Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 4, 1969 · Page 73
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 73

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1969
Page 73
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773-Help Wanted J«(Mri»le-Sil«rtM Jobi MORE10M1 tRAINEE.PdSr H/S OR/ FOR i. Claim processor. .(Learn ftexowrlter) call. 277-7621, Mrs. Manning for appointment. - AETNA LIFE & CASUALTY "An Mual opportunity employer an •a pianjpr protirMs company.' 1 EXPERIENCED:" waitress. »~^'~~' person..1026 East McDowell. WAITRESS wanted, apply in 936 East Van Buren. _.__ person DELTA AIR LINES : STEWARDESSES we'r* .looking for » special kind o ofrl. She enloys air travel. Sh communicates easily with peooii she. is a born, hostess. She expeci good, bay and generous employe Benefits. . .< . 'If you feel you're the Delta tvp and If you're single and never mar rled, In goad health Including goo vision without glasses (contac lenses acceptable), attractive - an have a clear complexion,' betwee ihe ages of 20-24, J'2"-5'8" 1 helBhth 100-135 In weight and havfe years of co lege or business eqitlva lent, We'd like to hear from you, Call 577-5375 between. 9-5 Mon, e Tu*s, fof an appointment. 'An equal opportunity employer Experienced responsible, medlca secretary for busy medical office i the field of Internal Medicine, Medl cal terminology and transcribing Front office and treatment room procedure experience absolutely necessary. Call Mrs. Weave 274-351B. H P.M.. HELP One experienced shirt presser, on mangle operator. Maroney's Laun dry, 4902 N. Central. ~ A;M. 258-9440. D _ DAY nursery help, part time, ove 21, .must drive. 939-2910 after 4 p.m (Sjendale. part time, evenings, p.m.^1 s.m. 30i4_WesJ: Van .Bj/rem SALAD maker — helper, 5 day week, good starting salary, mea and uniforms furnished, paid vaca tlon and retirement Plan. Apply In person, Piccadilly Cafeteria, Thomas Mall Shopping _center. . . ,. TYPISTS—"ALL AREAS Victor Temporaries 277-4271 BEAUTY operators needed. Days evenings. 272-1042 or 278-7430. HELP wanted. -Shampoo slrl, II censed, $100 a week. Hair Benders BE/fUTY operator, northwest area" experience, some -following. 274*1452 278-7307, SEC-STENO TYPE 40/SHORTHAND 80 Sperry Flight Systems Div. 19th Ave. N. of Bell Rd. X^RAY^TECH-Reg stered ARRT JOHN C. LINCOLN ^HOSPITAL call 944-2411, ext 235 for appt. • JOHN ; C: tlNCOLN "HOSPITAL -.-•_. RA'S Full time positions. 3-1 1& 11-7 shifts. 9211 N. 2nd St.. Call 944-2611, ext. ,263, for appointment . 5EPARTMENT 'IOUS PERSON RECEPTIONIST - MOSTTOPUUR GIRL AROUND- Start t accurate $500 with RAPIRY WORKERS •xperienced preferred but will rain. Salary plus weekly bonus. The )rapery Workroom. 430 E. Pierce. typing J..-.T to J500 with FEE PA.-. Irene, B 4 BI EMPLOYMENT, 3550 N. Central. 277J38K DRY . PAID. -Call ___ cleaning ~ counter lady, appearing. Apply 'Nu-WSy Cleaners, 742_.E8st_Glendale., . ' GOOD_ paying •• opportunities at Du'" _ • - Dpnuts.. Immediate, opportuni- lndlan .. E .clerk tvolst, four hours ' IBM. vnwfK . °/". e rea ' 1014_ North 21st Avenue. . WAITRTs?ES, must be E"l WAITRESSES, • must be 21; Maj^'-?7*ip30,J2^2215 J JZ__ Apply In person, Foodarama Market, 2<25_West_Bethany_Home. Road. •"ATURE .woman to work In nur- sry school with toddlers' $1.35 Si r lX- .Apply In person. 278-1540. MACH NIST production. AAusTTe first class. Chucker, athe mill. 3148 South 48th Street, half mile L " ° freew~ South 48th Street; half mile north of freeway. CASINFTTROP needs experienced Installer. Steady work. 2129 North Cpuntry_Clyb_Drlve,_Mesa.,__ _ ___ Me „., STTLUKE HOSPITAL . -.- RNn needed. 28-7373. Ext. 207 :'.-; ARCOA INC. ; I(.EY. PUNCH OPERATOR . Hlsh School graduate, minimum one,year experience on IBM. EXCELLENT BENEFITS. ••^crrN% L A Z N A c T E ON 8nd •-mss^msm. PERSONNEI'DEPARTMENT SUITE 100 ' 2727 North Central Ave. ; • Phoenix, Arizona, 85004 .... 264-7109 : ; ••'•. An Equal Opportunity Employer GENERAL OFFICE 1614 E. Bethany Home Rd. ' ' : ;. SECRETARY ..;. Pee paid, Prestige firm, all benefits, good loc. Good advancement potential INTERNATIONAL PERSONNEL SERVlcf, 1625 .E.'camelb«ek,"M7s. Anderson m 1191." DRAPERY , seamstress, w I train, Decorator Services;-4815 Tiorth 7th Street. 265-4763 __i__ ACCURATE typist, 50-60 words per minute, age 35-45, hours fror "" 253-1263. After 6 p.m. 254-0769. /in o i real. iv • FHpTo;packa.gers, film/edltpr,' lab assistant for photo lafe, phone Office , , Temporary •SILVER LINING? 