The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 23, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1932
Page 5
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DEATHS Button Up Your Evening Dress THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD . MONDAY. MAY 23^1932. LOCAL MENTIONS FIVE Mrs. Frank E. Brown. . Word hajs been received bere of the i death in Roance, Va, of Mrs. Track j E. Brovn. who frequently visited her j sis-.ers-m-'-au-. Miss ^n""« Bro-xti and i Mrs Roy I. Hyadicaa, ae*r Psedenck. Mrs. Bro-sm died Sunday nigh* about 7 o'clock of a hear: attack. ir«r death beiixg lery suedes. She is survived by her h-jsband and the folkwrizig chil- j dren: Lauis Bromx Phoenix, Arsz.: F?ask E. Bro»m. Jr. George Ernest Brown, Henry B Brown, and Miss EM- abech Brown, also of Roarsoke. One brother. Goldsboro-J^h Oars:, Baltimore. also survives Funeral services «ri! be heid Tuesday morn^g in Roanoie. with ^itersient m tha: c:iv Mrs. John Shillings. Mrs. Sarah Shiings. wife of John Sv».'p«gs_ died z: the Moatevue Hospital Saturday a: 7 o'clock after aa { illness of fo^r yeat. aged 83 years She j *as a :ife2on« resident of FSrederitk j coanty. Beside her hvisbaad sne is survived by Use following cMdren: Mrs. A. M. Harding. Kichard Shiliags.; Mrs. M. F. B^ckston. Ohio; Frank and Toirasel Shillings. Baltimore; Mrs. Hauie Dean. Baltimore. Two grandchildren and 36 great grandchildren also *irmve. Funeral this afternoon a: 2 o'clock from the Fiuit HiU church. Interment adjoinin; cemetery H. M. Snyder. funeral director. FUNERALS Funeral of Mrs. Annie G. Johnson, colored, was held Saturday momsng at 11 o'clock at Hopeiand M. B. church, conducted by Rev. Geo. T. Bell, assisted by Rev. Hodges. Frederick, and Rev. Daugaerty. Buckeysloim. Pallbearers ·arere: Prark Jackson. Alford Weeden. Lee Holiarid. Harry Batten, John W. Hill and Raymond Batson. Interment in Fairviex cemetery. Albert V. Dsxon, funeral director PERSONALS Mr Guy B. Anderson. Baltimore, -ns- ited ha father. Mr. George S. F. Anderson rear Frederick, Sunday. Mrs. George Shipley. Mrs. Charles Suip and Mrs. Charles Pagan left, to- dy to visit, Mrs. Shipley's daughter Mrs. Earl Seeger, St. Louis. Mo- Mrs. Guy Anders left today for Fort Beroing, Ga~. to join Captain Anders, ·srho is competing his three months' course there. They expect to re-tum to Frederick Monday. Mr. Earl S:oae, Peiham. N. Y., spent. Sunday m Frederick, visiting his mother, Mrs. Susan Stone. Dul avenue. Mr. Stone ·a-as resuming to New York after a business trip to Sale Lake City. Utah. Mr and Mrs. Charles Paul Staley Thirteen* street, are receiving con- gratulauons upon the birth of a. daughter. Ann Elizabeth, at the Frederick City Hospital. Both mother and daughter are doing nicely. Miss Annie Wi^rer, recently of Washington. spent; Thursday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Winer. Harmony Grove. Miss Witter, -srho is a 34 WITNESSES CALLED ! FROM HERE TO CUMBERLAND (CON1 /ED FROM PAGE 1) The ·a.'astunston Trust. Comjjan\ ; of Ellic-ott City. Howard count} [merged -.utt the Frederick ins'.itul.on ijune 30. 