The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 24, 1931 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1931
Page 11
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THB DAILY HKW8. nSDEBICK. TO.. THUEBDAT. DECEMBER 24. 183I : CLEVZn BY KAY CLEAVER STRAHAN - BBGJ-V HEKE TODAT CECP.T T»DAT I u« XABT- mr ···· ···fci 1 Tber* w«» a touch of adventure j stopped to look for a; She m»j-- 1 07 only Inay -- ca/n U Is sot wise. It tals may appeal more youth than the Issues of convention and wisdom-- it is not Party Frocks Will Make It A Snappy New Year PLAN BY ROSETTE BAKGBOXT NKA Srrrice Writer. P»ra. Dec 24 --In% rations to YvUe- tlie- pir».;es brinjr p»r*.} Jri?fcs to »or;d \Vha; :iry «^4r - o dance ti*e o^d y*ar on; and 'at -evi .iar in -^-.e as :mp jriint to ·-h'K as the fact tix-y are ".e' ^ th Fa-.. co_:u-3e: hal1 Irom phili P' 3 ° ace - ! Alww. tfheB the subject of expedient H to not-" was a filitifc clerk in the office not do better. _,. , MrOSS . ·£· iSa. WM a sligkt. aewtseasihH J PU lip-4 Irring arrangements vasj Marr-Fiuztces asked, -TThat laal jTM 6 TM 11 * TM» redflish gold hair. ; i-tredneed. Ann teh feloniously what?" and took another bite ot baby-blw eyes, and a frankly sol-Ipujty t,^^ sh» coald not feel bread and butter uble complexion. Efce carried her guilty at aO. Granted that a man ca«c« w PHILIP CCXOXD. y«U« lawyer, *or rlxfcr 7«ra. _^___ C«4ljr brtaCB BARRY McKKEI. fcMu ia 4tMcr. She ka k»*ir* UK o»ly m «*crt tU»e »«t to Xmll- IMJT l» l*ve wfth fclw. *··»« h*r frl«4. ·l(kt Fkll her t» becaoM tt 1m her at komc. Pkll la creating SOW CO OX WITH TKB BTOKT CHAPPTER 331 DHIL, lored her. She knew It. Their ·tractnre bad been built. swiftly and beautifully, years ago -tad been built and completed. And ret Ann wished to keep him Incessantly laboring at tt: potmdlnr away at old promises and sew, tmceeeasary ones; sentimental altnationB; with flattery; piling proof npoa proof, until he was tired-- tired to death. Ha pulled himself sharply. Se had been right: he needed th- woods, and the rest and sanity -- needed them at once. "Proof upon proof!" It carried orer in his mind as he rode down (a th* elerator. Proof. Had he not been true to her, with nerer a thought of another woman (the persons of staunch. Invulnerable feelings and fathomless understanding had been women, not a woman) for eight years? Knowing this she could still demand -- did still demand -- proof of his lore for her. He had reached to posh open th» door In the foyer when Letty King hailed him In her shallow, childish voice. She was standing by the counter where magazines and tobacco were sold, holding a small brown object In her band and laugh- Ing and frowning at the same time. Tha heel ot her shoe, the foul thing, had come off Just hera. She did not know what on earth to do. She had been trying to charm Emery -- the clerk grinning behind the counter -- Into skipping around the block to the shoemaker's, bat Emery dared not leare his place. The boss had bawled him out for stepping over next door to oblige a customer last Tuesday. Letty Inquired again. Including the lor* of Mike, as to what she was going to do. She couldn't go limping Itfce a wooden leg all over town. I more strongly thmi possibly I are cot. happy. Philip', ud her acqnaint-! "aid a^Tlt SdVTM ^oT her la th * ** * «"'* » iaceshlp bid negus with, remarks. | fauU ,,., ene couldn't make It tor ou haTe !ctErru S tfd - -" mads 1» th» hall or In the etentor.' t imL KJP was lt her tatt i t tj^ a«» weatier; msd Phi i h.,, to economize becansw be "\Vaat Question:" E Frances. ' Grand brossht his wbit* eyebrow* closer together and rrrned tbe wrathful expression so attained day--tacked ea 40 the wemiher ^ays called EUse'a husband "Mr. not on Aarr-Frances itatt hard OB through Bor* tha» a year tt had -sent $»0 each month to his mother progressed only ID the polat