The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 11, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1918
Page 4
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^AOfi FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS OFFICIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1672. ffntrrod at the postofflca In Hutchinson Kan., fur transmission through the malls as sicoiui-class matter. TELEPHONES. Business Otflco J4o. 3 /-dvarlialns; ImjMrwncDt ., ...No. 3 lililuiuu itoums No. 401 buultty bililor No. UM TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dully Htiuoj, delivered by carrier to Ally )»ut oi liulchmsuii. ill cunts a, whok. Hy inall, cine year .13.(19 lly mull, *U munllis l.hO Uy !n*ti. ttneu inuntiW .ft) Uy nuul, Quo iminlli 40 \Ve<ii.y News, uite year 60 Tu CHANUE ADDRESS. Jti ordering- tliu address uf your paper chaJified, stale wuclliur It is Unify or V,tci> Muwa ali<l V fa: VUUU KOKMIill 1'usiul-ficB AUUKUaS as weU as the AO VERT IS EM EN VS. The Ntms reserves the rl.'ht to reject ativ aUvciiiaUia matter ttt-it It may cocm lltii>itipL'i arid nut according to cuulrnct. Tlx; News 1* nut lOpJnslbio /or udver- Uaemmiui ixdoinl or disculitluued by tclriiljone. Calls lor noi'ltty meetings, cards ot thank*, obituary U'-Ucea, resolutions, society and ofuircli socials, lecture notices, calls lor church uioctings tcxcepl bunduy Mn-|iiou> aru ccnaideted as advertising raid will be charged for. The l-iuuern unices of lids paper are at Id-la fcaiai ioth street. New York city, and llooina 9.14-U2I, Harris Trust llulldlng, Chlcngu; 912 Wuldlielm UldB.. Kansas City, Mil., li. ICata Adllsrtlslug Agency In charge. AdvcrtlHlng rales made known on application. Telephone No 1. T&h>i>Iiuhe news items to lixilV.rlal Ilooins, No. 403 or 2103. MEMBE Thu A R OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tlx, Associated Press IB exclusively on-title," to the use .'or republication of all n'e'w» edited lu II "Vi 0 i J0 '-fKca° new. .ltd In thla paper and •-» ,oc " ln A , li'"Vi ' 1 Jl. 1 « r or n • republication of social .lcsV/alrhcs herein are also reserved. The Sidlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Telephone SI. No. 17 North Mam Street. Hutchinson • * • • DEATH IS COMMON. So many men arc lying down, that one liuiro death cut* little grass; wo Iran some bulwark of lln> town, and hnnlly pause -to Kay, "Alas!" It is nu nwliwiml ' Hutu to croak, while wur is klt'k- ini; uii Its clin; no man can leave ' a (rail <>I tmoko, 'tlioeo dcnlh- struck days, by cashing in. Totlay ' we lost our merchant prince, the 1 nwiicr ot tin- Hlue Front store; he's been our lllg Man over since ' ho landi'd here, ill 'S-l. if he In ' limes of peace had died, tbo vil- 1 Inge would have lobt its breath, 1 and groups' of people would have • cried, "Yuu love a shining mark, ' O doaili.'" And we'd have talked i for days and weeks, about his merit or liiri flaw, and looked on ' men as dreary freaks who did not speak his name wil/i awe. A silken banner we would fling hnlt- ' masted o'er the city hull; and ' we'd have hired a band to spring ' Hie justly famous march in ' "Haul." Ah, me, what is one nier-. I 'Jiant prince, when dead nien iirew the blood stained filobc? 1 Who fan Ihe proper i;riof ovlnco, or paw around and tear his robe? In Ills deep (jrave we'll lay him down, witli naught of pomp or eiivuinstance.; and tlion we'll hustle back to town, tu hear the In- test news from France.—WAi/T MASON. * • * * • » » « • POLITICS IN MAINE. Tin re is not much politics nowadays but the result of the election Ibis week in Maine WBB very slcjniflc- anl. The election was for U. S. senator, congressmen and slale officers. The Kepiiblieans won hy largely Inert used majority over two years ago. The fiiiinii were general but were especially marked in the agricultural sections. Maim- is a very patriotic elate and Iho Republican parly had lakcn lis usual position of Iho strongest support of Ihe war and the measures that would help lo win II. The people uf Maine lecociiiied as I ho people of Kansas do, that Ihe Democratic parly Is not (he best lor