The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 22, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 5
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\ THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., THURSDAY, JANUARY 22. 1948 PAGE FIVE Phone 126R UNION ELECTRIC o.i \v. i-: Harrisburtf Allot Seats to Towns with . * ^ _^_ Tourney Teoms The first aniutal J'.cnlon i n v i t (IV » n n i . i n i i m i i m mull l l l v l -- ' '"·-· - tational basketball toiniunncnt v.'ill I mTiirw/\M*«iuSllA *M*| open at 7:30 p. in. Tu,sd,,y. .),,, L8Wr6nC6VlllG 311(1 27. with llariisbiiM! and I'l'ickm ,\ Paris to Meet in \ille playinj; lhc In ,t ;;aiiu One sule of the l)leacher so.its has been ie.-.ervcd for ;«lulls and the Bcnton school hits announced that .in allotment ol !() a d u l t ie M-rve seats w i l l IK* icseued for Inns from each ol the c-ijihl J M I - licipalmg towns. i SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. 22-- iifiiitiiuii; luv.ns. · ! '"'--The powerful Paris Timers The tickets will bo .sold to f . m , ll " "P ajjainst an equally power- on i l'ir.,t-c:i!U'ist , c i \ o d basis. I'.icked Lawrencevillc prep has ,.,:iii nm-kimt. i - i u i i i i f i . f l i i v «,,i..i,!.,,i... Kelball smiad in what .should hi D Phono or come in ·or o quick, friendly loon lo meet extra m i d - w i n t e r expense*. We'll gladly help i! you'll let us. IT TO 20 MONTHS TO REPAY, with persons required to u-lephoiu' Iheir orders loi se.ils to tin- iU-r. t ' l l s ton higli school o f f i c e , 'lii'k'.'n. v --'c must bo paid for w h e n f.u.s ]),_ the tickels up on lhe ni"hl UK Officials s.'id 402 MokoK w o u l d ' ! " no l l l t l c lo P u t lhe bkitl; ' under Lo placed on s;.h- with the option i itl'er team as hot prospects around the seal lot tli squad in what should be week-end's "game of the Both squads have nursed de fiMts--Pans, one, and Lawrence \ i l l e , three--but llr. 1 losses have ot holdin ,,,!. -.late tournament time, tire tournament or for .1 SIK"IO Pans, last year's state cham Mssion. If one city did not i. ptons and currently ranked fourtl qt.est its quota, the number ol ,n United Press' poll of the "top tickets remaining w o u l d be divide-1 !."" teams in the slate, knocked among fans from othei i_.iic. olf highly rated Robinson, while Admission prices for all the i.ame, as f o l l o w s ... Luwrenceville fell before the Ma lie- icons by a two-point margin. Found Dead In Auto After Crash with Truck HUTSONVJLLE, 111., Jan. 22-- ,U.PJ--Thomas R. Smith, 62, of Danville, was found dead in bis car after a head-on collision with a lime truck yesterday afternoon on state route one, two miles norm Authorities said it was possible that Smith suffered a heart attacK before the crash, as his injuric* did not appear sufficient to cause dC Bcrls Angle, 30. of .Marshall; the driver of the truck, was taken to a Paris hospital in serious condition. Angle told police he attempted to swerve out of the way but was unable to avoid the collision. Long Cold Spell Forecast by Weaiher Bureau J',y United Press The weatherman today issued . , ;-ei\ed seat $1; adult ·. ad j; ul Lawrcnceville, linked lllh Prevent Fires, Johnson Urges When it comes to fire Prevention and fire protection. Don t be too late in '48," Fire Chief Ray Johnson warned local residents this week, citing the record national fire loss of more than 700 million dollars last year. Honnegan Signs Up Seven Players 8n Past Two Days , I5y CARL LUNDQUIST United Press Sports Writer NEW YORK, Jan. 22.--n'--The Ancient Shaving Mug First patent for a (having mufi was granted May 1, 18CO. to Thomas E. Hughes. Hirminfiham. Pa., and from thnt lime until the start of World War II. u total of nearly 100 U. S. patents granted for shaving mugs. were u Street Car The first attempt to propel a titrcet car by other motive power than horso Irt Connecticut occurred June 13. 