The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 12, 1948 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, July 12, 1948
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Today's News Today NBA FEATURE SERVICE A, P. LEASED WISE AND FEATURES VOL. LXV.-- XO. 227. Press Run Today ( N*w»--7.0T5 " Pest --8.623 J- Total--15.700 FREDERICK, MD.. MONDAY. JULY 12. 3948. IE.\ PAGES Hearing On ' Discord At Issuance Of \OpeningOf 'Beer Permit ·Convention Liberty Call Sounded By __ _ t Berlin Party Weather Forecast Generally fair and rather warm .md humid tonight and Tuesday. PRICE--THREE CENTS Advocates And Objectors Heard By Commissioner This Morning L, connected with a dancing pavilion ' where beer is sold, Charles William j Coleman, applicant for ail oil-sale' beer license, wld County License · Commissioner G. Cleveland Trout · at a hearing held in the court room ' this morning. ] Social Democrats Rally Behind Reuter; Douglas In Capital To Confer With General Clay The Nation Today By JAMES MARLOW Philadelphia, Ju!y 12 nF. -- The Democratic convention to pick a. presidential candidate is a dreary affair. Nobody here seriously doubts By HAL BOYLE Philadelphia. July 12 --The golden voice is gone. That was the paramount fact as the Democratic convention open- · ed here today like a football team starting a game with four men · trying to play quarterback. The great signal caller is dead. There is no one here to say "my " There are "too many headaches" · friends" and melt the divergent 5 Berlin July 12 '^.i?h^ nOC r LUC i ? ^ rt:! i ! * rful Social" Democrats have «.-, . - - . -, . brotherhood of political . claimed a ^,5 to ^^^ ^ Soviet . ! the process of picking one of a hero--o : blockaded cit " " the Stalingrad of 1 number of candidates. ;. And none haYc^nte · G !" Mn libert '-" . ! here yet. ! That call was made last night by j In the opening hour of its fifth \ Srn est Reuter. Social Democratic ' straight quadrennial bid for power Mayor-elect of Berlin. The Rus- ' Coleman. whose application for tne historic Democratic party is as ' sians have refused to seat him. license at an establishment he ! sp!rt a part as the quarreling would- ! Speaking before " be heirs to a rich man's legacy British Are Democrats Suffer From Bad Douglas Will Moving Men Case Of s P lii p TM»«toy ^ot T k y « C7 Convention Hall, Philadelphia, nu-rly was blank, i; now speaks ~ %*».^ T M T»l§-*"k T£,rtB*lK Jul i; ;| '-- Thc Drains of the f *r Senator Pepper. mi · · ±1110 O"l 1111 -Missouri W»IU- echoed over acres ,.,?? ! 5..?.!" a _ ; ° rl '," v ? dcdjth , csc roon i 1 1 O111111311 Oil of empty seats today as the Demo- last evening. He found them bare. -- to get the nomination. With :hat apparently so cut and dried, half the steam is out of the convention. Three weeks ago the Rcpubli- Berlin's pow- cans . d^nched this city vith en- Reinforcements Sent To Germany As Crisis Between Allies And Russia -Mounts a:i empty ci:ade! behind a brave cratic convention jot off to a slow, j: -.d colorful front The planter \\as peeling from the walls, and '.he fjor \\ ere htlered \v :sh debris. Pepper e: up a table and yonse chair*. A heavy crush of re-port- ITS. photographers and newsreel The familiar wh:e mea arr.vcd. while they were in You have to have deals and the; lobbies. The Democrats seem lonely by comparison. True. Senator Claude -- ---"--·-- ·~ -- - ---- ---·-- -- -- -- · -- -- -- - -- -- - ?»m.iz_ mtuTi »*; int» nilarr-Aitntr *m*n**irt , WrtA-^ L-««r* i-«A*-n_A «-.