candidate fo^: attomev general of Texas. win : speak on the south, side of the i Plaza 3.1, 3 o'clock Friday ni^ht. | Mr. McCraw. who is well krzoTvn | here, will speak in the interest of I his candidacy, O. B. Ffsher of \ Paris will introduce Mr ilcCraw, f jjr. ilcCraw was the first man i to be elected Tor a third terra as 1 cistric-: attorney- in Dallas, where ! he has practiced ta.w since" before ! ne was 21 years oIS^ He has been ' making a tour of the state, speak- * ins- in the interests of his. candi- ' dacy. ; Sorn in Arlin^ioa. Mr, McCraw ', moved to I>allas while a small boy. i Se was a printer's devil « n Ms: father's prinung: shop and later- i became a. printing: pressman and a \ iiiernDer ct the pressmen's union. : He srudied law at night anc passec. \ the state bar 'examination whec'i 15 years old. His ininority dis- i abilities were removed by a court • order and he be^an practicing law before he was 21 years old/ Tw O i years after he began practicing '• law, he enlisted, in the Thirty-sixth : Division and serve-2 in the VC"or-d "V^'ar as a lieutenant in the 132nd ; Machine Gun Battalion of the Tex- ; a?? Division and continued his af- ] fiiia-tion with the army service. Hie I recently comrsissioned a. cap- ; in the aviation reserves. Followinsr his recurn from the W3 - r - McCraw served- as assistant ; ^is~rict attorney and »a 1S2S was [ elected to tfcat office. He was ur- opposeS for a. second term and in 13?'? decideo aeainst making the race for attorney general to run , for a third terni as district at- j torncy. He was elected, by a targe 1 See SPEAKS. Page S. CoL 2. ' ; used tnasfci^ altiiougtL s-trifcers. been resorting: to a-iMl sponges over tbeir iHRi€s_ Tue p«ppii^: t>« tlie tear -&ts boirsbi. waving biUows- oT fumes, auad Cigurt-s of ine-t bisra-wled across? tbe where tfae gas isaoiaed i^ve tlm iuipr&^sion of'a sert- ois tsittle. bat it \xa>i not b j • 'K'ved by police tf*at aj lets were fiffej. \vere swept bac-j? so quickly »-har few Iiad opportunity to T .o*s rocks. At least fou»- poiiceiuciv were hurt, antl scores of strifc, ers \vere affected by 5a=^ TAVO ambulances started haulins: aix-ay tiie iDJared shortly aft'_-r tbe police attack started at ~ a. m. The piers are non-unton loadiu and xvere tiw s*_-eEe of vidoos rioting Wednesday. >." either police m>r strike officials \voultj estiaaate tlte number of pickets involved »> Frkiay's clash, v.-hieJi occurred just sexeu hours- after Mayer Smitb. had assumed ciiarge of tl»e ix>Iice unexplained Chief of Police G. F. Eotvanl. eeuters , Ore.. ^??—Nation-' al guardsn:tiri camped 10 niilv's from Portland Friday, ready to advance on the waterfront with machine scuns and light howitzers :f maritime pickt-ts interfere with shippers" plans to open the strtke- bot;~d port. Union labor poised over the citv its counter weapon, the threat of it general strike ff any of the troop* See STRIKE. Pa^e S Cr> T 3 ; '• -w-^--.-™- -~vn ••~>-%»*«.«*t.>_<^ v v*- *.*^«.^ w*-^**, e ""^sr^s, ^V"i*i* iriC' yQ*ttI ri^-ins^ S *o Lh*> existing 131 departments, bu- ; will' be enough moisture to undo | 20 per cent above the comparative ins and commissions. fev*n*part of the drouth damage. {fisrares of 1933. the agreement had not been made. It was momentarily expected. It was known that the settlement has been ratified by both the nail! officials and the NRA arrd now awaits only approval by the strikers, See MIUL. Fsge S. CoL 2. Paris Thermometers Touch 105 For Seasonal Record i "With hot winds, coniinaics: to little chaas* in the ] scorch already blistered face*, until n«a~ 1*34. by WASHINGTON. Roos*v*lt is believed to be con- ten ,p ta «i,s usinjt H*w a it as a a strik*. or anything: ^rtaSninjr to !Sn«:w in it of Jahor isi men- tlcrned. He J* the one that tell* who should be took out and shot. % lf h« mnJ?«»t« any move to better nin contJJJJon. i?t> •«•«> n«>t radical.-* on both Sid*?!. "r*i!s«" on one. and "f;TV*Tix" on the other. Both of >m ought to ?>•*• run out. and l«>»vifr it to mf« that know an<S f*«*I that th*r* i?« such a thins: ** a fi»lr unirm and « fnir employer, Thp vi-hi 1 *!^ thinsr wlj> prove bcn«-fl. clal. for it. xvil! prove that no fircn- cra! ^itrikf cun win. People wlirht l>e with y*it». but whrn it hejcins to »-OST *c«n> th*ir food, and th«ir con- vcn^nc«% they art» ffo'ng- to quit you. Sor»<?tlrnp.'