The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 7, 1970 · Page 9
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May 7, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 9

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1970
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

" X -4—» -H*++*~ f AM$-. • •-,"*->£-. •TTOf Procedure On^flmmg CT»' jto-m Page One old that Ray's presence university could cause Lgoyern.$c_.Jflld_.the_stu._ "'he is an "invited guest" ROfG.ceremony, and "I il ver y flttflcult to say I vwn't go when'I've^een invited ^jfd Accepted the invitation." V tfe students who met with ;tj£f governor represented •some 300 students who were 'djljKffjjistrating peacefully in Hont-of the Statehouse. 'When asked about the Nation- aCOfiiard's policy on ammunition, ^ay said, "Our people will nbt'.-Have live ammunition with- ou^ orders. I am confident that cue Guard would not handle the SitJWJjon as it was handled Kent»I don't expect people to use undue force at any time." * (Four students were killed by National Guardsmen on Monday at Kent State University in kent t Ohio.) Wbodin, asked when guardsmen carry live ammunition and when they don't, said there H is a printed National Guard policy for the entire country that buTUnfis what types of weapons are to be carried in each situation. "There are conditions _when men wouldn't even he armed Wftha pistol or.a rifle," Wooclin said. • t> •: Then, he said, there are situations when guardsmen carry weapons without being issued ammunition. - As a situation becomes pro- gres'sively more critical, he said, guardsmen are issued ammunition "and the next step is to load. This order is to be given : by an pfficer," most likely a' lieutenant, he added. Once the weapons are loaded, Woodin said, the men "have to feel'their lives are in danger" before they may shoot. "The men have been trained on what the limit is." Asked whether a crowd is warned in advance when guardsmen are carrying live ammunition, Woodin said: "It should be, but it isn't normal procedure." REGISTER PHOTO BY CHUCK ANDERSON HI! The Record InCambodia / 6y Jflm«* Rl*»er (Of f M R«ii»t«r'« Wirtlniton Bur»«u) x WASMlN6f ON, frcT- Rep- fe&ntative John Culver (Dem;, ta.) carte iway from a White House briefing Tuesday night cfinvince^that-t^Mff mm made a serious mistake in sending troops into Cambodia. Culver^ previously a support- er~~bT~Mr. Nixon's Vietnam #1 Ui d f a w a I policy} Said Wednesday that 'Uhe President's decision to extend the .war in Cambodia is not eofr sistent with that policy, but on the contrary represents a new and dangerous escalation of the conflict." Culver Is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Members of that committee and of the Senate Fore i g n Relations Committee were given a personal briefing by the President Tuesday night. *_ Representative H. R. Gross (Rep., la.), also a member of the House committee, attended the briefing' and ' Wednesday gave a limited endorsement to Nixon's action. But refer- D«t Moin« ft*«iii1f*f ., M*y 1, She's a Bang At Self-Defense LONG BEACH, CALIF. Miss Jackie Samay, 22 phoned "police to .ask what to do with a "pint of nitroglycerin' ' in her refrigerator . Officers thought it was t joke. Still, they called Sgt. Al Abrams of the Long Beach bomb squad. "fiOBl -Jhose aren't FOLDING chairs." Protesters at the Statehouse Mrs. R. A. Christiansen and daughter, Tanya, 2'/2, display a United States flag outside the west entrance to the Iowa Statehouse Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Christiansen, a mathematics instructor at Grinnell College, was among students and faculty representatives of Iowa colleges and universities who went to the Statehouse to ask Gov. Robert Ray not to attend Saturday's Reserve Officer Training Corps program at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. __ Today's TV Log Des Moines 7.00 Today 9:00 Takes Two 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Sale of Cent. 10:30 Hwd. Squares 11:00 Jeopardy 11:30 Who, What 12:00 News 12:15 Cartoons 12:30 Movie 2:00 Anoth. World 10:30 Tonight 2:30 Promise 13-WHCL (NBC) 3:00 Somerset 3:30 Floppy 4:00 Movie 5:30 NBC News 6:00 News 6:30 Dan'l Boon? 7-.30 Ironside .8:30 Profile . 