war purposes. II was too slow in starting and took loo long a lime lo get away from "hn- keplus." In Ihe legislation required for Ihe war lime it Is too much dominated by Ihe CIIIICUK and llio caucus is ruled absolutely by Ihe leaders who are from Die south. The northern and western farmer has felt Ihe jrturh of regulation whllo Ihe southern planter has been given all (he advantage that Ihe war market created. A Democrat congressman from Knuuus may be all right personally bin lie doesn'i aiiiumil lo two whoops in a rain barrel in com rolling iho caucus and he has to vole the way Ihe caucus or ihe com- niillee prescribes, lie has no chance even lo gel his name In Ibe papers unless he works Ihe reporters or pays lor it as an advertisement, This condition is unpleasant and (lie Alaltie people did Iiul care lo bo represented by it senator and coitgressiuau who must do Ihe biddiug of the jiolilieians, so I hey chose all Kepiiblieans lo con- fc'riWB ilflil elected the Hopubllean Btuto and local llckels lo ouiphasuo their feeling. Tlicre wlff not ho much politics but Iho vuleru know iho facts without discussion, livery measuro for thorough support of Iho war has been enayttxl l>y llepuUUoan vott^ Wbcu Hopubllean parly controls, iho sectional and PW- ilzan conduct of uffnlra will a(flfti>j >ear before the national, .spirit. The British air forces keep, pu pounding tt»tjy at 0stW >(J mi Hc «|«8. T n Ei tr on i N s o a J* is w ». •t-i nfruTi Miiimiiiirertri- iifiinniBnniiniii-irirsun ii sHrinr-iim-nim»itr^-nr for the Huns and their folks. It might bo the best thing for the Germans if they were to move out of Bruges and. Th>]gium and go Ixtck home before some Tommy kickn them on the shins. HUNGARY AND PEACE. A Hungarian count lias recently slnleil In a speech that Austria-Hungary shouldn't urge a "Miltel Kuropo," "We should not beconie slaves to the Idea of a middle Huropc, either military, economically or politically," ho Bald. Anil he also de dared I lint "\V> should not strengthen our alliance with Gormpiy which would form the first step towards the realization of this central Europe." This may be put forth by the Teu­ tons as a peace feeler and all that and It may be nomething else. If It is not peace propaganda all well atid good. If It is really the way some of (he people of Hungary feel It is evidence, that they are becoming awaro of Uie fact thai the stronger lier- nuiny becomes the weaker will be the interests allied with her. Tile unopposed strength of tite Germanic Idea would mean that Hungary, along with Austria, would fall into Ihe control of the llerlln government and Hungary would finally be nothing more than a llun dependency,. If the Hungarians are wnklng up to the future it's a good sign, but it is usually best lo view all such filings that come out of Germany or Austria as peace propaganda. There is to be no peace until victory first; then the Teutonic nations are lo get Iho measure of pence they can earn by their actions In Ibe future. Jf Austria could conclude she has enough of It and was to get out of the war while getting is still fairly good, Jt would be hard going for the Germans. They need the help of the Austrians quite a lot right now. 11 the latter should quit and the Italian army was turned loose down the Hhine llerlln would very likely howl about such unfair -righting. Austria Is so shaky that any old thing might happen these days. A dispatch says Stefansson is com ing south from Uie Arctic regions. Wo should think lie would, what with Ihe coming on of 'winter and firewood around the North Pole 'being scarce. Stefansson displays considerably sagacity by leaving the land of the Northern Lights along in the fall of the year. The cry of Ihe Allies is for more aircraft and still more aircraft. They have the Huns going, up above, sind Oils is the time to keep them going Doing it from the air above Is Just as good as smashing them from tic water below, ' "ST. The socialists at the trial of Eugene Dt lis applauded when something was said to suit their tastes, but the judge hung a fine on them. He couldn't see the fun in It the men and women socialists discovered. The Germans act like they were for stopping and fighting where they sland. Tlut possi'bly Marshal, £\>ch won't stand for It. He is very persistent in his ways. Premier Cienienceau says the Allies are planning to pound the Huns all Ihe winter long. The Allies couldn't be in a belter business this particular winter. • <•> <?