««... ·* r* f\r\n * *V» iUA X^CIHUxrl Ab, UirtTt\ Ilia Hat, is constructing at Pearl, in New ; _ _ . , , . . , - * « ' -- -- r --** *""" "* »"·** ******* -J *^«»t_ i tucci. in*; uitriv jsiemoers in tne i · t* ·* Market distnct is opposed oy a j W hat is missing here is the vast»America^ Sector Reuter declared er ' L number of residents, said he only personality, the unifying magic o f " "We must esiabUsh a froS to TrU *' tO °' that a f!ock of south ' waniefi to sell the oeverage as an · Oie last leader-the purple Demo- Russian power If Be^in falls the ·' ern dele * ates were 8 ellin K accommodation m connection with crat. Franklin D. Roosevelt = liberty «" -iii »J ~7^lV,lr,'.,!'. to P at "P Gov. Ben T. La his restaurant. He said a number of , There is no doubt among most · with i* persons had asked that he sell beer.; delegates here that the inheritor of j Coleman testified he would have · his mantle, Harry Truman, xvill be ' about S27.000 in the building when ' nominated to lead the party. ' London. July I'i A 1 --Ais authoritative source has sent new troops to Western Germany I because of the tension in blockaded Berlin. The informant said "many" of the reinforcements will be Pepper.; i nto Berlin itself. late- start. Thc ualtz. a xalutc to President Harry S. Truman, was played twice. First, it came from the treat rolling tones of the pipe organ. . -Then the brass band, in its section "S h:s ^earned. a:id. sweat poured just beneath the roof and at the dvmn m streams said todav Britain far fad ·* the h»» pl»ed it asaiiu J n , e S«n«or said he was a can- numbers of There was, no response either d l ,/?' »» r cdaced his _ handsome Kcddmjr, Democratic national pub- time from the handful galleries or from delegate* inc in the aisles. But the bandleader \\ith a sure Supreme Court Justice Declines To Enter Race At Philadelphia riuUdelphia, July 12 (JP--J»hn e either - sonse , c r a c n a o n in the i3rk -' 1 = 1£ ''e! wife, and ub:ni«ted to licity director, announced * R o^ip- H««l.ons. uhich he answered eas- thal Supreme Court JusU sly. Meanwhile. '.he delegates from Justice liaui O. Douglas will not be a can- audienrc rc4Ctiotis. «n«-i, ' instinct for --t..,.-- " 0 v l "«swunr into -Dixie." He sot his | RS for a caucus !!1 reaction. Rebel yells ranjr through · ow . n ' They wrangled throuj;h the first his own state. Florida, were gather- didate for the Democratic vice- g , f ho:cl across prcMtlrntial nomination. Redding told a news conference 15 minutes of she meeting about h * uas inform -« by Dough ^^,^^^^ f °^S^«^ '° the conVenUo; 0 '^ ·.*"«·«·.?' ^ /or the visi- ^iend, that ,he Justice has decided ready liberty of all east of the Elbe falls '· ? f UL UJ) ^ 01 -° en *' L TM?' of J "^ j Arkansas as their own candidate to oppose Mr. Truman. But Pepper's sudden announce- I lin by plane last night and began didn't want dancing there, he re- inate him in an unhappy atmos- ' ^ cla i ^erican Su marked that he gets tired of hear- - Phere or revolt over an internal = " o r . - * American m » l . Problem affecting one-tenth of the ' v eover sever- here with the chief of staff of t the Ministry of Defense. Gen. Sir · Percy Hollis, and other service j chiefs ' Robertson flew here from Berlin ' last nicht. people began gathering delphia. three and four By REL.MAX MORI.V Philadelphia. July 12 .V--The Democrats went to Convention ment that he was seeking the pres- , Earlier in the day. Foreign Sec- · Ha!1 today, suffering from a bad idential nomination left this city retary Ernest Bcvin gave the cab- i ca - c of s P lil Personality, and the delegates pretty cold. ! inet an uo-to-the-minutp renort on ' A man with this afflicti · inet an up-to-the-minute report on ' in Phila- tors fia' ! -'ry. H developed that a davs ar.» c ^ un}c of tickets had disappeared. · 5 ' leaving only 32 available. Somebody said that