The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 20, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Page 8
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r*r,T\ KTCI1T T H M H U T C111 N S O N NEW S 4 THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 20, 1924 WISE AND OTHERWISE fly Mrs. \V. Y. Morgan. CALVE WRITES TO KERSTING C .iM Telephone No. 4400 and ask for Society. (Items fur thin department must ho In hy 10:00 a. in.) Walnut Hour. null i] hi! ladi.-s ur the 11, niiin)t ir •nr.' Willi iui 't in tegular session iinl.'.y ;.ft"i u in in ;it the limne ;it'- lliniiliM. ini-1 North ii" IHO-HIL : the Im-It In- new r.ill) lnilCe u as mil tile ladies seem tn iti -i'i-sit'il In this uilt or Mr. Limson Carey to the women (if lllllrM'.iscnl. Mis. i>. \v. sprouse h .iil tin! liter- tin- the ilny tuiil her sub- Nillmays and Tunnels of i-w York '. Slir Mi'^rth- Mitiwayii ;tii' iiln.-truct- lii 'i >;'li! u.^e ilii> subway my papf t •; in-. "Tin' for America" In which sic told or (he events which ll!iHi 111! t.i the discov cry :in;i nil onUittlon of Aiiierici. Mrs. It. A r-'t ".var. ti'iitl u paper op ';[mnilgi'n- tinn to tin' l-niifil". In this HIII ' (ulil of Hi-.' subject from tho Pilgrim fntlit'i' to the present dtiy, Itoll I 'Mll was answered Willi CIIITI'IH events. At tin.' close of t!m afternoon, ti-.'i was served in the dining room. M :-.•«. 11. 11. ISrmly of Yates Center was tl'.i' ...ily glirsl. Tin 1 chapter will iniiit in two wt'Cks for the Day 1 Nursery inei'tinu nt the homo ol j .Mr-. 1.. T. Child. IL".! Firs; Ave. east | assisted In Mi's. .1. A. Davis. Mrs. Leo Shuyler, Mrs. Ralph llloom and Mrs. Kroil Glover. Money was raised toward the club's pieduo to the Orace hospital. More than fifty ladies wore served. The afternoon was spent socially. The liosiens for the. next meeting In two weeks will be announced hitei-. Mi-. Charles |vi>Truii h ;»i riiM -'.'i ui' tin- Piimeslie Science ; i .•iiiii ol llio prii^lam anil rondll'-t- .[J a round lalilii tin hous' hold MI!>- j .'M-. Sli" (li.'-fllKSKd lhe' .Model Kit'h 'ii Alii '-h is mahiiained at tin H ,,;.ii ..n;:li.W'.il.'y l>ry Vumiia i'.iiipini;.-. .tad of its value to the .wuing housewife. Shi; went into some di'tiul of the biihjert taught there. .Mrs. Albert Thomson discussed as her subject, "What .should He Kept, on the. Emergency Shelf". Mis. Emilia Paige Gtpliiin- etl how she manages her housework in order to have time for cluti work and reading. Mrs. William Maiiin siiiike on "When is a Hat '.am, ; MII a I '.i-ru.tin.'" I Mrs. A. HratlbriitcR closed the! tai'ic hy I '-liim: souietliini: o; i ialair Having devices in the liiod- em huiiii- of I loiity. l/air-livon wast scn.-i lit live o'clock. Miss Pearl I l.eieir.y. 'he only cuest of tht- eiuh, I t:.!- a t ;rort of the s.'U.llili (lis-j tr:ct !• '.!•"*;!: licv i!;i"'; ii'iti at run-i loal'iii M.U ii -i i'.. ago. 