• HONOR TO WHOM HONOR •i> IS DUE. ';, Abe Martin Those who liav<\ seen Steve MootB' sodond wife say she kin bo repainted t' look all right. When a family sib down t' cantaloupe th' members all ask at once, "Is your"n good?" himself) and drove thirty and forty miles a day. Sometimes when he wits coming home late at night he would bo so completely exhausted.; that ho would wind Ihe reins around (lie wlilpstoek and leave the horse lo find the.way, and sleep. .-' Oftentimes the roads were piled so high with snow that |r the horse got off the road he wnjj almost, burled and could scarcely be' gotten back .without unharnessing. The doctor came to me one night indomitable as ever but plainly on Ihe verge ot exhaustion. Ho had driven forty miles that day and on his last trip had to un­ harness arid harness three times. Honor to whom honor Is due. Surely no member of the community stands higher in real worth than a good country doctor. And surely no man, no matter how for he travels sees more of the real inwardness of life, more of live hearts of men and women, than he. By Httlh Cameron. <v <£• <S- •«> *e> ^ ii> There is a certain character in our national life who has not, it seems to me, received his full meed of honor, 1 refer lo that palleul, courageous, kindly gentleman,—the country doctor. Doubtless not all country doctors belong to this fine fraternity of service but I havu met enough to- convince me that though the tndlvldual may vary, Ihe type, at-least is'u high one. Of course Ihe country doctor Is not a specialist. As a result he Is "Without the Idea which sir often obsesses sptclalisls, that any diseaue may be (raoed lo someUiIng wrong wilh the pari in which he specializes and cured by treatment thereof. In dther words the country doctor sees, 'you as a whole, while the specialist sees you as a person with a puspiodut'iiig tooth, a tonsil or appendix. The counlry doctor Is almost always a genius with children, He usually has several of his own ;\vho have laught him how to handle all children. Of course every doctor 1 B llablo to be under tremendous strain but it seems us If Ihe country doctor had more than hlu Bhare. 'The whole country side often depends upon h'm alone, they are In a way his children, he cannot full them. Tbo Individual who most profpund- ly aroused my admiration for the' fraternity was the doctor in a little country town in New 13nglaud, lu the summer he made his rounds by automobile like any city, doctor. Iiul from the first snowfall till the muds of April had dried Into tbo dusts ot May one saw no more ot automobiles in that little town than one did two hundred years ago, and tbe doctor fared forth In bis sleigh lu a« primitive a fashion as bis ancestors. The telophoue has enlaxgnt) Uie, qouu- v ARMY CASUALTY LIST j, The /foHowlng-jCiisuttitfcs ate reported by iho Commanding General ot the Amcricnn l*ixperiltloiuiry Forces: • KUItld in action, St; jr.dsfhtK In notion, &8; woujidi'd severely, US; tliodVof woumls, 36; died of disease, 7; woumk-d, degree mule term.tied, lii; died ot atrpliuia ucci- deirt, l., Total, a^o. KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenants: Rlehard IS, Cook* South Minneapolis, Minn. Alvln llolcn, 131 K Hapids, Mich. Juines G. JSlder, Iltirrisburp, l'a. Sergeants; George. ]<3ugen<j Mitchell, L^nts, Ore. KarL V. Jefferson, Hope, N. D. Hurry 12. Johnson, Uloomfield, Conn. John C. NewmUn.vNfw Y«rlt| sNl Y, .Louis Smlddy. Ued Ash, Ky. Corporals: Kdward Henson, Chicago. W- LovyclJ F, Coleman, Goodland, Kan. I'VIitiK-.Bttjphen Hufe r he«, Urookiyn, N. Y. John W. *\V'hsoh; 'ChldaKo, 111. Joe A. Mora n, <Jhic u go, 111. Joseph L. SliavUU. Hlby, Neb. BuQler: Aneelos Pouted, Kr«te, Greece. Mechanics: l>ed Si. Poter. Menominee, Mich. ' Kiitfene