The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 23, 1932 · Page 6
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 6

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1932
Page 6
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·IX THE DAILY NEWS. PREDEEIOK. MD. MONDAY, MAY 23. 1932. AY Olympic Hopes Claire Borckv H FREDERICK A, C. COMES 1 FROM BEHIND TO YICTORY Defeated By Reds As Braves Split Double With Phillies. FOIX GETS 14TH HOMER Kev Toe*. May 2J.--flotae of K.- b**l pitching and three home Jimmy Foil's li'-h cir- a 4-2 victory « v «" : h» Yaracee* a crowd of 40.000 today. It war '. U»« AthlK-W seventh consecutive tritSBpfc. Gro** otrtpwch«d Johnsor. by a very sreaH ciroar dtiel. Ail th* A s Henry caars-.- F. K E 2 6 0 and The score: Phil*de$phl* ........... - Nnr Yvjrk ------- ......... Batteries: Grove Johnson. Brown ar.d May ".--Crcre* hokler hid the b*-;^r of Ci-j-.t Bro^r. ia a mound duel today to piKh ihe St I/xiie Brwrae to a -- triumph over the Cleveland Indians. Joe Vosmii continued » hit. setting x--t b-r..; :n foar trip* so the piste. The score: R - H E at, Loui* _ * i o Cleveland - e ' Batterice: Blat'notier ar.d R F*rrr:i: and My an Five Run Rally In Seventh Wins ^ From Brunswick. ; ! ErTec'.ive relief hurling by Frank Fr.ley gave the Frederick Athletic Club aaroal! "eaat :ta fourth victory of the rriioa at the expense of tie Brur-iAick All-Stars :.·; a game played at McCurdy P:tii Succay afternoon The score »a* i 3-6 Ph:l Myer*. starting hurler, weak- i , c:;«i in tlie sixth arid Fraley was ca"i ed -;'» tiie game. H* ixilled the team , out of the hole- ta the »uth and flmhfrd i '.'e sajce without pcnruiuafc a hit. ; Frecerv.-k. se»ed tip the game In tie , IVHBamBraucher .... Tviu men are itill £ayi:;g a -y,i' art: Ueuue Me^ae, Pirate pitcher aai Ki; ColliCi, whose iiti bn£ebail merit wai to pitch lor thi Mr. Meiae is ;erkjrg the gout he: s c.'.y ii.iuu jt St. touii. Mr. the hbiiizents of a Texa Ranger. You might gather from the cifitrereace between the two pursuits thes; "no" m«;: r os ihe STAPS lEDELEN HOLDS LEBANON | I YALLEY TO FOUR HITS I ! i Mountaineers Blank Foe By 7 To O Count. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE \r sr.on right center *hlch went Jor » rio:.b LfRjy Barrick crossed up '.he I Brunswick infteU! tor laying- do»T. a I ftiint between third and the pitcher** c;!!er a lot * * * Meiue GeU Mad. Mr Meice lei his red cot temper get j :n« Fraley and Barricic. Mimas stole i second. Jack Gardner zlngled to center. i scoring Hirae* with the tying run. Gard\ f.f- *tole second and continued to third ' »i;er. D. Aligire'* pes lo catch him went · P' ace ciul I into center-field AnKleberger came i:»; no intention of hoicing ou'.. Sle expected a rait* afv;r ti^s jple;.iid for the Piravei last year, in won !9 and las'. 