Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 9, 1965 · Page 24
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 24

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1965
Page 24
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Bids Eyed « n -I*.. • m On Hiwoy Projects SANTA FE (UPI)- Bids on ' eight highway improvement Stmdfiy, May 9,1963 projects—totaling an estimated $(J,ft2? million—wilWVe opened by the State Mighwaf 'Commission later this month. All are federal aid projects. The largest project is 5 miles of Interstate 25 east of Sands to 'Menial In San Miguel Coun- tyf-"The estimated cost of this 4-lane job is $3.130 million. The rebuilding of a bridge on a - The Lighter Side - DeGaulfe Afraid Of Americanization? OfckWwt WASHINGTON (UPI)—There 1 when has been a lot of discussion re-;same grilled, has about ihe degree of tenderness as cently about French President "high quality shoe leather,' Charles de Guallc critism of Item: Peanut butter hereto- Professor at UNM Dies At 62 ALBUQUERQUE (UPI)- Dr. Miguel Jorrin, professor of government at the University of New Mexico, died Friday of an apparent heart attack. He was 62. Jorrin, who also served as director of the division of foreign studies at the University, died in the office of an Albu- State's Leading Educator, Dr. Charles R, Spain Dies U.S. activities in Viet Nam, the! fore virtually unknown outside qnerque doctor - He went to see Dominican Republic and else-; the United States, was intro-- . . or £ ! fter complaining of ALBUQUERQUE (UPI) —Afand received the highest base'lor's degree at Belhel College man considered by many as '• salary of any public official in in Me Kenzic. Tenti. in la'ifi. his New Mexico's leading educator, New Mexico,' $27,50(1 per year, piaster's at I'eabndy College in n " PK "- 1 -" ° Spain of Albu-j He was an active and popu- Nashville in 19.T7 ami his doc- CIOVIS NEW-JOURNAL CLASSIFIED SECTION \ Dr. Charles R. where. All jduced to : food fail- Europeans at a 1963 and has since been behavior, and it has caused a yVhich amount of resentment cn j] c | ren a pain in his left arm. Jorrin was a native of and came tc in 1942. He Cuba querque, died early Saturday of{lar lobbyist, campaigning viR- ! tor;ite from Columbia rim-ersi- an apparent heart attack. |orously for financial supporl for Sy Teachers Cnlleye in 19-11. State governmental and edu- education. He was considered He triucht in Tennessee from cational leaders expressed one of the top educational lead- i!>;«•:).">. in Arkans.-is iioni 1U.T7- shock when informed of the 51- ers in the nation. W and from HM1 to I'M) was year-old Spain's death. j Dave Smoker, director of pub- 'head of the department of edu Cause of death was not im- 1 lie relations for the Alhiiquer- .-at ion at Alabama S' ID 11 15 It 3.1!' .. 't'l 1 7!> 5 i9 in t.n mediately determined and an 'quo school system, said be and 'ors means that French at I1ie ^University of New Mexi- will soon have their th TT •» •• 1 1 r ,f S ! aut °P s y was ordered. But Mrs. several other officials joined the faculty j Spain, who was with her bus- cards with frontage road is also included! in this project. j. The list of projects with estimated costs are: San Miguel County: 5 miles of Interstate 25, east of Sands to Bernal, $3.130 million. band when felt — San Miguel County: 3.3 miles of 1-25 from a point 2.5 miles west of Rowe, east, $30,,000. —McKinley County: 10.2 miles 1-40, three miles west of Thoreau east, $516,000. — Guadalupe County: 15.2 miles of 1-40 from the