Sautter, Tubingen. Owinany. Lyniiui H. Martin, Mansileld, 1U. Mu-phalei Snedeeur, l)rooklyn 4 N, Y. Privates: Jay I^ffr Antes, Sunbury, Pa. Thomson \V. Carson, Dillon, \V r . Yn. 1 *o l><irffa, tieaver, Wis. Richard P. Donnelly, iieachmont, Ma»s. I'hllip Dufren, llaceland, i^a. Tom Plndley, Alto, Tex. Ilfiiry Frank, Morrison, Okla. Northi n C. Green, Ashland. Ala. A lit ons Gustus, Sve«tviilo, ill, (Jla C. H«ndriJt, Hfebe, AHZ. Miehat-l Hitfslns, New Vorlc, N. Y. Charles R. Hoeb. Orion, Kan. Albert .HY Holland, Clarendon, Tex. Grover Hom-hln, Jliowimvllle, Ky. Sam C, Hutchinson, Owensboro, Ky. •Stanley KudelsW, New Haven, Conn. John Kellur, Philadelphia, Pa. Alexander Kolodjteoijzyk, New Haven, Conn. . John KruniboldtiT, I f 3ast l.ansdow-ne. Pa. Milton Oliver U'wis. Fairfield, Neb. Frank John JJehtenfeia. Richmond, lnd. Michael Me.Qulrc, nrooklyn, N. Y. Emory Ma>iafey, Atlanta, Ga. Lloyd Majors, Amelia Court House, Vftj Fi-ed T. MorriU, Jr.. Portland. Ore. Robert S. Neel, Uive Creek, Va. Walter Arnold Nelson, Chinook, Mont. WalU-r Newton, West Medford, Mims. Thomas OsorobnleU, Kniazy, Kernlcy, RUBJiia. 1^1 ward Retail, T^onJtistor. Mass. Chester n. ReIse, Hayden. Coin. Clyde. Robinson, Fol»*om, W. Va. Cha rUp Rorabtek. Ranerolt, Mich. Arthur H. Radlaff, Oakley. Kar). John K. St. John, Egypt, Ky. David U Sityers, Daiton, V4- AHen" Smi'lley, l-*nteet, Tex. Percy W. Sweet, VlriUstuirir, N. Y. Mattel] C. WllliatnH, tHianeioL Pa. Harry Dauphlnais, Indian Orchard, MUSK, * ,' William K. Dlnecn. Jersey City, N- J. Parrell i\L Ounkle, Vancouver, Wash. Joseph Fred ttmrland. Mopett, Ark. Gregorio Fozlo,' phUJiprtburff, Vn, Floyd J. Gilbert, RoHtwick, Ga. pexter L, Henderson, New l>erry, Pa. Robert M. J. Ihrn, t^ata^atiqua, Pa. FJbcrt Ivy, \'uruotin, Tenn. .lyhn Flmer Jackson. Indianapolis, lnd. Solouiou Krupnlk, Detroit, Mich. " Charles C. I.^ine, Newmansvlllt*. pa. Ooniinco J*eo, Ues Moin«», Iowa. , Dominlcko Luciano, Bri<J|foport, Conn. Milton I.ustlK, Kar Uotkaway, N\ Y. John Mares, Ocothaii, Mm'els, Mexico. Wllllain I). Martin, SauUnuint, Idaho. Manuel Marlines, TOOK , N. M. William O. Mayo, McUououyh, On. • &U9\\ Palmer. Gleneuc, O. * WalU-V Chandler park. Mlddlttown, Mo. Johuio Plchelmayer, HaneevHl*?,' Ala. Joseph Rejino, Cleonio, Torino, Italy. Joseph RL HlKfc 'H. Pangulteh, Utah. Alva Robblns, Laun:L lnd. Ft e4 ^CjRulu;., Kelso, Wash. AnirelA fionUrollt. Tooele, in mi. CtMrltm £Mwan) Weltmyer, Unrii.tburft-, . DIEO f ROM WOUND8: Lteutehant: Otis B. ThoTTUU), Ynnkerx, N. Y. ^ Sergeants Frahk CarbaiiRh, Gi eencastle, Pn. JVinnltl V Spftrr, Cromwell, Iowa.: S»dn Chafiflfrrs. Sanders, lnd. , OtU Knho Norton, n.-ikbtnd. fnllf. . Uilrtls \V. Van Hennlk. I'tlca, N." t\ Corporals: ' , Charlm Thomns (lunnlH, Mndlson* ^Vls. Jamen J. McCnrthv, Chb-aijo, 1H. , James MeGuinnetw, Milwaukee, \YU. Harry Kenneth Kunzle, ]lersey t Mich. . Cook: Charles K. Slocum (t.hlid). Toledo, O. Prfvates: K^ldlc P. Carter, Houston, Tex. •""jRm>s II. Cay lor. Kansas Cily, M"o. • •.Michael Chittiek, Vieu Pntano, Cas- *«1*tn. Italy. John K Ford, Manbreno, Trx. Charles M. French, Center, Colo." Guy N. Stafford, Rattle Creek. MJeh. Jacob J. HtnlB. TUolimnnd, Minn. - (?corice M. Turtle, Wltiittil, Conn. Mahlon J .Wilson. Satiford, Me. William 11. iilnk, .inpiin, M.i. ..\ Kdward J. U HIRP , WinRehl, N. Y. •loo.liAUcjs, I5iwt Windsor Hill, Conn. (Jeol'ge W. Peppet tnan, . Jersey gluRe, Pa. J- Hiram R. Todd, Oakland. On. Reginald U ltrown, Quebec, (.'anndn. Fraitik X. IRZO , Alt«w)nn, Pa. 1'Vrdlnand 11. IjcFleur. Cntaro, tin. Hawld P. Ix-ssard, Wntetvtlle. "StC. James II. Merrltt: Camp, O. Frank Miller, Krie, f'ti. Mmcr Paro. Watervllle, Me. . Matt. PeUsrsnti, Crystal Falls. Mirh. <3eor|[e Y. 1'hllbro.jk. Superior, Wis. William Tinker, Jr.. New Havrtx.Conn. Raymond AH'-n WlUon, U.xliiglon. Ky. DIED OF DISEASE: ™ " Corporal: x Francis A. Coughim, Archibald, l?n. Privates: Zachary 1L Rutton, I*ngr:iiige. Ky. Carl Melvln Jcitklus, Middletown, Va. Nathantol B. Thornton, Columbus, Mlsa. ' Charles MiirTrtr, Cap'«noHaiidn, Messina, Italy. William T.» Chaeles. »*hatHworth. Ga, Pet pi- J. I'Ti^ntinfc-, Weburn/ Mats. DIED OF'^ AIRPLANE ACCIDENT: i. Lieutenant: Mrov Gates Wnodwaid, Watertown, Conn., WOUNDED SEVERELY: Lieutenants: Felix W. Kniuuh, New York, N. Y. Irenaeus Joseph Uletmeyer. New Rierla, La. Lewis H. Wood, CwJartowi'. Gn. Oscar l.