1931. and the doors cf all branches of the Central Trust Company, as well as the mam office ia Frederick, closed September 3. 1331 . Two sixcifn- counts in indictment aga-r-st Mr Coblentz allege he accep.- ! ed depiKits from Uo customers on Sep! tember 2. the day before the institut-an ji Ellicoti City closed Da\id A Robb. fccnier Sti:e^ Ati torr.ey and Allegar.y couat\ Sutc Senator, will be chtel c-ouiu*''. for St-i'. Senator Coblentz. and T Taylor Sni^th. t of Cumberland, v.ill be ^j.^t£d \\tth WilLarr. Ijtf Hav.1^ of Baltimore I as. cous?! for Mr Page Other dofoiiM- torneys -nclude L?o \Vei:-.tx'r^ \V:1- liam Curran. George M Brae; z-:c. Hilar- W Gans William A Husw-r. State's At*orne\ S for Al-egany county, viill assist Janie^. Clark. State's Attorney for Howard ! county, in the prosecution LOCAL MENTIONS CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK POTTS GRIFFIN. F»rns worth's :c plav d.ii'ier. Tuvsdav. Ma;,- 24 Be?'. Pot K MM luns Fi'h Salaci H^uie lia^ej B- a:-.- Re-ist of Beet Corn BivT iUvi Koi^t of Pi-rfc CARHOIZ. AND PATRICK STS Op.xx.:- Pv-t OSlce Spec ill, : SOC- GIXXI..I ·-;*· Rose plants .n our.c.e* vl -1 i-t.-r. .: rou. tiari. and l^nt iOc- b-iii.* "Sale lait* osl lt» Uoubi Switch. M o : b* Joi: Follow the Crowd T\ VondaN c:;.it M r, Jj ST.TX }5i:;.- ' 5 O o-^ 1 . i . .-' Milk 5 I rob. Crci-.' .'j t: "Ihc Iavt Of fhr I jrth." A C :" "· D ^-: . . : . · » ^ ..- CHL'RCH ST CHOO- V_111O1 TMMERMAJC. hvMlt? 1CV College -V.e Don't t-orsrt 1 . Th«- ISlh Serirs. the Fii '.. \ 5ji.:o.Kg ai'-i I/oaii A- iiU.'ii A. r. v l t . v A: Frccnckt ^n -ii-r-. li ii.'-'.o:i Marti Sul-rds". E-J \ rt.-. I t C *\ * * iki O - ::«·; LaduV. 6*c .^ ioc. -i-iic^. ii.' or jo. ^.hcr pair '.'ft ._-.r.s 3 S Ms.: ^'. WEDDINGS MCU'N Sole*. \U.. r __ 'X" . x 3-.-: lo-t.Nr _-c Mil. ·:* S.-.v,.- K, v Hc. Jo.*, tho ^ T O A C -»' Pivu^r.c*. Jjii\.'t.\.ii :cr-i;.-.: 51- "- T -.» H-vl Orchestra Dine-:::; 9 to : " A,i.! 1 _ss.cii -5e Frv" on* fr^ni Cra2i«rr .-. a: 8 3V MISCELLANEOUS Free--Coleman. Herbert E. Free, son of Mr and MR. Bradley Free, this citv. and Mi-~s RtT.n I Colensan, of Pear!, were married Friday night at 830 o'clock by Re:. A. R Caniels M..i Snedegar at tile ministers home 0:5 West Chiirch street. Tney were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Free, brother and sister-in-law of the bridegroom, who nero attendant*. ru:U by Woodroa- Wilson Free, this, and Madeline Ruth Woods, of Brans- Ali Ghan Trmplr! Attention. R-i-lar ::.-'.:.; \Vvcr.rt,i3j «-»er..r Araa Lunch -snd nesting All NOTICES. \".^i i. . ·* . c * : ·: t s--.f -". Wet«r:s M i r . i-.J .. j; V.::Jojr.3. A.: S:'.nrTi :::\::e \V\! ·' P.1ZEH. Ke HAD 1,118 PATIENTS Panama Hats HeanrJ Like New. fb'cKked and an^hed like factor) Guaranteed v :*.· sa'a;ac^ry We co *ork -jt as vou like it Prices · ^i n. · r - f i - V ' \ f f ' str s-" Montgomery County Hospital Keport For Year Submitted. Rockviile. May 23 -- According to the annual report super^itendent. \f-« EUzabeih B. Jx-es. of the 1.118 patients irea^d ac the Montsoaiery County General Hospital. Sandy Sprms. 