« «-«• think ««• dont know what kind of jrovcrnmcnt wt« (f«l, but it's «U\ay« bljurcr lh*n »ny irroup of for Th* president, now headed th« distant ootpost of the United States, will d«Hv«r & radio Address, Jr> Honolulu July 2S. ! "Waahlnicton heard he miKht tako • th« opportunity »t th« "cr< Terrell, Nee Baker, Loses Right To Use Name In Seeking Texas Office temperature week menus TTitlk, cereals. of tn * for ft fr^endlj* and of v!ews on world DA1.UAS, \Vork Friday revoked court order whic Judge Tom A. fWork disbarred * pr«vioos policy flc throiairhout th<» XKGRO IS MOVKI> TEXARKAXA. Ark, (/Pi—An tjn- named Mil Friday hcl«l » Mcmj>ht», T<*xa», n<*jrro taken from th* Mill*r rounty Jat! to pr«v<?nt poswlMe mob x-io!<?ne<f aft*r h« ha<I been accvwuxJ ot ustemptr* crtminnl nwault on » 12-yenr old Poplwr Bluff, Mo^ whit* chanj^d to "Oeorjce B, Terrell." t^dcrert the name of Baker cotzld not b* located for»B*«Ver bOTh reput^b* tS»^ h«««rinij at which Terr»- ; » *nd UJITV no reason why of his friends testified I no? t-e used in Texas Baker from fu-|a d testified to his belief that ; abJe to do so. Frank said he had tune practice In SSth District i Bakers use of the na-ne Te.Mil i tried to locate Baker to start dis- , C *^ **l*^i < - Ourt - saying the young Sawyer | « Texas politics wo-j'j ^njure Vf»; barrneist proceedincs. ~ e tor state 5 •.- • > t« name of j " a< *. P* r P* lr * te d «• fraud on the; <Geors:f B, TerrT-^r.-"* chars^> j Several weeks ago Baker p^-r- the right t">! c urt wh*-n he succeeded several • should he choose to run for of- ;s«id*d Judge Work to c!iaasr* lijs «;« th»- name of Terrell. | w^ks »jro u>^ having nis nanjeifj^ ^gatn. Terrell s,^o h« cw-lm^e to Terrell, saying it wouid The decision came at the con- cluxfon of lensrthy tpsttn^ony on b*h«Jf of CY»ns?Tes«8tttj*n Georjiro B. TorreU of Alto. prt>minent in Texas for mamy y«ar«. The conjrr«>j«s- nrnn f!le«J s«u last week waking that the c<mrt order by which Baker chwng-fd hist nam« to Terrell be annulled. At th« «Hm« n««xion t Judg« Tifriell *ppt«»nsd *t | son of 105 degrees. Fans seemed f to bring: little relief, merely stir- : ring the dry air inside officc'buiie- i foodT^s ta^ ; IT3STS atlii tlOKjes. ; Many found that consumption ; of beer, carbonated beverages and water broach; only temporary re- ! iief from heat. With the air filled ! . with d'jsi particles, what little i breeze there was seemed to only | discomfort. to s? m«;r*«ts. J nsr dai'v. WEATHER Low B*k«r had chanxed h» nnme to Terrell for fraudulent purposes Former t»feut. Governor T. Davidson act«Ml aua »ttom*y Terrell, r>. Frank, local of the STM rnlttee of th» D-tUlas B«r asaocia- fv>i j^tion, tfsstified h* had exerted *v l^ry ivtean# to locate Baker in th« la*t tew w««ka but had own un- am! i -he*p him in business." Tmme.-?i- n»mes* a^dia^jy thereafter he filed for stare they sheuM • trwiisurer and his name has &•*•>** x '.nics, I printed on thousands of ballots in- attot-nr.y, > ter.dtd for use in the July 2S ;-rt- gins, clouds tn the north at noon Friday g'a.v<> some pr^rfs;*»i Citizens who donaed white suits* 0 ' r? ' ief from exwsssve hret -*-hK-h and fr?sh'«>-taundered shirts found j naif I>r«va;!ed her* for s*.Y*raI that only a few hours elapsed be- ! ^S"*- Temperat'urest Thtirswiay rw-» fore collars wilted and clothing ?>e- i tablished a new h;?rh ;>oin? for t.h<r came bedraggled. Heat waves rfs-| s * ason when th<* mercury r^aeheii ing front stdewatks and patvements. ( ^-®5 degree*. The jninimurn {*«!struck pedestrians !n the face at: P*-ratur«* Th!j;>*'1i»y v«,- ;iw ov-ry point, Shady sides of buildings were found to be almost as hot as the unprotected portion*. , In effort* to rain relief from the I Congressman Terrell let it. t^r <twrinje -the hearing that ho contemplated runnin* for| an d Quxet .ropds-ln this vicinity, in, the future. .„_ . »Many fomtd Jn«w«vi»r T ther* excessive took ma,ny Parisians drives to take* I OKLAHOMA; <.cmTttH> fair ; partly cloudy an?! \ Fr^Iity night »t>< | KAST TE.\A>; Parti.y | Friday nJ&ht Htsti I what; omseltkxl in ', tion; «^>«tl»«NM| ; not, !Ho«*erat* , »outl>crtjr wind* on tb«

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