The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 19, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT NEWS. JULY it. Chief Moee Ask* Extra Cere to Prevent Grass Fires - "With the fire department being called five times ."Wednesday to extinguish grass fires. Chief Jodie Moss is asking a!5 citizens to be aiore careful in burning 'papers. trash and rubbish. Either of the fires Wednesday, be said could fcave caused a destructive fire, all having occurred near b-iiding* With all grass, rubbish and build- iag-. materials extreniely dry. ex- trs. precautions should be taken to prevent fires, he said. Cfeief Moss :s urglriC a" who burn trash or rubbish to watch sucli fire;; clui-ely u"d to ":eave no embers to be spread by gusts of wisds. lie pointed out the fact .that the destructive fire •:•* 1?16 in Paris was startle from a grass fire artd remarked tnat it is possible- for another such con:h:s;av.or- :o occur ai a. time like :ho rre*- MARKETS At A Glance Cocriesy Fecae; «.n<s Bean*. Uoc«l KnitcSin*. Grain Prices ' Strike Climbing Up < Continued on CHICAGO, (&} —Despite active profit-taking on )>u)ii:**«, and notwithstanding: a break in the cotton NKW ORJ-KANS COTTON PreT. Ciose H:ffS Ix>* Cles* Jan 13.3$ 13.51 1S.10 IS.SS March. .... ....13.47 13.54 1S.I'-' 13.3 May 33.54 15.60 1S.2S 13.4 Ju-y 13.1!$ 15. i:: i:.?T 13.<» ' CHICAGO GRAIN Pr*v. Close High Ixsw Close WHEAT— July $5.^4 1 «.'(>*& SS.T, SS^., Svpt ICO I'.'" !»>}•-*. '.Ol^. 44V I'•*<•. OATS— market, grain values ranged high- MCW YORK COTTOX J Pr<sv. Close Kigh 1/c-w Close ; Jars. 13,40 1S.4? IS 30 1S.2T March. 1S.4S 13..59 13.S« May i3.:7 is.45 er Thursday, with corn and rye JaJv .........13, it: 15.1$ li.Ss 13.OO Oc'J 13.25 13.3& 12 9& iS.'i LNSC IS.SS" 13.4T IS.'.?* 13,24 outdoing: season to;* price records. All deliveries of wheat sold at above Sl.Ot'. Much notice was takvn of the fact, that Liverpool wheat quotations closed at 2 1-4 cents advance and Rotterdam showisvu 3 1--4 cents fise, with French wheat croj> estimates radically curtailed. Unconfirmed rumors of sensational happenings ;n Germany had no apparent effect on grain markets in Chicago. Wheat elosrj firm 7-S 2-4 above Wednesday's finish, corn 1-4 1 1-3 us,', oats tjnehansred to 1-4 advanced and provisions unchanged to a list- <>t" 5 cents. «.*. or. Plot Market [active NK^V YORK. '.-?*'—The stock market was. a cuiet ana selective af-oir Thursdax. -A"Jtys only an occasional buyirjir or selling flurry. Severs' issues, due- to special :r>- fiuences. edged into T^-TV high territory for the year to date, and a. few otneri=. reflecting various un. certalsties. sold a: boitoir. prices lor 1934. Public parti _•:pat:or. wa* still at a rni^ininm arse professional Interest notably coo!. At the op.en.irjg There -was a moderate .carry-over ^f Thursday's bullishness, 'but irregularities SDO:*. fie- "yelo-ped in a resumption of the re— t dullness- Early fimness of grains and cotton -was succeeded by farther reallzzng in inese staple^. TVhile ^arheat and corr. held part of their iirst hc-tir advance of about 2 :cests a, bushel. cotton suffered .SEOfierate- net loss-&5- Pcreciists of cooler -weather and rsiti -srere said these categories. Silver -seas a little easier and rubber a trine Ihighsr- Bonds and international Ex-Parisian Club Talker The HeT. ?vlarshail Masters, s •fornaer Paris boy -who is now pastor of the First Christian Church of "Wasahachie spoke before the idoris club here Thursday. Mr. S£astei-s ch-r->e for the subject of an inspirations.! address "Fin-Sing Oneself Thro us h Service."" handling h-is subject in an !nterestinsr jnaxiS'er. "Most pe-"r>Ie co not find t&ezns'elv'es, btcsuse they do not themselves." he c'^clared. the r-eason v.