13 for a :";:'.:; He had reaciivd the peat ^ _ powers, it, seemed, and ! "hrough a. hit to right Held, send- i «*«» ·* opened the envelope and sav. a ! :ng Gardner to the rubber with the j depression contract, his face got reel. i winning marker. Aaxieberger immexj- ] Probably Hel.iie felt just as lie lxl I lately pilfered second and took third '· that iay Jr. a Pullman dmer when, alter i on a pxued bail He scored when the j aenig hit on the ear with a perfect!;. : second baseman allowed Henri's ground- peKScd "^d roll, he seized a can up bot- Rf.-rr.t 'j-sclosure that Georse S.n.p-; er 10 go through his legs. Hartmar; j ~e and spattered its contents en DM cr;. Ohio State's former "world's '*at- forced Renr. at. second and Baer hit a 5 and all. vsthout tear or favor, est hMirjc:." would r.ot Cf abl- :·· vs-et ; high foul which Brown caught r.e-ar j Not so with Mr. Collins. Rip _s prob- ir. O".vnip:s- berth or. Ur.clv .^J:ni-thr stands back of the plite to end ''-. ably having more fun now tititi he ev:r ^n:;t :«irn t-caus- o: i::iurit- '.-ft i the frame. : ha-J in his life, packing what ii'.-allvd IK B:icevr :i«i l:r,-p B:;i i ^ y ' r t M r a i s h t - The Mature of the :ray was the tr:;le ; ,-rrtain circks a. ' Roscoe." cr fiiooting ' m?s " !: er.irrc; ::y asa-..-.. .-:.-- !'-·· B-?:inv.t L^ the , play engineered by the loeeri. With j ;ro ., .^ hc r . des !le;u , r 5 i, c i. c - across i Resn and Hanman on second and firs'. ] .^^ p i al:is of ,,, 0,.,^.,. !ltf For p. for all of his 35 years, still is a i- !or "whatever a(i- Results. Keacicg. 10-5: Kern-ark. 13-0. ' "Toronto. 1-5: Montreal. 3-6. ; Jersey Ciiy, 9-3; Baltimore. 7-4. · BafTaic. 5-4: Roctsesier. 6-7. : -First gaeus. 12 innings. ·"First 5*22*. 11 Innings. | Games Today. ;Bsltiaiore at Newark. \ Buffalo at Toronto. , Rochester at, Montreal. Reading at Jersey City. i DOK .BilXNETX reason. Liir n;ac- sprir.ter. Bennett j a» a result of hits. Dan Shook hit, a| R; " ;s a fi-lloa- \vao break. r«x:ords only i ;oopuig liner at Fieetwood'a feet Tlie | t,ro-.h o' a boy. ready uhei! the oppwltton force.i him :o do! Bruaawick star -.vent into the dirt and i v f n ; u r c nwv "^.ji,. I watched hiai r'.:n ::; the rvccr.' : came up with the ball, having r.ab- " ,, .. In ::;e '.OO-v-rd diih he 1 bed it on the fly. R*n« and Hxrunar: , ' -Aja in » 9 ?*c:or.d5. » hich time was da- i were easy ou'-s since they let* their j ; appotntins to nve During the same j bases, thinking the ball was trapped. Washington. May 22.--XIo:ite Weaver, after absorbing four straight lacaigs. csox back with a victor;- today as hf pt%r harlrf the Senators to » 7-1 win over the lowly Red Sox. The score: R- H. El j ^.^ f . ! lo ,' e ver. ::e nn third in » sprint j Fleeiwood threw to McOaha. to doable hi::d tl-e leaoir.g team, he maoc ;:p '.he · Polterfield completed the Triple klUhiB. M difference anc 5»--e his anchor a! The score: ; elation. j Fleet-wood. ss. .. Bermett has equaled the Olympic rec- ,D. AUgirc. c-l'b. Vith Vauks In 1920. Ir. was a wi!ci crew that Rip Coiiinr. j,-.j:ed when he came to the Yankee.