1 during the Tear which ended April 30. S38 were from Montgomery cwuity. 127 Dye.n; of all k_r.i of lidies' slippers, any color Also rc^ns shoes Our -A or it will ploa^e ;. c..i AiS thote who ha'.e · tried our ^r-. :ro STAR 5iAl CLSAXISG -AND SHOE SHINE PARLOR 11 Court Street c ! ' Festival At Yellow Sprines. sdj;. e\en^i?. May 25. for benefit of Brooi Hill church. Music by from Howard county. 79 from Prince , veilow Spring^ Concert Band. Prof Georges county. 3 from Anne Arur.del ' stull. director i coacty, 2 each from Baltimore and Car- . ' roll counties. 1 from Frederick | Furniture Finishing. Upholstering and the others from various S~ f ?z. Tr.e · n j re? Prices reasonable. - C 1 3 V.'i-- - ' . ~ , t .),.,-,-... c .- o: f - i - pay patients numbered 732, while there f GEORGE W. HT.~XTCHEX ne 23-M. IDS East Fourth St. vrere 386 State patients. At the beginning of the year, the re- ' port states, there was on hand SI,- j Army tiress. hobnail and police shoes.' A 758 95. and the balance at, the end of I b-and ne-.v SI 25 SI 95 *o S2 95 ! -d ··*·-* the year was Si.389 19 The principal' «"use. -·«'* ^.^.j'"., " f t --. secretary, been employed in Washington. for the pas; nine weeks and expects to leave May 2T for Boston. She will spend about a, month there, later going to Cape Cod, where she has taken a position unsil aooT?; October 1. AMONG THE SICK THE CiTiZKNS' NATIONAL BANK OF K R K D E K I C K , MD. CAPITAL $100,000.00 SUKPLUS $800,000.00 OFFICERS JOSES-H D. BAKES. Ch of Board. \ ':'. ! M r s L BAKER, President. JOHN H. BAKES, I " t c f - P r e s i d e n t . JOSKPH McDiviT, Vice-President. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN. Cashier. SAMUEL G. DCVALL, Assistant Cashier. J TKAVERS THOMAS, Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. HALLEK, CHARLES H. CONLEY, M. D, JOHN S. NEWMAN, JAMES H. GAMBRILL, JR., HOLMES D. BAKER, DANIEL BAKER. JR., JOHN H. BAKER. ELIAS B. KAMSBCRGH, AKCHIBAJLD E. FISHER. mg the amount in the treasury at the beginning of the year, were S42 437 03 The report further states that the j Plate Lunch. Choice ··. ttro uieats and three vegetables, oread and ;'-tter. 20c. Special: Three ej?o. bread, better and coffer 20c. | (From Cliez rvlr.on. New York.) new suiff that gr.e^ you the slmfcy. numoer of patients treated exceeded the cumber of the preceding year by 162 i wnicn "makes us realize that in -a few ' Katn zn * e3?s 30 ~ Bacon and eggs 30-;. years, if things progress as in the ' Kaniiurser steak 30c. and Beef steak past, roam space will bs needed " 4^;. TS-C 1 isx-" wear it -s-hen Mr. J. Paul Mahoner, West South j street, who imderwent an operation Thursday nigh; a; Frederick City Hospital, is doing as well as can be ex- BY JOAX SAVOY XEA Service Writer You've probably not-ced that eve cing go'sns are getting Jot of char- __=etf acter in them. ; you ~ar.; Some of the new ones, mace of ·, Tr.e cre^s .