-e do not kno-w es is b-eca-^se -s-e ar? tin-svil"- g- to fa.ce the facts." he said. Mr. asters related in the course of his th% stories, of many indi- .is -who rendered otitstan-ding .service to humanity throtis-h having cans-it a vision of -a need to Vws. -''iT'Sc.r 5 Z>—>-r* -n- — -^ c ^-^ Ji— >.*••-;-. ^. .*J^> i^i.-V^« <li7t^ --^i- k ^.— i- _ i .-Ci*---(S. cs.ti;s;ht Hnch visior; c^dicated their li~<^s to fl!lin~ ~hat particular ne?d. ^Jlm Cavir;es=. procrann ehair- 32*asi irstrod'^ced the rp*?a,Vier, The •-musical prc-srrarr: consisted of two .Troy Thc-n-j^or: at the plane. Sir. .Cotton who is we- si knc---t: as one • of Paris iriost talented Kinsrers was w-ere Miss rp.. Osca.r S. te cu. Visizors present 'Woodn:ff of 5?- or. ha Tones of Cr^-F-n"-;;!^ a lis.rt. of Q«5r;cy. III. I'-ac involved. Both denied know- X-dge <->:' the plot- It was known that a department (.•f justice agent spent Saturday and SuntJav nights in the Brook shire home. The laborer haxl said the plot was scheduled 10 be car- Thursday. officers showed ar. inclination to dror> the case- Bodv iCo-tinueC Froiri Page most seriously injured. He is probably hurt internally, as a. vrire Thursday morning rrom his brother Luther sa?d that he "would have to remain in the hcsr>ital* there live or six vreeks. iirs. Luther Kowerton. formerly i!:ss Eula Mae Cosby, sister of Mrs. Hoy Floyd and niece of Mrs. ±~_ B. Birmingham, suffered a. fractured shoulder and other injuries which ?rill necessitate a two weeks stay in the hos"Dit£.l. The exact extent of Luther K.owerton"s injuries ws^ not stated L-ut he wa_s less seriously hurt tnan his wife and broth er. The accident was said to have occurred "when ilrs. Griffiths who -vas driving the large sedan, ran it into a ditch at the side of the highway to avoid collision with Chief ^e Ons) possession of the office. One fras who has been in seclusion from the tire* the state supreme court conviction of a felony bars him from serving; is. office. The stenographer continued az her work after Olson took pcsses- ouarters appeared deserted. Lunger's persona! files had been re- ef all papers. Guardsmen vfere centered in the Mrs, Ehinagan Asks Voters To Consider Her sicfcratiori.. T ha* - c r ir-cide<2 to con- • Tiau^ the ra.ce fc.r Comnriissioner. : inct No. "J. v-h = r? Rov lef* off. at this tirr-e. F.«ir.~ tc< lot tJlOSC" 1 vVrO Vii-h- TO «*jp7»'.-rl ,33ie iB-ust drsw :h* ::n<- th-^'Uirh the t.wo rsasies on :;i* Ti^i-.T-r ^ r.^i "%-r;t* 3>Irs. "Roy L>t3:;a*riir; ur.c"-=-r theTn. Tiiu^ is siiort. and ' an n •-;•*: a^i* to »*t «very on<? bi;* T -'-r--jM 5.0 a^precJate your rr.ost car^f:;! con- SSd^'ra.tiOTJ aj!(3 -^-h^i^-hearte-c! syp- •jM>rt on July r*. TOUT*, sufric-^rr-sy ^''d &.^ -r*r-;aTii •*•}*:. MRS. ROT DUXAGAX. fclwC. - *; t^s? r~3.231 £* ifi.G^»— feSa-^%— <i-O _^_2_~- ^^r^* c^ "^^ " ^-51 ri ~" *r £>. O^^IC^" shortly after Olson entered!. One -:.-f the telegrams came from yc-j need help cs.Il." i~rence with political friends -whc- Deg-an to gather as word, vrtnt o'Jt that he had taken possession of ;.-utrt General H. A. Brocopp nc- Olsor/s first official act after tocian of the state capitc-I isuiid- W:th Olson cec~.-a.rec a'j'.;r.e gov- Cirv>£- look-r-i for swift rrrt>v«s to- !