-- To prever.t ::iri?t:iB »'. the x To:iit-:tes£ in the '.:·'; ii: ven; .1 from turning ~ t;ie Siciswir.g As ;h^ io»:iiv.i:i2 j -:tar;el the right side -.viil then lighter. i::d hiii-i-er the a::a free turn. b?t the le:'-- iide relax ?-s the club is taken to the top of ihe oic£i'*ins. so that the lc-£t ami ca;; do its share. In the dowas".via~ replace the le't toot early :uid Jet the lelt leg be reidy to iupprt the weight. Concen'.ratr en svvij'.^ir.s the cljo ^"itii the arms. This will -prtverit a iburg May :2.--Bid.? Edtlen : Zfte Leoai'.o:: Valiey to :^-r hits iiere j Saturday's Saturday afterncoa 3^ his tearascaies : Bi.itiioor». 3: Jersey Cilr. 6. raked t»o pitchers lor eleven hi'-s. one ; -VeR-a-i ; ; Keadisg. 1. of laerr. a homer by Bonner. which i " T orcnto."3-2; Montreal. 0-3 drove as three runs, and Mouni St : Rochester. 9: BuCajo, ~. Mary's scored a 7-to-O vi-torv. Edelen j «£;» T , = jjyiisgs'. ·A as never m dar.jer dursr-g the contest \ ^^^_^_^^__^^^^^^^^^^ Feur errors fay L«bar:cr: Valley ma- j · · - '.^riallv helped the Mountaineers, three : of their. figTirsng in the scoring. The locals hopped on Mor.teth inths second for two hits, which, wl:!j a walk and a fielder's choice, brought, in three rues. They added ascther in the third when Light's '.so-base wild throw per- :niit*d Chano-aii:: to score.'s name run drove in the firal three runs in the fourth. ; The score: Mt- St Mary's. AB R. H- O. A. E. Farrell. « 3 1 0 0 1 0 I.yr»-ch, 3 0 5 1 2 1 3 0 Muibeani. c f 5 0 1 3 0 0 Boaner. if _ 4 1 1 1 0 0 Gass. Ib 5 0 3 11 0 1 Chanowski. 2 b 4 2 2 3 5 0 Corbett. r f 5 1 2 0 0 0 lite-re lit'-ita. c 3 1 9 7 0 0 ' ' p 4 0 0 1 5 0 Of The Clabe. ! w. u - *vewa %p i: 22 12 ' Baltimoi* 20 j Rochester 20 15 13 i Montreal 22 j Toronto 14 i Jersey City 11 i Heading 8 15 19 25 24 Prt. .583 .603 -59J .424 .306 .250 Totals Lebanon Valley. Rust, ss Shortj.-cige. cf . Baran. 2b Ugh:. 3b XVilliatns. rf Heller, c Stewart. If _ Monteui. p Wood, p .. 33 7 ·! 27 14 i AB. R. H. O. A E . 3 0 0 3 5 I . . . 3 0 · 3 0 0 2 0 1 1 0 ! 1 0 0 4 0 1 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 4 4 4 4 4 1 1 Totals 24 1-3 Batirries: Russell Michael*. Moore. I Leheny and ConaaJly: Weaver Berg." AB. R. H. O. A. E Chicago, May 22.--The Ch-Cig- 1^ V o ; ^Q"^; ( ; . r « an d has shaded the ; McOalyi. :b-3b White Sox snapped out of It tossy t/ | ,.-,,,_.,,,..,, ...j.^ _!««. -«*-»- *K» rvfc'-T^.if T^" 1 **?-* :-n boiH ; " v "** *"" *"~* rfap over the Detroit Tijers in both lumps of a double header by socres ·} j 3-2 and 8-7. _ l The store: R. K. E ; Detroit - 2 ~' ° · Chicago 3 S 1 : Batteries: Wyait ar.d Rue*: Gregory .Tone* and Grub?. Second Game. The score: R. H Z. Chicaco 8 9 3 Batteries: Herring. Bridges and Hayworth: Fsber. Lj-oiis .and Gr-.:br. a second i Mernmsn. rf ;?.: Michigan in a re- . H. Ailgire. rf. cent dual r:;eet. iio sivpped the cer.tary . Pooler, cf :r. 9.6 second?