was an insult to Florida, and he growled, "what are they going to do--fill up thc place with hoodlums from California?" tion knows At this same moment, the lobbv not to enter the race. Previously reports circulated in the convention that President Truman had called Douglas, vacationing in Washington, by long distance telephone during the weekend aud had asked htm to take the ing "too many hill billy tunes." County Constable Paul B. s Rhoads, who at first signed on the i ' . And the other southerners--'the Berlin crisis. Britain, the U. S. . not w ' n *ther he is coming or go- of the Ben Franklin Hotel was fill- No - 2 . . . Douglas told newsmen his visit I burned U P by Mr. Truman's civil ; and France sent notes to Moscow " 1R - m " ch !G?S '" which direction, ing with delecay.-t. Two weeks Pressed for detail;,. Redding said population --tne ?,egro , wa . not part of any particular west rights program--had been talking ; last week, demanding that the Ru- *TM '·^^ 13S . P r «; cisel ' '-{|« *'*"»- ap- ^is was thc white-hot center he considered that this is "an ab- - - - - j for quite a while of doing what sians end the Berlin land block- '' fon ' n ph ' ! aclelph.a as the party of activity for Senator Robert A. _ o l u t - ,,,,,,... h ,, , S- I ii j - j ^ - t _ . _ ^_ ^ nf Thrtmn« iAfrr»r.£m,^ ».»»t.^..~..t 4^ rn^ci ». - «· , . . . . solute refusal, by Douglas. Kremlin informant would y troops have Germany, or how ~n has not replied. of T homas Jefferson gathered to Taft. before he and the others we're .-ould sav exactlv :" m '" ase a candidate for the Prcs- !,team-roHcred by Gov. Thomas E. ideiicv. Dcwev. Convention Hall. Philadelphia, July 12 -.-T;--The Democratic Na- up' and would be jiecessarv for , ^"'hl" 1 - T h" "" ve TM Der - ^ -... . , L "... aajs Here 1 have heard no dele^afp tne acconunooauon of the public. ' even faring up ^ top^ ^*" County Health Inspector Bruce optimistic vein. 8 °TMM?! no Vth^ou'n l ax i 's rirSt ** *"' °" * Xo * ^ ncus : ,f sl Pi " ba » ««'»"« tlonal Convention began its first sent on into Berlin. One, ^V^re ^re fissures within ^ "° W ""^ *" "° ** ° l western powers demanding that the ! der wa '- , . _ i i-nj k n*t» *; t\ however, said troop move- , GssurC5 cracks r*^ 1 nek Mt-iT *»rt-i -mw-i«» *-»r r!«»r-_ " But now there was no talk politics. There was however, o session today at 11:13 a. m. eastern blockade be lifted. Clay's office said yesterday it had Bruchey,. another v.-itness for the There is a great contrast be- I received no indication that Moscow applicant, said there are "excellent tween this convention and the Re- i wa ^ ready to reply to the protests- plans" for the building which if: publican convention h»r». I,,,*-! The Soviet-controlled news aernrv plans' carried out quirements building which if : publican convention here last '· The Soviet-controlled news agency will meet health re- ; month. '·100 per cent." The ; The G. O. P. · said it had no indication either. gathering was fea- | when the Russian answer might be ments to th" British zone of Ge---i "T""."' ",""" ""'"" cra cks. and busy corner. Quite a crowd had . TM"v^-h,,!» H^"\!t-.-^ ,,,,! ,,,;, S Wlintew. slivers and broken pieces collected, as though some informal [ In the past week some of the top ; many ''have been taking place over j Democrats talked of nominating ' 'he last three or four weeks." He ! · Gen. Ike Eisenhower--until Eisen- . made it clear that most of the: south" than a xvas hardly pile of Thc more caucus ' aki »« standard Ume. Philadelphia. July 12 -/pj--Dixie Rebels picked Gov. Ben Laney of. It had gathered around 11 pin- - Arkansas for an opposition can- 1 ball machines. didate today as wrangling Demo- hower said "no, thanks." ' troops were reinforcements, rather ' xhc north was little better Bosses of some of the biggest · ^/eplacements.