«ic into the towns and encourag- ins; th-e;ii to quit working and accept charity. As a remedy fc«r this sittratioji. tlie speaker outlined it pla,n of relict" which would allow lending of money to reputable citizens of the county "with, which to give enip.oy- ir.ont to people who are no .v on the relief rolls. In opening his speech here. Mr, Russell said he has been meeting enthusiastic response throughout the stst-e and claimed that 75 per cent of his audiences have endorsed his platform. He said he had t-vvo purposes in announcing: as a candidate for the office of governor, the first to serve the people of Texas a.t a time and under such stress-id condition when business experience, honesty, vision and courage are much needed in the personality of the crovernor of the state -in order tliat Texas may go forward commercially, socially and politically in keeping with the spirit anc iceals of Democracy, as is evidenced by the living; example of Franklin D. Roosevelt, president of the United States. His second purpose, he said, was to bring- to ihe office of governor that dignity, respect and esteem that it deserves and must have for Texas and its people to maintain progress in the march of time, "Professional politicians." he said, "can not serve Ter-cg.s as it should be se—~ed at a time like this." ilr. B-ussel! mentioned his tax reform plank wnich calls for a reduction of 50 per cent in state ad valorem tax. He favors a state income tax to make up for that part cf this reduction which: cannot be taken of by reducing- governmental cost- He advocated the ifeet possible assurances that all teachers vouchers be paid «-hen cue without any disecunt. He complimented the work of Simmons in conectiori with the state prison system and expressed the opinion thai Mr, Simmons will have the prison system on. s. self- supporting basis within the next fotir years. Mr, Russel! said he favors re- Varicose Veins— Ulcers—Old Sores Promotes Oil Heaiinj: Get a tvo-ounce lx>t:l« of Moosie's Em e raid Oil f f ti ! I -uh ihe distinct undei- i-K|r ib«.l you musT get and «rp1er«<Siii! ro»-u5ts or your hj;*-*- 'iri'jIcate-iS they ar<r r*;-a<lj- !•:• *-'i.c*t€ cffi-ce. and I-ar.|r»:r appoint- 1304 Contlnu^'j rroirj Page One; The vc*r>' first «.pp4?rfc- R -will ^riv« you rcStef * few short treat- convince you that by i jctickmsr faishfuib' to n ' a *Jiort while * will — Adv. ' Bob Blanion, The rnana^r, sai"2 <^^./,f» fr>V>--v ^^»--^*-'S; 5t *-» ^ 5^rn^ u 5-**&TJ- w\_'.j,--v ^V'.**.* JO-irf 4 i..V'«^ *a.*."^ Xj*J*# £2<* j m tos on the propose4 njaintenAnce C'^iOwV. T^ss.n^ IE to be iT^Koecttd Jor tfc* location the Sitter part of Ktjsrhway <Se\'elop-rs-;en* «crk. in- ctutling the orgaoization of U. S. Higrbw&y '271 A*»ociaTioo -srilh heady u« rterrs. ir; Paris- an<J Us forthcoming convention to be held here, the extension of C. S. High- wsy markioge of f" over Highway £ frxWtv T«xarksina to WichiUt F«J1& and other htrhway &ctJvJtI«« Trerc | reix>rt*<J by Pat M%yse, ch«lrnwun I uf UtuLt committee, sane inmates; improved labor conditions, re-craftier of the state constitution; repeal of ra.ce track gambling lair; and opposes ai=y movement for re-Deal of the state prohibition laws. In connection with prohibition, he sai-3 the question of prohibition has no place in the sO"-"eraser's race. In discussing law enforcement. r»i, y2,i<2 that either the srovernor f-r the- attorney general could stop the open sale of liquor in'the larg- goveiTior and the attorney general are "almost in cafeoots -with, the Ke attacked Senator Small for the race track gambling law late in the campaign, saying that Small ha^i b-een livir-g off th-e p-eople's rnon-ry and eatinc s.