The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 27, 1969 · Page 1
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July 27, 1969

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 1

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 27, 1969
Page 1
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I Complains Courts Cut Spading Charges 1 Third Ntwt »•««•* Madkaid Reviews Only 13 Doctors N|t I Util How To Shop For School Clothes M«rftr«t Dint— Ird Ntwi Final Holes Ttst Spencer GoKers III tottlt SptrH Sttttai THE WEATHER Generally fair and cooler today and Monday with high today 13, low tonight 5S. Not so humid today and tonight. Continued mild Monday. Less than 5 per cent chance of rain. Sunrise 6:04, sunset 8:38. Weather details on Page 8-G. PRICE 25c \ . I IHfc DH MMnM MMMttr TrHhiM Ctfnwmr Th« NtttfffMjMr lotwi P<p*ult Up«* Des Moines, Iowa, Sunday Morning, July 27, 1969—128 Pages—11 Sections General News Section NIXON PUSHES NEW ASIA ROLE THE WEEK ON ISLAND OF TRAGEDY It Led to Death Of Secretary The diver who recovered Mary Jo Ko- pechne's body says she might have been saved. Story on PAGE 4. By Richard Harwood and Laurence Stern ® Th§ WaiMntton Post EDGARTOWN, MASS. - The venerable Vineyard Gazette saluted the day — Friday, July 18 — with customary lyricism: "No duties waiting. . .no clocks crying hurry, no shadow of fall — the long day, the green day, midsummer Eden. . ." The forty-sixth annual. Edgartown regatta started at noon and, as the Gazette observed, "if the weather co-operates . . . it is going to be an exceptionally good three days of racing." One of the participants in the Friday race for 22-foot boats was Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who had come to this sail- conscious resort community where his brother, John F. Kennedy, and his parents were familiar summer figures. Ninth Place Kennedy and his crew sailed their boat, the Victura, t^ ninth place in the Friday race — one of the few facts that went unreported in the national news media about that fateful day in the life of the 37-year-old senior senator from Massachusetts. At «:30 p.m., after the day's races were finished, Kennedy took another boat trip — this time on the squat, two-car ferry that plies the 500-foot channel between Edgartown and the outlying residential island of Chappaquiddick. Five hours later, driving his 1967 Oldsmobile with a passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne of Washington, the senator started to traverse another body of water — 25-yard wide Poucha pond — in the total blackness of an overcast night on Chappaquiddick. As far as is known there were no witnesses to the mo- KENNEDY- Please turn to Page Four 'WELL, THEY SURE LEFT A MESS!' Troops Arming Selves at Base NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) Troops at a North Carolina military base have now armed themselves with chains, clubs, and knives following a previously-reported series of incidents allegedly sparked by "black and white militants," a New York congressman said Saturday. Representative-^Mario Biaggi (Dem., N.Y.) said he would ask for a Congressional investigation into the "infiltration of some military installations" by persons "who engage in acts of subversion which I regard as detrimental to national security." The congressman had just returned from a visit to Camp Lejeune, a sprawling Marine Corps base on the North Carolina coast. He said he learned that 15 assaults had taken place last Sunday night and three men had to be treated at a hospital. Biaggi said he was told by military officers that similar problems existed at other joases. FUircoi FULL COLQg .*•«. Log Shows Missing Sailor 'Never Lett the Atlantic' $2,200 Loan To Boys LONDON, ENGLAND (AP) - Donald Crowhurst, a round-^WO 15-year-old Fort Dodge Iowa time the-world yacht racer who vanished during the voyage, never left the Atlantic Ocean in his entire journey, the Sunday Times reports. The newspaper, which sponsored the race, said a detailed study of the ship's log disclosed FIRST LOOK AT GRAY, DUSTY MOON ROCKS Scientists Examine Specimens .'