The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 20, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. JAY. NOVEMBER 20, 1924 IS AMERICA SLIDING WEST? TESTS [SANTAFETRAIL TO BE MADE TO DECIDE THE QUESTION B ™ ™E SHAPE up Into the form o( a tnlmtturc lawn-mower, which Hogcirs usus on the tunes of his more heavily whlHkerod cuntomorn. Iln char;ov nil extra fee for use of thn "mower." •V LARRY BOAROMAN NEA Sflrvlca Writer. Wisblngton, Nor. :<).—American »nd European scientist* nro going to » lot of trouble and expense trying to decide » question In which ttisj-'ve slwnr* disagreed. That Is whether North and South America actually arc slipping over th* surface of the earth—sliding farther and farther away from Europe end Africa as time goes on. on. Th«7 are, the Europeans say. And *e are Australia and Greenland and hundred* of leas Important little land*. They are not, the/Americana contend. So to settle the argument the scientists are getting together and conducting one of the greatest surveys ever made. Dr. William M. Bowie, chief of the United States Geodetic Survey, Is In Madrid now attending an International scientific, conference that 1* making the final arrangements. Radio to Be Uacd. The survey la expected to stsrt within a month. Major C. Z. Hodgson, acting geo- detlo survey chief during Bowie's itmence, believes the tests will he, for the first time In history virtually 100 per cent accurate. That Is because they will be con- liiftad by radio. "The system," ha explain*, "la lo wor'- from some point of which re know the exact longitude—that It, the exaot location In relation to ill* stars. "From this point time signals are flashed to other points. Dy check- tig up these signals with the stars it the receiving point*, exact calculations can ho made. "Until now we have been forced o signal by cable and wire, This nas been a barrier In the way of perfect accuracy because of the time It tnkes to transmit such sisals. Many points, too, caunot be cached by wire. "Now, by using radio, these '•awbacke ran be overcome. The •Ft* will encircle the entire globe. Second Survey te Follow. "In B few yearB a second surrey >ill be made, and the two results • liecked. In this way It can be determined whether the continent? are changing their relative positions, as the Europeans, believe." The theory of shifting continents '•* known as the "displacement It is Graveled in Reno Coun | ty, East of Hutchinson, i and to Newtow. Your hair has muscles, hut don't J consider this an excuse to lie j strong bended. Time cures nil things by killing them. Honors For William D. Putcrbaugh Carey Senator K-inerson Carey has had competitive examination. The examination was In Roman law, contracts find torts and Mr. Carey wan first. It Is nil the more Inter, citing becauso In the awarding of a prize In these competitions Iho answers must have to be up to a word recently that his son, Wll-i certain standard and In the past Ham It. P. r 'urev, now in Oxford 1 three years nnswers hnvo failed to ,. , ,. ... i romo to this standard. Mr. Carey University, hnglnml, had just won ; „ pi]l R ()Vcr „ nmv8V)Sri „„,, ,„ ln8 what Is known na the Uoiiltcui Kx- j honored winner of a very interest- position prize of £20 sterling In a log competitive examination. The above sketches lllustrat the Wegener displacement theor showing the earth In (1) the Car bonlferous period: (2) the Eocene period, and (3) the old Quarternar) era. The blacfc • portion* repre»e-t land and the lightly shaded portions shallow surface water. The white outside the outline*, depicts the ocean resting on an underlying heavy layer. Picture No. 4 shows the western hemisphere with Its present relation to the eastern hemisphere. The man seen below Is Dr. William M- Bowie, chief of the United State Qeodetlo Survey, wh» with other American scientists, dl»agree* with the European theory. The Santo Fe Trail leading Into I HuU'liluson from the can la In the host shape that It lino been In for several years. The road from Newton lo the lleno county Hue has all ] been sanded nnd the Reno county end of the road Is being graveled and put. In excellent condition. County