junction of U.S. 84 west of Santa Rosa, east, $1.625 million. nft±,nnTv l Ot re " enUncnl : children will soon "have "t^r "° in «M4. m mis couniry. i faccs smeared witll p canut but . He received doctoral degrees! For instance, _some observers' ter-and-jelly sandwiches. in public law and civil law Conclusion: De Gaulle's critl-from the University of Havana 'tendent * suggested that he sumed the role of gadfh reasons of personal vanity. But I don't think there Is iny- thing to the rumor that he wants to buy the Rock of Gibraltar and change its name to "De Gaulle Stone." More logical, in my opinion, is the theory that De Gaulle fears that France is in danger of becoming "Americanized" and is steering an independent course to help his country retain its individuality. lor cism of U.S. policies may •form of retaliation. be a. before he came to the U n i t e d States. | played Or. Spain until he died, said she :ibout 2 a.m. Saturday Smoker sure it was a heart attack, said Dr. Spain "seemed line" State's Largest and was his "usual sell " Dr. Spain had been superin- Smoker said Mrs Spain told of Ihe Albuquerque mm that about 4 a in Saturday Public Schools, the state's est school system, since larg- l!)f)6. Santa Fe Commentary 'Hacks' In Government Reduced, But Not All Eliminated SANTA FT, (UPIi— The po-'ccrtain state institutions was litical "backs" of bygone days created in 1939 but was repeal- employment lias been terminated and who appeal the the board reverses of a state aijeney. is not required by If si on ecy action, a deci- the a'.'law to Language Corrupted jin employe of state government ed by the next Legislature be- In that connection. 1 call your have not been entirely elimin- fore it was put into effect. _ ... ., NM attention to several recent de- aled, but they have been re- Some Tenure —Lea Loumy^8.8^ mues^iN.M. jVe]opments that may snc d duced in number. , Individual merit systems were |rehire the emp!oye-b';t Since the Personnel \ct went (Teateci in 194 ° aml 1<J55 »"er-jally does. inc ., Item: A Paris professor into effect in I96l-lator amend- '"« . some l ? p ° of '°" ure f ° r ThrouKhout Stale 10.6 miles ; wrole a book in wnich ' he com . 0(i in 1963 _ lhere has bpon a employes of the Welfare De- Jobs with the state are ava.l- S-ta Fe |plaincd that the Fronch lan . mal , ed ,__ ,„ employc partmeiU. ^ Health Depart- ^^^^^- . . ,,„. f'fimmiccinn n nrl (lio Cl-itn D/>n_ ,-.«„,'„,. u __«..ti_- , , ,, each 18 from Hobbs toward Loving-! some l{ ht on the mattcr ton, $340,000. on U.S. 64-85-84-285 in and vicinity, $150.000. —Valencia County: 6.9 NM 53, from a point 29 southwest of Grants, east, $500,000. — Rio Arriba County: 4.4 miles N.M. 76, from a point al-;"weekend." most a mile north of Truchas, i "pullover" north, $336,000. ., iguagc was being corrupted by turnover in New Mexico Prior ,. l< •. '•-»'I»°y"'cni securny wnerever the vanou- state i™ les ,American idioms and terminoMo the act each administration ommisslonf and the State Pen- encies have established offices miles i ogv . \}>nni«M i. iIs own^ ^ oves ,s ltentlary ' In 1952 the Stalc ™p bulk of the position, nntur- 'OH' rv, off?