-. the public trough for years and was trying to n-iiti*: a plea for voters to carefuHy consic-rr the records and qualifications of a.!; candidates before rr.*r state senator. prestifJ at the ^ ^ ^^ H ?• > ^ ^ troducfd Mr. RusseH. T <Cor:*tn'-e<J Fr '.Vorti- a record for ;rr--. a?!.r-'jujrh £li;I thre«i d ;..•*::•'.»•.•'.• the Ju:y hirh of ;a** <& *o of the ; iur* cf »> but the U! *f- ^ broken by a fresh g--!f Jater. Galveston -was one point* in Texas where Hog Market Up Thursday FORT WORTH. ~ tfrV— Hoys: pms Svmv s9yv3S P»i!«ri »m U I P» Chauffeurs* union planned to meet late Thursday to consider return- ins; to work. . Meanwhile. shipping companies ! J.-*<H>; truck ^°«s steady *<> 5 went ahead with plans for dis- I higher; no rail hogs; top- $4.70 by patch ins vessels from this port, j small killers: packer top $4,65; which felt the first -effects of the * sood to choice I80-2SO pound strik* when the longshoremen i truck ho ^ s $-*.60-70; packing sows walked out May 9. j steady $3.75 down. Wireless messages flashed across ' Cattle: 1,700 commercial, 1.000 the seas, ordering captains of ves- I government; calves: 2.200 com- seJ again to return here. imeretal. 2.000 government; quota_ i b!y steady: good fed ste*rs l&ck- OAECLANB. Calif-, {^—Cancel- } i«5: well-finished yearlins* kruon of the general labor szrike j $i-«*-«5; plainer slaughter in the Eastbay district, affecting j ii:ss around S-5.50; grass slaughter some 42.000 union members, and ', sieers ?3.50 down; one load 2.50;' resumption of street car. ferry and | s^od cows ?3; strongr weigbt coxn- 1.U9 ri-ansportation Friday morhinsr '• roOR butchers $1.50: stoekersj was approved by Alameda county 1 mostly nominal; -weighty slaughter: k:bor leaders Thursday. ! calves $2.25-50; desirable heavies; The strategy committee of *heiu ?3.25: good heavies very scarce.] Alanieda county central labor! Sheep: SOO: limited supplies fat | council and building trades eoun- j i a:! >bs and yearlinjrs scead> - ; weth- ] ei; vote<2 Wednesday night to. . rec- • ,»rs scarce: medium -fat .lambs $4- j otumend ending the general strike j$;, ; good latnbs $5.50; fat yearlings in the- Eastbay district Friday. The conmiittee is to place this rec- o:ittiiejitiailo» before delegates of 107 union locals at a mass meet- Restoration of service on key i*.»ute tra.ins U.IKI boats, the l-uy street railway and the liast- b;:y motor coach lines was agreed on at a. meotinir of union a.n<5 t:~insi>orisition ci.'n!!>a.ny officials. Kt-y r^ute tr;i:ns :nul !»o;tt? ami local tsreet car and bus systems have been out since Tucs*Ja.y i;i sympathy with the San Francisco general walkout. The action to \-ote on the general return to work came after a day in which thousands of Kast Bay citizens, arming themselves with variors -weapons ranging from, shotguns to pick handles, formed, committees to open channels for the unhampered flow of food and fue- into the area. PKOBJE \1OUEXGE PORTLAJSD. Ore., (j^ 9 ?—A complete investigation of the "wrater- front shooting incident -wb!c>> 122- perilled Senator Robert F. Wagner and several others was promised here. Thursday by Mayor Joseph Carson, -wcile the New- York senator said the affair must nave been a mistake, Special waterfront guards fired at an automobile load of officials late Wednesday when they said tne machine failed to observe a. command to halt. Senator Wagner was in a car just ahead of the one fired at and in which one bullet lodged.