•% Astronauts 'r e c e i v e Hawaiian welcome as they return to U.S. soil at Hawaii. PAGE 7, HOUSTON, TEX; (AP) -| With ,he,arts racing, scientists openeo a treasure chest from the moon Saturday and found 15 to 16 lumpy, gray, dust-cov-j ered lunar rocks. Some had round corners, as though from having rolled around, some looked "pretty solid," some had indentation 'i marks, another looked jagged, j j small fragments "appear to ! have some kind of structure." j : scientists said in their initial in- j spection. ( j At long last they were gazing I at pieces of the moon from only one to two feet away — after centuries of looking 230,000 miles through space to ponder lunar mysteries. Great Moment Now, in one of the great moments for science, they will begin the long task of asking these moon rocks — brought home by astronauts Neil A. | Armstrong and Edwin E. Al-i drin, jr. — to answer some of their questions. The first glances could not tell them a great deal. Four scientists looked through portholes into the vacu- i um chamber where the gleam- 1 ing metal box containing the rocks was opened at 3:49 p.m. Crowhurst sent misleading radio messages on his position to give the impression he was actually sailing around the world. Crowhurst was presumed dead when his 41-foot yacht; Teignmouth . Electron, was found deserted earlier this month 700 miles west of the Azores in the Atlantic. At the time he was considered favorite to win the 112,000 prize for the fastest time in the race. Training Flight Crashes; Kills 5 POMONA, N.J. (AP) - A! five-man crew was killed Saturday when a Trans World Airlines Boeing 707 on a training flight crashed and burned at a Federal Aviation Adminis- i tration airfield here. A T.W.A, spokesman said the gigantic craft, out of Kennedy; International Airport, New: York, was practicing approaches and landings when it youths have borrowed $2,200 to finance a boat rental ven-' ture which appears to be on the road to being a success. "My pulse is racing at a fantastic rate," said Dr. Robin Brett, an Australian geologist now at the Manned Spacecraft Center here. "It is Story and Photo are on Page 1 a very, very exciting time." of the Third News Section. MOON— please turn to Page Seven ; on the ground suffered minor in- j \ juries when the craft went' Idown. went down 12:33 p.m. at the The Sunday .Times said the National Aviation Facllitles Ex . * log showed that Crowhurst, 36, . . , „ . ., . „ „' , • isailed 14,500 miles in the 243-Penmental Center (N.A.F.E.C.), | days he was afloat -the dis-i A spokesman at N.A.F.E.C. tance from Britain to Australia, j said the plane burst into flames But, the-Sunday Times said, he w hen it crashed in a field not im °!^? nl ^ 0 "u a /! Ve T matic " far from a landing ramp and i he mental strain toward the end of his voyage," the newspaper said. "It has not been an easy decision to publish this information," the newspaper said in a statement. "The Sunday Times has been in close consultation with Mrs. Crowhurst and she, too, has come to the conclusion that the story must be told." The newspaper said it would continue an appeal for Crowhursl's widow and four children, it donated $12,000 to launch the fund. Another contributor was the winner- of the race, Robin Knox-Johnson, who gave his $12,000 prize for the fastest time, 312 days. He won another $12,000 for being first to finish. M first g , ance there didn>l Adult Crossword ............... UTv S f "> l ° b ? a " y Ve ? iC "' ar rOCk . S ' Before YOU Buy .... „; those containing bubbles, said Brje ji y 2G'^ r> Edward Chou, mineralogist Classified Ads ................... 3FJ Commercial News .......... T Section; Editorials ................. T Section; Gallup Poll ..................... 8G> Gardens ........... ........... lOLJ Iowa Poll ................. T Section Market News .................... 8L Open Forum, Books ......... T Section Radio Schedules ................ 5TV Stamps ............. , .......... 8G Theaters .............. • ........ ;9G Travel, Resorts ...... . ....... ...8W Visual Arts, Music .......... ' ..... 