-?nr h -^ H! W w ay Commission establish- ally are available in the state lie noted that the French ad- ' ° nil< -<» P J .y» 1 *' < 111(1 J" 1 ' Mabil- - - adopted such words as "missile n> svas llinitt -' d cone." "self-service" and '" or!er and to two years or bids at their regular scheduled meeting in Santa Fe May 28. Fiesta Royalty Chosen SANTA FE (UPI i— A civilized, now has "let stand- queen ing." which is the French equiv- and her court of princesses have a i en t ot a status symbol been chosen to reign over the Santa Fe Fiesta. Promote American ISeef , Item: The. IS Department Queen Maria Isabel Martinez, of Agriculture lias undertaken 18-year-old daughter of Santa a program to promote Amen- Fe postmaster and Mrs. Eluter- can-style cookouls in France and io Martinez, was selected Fri- other parts of Western Europe day night as the 1965 Santa Fe Fiesta Queen i ^ e c.' r etary Orville L. r reeman • told a Senate committee that A student at Highlands Uni- 'The outdoor grill could be- versity in Las Vegas, Miss come the best oversea-, beef Martinez was chosen by five salesman we have." out-of-town judges. He said that European beef. not to mention There is still some job lurn- "hot dog" and over but mainly in the supervisory fields or in those posi- incidcntally :tions not c »vcred by the Personnel Act. The thousands of other permanent employes are 8 to recent re- dven security of tenure as long ports, bourbon whisky has be- as their services are satisfac- come an "in" drink with the ;ory Paris smart set. Interested citi/.-ns' -mips and This distinctively American individual legislator-- had tried beveraue. lont; regarded oy |o>- leadin" Frencli tipplers a> un i "cocktail." The book itself, became "un best-seller. Item: Accordinc an po. to •': in San to create a personnc \ nicnt system coin- _'o\t Commission establish- ally ed a personnel system for em- capitol in Santa Fe ployes of the Highway Depart- To work for the state ment. plication statins; what However, by the time the 1961 ;< sought must be sen' Legislature rolled around t h e state personnel offjc lawmakers were more recep- Fe- The prospective emplov <• live to a statewide personnel will then bo noti/jed b\ m;t\' act to cover all state employes, when and where the exam.ria- Tim* the present personnel sys- lions for this post ui" he \\c\.\ tern was born. The exams are normally <ch"il- Over 8.000 state employes in tiled for when thr more than 1.000 different types m-eds of the of positions are served by the replacements program which is administered The examination- m.r by the State 1'ersonne! Hoard of one or more «'. th- I The board is appointed by the ( \-pe< of te>N- \VM:N' her husband awoke her h' 1 felt "peculiar " She Smoker they both yo! up went, into tin kitchen when Spain drank an alka se" Asked for Cotfec Mrs Spain said her husband -deni then seemed to led belt,., hut complained nf a inimbne---. over bis boflv and a "fnnm Icdiru, 1 " in his abdomen She said lie asked lor a cup n! seconds later eolpaspe< Mr>- Spain '-unini'inci! Fire Dept rescue squad l-"iremen uoj-ked tryinj. 1 to n-ccn. s;i..'r. \ but.UK an<! Dr Spain w.i-.- tak Hataan Me pital wheri dead mi ; l-'uneral in-...; a! Stioir: HI Altniqlierque Smoker been working tb tiscal ai * MX 1 ; _> 7 IS 2.05 7. US J.28 1 I* . I 9.SH 3.74 P. 17 3.1J ; TAXI (.'A3l> (»•• I HANKS CASH RAIKS i •*< \'jr for e«rh ad- ratt»s IIP rush r at9< \othln i*ven davi of .s 1 HKSItl.l'S " -iK C'HKl'K ihi- 'ii-si ,|», v . The . •«<. tihiC for mntflkn« nnly II "'iv ml.n'nl;f» Mit '-u- ,.,'I«,., ^q,p,,, thp pf. Ad, onp i>s''H i'ii .T no oxlrn churirr. md to on', r M,..* y,,,j rnflv rjr ^1 i<'<t iwiv oniv for the ,ii'ii^ni« In 'ho P'lprr agencies ''"• f .'«u.v«..l.i-irnii| wtll e: a y fraudulent ad- lor the State Police and ces filed and bear-; a!' jzrievan- |)ertormanc'e te b> employes w h o s e and an evaluati • and experience In Stale 11 Fund Cut-Off Story 'In Error 1 -NMMI Head rad.