- E- P. Marsn, conciliator for tlie United States r>epartnient ol Labor was in the ca.r struck. After being- .questioned. the guards -were ordered by chief of police B. Kl- I-awson to return to duty. I-ater, towever. they returned and spent tiie niglrt at police emergency hospital. Myrle "Wilson. 27. former army regular, declared $3.5i'-$4; feeder lajnbs ?3. Cotton Mart Holds Steady NfclW ORLEANS, i>?>—Cotton. t .jtn-.d steady Thursday w'th fair | traUine:. Liverpool \vas ratlier bet- ! tvr than due and first trades here 1 showed gains of 2 -to 4 points! which was not a full response to! ihe firmness abroad. As there had ] been no break in the western j drought overnight and as stocks j opened steady, prices here soon [ improved. October trading at 13.20 i an<i December at 13.43, or Si points above Wednesday's close. The market later turned quiet. ! awaiting the posting of the weath- j vr Tnup. ; "j Cotton futures closed steady at ] net declines of 4 to 11 points. Negroes •r (Continued from Pas© One) s'-it in the state court has been ! called for Monday. The petition alleged, the state convention met at Hoiiston solely to name presidential electors exceeded its authority in passing the resolution closing tlio primaries to negroes. The petition pointed out that the state Democratic executive 'committee at a. recent rnectins in \ Austin refused to pass on the el:- i sribility of negroes to vote in tlie primaries. "halt" orders isterpreted Crisis 1* Con tinned From Fa«e literally in the army. Other, guards questioned were Randall Scnudtte. ±2. S- M. Frank. 22. and A. K. Thomas. 34. In the car struck by the bullet was 7vlarsh, Fred Ross, attorney for tlie Longshoremen's unior.. who was driving-. Rosco Craycraft, member o-f the loTigshoremen a--;- vlsory board, and I>. B. Nickerson. chairrnaii o? tne Portland strike smatesrv cornrrtlttee. B. A. Green. union attornev. ists w the late Serge Stavislcy ] •.vas swindling tfcs country must | be litnited to a controversy between Tardieu and Cha.ctemps. without involving parties. Resignation of Herriot and otb- er radical socialists from the cabinet was- threatened because of TardJeu's charges, ts-hicfa they claimed broke the political truce under which the Doumerg-ae cabinet was created in the srave days drove tee car in which Wagner : of last February. rode. With them -^ere Mas; Steam ; Doun^ergue then boarded a. train a- newspaperman. accompanying; for a vacation at Toamefeuille. the senator. Matt Sleehan. a. long- ; smiling as ever and refusing: shoreman and C. L. Vines of the comment on cabinet Iriction, Seamen union. Because he has the The party viewed the municipal threat oi dissolution of parliament, terminal and was' lea-ving -when i for -which deputies are not ready. the shooting- occurrexV Dourmergue is expected to main- Senator "Wagner arrived here tain the truce between the parties, Tuesday night to observe the strike situation for the national ad rr. i n istraii on. FIGHT RADICAI-S SAX FRAXCISCO. ii?i — An::cal group-s in the San J-'r::.'-.- Cisco area ^er° organized Thursday to £r;i-e baTt:-e to those. inter«*«rs which tb*y blame for the rr;a?> strike of unfon J*bor. Raids 3- Sari Francisco haro re- ?u]7«d in about 300 arrests o* raii- cs.1 leaders an<J ^follo^"ons on charp- <?« of vagrancy. M'any of th« ra :<!*-. were <'ond-uct*d by s-elf-fenpmr.t^'i Disu-ict Attom»v Matthew Erady took persona* chsr^e of pr^vt^-Tu- "lon of Those *rrjfrst*<* in th*, rHlrfs Tuesday s-nd 'Vedn-fedaT. K*: ask*:".! :r. court that aJ! tria.;s ^* d* la ----.