Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1968 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1968
Page 13
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Freedom: Martin EDITOR'S NOWMMck tin, writing fdf both halves of the cMfc&fy team of "Rowan aftd Martin, • '.drop* his buffoon's mask to discuss seriously the impact of htifltof in a mass rafe- dlum. The team, successful in clubs and as television guest stars for years, have shot to the peak of success during the past season as stars of the hit NBC '«Lattgh>to» with ftew, furiously paced format. does America need mote tree, dom In itfl WMniBdyfi C;; Let's put this question in con- ^.,.^.:«-'t>-,'cr i '-.....'*,• *\i ;•*-, •. -j'Cs 7 - ' .. ' let's face it, that's where it's all As Dan and l see It, the acceleration of "changeto our rtstftttt tions, that Is both 'political and sodal, is so fast that it takes a bfWrtl Mtoke to paint a pietttte orwhat to happening now. The broad stroke is .comedy because it's the most devastat* ing stroke you can use. Maybe devastatlflg isn't the proper wofd, but in this sense we think it applies. we can illustrate what is happening out there in "the real world'* in a flash on television, make it burlesque, fast and ex. plosive. You see it for what it id. That's the style of otir times and finally television is catching tip. In the past, it seems to both of us, TV didn't lead, it followed. The pace was set by cqmmer* cial interests and the material was written and illustrated ac* cordingly. Now we see a change Where the pace of the material is passing the commercials— and, ! of course, I am talking about our show* I sound as though we're taking the credits for this but please don't misunderstand. The pace really was set a long time ago r UBdergmuid, by comedians like Lentte Bruce, Jonathan Winters, Buddy ttackett and ourselves, We were all out there m the clubs popping Mary Poppins out of her tree while motion pictures were breaking down barriers in their own field, Then came the Smothers Brothers. Thanks to their guts in relating their material direct' Jy to what youth was thinking, fconiedy started breaking, otit on television at a pace and In areas that were theretofore . consid* ered taboo. I think we came into the medium and took it all that much further,: . And there's Jonathan Winters. If Winters were allowed to fly he could give Us, all a tremen- dous run fot oar lives, The oaly thing that is keeping him down is the old-fasnionsd fottwfit of his show. Three years ago even Winters would have been cut to pieces by the cefleote. I can see where he's picking up tremendous freedom as a consequence of the changing tunes. But at the root of the .matter lies the fact that ctmedy is a buffer for social changes. If y< can see some humor in'it, th the change becomes more paiat* able. We can deal with subjects in our show like race, religion, funerals, politics and mother, hood—any fast evolving Institution—and cut them to the bone. How do we get away with it? Because the public is hip, because the medium Is hip, the material is hip and Its fast and that is exactly what is happen ing: , . '* * * * * '*: '* TV LOG (ft) DtMtot Kct*Mtfc*st (C) IfeMta Ctiw ttvT (ABC) :, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) V '*'••'•••• KPLR 11 l:W-2 '.••'-•- 4 8:»-2 (R) 5 U (C) Wells Fargo (R) 5 News Report (C) Cowboy in Africa (C) Gunsmoke (C) (R) The Monkees (C) (R) Truth or Consequences The Champions (C) Passport (C) Rat Patrol (C) (R) tucy Show (C) (R) Of Lands & Seas (C) Felony Squad (C) (R) W:H-2 4 5 .News Report (C) n Hitchcock Hour (R) 10:30-2 Joey Bishop (C) 4 Movie 5 Johnny Carson (C) ; U.Mbyte tt:W-2 MoVie 5 News (C) 12:10—5 Panorama '68 12:25^-4 Movie (C) 11 News 12:45-5 Weather 1:1S—2 News/Sports 1:20—2 Thought for Today 1:50-4 News/Religion (C) U 7:30-2 4.