4flte ACCTNGCLKS.lQKeyAdd. GENERAL OFFICE ' ' NEVER A FEE OR CONTRACT VOLT TECHNICAL CORP, 2 LOCATIONS 4747 ' N ' WESTOWN SHWJeTpIER-: N. Bl^k Canypn Hwy, OENERAU pffle»^ wort, typmp «» wem. on* ofrt office. Legal •xntr - «nce h»lp|ul, flexiblt hourt, 264-7$%, 773^Hel t p Wanted HAIRSTYLIST wiGStYLISt full time, part tlm -fSSES^ wanted^ Apply Gar cia's, Mexican Feeds, 1426 Nori ^..Avenue. 21-40, operate NC Key a . machine, jo Key adder, govern merit payroll report, 277-3731. WSs side. R ESS— full time, flood Working cort dltlons and benefits. Apply M Dunaan between 2-5 p.m. dally ex cept Mondays. Phone tU-tmi, ex tension «4_for_appolntm_ent. WAITRESS wanted. Hote'l Luhr Restaurant. 29 South Central. APP! in_person. Monte*. FRY..took, L musf be dependable. Ap Ply .El Diablo, 314? East Van Buren We.have an. opening.In drapery'. blind t stitch or ;; fablers. Som* 1*0 nave an u workroom for overlock opera t, >ver)ock operators; fablers. Som* sxp. helpful., Oscar Lmranf ?raperies, 801 w, Indian Sen. 1-25 years, Spanish speaking pre irred, fast light conveyor work x/nflng and packaging tortillas, -.m. to 1:30 ,p.m. $1.50 hour start. Paid ^holidays. ahd. vacatl Apply 3044 East Mid son 10 a.m. l.p.m. i fin it • ______^_____ WAltRE'?^wlth~drlve.|n experience 74-40. APPIV 8714 W. Bethany Home - ceaning plant, Fu I 5104 North Central. or T«H' time KARSH'S mat RSH'S Bakery Is ooklrig ture sales girl to work 4 ek Including Saturdays an s. Should have experie .h register. Ca 244-4874. 7^1 shift, five days a for a days week, n refresher course necessary, pieasan working conditions, ScottsdeT. are, nursing home. Call 947-7333. Avenue, ——"l"-l • 01 "LTundry, wANTEb, girl "General office ex uerlence, 5 day weeks,. Good Work ng conditions. One.glr office. Mr Perry, SANDS CHEVROLET, 541 'jW_Grand Ave. r __^__l___ WOMAN to help In . hamburge stand, hours, 8-2. APP y at Wes HJgjy.unchj 322 North 5lh Street. OFFICE GIRL a week. Good starting pay, company Jeneflfs. contact Mr. Goldberg Lawson's Jewelers, Park Central CASflTER-Hostess, must be experi enced. Evening shift 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. Applyt Holiday Inn, 2247 Eas van Btiren._ •_,' ____ • D'OCTOR'S office need's experience) woman to help with patients anc ype Insurances. S'/a day week. Sala ry open. 278-8344. After 4 P.m. e7B*B79o. CASA FEE PAID Secretary for one gal ofice. Mus relocate or, live In Casa Grande This position Is for a mature responsible & UNENCUMBERED sal who has lite S/H, good typing & minor bkpg. Salary to $500. Cal rene B. & B EMPLOYMENT, 3350 N. Central. 277-3381. PUBLIC RELATIONS ASSISTANT MUST BE CAPABLE OP HAN )LING ALL TYPES OF WRITING ;QME EDITING AND LAYOUTS, YPIST WITH SHORTHAND AND HXP6RIENCS PREFERRED. EX- BANDING NEEDS AMBI APPLICATIONS AM TO i PM MONDAY THRU BAPTIST HOSPITAL OF PHX 4025 N. 20th AVENUE Legal Secretary Keypunch — All Shifts Packers — Assembly -- TEMP • OLSTEN 3443 N. Central. Suite' 304, J44-3494 BROADWAY SCOTTSDALE •FUR SALES Permanent position for qualified, experienced fur sales .- person, • ; Apply .Personnel Office 10-3 daily, 7773 E. McDowell Rd. IAR7WAID, 25-35; Cypress ?44 West Bethany'. 937-0676. press Lounge, MARYVALE SAMARITAN 'HOSPITAL m APPLY MON-FRI, 8-4:30 P.M. ™ ..PERSONNEL OFFICE 4550 N. 51st Ave.. Suite KEYPUNCH'OPE'RPRS everal girls needed for both day & ght shifts, Some lobs hours flexile. Register now. NO FEE, STAFF UILDERS, '••' " ' 44-9453._ 3443 N. 'Central, SECRETARY TETrW dd this rare aem to your crown of uccess by being your bosses l /VESTERN GIRL QUALIFIES AS SANTA'S HELPER s B qualified Santa's Helper, we help you earn extra money on ASsjSTASiT^kpl-s-all areas WESTERN GIRL, JNC. BM M - ? LOCATIONS 800 N. Central. 264-3928 * t D S ;T-9 wn nft?".'"" 1 s Arcadia ftB&^ShftyL.i..- -.^°l ts ^V .. ,R(ENCED motel maid. Sue us rst for top wages, good tips. Full me, Western Wr MoW SJ 3 Norjh .h. Street, Se* 'Mrs. Rowley, 44-5814.• ' ; GENERAt.OFFICE * P ABILI .-*^MI*.I« I CM fc/\r Cl>|ei\\tfC" fOi perCce^n a uW ^U^' "ersonlTltf a "Wu^fr'fMA .LEVITZ m. CD,. 2801 W. Indian School Rd. 773-HeTp _ Friday, haif^ tfrne, mteillgeh 5l«, accurate, • some typln Pv'AJlO . flood organ , psrformance ' ft eroan sales. Regulri abllit , neat ' appearance, over. 30. years. sales experience. Good salary pit/ WIG STYLISTS Must hav« exp. sales. No llcens required. Good pay and eomrr' sions. 277-3346 after 6 PM 934-43*3. RHODES HAS OPENINGS FOR WIGSTYLIST SHAMd GIRL Apply mornings *:30 to 1J Parsonm dept. 1801 E. CAMELBACK RD. jjiKLs wr aonut snop. 5 Pim.-l a.m over IS. No phons calls. 