The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 11, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1918
Page 5
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1 Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Baflfleley onler- w tftlued the members of the l'llhathca Clnss of tho First Avema Baptist church TueBday night. During the 'social l)oui',.refrc»hnionts were served by Mrs. naddeley, ttsslBtcd by Mrs. Horace Cole, Mrs. B. B. .tnck, and Mies Afftttle Kent, After the Jjuslness session of th* class, the following pro* gram was given: Military PolonalflK .... .,Chopin Minuet .',.*. ..Beethoven Mra. J .0. Newman. Miss Ituth Van Detisen. Bonding—Group of Liberty Loan Jingles. My Knight . ' ' Mrs. Mofcnret I'erklns HHKIS t Plnno SOIOH— ' Mnroh—Mlgnon . ....l'oldlnl > Patriotic Medley Ml* J. C .Newman Voleo Rolon— tievii Klver Vn.Burlelgn LaiWle In KlirfW ......,.Nofe»o / Mrs. 1 >L. Carinitclt -y" Vlctrola numbers-. .-.-iV • „• A SoWlora Day, bugle CM*, i'arodieS ot the Camp, I • v v v The 0. of P. Thimble club held tho first mooting of tho yoor yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. A. Jennings. The first part of the afternoon was talton up with jiio election of officers for the coming year and, Mis. M. H. Sullivan was chosen president, Mrs. Krama Gray, vice president and Mrs, Jotinlo Denning, secretary. It wns decided that the club devote part of the meetings to Hod Gross work alid part to the work of tho club. Yesterday Ilod Cross work, piecing quilt blocks and fancy work occupied the members as they planned and visited togethei/** Mrs. Jennings served a delicious'lunch late In tho arternoon. The club will meet ngnln iii two weeks with Mrs. M. B. Sullivan of Fourth avenue east. ' ' <S> '$> 4> Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Puynfl entertained Inst evening at a porch party at the!.- home on Seventh avenue west. The evening was spent informally Willi music and dancing and later refi-eHi- ments were swv>ed. The gti»su were: Mr. and MrsT Frank Gallup, Mr. and Mrs. Euos'Rydo,,ito.Virgil Miller; Mrs. Eula Qtyoev.-: J|10ft:Mar .lQ jlrink, Miss Dorothy Pajhfie, Mr. Vang and Mr. V. B. Splllmatt of Seattle, Washington. *:, The members of the B. T. C. club — spent yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Emery Colson nt her: apartments at th 0 Midland and the lime was devoted to doing Ked Cross sewing. Later In the afternoon Mrs. Colson took her guests»to • the Horabaugh* Wiley tea room where . tea wag" served. The club will meet'in three weeks with Miss Ethel Caldwell~o' Fourth avenue east. «> <S> «> Mr. and Mra, D. \\ T . Clhormloy and family have returned from a visit with, relatives In Omaha. Theywer^- accompanled home by Mrs. Ghormley's sister, Mrs. D. C. Barklcy of Fatrfield, 111.,. \vho ; will 'spend tho winter In Kansas.visiting relatives. The party stopped at Mnnhattnn and •'•••• Camp Kulmton where they'' visited with their son, Corporal J. H. D. Chormley. ; ' '•' ' ' , * ; ,v " ; ': .... ,. TUiU.Thlrd division , ot tho, JFlrst • Christian Churdh "will meet 'tomorrow 1 . With Mrs. William! Staffer,' 408: First- west, the fifth, division with Jlrs. Charles Iloltzclaw, 633 Seventh east, and the Sixth division with Mrs. Felix French, llli Sixth, cast. r These are the last meetings of. the church year, and.election Of officers will be, held, ; , ,• - 1 •. •» '<?> $ ,; . The It. W. B. club met with iliss liiivllta Oibbs lust eVenlhg at her homo on Seventh avenue wesL The evening ..was spent.doing Hed Cross work. The • next meeting will be with Miss Mablo Bisnilnger at her home on Seventh avenue west, ." " "« • * . Mrs. Victor Bush and Mlas Alta Bush will entertain —Informally this evening for Miss Ruth Frame, who expects to leave soon' for some army, camp as a Red Cross nurse. There will be about a dozen girls present. • "••.,*' •' " . Mis. Hester It. Freese vltiit- Ing her daughter Mrs. Ed Bau'ghmun and relatives at Burrton.. Mrs. Freeso • was for many years : a.residoni of. this city but Is now living at Piiton, Xew Mexico. .;'«"$"$> Mrs. Archie McWethy and Mrs; Will CaiiHeld huvft returned from Cluthrlo and I'onco City, ^Oklahoma, where they have been visiting for about throe weeks with ' friends and/ 1 rela- • 'Uvea. .'