ot aa ,r no ijred with hte rich Bister Ellse occasional formal fan»iliAT±ty-- j and Ellse's hosband In Oakland, pretty siew dreas someone has to- Tb« fact that Mr. Atnslle (PhU at glnc* now lary- i I Alaslle"--odd. Ann thought) was ! Ann. ·wealthy was all tha more rea- that Phil should contribute to That part though explained It with almost Tare* quick taps wedded heel slipper sgaia. IMxy'm gratitude w«s · lavish, and Philip put gratitude, 31TM. Ecroyd'a support, along with nnriprsfanrtins and tn- nerer made sense to rulnerablo feeling* in bU raster ot favorite Tirtaea tor women. ' la the restaurant Philip ordered box lunches for two. All afternoon M. Saeht bad been handing cardboard boxee across his conater to customers in taste te respond to th* wooing ot bills and woods and atreama. M. Sacht had met their pother and stew with tolerance and sympathy. But sufferance was difficult for this turbulent with his white face and fidgety eyes, who said not once bat thrice. "Make It snappy!" "He acts." mused M. Sacht. as his customer went rushing away, 'like the cops was after him. It BO. I hope they get him--him an£ his hy^talr-icks." pompocs references to f ride. /"* "Courtship." RosaEe"* s*eet rolce arrived la the nSck of time. "is not the same today as it was in ocr day. Jonathan dear." 'It Is not." said Grand. "It to cot Indeed. Nor does It." he pro- jeeeded. still frowning straight at said. "Amea" asd raised i Ann. "apparently culminate as It blinking blue eye* and a benign i was wont to culminate In onr day." · · U . . ^ * , , K.U - - - - · - --- _ expression to his family. The be- nlgnancy faded to sorrow when he noticed Cecily's empty chair. "Ann. my dear, was It necessary to sit down to our evening meal How?" said Jtlary-Francea, "In marriage, my darling." said Grand, choosing to understand the question so. "In marriage^ "All of them?" questioned Mary- Frances Intensely. before Cecily arrived to take b c r ' Grand, who prided blnBelt upon place with us?" having -a sense of humor, thoogh "Cecily Isat coming. Grand. The' for long stretches of time he forget spoon for the macaroni Is right be- j a1 ' about having It, remembered It side It. Mary-Frances, don't eat! n °w and laughed heartOy. (Grand your salad like ttat," always laughed "heartily" If be "I can't help it ir it strings, can . laughed at all. except the thnes I?" *hen be "chuckled.") "Of course yon can. Cnt It with vour fork." Rosalie Isngbed -with him. Sh» had found one or the successes ot " 'Stoo tough. It -won't--" I married life In always landing "Darlings, darlings." Rosalie In-1 w£ th her husband. Mary-Frances, serted. "Birds in their little nests j ttt *" a E e when langhter at bea- ex- love one another." (Cissy, the mean \ was the Iron. sQuirmed and , thing, said that Rosalie was bird i sulked, and Ann could smile but faintly. It was sort of mean to at the precious baby, and minded.) "And where." Grand demanded. not even looking for the spoon, "is , besides. Ann was stni disturbed by " our Cecily, may I ask?" tQ e notion that Grand was "blaming Ann said. "She has gone out with n «" for something, and she had no i, hla head bowed so that his top scalp shone pearly pink through the whits silky fringes of bis hair, went sonorously on and OB asking tha blessing in long, carefully arranged clauses' while Ann worried about the macaroni and cheese cooling In the dlsfc. and wished that Mary-Frances would stop squirming, and was slightly sorry; at last, that PhU had been disappointed about the- picnic supper la the woods. He was, she supposed, eating his dinner alone aa usual In the dining room of his boarding bouse. Philip lived at tha Danuneroa Apartment Hotel; but it was his mood, always, to call It a boarding boose, aa It wa« his fancy never to mention the dining room without prefixing the word basement. Ann thought the Dammeron Hotel, with Its deep carpets and big chairs and mirrors and its orderly air ot quiet com= --,,-,,,,,, ,, m.