--sc-ir lias z. lorely necS- ·triple sheers and other fabrics that ; line, a half -"1 :hn; r-ms up to one tailor well, come ·arith the high-back ' ^honlc-ir. gh-°~ an strap and sports-like front that give ihem ~x~ .he other shoulder. The elegant sophistication- For vrnea a j back of : - e r._rI-:Lne 13 cut the same pany frock dares stream-line sports j TS»T, one-^Iasi. one-strapped and cut, ifc takes on a nonchalance that * *.e~, "very sus.". e snd chic is irresistible. i The gradu^x-c ~l-3 biritons. circled Wilite leads ail colors in summer with rh-nes.rr.". do ccacle caty. They i evening: dresses. Of course, it rypi- ; actu^llj :3-:en crcs= and ai the ! Ses aioonligh; on evening seas and;same t-me are imrr.cmely decorative. other rorcannc things summer should . Tne b.rjat ou - --;n is placed just be- to 2. girl's life. |lo-- the hi;h -7£^ and it is to To Be Ordained. I Sandwiches · Hot Wearer ... 5c Eg^; . 5c True Copv-- T"i: MELV7N F SHEPLE1. Regime: of V... « :o Freic-lct Cour.'.j .·-. IT 23-30 ]« 6-53 United Lutheran Church of ! at Lansciovvne. which \rill convene to- ! night and remain in session unt-1 j Wednesday night. The ordination i service will occur Wednesday rjght ' Ir - Gav2r become pastor of 2 ion ! 216 East Patrick St Modern Apartment For Rent Apply Weil Bros 410 Nortn Market St. ORtJEK SIP: ON AV NO 1M4S EQUITY c r c s - C=--- F.T F r r - c Mi-:i C Hu-rT.r'*. O". PC- "m -.Me sr-i-T- rl :M! ' Lutheran church. Lykens, Pa. He 13 j the son of llr. and Mrs. Lew-s F. Gaver. j MyeisvSEc. and graduated from Get- | tysburg College and Gettysburg Theo- ! logical Seminary 0-df-fA. Kent-A-Car. Xe^. L-oi Rates. Gas ana Oil Included. FRANCIS SCOTT KEY GARAGE TO.: !·· -r-l ^ c! " 1 " Mis. Robert 3^. Warfielc. Dill ave- nae, is suffering with a mild as^ck of scarlet fever. Her two young sons recently recovered from the same disease, and are now vlsitmg their grandparents at RockrEle. Wife Objects To I Mate's Wedding white gown is the kind » :ne secor.5 s-z:= s-r.tcr. mat the cape give you iatinctlan and make you faster-5 c-ne «tici ar.5 to tns littlest FASHION PLAQUE mute the cynosure of masculine eyes. . button at tr.3 :;p -.~--f. the other end j It Is ice blue silk jersey, that clingy i of the cape a::a;hes. GLASS OF 1934 WINNER OF HOOD SPRING SPORTS DAY Annual Banquet Of Athletic Association Saturday Night. ! The class of 1934 was winner of the j second annual Spring Sports Day a: _ i Hooa College on Saturday with a total : 'score of 300 points; 1932 was second with 260 points: 1923 was third with 210 points: and 1935 took fourth place Tith 200 points. Th-e events of the morning were arch, err, ping pong, qa-oitennis, tennis, track, and volley ball. These were fol- I ths home of 1~. ani Sirs. H. 5 Beck. --Robert TTaih-ngton. D. C., ' was T ;jest of r.^ p^ ilr. and Mrs. . R E. Sp-imer tor few csys last week ilr. Spurrier na= ccer. lor niore tasua a year. --11-ss Tr.«l~^i HDJOS Bncgewater Callega, 3r.c;,r.^:^r. Va . 3?er;; a weekend re:ent".;. T..I.I her parent*. Ilr. and Mrs. WJLforcJ H;c3=, Mt. .