152* Wes ^OSTESS, Personable. Sunday even ngs and Special .occasions. Handle iar-J Sottsdale/shea, 948-oi o. L \l*Il *r*rt • JWMfcy gMPO« yfOT/f IV, COOK.hMvnurslnq home. Apply 7-. mmMsmsBim&^ owi KE downtowiT Saha - ™* ovgr YPUNCH operators 80 & 90 col -M.n. Full and part time. Three shifts. Financial Center, EDP Serv ces^ 3443 North Centra! .suite LL-20 DAY SHIFT. EXCELLENT BENE FITS. MUST WORK WEEKEND -IOSPITAL EXP. PREFERRED 5PFICE fl'lrmight bookeeplng, tvp ng., Steady work. Good pay. Apply Jarland Upholstery, 3502 West Me WAITRESS, full or part time. I experienced start $1.25. Revc ?rugs, WesTown and Fashlo mare, Seottsdale. — ----- . — D waitress appT -ester's Dlner,_1755_Grand Ave. _ COTJNTELOR for our offlceTExp~o ' «j, ACE EMPLOY , 3801 E. Indian .School. SECRETARY—pull and part time Transportation a must. Flnancla .enter, EDP services. 3443 Nortl l n ^^»J'Vy-- 2 A_?«M358. COTTSDALEfS^ newest restaurant ow has opening for lunch waitress s. Apply at Ye Olde Lantern, 750 E. Camelback, Seottsdale. TAIR DRESSER, Eas" homas-Scottsdale area. Fully expe ienced,.-high earnings, good tips EXPERIENCED adult masseuse for rlvate club. 954-2200 BARMAIDS-DANCERS Top wages In area. Minimum $175 wk guaranteed. 3 locations to choose from, no exp nee. Must be over 21 & wear costume. 279.0233, 252-0743 for app't, or apply In person at the Play- jlrl, 1429 E, McDowell MCHINE operators .and fablers Itlons op salary. Pleasant, condltloni Health Insurance. Wolf's Carpets nd Draperies, 8020 North 35th Ave- WCi "ECFJETARY-Oftlce Manager — .ooklng for a challenge? Unlimited pportunltv for a mature veil-organized woman with life In- urance experience. Typing, short* ind, and bookkeeping required Aerlt raises and fringe benefits. ply at 3003 North Central, Suite i N. 20th Ave. A 6o: ""TETTTot pur. Apply qilye.arid Cotton Lane. Aarieopa Feed Lot. WMlDlAtE openings for experi- nced sales women. 21 or over. Pulf "d Part time positions, Apply JENIFER'S, Thomas Mall, a.m AIR stylist, <0% commission. Must ave following. 243-8032. 9-4. ASHIER, experienced, reliable pply Lester's Diner, 1755 Grand . _ _ WE : -. :F£ RECCEPTIONIST Customer eontact-TvlIng, gen ofc AN Opportunity Recruiting Serv. 34 E. Broadway Tempe 947-7635 LPM'S ALL SHIFTS CURSING ASSISTANTS CHOICE OF SHIFTS... . ORDERLIES EVENINGS & NIGHTS PREM STARTING SALARY SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL TUITION REFUND BLUECROSS-BLUESHIELD MAJOR MEDICAL • : . MERIT SALARY INCREASES offer the opportunity and hallenge to join a progressive ealtlr care team. Ernployment sures you continued advancement & substantial educational pportunities. CONTACT PERSONNEL OFFICH 252-4411 Ext. 520 GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL 1033 E. MCDOWELL ROAD WAITRESSES fo e r 8t al, . Good tips, good working c tions. Frmee benefits, paid vacation. Apply between 9-11 a.m. dally. International House o " Central at Thomas Opportunity Employer • ln Wr An Equal C ise of Pancakes il at Thomas ASHIER needed, day or jilghi hlft. Arizona Boy's Ranch,, th/lt ore, 129 E. Jefferson. 'ANTED, .cocktail wajtresss, $14 er shift. Mali's Cocktail, Prescott, rlzona. ' ' TRAINEE. it. thru Wed. ARP|V, Monday • thru r day 9 to 5:30 P.m. .Personnel flee, Baptist Hospital of Phoenix, 025 N: 20t EYPUNCH. OPERATORS, expd. ihf shftt, 3 pTm. -Hl'l aTm. Alpha numerical punching', Salary com- nensurate, with experience. Perma- ant positions. Apply' 1-4 p.m. Per- onnel .Office ,Krau5.e Hal, Arizona (ate University. An Equal 'Oppor- mltv Employer. is, nurse's aides & maids nursing , home. 40 hour •Good fringe benefits. AP- .Person. Bnutltudes; 16)4 777-Help Wanted MEDIATE OPENING .TUCSON AREA. Opportunity Em- NUMBERS R«l Estate For Side FOR ui A y T WANT ADS **•"* Miscellaneous 506 1« 599 livilf 0< * * Pr6<lllce *°® *• * 2 * Business tFiminee 626H4S6 Business Servke Guide Personals & Service 651 1» 675 Educational 676 td 699 Employment 700 to 799 777-Help Wanted Malt—Salaried Job* PAN AMERICAN PRDDCTTINC: &« West Hilton :awntjtiafeers, ..formica i-nr rs, formica . men, an Call from 4:30 • 7:3 HARD WORKERS NEEDED FOR teMf*pRARV WORK . R Long & Short Term Assignments B t/4 R K E »E E R«» FORKLIPT OPERATORS GENERAL LABORERS No Fee Report Ready to Work CINTIMATIC TAPE -SET UP MAN Must be fully qualified & have his own tools. Will work 2nd shift, 4:30 to 1:00 A.M. Excellent starting wage and full company benefits. MECH-TRONICS Division of Faniteel 2515 E. Buckeye Rd. An Equal Opportunity Employer WAXERS 1.85 per hour to start. Contact Lin a or Larry. 