-, then rcturm-d to t h e ; potterfieid. Ib. track latrr to wir. the "220" in 20.7 Brown. K-3b-c. jecor.ciE. I-5 o! a second above "he BC- · Anderson. 3b. cepve-d An-.e.-:-a:: mark .«.·'. by Roland ; Burch. If Ltx-"K-. Nebraska, ir. :D2G. -"Jcncs. r . 3 . 4 . 5 4 . 0 . 3 . 4 . 4 2 0 0 1 1 2 2 0 1 0 0 n n o o Was Present For The Racing. too. aud Babe Ruth was i "Lefty" Clark, former Blue Kirige making his first appearance with the · hurlcr. A-is pr«e:u in Haiersio 1 .'. :i last Yanks. week for the rac:sg. Clark siili uurli Rip had been a great halfback at ' a little ball noa- a:;d then, but his . 3 1 0 Score By Innings. M:. St. Mary's ... 0 3 1 3 0 0 0 0 x--7 Lebanon Valley ....0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0--0 Summary--Two case hi:. Mulheam: three ba;e hit. Gass: home run. Bonder: stolen bases. Parrel!. Stewart; sacrifice hit. Shortledge; double plays. Rust to Light: Rust to Dir.nis; base Texas A. and M. Certain chroniclers | main business is farming, and he mixes! ' on ba ^ Q " s j'i on;et i,. 3; o ff Wood. 2: liave set down that his nickname was j in with a little breeding. Ciark has a j c ^ Edcler.. 2-" hits, off \iontth. 7 in~4 in honor of his uncouth way a-;th an ! bijj far.-r. at Clarksv^Ie. just cut^jde 0 0 enemy line. Rip himself is s 0 f i ; admitted 10 baseball v.-ntei said to have i of Baltimore, and during the winter innings: off Wood. 4 in 5 innings: ers that He j he has cabled some of the best, horse.- . 1 struck out. by Monteth. 1: by Edelea. 1 0 0 0 i got the monicker from his capacity for I on the big tracks. "Lefty" figures , j i what was known as "Rippy" liquor. · that he will r_ave quite a few speedsters umpire, Ecker: Time. 2; 00. O i Rip's major league career wras as '· working under his colors next season. 4 0 0 0 4 0 j storm - v ^ "is disposition. After two j , . . _ | years with Yankees, he was traded to j " ~" srr- a'-most 5*:nnv. H^ has sandv hair, j Totai-i 35 6 7 2 4 1 1 5 j the ** So* *'* Peckinpaugh. Piercy \ Under full s;xci he run? upright with ! Frederick AB. R. H. O. A. E.! and Q« ;j m for Scott. Jones and Bush. ! Sews advertising pays big dividends invest in it. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION ORGANIZED IN 1828 Commercial and Savings Departments Interest Allowed on Savings Accounts Buckeye S^cr is 22. bent fort ! Barrick. cf 5 AMERICAN LEAGUE Cincinnati May 22.--Thr Ch.cai;, \ Cubs were almost toppled from the:r | Yesterday's KesuIU. perch at the top o' the National Leagu: ; Pi-.i;adeiph:n. 4: New York. -. today as ihe Cincinnati R«is won 4-3; sr Louis, 4; Clevciand. 2. ihe third straight Kame in the four- l Washington. 7: Boston. 1. Same aeries.. The bruins w«ce saved j Chicago. 