•..--•'.: . Mrs. H. C Gallup returned .vlast .mi Might from Topeka, whej'e she.-had' ! been visiting friends for several days, 'Mr. Gallup returned also from Chicago. * • • Mr. and Mrs. 11. S. Youngblood and MfT* Youngblood '8 sister, MW6 Catherine Burnett, of Stratford, Tex., are the gueets of Mr. and Mrs. Wlll- lalu Lee. * <S> * Mrs. Hattie Kalrt and Father M,' U Kaln will return tomorrow from Ithaca, New York. Father Kaln has Just returned to tfis United States from France. * * Mr, and Mrs. Artuond Way of Rosedale are here visiting at the home ot the former's parents, Mr. iind Mrs. M. B. Way, They etpeotto attend the Pair. • ••. ' , Mr. Schuyler Jones, Jr., of Wichita • EtoppBd .iiS town last night on a return motor trip from CMorodo' where lie has been spending the summer.'• • • " •' "'. "" ' Mrs.. Ray Brashear fetumed today from Kansas City, where she has been Visiting with'.her' mother, Mrs, 13. I. Reeves for thfi'past five Weeks. ' •!> *> . • ' s ' : Miss Gladys Coohrab and "Miss Olga Johnson will gihto Wiphlfa Saturday where they will spend the week-end, ... '' ' • Miss Ethlyn Bowman has returned from Wichita and will spend the win- tor here with Mr. and MVs, 13. J. Piatt. * •'• Miss Eunice Shackelford went to Arlington yesterday where she will visit with her sistor, Mra. J. L. Elkel- berry. * * 4> Tho K. T. C. club will meet tomorrow uftornoon at the home of'.Mrs. C. Clnusen on Sixteenth avenue eust, . • . Mrs. U T. Brinkmun of , Holslngton Is here visiting with her mother, Mrs. W, R. Livlngood for a few days, j , . <§> * <8> Mr. and. Mrs. Leo Wyler returned last night from a Bhort woddfng trip, to Kansas City. "' \ Mr. and Mrs. Gene Jordan have gone to Chicago to be gone Tor several weeks. * * * Mrs. Clifford Fry of Little River,Is here this week visiting relatlvos. DR. ATKINSON * Chiropractic Physician 20% North Main. 7-tf. Dancers. Class lessons i n ballroom dances ev- err Friday night, .7:30 to S. Social dnnce from 9 to 12. : WaodmsOi Hall. Holadny'a 3 piece orchestra. Private lessons by appointment. Phdnn H5S. 7-tf ANNA MCDONNELL. Children's Dances. Beginning September "7, every Saturday afternoon will teach children's ballroom and fancy dances, t Phone 1165. • •' • • . | 7-tf , AMNA|McDONNELL.; v "Wanted—Grocery dellverynfan. Call B10 or call at Sib Street grocery,'lOtf ANOTHER PEACE PLAti.' The Propagandists are Working Their Heads Off.'These Days.,', Stockholm, Sept. 11.—As the first step toward pence Germany must renounce pan-German ideas in the opinion of Professor -Hans Delbrueck of the University of. Berlin. Professor Delbrueck in an article, in the magazine PrusBlnn Year Book declares that the Pan-Germans not only bear a portion of the responsibility for the war but also the chief responsibility for the prolongation. Professor Delbrueclt says: "Tho world demands and lias a right to demand that the aerman people give a guaranty that the Pan-German spirit, the' Bplrit of BUperlprlty of might, of heathendom, Is not the German spirit. Tho best method of showing the world that the German government has definitely and irrevocably shown the Pan-German endeavors the doqr, would be for the government to colletc all of those aiiterbellum Pan- German recitations aniL'demonstrate by means of our epemy's literature bow greatly their conduct damaged us and helped to light the fires of this catastrophic war." v ~ Kentucky Blue Grass.. . Kentucky Blue Grass, for sale at I. Smith's Qrpoery ,aud Market. Phono two. ':•'.