378 N. 1st Ave. Pierose aulldlng Maintenance Co. experienced donut man to handle Ight production. Also part time pnut man. Apply 1347 E. McDowell. .ine Mechanics and Truck Mechan :s, nig — , night & day shift. lack at Don Sanderson ale •uck Mechan . See Perry i Ford, Glen ERVICE station attendant needed ull time. Must be over 21. Apply m erson to Bob Wilson! Scott Toyota, 520 E. McDowell, Seottsdale. NEEDED Two service station attendants with mechanical experience. Must be over ; »;. 7 a.m.-4 p.m. 275-7587 lllr-^-t f" •» . ._. T li •'• —— ren. Orderlies 11-7 shift Hospital experience required * ~ply In person IT UCIIgIII5. ^//-OBUU. RVICE station mechanic and at- s.idant for steady employment. Ex- jerlence necessary. Good pay, paid racatlon. Apply, XOOl East Camel- >ack . DESIGNERS DRAFTSMEN DETAILERS INK&LEROY VOLT TECHNICAL CORP. •4747 N. 14th St. PRECISION SHEET METAL MODEL MAKERS. SHIPPING F 0' R E.ME N, EXPERIENCED FRINGE BENEFITS APPLY 4314 N. 39th AVE. ' JOURNEYMAN BRICKMASON referred. Go o d wages, excellent eneflts and , working conditions. ^ t ?or E po n ra l t 1 !!' I1le - n - fA9eof '- pt ' elps :PERI ENCED lorenci Branch, I0 v or telephone: •** < -. *5« ni8 »J > S'SI? e S .Jhe..hours of 7:30 .M. end 4;30 P.M. Monday throueh '*• """• • ' - - '• •' "ECIAL arrangements for men ho want to work a limited 1 number f hours .each week. Apply whata- urger offices, 4800 North Central, u| te 108. . . CaMJ7M8lHantnoonl lon. TRUCK MECHANIC ruc MR. ZIERK, between 9 and 1 •.m. COURTESY LEASING, INC. 1233 f. Camelback MECH. DETAIL DRAFTSMEN 1C CHIP DESIGNERS PLANT LAYOUT DRAFTSMEN ,T.S. 2214 N. Scottsdle Rd. 944-8414 TOOL GRINDER (NIGHT SHIFT ONLY) YNN ENGINEERING & MFG. CO, 951 W. WATKINS ROAr> WILL TRAIN DRAPERY INSTALLERS J. C. Penney Co. has openings for men Interested In learning drapery Installation. Positions offer, .permanent work- for men permanent work-for men capable of earning this trade. You will work In a new workroom with new, — J ' \ and air .... associate tended to you. Phone'.263-7060 for !?lt n .asspclaTe bVriellts- will bTi x : lern Mulp- " trucks. intment PENNEYS An Equal Opportunity Employer — •T-r--*-—^«r "T 1 * iimw %fViniii«l' gardener. Apply 3801 North sstii .OCKHEED AIRCRAFT SERVICE COMPANY ACCOUNTANT Must hav« an extensive oll; cost Government contract ae- countlng experience pre- Outstandino .employee benefits, Salary commensurate with experience. LUKE AIR FORCE BASB, Aril. CONTACT WALT REEVES »SS-74n Ext, 2253 ' An Equal Opportunity Employer BROWN & SHARP AUTOMATICS SET UP MEN & OPERATORS MACHINE PARTS'INSPECTOR TOOL & GUTTER GRINDER •i -'fi-- & other _1 COND /\TiV ff "'"~I5^"» I '^Sr.'^'M rt VVI»V. §wtt :ing[ifi||rin| ,Co., Inc. Al BUNDLE BOY . Madison St. 777—Help Wanted Malt—Salaried Jobs CORN TORTILLA OVEN OPERATOR EXP. only $2.50 hr, to start,. Pali holidays 8, vacation, 947-2032 after DRAFTSMAN., sub-division, "e,,. peering, planning experience. (Nea leftermg) Ferguson Associates, 264 EasjLBuckeye Road. 267-0694. TOSH& DETAIL MEN Must be able to handle electrl buffer. Full company benefits. Se Debs, Madlsons. Chev. Used Ca Dept. 7224 E. Mcbowell. HOTEL EXECUTIVE ASSIST. MANAGER Must have experience In all phases '° d • w< iuwu aitvi ivavaiauv OMUrollUili appointment call Mr. Pow 275-3434, Sheraton Skvrlders Hotel. .-.i. For Powers ,cos,e D ays.Ne one, transportation. 7202 Eas o , hop, sales, orders etc. 944-4437. ES, assist In Plumbing i-ui rv ir,l- .. _„.....__. night shift, dependabe, good pay <Jssel!s_CAckta!i,_25_Easi.Monroe. PROTO-tvpe machinists for develop rnent, pre-production and short run lyde Behlmer. .245-9029. Larner Ma hine. 2982 West Clarendon. LATHES, MILLS &WCKERS" Nlshts only. 50 hr. week. 3-5 ears experience aircraft parts. Paid s t App|y: SPACECRAFT MFG. CO. 4040 W. FAIRMONT JOURNEYMAN" plumber." Robertson Jke\L27% m 66 > .' ng ' 142 ° North 32nd >1 ~'"" r ~ llgnr maintenance 274-4457. MUFFLER installer - must have -. STATION ATTENDANTS: Day hift, Sundays off. 2927 North Cen EARN WHILE YOU LEARN Young man 25-30 years with learn- ng to cook desire. Real flood eppor- ynltv,.wlth large^West Coast firm, Contact Mr. Murphy. PAUL PERRY'S SMORGEE West Plaza Center 35th Ave-Bethanv Hom« JEWELRY SALESMAN new store. In fSJS?*! 16 !: top sa| arv -f commission 5. t « d y.iob,m.8ny company benefits Contact Mr. Goldberg, Lawson's Jewjlejis i _Park_Central,277-2/74. NEW CAR SERVICE MECHANIC Sands Chevrolet, 5418 NW Grand _ See Mr. Perry sresmae &&&*.•& $* J wee Mesa. wi!