2L Weather, Day's Record .......... ..8G Your Sunday Register today consists of ten regular sections: Three news sections, Peach Sports, Home and Family, Farm, Picture Magazine, Iowa TV Magazine, This Week and Comics plus special advertising section. Red Sailors Help Cut Sugar Cane HAVANA, CUBA (AP) Russians from a seven-ship task force joined thousands of Cubans Saturday in cutting sugar cane on Cuba's national holiday. j For the first time on this day i marking the suvl of Prime , Minister Fidel Castro's rcbel- I lion, there was no ma'ss rally in J Havana, no speech by Castro,. i The fov<;rnment goal is to , reach 10 million tons of sugar i production by next July. Castro i has promised a big celebratio* ' then. Heart Transplanted From Girl to Man NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) New York Hospital reported Saturday that the heart, liver and corneas of a 17-year-old Backs ABM Opponents ft. The Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C. Senator Thomas J. Mclntyre (Dem., N.H.), one of the handful of senators whose decision may determine the fate of the Safe guard Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) sys- t e m , a n- nounced Satur d a y he would vote against its immediate deployment. Opponents of the Nixon administration ABM plan said Mel n t y r e's announcement gave them at least 49 votes. If all senators are present 'A Dumb Iowa Boy' And Hollywood what a phony tnwn." By Robert Kistler (Special Dispatch to Tfic Rtgister) — Sam Arkofl L OS ANGELES, CALIF. — It is wise to grab your wallet and hold tight when someone says, "well, I'm just an Iowa farm boy and I don't much understand, but . . ." Around this town, they used to call Fort Dodge's Sum Arkoff that dumb Iowa farm boy. • But that was several hundred motion pictures and several million dollars ago..Iowa farm boy in the same sense as F. M. Hubbell when he trimmed Jay Gould in a railroad deal 30 years ago. Arkoff, in the words of the critics, has been the seminal figure of trashy movies over the past 15 years; the trendsetter in the production of junk for movie theaters. That, in Hollywood, is quite an accomplishment. It may not be art, but it is good business. Arkoff, at 51, doesn't seem to be an introspective man. If he is curious about how his boyhood in the family clothing store at Fort Dodge or the debate team at Fort Dodge High Sam Arkoff From Fort Dndye or the University of Iowa or even a Des Moines Register carrier route affected his career, he is not sharing his views. At any rate, Arkoff and his partner, James H. Nicholson, have led the film buslnesi into such things as "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" and "Pajama Party" and "Beach Party" and warmed-over Edgar Allan Poe ("The Masque of the Red Death") and "Wild Angels" and so on. The way they've done it would warm the heart of a cost accountant. Peter Fonda, despite his famous father, was relatively unknown when he signed with Arkoff and Nicholson's American Teen-Agers Will Be Bored' HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. ( REUTERS) - The founder of a Hollywood company which popularized sex films for teen-agers predicted Saturday audiences will soon become so bored with bedroom sex scenes they will go out and buy popcorn while the scenes are playing. Samuel Arkoff, chairman of American International Pictures, told a news conference: "That sort of scene is certainly becoming a big yawn with the younger generation." "The older generation might continue to get a kick out of scenes of "people rolling around in bed with flashing lights and queer music" but even this will fade, he said. International Pictures. Despite the stardom it brought, Fonda is bitter: "For 'Wild Angels' they paid me the monumental sum of $10,000. For my next picture the contract called for a $2,000 raise. I finally did 'The Trip' for $25,000. Fabulous Deal "Then they offered me a fabulous deal involving a half- million dollars, my own yacht and a chance to make my own film." The catch was that they wanted Fonda to make two more of their films before making his own. Courtesy of "The Graduate," Dustin Hoffman is now a big film name. Hoffman stars in a soon-to-be-released American International film titled "Madigan's Millions." Arkoff made the picture with Hoffman before "The Arkhoff- Please turn to Page Three Potomac Fever '««. tf. I. PM. 0*. THOMA{ J. MclNTYRE girl - the daughter of a physi-! an j ™\ in * wuhe " the still - un " , , ,„ scheduled showdown comes, cian—have been successfully