'I'he club wii; iiii -i't in tuo weeks for one o 'lje -k iiui'.h- -,.ii at the home, of Mi-. William M'avlln, r. 11 Ave. H ea-l. ; Tie.' di--piay room of the Jenkins j and Son Musi. More was liil-'il yes- ft. riiuoii with a lar^e auii'- Yt-liow chrysanthemums cen- Icred the Hineheon itible yesterday afternoon, when Mrs. II. J. Hettinger entertained the ladies of the New Century club SOU Knst J:tt.h street was assisted in serving by Mrs. .1. A. Ogden. a Rtiest of the club, and Mrs. U. G. Stephenson. The program was in tho spirit of Thanksgiving and Mrs. R, M. Borthick read a paper on "Puritan Homo Life." Roll call was answered with T.hanksglvlng thoughts. An original Thanksgiving story was read hy Mrs. It. P. Smith. The club's pledge of }5l> to th" (".race hospital fund was made up and sent to the committee in charge. Plans were Wade for the Thanksgiving haskets which are sent to t.3ie poor each year. Mrs. K. ,f. (Irovier will entertain tht* cluh in two weeks at her home, 300 Crei'cnt lloulevard. Mrs. Prank Young was hostess yesterday afternoon to the members of the Polka Hot club nt her home, TIU Sixth Ave. east. Mrs. Morris Thomas was elected secretary-treasurer to fill the vacancy left hy the rosi gun lion ot Mrs. Prank Young. Mrs. Young and Mrs. George Clark received the prize In the contests nnd the remainder of the afternoon was spent in a social time. Luncheon was served at five her homo. I "'clock. Mrs. E. K. Thorne was the Mrs. llettin-1 °"'. v guest of the club. In two weeks, Mrs. George Clark will he the next hostess at her home, 701 Seventh Ave. east. <?> <i- <S> Th» members ot the Merry Matrons club gathered at the country home of Mrs. I. B. Slack yesterday afternoon for the regular meeting. The afternoon was spent with music by the radio, and contests. Mrs. Sam McLaughlin and Mrs. Tom Lawrence won the prizes. At four o'clock refreshments were served to the club members and their 'guests. Mrs. August Olson, Mrs. Sam McLaughlin and Mrs. Mattie Taylor. Mrs. Alford Rowland will entertain the club In two weeks at her home north of Hutch insoii. Mow much [lo you know nbout your city government? Do you know what form of government your town uses. Do you know the assessed valua Hon iif your town? Iio you 'know who .spends the town's money for tile tnx pnycrs? Do you know what salary I hi mayor of your town receives? llo you know whnl salary Hit commissioners or couneiltneu re ceive? Do you know the extent of tin power of a mnyor of a town? Do you know how much money spent on parks Do you know what paving costs Do you know how city contract are let? 1 Do you know whether or not your j town has a city manager? ; Do you know how much nionnv , the town spends on its public li- i bra IT? j Do you know what the schools of > your town cost? j These are a few questions that' came up In a group conversation ; the other evening and a man pros- j ent declared that half the women j in town couldn't answer any of ; them. The writer of this column I took Issue.with him and declared half of the men of a town couldn't answer them either. And as the conversation progressed U gathered interest and all sorts of phases ot the subject were brought out. • To this column's Idea, half of the people are ignorant ot tho detail of any sort of government. It is deplorable—Incxcusuble, but it is true. One half of the people refuse to be bothered with government. And that half is not made up entirely of women or of men. It U about fifty-fifty. Of course women should be acquainted with their town'a government. So should men. But if there Is an excuse for ignorance in elth SEVEN DOLLARS Buys Welch's "High Gear" Oxfords I Black or Brown Calf—Hard or toft tot. That maktt a scoring line up with tht new wltlt Vomers. I. 1" i- of ai" of 111.' et til' li' ami ussonate mem- !,llo club, win n they the second meetini; w.. .a '1. -t r. .' ,i; l In - l" loan':- (' ;. lew 01' a :i;iiiili. lie in a.