^Striekland. lt>rt«muiith ( t.i. Sergeants: l'Oarl Nortoert Bemley, Jackson. Mich. Henry Br;ay, Jellico, Tenn. Erneat J,. Oorhajn. Holyoke. Mar^. George F. Ryan, Hrlstol, Conn. John R. Garner, Ccditrlown, Ga. Georgo Herman Rradky, Oil City, Pa. Albert \V. Hennan, She/iaixloah. P«. William G. Juckson, ("Sttsburgh, Pu. Burton V. Leader. Rtdfor>l, Pa. Corporals: Charles Anderson, New Haven, conn. Samuel Al. Hehrmnn, Pateison, N. J. Blmer Carlson. Fulton, lit. Stephen J. Kagar, New York. Nf Y. Lorln E. Fowler, Lewistown, Mont. . I^U-ry. D:, Jerrcd, FardevHIe, Wis. Alvln* C. Lugg. Bristol, c«nn. Pereival Q: Moore. Now Haven, Conn. John Steve Orgieh, Spencer, W's. Charles H, Tressler, Sttxte College, Pa. John Zaga, Chicago, ill. Benjamin L. Ganz. New Hrlghton, Pa. Harvey -C fc _S. Mack. Gloucester, Mass. , Robi-rt A. Rusto, Montrose, S. D. Henry Voazoli, Hartford, Conn. Charles F. Wat rolls, MHfurd, Conn. Rudolph Nicholas Angermeyer, Neenah, Wis. " Frank C. R-iery, Fergus Falls, Minn. Reuel -Chtjshicr. Alzada, Mont. Robert J. Prazer, Dorchesler,. Mass. Harold Gobhart, Bridgeport. C«»nn. John J. Griffin, Mt. Pulaski, ill. Ralph O. Hnnriwerk, Newslde, Pa. Alfrml P. Hodges, Wirt::, Va.- I'roctor Howfttd. HueysviUe, Ky. I-^lgar Ed^un Howe. Lebanon, N. H. Florlan Jerzak, Stevenspolnt, Wis. George MeC.ill. Ft. Wayne, lnd, Altred F. ilagee. Fitchburg, Mass. Henry Miller. Kansas, Mo. Mars hell Morriss. MonUoello, Ky. Shlrrell Morris. DubKn, ; Fn<l. George A." Morrison, Camden, N. J. Let on ' W:**Moyers. Cunningham, Ky. Abe Muchrnan. Chicago, 111. Wains Radi", iron wood, Mich. Oscar Martin Ramatcad, Sui»erlor, Wis. I.ouis L-'Rath, New Brifihton, N. Y, J^ovenzo Rea,' Li verm ore FaMs, Mo, Gceerve Recriscl, Fairmont, W. Va. Freil.-Rc-c^o.rr CroftHViile.- Tenn. Alfred Rofcfluneri lirejneru lnd. Dewey II. Shearer, Anderson, S. C. Jesse Stever, Conway. Mo. Angelo V.Ufca, Middletown. Conn. Fred L. Yarns, Mott, N. D. Louis Kjer, Amherst Jet., Wis. William H. Reardon, Hartford, Conn. , Wagoner: Lester"M- Pittsley, Fairhaven, Maes. Privates: Floyd H. llegley, Eldon, Mo. - Liiverne Bjers. Chief, Mich. Ciiaries !•*; Bonner, Chicago, RJ. . Wilfoid Rraxlen, Tuckermap, Ark. Walter D. Bross, Water VaRey, Miss. Vincent Cominskey, Chicago, 111. William J*. Curronce, Kimball, S. D. Ornri James ,15ckler, Hath, N. Y. Patrick Francis Flemmlng, St. Louis, Mo. Daniel J. H. From, "Waterbury, Conn. Wulte.r N. Fry, Stampede, N. D. . llonel J. Gaguon, Holyoke, Matjs. Glen B. Gallagher, Miami, F1.L John Gogirfl, Thnmatitonvllle. Conn. llvnty Gump, Hickory, J'a. Clarence Kdward Hoover, High Spire, Pa. Elmer J. Jorgenson, Kerhoven. Minn. Barnard Kaegl, Cavln Rock, HI. Morris l-anp'e, Forestville, Conn. Clarence A. 1-iwson, Jamestown, N. Y. Ituflel LlnvUle, BrooltsvtUe, Ky. l>:ivld MeliMrland, Rockhold, Ky. John L. 'MoCarthy, Chicago, III. Clarence McMilkui, Arlander, Tenn. Sahinus s\. McWhortcr, Weston, W. Va. Peter Micklor, Arcadia, Fla. Amln H, Nelson, Parkersburg, Minn. Russell Melson, Almond, Wis. Getirge Albert Nuaselt, Bay City, Mich. Walter Ohneck, Fort Wayne, Imi. Norbert J. Opita, Reaver, S. D. Vincent Ostroslcl, Poqua Buck, Conn. Algeiu AHierloo, lflrio, i'a. Haakon M, Amundson, HaJlandale, Fla. Adam Baezuwskl, New Yorlt, N. Y. Kierolt JO. COwgUl, Coluinbuw, N, M. Sammlo Krvin, Rardstown, Ky. Francis B. Ertel, Reading, i»a. Stanley Gudzlk, Kensington, Conn. Chart en A. Oile*. Wtvskiah, Minn. AnghU Gligaria,.Chicago "Jet., O. Ua\id B. Grcaney, Chicago, HI. .„ Olc Gronvold, Underwood, Minn, Rudolph Hamm, ValaRerN. Y. Jesse J. llouBQr, SoatUe, Wash. Joseph Janczweski, Shellon, Conn. Gucrgu Jesperson, I-Ilkton, Minn, , John y. Jejirde, WUIImanlic, Conn. i'jtuii (.'