*:™:*^"'"^* , a enced men only. 948.3430. Canyon u for cavern ,. hour .plus room and board. .nox, Dlno No. 7. .tr — '," a "w uuar. lnosaur City ' aluminum awning ™' 639 Wftst '""-time telephone PPORTUNITY for an experienced n r» North ' Avenue, Shell Sta • " in? ,\uqu. yo PT. washer street . -. __ sher. Five-day week. Good salary. Meal and uniform , paid vacation and retire- n. Apply In person Plccad te Thoma * Ma(l Shop- help wan xperienced In .s work — approximately e ° n ' lp wanted— must be In .service : station imately 44 hour* week° n '. Henry's Chev- lB .n School waiter, mornings. I p.m. Mrs. Nelson, «9'.-. KO -West Main 5oriJ H ^ N S7!J?l th * t nl?! 11 ', S Wn *°°i s ' ',?. r K-!° . b J"*P.rLnt. BIN Johnson Sup. WAITERS- Experienced In Continental service, ontact Cella, Zhe Continental Resa UI Mo'o7» 17 SunrlS8 -' Tucson, Arlzo- a, /yy-»/7y. busboy, nights. 2809 7o7 East Jackson, between m. 10:30 .GROWING MULTI-STATE CONVENIENCE STORE CHAIN NEEDS MATURE MEN ANY . FOR THOSE NOW EMPLOYED WE WILL INTERVIEW BY APPOINTMENT ONLY AFTER 5 PM WEEKDAYS OR DAILY SATURDAY••$ SUNDAY pUCK drlvar/servfee man, me- hanlcally, Incflntdi Westward MoblH Homes, 992-1140. BOB'S "HOME OF THE BIG BOY" ' NOWHIRIh TO 1RAIN .'W- MANAGEMENT W3? vn rV^ 5&W" * FOR TQOKS ./BUS BOYS" DISH MEN , Og OUR 5LX V oth stay Tt v nlgnT"shlfts. . (niur«nc« u pald, yaea- *. 4 »Jjrni»h»3. Apply VALLEY Full ya CENTRAL & OSBORN, . .SECURITY, guards, prefer"ret red MmJ-wlreeL For appofnfment, ALL around cook, needed to.fin a *.m.;4. i p.m. shift. Must be fa breakfast man, and .possess an a around Knowledge of cooklna. Ooft .bonus pionrpaiS; vow CS« vflif KC appoint men 'erences. for iiB man be"» ;!,. career ?/ ;,. ifrfMj-etaTl shot business, The com- »;pj has in excellent oen»jon plai >atd vacation, JiospffaTlzatlon an Ife Insurance. For .those infertstee n Permanent employment, exctllen mportunlfy^ exists for advancemen •o store management. Apply in per son. 2240 W. Camelback Road. , HPTEL GENERAL MANAGER td hava.full eharg* cf.lM room notor hotel operation.Includina din ng room, cocktail lounge, coffee shop. Must' be thoroughly exper enced, provide references. Writ Box 64-MX, Republic and Gazette. EXPERIENCED ^v technician nust Know,, color, solid state, top vages. PAINT SALESMAN Opening In paint dept for. man with bkgrnd In Well, paint sales, saiar >pen. Thrift Builder Supply, 4525 t lAcDowell. :AR w f?30 D Thomas. wash detaiimen, full time Dlus overtime, 3202 Eas BAKE .shop and cook's helpers. Ex empt from military Service, 5 day week, good startlnq salary,, meal md uniforms furnished, paid vaca Ion and_.ret]rement pfan AcDowell. _. >erson, Piccadilly Cafeteria, Thorns ll Shopping Center. an. Appl eria, Tho ly In )ETAiL_man..for used car lotTaii =ast Me FASTER barber,'Vic's Barber Shop 333 East Inalan School Road WASHING machine mechanic. Mus know all makes. Only experience! need apply. Steady, good pay. 714 S Central.. 5 A R B MK; Part time. Northwest' DEUTSCH OCEANSIDE Continues to Enjoy Steady Work Vacancies for— 00—-00 MACHINISTS T Qualified on: WARNER SWASEY AUTOMATICS HARDINGE CHUCKERS KUMMERS TURRET LATHE JIG BORE CALL TODAY FOR APPOINTMENTS . (602) 277-6720 Local Interviews .at Airport , Holiday Inn NOVEMBER 7 S. 8, 194? Contact Ray Schum FRIDAY 1-8 P.M. SATURDAY 8-4 P.M. Call (602) 275-1339 • Or ... apply DEUTSCH CO. . Municipal Airport Oceanside, California 92054 (714) 757-7575 _Equal opportunity employer .•? •.v.v^wij, nmme Restaurant, 5911 Northwest Grand_£venue. 937-2252. EXPERlETTCEb B^ROlUERC-SOir ghts-5 o.m. to 2 a.m. Pieasan ;estarn atmosphere. Wason Whee "-" *. «24 East Thomas Road Mustr ;be experienced with Chevrolet cars, trucks & automatic transmissions. We have-plenty of work. Fringe benefits, yearly bonus. Only 1st class men need to apply. No phone calls. Apply: Service Manager, Midway Chevrolet 750 Grand Ave. IEW BAKER REQUIRES EXP. AKER'S HELPER & DONUT FRY- R. GOOD PAY, BENEFITS, ETC. VORKING CONDITIONS. 1805 E. UCKEYE. VICE-PRESIDENT, ACCOUNTING AND ADMINISTRATION Accounting degree and MBA w'th demonstrated ability in accounting, administration, systems and management of accounting and administrative personnel, fen years experience. Salary In JOK, plus stock options and bonus. Phoenix area. Send resume to Box 84-LX, Re- publlc and Gazette. • • GENERAL MECHANIC 5 Day week, good working conditions. -Contact Al Reed,. Rudolph Chevrolet 27th Ave. & Camelback. BILLION dollar nationally known surance company with branch of- ce In Phoenix has permanent post- oh for sales representative who as lived In the. area for at least ne year and has Initiative, mature udament and salesmanship ability. Ith or .without actual experience, he man selected will receive a alary and quarterly cash Bonuses, e will participate In both profit taring and company pension plan, e will have group, health ana life surance plus paid vacations. 