-.. primraiii i M is. Yatrcy * '.'liter i luh, p atis In th I'liliui'd liairman the Wo- plained The resular meeting of the S. P. V : . G. cl-.ili was held yesterday afternoon tit tile home, of Mrs. W. fair. »',J" .--'ixtil Ave. east >hon hii:;iu-ss meeting was followed iiy a splendid program. Mrs. C. M. Wolfersberger told of the oripin of Thanksgiving day mid Mrs. Ah'V Jarvis gave a read- Ing, "Why Do We Keep Puritan Tlianks^i'. ituC" In the contests. Mrs. M. A. Klghtlinger and Mrs. P.. P. Chimi won the prizes. lie- fr -"hm-:!:s were served at five o'clock. The guests of the club were Mrs. Hazel Hill, Mrs. Anna Seaman, Mrs. May Toms, Mrs. K. H. Chiun. Mrs. Bland of Wichita. Among the most treasured possessions of Kathleen Kerstlng, the young Wichita soprano who will appear this evening, before the Woman's Civic Center club in the new club house, is a photograph of Mme. Cnlve, the great French con- , , , , tralto. her tencher, of which the er—the odds are with the women, I llt )0ve picture is a reproduction, for the majority of women are not! Mi9s Korsting will-sing two num- Urought in contact with business ber thls evening.* but will appear, Slid business affairs as are the ma-, in conce rt Thanksgiving night in )or . 0 , f , men - , ,, , ! Convention hall, under Hie auspices All citizens should be conversant I of lhe Liudsborg Temple of Music, with their towns government. How your town is managed is your business. It Is supported on | Most men try to forget their The proceeds will be divided between Miss Kerstlng and the Temple of Music fund. Her-share will be used for her musical career. ' The inscription, somewhat liberally translated, it as follows: "To my dear pupil, Kate Kerstlng, who will become a great artist, from her teacher, her little mother, E. Calve, February 2S, 1924. My little Kathleen has all the virtues; a magnificent voice, great intelligence, but she must remember this word of Balzac: 'Genius is great patience'." WEAREVERl Demonstration | Friday's Schedule | The preparation of a whole meal in the s Wear-Ever Roaster over one burner on s| top of stove. Specials on Roasters— = the money of the tax payers. That !ia st Instead ot using it lor their means rank and file of folks. When future. I folks aro faxed they have a right ' The members of the Bow-knot and should know how that money Get your car ready now for that Thanksgiving trip. Phone 50. Hag- land-Klngsley Motor Co. 20-lt Large Size ..,.'.„ Medium Size Small Size .$£95 § ..$4.95 I $3.95 = 1 J. C. 0 DONNELL, HDWE. = Phone ?250 4th and Main == i. •hih in two weeks at her resi- -. llmi Ave. A east. lC.e ". I \ c.-ai l-iaa.-rk 111. '!•• ai ra.n/. elu: i:i' piaao l: M Sel!ie. I Til dun and 1 Ml .„ Tom ('< m ji n .,| v entertain ,1 s-,-ne:l tin j „,„ : den L ^a-Up W.l.^ a tliO. "Mil- j .;. , ; m-i-K" i.y Niccolo Por-| Th „ vt ,„ nUlT me( ., mB 0( Ule Kr , n ooua.s'-ii!