-d Walker Unit Sets Move Arizona To KOSWKLL Samtiei A gee \ew Mexico in Hoswe!!. MffilM ...m, TREAT HER TO CLARDY- CAMPBELL PINEAPPLE \ ORANGE FLIP ICE CREAJVT ... IT'S -*X, ISLAND- FRESH! from the home of quality! Zesty new ice cream wit htt, e frein.p ic |..rd ^y,'-~- ropical fruit — Quality Chekci Pinecjppie irufig,; f-'-., Rich pineapple ice cream chuck fu'i of '.,/vt-rt oi.j' toffee bits. Try some foaay. ITS QUALITY CI1EKD Rim- CAMPBELL V 6A»V V PiOOUCTS, WC. il'IM.- Maj. Gen.'fclt a story from Washington, , superintendent of listing NMMI a.-, one of 40 "pn- Military Institute vate" military schools facing a said Saturday he cut-oil of federal funds, wa.s in error. The story quoted the Defense I>ep! as planning to withhold Reserve Oti'icer Training Corps luinU from segregated military- schools which get such grants The withdrawal of the KOTC funds was cited as a lever to force the schools to desegregate and \.M.M1 was named as one of the affected schools. Gen Agee said he felt NMMI wa.s erroneously listed among t.'ie 40 schools and cited two reasons for his assumption 'First," the general s a i d, we are not a private school but a state school. And secondly'. we aireadv have signed a non- •!;-enmmation certificate and -ent i! in to the federal government Gen Agee said NMMI never has had a Neizru cadet but said none had ever applied "serious- Holloman Phases Out F-84F Jets ALAMOGOltlxi — An A i r Force milestone was recorded at Holloman Air Force Base Friday when the. las! F-H4F jet n.'hte:, which iirst liew in I'.t46, •A as taken out of the inventory ol the active -\:r 1-orce. 1-t Gov Mack Kasley was hi.'liest are e!:L.'ib!c ui!:i thi' ajencv .1: :iu' one for emplo-. The fir-t \car o a prnbationar-v pe end <>f tills vear t; authority must sis: indicatin:.' that the employe is satisfa-- he should be give Thus a little nu>ro and future is av.'ulah'f employes who mav Jj jobs without cliangin^ belie!'- ever two KF.NCK h, I'.*: !:;:'i'>p-,i, .'! ..cmr: T \i/ [i\ M a . in >!at.' I heir MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Gambles, 504 Mitchell n. * * * Governor, State Officials Pay Tribute To Educator's Work ride and an Forc- v\ a< on liaiu: !u: t!ie took a stipci'Mi F-IC Pnant'im 11 |et T.'ie }••-;;!!•' u-ed In I es in the Korean ci>i::';i flo'Ar. to an Air Nationa un" at Spr;ru.'!ie!d. 111.. Georje S \\ear 1 \ !.-: ,,: t;,e :!(,(-,;:. Ta. ilel'e - !>t'rti!:i lia~ pl:a-e'| ou 1 its in lav or of tne !•')('. -Ahich tl;. riioi'e than t'A K e the 1 of S..U'H] ar,d i-,a- both a ,ir bmno and air-lo-air rnis- - State loader- as iiei\ t ' .. n a will , qualified Negro be admitted lo ti !: a. n ~i!lon in the new- ;,ertrd to take l\- til!'!:- Ill on j! dutv to Soatbeast sue;', as iv bt-inj done by l-'iJnd Air I)ivi>ioi! at Cannon f-'orce Ila-,e ('|i;vis Ka-!ey addi'es-ed a gatheriiig "' iiii- win.''- ot'Mcer- Piloting '":•• plane ::: wi;ir!i la.- rode w a •; tat' wihj commander. C'o! Frank .1 Collins Only three other wing.- in the Air Force have the up-to-date I" 4C considered possibly the fasti^t operational Air Force . , He said applies be l! "' st ' hoo! Cen Ai^ee said be had beard nothing from (he Defense Dept. of anv otiK-r covcrnmont aaen- cv about fund-, to N'MMI bein^ 1 !it <lff "We sinned this non-discnm- ^nation certificate. which I Dunk the Dept of Health Fid- acaliun and Welfare sent out." SANTA FF il'I f.cuil- arid puhtii-. ]ires>ei| siiock to'k t;ie d e a t h of Scnooi- Stiperinlf.' Spain reaciied them (iov Jack M C'ainpbf!! luilti- to .N'eA ^'nrk (..'l'.v !o ti:e \\oi\ii\ I'air, issued .1 • men! enroute Slate Scjiooi JK- riMcntient l.eoisaiii 1 >e calied Sjiaui a natmria ir(1 • 'j,,.,^ ar( . „,,. s!;lU . im .,, tnese ofiK-ia!, and leader-- i]ov. Jai k M c'ain j' the name Cluirit^ Spa.n ba lcunie s>noiu!n..'