Engineer W. A. Stacey hua Just secured a new gravel pump with which to get the gravel I to surface the Ihreo miles of tho road nearest Hutchinson. In addition to the road work, I Mr. Stace- is having several of | the bridges In this county repaired, A small bridge in South Hutchinson was lowered and leveled yes-1 terday. A bridge east of .Mertora' was raised. The county commissioners will make a" inspection trip over all the county roads In the southern h;ilt of the county tomorrow. theory." or tbe "Wogener hypothesis." Professor Arthur Wegener, director of the German Oceano- graphlcal Survey, Is It* leading exponent. The theory, In brief lsi Continents are made of comparatively light material, eucb as gneiss and granite. Underneath them Is a layer of heavier material, such as basalt, on which they fl'iat like an ico floe on water. This underlying layer also forms the ocean bottoms. Thousands of years ago In the carboniferous period, lo be exact—tho continents were all together In a single mass. Theu this ma-ss separated. Sections of It drifted away toward the west and toward the equator. The Atlantic Ocean ruehed in to fill the rift between Europe and Africa on one stdo and the two Americas on the other. Mountain ranees—liko the An- could be shoved together again their coast lines would tit, like the edges of a torn pleco of paper, This Is particularly true of the South American and African coast lines. Barber Uses Mower. Manchester. Kng.—The strange it razor in the history of the tousor- lal art is in the possession of John Rogers, n Manchester barber. It is a combination of blades, made des aud Rockies—-were formed when the drifting mosses met resistance n.nd buckled up. Groups of islands wore drop- pod off and left behind, .lust what force caused this movement, of masses Is not definitely known. Scientists think there is a normal driving force away from the poles, and this may have had something to do with it. Bowie Saya It's False. Wegener holds, that at the time • of tho separation, there may have j been other and greater forcps, in- j fluenced by a movement, of the j poles. ' Supporting his theory Wegener j points out tbat If tho continents Don't Saaeese Black He alao point* to the similar pro- j Heads — Dwohm Thm hlstorlo Ice movements in North W *5°*" , "VJ • n4 PlaeWng out black- America and northern Europe, to ^ 'SmLtta,* °mS *i !S£ *~ related plant and animal life In dit- caused or accamalatioDa of doat and ferent part* of the world, to the dirt and aeeretloiM from the akin corresponding ages, locations and , J** t ?5J , „!f. °^} r . ooe •«« contours of mountain range,, and ! 7,?o ?«S5£2r\S££ ^ to the fact that antarctic ice, ' tbat Is to dissolve them. Just gat drlTen by r movement of tho poles, from any dru» ator* about two could not have once covered South ? W^l^^'WfiKSS America as far north as i .razll had over the blackheads ktiaklr for a South America then occupied Its *ew second*—wash off and you'll be present position. ,Rjy 'g X~ *J* SRJffiiZ Vhat'e more, says Wegener, the ] »tu be left *oft and the pore* u continents still are moving. He con- ' »"—«•»-tends astronomical observations have shown Greenland to be mov Ing west at the rate of 15 meters < year. Movement of the American con tin ent has not yet been measured, bu Wegener Is sure It la gradually shifting westward, and hi; Euro pean colleagues back him up In thla view . But Bowie Insists the "displacement theory" is false ar.d he intends to prove it. tbetr asturai condition. Oil and Gas News ANOTHER DECREASE IN OIL PRODUCTION OVER COUNTRY The total deer**** In oil production for the week ending November 18, according to the Oil and Ga* Journal of Tulsa, was 5.576 barrets. It Is smaller than on January 1, this year and smaller than any time sines the list week of April, 1924. It follows a steady decrea** far several weeks. The increase In the MId-Con­ tinent field, however, was very large, being higher by 14,285 barrels than the prevloua week. Kansa* showed a loss of 150 barrels over th* week ending November 8. All other fields, outside the Mld- Oantlnant ahowed a falling off. Th* total decreaaa In the United St»**s 1* bound