1878. when u »tr*ct cnr Invented by Henry Butlmcll was operated by means of compressed air motor. mosf prolonged co d s p e l o ' SL Louis Cardinals and B, ow ns. ; ^rl^^^ °* I who probably will travel in oppos- k. v u i i i v i , tv/iv-v. , ., ,i: PO( ,f : nn .. , n t h p i r rosni f t i v o his gloomiest forecast of the winter: "Extremely cold weather foi as far as we can forecast." The U. S. Weather Huitau at Chicago reported that I ho cold wave moving eastward across the nation was being "reinforced" by intensely cold air moving down from the Canadian Yukon. iMost of the nation can expect the lhc winter, loreca^- -- ^^^^ in their respective 'lhe bitterly cold mass of a . · ncxl sc wcrc penetrated s o u l h w a r d today ^ d i f f e r c n l ]cve i s alrca(iy in ,, ct _ lSr^^ra CS °and^°E,i' 51£ ^,£- s ^ned up for the 1948 POIS. The first effects were ex- campaign. peeled to be felt on the east coast The Cardinals, who usually had ! on ,«ht l a bumper crop of holdouts under Tit. .',, ,,. TMi,i wivo hfinctl more ^ regime of Singin' Sam Breadon, ?si« S3 sss^s^s ISSVf JTiyrrftS: c = .jw, .; r ^ ± s Chief Johnson said reports from me Fire Protection Institute mdi- , ..,-, ,,,*,.,,. cated that nearly 90 per cent of Supplemental y bleachu; hp.a-, T lh membcrs of lhc sc . ( last year's 800,000 fires could have will be placed at each end of tr.o , a 15 f . iC( , hur(ilcs t hj s wcek-ibeen prevented or controlled with 1 i ent °o 1 o,5 ym U lb '' Uma ['- H ; Tul. some ol them being far from I minor damage. * 1, ..4 O O i l / 1 »n t«t § \n t- /"i »i d f t (. f i ' i l / i f i . v i ·w^? i U. 0:1 left. In many towns in V.'is- consin and Minnesota, families were forced lo double up to save fuel, and public buildings were closed. signed seven of them in two days of negotiations. Jiannegan revealed "that three regulars, infielder A! ( R e d ) "Golly. 1 didn't know it was THAT cold!" Molly the Milkmaid tells her friend calf. "You just don't e\ci feel the cold when \ou drink loads of D a n v Brand milk every day! A quart a day for life for inc. Everybody would led better if they followed suit!" oo, that 2,200 persons can no teated for the touincj-. *"* " iv - "·· in a aauuuay game, aaiem, now The eight team-, eompelin? 111 holding the poll's third place, takes the tourney, v.hich will be held 011 an a ) v .ays troublesome Cen- , . ! for five nuht:-. ,ue. l , u n s b t . r t, tl ], : . five. Galesbtir I11V1 U « l A * M t » * - . - , , u.ich contests " I Fire losses here can be kept to In a Satin day game, Salem, now [a minimum in 1948 if home own- .!.·· t._ --i!-. it,._,i ,,!,,,... »,,!,,,,.. gj-g and businessmen win* Keep two "common sense principles" ranked i Finckre;. \ille. i l e i i m , "I., r i o n, j.^ faces Moline, and Pinckney- Schoendienst, catcher Joe Garagiola, and lefty pitcher Alpha Bia/le, I had signed up yesterday alon« v.ith j a rookie infielder, Tommy Glavi- i i ano. ! Brazlc v/on 14 games and lost eight last year with his "crawl . i ball,'' a slow.pilch that maddens in mind, he said. They are: "1. Do your best to prevent i i iin. | vi'v v mi.-, i i v i i j n , i .. i . v/.1, J.HP., laces iviuiitie, diiu i iiicniivji- ±- "« jw.» ~ -- » iJchnstor. City, We^t 1-V « Mort. N l i | c holding the Xo. 8 spot in the fire by cleaning o u t r u b b i s n , i Cairo and Ber.ton. , 0 H. meets Carbondale in a Fri- checking all electrical installations .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . ti . . _ i i nnA nViimnnvc nnn nV HSinU CX- Follov.ini' the,-!).!! p.tyvilk' I'.une i"ue ,da\ j" · ion will face H e i ' « n I The two wmnc:.. v.ill i.ttct 1.1 Litchfield Tuesday, ' ' ' " ' P LI- j,a\c little trouble clay conies!. I'ana. now 9th, racked up an m - in.pie^sive 97 to 56 victory over a scint-fmal game pi '11'ursday. , '- j~*, i Johnston City w i l l r i e ' t \Ve-i ^^5S©^ K i a n k f o r t it 7.30 p ra .