-' /ft 8:*U 5 Comedy Playhouse (C) 8:30—2 Peyton Place (C) 4 Fainfly Affair <C) (R) U Ste^/Men (C) S:H-2 Big VaBey (C) (R) 4 PREMIERE: PLAYHOUSE (C) 5 ISpy:<C) Tuesday July 2 S:lS-4 5:80-4 «:!•— 1 6:30-4 6:45—2 6:50—2 6:55—2 7:H-2 4 5 7:05-4 7:30-2 4 8: .4 8:45-11 Religion/News (C) Summer Semester (C) town & Country (C) P.S. 4 (C) 'Thought for Today Farm Report Newsbreak Lone, Ranger (R) News v (C) Today: (C): CBS News (C) Cartoons (C) Winchen-Mahoney (C) Capt Kangaroo (C) Modern Almanac •:••— 2 Romper Room (C) 4 Candid Camera (R) 5 Snap Judgment (C) tl Ed Allen Time 1:25-5 NBC News (C) 9:30-4 Beverly Hillbillies (C) :<»> 5 Concentration (C) 11 Superman (R) ll:N-2 Dick Cavett (C) 4 Andy of Mayberry (R) 5 Personality (C) U Movie 10:30—1 Dick Van Dyke (R) 5 Hollywood Squares (C) ll:N-2 Bewitched (C) (R) 4 Love of Life (C) I Jeopardy (C) 11:25-4 CBS News (C) 11:30— 2 Treasure Isle (C) 4 Search for Tomorrow (C) 5 Eye Guess (C) II Cartoons & Comics 11:45-4 Guiding Light (C) UKlng&Odie 11:55-5 NBC News (C) N«M-2 Charlotte Peters (C) 4 Dennis the Menace (R) 5 Mike Douglas (C). 11 Dream House (C) 12:30-4 As World Tunis (C) 11 Wedding Party (C) l:H-2 Newlywed Game (C) . 4 Love Is A Many Splen- dored Thing (C) 5 Days of Our Lives (C) 11 The Texan (R) < 1:30^-2 Baby Game (C) I Match Game (C) 1:25-5 NBC News (C) 3:30-2 Movie (C) 4 Movie 5 Merv GriffM (C) II Captain 11 (C) 4:4&-ll Cartoon Cutups (C) 5:(H-2 ABC News (C) , 4 Leave It to Beaver (R) 5 News Report: (C) • 11 Room for Daddy (R) 5:30-2 News Report (C) 4 CBS News (C) 5 Hunttey-BrinUey 11 Perry Mason (R) 5:50-2 Weather/Sports (C) (0) 5 The Doctors (C) • 11 Love That Bob (R) 1:55-2 Children's Doctor (C) 2:N-2 General Hospital fO 4 To TeH the Truth (C) 5 Another World (G) 11 Woody Woodbury (C) X:25-4 CBS News (C) 2:30—2 Dark Shadows (C) Edge of Night (C) You Don't Say (C) Dating Game (C) 4 Secret Storm (C) MOVIES MON. EVE 10:30-4-"Twenty Plus Two" (1961) Jeanne Crain, David Janssen 11—"While the City Sleeps" (1956) Ida Lupino, Dana Andrews 12:00-2—"The Marksman" (1953) Elena Verdugo, Wayne Mor. ris •'•.•:•.•., 12:25-4-"Riding Shotgun" (1954) (C) Randolph Scott, Wayne Morris TUBS. DAY 10:00—11—See Mon., 10:30 p.m., Ch. 11 3:80-2—"Cartouche" (1964) (C) Claudia Cardinale, Jean Paul Belmondo * 4—"Elopement" (1951) Anne Francis, Clifton Webb Dedicate Site ST. CROIX ISLAND, Maine (AP) — Dedication ceremonies were held here Sunday for establishment of a national historical site on the spot where North America's first Christmas celebration was said to have been held in 1604. MID-AMERICA THEATRES 6PEN 7:QO-STARX DUSK BEL^AIR • UST2 NITES • "HERE WE 00 ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH" HIT- JAMES BOND "DOCTOJtNO" DANCE 8 to 11 p.m. MUSIC By "The Jagged Edge" •^ Beverage* •A* Entertainment FIREWORKS DISPLAY 9:45 P.M. AMERICAN LEGION PARK TOMITE * TUES. TONITE-TUE.-WED. Shown 7:10; 8:16 "BEST DIRECTION" Award Be'MBttlcWomed •boat KB ftitore. Satceited for Mature Andleno«< •BOTH THEATRES* •IG PUN HIT * OPEN 1100-STABT DUSK TWtf ANTHONY-*. IAST9NITESI EDWABDSVILLE, ILL. Bain Date: July 8 Magistrate tion presented to Mm by tlie Disabled Judge Harold O. Gwillim, hangs cita- American Veterans. ". V "%&&$? Gate* open et90 p,m. — 9me> tttali Begta it isst *f OM Godfrey sp^way fife ill * 89 tat North «* Godfrey flu,... DESTRUCTION DMIY (Open CoftitKstdttoft) Alt ton Need Is A that «ove», a «r*di to^|* ***&£_.