- D^p-ortstcon.. sa:.J Srady. v. «-.-u-'-i b 1 ? anost *rf 'active w*?apf>r: ;f it coui<4 be Jegally used. I^ach of the arres'o<3 .men «ir?-^^-i a jury trial when arraisrr:-- *rd in court Tuesday FO :.h<; ca**-.* were- j> 5 Jt o'-'er two <Ja~s tr> a. »*•<:». rs-d ba:T for -r.o.»t c-f the *Jcf« t r;<f ar-' -. -'t »t ?!." : . :i ? f.. ?-.*>*r^». Only a ff- v, Seek (Coatir.aed Fro.-:: One) SFMT SAN FKANCIUCO. i^ — I^h-<.r ra. nkt jn J-'an 5- ran Cisco Rpiit »har:;- 3y Thursday or<?r r*»l«xine the j?er:- oral walkout and arbitr«i*Jng ;.::•• rr:;ir*i tin's*; <!:sfp«t*«. ' I>c--Tn:riat»5<3 by conwrrtati-iX- U. \? r JT !*rad«?r*. th«i g-efiera! **tr;k*: c<>T»mitt«?«s reportedly r«affsm^« p -'i its rec*>m?r!en<3Ati<jr! that all mari- Paris and Hamar county. In her announcement, Mrs. XHmagnn *ay?- that she will not be able to s«e all voters in Precinct 2 personally. Irnt aski> their consideration in her ondkiacr. Voters who wteh to sapix>rt her for the office are asked to MTsUch both nai»-e-> printed on th« ballot, Koy R» DunaLgran and -T.* Jon*j?j, and \vrite her name on thf ballot. •T. l-Vsnk -Tones?, who ha» rommi**»l'f«Ter from 2 for «*rver»I yoar>. t« the el<*crion of the Mr. -X>mi&Kan. Ttus Mr. opponent for the piare. >fr. FVonaean harf ««^rv- e<l a* <*on»njiss»oncr »Jn<-.-«; -January 1, I»S3. having: b«en elected in I»3£. Shivering with Chills Burning with F*v*r ^rrre Relief for Malarial Don't try Jsomemade treatmenta s-ood ra:n fa-liny there las: -week. Par;,* had a, h%h of 104, the highest of the year. A light jrho-wer July " ^'aa the only r&'tn :h*-r* since June 12. The high &,t A as :t wan cooler T i* u rsi-d sy - Trie imurr.'there th's year wa« 101. Tn« ! last ap-prectabi* rain &r<ifan<i Aos- j tin va.s M.SJ- "2-2». There "nza | l>e*-n only. or;e-thir«3 of »,n tisch { hirratiorj. The re;>ortec r^affimsatson earn*? rusjht at which Harry Bridsr**, A««tra.Ii*n-bom militant, f iea/Jer of ionj?*horemen. rr was 10^, bur j r , ecOMi «j«. a tifwi of the !*fu*-t iryf and farmers fac« feed andl wa'er shvrta.g'e. s A record for the j : ea,r v>.a» «*t a.t f TyJ«?r yesterday when th« temjxjra- tur* reached 5^™. s -yetf bii«.i«rci3 \>y I ©2 Thi» «a,m< mark wst« re- iTi* violent oppoestton o? h!« far- lion. His raotion, intends to prolong th«a= gr«rieral wtrlk*- which cor.. tn»rvatlv«» labor 'iv.&t&zrf &rz r*.f>ifj- 'y rifiaxing;, xvae fw'*c* turn*-'J down. Abilene ha* ha<J temperatures of JO** or more d*sree>». The good rain -waut early in Apr!!. or that grood oi<2 Grove's Chi!! Tonic. Soon you -wii! be yourself Asstin, for Grove's Tautc- !<?ss Chill TonJc not only relieve* ih« eymptoTOfl of Malaria, bat d«eh« Jnf-ectJon Jtawif. In Grov&'e tli* Ma- TasT*T«iH« Chin Tonic larial infection in th*i fcloo<3 fh« Iron it contaLsrjs builds up tls* b3o<KJ to overcome th-> «rfert« of th« diseas* an<J fortify a^*!nst far{her atractr. Th» twofol-j «ff««t ia absolutely necessary to t>i« com'n* of Malaria, BftsJ<5«s« a <i«i>«n<la.b!«& r«m«<Jy for Malaria, GroTc'« T&«tc!««B Chili Tonic is also an excellent tonic of jteneral «»M5. Pl«aa*nt to take a.n«l aty«o- barm }<**«. Saf* to srlve a bottl* to<l»y at JCo.w two slxes^— SQc ha* chU<lr«n. »t»y wtore. cord«tf th«r«» July * j*a<J ifcere «,*r<» how«rv«r. a few <a»y«r in Ju*.^ t*w»t iw«r« ho*- l«*«trt-al f tiM i»«t *w>ck. uj> w*n, th#r« has h**n no of crop* or Uve- fl, Th« II »tz« eontain* timc« »* mucl» a* tbe 60c «?~* tor y oar money.