to have its effect on th* price of oil ft It should keep up and if new fields are not soon brought In. Th* Tonkawa and Cromwell fields are showing the largest increase, but this was expected a* many wells hare recently been brought In. In both fields. Oil ha* been down to the bottom md I* still there, excepting that • in* or two companies offering a premium for high grade production in the Tonkawa field. Being on th* bottom ther* U the chance, with the falling off In production, that price* may start, up after a llttl* While and that mora development will follow. CLEARWATER WELL DOESN'T IMPROVE. Th* Superior Oil company's No. I MoMllltn, 14 -29-2W, southern Sedgwick county, was drilled four f*et deeper on Wednesday, after a good ahowlng of oil had been found, without any Improvement In the ahknees for an oil well. No water was reached in the bottom of the hoi*, th* total depth being 35SD fa* TO PAY BACK MONEY TO THI SUBSCRIBERS, tB planning to drill deeper In the Bash well, when the second contract waa let to make more hole lislow 8500 feet, a subscription list WM olreulated at Lyons and Utile River and In the country near tho Bnsh teat, A* a matter of fact the drilling contractor, because of trouble, failed to niak* much hole and It It understood that it Is planned to retnnd this money to the men who paid It, a* the hols Is abandoned. QETTINa ROYALTY CHICKS RIOULARLY. Th* landowner*. Wlllard Welch •ti I. M. Miller, on rrhlcb ar* lo- «t*l th* Welch and Miller wells, •Bd th* royalty owners are regu- airly getting their ebecks from the Prairie company for the oil pumped nt of thes* well* and shipped to th* Standard Oil company at Neo- dsshs. For a time they were paid twice a month but they are coining |nce > month now. It is evidence to thes* people tbat they have nil •a the** farms, at least. feet It Is hoped to drin it do» below 4.000 feet or more, If t! funds are sufficient 10 take It the WHAT INSTRUMENT MEN SAID ABOUT THE WELLS. Apparently a number of oil te.-:.. being drilled near Hutchinson have been completed. And this brings up the query. "What did the Instrument men say ahout them?" Here are some of the reports made to the oil editor months ago, and also what has actually happened: Bash, abandoned as dry. Carrlllo said oiler; LeShure, oiler; Randall, oiler; Holllngsworth, dry; Morris, dry; Mrs. Clarke, oiler. Deed-Day, abandoned aj dry. CarTlllo, oiler; LeShure, oiler; Randall, dry; Holllngsworth, oiler; Morris, dry; Mrs. Clarke, oiler. Wernet, abandoned as dry. Randall, oiler; Holllngsworth, not commercial; MorrlB, small well; Mrs. Clarke, oiler. Miller, producing 34 barrels an hour when drilled in. LeShure, oiler; Randall, probable showing; Holllngsworth, good well; Morris, oiler; Mrs. Clarke, oiler. Mohr, abandoned as dry. Carrlllc oiler; LeShure, oiler; Holllng: worth, oileri Morris, oiler. SOLD HALF INTEREST IN GREENWOOD TEST. Three Hutchinson men, Robert! Youker, F, B. Barrett and J. O. j Powelson, recently planned to drill an oil well in Greenwood county, In a district where they had secured some acreage. It Is announced now that they have sold a halt interest in this test to the Pralrlo Oil and Gas company. Youker Is to drill it and the rig Is now being built on the northwest corner of the northeast quarter of section 1-23-Se. The depth there Is ahout 2550 feet aud there are producing fields near the lo-. cation, I New Water System For the Cemetery •A private water system is being I established by Emerson Carey for the uas of Falrlawn cemetery and the Carey golf club, whose ground* surround Carey lake in tbe Carey- vine section of the city, southeast. Wells are being Installed at the southeast corner of Carey Boulevard and Lorraine street and a pipe line haa been laid from. these wells, where pumps are Installed, to tho club house and the cemetery, both of these being east and >n the south side of Carey boulevard. There will ha sufficient capacity n the wells and pumps to supply ill of the water needed for tho iroper care of the cemetery and golf club grounds and for the uses of the clubhouse, at the edge of the grounds and fronting on the boulevard. TODAY "TH* BOV OF s-LANDtHS" With