9:00 Grammys 10:00 News Des Moines 8-KRNT (CBS) -Anniversary Speakers Named • U-N IT E D NATIONS, N.Y. ( R E.U T E R S ) - Prominent A'm.ericans will mark the United Nations' twenty-fifth anniversary with a two-day convocation beginning here May 20 urider the chairmanship of former Chief Justice Earl Warren. Arranged by the U.N. Association of the United States, the meetings will feature addresses ~by Secretary General U Thant, UJJi' Ambassador Charles W. j Yost, and former Deputy Secre- ' (wjL- of Defense Cyrus R.! 5SB80J- ! 1 e University President i Brewster, jr., New j . Nelson Rockefeller, j John V. Lindsay of New , YprkCity and former ITS'. Am-; b*assador Arthur J. Goldberg' ,alspp(vill speak. -Ames— 5-WOI (ABC) 6:30 Semester 7:00 CBS News. 7:30 Br'kfast Club 8:00 Kangaroo 9:00. Lucy 9:30 M. Bruhaker 10:00 A. Griffith 10:30 Love of Life 11:00 Heart Is 11:30 Search Tmw.' 12:00 News 12:30 World Tumi 1:00 Splendored 1:30 Guiding Light 2:00 Secret Storm 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Corner Pyle 3:30 Gourmet 4:00 Mike Douglas 5:30 CBS News 6:00 News 6:30 Fam. Affair 7:00 Jim Nabors 8:00 CBS Movie 10:00 News 10:40 Movie .— RAIL MEASURE A COMPROMISE RAILS- Continued from Page One James B. Allen of Alabama, Allen J. Ellender of Louisiana and John L. McClellan of Arkansas. Under the bill, a National JOHN CULVER ring • to past erroneous predictions about ending the war, he expressed fears that the President had been too optimistic at the briefing. Those who attended said later that Mr. Nixon pledged to go no farther than 19 miles into Cambodia and to be out by the end of June. •But Culver said the briefing served only to "tragically confirm" his fears about the Cambodian operation.' "This step is of the most questionable military value," he said. "The alleged targets — the illusory sanctuaries — will again .be operational in a short time, within those areas or oth- have been for ers, as 7:00 Circuit 7:30 Jeff's Collie 8:00 Lone Ranger .8:30 J. La Lanne 2:30 One Life 3:00 Dark Shadows 3:30 Beaver 4:00 Flintstones would be established. Des Moines 11-KDIN (Educ.) 9:00 Magic W'dow 4:30 Gilligan 9:30 Schooltlme ' 5:00 Perry Mason 10:00 Bewitched fa:00 ABC News 10:30 Movie Game 6:30 Animal Wld. 8:30 Bus.-Ind. 6:00 What's New 11:00 Everything 7:00 That Girl 9:00 Sesame St. 6:30 Travel film 11:30 Wld. Apart 7:30-Bewitched 10:00 Educ."TV 7:00 Wash'n Week 12:00 News 8:00 Death Valley 3:00 Bus.-Ind. 7:30 Playhouse 1:00 Truth, Cons. 8:30 ABC Movie 3:30 Sesame SI 9:00 Action 1:30 Dating Game 10:00 News 4:30 Kadipusland 10:00 Travel film 2:00 General Hosp.lO:30 Dick Cavett 5:30 Mr. Rogers 10:30 Silent films Television Highlights . NET PLAYHOUSE. "Cathy Come Home," a documentary about a young British family and their struggle to find adequate housing in London. Educational network at 7:30. • • • • NETWORK MOVIE. "Three Bites of the Apple," starring David McCallum and Tammy Grimes. CBS at 8. • • • • THE GRAMMY AWARDS. Performances by 1969 winners of awards. NBC at 9. Success of a TV Movie: f£. Elvis, Plot, Color, Long •NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) — A movie shown on television has UuToest chance for success if: _ A. It stars Elvis Presley. B. It is either a comedy or a drama. C. It is in color. D. It runs longer than two hours. It also helps if the film runs CHANNEL CHUCKLES By Bil Keane against, weak,,competition and has ,3 strong lead-in, according to' a" study made of movies shown between September 1961, and September, 1969. 