-- ' and "( '• " a,- aid I ml Dane | club and their husbands gathered A \ last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Searcey, fi27 Seventh Ave. ea«t for an old-fashioned taffy pull. The evening was spent making three kinds of candy, and with music. Mrs. Marguerite Brooks was the only guest. Mrs. Searcey was assisted by Mrs. Clarence Morton. Mrs. George P. Lynch presided as hostess yesterday afternoon at her home, 204 Sixth Ave. west. The afternoon was spent at cards, Mrs. W. G. Jacobs receiving the prize for high score. At five o'clock, the. hostess served tea. The club will meet, in two weeks, at the home of Mrs. Roy Smith, 213 Fifth Ave. wesi. is being spent. When they do not j. know, it is because they are not:tali interest enough to. find out. In a few days this column will! I print answers to the above ques-jl Hons believing that most folks aralSS interested in their town's govern- j Ijjjf ment when they stop to think about it at all. -.alii d li.c l-'erdinand aiiil Miss Vernal . pi"i. llalierkoiu 1 in -e nmnliors I'm- tins I -'.II vioiill;-, i-elh' and .-.Id of |..;- a llio. . my '/.inn. : ipratio, pro- i iie\! Lroup which w ere s ,.f Sweden. Italy, Husli I ami Knt;laiiii. IShe a ueuro spiritual who h . - - : tilitsi: lo a toik soim .-;,e was acciimi'iiilied !':• ad KiuK who ktler ii-. I Either One. The Disconsolate One—I wish I were dead! ) The Consoler—Why? Can't you > marry her—or did you?—Answers j (London.) i DRESS SALE Every Dress From Our Regular Stock i-'.nuiu]] riuii was hoM y^steiday ;iiitM'iionii at lhe home o£ .Mr. 1 *. Mur> Mi'MuJli-ii. KaM. C'L-mpbell strict. During lhe Imsinntis see- KH.n. plans vrove inatfe for the i Christmas party. j Mr*. W. I'arkor favored the ,KiH'.-tH with a ivadiiiL', and uuntosts 1 j wort' "iijuycd. Mrs. Arthur Lynn ! i aim Mr-,. Tr -d YoujiOr v.on th<? \ Mrs. H. R. .MrMullon was j th" ciuy .uuest. Uvfreshments i «<•!(• etrv <'d at five o'clock hy the | | hostess assisted by Mra. H. II. Mc- j Mulli-n. Tht* next meeting will bo , , ,„ . ! in two weeks at the home of Mrs. h .Mr*. lVeter. a piano , \ V r. "Uonuin/.t" i>\ tire; ft'oiuiuued on Pufie '«*.) Have Us •I. O'Maliuran, y02 Bevontli Ave. ailJh '.' I'. • with liivor^ ; vio!:n j iiih-.-s jdayd . M.-ludie" 1»> i east, nuiiilt**,' • Mrs. ' I' I urn.iu;." Mr-, -lack Ma>ou was hostess yt'«! ei'day a li-. rnoon to t he ni- j jn- h(-v* of ihe Do'ibh- Six r\\\U at her lionif, 112 Fifth Ave. west. Mrs. A. U. Ashley and Mrs. H.irley Prid- d]p wen* voted into club meraher- sitiii during 1 J UT 4>ustne>-y nu-etinp. 't"ni j aftei'ijoon was devoted lo con- tc.-fs and cane's and at five o'clock tea w a - served. PI a n s U u' t h e Christmas JiseuuiiK to he held inifi v\»c^s were made. Mrs. Charles Urou.ichttui w;i,* the only Kuest. Mrs. J, \V. Jarrott will on- t er tain lhe club in two weeks, at her home. 117 West 17th street, and a musical urogram will be. enjoyed. Tl .- >< •••li I; tit day at the new i ! •;. !i • • <•!' Hi" llatrhinson Worn-':' i r. ii C[ iiiiT eltib lieid ;,[\ ila; - 1 \\UU ;n>m b' •; s of llii j four i i,i ; : i-tia r.i at tinv; as hoi- i . ::-i.t.-rl hy Mis, V 1.. NY!..'..n. W K. AlbrU-lu, .Mrs. J. .1. i: n'' •' Mir'. Howard' i^arey. M: cii .ir'i - Carey and Mrs. W. V. Mi v. n a -i - i 'n-A lliruuuhoiit the lia.i. 'I'! 1 '' lion-'i. 1 made a great 1m- ptf •.-'••ii < MI thi' liiindreds of wo- nu;] .''iui laiied during lhe day. tiie ii." : y fire in 1 he open prate :ml' •; w -Icoaie to ul!. 'I'he pubit: 1- in i it.'! up to S o'clock when ihc r lab holds its first formal moel- IIIL ' in tin r..-,v club house. A de. UK i' i'.