. Johnson, Chicago, III. Waller E. .Long,. M-lntwupolla, Minn. Joseph R. Mcjn,ne», Leominster, Mane. John F. Marshall, Somervllie, Maea. Mantolo, Newburgh, N. Y. Eddio A . itoil, •BamtwvfUo, Mim. .John Frank MoreJand, Blain, Harold A. Nute, AVorceatcr, Mass. WOUNDED: {Denree Undetermined.) • captain: Robert W. Norton, Ejust Bloorafletd, IS Y. • : • fieroeants. Harry Rny Crandall, Pottstlarn, N. Tf. Bar) C. Wllott, Coshocton, O, Mllford Randolph, Henpnwowl, Tenn. Cofporkl*:""-. Michael O'Meit, PAlfM«lphiacT*n. r v • --- - pr(**t»fi i. • H«clnr Chartler, Quebec, Cftiiadfl. . Salvntorc Oinefra, Plttflhufff^-; Ta. Rfiymond Uilgcr, Wllkewhai-rt*, Pa. . UvOrft* W« GHund, Mmnea6ln, Mihh, Kby U. MlMticr, BotheM, ; WMh, T3n.ll l^tilck. Manawa. WIS., Andy ToiiDzen, Von Rurciii-.;Ark. ' Moh*s Welnstcln. RrooMy^i/N. Y. Fred James Rmdford, New Haven. Cohn, . . • Unit Monney, AVUuliiugn. 8[V. 'Attfhony Hqccn Pipcone, Ootilfcn, Conn. ,*< MISSING IN ACTION; LI*ut«nantBt • Clinton V. l\ Newbuid, vvnynv, Pn. Jflinr.1 V. Polacek, Tlptnn, la. Vim Winkle Todd, t'»rn'i.fii»; N. .1. Sergeants: John Charles Ruttei'. orwtguburg. l'a. Earl C lUinch, Yhrk' t Pa. Corporal*: Riijmond F. I^iw, We*t Haven, Conn. John S. l'etro, Ansonla, Con" . Flo>-«! A. Sexton, Buffalo^ N, Y, JoA»ph it. SinPlnnJlo, Haj-tI6nl, Conn. John Washco, PhRntlelphia, Pn. Hetberl C, Hicks, l^tylnnd, W. Vu. Privates: Joseph C. Blxler, Navarre, o. Wlhiam JoHpph Clieck, Suyreville, N. J. Freeman T. tjrolcy, WiMiaiiisuurg, .Ky. Raymond II. Hnrdke, UaJd WaKie Lake, Minn. Sidney Hehe.rt, Nat»oleonvj|l)e, l*a. Ray U. Hilton man, N 'Ttli- Vurnon, Jnd. Joft-ph Hoekl, Philadelphia, Ta, Albert llouin, Albert Lea, M<nii. BQnjamln Uslbowlu, New York, N, V. ' FifeW-her A, MneHoimld. Alunleda, C'alR; -John C. Moo, Lcroy, Minn.** 'Jo&'Ph Moscorello. Rrookiyn, N. Y. BiUn Nivzwtr, Binnchvllle. C(?nn. Gehrge Jt Neff, Johnstown.-J-'a. JCdtfnr O. Parks, Vltlsville, ^o.' Haiiev Pletklowlch, Mlzjiah, Minn. Anthony Radlee, New Yoik; iS. V. Ernesto S,K»SI , Bristol, Cunn. l>opli* Tracy, Brunswick, 111, William K Biu-tllson. Mlr.nea^Ms. Mmii . ' •' Frank Panwens, Porta(je. - Pa. Walter Boguskl, Gubeiliui'i: Hu&Hla. Theodore H. M«teati, Man l»itg". Cn»f. John V*. Rrenuct', Havidsun, MUM. GiO\er L. Carter, liufReid. Va. Harmon F. Cralton, Biacustone, Va. Jfiifsv Jt Jiids, Vlonpa, Mb, Edward ^rnnciH. Oreeiiwootl, .W's. WRliam J. (lu Gilbert. Plttsbui-«h. Pa. Bdwnad E. Gurney; New :llaven, Conu • AUln Aievunder Harper. CO^ag". 1H. Heuimn E .HuueJ. Ann A.rboi\ Aiicti. tiemgo Austin MoGee. Cleveland, O, .1 oli n McK luney. Kvel> h, »• Ky. lv*t'l O- MasHrv, l'otSdajn, >'. Y. Frank John Nuylor, J'lHlJMlelphla, Pa. James R, Nees, Poiaiul. ..lnd. OU\er "X^. Nelson, MHwaukee. Wis. William K. Ne\inft. ItoekvlUe, lnri. Robert NewUp, Rloomingdale. lnd. Anthony V. Nlrostro, Norwaik. Cnn. Fred Olnfson, H'nedate, Mont. William A. Itutiiff, Martinsville, lnd. Huwaul W. Sand land. Waterhdry. Conn. Erucs 't Nehilllng. C'evetaml, <>. Jdfeeph Verdeame, Now Haven. C'ujn. Czesiow ZwRrosky, Ansonla^ Conn. Ud*"atrfl If K«lMon, Clevelftlid, O. John.W. Standfast, Flushing, L. I. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Degree Urrteterrnihed) -Second LieutehahtB: A. L fflmft, Orovencirf, O. JoJin t. Thornton, I-IeittcrVltlft, Mt«; " Private: J rise |i)i cnalo) New Yolk. N. Y. WOUNDED IN ACTION: tlVprte unfleterrr.ined. Previously te- ported dltd of wouhtts): Private: Allen p. T>nrhv, Vermillion, 0. WOUNDEb IN ACTION: (Defcie? undetermined. Previously reported hilled in action): Private: * Howard P. Burton, Vevny. Ind. WOUNDED IN ACTION: iSlfghtly. Previously reported klllffl In nrUoh): . . Serneant: Hugh M. Todd, I>yei«burg, Tenn. JSvety Ump if tnnn looks nt n time tnblo, n siiH])lnIous vt\U* womlcfn whnt woman I K going to run off with him. AlchlsiRi aU>bi\ FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. # It is not a'tnyth Tiut a rtmllty n»<l women rimy fhu! It in pwrfocl rune- UontU health. Women who wnnt to jirow ottl grftccfnlly should guard against all organic, woakncBR tint, do- nuiffementu. and at! the first symptom «»r such conditions' resort, to t-yctla K. Plnkham's Vogelabli. Compound, na- lure's own root lind herb remedy, to restore heiiRh. l^or three generations women of America have