transplanted. The hospital said > it could not divulge the girl's name or the cause of her death; but the adult male recipient of the heart was in satisfactory condition after a 50-minute operation Friday night, the eighth i heart transplant performed at i the hospital. i the opponents will have to muster 51 votes to block deployment of the ABM. Senators who have not yet disclosed their decision are Democrats Clinton P. Anderson of New Mexico, Warren (i. Magnuson of Washington and Mike Gravel of Alaska and Republican John J. Williams of Delaware. WASHINGTON, D.C. - It's nice that NASA is protecting us from moon germs, but some taxpayers claim they already feel symptoms of that dread space age disease — poverty. It's sad about those seven polar bears that broke out oj a zoo in Brookiield, III, and stole marshmallows — Smokey wouldn't let them toast them. Onassis got his $5.3- million loan from the Greek government all right — He just had to promise never to let Jackie go to a fashion show alone again. The National Academy of Sciences says mouthwash is completely useless. It's sad when you don't kjow whether you're buying mouthwash or eyewash. Nasser feels it's quite possible for Egypt and Israel to have regular trade relations — After all, they trade bombs every day. We finally figured out what those Russian ships were doms down there around Cuba: They were looking for th;U old confrontation they lost in 1962. —Jack \bilson ' 1 FINDS SPEED OF PULL-BACK IS A CONCERN Philippines' Leader Has Misgivings By Richard Wilson (The Register's Washington Correspondent) MANILA, PHILIPPINES (SUNDAY) - Discussion of a more limited American presence in Asia has now been initiated by President Nixon on this first Asian stop of his world tour, but there is yet no agreement on how large and what kind of a presence it should be. The Asian leaders have only just begun to look at this fresh idea and it is by no means certain that in the end they will '• like it very well. i. President Nixon's confer- : rnccs Saturday in Manila with i President Ferdinand E. Marcos of the Philippines underlined the problem. i Fear Fast Pull-Back I The American pull-back, . from Marcos' view, could be too fast. It could open the way for new domestic Communist insurgency in various countries. Marcos, like other Asian leaders, saw little hope that collective security arrangements by Asians can be made of much value for decades. Marcos talked about escaping "heavy-handed American domi- j nance" in Asia. Like Nixon, he | talked about the need, for Asian ! initiatives. But when the dis- i cussion came down to the point i of what the American presence i will be at what time in the future there were many mis- ; givings. U.S. Military Bases The discussion got down to ; touchy questions about the need I for three major U.S. military | bases. While these bases pro; duce many irritating conditions between Americans and Filipinos the need for them was | recognized on both sides. Earlier, Nixon and his wife were greeted by an estimated j 500,000 well-organized flag and I placard waving greeters in a largely apathetic welcome as 1 " ; they motored five miles into Manila. A typhoon that glanced past north of the Philippines spread light rain. Small hands of anti-American demonstrators burned three U.S. flags, one in front of the American Embassy and two ripped from the gate of the presidential palace where Nixon and Marcos were conferring. The demonstration outside the palace was led by 200 : youths, while 800 others pfbtesl- j NIXON- : • Plcnw turn to Page Two Refuse to Help i Injured Girl 16 \ OGDEN, UTAH (AP) - A 16-year-old girl, Diane Trujillo, fell from a second-floor apartment window Friday, then lay | helpless as about a half-dozen I bystanders looked on while re- j fusing to call for help. "I heard a whimpering." said David L. Chambers, a telephone company employe wolfing at the rear of the building. "At first I thought it was a dog, but when I saw her lying i there, k climbed down" and went to help. Chambers said he asked several bystanders to call for help. They "just stood there," he ' added. The girl was reported,. in serious condition at a hospi' ' tal.

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