- •" • n-it Const once T»lm »dg«, TODAY TOMORROW PATHE NEWS Latest News From Everywhere A New Star Who Climbs to Brilliant H*l$ltf * I; v 99 it TaMp In M SCMM " ts « Wf«ct CNMfnif to the American Parent Who Fails in ftta P«Ue». ,.60c J1.2S i2.n t 'J.60 MOO every patriotic and • I6y«t Cltlteh will f cfecsnte for Fair, week. We have: Flags Priced OS toll6Wa-^ COtTON ' BUNTING FLAGS are priced 4*0 ft $7 .00 M ft.... 18.60 8x12 ft JI6.00 0x10 ft J10.00 WOOL BUNTING FLAGS are priced 4>lx5t-3 It...»».&» OxO'A ft J10.W 4x6 ft $8.60. txS ft $12.60 6xt0 «• its.oo 8xU ft $26.00 RELIANCE • FLAGS of Cotton 2x3 ft;..,. 3XG ft.... 4x0 ft...'. 4X7 Tt -.i.. r,x» ft.... cxio ft $4.00 8x12 ft $0.60 PAINTED SILK' unmounted. 2x4 III... Do Sxl! 111......... 16c 4x0 In 10c 10x24 In fl.00 •MxM'ln $2.00 .PRINTED .' COTTON on staff—Qlft tpear head. »xl4 In 6o 14x24 In ..16o 20x36 In 26u 80x60 In '. .60c 11x18 In.. .760 and many others BUNTING IS PRICED Hed. Whit*''and Blue—36 In: wide— .26b yard.'. Red. White and. 'B 1 u e comblntd with i Allied cews , ^-24 in. , wldo™ priced 18o 16 ?6o yard. First Floor. The Rorabavgh- Wiley •• Dry,Goods Co. | THURSDAY AT Glenwood Grocery Plums, per crate $2.50 Peaches^ per bu. $3.50 Tli'e'ss ^11 be the last car 1 of peaches, as far as we knoiv. Eet- ter can them now. Wc have a loud of fresh watermelons. Rocky Ford cantaloupes'. Cauliflower. < White grapes, per lb. 15c» Phone 232 Glanwood Grocery • • » REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. * • ' • #4 $4><{><£>$4><S><i>4> « • * * <$> tllefortod by Hall-norland Abstract Co., N9. 8 East aherman.l Slebert Ooertz to Henry- J,'• Ratzlaff, lot 8 bik 14, Buhlor...v,;V..$250.00 Tinti Adrian to Peter H. Adrian, NWVi 7*28-4 ..............-;..$1.00 Walter H. Jordun to Georgia A. .Sehoonovor, B-10' lot 10, lota 17-1819-20 blk 4, Eccles' 1st add. Hutch. j ..%\M Mary E., Saunders to John O. Orny, ,. SW14 32-2B-5 '..$7500.00 Ida E. ltexroad to J. S. SlmmonB, lota 216-218 South Main, Haudy'S add. Hutch. .,..' , .J1.O0 C. J. Eddy"to E. Johnson, lot 9:Wk 17, Orandviow add. Hutch ,, ,?1.00 William A, Wells to MUlle J. Henshuw, lots 17-18-19..Jill?r.4i gweetscr & Medbury's add,' (Hutch, ......... 13000.00 CZAR'S CABINET MINISTERS. They Aro \n the. List of Russians Who Have. Be«n 'Executed. • London, Sept. 11.—A' Jlst of ;S7 pets sons recently "executed in Moscow Includes tho name's of several former cabinet ministers who served.during the reign of -the late Bniperor Nicholas. A Russian wireloBs message containing tho list as published by M. Tchiterchlu, tho Bolshevik for- olgn mlnlstei- gives umong those the names of Alexel Khostoff and H. Prdpojiopoff, (»oth former Ministers of tbo interior, J. Stcheglovitoff, a former minister of justice and M. Maklakotf and M. A'ostergoff, the latter the notorious chief of tho Ulack Hundred. A number of other officials and goQdurwes of the Gear's regime also tire contained in tho list. <$> <$> 4. <j> 4> ^> ^. 4. <j> ^> <j> <$. * •'.-••'- <c <8> SOME BEAN, • <* * ii.4><'<{'<J>'$>^'^ St. Ixiuis, Mo., Sept. 11.—IA Vene- zueian butter bean, planted last July by George M. Mlnc^e tn hla backyard, has grown out of the yard, over a fence Into a neighbor's' yard'and ijp the neighbor's shed. The ues6 stalk (a'(Meet long, and the largest bean pod Is 40 Incites in length'and 1 Inches in, circumference. Another is 12 Inches lopg abd 9 la otrcumterence. Tho Jeayea pflbe ppds are pne-tbird 9f an' loco thick.. an4 are ^ imitatioa Cornir North M*lr> ttii Utoni MreM $19.75 to $29.75 Sample Silk Special for Serge Dresses A GREAT OPPORTUNITY There is in all about seventy of these Taffeta Silk and all j Wool Serge Dresses in sizes from 16 to 44. They consist j of Morgan & Anderson's (the famous Toledo Mamifacturers)travc1er , s | samples of Latest Fall Dresses in sizes 16 and 36, made to retail at j $25.00 and #29.75 and well worth it, which we bought at one-third off. j To these we have added, to niak^ up the assortment, of sizes, a