^17. --^Tiie lit 'A-ry b^ecaU team -.isiied Hyattstown Sonday sftemoos wbere :ney de.rav- tr.e H;.2" J ;"o'S"n nme 3 to 1 Surcar pre~;j» "r.e Hyattstown teasi r^.:rc lit A_ry ana r. as cefeatea --llr;. Harris IToleswartii entertaas- j the card cl^o at faar tables of \ lowed by a luncheon at wh--ch the fo'^r bridge a" n-^r r.Dnis R.dg=. .lie last 'classes sat in different sections of the dining room The Athletic Associat.-on boara and officials sa- t Aether. A; 1.30 the events of the cay were resumed ' liSi class contests in archery, base- ban, ?-ng pong. qjoit«n.n^. and tennis. , The results of the c-fferen: contests were as follows Archery--1935. 190 points. 1932. 60 pomis: 1933. 10 points. ' Baseoall--1933 =K p^^ts- 1934. 25 Ping Pong--1334 125 points: 1932 50 points, :933. 50 poJiu , 50 po.nis. 1934. yi poinK: 1935 25 points 1 Tennis--1932. 100 ts.r.ts. 1933. 75 points: 1934 50 points. 1?35. 50 po^Jta ! TollcT Bs.l--1934. 50 posits: 1933 25 points As the cl-is-iv of Sor^.; So-3-ris Day the Athletic A5i-c.i;.;n hel^ its an- 4 nual bang jet at 7 o'clock _n Cob:n:z , Hall. At *ius time tne old officers cf | the association ^ve over their pla-es to the incoming officers Cla~e Wil- lianis. "32, oresioer.t. gave place , to ELnor Xicho"^. 33. who .r. ram gave her cff.ce as n;e-pres.s«nt '3 i Martha Myton. "34. Eleanor Evans. "35. ·succeeded 'W^nfreS ?\iackley. "34. as, ' secretary, and Emily Lively. 'So, succeeded Sara Bais-X "34. as treasurer ' Afterwards, the .nd.v.dua.1 and trac^ i awa.rds for the year were inaco by the ' sports aiaaa^rs. Snt^rtamnient -z*^ iby six girls a fin* 5_m:;r. Sjr.d^y rnc-mins at Tnn.:y M. E. C----c.i Stutr. oy t=e pastor. Re-.. A. L Harr.-e*3-r;er. --^The fireman r-;s3na;d :· a caH last TTe-ln-jsdiy 13 t.ij .i;me of Spen- jna-o.e ".3 sa~; '.-c cu. r- 3ut oen: :hr-r e"~r's t^ s- -rr s-' m. ch.cien ho'-ses and r : r_ s -.;._-*· -1. The loss u bel.i'.ei :D ha c cjnrr. o! ^i;cndiary ·xho -".-- - - . ~ .."f ... at :he home -·'. "-.-;- par-T..o "·'.' a.-d Mrs. "Williarr. -as ti^er. to Fr« --·: C "y Hospital cr. H-I-. A 1 Ka--,ic..r;-:r --ljr^. :.; ;:_:.-!-« ·Wi5~-r.-o= D C T-.S .i l-r third j Dancinjr Public 1 . i Grand Opening Ball Decoration Dav i THE NEW HOLLYWOOD BALLROOM. I i Opoosre City Tour^t Camp Grounds ' | ' Th» Ba/Town DeLuxe " j Feattirir." Recording end Broadcasting j | Bands , The Hj.lywood Amusement Co presents I Dici DUlinger's Famous College Band i ! Kot-Swect M-s::; Song and Rythtn i I "A Treat' ' A t 11 o'clock--'Dance of The Crystal I ._ .._,, 1 Shower." ' '" Dizzling! Spectacular: Alluring! " Indisrnoao e Beautj " The Xew HcLyx-ood Is One Of Mas: j^-!5-£iate Bal.rooais in Maryland 2.500 Square Feet Crystal Like Floor 1 000 Can Dan:e--1.000 Cars Can Parfe j ; "The H^ine Pol.:e Dancln;." S^I O -c C re- ' Co .-. '.c- ~ Jzeob K---bi-' Sc :=.'.c' Tr-j= Cop.-T-,-. *·?'- ^:-.;r of ·--: Si e EIO-.-C o: E. z-S' -- N c-.o - : In l"-tr "af" °- '*"·- ·"- , .·"d ;.".- 9'T t!lT of Mi- -° - : c*ii s '.a'r of Fr~c«~. · Cj^~ .T"; div --p3-'*a :^ *" -. C ^" :^.c ccr.'-2-- ^ T ^ J ~ I °" l Sa :i.