-,iu C t r o |and chimneys and by using extreme care in handling matches and cigarettes. "2. Be prepared for fire by installing and knowing how to use l U - l o r o Friday modern, approved fire extinguish- HoLoro t r m a j . . ,, C rs and other emergency fire fight- Other _ Friday games featuring.?! eauiDmen t." HiMsLoro Friday. and should j suppressing Complete Stork of Washer and Radio I'arls Pi--ct S-n C' Gr Pemlrs Rol)son Radio Electric Service 2C6 E Pc?' 1 ' Phor ' e 174R1 I in Fuller BrosSies Phone 678 will b for first. V J i i l u i r I ma v j^cinivo itotum'e j«g 1 lop 15" squads include Collins-] ° v/iie (1) against East St. Louis: Pi-kin (2) and Peoria Spalding; Hast Rock ford (6) and Freeport; Robinson (7) and Effingham; Dundee (M) against Wheaton, and (15) against Elmhurst and Benlon v.ill p i; r, on \Vedncsda ard th play at 7:45 p. m. Fi , bomi-fmal tilt. ' The championship gan.. -al 9 p. m. Sa'uuiay. preceded by C'.lcnbarci ·:/contest at 7.oO p. m. lor third Yoik. i Doors will open each night ?t Hatchery and Home |?:15 p. in. « . -r-·-*-- Trophies w i l l b ij-ccond and third 1 OfficiaL for t! :ue: Rcfcrec, ,r. Tea Burn at Zeig/cr :* ZE1GLER. 111., Jan. 22-- U.E- A chicken hatchery, a four-room Colored Scouts Meet at (olp The Springs division, which is the colored division of the Egypt ian Council of the Boy Scouts o America, held its quarterly meet ing at Colp last ni^ht. Purpose was to introduce tne new nek. executive, Charles Montgoy, to and Garagiola Signs On the previous day. Hanncgan Fifth Child Born To Movie Actress Maureen O'Sullivan HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 22--l*.I')-- ' TMp osin " g Da tters f "" while Schocn Actress Maureen 0 Sullivan and $ g alted 253 and Garaj , ioli her husband, director Jonn Far- {hH 23? ·ow, today tied for the movie colony parenthood championship with irth of their fiflh child. ^,. ^..^ s .»» -- . .- --,,-The nine-pound, four-ounce girl, signed up what may be his- starling second daughter in the family, was outfield for 1948. Terry Moore in born Tuesday night. The parents center. Enos Slaughter in left and said thev would telephone Miss Charley Dienng in right. The O'Sullivan's father in Dublin to Cardinals still have lo hear from ask him to suggest an Irish name such key men as Stan Musial. r the child' Mart y ^srion and George Kurow- Eddie Cantor, the Farrows' co- ski, their jother first string infield champion, has five daughters. Dorrisvilie School Adds $102.40 to March of Dimes Drive Search and K i m , Gene Armenlrout: Hcinzman; Smith. home Rtll lldl.iit:i v, a, Auui-iuw" ~"-- · - - · ! · « « - , nrn and several sheds were the group and to outline a pro Ra iudgcd a total loss today-as the fires which swept of two fires wn s manager, h. Flou J h c builfhngs !atc yesterday. The cause of the fires was not gram for a financial drive of the Springs division. Cornelius Brewer, secretary, \\ho attended from Harrisburg said HENRY L. LIGHTFOOT LOANS Signature ami Realty Collection Adjustment Service Skasrs Bids. Pho. 892-W Goose Flics High 23.000 feet, almost 5'i miles h,;.h T INCOME TAX SERVICE [Keasler Rug Upholstery Cleaning p3 W. South St. Phone 859R Harriifaur;* Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer COLLECTIONS . ard bad t frcra aryor?, an/No collection, no charge! I- D. XeMcr Collection Agency ; 02 E. Walnut Phone 113 fOTSIXGER AND ROSE Honds and Insurance lT.i S. MAIN ST. I'honc 6551* "· "y, -· J E. ' Pc'.e" Ra;c i no cause 01 iue iu«; «ao nui i» k v»..«-.- r; : ~ i rt tt, D Known, and no exact damage es- that. Mr. Montgoy comes to the - ~ i tiinato had been made. The hateh- division highly recommended. He A wild goose has been photo] t ,. s anc i nous o both were owned is a graduate of Lincoln unuei- graphcd at an estimated height of i bv \Valter Mientus. Two nearby i sity at Jefferson City, Alo., ana ' :i also suffered damage. ,a recent.graduate of the naaonid scout training school at mendnam N. J. He formerly taught 11 Missouri and had charge of the Charleston, Mo., colored -housing project. Mr. Montgoy will be in Harris burg Feb. 9 tor a meeting to be held in one of the colored churches. He will bring with him a motion picture on scouting. Frederick Ulmer is scoutmaster of the local colored troop, which is Troop 86. Waddell Canterbury