number j of gootl styles in in #19.75 to $29:75 Silk and Wool Dresses of our re- | niaiuing spring models. If you need a new dress for Fall we advise j seeing this assortment before selecting from our other stock. The j stales are so good and in many cases so similiar, if you can find your j size in a style to suit, you may prefer them. j Sale Begins Tomorrow j O. F. SAWYER DRY GOODS COMPANY, Corner North Main and Second Streets—NO APPROVALS j I)E LUXE *^ TODAY *4 WALTvACR RRID, in "Believe Me Xantippt' Friday and Saturday The Biggest Show on Earth u We booked this for Friday and Saturday so the school children could have tne best chance to see ' he best circus picture ever made. Keep it in mind—it's a dandy. SMACK A Mysterious Maid Kisses Doug on the Trail of a Bug! CRACK A. Munition Smuggler Knocks Him Cold With a Gas Pipe. S. A. Lynch Enterprises, Inc. "Presents DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS IN "AMERICAN ARISTOCRACY* A spontaneous combustion of complications wherein Douglas does everything from driving hydroplanes to busting up smug* gliiij? plots against the U, S, PEARL Tomorrow ot the richest kind ot velvet. The leaves aro from pue loot, to 15 Inches In (liunieter. Eat Fruit, . Freisli peaches, pears. PIWBB, grapes, $>pples, cantaloupes, water melons, oranges bamuuts and lemons. 1. Smith's Orocery and Market. PBono 1500. Hit 4 rich Chinese cont or sl(p-ou , ot UlU6 and black embroidery may vary appropriately be worn over a slip of black Georgette crepe. Hundreds of Families Are Taking Advantage of THE PURITY GROCERY Special week sale on all canned and case goods by the dozen or case, including soaps and all eatables except government" restricted. Special deliveries have beeri employed every day from early morning to 8:00 p. m. You that haven't laid in a supply had better hurry. Get in while you can and at less than wholesale prices. Every thing guaranteed satisfactory. Credit to all worthy, the more the better—start now. Phone 1320 WANTED Hoferrlnff to ' our ndvertlaei merit of lagt week for an (fxecu- llvc—the jwintrt you wanted to remember are theso: Is'urne of picture—Tho Mayor of Filbert. * licntlth — Eight reels-— two hours. Subject—The Wet v«. Dry fight in a middle western city. Production ~ A Triangle Special. Answering hundreds ot Yes, it Is a way of setting into the profllubU' end of the motion picture business (,dta- Irihutlon), on your own jic- count, handling your own money. In your own district, buslnt'HH and busIiie«»i:'A>n — fxtitmtlul; knowfedffrt uf tniiion picture bualncsa an auoh- vir,- trnuortnnt. Speed—vital. It Is bc-eauso of Uili necessity •that • we • are ott-sAae this chance to outsldera, IIy the times this in m-intml— this territory rimy be cloaud. Ttlecramtf unswei't'd Itintuntly. . Address TRIANGLE FILM ComocitlGn Room 803-1457 Broadway, New York Riverside Park TONIGHT Bobby Barker Musical Comedy Company for one more week in latest musical tabs. Dancing Tonight Park PaviUlon > TfUDettMW RCO.U.S PAT. OFT. PATtNTS M»PVJCD rom THE MOTORLESS MOTOR-TRUCK T HERE is not a Car or Truck owner in existance who could not use a Trailmobile to advantage. Get a Demonstration See Them at The Kansas State Fair The Trailer Co. £16 2nd East Hutchinson, Kansas Full Line of Hats and Caps Save Middle Man's Profit by Buying From 4 South Main Phone 10 U The JIuwliiK veil u charming, wid ' •mirny vomea wear Uieui hijjlJW in 1 (root tjian in . 1 iniQ All Seats r ltvlO Always DC TODAY Charley Chaplin la "Behind The Screen" wins iiiM.r miotics IM in "On Her Account" Iris Screen Telearam Showing ulltclal war u.-v..-*. Tomorrow UAItY CHAlll.K-SDN In Satan's Private Door" A & ri'ttl I '^rlwllou lVaturt\ A puwiMluf story, druinatictt-lly told. UicU unU puor ullk<t shuuki dt-o UtU ^ripvuini UIUJILX. TmXfty only. to 9MYtma$ a4vertu«3»eim £1 MM na«oUon Tlt« »<$w»

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