^ E-.ery Opins 8 p Saturday 50c ' Speak's Beauty Shoppe. May Ho.njes. niaaajer Special '.his month Marcel or Fin;-,r Wave sad Shampoo SI 00. Permanent Wave. S4 00 "Phone 5S7-J 217 N Market St C NE7.TON THO'.'^S JOHN i'E:_~--;F=f-.F-t. LOU;S f -rrctiiEO^. Sole^ Felt in paste! green is used fashion this sscart waistcoat The fa* snings are o' silver metal. Fine Watch Repairing. r^asonaol^ Wors guaran'e^d I vr SAMUEL L TYLER. 121 North Marvel s:re«t Market Prices Best Fountain Service in The City. 'PEOPLE'S SERVICE DP.UG STORES Grain. Wheat, bu ................ _______ . ......... ____ Com. bbl ........ Live Stock and Prod arc. F.-r-sb-d br Frei-r -S C"--- - 5 - «ers _ 32 : 65 Drink "More Milk. M~.:ntain ~our youthfu. coatts ;-_r. :.rg "nree ;.as- ii of =uli ercr? day Your crciCKSt ir. best fsod. 20: a ORDER vo i: ._ .^. c .- - CH^SLSS VTERTHSrilHR For Sale. lsei In U:ei Cars Kogs c to ; 3c to 3 _ c LOCAL MENTIONS Cake WaR Ant! Dance. -nlon's ne~ enlarge- hall a STAGEY VOTOP. CO. s. Me -- Vay;- c.-a-"_- Or -; r--?r-s clean Sp-^igs. Tuesday n.ght. 24:,TM. B 5;h street corner C p t-. 25 s:on 15: and 35-c r- . - · - · ~-i ^ -- 7 -· C r -T -- rr.rr.~- · ; a-.y fr:m M: ?-.-_-.£ Barthslow Watch For Advertisement of Sale of household;rs of the -MRS W K. CAJiLISLi. 132 W. Third St Mur-c-pa: Judge Dan S O'Brien, of j Sin Pranc^co. found hi-iEelf ia a pc- ]yi-f- c-jliar posr u .-on rrhen he appeared a.t l»J.b. th» Ijcs Ar.gel«s niamage license bu- i Mt. ·l^v. May 23.--Mr. ai.d Mrs reau "i:"n Mrs P. P Bennett, also of San'John Houcs, Ga.thersbur: Md., -acre Francisco, pictured tnth hint above. | guests of the Matter's sisters. Mrs Los Angele? idthonties told hiai they George Wagner ar.d Mrs. R. E. Spur- r^tild net .s^ue a .icense for him to wsd j ner. Sunday Mrs B-rn:: ?- Mrs O'Bnen had, --Mr an i Mrs MU'or. Devilojss Bal- ·Tired from San Francisco thai she and i timore, ^nth the.r ch.'.dren, Mildred 4be judge were cot divorced, ' Boward and Kitty Railg were victors at j la£t 1 3.- C f .~~ '. ** AKd arid ~» -rr l^s: -sees. ." rrr. r'.v 3 resident Dcc«rr*2« z* Oror.xrs a- Mr.- Sir-.; O-DST rg .-.;._-; \ -T » · . =^rv:c:s at A. L. Earrti-_-~_-. ;he --is ir-od.. .r. ..-.e cc-T.c'orr adjoui- "VT'^r-^ 2" - « -« --/i T '--·»-» S."^"i ^"i"£ PIS T.i3.-r M- At-- v - - an--r.7 :'"-= erad- _a'o r.j- ; ii at C.:y Kispitai Card Of Thanks. e ·snsh to than's our ^xi .te and colored, for the.r .'i.r.n ?"~rr.- hv sho-STi to us dar^i; tr.e 3er.-3 - .c- county. Rev. · jr.eni of my -jrife and o^r ir.Oihe.-. Mrs pa^'cr, .nter- I Anna G Johnson, also for use o". 2.1- For Sale. A'l -L r.ds -·: se-conc hand P.oe frxn '. y S i-cues. l-Bssms. ar.i Angle Irir Tsr 3 ". c.n? -_rpo^e^ r*H.3DSRICK JUNK COMPANY Frar.-. Gas'.^y ?-cp ?r.:=« 383 OS:e .r.c War^hc-^3--Cnaoe; A.Ie? 3e:-eer. Tn.rc ar.d Pourth Sts Resi3er.:e--215 E Th-ri S: ; c .- sr-- N \ Dat Lawn Mowfrs Sharpened. PRANK JA.MSS. ·?r.:r.c 151-R 1H7 W 5tS S' BY GILES JOHN'SON AND CHE.