3-8: Dct-roit. 2-7. by Boston's oefeat J3 ihe second came : of the Braves' double header with i Saturday'* Results. Philadelphia. The Re* jurr.ped or. ; New York. 54-6; Wainingto::. 2-0 JHirnes. 3b. J J. Gardner, rf. ! Anglebes-ger. ss. · Renn. !b fHanmart. If jshoc-k. 2b jBaer. c Myers, o. Charlie Root- for two runs in the first inrJct after the first four men to face th« Chicago pitcher sot on base br virtue 01 two sinelw. ft base on balli j and a hit batsman. Root t^rhtened up I until the fifth when the home boys · scored another run. The winning tally ; was annexed in the eighth. Ray Kolp j proved the master of the Cabs except ! ·la the sisth when .hree singles and a i Philadelphia. 18-6; Boston, 6-3. St. Louis. S: Cleveland. 7 Detroit. 5: Chir«Ko. I. 2 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 1 11 2 1 0 1 1' 11 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 1 1 0 I Totals 36 8 11 27 9 5 Score by Inninjs. Brunswick 2 0 0 1 0 3 0 0 0--6 Frederick 0 0 0 3 0 0 5 0 X--3 Two base hits--Potter- j a " ; °nE- Boston promptly traded him to Detroit' with Pratt in the deal for Howard Ehmke. He was at Detroit five years, and was released to Toronto in 1928. · After a good year there, he was pur- | chased by the Browns. · Rip has been a holdout before. He 21 was sold by Dallas to the Yanks ir. O j 1915. but refused to report until 1919 | 0 | Rip liked Texas. J } ^t Zf ^ \ Might Have Been Card. j Rip was in the final staje of his ; career when he decided to holes out ' year, but Meine was jasi coming Games Today. Clevrlsnd at rhiladclphia at Ncv. Vrrk BoBftor. at Wa.'hlngwn. sacrifice other ran w The .«:ore Chicaeo Cincinnati B*ttri=E: Standing of the Clubs. \V t'rwm tw ru:X5 i iir ; s chalked up ir. the ninth i R. K. E j^ 0 *' iv "- : -3 7 ; · Washington "~ 4 s j j Philadrirhta IS Roct and Kerr.s:»:-. Kolp i Detroit 17 and Lorr-barcli. i Cleveland L. o ·4 14 IS iS Boston. May 22.--Th-? Srevr. Sra-.f* · ' rcisjfd a chsnrc :o cii?2«l;!? the Ctslis J tt the top of the National Lea?-j? per.- \ nant heap today, 'out fell 7^T. b ; diridinf a twir. bill --ith the Ph-lli^s The Tribe fo- trie firs: rarr.e. 4-2. bi:: failed in tiie riig'r.'.cap 3-3. Th- wrore: R. H. E : i Boston 4 ;·· r B*tt*rl-»: Hr-Ucy. J. Elli:':. V : Davis: Brandt zr.f. Ksr^rrave.'. Second Game. The score- Philac*lph:s Boston . . Batterief: Col'-ir..-. Curdy, v. Davis: y^ astl Spohrpr. riareT.'. 1 - NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Results. :::c::-r;^n. 4: Ch--r.i=^. s B--o'.or.. 4-3. Fhil^dclph-i. Broo'-clr-n. '-: N7, Y.irk. P::vc;:nrn. 5-?: St. l..: Summary: , j field. FrrUey. Stolen bases--Flectwooc. | ^ c sold himself to Branch Rickey Angieixrftcr. 2: Himes. J. Gardner ! tipii: years ago. ar.d the Cards sent , Base OP. bails--Off Myers. 