The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 19, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

JULY !*> 1*4 PAGE ews ificd Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIED AD - Information A* i»- th* otftc* of th* P»rl» fi*w» nos l*t*x t&atn « p. «•_ tfc* publication. Tbr v 'corwrnrl i— f- m«*rtloo*: 1 Tim* *C p*r woru. X -Ti»»«* <c "»*' «or<l * • Ti«»«r» *« »** *or<t. It Tii"«» l&c p«i word. ~2» ' T4*»»«» **>C D*: word. chart: «. SOc. f>umb«r of or Unem »*t in e&p* *r* o«oJnt*a on tb« b**l* of »1». words tfi tk« tin*. Ct**«lfl*6 *xl* •£1 'in * !l capital tatter* • >n»t CbDlr&ct r*t«» will o* ci**J> Out ol -tow o order* tor c£u*l- ; Tfc* N**» vtlt not o* r*»i>*im>lbl* tor tnor« than o»* tb* right to «<tit •.ud censor *J1 copy tor th* beat Sat*r«*t» ol *.ad Bex oa«nb«r» car* N«» firen «.<Jv~ril»«r* ind »dc!r«m»*«. T«i*pltou« your «,<!• to o«r t*i»- «nf.. «l*»alCi«d Ad T*it«t» »te» ^1*« yoo l"» *fordU*» tfc* Phone »«» OR !•*. ..will =opy. DEMOCRATIC PR13LAHY July ±8. 1834 Lot*. m»a JFOtJND—In lobby of lady's umbrella. Owner can it by p*yin* f or ad. LOST—-Lady*« wri^t watch Monday niebt at colored meeting south part of town- Reward. Return to Kews office. LOST—Bill fold. Has nam* of Harry Cox enrtavtsd OH aide. Has papers, including poll tax receipts. Please return to Pari* New* office. Personal REWARD for any Information concerning 1 two hound* poisoned West 3hiloh- Tom May- aard. TF1LL FAT CASH for a. rood u*ed car. Nothing older than '29 model considered, and prefer light car. Must be a bargain. Ray Morse. Morse Bee Line Station, corner 19th and Grand Ave. Professional Cards* CHARLES PRiCE Phone 896 - 5 West Houston G*aeral Insnrmne*. Special Notice* 1O [For, .Representative (rout tfa* XTth Slstrict- A. .M- A1KJL.N. JR' (Re-election Second Term.) I F<* Hepr«£>euiatlve SSUxDiitriC* C. C. CAivON -CRe-elecuon second term-j [ For County M. JD- EMEKSUN FjaAJSIK D- U'EAR -HERBERT L. JONES •G'RAJDY STURGEON. BCY YOUR MIXNOWS AT LAK.K CROOK. 13c and 25c Per Dozen We have all kinds of bait and give prize of 100 minnows each month for largest fish caught •with our shiners. H. W. EARLY Wanted—Misctllancoo* For Count^ C. A. MARTIN J, 31. BRAS WELL TAN I>- ANDERSON. For Sbcrift: CX.rDE SHK1-TON (Re-election, second t»rm_) Saperlntendcni Laniar Co, School* WJLLTER TCRMAN MARY JONES LJ.NDSAT (Re-election, Second' Term.) 3. G. BRUNSON. CHARLIE Ri DUGGEJA MART MANESS PIERCB •P. L. CBiSifc WILL, FAT CASH for dual -wheel Chevrolet truck. Must be In good condition and a bargain. H. F. Brockaway, 212 N. ISth St. Auto Repairing and Painttmt 14 £M«l« t or JUnl A NICE atx room house, located across street from 4th ward school. Ail modern convenience*. Recently remodeled. Reasonable rental. Telephone 2259-X, Real Estate For Sale Wanted to Re»t 102 COUPLE with ie-months old child want, small first floor furnished apartment, utility bills paid, must b* very reasonable. Address Box D. care News, *ivin£ price. UXFTJRNISSED apartment, desirable neighborhood close In. Permanent to desirable couple. Address "Apartment" care