'During that^ period, Elvis- Ptesley appeared uv seven : high-rated movies,"almost twice as much as his nearest competitors, Rock Hudson and Doris Day. They had four ^Ijach. ;jphV Wayne, Cary Grant, Jerry Lewis, Jack .Lemmon and Shirley Mac- Laine each had three. •1 Comedy and drama fared equally well with 24 top-ranked films each, but comedy was slightly ahead in percentage. ; Over-all, drama pushed comedy completely out of the top 10 for the period. . "Great Escape" Part 2, "McClintock," "Great Escape" Part 1, "The Robe," "Lilies of the Field," "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Something of Value." "The Birds" pulled in a whopping 38.9 rating and "Bridge" had 38.3. The lowest rated in the top 10, "Something of Value," had 29.6. In this past season "My Sweet Charlie," a movie made for television, ran up a 31.7 rating, which would make it the highest-rated movie be"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Stience-fiction and biography ofi-puts-ber just behind Elvis with only two each receiving a rating higher than 25. The survey showed that ' NBC had the most winners, followed by CBS and ABC. It was wade by J. Walter Thompson CP- to see what characteristics distinguish a winning movie from a losing one. "Color helps, but is not as big a^actor as the story and star. "Tfie study notes that because women tend to dominate the television set, male stars outrank female stars 5-to-l. It said women are more likely to have "The Ballad of Josie," shown in September, got 31.1 rating, which gives it a tie with "The Great Escape" Part 1. It also gives Doris Day one more top picture and . It would they » He " dc * at " his vla 4! be headed by a 15-man board of tion of the borders of a neutral lirectors, and would have $175 million in federal funds to begin contracting with the railroads to take over and operate money-losing intercity lines. Target date for operation of the first trains under corporation control would be Mar. 1, 1971. Any railroad not entering into a contract with the corporation would not be able to discontinue any passenger train until Jan. 1975. The corporation also would be barred from dropping any of its service before that same date. Commuter lines would not be directly eligible for takeover, 3ut would share benefits if they were part of an intercity line that was. Earlier this year the Senate lommerce Committee approved measure that would have pumped $435 million in direct subsidies into passenger service. It was understood that a Transportation Department proposal similar to the corporation approach was blocked by administration aides who were opposed to federal the railroads. . Subsequently, Presley with five. "Born Free" ran up a 34,2 rating, but it was shown Feb. 16 by-CB& as outside of its nights. a special and regular movie f-7 "There is no such number. Please try again. Thank you. This is a recording^" LATVIA HEAD RETIRES MOSCOW, RUSSIA (REUTERS) — Jan Kalmbezsin, 79- year-old president of the Soviet Baltic republic 9! Latvia, has retired after holding the since 1959, it was officially announced Tuesday night. assistance to Jiartke o and Senator Winston L. Prouty (Rep., Vt.) worked out the compromise that had administration backing. Backs Students 9 Right to Dissent NEW YORK, N.,Y (AP) Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller said Wednesday he respectsthe rights of students to dissent, but indicated tacit approval of President Nixon's Cambodian policy which sparked the latest student protests across the nation. Noting he had sought the Republican presidential nomination unsuccessfully in 1968.on a peace platform, Rockefeller nation raises the gravest constitutional 'and international legal questions. In addition, it was done without prior congressional consultation, which we had received every assurance would be forthcoming." Culver said the U.S. move into Cambodia heightens international tensions, reduces the prospect for peace negotiations, makes Russia and China more determined in Indochina, and threatens the success of the U.S.