^^^^ LU ,,. ..uu^o, - fort, a wholly desirable place In lady Is Insnfficient reason for the! Frances, who was not one to hold whfch-to live. This opinion, Philip j lady to grant him the pleasure o f ! a grudge against her best friend told her, was possible because sae | h'er company whe-ever and wber- i and sole confidant. "7es, 1 hare was not forced to live there year {ever he may choose to seek it. She!TM? algebra." Mr. lIcK^l. Grand. You liked him. j wa r of discovering: what It could didn't you?" , , be. "I do not know that I did. I do I Tb* telephone ben rang. The not form nay opinions of any per- ', Fen wick family declared, along son from one short Interview. The , Wlt b several million other f run Hies fact that Cecily grants to a com ' ln ' bo United States, thai their parative stranger all of her spare , telephone never rang except at meal time, disregarding her home ties, i times. Mary-Frances Jumped to an- disregarding-. almost. I might S2y] svrer Jt - "Maybe Ifs Ermintrude." the corventions of polite society, j sne I do not lite. No -- " Grand shook j " his head and began to serve the make M J" plans for this evening. ' " If · s ." warned, "don't macaroni as If he had no idea as to '. nas sn engagement, and I what he was doing -- "that I do not i want you to help me clean the front like. Merely because a young hall." gentleman Is attracted to a young " Oh ' Ermlatrude!" said Mary- In and rear out. Long ago she had I does not gain hia respect thereby, j (To Be Continued) BY TVM. E. McKESJTET Secretary American Bridge The following nand produces a tery Interesting: squeeze play. At auction, tte squeeze can be made at spades for 4op on lhe«boartL Trhde a; contract the squeeze is there at no tramp--both for * grand slain. · A-J-7-6-4 ¥K-5 A rt ^ ^ A 45-3-2 VJ-109-6-2 4K-9-8- 5 4 V Q.J.8-6 NORTH fe 5 U to Dealer SOUTH K-Q-10 A-8-7-3 A 1 "49-8 VQ-4 410-74-3-2 A 10-97-2 «*A-K-5-3 395 When Indians Were Rescued The Bidding. At auction, tie bidcing ·BO'jM be 0otnb one no trump Xorth two spades, ·H pass. At contracl many players ·mold arr-.-e as tie small s-asi 21 spades, bat the mosi ^i^resliisg bid- rttrty -was ntiere Serial opened with two clotw. Jfortli responded wiih. three i Unoer tie wriiar's sTstem Sis j t-- o high card tricks, and as- i SUTCK partner of at I-east fo-jr c^ti'ns or three to an honor. Eo",h answers with j three no trump, showing a foor-card , clnb suit Xorth goes to focr spades, whicc shows a firs-card space sc^t · Soatii now has a very la^r read_ag la | tbe North hasd-- ST S spaaes to at least ihe ace ~=^11 assirre ian o* £~e spade tlcis. Urjcoubtecly IL.S partser holds Theater News TiroII : An unusual love and strange sacrifices, ;c a background of war. are tbe dominant notes of "Surrender." the William K Howard production for POT Films. ,at the Tivoli again today. Warner Bax- l Is used ;j',- shade '. blue. ^feA achhrie tlwsc two-ended a. ITHM; :: ! :!·.« portra.t n: h du.Cc :r. pull (PYROIL) Greatest violer lubricant, top oil A for vaJres, B for crank rue, IHIMIIJ ilim differential.- Off qt. «fb br parcel post for SIM. Maryland PTE OIL Co. DI5TUBLTOKS PoolrsrUlr. Md. SALESMEN WASTED Phrae 16-J P. O. Box 47. ·. NOW WE HAVE IT-WHAT? . Alcohol, JSS proof 46e ptt~ \ OIL 3-CKl. Iota, zero test . Si 49 If oil ts ueiatlif jrlor?, return porllon and year monrv wiU be IS PLATE BATTERIES ---_**.« TRFS TO SITT tors rOCKETBOOK j set ntt AT THE VALLEY GARAGE nOODSBOKO. MD. whlw guipure IHCP Is used Xfaison Lenief for tals youthful evening frock. bv .'