-:r will h».i th" appcuvance of Mi * Kathleen Krr-tinn of Wild' 1 !:; wiio \K\[{ sin^ a song al | aim the opi, li'.i-* is a courtesy ex-j ••*> <»> & i : Mid d to tlie Hub women of Hutch- | Tl^e town lailiea of the WesUide | -Social club entertained the eomi- j DRY CLEAN Press and repair your Suits, Fur*, Dresses and our better way. Use the phone or parcel post. JVIodelTomndry DRY CLEANER* PHONE 44 \ Do Your Christmas Shopping Early but before you start out to. shop, get that new pair ot glasses you need so badly. It will make "shopping" a pleasure. H. S. ZINN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. The House of Quality. Henr/ZInn Jno. P. Blrchfleld The meeting ot the League ot I Women Voters which was to have 1 been held tomorrow afternoon has | been postponed one week. The j League will meet next Kriilay at ! the V. M. V. A. anil all members ! and prospective members are urged i lo attend. The program will be the annual discussion of the work and of llio J-onaue. , I':. Arvlil Al'.vyu nf lhe -n:u (•:;;!'':;-' will j.hiy the ac' ! ii','"it. t'ci'ilnw inn l liis a re- 'In' \\ nrli nt L 'aiiiiiiu iiieiii- •• -ill I e -^u'eii iiv nil w in, have iieen workine. Late in llii.' eve­ rt ficshnieiils will lie j ry ladies yesierday afternoon with a luticiifoti at lhe home of Mrs. H. I'.. Payne, UJn Seveulh Ave. wes:. She was assisted by Mrs. Clarence Skidc, Mrs. li. K. Uiles. .Mi. .1' l>' Mis. Crank Collin^wood v .i, I a hii; lioiise l;aii\ ;il liume over lhe week ml :.i a i-roiip of lb.' friends in Uutt !iin.-:mi. Prelly Prairie, \\ icli 1. 1 end Yulu-y CelllC'r. l.)n Salliv- :ay af <• iioiiii Mrs. l-'rank Collin;;' Hiiiid and Mrs. Don Edwards win live a I'if party for the ladies uf the i-.oiisr iiarr.'. The guests noni I ;lilnsoi. will motor down to t'.'i'tty i'lahie lonl};lit anil li..- the i-ucsis of .Mr. and Mi*, s. 11. l>e- iipiiet. Here ihey will he joined by the Wichita and Valley Center ; uet'ts and all motor to Plains to- hen-row. who will go are: ..I i i UU JlillHOll s. < ;. I 'Vltmn-t. I 'I-. .My J'l-nil I >l.->. ..IIM'S Trunk CiuHili ii:. simii .T l-:. .it. i 'ir. ii,. Il.'l'l I'.in'ili v i l.'. .1. Ni.lln' illll. !,:lis.,ii .•\Iailln Ciilliiimvu,,,! j M lllllgWn Wli-lill.i li. I'l'.l.jiral'l., \'ailvy c'.-nt'-r Chapter UL, I*. E, O. met yesler- iiuy afternoon with Mrs. Irl lieinp- s .'id as hostess at her home, Slli .'.'oiili Washlnglon blreet. Follow ine, :li (i regular huBiness meeting i .-liu.t' program was ghen. Mis. L, T. t.'liiki had a pap'r or Buster Brown Boys' Shoes Welt Shoes 14 N. MAIN riorshelni Shoe* for M«n. Sale A final Clearance Friday of all Midwinter Hats — Velvets, Silk and Metali'c combinations—in beautiful colorings. Values .$12.00 to .$22.50. I I m m m i 1 I p 1 i Silks, Wool, Velvets, Chenille, Bengeline, Etc. Lot 1—$12.75, J off— $8.50 Lot 2—$14.95, ^ off— $9.97 Lot 3—$19.95, off— $13.17 Lot 4—$24.75, off— $16.50 Lot 5—$29.50, J off— $19.67 Lot 6— $34.50, i off— $23.00 Lot 7—$39.50, off— $26.34 Please Note— The dresses w. have on tale are from our Regular Stock picked for quality and value. No special purchases or Job Lot Dresses in thi* assortment. Our prices are always less and with one-third off you can buy a Dress at one-half of what you ordinarily have to pay elsewhere. if! SPECIAL LOT of Quality Dresses, now $8.50 $9.95 $13.17 $1650 $19.67 $23.00 $26.34 No Returns—No Exchanges. 10 N. Main 4 South Main 4 South Main

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