-Soviet strategic arms limitation talks. Perhaps most important, said Culver, the President's action "has to be carefully weighed in its .consequences to the stability and tranquility of our own nation at this most difficult time in our history." The continued war poses an "increasingly apparent threat to our survival as a free and prosperous nation," he said. Republican Gross said Wednesday that the President assured the congressmen "he's taken this action to protect, the lives of our servicemen and the South Vietnamese. I've got to take his word for it. I do think, however, that he's being optimistic. I hope with all my being that he's right that this war can be a closed our in eight or nine months." Gross said, however, that he has always believed "the real sanctuary is North Vietnam, not .Cambodia. That is the sanctuary that ought to have been eliminated in 1965. SENDS LETTERS ON PROPOSAL CONGRESS- Continued from.Page One against enemy strongholds in Cambodia. Both the Reid and Findley amendments were to a $20.2- billion military weapons authorization bill for the fiscal year beginning July 1. Speaks to Committees Mr. Nixon-told four congressional committees Tuesday he plans to have all U.S. troops out of Cambodia by then. Reid said his amendment would have prohibited the President from reintroducing troops into Cambodia after that. Calling the Findley amendment "another Tonkin Gulf Resolution," Reid argued it would give the President congressional authority to launch U.S. strikes throughout Cambodia, and into Laos in the name of protecting U.S. _troops hi South Vietnam. -The Tonkin Gulf Resolution approved by Congress in 1964 gave President Johnson specific authority to "take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against U.S. forces and to prevent further aggression" in Vietnam. Findley said in a letter to all House members hTs^rnen~dmehT would Have granted Mr, Nixon "no power" whatever" but only recognizes his authority as commander-in-chief, over which Congress has no control,,to take action he deems necessary to protect lives. / . Radio FM (megacycles) 88.1—KDPS (FM), Oes Moin«; • educational 901—W01-FM, Ames; educational; stereo 91.7—KSUI (FM), Iowa City; educational; stereo 94.9—KFMG (FM), Des Moines; stereo \ 97.3—KDMI-FM, Oes Moines 100.3—WHO-FM, Oes Moines 104.1—KIFM (FM), Ames, stereo; ABC-FM AM (standard kc) 640—WOI, Ames; educational . 910—WSUI, Iowa Clly; educational, 940—KIOA, Des Moines 1040—WHO, Des Moines; NBC 1150—KWKY, Oes Moines 1350—KRNT, Des Moines; CBS 1390—KCBC, Des Moines; Mutual 1460—KSO, Des Moines; ABC ___ ordered a four-block area cleared — on the double. A bomb- squad from Ft. , MacArthur transported the stuff, very carefully, to the base for testing. Sure enough ; ' high-grade nitro. Enough to knock down buildings more than a block away. Miss Samay told Abrams a friend had given her the nitroglycerin with instructions to throw it at anyone who tried to mug her on the street at night. -"Miss Samay," said Abrams, "with a friend like that, you do not need an enemy. And neither does the city of Long Beach ..." ALGERIA-LIBYA TALKS TRIPOLI, LIBYA (REUTERS) — Algeria and Libya will begin committee leveMalks here Sunday on establishing a joint oil company, it was announced. The Best On Record Winner of the -1969 "Record of the Year" Grammy Award will be revealed and America's top recording artists will present the year's outstanding songs tonight on '.!The Best On Record: The Grammy MOVIE TONIGHT at 10:30 Medical Unit Elects Officers Dr. Montague S. Lawrence, of Iowa City, was elected president of the Jowa Thoracic ADVERTISEMENT Arthritis Sufferers: Wake Up Tomorrow Morning Without All That Stiffness! said: "We have in this country. one President . . He has the constitutional right-to make decisions. "To end the a war. in my Society, medical arm of the the Iowa Tuberculosis and Respi- r a t o r y