4-5225. . : SANTA GLAUS Have opening for mature person who has had 3-4 years recent experience as • successful Santa Claus.. Must A have references and be able to start. Nov. 28th and work thru Dec. J4th. Hour* Approx. 12:30 P.AJ, to »»30..P.M. Monday, thru Saturday. Should also be •available to work Sundays 11:45 A.M. to 5:45 P.M. • Salary commensurato with • Excefietlt* 9 Working conditions. Call 243-7035 or 243-7004 for In- tervltw appointment. • .PENNEYS • PARk CENTRAL STORE 3141 N. 3rd Ave. An Equal Opportunity Employer MOBILE 1 HOME SERVICE MAN Pl h°o n n S ee«e. e s?. plovmeflt ' N ° CASE MOBILE HOMES 4501 E. VAN BUREN 3TCn[jSIl|NCinr nlghf broiler mtn, wi ij. 7th Avenue. 6 B.m. * as30 JOUR*yMflN'MACHINISTS Turret men rret Lethe Set UP me Chucker Set UP m»n •Myi,«»t«p.nwn J , op Rate? for Qualified eope, MS m PATROLSIEN IT :SECl)RimGUARj)3 'ue to'Expanding Biislwss W6 lave Iromediata Openings For SALESMEN,. W YIIUWVB'VVVV ,111911 IVI II1VDI ontrol ' of.'auto parts . w«r«h \pply It 5154 North 27th Avenge. mouse 7tf-*Herp Wanted I77T-I Mal«-S«iarm Jet* MECHANICAL ENGINEER necessary, end i heavy product!! CIVIL ENGINEER Pi?? r f* "'"ssary, should hav» structural background. Mid benefits.for «nv . dependents. Send ra- Dixir** necessary, end expert•nee, on heavy productio" went. ALLISON STEEL % MANUFACTURING CD. PHOENIX, ARIZONA «500J An Equal Opportunity .Employer MEATCUTTER SEDONA, ARIZONA lying. Excellent opportunity an omplet* employee benefits. Call o ?E&JJ"?S!SL' UMlitt Brothers :omp,, Sfflfe rciauiiei, O9DDITT Flagstaff, Arizona, 774-8711. gUALIPIEb mechanic, Ration, 7th AVenus . . and Indian tigi) machinist, to'set u lathes and mil s. EXPI y, 3510 North 42nd Av Farm labor. Can work , pruning citrus, nursery •ii.7 —.—jlho, lopislng citrus trees taking, tying and digging trees, ase pay, J1.30 per hour. Tyler aix tehpson Ranch, i960 North Recke joa, Mesa rtAtURE handyman for scottsda e nterlor Desgn shop. Pack for mall ng, deliveries and shop cleaning et "- -tuallflcatlons, $2 per hour ",,_ Republic and Gazette. iPANISH speaking male, 18-25 year or factory clean-up work, paid holl ays and vacation, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m 'tart $1.60 hourly. A pply 3046 Eas Wfdlson 10 ajn. to 1 p.m. .Jo 1 p. service station busl ness. Apply 1451 North 32nd Street TOOL DESIGNERS MECH DRAFTSMEN Must be experienced 'SEE JOE FLANAGAN FLANCO SERVICES 929 E. Thomas Rd. 955-4740 : ull tlnie only. Age 25 years or ver. Good Physical condition 1 ackgrpund. Uniforms and equipment furnished. *1.40 per hour and P Excellent opportunity for ad- ancement. Must have car & tele- hone. Apply Financial Center, 3 lorth Central, suite 504, 9am-4p Mon-Tnurs. E. s. P: FEE PAID PROGRAMMER — Expansion has created an opening for oood 1 COBOL Prpgrammers'Wlth 1-2 yrs. experience. Good srowth potential. Salary to $750. PROG./ANAL.—Excellent opportunity exists for bright, person with 340 COBOL and/or BAL. Professional atmosphere. Salary to $?50 SYSTEMS—Financial — accounting :xperience required. Must know MO COBOL. Salary to 13K. Partial listing only. ALL RON PARKER 279-7343 lectronics Systems Personnel 100 W. Clarendon Suite 2224 _23 offices to serve you , *•*/ _wi i n,ca___nj acr vc you. UUL and part time help 21. or ' e r. Apply at shakey's Pizza ~ or. 4290 North Central. WANTED ELECTRICIANS HOUSE WIRING EXP, ONLY APPLY: R ELECTRIC AVENUE STR(/CT(JRES ENGINEER icant must be stronq In funda nentals & have proven capability — n computer simulations. Job re- ires self-motivated Individual de- irous of expanding' a section of our onipany. Sa | ary fj. 20 K depending n DYNAMIC SCIENCE An Equal Opportunity Employer ""SPECiATTRAINEE arge Retail Company Will Train lert Beginner In All Operations, lart Fine Career $442 8, Advance EE PAID Call Al Lock 254-5151 nelllng 8. Senlllng Emp 111 w Men FURNITURE REPAIRMEN BOTH INSIDE & OUTSIDE MEN for WOOD REFINISHING UPHOLSTERY.... EXCELLENT EARNINGS '.TUNITY FOR ADVANCE- OPPOR' MENT VACATION GROUP I" SICK ' ~ NEPITS EEK APPLY TO MR. FLOWER LEVITZ FURNITURE 2801 W.Indian School Rd. BROADWAY CHRIS-TOWN Permanent full tlm« trimmer position. Experience & back- . ground In required. home furnishings nity for ad. 1607 W. Bethany Home Rd. WANT A.GROOVY JOB? n .: HANSA HOUSE oeds sharp personable •ggrosslvu »IMW man for .catering supervisor- alnee. Must v— L •"-•"—•- -- j i>me Weekdays, ollega schedule ross. and ,W ,W| ••(« *wc—• work, weekends ,..i. Will adrust to fit t. Pd. vac, free a ue IHANSA HOUSE •-..* Indian School Rd t^!».