„ and $8.00 entry fee. ISfldtN PM2B MONSSf PLtJS-HtTGE IIUEWORKS fins—COMEDY RACft*C«m* 8w ft* Read Telegraph Want Ads Dafly! DELUXE Macoupin Treasurer Mails Out $3^176^556 in Taxes CARLINVILLE — AC. Bartulis, Macoupin County treasurer, said Saturday that checks totaling $3,176,556 representing the 'first distribution Of 1967 taxes collected in Macoupin County, were mailed out Friday. This first distribution is the largest ever paid in the entire history of Macoupin COunty, according to Bar- ,tulis. ; " . . The amounts distributed- to Macoupin towns were as follows: Carlinvflle,. $50,509; Dorchester, $1,231; W51- : sonville, $4;835; Staunton, $45,164; • Mt. Olive, $22,267; Sawyerville, $2,670; Eagar- ville, $388; GiUespie, $26,605; East GiUespie, $522; Bunker Hill, $8,306; Brigh- ton,r-$9,535; Shipman, $1,•738; Medora, $3,401; and Chesterfield, $2,003. Townships received the following: Carlinville, $51,805;. Glliespie, $34,473; Staunton, $40,120; Mt. Olive, $32,504; NilwOod, $21,297; Girard, $25,049; Bunker Hill, $26,332; Bird, $13,640; Brighton, $21,564; Shipman, $23,431; Chesterfield, $9,790; Cahokia, $34,487. Carlinville School Unit re• .ceived $377,701; Unit 2 received $210,262; Unit 3, $190,488; Unit 4, $173,942; HE A Unit Elects New Officers at Plainview SHIPMAN,— The Plainview HEA has elected new officers and they will assume duties in October. They are: chairman, Mrs. Marcus Snedeker; first vice chairman; Mrs. Ben,. Pitman, second vice chairmanr Mrs. Lloyd Cottingham; secretary- treasurer, Mrs. Wilfred McRe- vey and publicity, Miss Adeline Unit 5, $122,880; Unit 6, •• $227,836. Unit 7, $298,965; Unit 8, $141,010; Unit 9, $202,104. Heat Gets 9 Em, All Steamed Up BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) Pleas for moderation melted Sunday when 35 angry tenants in a 37-story high rise apartment building in downtown Bal* timore declared a rent strike. The air-conditioning system, they said, fought a losing battle with the near record 99-degree heat. 4 Bands! ALL'WAVE a Speakers! 45 (1 )AM RADIO(2)F.M. RADIO /I _ &A (3)SHORT WAVE ^ -'__ V (7) MARINE BAND Snedeker There wiD be no July meeting as members will attend the 4-H Club Achlevemerit program. Mrs. Frank McRevey and Mrs. Wilfred McRevey gave the* major lesson at last week's meeting on "Let's Plan Our House For .Safety". The short feature on "Citizenship" was given by Mrs. M M. Howerton. WORKING MEN'S LUNCHEON 2 GIANT A LB. CHUCKBURGERS I LB, ORDER OF FRIES PLUS DRINK REG. $1.05 VALUE SAVE 30c A&WRootBeer DRIVE-IN NOW OPEN 1205 Edwardsville Boatt—One Block East of Highway 111 YOU don't have to be a MILLIONAIRE for YOUR SAVINGS to earn 5% q long time, it seemed like th? interest rates were only available to people that could afford to deposit large sums of money. Well, at The First National Bank ,<jr Trust Company in Alton, you eon get a 5% Savings Certificate with 01 little qs $500. Not only do you get 5%, but you con also be assured of guaranteed bank interest, with six month maturity. Our savings Certificates are automatically renewable and the .interest is paid to ; yqu quarterly. So, earn 5% interest with a Savings Certificate at First National in Alton with a minimum deposit of $500 or more. You don't have to be a millionaire to earn 5%, but you'll sure feel like one when you receive that big interest check. JXUTOI-J ANP BKLLE STIWBT8 ff ALTON, gavto|[i earn 4% dally nerraltted unfler feflera| regulations Membe SALE • MEN'S '•LADIES' • CHILDREN'S UP TO 50% & MORE SHOE STORES 804-06>E. 'Broadway near Spring . .Across from Burger Chef with. Automatic Frequency' control A.F.C. RUNS ON BATTERIES OR HOUSE CURRENT Mighty attraetiv*! Extra-iensitiva n- ceivir for ALL .stations. Slide-nth dial. AFC button. Fin» tuning control. Big sound. Big valuel and only $1.00 A WEEK r*4IN«Hlly f )•• J«»«|ry $(*•• If «r . DIAMOND Other Stores E. St. Louis Eastgatw Open Every ,- J and Granite Gity Night 'Til 9 ~ Eastgate Plaza Shopping Center—East' Alton—2S4-7478, i^iiliyiiif^ i|||j||fe ;||!|||||fBrt comfort i ||||rted.coin iaundry l| If |o|pill do your laundry •pilliona ti : rT! ; g... ; ;you/'wi:ll i^i|ijr|ppjn and again III

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