^^ ^ { Doubtless as a result of "this, an delegation was trying to reach » : topping their ticket with President Over at another hotel, a southern crats began the formal business of . plans far exceed those of most oth- | tured by an exciting clash of per- { received, er licensed places, he indicated- He i sonalities. Dewey. Taft and Stassen ! Break May Be Xear said there is ample parking space j were present and contending vigor- i Some observers speculated, how- and the place will be no hazard to · ously for the nomination. So were I ever, that a break in the situation the motoring public. j a number of dark horses. I was near. The consensus here is Objectors Sharetts Oland and ; That convention was built around I that the Russians are trying to John H. Staley. who reside near ; the competition of men. This con- ' force the western allies into four- the property, said They didn't think ! vention so far has been an angry j power discussions of the overall the place was necessary for the ac- i conflict of principles--and prin- j German question, commodation of the public and beer ; ciples are never as coloroful as ; Suggests "Back To Potsdam" j should be sold only in cities or ' people ! " The Soviet-licensed newspaper towns. Russel}. Shafer. another ob- -The Repuolican' convention open- j Worwaerts said todav "the supply jector. felt beer^shouldn't be allow-; ed in an^atmosphere of hope and ; ii nes will be free automaticallv as ed anywhere. Easton Hoffman op- borse-trading The.Democratic con- : soon ^ ^ wes tem powers have nas started in a f o g o f sec! - - - _ - * · _ _ recriminations and faitter- -- like ex-Mayor Frank i m ent was a topic at Robertson's prevailed in the convention city as of Jersey City--were behind conferences with service chiefs. The . the party settled down to business. political machines in the United I Tne informant said the deploy- . atmosphere of happv confusion States -- ~ - . . . . . . *. - - - . . . _ - . . Hague the draft-Eisenhower boom. I new troops were described as main- This now becomes an interesting ' J " ' oun S conscripts with less than question: j a year's military service. How are those political leaders, decision on a point of ethics. The Question--having been sent to thc · convention to vote for Truman. Truman. Amid signs that a bitter may flare over the vice ^ SSfeS: « q TM^" « eou.d the delegates no^_ do othe. choice, lexers awaiteS i who were all for Eisenhower, go- i i Britain's military plans in Westing to do an about-face with the i ern Germany and West Berlin with j voters in their areas and start j bleeding for Truman? i those of the U. S. and France is · being studied personally by Field ed. with a few strokes of a painter's brush, into the base for Senator Claude Pepper of Florida. The sign is the same. It still asserts, in large blue letters--"The in spite of his civil bill? One resolved it to his own satisfaction. ' "I was sent here to vote for a Democrat." the man said. "Harrv for Supreme Court O. Douglas to decide whether he wants to try for it. Douglas was reported to have been asked by Mr. Truman by = - --- -.^.~» - »»*- *^t,»iivr\.t o t. t.iv iimii ^IU. flcil IV , .. t . . People's Choice for President." but Truman is not a true Democrat. long . dl -j tsm «! .telephone over the r Truman can unde-*tand this i Marshal Lord Montgomery, chief of [ underneath, in a space that for- · So I don't have to vote for him." -- j-.v--Y-" r .-- '-- "^ -1-Ar.f.-,^ K, * i j ~-~ w *·""-·; soon as tne western powers nave posed the license, saying he was ; J.