^' 75 ^"' rS£fcll,^ve- nt - L LING Planner L .wlffi a 5553 now edge of machining practices, ipwledge of automatic screw mal is>^ l ffliwa i "«f« MS»R iWarSngfer'.' 88 " 841 ' Pav> *• organ sales ?or red salesman, Part time omm I ,yiof. n9 k« aST'oA'a ^^'a^— '™' r * tn * lECHANlC., (or wreckins yar3, Wust be able,te rfOMlId standard ransmlsslon. Hand .fools necesserv ee AMfe . r64*1 , Hand fools necesserv n« fl» We est Broadway, SERVICE ,1'trcudlng — del very iXcellem pay «or_ripht L.. Ires. 2137 E. molta :h. Xppfy aSLllCl^^.^., ^-w-- PTTparf tlrneWDs ayallab* liiburser offices, 26J-l 121. DRAFTSMEN DESIGN DRAFTSMEN (experience necessary* PARAMOUNT DESIGNS 272'! N. Central Ave. 244-220 ALL EDITIU!% Tnerday, Nov. 4,1969 4S BOB'S HOME OF THE "BIG BOY" NOW HIRINO FULL TIME BUS BOYS DISHWASHERS STARTING SALARY $1.30 PER HOUR Apply Dally 11 e.m. to 9 p.m. 2901 N. CENTRAL ,^,, .cy-two' service station attend K&.KJX&.J* WF- t!>?«' I««*.r . . ences required. 4-12 shift. Apply rothers Union, 4002 East Van Sir 0 .*.. ' cwuircti. «•!,[ smi :bel Brothers Union, 4002 Buren. TV BENCHMAN nj 1127 East Camelbaelt JEED ,2 tog notch, Hl-FI—Stereo echnlelans. One for outside service one for benchwork. Minimum of : ears experience necessary, see Bll Gates at Bruce's .World of Sound 711 East Indian School. GiNO'S Pizza 2925 East McDowell el I very boys wanted. Must havi wn car. MERICAN plan Dusboys wanted" ialary plus room and board. For more Information please call 35-3811 between the hours 8 a.m. 5p.m. only. AUTO parts delivery, fnan wTfh chayffeyr's license. Apply at 5154 ^orth 27th Avenue. SECURITY GUARDS CHEF Mew restaurant. company. Excellent pportynlty. Fr nae benefits. Cell 73-1211 for ' 1POI 'M l?p /3-izi i tor Appointment. SXPEftlEMCED ' se'rvlce satlon af. endant for.nTght shift. 10:30 p.m. • :30 a.m. Salesmanship ability will nsure excellent wages. Ron's Enco ervlce, University & Rural RdC, empe, Arizona.. umpg, M, EUVE:RY~d|splay merchandise, tock, shipping and receiving, mu*f Je minimum 18 years old w m valfd river's "cense. Applir Model, nannequln, and Display Company. 405 East McDowell Rd. ARTllme b'arber wanted. 279-03137 AUTO MECHANIC SecondItlonlna for .used car dept, .nclosed shop, heating and cooling, alarled. Five day week. Fringe eneflts. See Merle Craven, Service ^K-Herb Stavens Lincoln-Mercury, 330 E. Camelback. ASSISTANT manager wanted. Fast ood carry-out. Experience not nec- ssary. Call Don: 277-4404. \SSEMBLERS to work on refrigera- lon compressors. Mature men Pre- erresl. Will train thoso with some mechanical experience. Apply Hermetic Refrigeration, 2522 West Hoi TUpTgiTdellvery boy. Glno's PTf a. Part time., Evenings. Car need ed, liability Insurance. SI plus pei "lour. 937-4375. dependable "service station; rni.' xw? rable Ver40 - Papao Gulf, 4744 J _ [Uto parts Counterman, exp. Flint B_rJUsh_Mtr.Si. Mr,_£jJnt 244-7041. IPHOLSTERERS, full or part time. Aust be experienced. Pea so apply »h Strife J. Uph ° lstery> 499i N «"»- ARD chrome plater. Apply i roducts. 3432 Vtfest clarendon. Osborn It )RAG Jlne crane operator needed 947-7598. 7a.m.-5 p.m. Ask for Jim Martin or Cal. RETIRED or moonlighting nutomo- tlve mechanic for 5-15 hours week. $2.50 hour. 258-5343. FULL time parking lot attendan wanted, must have Arizona driver' license and be over 21 year* ojc Neat and clean .appearance, wit short haircut..$1.75 per hour, 9 da week. Apply, between 10-11 a.m. a J30 -North, 2nd Avenue, • tea Mr Painter, only. .••'.' EXPERIElireEB carpet Installers with tools, 4433 North 16tft Street. SERVICE station attendant, some mechanical ability, day shift, o Sunday. 102 East Madison. 453^G T ^af^^°^52()8 JANITOR or luxury hl-rlse apt. bldo. Over 10, perm, position. 244-5588. Warehouseman-Paint Bkg. Furniture movers Shipping Clerk 0 FEE - HIGH PAY - TEMP. CAR & PHONE NEC. OLSTEN 443 N. Central Suite 304, 744-349X BROADWAY SCOTTSDALE Handyman Temporary position. Must be experienced In carpentry <• painting, Apply Personnel Office 10-5 daily, 7773 E. McDowell Rd. "YNGCORPACCT~ tg Deg. 3 Yrs CPA exp or equlv- t. Immed. FEE PD to $900 erson Agency 3425 N. 14th St. ARCOA INC. MECHANICAL ENGINEER. Degreei plus a minimum of t years' experience In automotive field with supervisory potential. Other openings exist In mechanical design. Experience with transportation equipment desirable. EXCELLENT BENEFITS .INVESTMENT OPPORTUT PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT 1727 NoVtll T Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona; $5004 An Equal Opportunity Employer A&.RIS OFF-SET PRESS OPR: size. . Black 8, white line 722'/j .... _._ ork, occasional sslgnmenf. NO UlLDERSj '"" ' i4-9. " ..Ijite line color. Indefinite 3443- N. Ce E ntral, ST Sulte -~ Cooks tralne. r, P % ermanent posltit.. L R f s t a, u_r a n t, 10 Boulevard. Te Tempo. draftsm yit tnglneerlng draftsman, street, ater, : and sewer. Salary con» ensurate with experience. 