.i- witn .ill M. be,i in public t-dm a!.-n all that we hope to aiv.Mn in public education ir. .Mexi/o We of state y«. vern 'respected him not on!\ lor he was able to ucluevo b-.i itMi. v\ -.,» r w <rt H I l.» c I l«, i, I t> f ,4 . * --: f.,,!»,«, "I "' t I V IT II. 1) l|| Ik, | 4 ,>.••'.•! c •*.)!* f^,wm *i « tH Ml" t 'M K \rHI Mi Hill . I I > I « | » > »1 1 «• • I » —I HI 1» . DRESSMAKING BUILDING MATERIAL M • • - • » Druggist Put On Probation For Narcotics Dispensing '. I 1 • ! i bl !.' 1)1 ,1 1 11,1 , f ^ \l.l;i gt I f Camping, Picnic Fee Rate Set Al.ill i: i a Nixon, Barry To Attend Albuquerque GOP Meet $7 he in anr SAN MATFO a'Pli- Mrs said today Barry Goldwater and Floyd Lee. New Mexico Nation- probably Richard Nixon would a! Republican Committeewornan attend the Republican Western s ';'''-- Conference in .-Vbuquer- Ot-tober 1-1-16 I'S Senator- and Gover- from western states are : (.-,', •Mil f: i Nat •Alii ional AEC To Ask Bids On Sprinkler Plan ALAMOS H'PIi- Bids ,OS I «• asl-ed soon In i'n it;"n of an und kler -.;, -'ein at the . (joil Course. .-• AFC ,>aid bids a i. ce|.'!ed to ht: Tuc Tii wil t>e alter June 1 Bids are opened about June 23 AKC fstiuiated cost of tne project and at between the qenera! said, 'and this qua-'t.'u- thou«hthi! rnaiiner in W.MI-II iifies uv for anv federal aid " Ik- achieved it. Hi- influence in The Defen-e Dept threat to education statewide will W felt cut off KOTC fund- to segre- for many years '' Hated military academies, made — State Supt Leonard [)e bv Sec Robert McN'amara on layo "1 tn;nk New Mi-xim and Feb 12. is to close a loophole the nation it-elf has !o.-,t one of in the 1964 Civil Rights A c t 'it-, m<M dist:nt?ui.-*icd schod ad- which does not cover such '/Mnstrator-: Charlie Spain was t'indi -a national liiurc in the full sen-e of the term He was well krio\ui and respected and was ar extremely competent school udmmiMrator. He was well- known in most sections of the t'nited Stales From time to 'line he could have left the Al- biKjuerque area for more lucrative positions, but he preferred to remain in New Mexico He will be a great loss to Albuquerque and to the state " —State schools finance chief semi-annual .1^™ Wugalter: "This comes i cnce ' " , i i 11. ia> a terrible shock to me 1 I en-, Federation will attend ms «-' ll p! (J >' e '" ^hen 1 wa., a comeieiue for workshop c ' ias!iru( ')n teacher m Alhuquer 'J'lu- m.-j ),„ M,,!. , -t^.sions in conjunction with the' 1 ' 1 ^'' a '"' ' ^ v ^"'^'^ Wltil !lll!l Aa - <jii^.in.i!ed in J'.K'I meeting :closely in school finance Ik- \i:!i. t JJIM-, ,.,• ]•.,; (was one of our greater eduea- VMIO asked lit-i church Hie meeting is being held in t ion leaders in the nation-i.ot -;.eeial -ei^ ( v- on t,.,. New Mexico lor the first time, only the state We'll IIH.SS him mveisan, ot hei $150.000 Tne 1%3 meeting took place in'more than 1 can say I'm as a. cordnit; to iKugene, Ore. jtouished and saddened and (e t l Gittluj^-, Corp. KeT!f;i-!i> •)ue All nors be : d.a.v t;i-ket riex'. ed I., ! e.-t . Ti M.,; i all n, to)- S. 1 , Roswell Teens Face Rape, Kidnap Counts j; 11 .Mini iii.' ound --, AI- !!• t' tne '*>' Now Vuu KIHI« I'uiu-d Press lutt-iii lo the

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