3: off Jones, i hlrn to Syrs-:j4» During his first year j is. Struck out--By Fraley, 7: by Jones, i a - Syracuse hc won 17 and lost 10 Ir. ! ;3; by Myers, 2. Hit by pitcher--By i !925 he pitched and played rhe outfield. Frai-yFieetwood). Triple play--Fleet- ^'tn 10 games and tart four. He asked wood "to McGaha to Pottcrficld. Hits | Rickey for a raise. --Off Myers. 7 in 5 inning?: off Fra- i "Get :tus laiigh." said recently. Pet ' ' if 5'- 0 in 4 inninsps. Winning pitcher-- i "Rickey told me I'd have to take a cut. ·;ip iFralcy. I^eft on bases--Frederick. 3: j instead of getting a raise, because Svra- 547 4. Pa.vec balls--Brown! ct^? wasn't, making money. I asked i '553 : and Basr. Umpires--Dcvtibiss and My- him what a man had to do to get a ! .548 i c r5 - T«ne--2:25. raise. Hc said he was sorry', but Syra- | 543 , "- i cuse wasn't making money and I'd hare | 4 3 6 1 M A R Y I flNn nFFFTFn ' fo * ha * in the tough luck. j 3t , ] M AH I LAN U U tr tA I tU -j to d him No cat for Hch .: c ^.^ , · 5 ; - me." and he did." ; " ; Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Team Wins Be- j Meinp was the fourth piichcr in the I '· fore 9.000 Fans. ! Nations! League las: year in point o! ; ! ' efTccriveness as eauged br earned r.:ns i Ven»b:e Stadium. Baltimore. M.-.v aiiowsac only 2 SS per garrj» a n;--k ! i 22.--Mary''s national champienship bettered by Walker. Hubbel: and · ; hopes were smothered here Saturday Er^nct. : ; ss a s^-iri rharsing Johns Hopkins la- j . | , cro^e 12 swarmed to its eighth straish. ; . ' : victory zl the year, downing the Old ' | "·" Liner?. 7-3. as 9.000 viewed the spec- ' i For the first time... HIGH TEST P E R F O R M A N C E i \ has been combined with \ \ H I G H K N O C K L E S S POWER / ·i c c \ ·" \ at regular gas price And, of course. Blue Sunoco is dependably uniform . .. always. Its high knockless rating assures minimum gear shifting with maximum power and mileage. Its high rest qualities give brilliant perf ormance,instant starting and unexceiied pick-up. No gum deposits... no sulphur trouble... no vapor lock. Saturday's Resnllv it* Jays scored eniirv :ota. or:. 6: Ph 3? ar.c M ~ - nkiio~«' s?:!xIc hilat?'.p":v. Brooklyn. Miy i:.-- S%-rv- Swe.or.-r- missed gettir-.i: 3r.=:--^r jhutout t^iay. bu-. be ro-tisued t? p.tch niar.'elou- fcall » 5ha: cff -.he Csriir.als ".tr. thre» hi-* --hi;* -:i. the Pirate* rAr.t up t. 5-1 T'ir. ;r. ;he f;rst sarn---. Tl" r ·arorlcj ch34Ep;c-r/ o.rr.e back t.i :aU«- the fzaaZe. 3-3. The sc^re: K K. E Pivtecursrh ........................... 5 1 2 1 St. 'UK;^ ....................... 1 3 S^etcir-c sr.d Grace. Dear. SitTC?:^-Car:r-^r. ar.i VTi^r-. erond Game. Gjrr.cs Today. -:.^ =;.:».; .-.: S:. :»·*:;.;. Brooklyr. ;-· S,\-;-:: N"'-"«r York .f, Ph.l.-iG.-'.". seven goals i;;r.:-iit the first half i-lf r 'ne Terrapins were throw:', buck :h '-::: s single tally for r.-.itej: -f cesperat? err^rt the second half. re "· "isy back" c work Maryl.»r.