947-5433. XPERI ,? n \. 8 -J 451 Nort 32nd service ,. station -lays off. Apply ^v. r course maintenance man, no xperlence necessary. Apply Century ountry Club, 5601 East $hea Boule- XPfeRlENcgb grocery stocker nd Mumor man fer u meat d»P«rt- nent. Apply 523 N. 20th St. ... ., business Men's .Clearing House 003 N. Central 26444J4 everal men. W-serytee station .ay*llepl» t ar- CURlTY.sua.rd work, nerthMtf 'ANTED car wMhers. arid )»vls. Car Wash. «24 ' f Street Fast Action Want Mi Soil Everything! I7I47IT 777~He!p Wanted ^ Maia~iaftr|M Jobs ar PROD. ALUMINUM WELDERS 3.307 PER HOUR Mlnlmu ms EXCELLENT BENEFITS A ca'. REYNOLDS METALS CO. 3501 W. VAN BUREN . _ PHONE 27f0531 An Eaual Opportunity Employer SEEDED •JMMkbiAtetA' parkTrS of attendants and valets, full time. -weto center Garage between 9 tt.m. p-t? P£Q\^r]d&Yt safurddVt MontfaV» ELECTRICAL whnfttcjti*. VMIHI** man, prefer background experience, 0ny "°-' 13(t $350 TO START Train for assistant manager's posl- Ion In high volume drive-thru res- aurant. Tremendous opportunity for •ight man In a fast growing company. Apply in person To Mrs. Wright, Tijuana Taco, 112 East University; and recelv- Wife • **-***.*-• < v^^ob. OlllKKIIIU ng clerk. Also man to I -•.w .. barber sho^pofter r Plaza Barber Shop. . A OR BlfCENST • °' 2I0 ' South p^ N I 6 »^°,n w ' lrrf iP US9 8 1 d dellv: erv men, willing to work, saod. I2 rt . l . n ?..wage,. fringe bejieflts. Apply. . Equal Oppor-. Xf a J s i., od ' sehoo educa'i ton, bpndable and wllRno to work,, starting salary, 274-4274 after 5 WAXERS & JANITORS . SUPERVISOR SHEET METAL MECHANICS POWER.BRAKE OPERATORS Benefits. Apply PRECISE M|tAL. PRODUCTS CO " 3839 N. 39th A\»miii. - CM39 N. 39th AVMU« . . JACK InjFhe Box desires part time' lunch and evening help. Apply In g5. l 3S n A,J?Jw!Sn.-S«-^nj. only. Ml 'Vr'. 1 *" i-_ " "•••••ni«iwn iiicvuaiuw 10 work In good shop. Good company 'neflfs. Sfartlng salary $200 week, 6 days. Don't apply unless quallf'-" BQx_53jMA, Republic apd Gazette ^-"." '] "' .fryVi 1 "- a P° "oteii». 425a®w^s: iETMEfAL man, air condition!" >n experience. Salary' wrlenced, fop _—,. . w. .. lullwll , job full time. 3 ease apply in person only, Valley ieaners. 1820 East McDowell. presser. uallty. Permanent .m. 959-4J16 FOOD CLERKS WANTED hiLvsP-^t^"' 1 ^ lelyes.-WIII operate cash register & s'sfcins t -5- us - t ? m .?™. J G.<JOd. arlthme- i to che... sur days. 1 c ,l ud f,^E^l" 1 .,'P5 ur 5n.». ,. m ,, T . ay $2.265 to S2.82 depending on xperlence In the super market In- Must .be. able to.obtain a )lvlslon of nat'l ost acctg systems Rober > In- 14M Agency 3425 N. 14th St,' ?BTTE mechanic, must have ' .... u — Is. 252-2343. 250 North 7th =A R N wfille you [earn the lunch ' business. Five 8, six day t»l/N6 rrian wanted tor interesting estaurant work. Apply in person . Lfter 4 p.m. The Big Apple, 3757 .> ,ast Van Buren. AAECHANIC with experience, want-?, ed, commission or salary, body and" e.nder map, commission or salary, • Retail, sales clerk with know), of jlumblno parts. Salary open, Thrift - JVilderJupply^jas E. McDowell ., JECP wanted male, meat cuffers. r. >aleway Stores needs ten qualified, ourheymen meat eutterj now for Its.: etall stores, and jneat warehovse. ', OP pay In the Industry, Apply at:' •(•way off ce, 3333 North'7th Ave-" v ue, Phoenix, afternoons 1-4 p.m. . mmedlMe placement, an equal op»- jorytnjty employer. ool aide and kinder: ' App|v ln .,—.,.„„„ for 19x25" offset press, 1 -' :xperlence In .color work necessary, 203-2617. , .. IGN Painter. Exper lenc* J. i •i-j^J&L 'ORTE R wanted, six day week. " 1.50 per hour. Apply,In person to' assistant Manager. Hotel valley ' •lo, 350 West //Vain Street, Scott"" ale. WE .HAVE vacancies. on 2nd shlTt or two.Brown Sharpe Screw Ma» v Mne setup man. ALSO NEEDED: ' fie l.p.O.p. end surface grinder on ay shift. IMC Magnetics. 1900 --- 1 ® F pr 5 ssMg.? 5 ^ra/. Breakfast man. and possess an all 5, _.._ possess an ... ...Jge of cooking. Good bonus plan. M\N over IB to/ general shop wort^. canvas and alumi o experience neces- an Buren. AASSEUR or Physical therapejf, Mtl »"t, to coma to home. tlm« truck drivers. _ ---------- fflces — set UP prosrams for GE :ULL tim« carry^ut a^>b™;-"--. : v HOE salesmen. "Salary Blur mission, 'excellent .fringe M

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