JACKIE COOQAM A Most Wondtrful Picture and Ctntury Comedy "HER FORTUNATE FACE" A Brand New One NOW 'TIL SAT. NITE— Life, Love, Laughter! Professor Holger MotlligaarJ, head of the Department of Physiology, Stato Veterinary School, Copenhagen, has announced h* ha* produced a compound that kill* the tuberculosi* germ. American physicians expect great things from it, A supply of the compound la on ita way to America for teat* by the U. 8. Health Service. Saf*«t Thing. Emily—He says he think* I'm the cutest girl he ever saw. Wonder it I ought to give him a date? Brute—Naw—let him keep on thinking so—Virginia Reel. IRIS Mat. B« and 1*« evsnlng 10a TONIGHT— William Russell In "TIMES HAVE CHANGED" "Tha Scenario School," comedy. TOMORROW—"Ten Scars Make a Man" with Attune Ray. "Th* Man Who Would Not Die." "Accidental Accidents," comedy. Patha News. Whitens Skin Almost Overnight —or No Charge MAY START SALLCE FIRST OP THI WEEK. It I* PoisibI* that work may be rasumed on tha Bailee well the first of th* coming week. This is practically assured If the people Interested in this well pay in this money fast enough to balance up, dollar for dollar, what tho farmers la that section have agreed to puy. It moans that around ?3,000 will than, b* speut for deepening this tait aa far a* th* money win take >•> Tbi Balle* it down to 3S16 TRACED OIL LEAD ' INTO RENO COUNTY. j D. C. Wolfe of Lyons has written- j Iho News that he has "reccutly traced two lines into Reno coun-' This amazing new treatment whitens ty near the renter of township -2, your skin almost overnight or it costs you range 7." This would he lit the nothing! Sallowncvs, imuidinrss, and tar vicinity of Nk'keraon. He believes vanish like inisgU-. Make this test tonight, that this "lead" might run south Right before bedtime smooth some of thii east toward Hutchinson and prob- cool, fragrant crcme on your skin. To- ably within si* miles of town. Mr. morrow morning notice how sillowneis, Wolfe's letterhead says ho Is a muddiiicss and all blemishes luve already "iiever-mlss oil and gut) lo- started to give way to a milky clearness, ca tor." i yourdruRgistforajarof Golden Pea; cock Dteach Creinc (concentrated)—-the I harmless and latest discovery of science. Remember—this creinc whitens your akin almost overnight or your money will be Drug Specials TWO DAYS Friday and Saturday November 21 and 22 35c Syr White Pine, Special ....24c 60c Syr White Pine, Special 49c 50c Milk Magnesia, Special 39c 15c Hydrogen Peroxide, Special 10c 10c Palm Olive Soap, Special 13 for $1. 10c Cream Oil Soap, Special 13 for $1. 50c Pebeco Tooth Paste, Special 39c 50c Meritol Dental Cream, Special 39c 25c Talcum Powder, Special 19c $1.00 Mineral Oil, Special 79e 35c Hinlde Pills, Special , 24c 50c Lysol, Special 39c Va lb. Certified Epsom Salts, Special 08c 50c Almond Lotion, Special 39c $1.00 Gillette or Ever Ready Razor, Special 79c $1.00 Christy Raior and 35c Package Christy Razor Blades, both, Special 59c $3.00 Alarm Clock, Special $2.49 10c Big Ben Toilet Paper, Special 13 for $1. $2.50 Ftn. Syringe or Hot Water Bottle, Special. .$1.99 50c Cocoanut Oil Shampoo, Special 39c 50c Palm Olive Shampoo, Special 39c Fred Weesner 3 S. Main DRUGS Phone 168 Phone Us Your Drug Needs We Deliver Free MOSQUITO PLAGUE. London—Health authorities have be««n a war cm mosquitoes. Five ; £3,3; Ge?it todaVat a'iigo«l store's' hato died from mosquito bites and — -_. ei tho plague has assumed seriu'l.- proportions*. Scientists are wor 't ing night nnd duy in an effort 't uncover some new combatant for the deadly inaecis. j GoUen Peacock Bleach Creme Now! RIN-TIN-TfM :FINO YOUR MAN' ___ "Our Dano" Com*dy—"Cradls Robber*" 'Usual Shows—Prle** Mats. 10—20e. Eve 10-? AESOP'S FABLES REGINALD DENNY The Star of "Sporting Youth," in THE RECKLESS AGE VAUDEVILLE A Breathless, Thrilling Panorama of Romance. Adventure and Action Among the Modern Younger Set! ^ McADAM & SULLIVAN SISTERS "A Wee Bit O' Scotch" BROWNING & WEIR "Two Pals From The South" Regular Midland Prices—Vaudeville 3, 7:30, 9:30. Mat. 25c; Eve. 40c; Kids 10c—Pictures continuous 1 to 11 P. M. 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