is chairman of the Boy Scout com mittee. ers. and from pitchers Ken Burk- 1 hart. Howie Poilet, Murry Dickson, 1 and Harry Brecheen, but Ilannegan i indicated he expected no difficulty. i One big and wild rumor circulated all over town yesterday in i which it was stated that Dickson Students at Dorrisvilie Grade' and Burkhart had been sold to schoSI have succeeded in adding the New York Giants, but it was the sum of $102.40 to the March .denied both here and m St Louis. of Dim?s fund for infantile paraly-, The Browns had a .first class s s it was learned today from the holdout on their hands in Sad Sam r i n c i p a l W B . Phillips. The full Zoldak, who returned his 1948 mount was collected in dimes. ! contract unsigned from his home Winners in a contest among the in Brooklyn "because those guys rades were the second grade cxpe.ct me to work for the same tudenls who collected the most, dough I made last year He won id as a result will be entertained nine games and lost 10 last season t a movie Their runners up. for the highest percentage posted he'third grade, will be included j b y any regular Brownie pitcher. n the entertainment. . D. A. LEHMAN E, EAR. NOSE. THROAT (·lasses Fitted 4-- Harrisburg Hospital the iCODRICH TIRES ascn:icr. Truck. Tractor TIRK IJATTERY Tcrnis Miley AGENCY X SERVICE Phcnc 678 Kn Z. Owen, J. P. I 3 · Main Phone 653\V SW\ or Drivers'.Lkcnsc, -'"OIK. Deeds or Mortgages. I'.CCVE TAX Our delivery man takes over --.-, ghinS you the day off. No more wash lo.han!l up in the cold -ironing for hours until your back breaks. Send jour laundry lo us. We'll rciurn it promptly. WET WASH FLUFF WASH THRIFTY WASH · FAMILY FINISH ROUGH DRY BACHELOR BUNDLE COMMERCIAL WORK ASK YOUR LAUNDRY ROUTE MAN! FRFE IMCK-Vr ANO DEI.IVKRY Chicago Rent Control Ordinance Is Held Invalid SPRINGFIELD, HI., Jan. 22-- d'J!)--The Illinois Supreme Court today threw out as invalid tne Chicago Rent Control ordinance controlling hotel rates lor non tiansient tenants. The court held that neilher the icnt control act passed by the 1947 general assembly nor the city's health and police powers gave Chicago authority to hmi hotel rates. It therefore ordered the Cook county circuit court to grant six Chicago hotels an in junction restraining the city from enforcing the ordinance. Three Children Killed As fire Destroys Home STAPLETON. N. Y., Jan. 22.-- C.K--Three children who had been left alone while their mother wen shopping were killed yeslerda when an oil stove exploded ant started a fire that destroyed their home. A fourth child escaped b jumping-to safety from a porch roof. Dead were Ernest Jackson. 4 and his two sisters, Xorma. 3. and Ruth Ellc. 2. Young People's Day At Presbyterian Church Sunday Younc PcoplcV Day will be ob served at the Presbyterian churcl Sunday with a special sermon lo voung members. The morning service will also include songs sung by a choir composed of young Those in the 12 to 23 age group are especially invited lo attend church. Sent Blast hi in 3-Slals Area SAVANNA, 111., Jan. 22--O Yankees Sign Catchers The Browns during the recent major league meetings admitted they had turned down an offer of $100.000 for Zoldak and outfielder Paul Lehner, a hot rookie of 1947. Zoldak reportedly received $S,000 last year. , The New York Yankees got t themselves fixed up in the catching department by signing three back,JNA, 111-, Jan. -£--"-·*·'-- department uy signing uutt ««».«»- \rrny investigators searched , stoppers, bringing to 21 the nani- through the wreckage of an anti- k cr 0 { players under contract. The ank °mine storage magazine at i catchers, none of whom are e\pect- he Savanna Ordnance depot today. ed to fc s fj rs t, suing, \\ere Ralpn, seekin" the cause of a terrific ex- Houk, third man behind Aaron i plosion that shook a 30,000-square- Robinson ar.d Larry Berra last' mile area in Ihree slales. vear: Gus (Connie) Niarhos. who lie area in imtc sioito. ivear; uus vvuiime/ i^i^n^j, ····« No one was injured in the blast, p hit 32 i a t Kansas City last year, although the concussion wave rat-1 an( j Henry Foiles, J r , an 18-year- led windows and shook walls more i old ]\; orl - o ik, Va., high school star., than 100 miles away. The depot, Fo ji es j s considered an outstanding is one of the world's largest am- prosp ect. ' ...