-ticks by addjis a skirt o' ta"e and ire over a p^a.n sat-n sheath dress j the bodice by epauVttcs or else by sujr-jeit-ng | aSi.t:on of the o'c faLshwned flchu. | iltT a wisp of diaprianous chif- '". bordered «:'.ii Xlny frfit or rows ·: p'.e», comp'cted by a tiny muff ·\o--rt on one arm to match the fichu. , This is a Worth Idea. 1 Fur VMd Sparsely. j The ereains wrap for Uie debutante j^ou:d be sparsf'.y fur trimmed Huge . mastlv in tnat light but very *rlght , .'ur collars are not only unfashionable vertrjluon shade Tte oth*r fashionable . *Ji unsiiltante. and scarf effects at shares are roselcaf pir.i.. pale ycP.ow and :!-.e neck, bordered or not with real various tones of Inch 1 . Kuc. - ;lr - achieve an air of quiet e'egance ' Alhrwinc for Allo»»nc«- «-u'.I*d io the youtUfu.css of the nearer. ' Because o'. a !im.:cd dress a'.toarancc. Sb-Xt. fltt«l ermine bolerco or equally \var.t U" acQUln ar; a.r t.or. :hc o! ^r..; car-, choose a Jon 1 ..-; .^.;:i tiial Jus', h-ais a: lines. Years a?o. the first ba" dress was ' ir.variab!} »h:ic. but '.ha custom has a:?c oui -V. the paslel shades arc pcr- missib'.c and :h^ foason sevcrai red oH-m-d for r wears expensive Jewels uatii she c -n aien moderation Is observed as to de chine For even sD-r.a. occasion prefer ITO or three of the new velvet r orx ' velvet ar.i sav.a are -cs--.Td cicn.r.g wraps to an only one. even Skirt Lnurths Varr Many'of '.he cojrtur.ers arc shonn? . tmJSn :"- ^ of ermine. Tr.e ceo^tante-s events g^m Is a- 'ewnbaiatsop.- crrs^ ulai can wve · H-p-Iea^n or three-quarter length^bly moderately delete The tor both dumer and dances Land's are the most us-fu and popular type skin can be anile length or for some 'cv-nL-.g blouse and stirc idea is one of of cca'- O?neroas!y puffed sleeves down to the ground, but ·.-. never the successes of ;hc reason. With the caaght into a ughS, wrtsttoaaU. a dol- taasts ot a tram Tno top^ of the a r.s:--.cngth pa:,d rorr.a-j skirt and wp g^mir the .'ashioned arms are often wiled but tne slanrsess ' oerhaps two bio-jscs manj a ;,oaag e:r! | w-.d:n of snoulders with the fullness of the waist, one of tbe most at'-rac-' could fro thro^h a of ho'.:dav ra-ipit Into a fllica basque Is a style iive features ol the youog flrore is , functions ver These Lantiri salted lo the young girl. A scarf and James McHugh. and DeEylva.- "Cavalier of the West," an o riginal and Henderson, Bushy Berkeley story by Jonn P. McCarvhy. is a tale : Maryland "This Modem Age." starring Joaa d-rected the dances. The short subjects are ccraedy hit. Opera House , Cntv ford at her highest. Is the Christ- tr.e storv. nhich is said to have been ' Monroc o? LS!CV ,, n gainst a background of ' Harry Carey, star of "Trader Horn" several months in ihe making is the sophisticated Paris " I ':er enacts the = Ieading role and divides i-°"d. perhaps a hundred oilier screen j colorful Mexican Border o: tt* lattr , arl ;j '^_^\^ s storj - O f 5,^0 to vca ulU be -..he romantic interest with beautifnl '.l-.nlleis of "the more spectacutar sort-j 19th Century McCarlhy, who ^ also dl- s - noVT1 :o i a y atK j Friday. A cartoon · Leila Hvams The cast includes Rsdpb ' W i i l soon be back in town agam--on the j-ected the production, moved his large rjn)C j. y ttlt j, somjd 1^ an estra a ttrac- ' Bellamy! Alesander Kirfclaad. -nmijam '' screen, of course--in "Cavalier of the company over several hundred rnU« «^ , V oa. i Pa wley^ Howard Phillips and C. Aubrey [West" his latest aSracUon which is i country in order to depict the acma. m ! Smith, in addition to more than 1.000 scneauled for the Opera House Friday. _ sellings laai his story ca.