— Adv. New Lower Prices Bring Gigantic Savings during the last days of July Special Purchase Sale MM'S SMris a Shwts QQ^t, Garment O*f£ Alanhattan shirts of fine combed cotton knit, shorts are of broadcloth in fancy -patterns. All sizes shown (Main Floor.) 29c IA>\\- Price First quality socks in all kinds of colors and designs, complete size ranges. 50c. 75c and $3.09 values. «Main Floor.) LADIES PURSES Xew Low Price Pouch and envelope shape bags in all kinds of styles and sizes. Colors are white, black, red and navy, t. Main Floor, > SILK PIQUE 69e Xew 1,-ow Price 3S Inches wide, shoxv-n in white, egxrshell. copen. black, aqua, maise and pink. For all summer frockii. (Main Floor.* RAYON SLIP CLOTH 27e Xew Low I*rice ........ 40 inch. 150 !>eneir Rayon Taffeta slip doth in white, flesh, and tearose. Make slips from this fabric at J<m- cost. (Main Floor.> $1.79 Xew Low Fnoe _ ^ .,, . Kegular and slack scyie trousers that are cool and comfortable. Made of summer -worsteds in grey and tan mixtures and solids, f Main Floor.) Men's Rayon Socks 14c Alt siies. cdlors and patterns ar« ineltided In this big new showing. Every one a sensational value. Floor.) Children's Panties Shipment ..,.__.. All size? shown from 2 to S. Colors are white. fl*sh and tcarose- Sensationa! values. ^ 38 IN. PRINTS Vat 3>yed .. Excellent quality mate-rial in a. •wide- variety of the most attractive patterns and color combinations- Real values. Ath. Shirts & Shorts Tlve Garnneint ........ Shirts art of white, knitted cotton. Sliorts are of printed materials in a]J colors and designs. 40 IN. SILK CREPE 49 c New Ixn\ Price A» •exceli'-n' qualiiy pure silk cr«?pe in all the r«o*i popujitr sur;>- mer sha«i«* A* «*:!; as rnorc ySr3?>I*> 'Jark colors 38 IN. DOMESTIC Ixnw Price T«ca«i 'L.I, Brown r>om«-»tic at a »en.satt;onai!y .low price. Takfi ad- Mm's White Pants New Ix»w Price ... ___ "Whit** d«ck pants that are l<3«al fc-r ai! aursnmwr -«-*ar. Tailored to fjt. i<>«-*r prie*d than «?ver, (Base- 81x99 SHEETS Pure -white, »«s«rni*ss h«ma at a. UMES' SILK NOSE 49< Pure silk, chi'fon wuijarht hois« in all the popular summer *ha<l*«. They *re 9&c <i«aUty, nightly ir- r*guijja.r, (Bojwment *n<J Mmin Floor.) SUMMER DRESSES Values to $11.95 Included in the showing are printed batistes, a few eyelets, laces, printed and solid crepes. Dresses that are just right to finish out the season in smart economy. Second Floor COOL COnONS Priced for Clearance In Our Big JULY Special Purchase SALE B!s sfeowinsr of printed linene, printed rep, seersQCker. pique. printed organdy, batiste, voile. Normandy voile, and l>ocdO£ I^a^nrn. Every yard ire-w ~a.nd: fcattirea at an extra, 'low- price for the last, days of our Sale. See our collections of Voile, dimity, dotted organdy, printed rep. seersucker and pique at this new low- price. It -will immediately inspire you to *«-winj; , . ,. jrood assortments !n each ^n?up. BASEMENT A>"T> MAJX FIXX>R 97 "Values to $1.30 are Jnclad*<1 3n this showir.s of fSne collar attached dr<:ss shfrts. Size ransfrs are still groo^ and there ^re dciijrna and colors to suit a';i men. A jsp*c!al group of shirts in collar a.ttacb««5 *tyle- They arc of fast color broadcloth, desiirn-tl to fit perfectly atntj ceme Sn th* most at- trr-cUvc patterns featuring all colors. G<"><I *i7« ra.n:r5. Main Floor Just Imagine New White Fabric Hats In this great sale and at this low price. Rush down early, thevll sell fast. BASEMENT Perfeins Brofc ^s^ c^i CD XA ^* A KJ ^v ^x

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