^ j ,, i T w Q V C t c r a n pitchers. Ernie Bjon- j jham and Nick Strincevich, came, to terms at Pittsburgh for the Pirates. i The Boston Red SOK signed u p 1 two rookies, outfielder Al Simon ' Food Cake ¥ Baked Fine Since 1909 munition dumps. Tc^ife 6 p. m. 14c ou i)i-eak a few windows. Officers refused to say how bad the damage was inside the reservation e wab iiiotuv. ....v. * , -- - - . - - , . ,-, tv ,0 rookies, otiuieiaer .ai ou.iwii- The ..4"^ d?Sl^ rlatf SL 1 " ! oms from the Anderson, S. C.. tea:,;. STCRY OF end ADYZHTU3E/ of secrecy hC the investigation after -_ . bare details contained in the of of the Tri-State league and a .334 [1C13L 1 vi'vi t vi. vt*v* ^ , officer. The depot is located 10 » miles north of here on the banks of the Mississippi river. An igloo containing and inficldcr John Oslrov. i2 for Los An- Coast loop. type was .iVJ *J 1 V11V. A » . * - - ^ - - » - -- Lefty Johnny Vandcrmeer of the , Cincinnati Reds, not classing him-, self as a holdout, said that he " after the with club President a s,TM«u magazines. Ko to resultant « under Friday other fire"' The blast was felt as a severe, tremor along the Mississippi river | and residents as far away as i e-, oria. 111.. Iowa City. la., and Cm-, all more than 100 miles from ! reported hearing the i blast. ' r , i The explosion was so powerful , that it registered a light tremor on the seismograph al Loyola university in Chicago. f ^ OB Mm Sips ilch in Series p. m. -- Sofyrday 6 p. He and 40c CLEVELAND. Jan. 22--C2 ) --; ;obbv Feller of the Cleveland Indians. i uiu «:i;Mm^««"i'" -- ------- .rfiais the "rcatcst pitcher in mod- S? ?? *.:« · 's te ~2SLl5sr S ^^.an. * SrSor? S Sr rS,nin» TMbi,ion was r^^iSgS^Bg i« p ^^^,i^t^rw^ ^^^ Katharine DaMille-ElyseKnox xnc Bread Arrow .tendance bonus prov.sio-15 is cx- In colonial davs agcnW of the Wed to once more make; h«n British crown searched ttc New the highcsl-sa.aricd p.aci-in the England woods near the co.x I same appro .^Clc.clar.d s pen branding every tree over a cer'.ain .nanl chances c^. ^^^ ^j-j^ height and 24 inches d:on-.ctcr a: , A: , * tocoachin' after my lhe base with Kis Majesty's broad "j.,"},,,, ^ avs arc o^ef," Feller arrow. Such trees could be bar- |.. j^ ** vcsJcd only for use as masts for The r d . ^35 ·we have to worn.- about this royal navy, and "there was s vca ' r arc the Red Sox and the penalty ol 200 pc::i:ds for diversion Yankees, but with one more good of lhc tree to other use*. Utartin" pitcfc **, Now Showing Kctum Showing JWAM The car or hock of your own selection Financed and Insured under the BEST PROTECTION! See «$ first-we will serve you money. AH claims hove our personal attention. AUTO HaiTisburg Phone 889 , |starling "pitcher we can beat them i out." , ,. , . Feller said ho believed he would equal his 1^7 total sajaiy which via* approximately SS'.OOO. but his boss, owner Dill \ccck ol the Indian?. i\PS'i'« ?o sure. Vccck i-aid that Fellers base r.av was about '.he same ns la«t vcar but that hi. Iwrnss agrcemcn* ,was revised Michtly. U was reported thi! Feller -ot a base pay of 50.000 v.ith bonu.s payments to 'begin \\hcn Clc\eland sV.cndancc reached the million mark. It also was believed that Vccck has inserted a "stop clar..-c" in the contract, whereby the bonus payments would ce.-*c after Cleveland attcnd.mco hit .'· certain figure. sio \\ith tho Yankees Waller F.rcnan. Anne Baxter. Walter Huston Fndcy 6 p. m. -- Saturday 1:30 p. m. Double Feature -- 12c Id raw approximately STO.OOO for: I'.WS vhilc Williams si-ned · | the Red Sox for $80,000. "TheHQOSISR /v- E-DTSEOTS" ' /\ I i t i ' . Ken. G.I rd Gaic ' \ ' ! \ M , f-i ?' r'iSTUMtT WW1}« ASSE 6TWSKE Hi it tUlWW 5SWK .'^" S

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