^ed .or. j S3J _ oa saw ]t jjj The lextras. ', A comedy and a mystery film are the ·supplemental attractions ^JhTtKrtn^Bjf PfOJfUJQ ' Bert Lahr, America's most imitated comedian, and Charlotte Greenwood, make a great pair In the hilariously · fanny M. G. it. comedy witii music, 1 "Flying High," comes to ihe Ttroll Friday. , Tne director, Charles Rlesner, deserves great credit for hating added this definite knockout to the already long list of his comedy achievements, which tn- · eludes "Reducing," "Caught Short" and "Ponies." : Rkliculous fun at an airport and in ihe air is enlivened by several corking song numbers and a beauty chorus that Is very easy to loot aw Kathryn Craw- · ford sings several of "3« best numbers, 1 aad other players of importance are I Pat O'Bnen. Charles Winr.lnger. Hedda ' Hopper, Guy Kiboee and Herbert Brag- H a v e that family group yon have wanted so long made while yon are all home for t h e holidays. N e x t year might h r i n g many changes. Phone 793 for Appointment Edmonston Studio Good Evening Did the Mrs. Say . . . Don't Forget To Order BISER'S CLEAN COAL PHONE 267 ^m \ m a a a CITT OPERA HOUSE s' 1 510" Tie songs are by Dorothy Fields TO-DAI TO-NIGHT Snowbound for days in tbe litie Presbyter-an mission at Ganado, Ariz , 3S'. ris suffered intensE'-y frcoi cod and ".ack of food'i rescue parties \ MARYLAND broke through the sns-cru'a and broi^ghl them food acd r:e: These pictures ; SPECIAL HOLBDAT ATTRACTION % made for NSA Semce and The Post by a member of i~z rescue party "· J has Just emerged from the district, ladians, whose wason iac upset as i^ey were ? ^" ~~ ~-~-"-"^~- ~-~-~^" i -j=; j trying to iraVe their --ay back -site fueL are saown at the top as :iey received in dajS. Bekrr ^ a photo taisu of Ind^ui boys ^i the basement of he or the *·---; of hearts. In e-toer case South caa see a sna" s'.aai at EO trorcp and takes t;e cec'^ratxsi to sit ao trua:?. closes the contractsag- The Play. The pecular part of *.·-': tand is that ac au:i-ori top on tae board ~js spades as ihe grasn s-a^n can oe rriade and thcr; TTI~ be 5D aonors. --rule at contract top :s at no trixp. At contract West, iold-ng 3. Sre-^rd _ hears s--.t headed With a three card "· sequence. ot?£3s the top honor, tre jack ^f As this shows the ;ac. ten. nje to tie declarer, he should taSe tr.s first in tie c^rrj.y f.-'~ *-e i-'? If ie floors .t to r.M to _ij hare, t^e op- pot^eats are g'-.nj *c ae ao'-e to saocs the kirig *^t ~eart^ o-t 3. stnall heart, ar.d tr.ere mav "oe ths txss:b^.ty of a sqi.«ze. Dec'.aTtr '.ea£s trie C'^SETI and -t«i o: sp^ric^ --..r'ai.."- tr.e ton in declarer's ace ar^d tbe k-s? of clubs TVest C«-M.TCS t.he e.ghi of ·s-li.-;h sho-Bs the sing De- :r I-eads tbe S-se of cluas ti dtae- ary's Qtseen, West compjet^:^ his 5ia- Tie sti of d-amotu:£ ^ retvrred fro^t iy. East ?^:-s t.-e four asc ce- C ^C65 ^-p ^* *»« *«"5 £C£. A f- Sl^.- c'.^b ^ ret-med "or declarer asd IVes: ^ foroec to (Lscard a heart, dotcrcr 7ri^:_n5 -i^ith ti-e ;aok of c'.ubs Trie a of spaces ^ led froz c"mrr.r. ; d-scarcir-.g a -^cto-=, tee de- r_^rcT c^c^rcs tite J^c^ c^. c. ATnoritis ?r.d 'West ts squeezed If --c crops trx? d^i-nond ^^is. cec.irers q-eeri ^ crood If tr.e ^eirt -i cropped, the two hearts 3y a vs-- n^at ;^e:ze p'ar tr.e declarer has 3iaie t^ c_r..ract of £-jc 20 trumrj and one extra tnck News advertising pays. Give it a i the oeuce o£ iAaconcis Tae ace o f , t Glorious, Glamorous 1-- Joan Crawford //"¥"! ' This Modern Age" brings yon her most exciting pictare With Pauline Frederick, Xril BamB- ton and Monroe Omley An all-taiirig p:cr^re that win ·hn!: you to the core. 2-- "The Land of the Mahajarahs" An aH-talfcng Trave: Picture that ·sill int-erest arid amuse you. Matinee 2.15. Evening 7.15 and 9.00. Admission: Children Under 12 Tears--l«c Adnlb--13c SATrRDAY-- "THE GOOD BAD T.IRU" HARRY CAREY TIVOLI BERT LAHR FROM WARNER BROS. THEATRES That Stage Star Of Dflj73- Do/«55 7/z The Riot Of Gafc, Music And Crazy Cracks r GEORGE. WhltES Wl'Jl CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD LOVGrsT LArCH Df PICTTBES Also Tivoli News--Cartoon T O M O R E O W Onlraao*- 5 15 T=U 11 v -- SATURDAY -BOB STEELE in 'The Nevada Buckaroo' / -- LAST TIMES TODAY -Warner Baxter in "SURRENDER" IVitb LEILA HTAJIS--A Fox Hit

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