Disease Association Wednesday. , Other officers named Wednesday are Dr. _ Craig Ellyson of Waterloo, vice-president; Dr. Sergio Rabinovich of Iowa City, president-elect, and Dr. James E. Kelsey of DCS Moines", secretary-treasurer. Executive committee, members are Dr. George•• G. Spellman of Sioux. City, immediate past president; Dr. Joel Teigland, Des Moines; Dr. Hal B. Richerson of Iowa City; Dr. John SI Chapman of Dubuque, and Dr, Hans S. Frenkel of Clarinda. Dr. Gejorge N. Bedell of Iowa City is representative councilor to the American Thoracic Society. Out-of-state participanfs in a medical program at Hotel Sayr ery included Dr. John J. IJen- nessey and Dr. John E. both of the University/of Chicago College of Medicine. Dr. Kasik will becorne^ medical director and superintendent of the Oakdale Hospital on Aug. 1. opinion, we're going to nave to carry the war to the north and bit North Vietnam much harder than we have." Gross suggested bombipg Hanoi and Haiphong, destroying all other targets of military value, and destroying dikes in order to flood North Vietnam farmland. u / Noting that .former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara had once assured Congress and the public that the war would end in 1965, Gross said, "I don't want to be disillusioned again." Now there's a new formula lor arthritis minor paui that (1) is to strong you can take it less often and still wake up in the ' favorite and catch every film j m pmin| without all the pain's in which be appears. \ stifiness, and (2) is so gentle -"Th* *nn Ifl films for the you ^ The top H» lUws tor uje 82^? ***,. I? ¥rf» ^Bridge 00 the River Kwai, " on 9 Hot Tin Roof/' It's called I Pain Formula, by the makers p/- j Anacin.' Each tablet coatauxs 50% more pain reliever than regular or buffered aspirin tablets—plus two antacids to help protect your stomach. Enjoy hours of relief. Today, get Arthritis Pain Formula- Tomorrow morning get moving without all that pain and its stiffness. Get Arthiitis Pain Formula, by the makers oj Anacin.* for today for tomorrow BACK TO THE BIBiE BROADCAST KMA960 MONDAY THRU SATURDAY performances nominated for^'Record of the Year" honors, to be re-created prior to announcement of the winner, include "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat and Tears; "AxBoy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash; "Is-That All There Is?" by Peggy Lee; "Aquarius" and "Let the Sunshine In" by the 5th Dimension; and the Love theme from "Romeo and Juliet" by Henry Mancini. 9:00 PM. Israel Boone In Puppy Love ^ Israel suffers the pangs of growing up when he falls for a girl his own age on "Daniel Boone." 6:30 P S M. i, Kidnap Caper On Ironside Kidnapped by an escaped prisoner, Sgt. Ed Brown is forced to- help the man make his escape. Glen Gulager guest stays. 7:30 P.M. Johnny's Guests Visiting'' "The Tonight Show/Stamng Johnny Carson" are Lord Spencer Churchill and Bill Fiore factor). 10:30 PM. Science Fiction C J?. Awards Pact To Remove Trees /(Tht Register'* low* Ntwt Sirvlcf) CEDAR RAPIDS, lA.-The city council here Wednesday awarded a contract to Midwest Tree Service of Linden, Wis., to remove 361 trees that have been destroyed b/ Dutch elm disease. The firm was the lowest of four bidders at $H,953. Anne Francis "LYDIA BAILEY" Enjoy romance and adventure in this tale of the uprising against Napoleon's forces in Haiti in 1802. At 10:30 following Russ Von Dyke, Pete Taylor and Craig Crummer 8 O'CLOCK MOVIE On Early Show Today THE BLACK SCORPION with Richard Denning and Mara Corday. Tomorrow THE CREATURE WALKS AMONG US with Jeff Morrow and" Rex Reason. 4;30 EM. COLOR Tammy Grimes "THREE BITES OFTHEftPPUr David McCalkim is a tour guide, Tamm'y Grimes is a tourist with her eye on the guide, Sylva Koscina is the guide's idea of a deiouir_and there's some good European scenery. 8 TV KRNT * DESMQINES THURSDAY

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