depended upon this sucuesatul remt'tly and have found no other medicine to equal It. 6 BtLL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief REIL-ANS l«*FO» INDIGESTION PROPEoSlONAL CARDS, •"HVSIGIANS. H. S. BREVOORT, M.D. PrncllceLfmilcdto Office Treatment «* Chronic Diseases •tt Wesi First St., Hutenlnson, K*ni»m. Alkali In Soap Dad for the Hair Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE 0« Ice will. Ur. [„iui«n K. Richmond, suits ^^^^^ IMlone 2652W. r £3Tii \a EYES AND FITTINQ S -PECTACLE8, n our tpeclalty. r>rlce« rtusoniblt! accurate tervlce. ' SHIPMAN BROS, Over Commercial National Bank, PMotia 3359. ^MARINE CASUALTY LIS?) Tht>- folluwln^ caSTtiiltiPS aj-u reportr.1 lis the CommiLiiiUni; tlpncral of Iho Anu-rl- cah 25 \jic <]|tlonar.v Kon.-es: K»»le*l Jn-JH-- tlon, .K; UitKl of wounds, tfccclv'iM In-nc'- lion, 5; illcU u fillstjusu, It woumleil »i actlrn. wcvorrly. I; woun.liM In netloii. .le- grt't. umleu-rrnlnt'ti, 5; wcurulftl In tH'llon, sightly I. Tutiil. 21. KILLED IN ACTION: ' Corporals: .7ohn T. HMtK, KtaixoarvlUc, N. C. Frank .Soi-kL'l. Clilattfti, III. Privates: John I'Jcpnan, New York, N. V. John KI OWI-TW , Cockrauni, Miss. • J'auJ F. HorstnKUl, Olt-nnbume, Md. Ost-ar K. NtcholHtm, Carlton, Mtnn. Thoranfl K. f'attcfHtm, I?ut-op:i, Miss. Hrnry l't'iiufy, Danville, III. DIEvD OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: Trumpeter: Jthn McbPrnon, HiUtlinorc, -\M. Privatcsl HIsDon S. Hattcrs«j)-.*lfsrt.s. Ky. Wrslry G. Bt'dltftr."Burllnfcrlon, la., ll.rbrrl J. Hinckley.-Chicago, HI., Victor J OII^H . DUftuesno, Fla. DIED OF DISEASE . Sergeant! Frederick P. TucKart, Whlttler, Calif. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Severely) Privates: Kanin.'I M. rsurns. Alt^lo. 111. Eugene Flavin, Marathon, N. Y. ' Soap ylionltl bp iiacd vi'ry carefully, if you want lo kerp your hair Tooktng itn bt'Bl. Most soapB anil proparod shnmiiooS contain loo much nlltnll. Thl." tlrlcs Hit' scalp, mukes IJio hair brittle, and ruins It. TI IP bo .y thing for xteody USR I S Just ordinary miilslfled coooanut oil (winch Is pure and grcasclcsiH), and is littler than the most expensive soap or anything I ' you can tiso. One or two tcasnoonfulH will cleanse the hair am! scalp thoroughly. Simply moisten the hair' with water anil nfh II in. It makes an abundance of rich ereittny lather, which rinses out easily, removing every |«trtlcle of dust, dirt, dandruff and excessive oil. Tlio hair dries quickly and evenly, and It leaves the scalp soft, and Ihe hair flue and silky, bright, lustrous, flurry and easy to manage. ... You can get inulsifled coconnut oil at any pharmacy, it's very cheap, and a few ounces will supply every member of the family for months. CATARRH (if the • BLADDER relieved In 24 HOURS Each Cup. *ul« bear* th« iuuu« «*" Jlrunr* o/eoun ttrfeit* Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S C A S T O R i A Cuticura Soap] IS IDEAL • For the Hands] Iso .p Jtc. Ointment» * Mo., Talcum ««. B.mpls inch m.HeJ Ire, b, "CJrtloor^ D»pt B. B«»voii. McVAV LIVERY TAXI-BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. Whet Is Rheumatism? Why Suffer From It? Sufferers Should Realize That It is a Blood Infection and Can Be Permanently Relieved Rheumatism moans that the Wood has become uaturated with uric acid jKilaon. > II docs not require mcdica) advice to know that good health is iibeolutely uepondeiU upon pure blood. When Iho muBckiB and Joints become Bore and drawn with rheitmatlsin, it Is not « wise thing to tfUte ». little salve: and by tubbing It on (be ftpre spot, e*pect ta got rlij of your rb«uni »Uam. You ttt»«b.|^.