- DREN. Nsws advenisjig pays Invest in it, Lower Prices On Scratch Pads. Per.:.; labels (newsprint paperj Now 6 Cents a ib Bond and By* Paper Tablets, :»:·* 9 Cents ft -b. THE NEWS-POST. i We are offering tor rent lor the sea! son the tcasfer dwelling «.:!» lawn and garden on thp p^'ate ; Mrs Aubrey I Pearre near Liberty .own. :h^ county 1 The nous* cor-'a^ns 12 r'«3ni^. _ tnxl;rn , Ji detail and f jriuscedL POTTS ec GRIFFIN' REALTORS 27 COL'RT STREET PHONE 00 NOAH E CRAMER SON. Six ro?35 !-*= T B-liir-i b -l'«t 01 '. -' T. C* w. v e j-.t u ".f rt.- J 5--. P _ a 3 i * i -r-.-l :'.CO For '--v r- -s- -'-· t. j :o SO1H S C^«.*!E'' i SON. lit COCP.T STf.E*T F-Ft ErlCK M3 PHONE t C J JOHN N. CLARY. '. bc:a! 3-1 a"' J-'* s JOHN N CLARV. A:: J.T.C3 o: is:. ---? O ilH-BCSN FF.ES. E J - :r ·Phor.e 736 9 X Court St. HELP WANTED. \V\STED --SEVTIXD \VO':».N wori A?? ? i:i 'A--', i- FOR SALE. FOR SMJE --ELEtrTRIC MOTOS? ' ' *.·" r *.. T^'"^ P " » i -- . Hagcr''.05rK El :.p^--'n: C'. MirjlaaJ *\ · i FOR SALE --SEW HOT \V\TEP. HE.TIXG FOR S \ L E -- M I L K * !Sc G \LLON GCT ·rrj AJ'»r 5 -3 r " s-.i-i:-. FOR SALE--TWO YOL'NO \\O1K HOUSES. Wlliiani H. ZT.rr.c-u.^r. V. 3.-?rs*. .1 f Shop?? p. LUTHER RICE. ·"v--*- HELP DESTKOV DEPRESSION FOR SALS -TWO SEW BRICK HOUSES. IB er-t r^prc: Oae HELP DESTKOV DEPRESSION ' "'"-"r,.^' , ' ,.; : a :e3 ca L.-.dber S h ro: b, r^rre..= E i'.h it but by fW-*** °« nu c *b Pr o«.Ve Boo- Co fse Applv J 0 ha oisrseiici '-3 :'· " T° a cannot drlr» a sli . » c " \\rsi fn a -A S: . Ei-p-cifd °Tl.nd'.- c^r drirc a Jour. 6ut Thy drive a j "· G ' OTt - w "' '" 5-U-d:f i :OJT s! you aay purchase a sli tor :b Compare lh!j six rooci modern or'ci j dsr:;'-.g on Pars Ave. offered for only | $j 500 »Ilh nnv other property of a much . !-. gber p: cc T*o thirds lefl la property | :-, desired A real opportunity for the esr.y bird A JOB AWAITING YOC 8 roosi modern r:ci dwelling for tourls: bjs.ncss. wi:h cetient oiocfc modern Qillns ^·atlou in^iJti'nc one acre lor camping pur- po^es located on HiEhway May trade on CV.v property 27 acres Q-. 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S4 00 -.3 $12 00 100 le.t bl»e rug^ IO«TI s: 25 --P i,; -ooni. dlr..=s room, bed roos 2-J Si-.c^rr. fura.:ure hous=ho:a '""·its o: every t.r.a ana d»scnp::on. n"T a^d ^ sM v used, at unheard c! p- «·= Cz-z:? r- zri b5 conr.ncsd ISal vo-j car. iare =--7« th*n hit! We «iU :-ac^ vo^r o.d turn.tjre li; To'-" t-"i.t :s so;d ht.-i STAR FCRSTTURE CO. 323-;:5 North Mark*; S:r«t. Frcier.CE. Marjland FOP. RENT -SIX caraKe. "13 -'°* Main. Bractdoc T;OO:.I nocss vrii: ,r '.·..· A-n ·_ J _ ?re: s "" 5 s-co-ds: i. I THRES-ROOM A?ART".ENT FOP. P.r.»i -- j KO .V.I modern A r C-a~c- ·=*..·'- Patrick street 3--a ^- i L^SOE. FTRN1SKSD F?. 7XT ROC." -- AT! -rac"^ -j.-r3-r.i.-;* S :. - S 5 .'" C5 - e- i Inquire Xc~5-Pos.. 3c T :S11 NT -MODERN 2-P.OOV ' FOH REN~--SECOND FT.OOR ^? i .---- .--«i- , Mrs P. F v-s'.r 111 'A;-. =:.---T S: ; _ FOR A?\».T-tZNT. NOTICES. 'SI N"5I ON S».LSS :297 EQUITY Co--. for F-'-ierlrs -. ".3-^ of Sftmiwi F. Ke»- a;:*'' o' Har-y C SlooSer mad -."' 1 - . *; ^ i J-. 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