News. Farm* for Sale 10A XO. 1TT4— 247 acres fire miles west of Clarlcsville on paved State Highway ?fo. 5. HO meres level black waxy soil to cultivation, 100 acres additional black waxy tillable now in Johnson and Bermuda xras*. S3 acres pasture, tme «ood four room hou«*. barn, one old house and barn, three room tenant house. Price $45 per acre. CHAS. F. BOLL, Gibraltar Hotel. Paris. JVoticc U»* City, CouiteU ot tli» City of P»ri» Ofi tb« $lb <Jaty of; ' JTttXy^* Z924 2 (iv* notice tbatt «A *l*etioik by tk» wto own tsucab!* property ia aad wfco b«.v« dtUy r*nd«T*<l property for tauokXloo. will b* h*Jd tx^ea iJs« bxkCrs o? s;C& o'clock. A. Jil,, «a<l *;«« o'clock. F. aau oa lb* TU» -<l»y of AQKOK. 1334. for tfa* purpoa* of "d«- tb* foI2owiac proposition: T or not tb,* city of P»ii» the City is the «iua of Seventy Tboo- **nd (t~« O00.e»> dollars, and levy * tajc «urfic]*at to pay tb* tat*r*«t on said boccU, and. cr«at* a. slnkioc fund sufficient to redeem them a.t mattirity;- tbe »aid bosds to bear iat*r«jtt; frora 3*** *.t j. r»t« not exceediaK *- P*r" c«nt ontttzra. interest payable *era!-inmw,liy. Said bond* ma.tarin« serially at th* T*^' *D«ctive time* auod in th* - r«»p»ctSv-t amoa&tjL a» may b* £ix*d by, tb« City Council; BO .bond to be. is*tt*d for a period exceedinc tblrty y«ar»- froia It* date, and all bonds to o* tsctt*d for tbe purpose o*f building:" Sewer Disposal Plaats. cocs^rtictioo of man-noles the present Sewer Systeai and tc b»' known as Se^-er Construction Bond*: Series -1S34-* fleers of said election sbail b* respectively as fo3o»«. j \VAHE» 2: Central Fir* Station I>. * i Godbold. •Itb tii« General £2eetkw IAW* of the] State. In so far as the sajot* are ap- j pltcab!* aad not ia confJJct witk tbe I ffroviaions or t3as dry r*».^a- i Every owner of raxab!* property to tbw CUy or Part*, who bits daJy rendered said »r*p*rty for 'taxation. and «bo is Qualified to vote for ca*mb»r» of tise iecislatur* of tie state a&d wbo has resided In the limits, of tbe Ctty *pr «ix (S) sjoistas, an.4 la tb« "Ward la which b* offers to vote for tblrty t3&> days, mext preceding tb* election is entitled to »ot*. Giv«. a nnder tay hand %'ilh the Seal of tbe City or Paris affixed this the 4th day of July. A_ I> *S34 J- at CKOOK Mayor. City of Paris : 3Ir«, Odotts Park. City secretary, city of Paris. *HOSS AN f BUGGY* HANDY IN STRIKE J COMMUNITY IVEWS OF PAIGE'S ARRAIGISltfEIST FOR MURDER DELAYED Tusfcafaoma Man In Jail Said to, Show Signs of Mental Disorder ANTLERS. Okla.—Arraignment of A. R. VaTighn. 56-year old tie- I maker of Tuskahoma, charged j with murder In conection with the death Monday o also For Sale or Exchange 1O6 FOR SALE OR TRADE—F£v« room house near East Paris school. Phone 2254W. 3- Coert Hotis*. A_ W. Xe-ri officer; 4: S»aris Hi*h School. L Jackson. • presidint officer. The forszi of ballot 10 be used said election for tbose voting Ja fa of the, issuance of bonds «*iall be "For the Issuance- of Sewer Construction Bonds, Series "133-f Th» form of bajJot to be used in said election for those voiJni against !sswaiie« of fepnd* shall b* »'« follows: •*A«atsst the Issuance or Sewer Contraction Bonds. Series "1S34,** Tb* election to be held ia accordance Robert Braugh- » is held | in abeyance pending a further in- < vestigation into. circumstances snr- ,' occurred on the street of Tuska- , homa. County authorities say that Vaughn, since his incarceration late Monday afternoon in the county jail, has displayed emotions j that lead them to believe he is snf- j fering from mental disorders. | PAIGE'S CHAPEI,—Ralft v.udl be appreciated as several families are nearly out of crater. Frank YOUR^ and family aarf Urs. Maud Xorrell and childreic ot Manitou. Qkla.. are visitins ta ta« J. L.. Young home. Fred Bum pas and Rtifus Latham of Miller. Okla.. are vis'tln* Mrs. W, L, "U'ilson. ^A revival meeting: TviU begin on ±nursday ni^bt with Rev. TV. "W. "Wilson. Baptist minister, preach- Miss Arna Smallwood stuck "a. ksife in on? of her legs STJnday. and had to have the services of a doctor. Dick Harris drove his "hos» an* buggy" up to a filling station near San Francisco's city ha!l just to show that he couldn't be stopped by the gasoline shortage which came with the strike. Oil companies announced they would not deliver gasoline to retail stations because o^ physical risk to truck drivers. (Associated Press Photo) For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 ^"e are still payiss N'RA and hours and doing- a quality zype of cry cleanly Sontitern Cleaning Dye Works Korcnan Coker, Oivner Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE Her Bouncing Baby Girl ByE. C. SEGAR | For Coonty Clerk: ^ H Second ic District Clerk: BOB LATTIMOH^ JE- <K.e-e-ection. second term-> For Assessor - .'•']. Taxes: UOROTHY 1_\T1MER. NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy pay plan on iutt> •paintiaff, fender, body and wreck -work. Ask about iti Grand Ave. t at ZBtb Street Morse Bee Line Station Telephone 8O3 Mattress and Ro£ Renovating 28 NOW TOC CAN HAT-E TOCR MATTRESS RENOVATED On The Easy Payment Plan! One I>ay Service Pari« Maitres* &. Awning Co. SO W. Sherman i*hone 37O 3fiscellaoeoa« Serrtce ELECTRIC FAN and motor re} winding. Main Co. 2« North ilaln St. for Commisatooer Precinct K*. 1- ERT L. BALLARD fte-eJectSon, Second Term-} for Cotttniissioner. Precinct 1; GEORGE TSRRY Tor Commissioner Precinct 2: itOT 3- DU^AGAK f Re-ei*ctlon second J. FRANK JONES. Employment Heip Wanted. Male STEADY WORK—GOOI> FAY Reliable man wanted to call on farmers in Lanaar county. Ko experience or capital needed- Write today. :McNESS Co., 3>ept. S-. j Freeport, Illinois. Opportttnities for Commissioner Precinct Ttore* 1 , >t -_.__-_._ ^^_x_ <r^_^»_ ^»= »-. T » »rvv ^i»rrvp<!