<toa«er<tliMt that; dowtt deep Into'the blood Yhere t^e eolHOR lwM» UM I *W<* Jl tvi «(t«em *y'WtlYi|g and ointments.'It is Important that W)U rid yourself ot tU|s terrible dis- easo before It goes too far. S. fi. S. Is the blood purifier that has stood the test of time, hftYiag.'been in constant use for more than fifty, yettrs. It wPl do for you what it has done tor thousands of others, drive the rheuraatio poisons out of your blood, making it' puro and strong, and enabling Jt > make you well. S. 6. S, Is guaranteed purely vegetable, it will do the work and not harm the most delicate stomach. Write 'the physician of' this Cow- party and let htM *dri«o with you. Advice, is fumiihed, witltOMt cftarte. Ad- <ie «S Birift< SpevJUtfl QawDMy, ,1)6 AUTOMOBILE W DIRECTORY W Accessory. Supply and Repair Houses J l£ AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY ^ 114-116 Shetinan St East Auto Supplies, Tools and Oarage Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Stromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings, Phone 3000. ^-"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"- THE PERuVanZandtP™ DISTRIBUTORS 13.1S-10 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MbTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 HAILROAU riMETAOLE*. &ANTA~VE No. 2 The Navsjo ,,, j:0l> p. nv No. 4 Uhlcnifo Uliulled 4:06 p. in. No. 6 Chtcnxo l 'JKP 'ess 11:.'I6 a. nk No. 8 .Santa ISIglU U:1U a. m. No. 10 The Scout 3:2t a. ni. No. )2 Kaniuu ciiy Filer null u. m. No. 166 ;'asscnKei 9:40 p. in. No. 6Sa PasttuhKur ,. 4:i& p. m. No. 60S U. sc & i J a.aoiigfir Ar,, u. in. No. 74 V.'aP Krclnlit .li;»7 p. lu. </e&tl>ound. No. 1 The Scout «:55 p. ,a. No. i The California Limited.. S:4U p. m. No. 6 The Colorado impress.,, 8:&6 p. m. No. 7 Kai'Co J'uat., 4;oQ p. uo. No. 0 The Navajo 4:36 • m . No. It Cotoi-udo yam Mall.... J:.6 a. to. No. 606 Paatieuttei- t:&0 p. in. No. 607 PosaeJu,'t.-r 8:66 a. OT . No. 867 Passenger 9:10 a. ]u . No. 6(17 11. tk H.-i'dssenijor...: y;o5 a. in. No. 73 Way lrcltiht (Main llnoi IO J OO a. m. No. it Way Froltiut iflrsjich Uliej 7:66 ft. m. MlSSOUIil PACIFIC, trasroauna'. No. 424—l^ocaf Passcncer 10:10 o.m No.-434^-l .oca.' passenger 4:36 pin No. Local vruiulu IZ.'ttl ptu Westbound. No. 423-M-ocol ParfsutiKcr 6:10 pm No. 4;|3—l^jcul Passenger 0:3) am No. «9k—Local Vrelal.t ....•...Jl:40 am ROCK ISLAND, eta.t Bound. No. 34..Ar. S:St n. ni.. depart 9:46 a. m. No. 4 11:16 a in, No. 3 10:10 p. m. No. 80, L AUI I l<'rt>lgnt 12:16 p. in. . West Bound. No. 1 ':!0 a. <n- No. 3 5:10 P. m- No. 33..Ar. 0:Jb p. m., Dopnrt 0:35 p. m. No. 81, Local Insight... 1:40 p. m. ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN, Eastbound. Wer.trlc tr.lns Tor Newton, Wichita and IntsnneJInto ooints le«vo Kutcli'nson a.t 6-30 A. M. 0:30 A. M., Umllatl 1.6o A. M , 0,16.A. M.,t0:36 A. M., 11:60 A. M, Urn- tod; l:» P. M.. 2136 P. M M ••>••'»*'• »}• lamitod; 6:16 J*. M.. I!:36 P. J:65 > • M., 0:16 P. M.i U:S0 P. M. Wost-ound. M.ctrtc trains from Wichita. N«w<™ ?! M, UinlteA: 7:36 P. M., 8:66 P. M., 10:16 P. M..' 11:36' P. M. 1:30 A. «. . WICHITA HUTCHINSON Arnold Auto Go. Msrmon—Hsynes—Dodge Brothers Phone 8707 . At»lQ!llOWleS • it E«.l F|r»« St -««flTe Most Beautiful Car in America" PAIGE The Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sberfflsw last ; Also studebsiter Parts and Service Electric Battery 6e Repair Co. MtTiMavTeaa W1M.AR0 ST0RAQB PATT^RIES • ' UM4 by ff Wr 9WI' »t AH MinMta«tMr »r» • - • . , LARQg»T BATTRHV HgFAIH STATION IN KAN«A«M '»h»rrn w $ M t. , phone 47— f*H% INV^TIWrfjP A^Y fA -TT ^aY AT ANY, TIMS ' Directory oi the ijh-Hili.-y Hidi|. Elevator service day and. night. AROHITECTS MANN & GEROW Rooms 731-re. Phone SHe. ATTORNEYS VVM. H. BURNETT Atlcrneyat-Law 601 11.-W. Blig. PKNTJSTS I. J. JONBS, o.ntlsL Suite 611.13. Phone SOW. J'ii-YSXOUMB AND SU14GI50NS : H.' W^STRWAHT, M, D. •wlte 111. •pccKI Attention to Eye. Bar, Noes and Threat. Qlasiet Accurately-pitted. Pr. Ktta MuivleU.- Dr. W. N. MundeU O M I. M Q NOELL, Bull, tin e\,;|yfejjMg. - Phone .IlilW. - -.I ^SLAIOSi. •" PHYSICIAN ANP SUROEON • auit* ait. Office phone Wee. Phone m\ PR. LOjyJ8E f. RICHMOND. - "fMitt ^iJi. Office'Phone 2M2W. Residence »wn q, A. ;iHicKE .RiNo ( ^ phyfi^iii 'Vurieort,, BM. Tei. p«lea Tel. ««»w. PR. A;'9. aEAt.1, Physician and surgeon Bpeel.aj Attention to plagnolls, ->\ ',Hoom 608 . . Thoneai Office 3aa0VV. Kea,) 3661 Pr. H< ,p ,..8TER RETT ^ Piaotico ilmltea to Bye. ear, nose and: throat. Ko«m 80? .torabapjrU'Wiley Bldg. Phone ..wr** • v a MmT~ ""

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