-1 "s Do You Remember One Year A;o Today--Cr.iversity c.' Wisconfui closed with a rush to ^ir. its : Srst Western Cor.I'j'rer.oe outdoor tmck And fjeid chAnip:cTi5r;ip ir. 15 years Tr.c Bacigrers scored 45 poinis to leac: nii- :fifk:;-.!: force?, only two more soa _^_ ~~ Standinc Of TTir Br,. ft. ISK'J; ................. _ ....... Batt-«: Karri; Chas-?r.. sti Gr£t*: r.r.i Manct^c. Defeats Boonsboro. ile Micclrtc-r. t^^rr. -5 tl".? F County TJ?SEJ« jx rfl -.r, z fl - - -- were r-.:r.g up by t»:s Oir. liners c.-;r- £ the balance of the 'ray. j Maryl-ir.d's thorough deffat of St ·'nn'-i "-K^t Sau;rcLay by a 5--:,;. t^-r the Jol'-nnie* had trsveledi ,:-,":tl: :i'.ree years w-.thou: s .'ir.g".c of the tra«r.o :· *\- "· . ; :xO lisfly tc settle th? cor.tcst. -'·' ? :: the f.rror.ess of Hopkins' attack -* · c-·-·.:l."i r.t be rcrtUec by Maryland's c?- Maryalnd , m^ni wor; the 120 '.:ighs ir. 34.4 5ecor.fc. tyir.j the official trorid record. ··· -: low. -53 !,,,.. Years As:o Today--Tex H-.:karf. t«r. ar.d G»?r.o T'jr.r.ry. l--.^.4~: ,-harr.pUr:. !ifc-.:sK-tl Ja^k ;51:3r- knookxit virv-rr over J:rr.r;-.y ^:3- May :c--"SSarkey l* a* ccorl ?. r s^i I ever SST," i,».i 7iir.r.?y. / / \ \ \ Buy these wings J? at any SA | Sunoco PU.T?P Ten Yrirs A;o Today--A r.ti C F . 1" D 2r.'j D ...C . 3"! A 2r.d A 1st A O K Niche-XT. May Por-pejrr-sr; 1 Sq"3" 1 5. '. -4. : ir*' r:rr. Ge~r 7 Gsrcler. ' 174 :-:. Grc-r.:wi;h IT. 15 TOUT. iS. For Best Results Score by Halves. Sf.rter Th? Chinese uwc silr«r ir. rr.a.'_r.j rrr.amfr.t* mcr-? tnsr. 4.COO years arc-. . .. . i *--* : CK-»ls--Hcpkiss: Turr.feuli, ": Oar- '' ': rel. Stone. Lang. ^es. Packard: Msr'- ths Brur-sv;:-:,; Rsilr:scer*. Kt.'f.uTer hurled for the Vailryius ?.r.c hlankecl the Wj^-i-gtor: rountiatis ur.tii :lie sista -her. l-»" --.-akened Mldclc- .-rtr-rr-.-Dr. a: ; i'c;-r-k .r. M.iilc'.c »r. to vou: PSOPtE- VrfASM UP Sticber. Kcr.kir.. Wood. Hopkir^: ^^^Do^ for I\« 1C. Kelly for Stcc.-. rackr.rd for Bee- Tor Larjsr. Beclor for Pac-sarcl. Ives f.v. McDornnn. Stcr.c :ov C Kelly. C. Keli? j for Stw.?. McDorma:: tr-r Ivcs, Packard 'for Beekr. Maryland: Siivder for P^p- · palmar.. 3:rrke! for Wood. Norder,hoi;z , fcr Z'rctel Ref?rre-- H Fon;-.:ri-,oro ;Bak!-ri Sv-'arUtrr.i:-?:-' ,'u.ije of Piay-- i Fred Weiir, Permsy'.'-'ar.uj. BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Rro«n rnnfl Wbi'.t S. C. L»ihor!ii, SS-IW r.»r. H*bite mad BTI? Rex. AncoBts. BctT nd Rlark Minercas. fteds. Gnldrn ?'h:te »ci SIvfr-t»rrcl Wy»ni5e»c». SS per IfS). Jrrt» BUrk C.iints. Lixbl Brihms- BnfT OnTr.ctor.s. S1."» per huKdrrd. .A*«»rtrd mixtd. SS p^r liM. 1W prr crnt. dplivrry chick«. . . - - Frrf Citllo; rhone Ml. A i r ? 116 BtCK'S HATCHERY Dept. I_, Mt Airy. JId. . . V ) * C'«3 TheNtW SUNOCO Motor OU ... ·'·y e-V -='=' °" r=ee fcy ' s » Merio-y P'cces* 10 NG LASTING N0 Just one fonfcfuJ of BLUE SUNOCO in your own car is more convincing fhan a/I fhe facfs sfafed in ' our advertising per gallon os price

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