«; j ANOTHER bcsiaes* force* rae to L. B-, RO- CA \tNESS ^^ iny p!g: stantf Priced risrht for cash or will trade for Upht delivery truck. Crawford's Pig Stand, £5 Lamar. r Re-elect son, Second Term.) MARK J. H. Conimts-sloner Precinct 4: T. W, (BILL) RUSS^TLL CR^-election Second Terns). T. H- BOC'TH For Public WdsrlWT, Place 1, WILL THOMAS n Second T*nru> conoa Ptoc. 2 CLAREXCE SECHKST R- T. <BOB> XA.SH. «t Part*. Financial Bonds GALBRfcATH DEWEHSE AND PROCK 257 TCLL VOUR FOLKS OL1UE. AH* LE'S GET I GOT TQPlMO ft 50 % S IT'LL CURE THE BUNGLE FAMILY The Fire Sleuth By HARRY J. TUTHIU; RSI SUT^6LE,ATAT!ME LIKE) THi£ WHEN PE56Y AND ME / ARE GETT1M6 READY FDR j f^ A YAC^T TRIP, WHY AR^/\ I WEKT OVER THE RUINS AGAIN TODAY, WfTH SMOKY JOE FROM NQ.2 COMPANY, AMD HE ADMITTED HE COULD SEE A LOT/ OF FUNNY THINGS THERE. FDR YEA?tS THE RED-HOTS JN THAT LOD6E HAVE BEEN TALK3NS ASOUT BURNJN& ME UP, BUT j'LLADr'.rr I NEVER EVEN SUESSED THE TRYTDDO WITH MATCHES. AND ONE OF THEM, I KNOW, ttXJ PUTTER1N5 AROJND IN THE ASHES OF ASUILDlNSTriAT SHOULD HAVE SE£>i TORN BOWfi A6ES AGO. WELL. I'VE SEEN' SOME Cr YOUR UOO6E 3SC7HERS AND IF THEY DiONT YOU WALK1N6 AROUND S£CAUS£ OLD LODGE HAU.CAUG ANYHOW, V-'HAT DOES TT MAKE AN OLD D1NG> 5U!L£;I>fS FEU CR33JR DO\VN V/HETHER LISTEN JO, YOU MEAN 'HAT THE R^PSCTASLE ELEMENT SHOULD DO MOTH1N6 ABOUT THE OLDEST UODGE, ;N THE iEING TURNED !NTO A SORT OF "TRAINJN'S SCHOOL fCR AN ARSON DIANA DANE The Customer Is Always Right Need Casli? Sec Hay Morse for Auto-Loans. 45 Gra.ndL For ol the Peace Precinct Xo, 1, Place No. 1: A. Tf. SHEFFIELD. For Pahtfc XTei?cher, Frcctnct flSoxton,) J. M. (Mar-.*ii5) COOPER. Feed Plant* and For Jw*ttct- of rhe Peace. Precinct I * I, Place 2, LAmar Connry. | J, A. f Arthur i JOHN'SON. ! " For re-eJerrion. stftf^nd t«rtn. | ES PARROTT I For Constable, Prertnct l: SAM GARI-AND. J. C. <JOHN> PRIDED ..... ...... •' • • " '— - — '• Announcements Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Sore Naff Stock Feed Field Seed — Garden SoeU Poultry remedies. Balk Bird Seed. Bird Remedies asd Sup- and Prjppy Food Chigr?:<>r Chaser. Guaranteed to Keep the Chiipcers Off HARRY BOOK 37 Grand Are. Tel, 604 i * I * C * i. -* | *—- ^~^ ^JV^ j— 1 .. ', ."* T i • -^ i. -,' « ll \i ^ i "%>< £ ?~\ i^ "^^ ; : V^f\ \O HOMER HOOPEE Nothing To Worry About All »nrt OF EASTERN STAR PARIS X". * O. EC. S rrr»^t» «v*ry p t ttw. Oorra Fo Good Tbttu» to Eat ANGEL FOOt> CAKES. «0c. T5c. f J.**. Mr*. Roger Council. K NO 57 A, r.. »»<i A. M cj<t.">-inp *«itj aw? 4th Fr$ «ac!s mttftifc l:SO j>. tr» W«* K. <S for S . tRT»t»«, I J { - ' „ _ _ PLSNTT pf cat fi»h for sale at river bridr*. Mack Flinn- cwji.rTr.-R to MEN'S worn out »ho«a, cash pay. ftwsn 'M. K.. JJ. F. K. O Br*tr»Tn%». S nf!> 7:13 p w Vi«rJ{|n« 'w*>rir»rr!»A, J J C»n«tn T M H C. t*r*<!*ttmn. S« ftsfyl D Jottnsoa ft. C.. H KHAUD CftOTTO i! O V. P. E R<nm'nf «>*<»tin(r I*t <»*«?! mantti 7-30 p m .Uy tnvlt*. 1 ! J H U r»n»«iv«, S H«rrt» Won- Of* THE EASTERN STA« «i%*nt*r e*> m*«t* t ni»t.t and in* tfttrfl **r »nfh mn»th Vtnttor* '*r >M*u<j« , ftcott, W, M. Mr*. ' ' Real Entaie for Kent Room* »l TO GKNTLEMBN bedroom !n. Phone I2CS. Apartment* for Real 99 FURX1SHEB *t»»ttra*nt. Phone FURNISHED *pa.rtment. C*II 1 35. for vrs ALL. R\e«r: T \VASKiT M>?- WE t^SRY DrXY FOfc A HtS VODKAS FOR Mt SCORCHY SMITH A Disappearing Act » Hm. Fum. Hm *it(t Dup. in. J»hoii« 7*4 hou**,

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