«tion has started m a fog of sec- found the way Dack fo Potsdam a?aind: rlrmbinir nf aTrnhnlifc ItOnal recriminations: an/1 h;ff«n-_ , - . . . . . against drinking of alcoholics. ! About 40 residents of the district j ness signed a petition in opposition to · There is no hero or potential hero yet on the scene for Coleman. 3 E, Crouse and William V. ,,*_.,,... , who reside near the Coleman place, i Dlcfc --Truman. There are more said that persons desiring beer had to go to Frederick to get it, if j they wanted the nearest place, j There was no objection raised to . than there are cheers. " Mr. and Mrs. Colemaa personally. , i Several witnesses gave them an . excellent reputation. Coleman said \V 51 XT' PT^t TT d. V A 1 UZ * and when, even with regrettable tardiness, they accept the offer, made in May, 1948. by the Soviet government when it published the American-Soviet exchange of notes. j to clarify at a conference table the differences of opinion between the two nowers. "There is no other way to solve the Berlin difficulties," the paper said- '"The notes of the western the United States: Boss Pendergast's in Kansas City. -, after top-level talks j ; with the French Chief of Staff in Paris, went on to Vienna yester- weekend to join him m the race. The Supreme Court member, vacationing in Oregon, delayed a de- a statement So it must seem ominous to him. · I day to inspect the disposition, of Mrs. Canoles ; Forfeits S1L45;! 2K but promised know^ h^^h'=^i^ai; B -f : ^±- ^fU 1 ^^ j Is Dropped By i New Car Had !Md. Delegation No License JCLHU\ juxg. **i/\\ JLiiuuLi uiuie uuiiviuai i TM . . _ . . » * cooperation means among big citv- The informant said he may pass politicians, to see such people as ! th TM" e k Germany on his way back j do a flip-flop back again. h m nd hen Britain. « d A war office spokes- · . couid make no com- | · ** A*»^ 4^.W£* V U W X C l g ^ C X l l l . . , Mr. Truman says he feels very i ment on Montgomery s movements j chipper about his" chances for re- ! beyond the fact that he would not , {election. If the delegates here '. r "*" rn fnr cr " r " v rfa "'" ! think they're backing a winner. · they're pretty quiet about it. This is not intended as a par- for some days. Public Sales Held Mrs. Whitehurst Named' At Acrimonious Session Of State Group j powers will serve to relax the situa- ticularly gloomy note about the | In Coiintv Sallirclav frtrti-* r^n7T" !f +Vi^i^ ft* f%n1v3 ^%«*«A.n +t»*v * npmrif*t~a fc 3nd their cbcLtlCCS 111 ' * But it seems to me to aU Philadelphia. Jurv OP; Southern leaders--already biting, kicking and braying over the civil rights issue in best Democratic donkey fashion--laid plans for a floor fight against Douglas if he decides to run. They predicted victory for such New Midway Firemen's a bottle P rovide * ^ey could enlist J ' Senator Alben Barkley of Kentucky, who keynotes the convention in a speech tonight, as another candidate for the No. 2 spot. Only a few hours before Mayor Cause Of Case In Peoples Court A 1948 ord tudor sedan which * · " -- -.' - -- · · » ' -i'tto. j - * -i-j^w . r v i v * tuutfl seudll \VIJ1UE1 -n«,.-J T * -«.* - - w - ^ John L. Whitehurst was named t o . is to be awarded at the final night Da . vid Lawrence of Pittsburgh ? oublic -ale held n-ar Wolfs- · succecd Mrs - M - Alice Canoles as a of the New Midway Volunteer P -° iSed the 8avcl to get the thir I b e an accurate portrayal of the , ville SaTurda" realf estate of the! Demc:ratic TM4«» committee- . Firemen's carnivalIon July 24 was -' eth e at jering of the party of Jef~~ ·--·"·*·-.-·. t-w.w. * jo \.t\jiitn v . V / i u i » I i itcC" . * '* v - » » * v - i i ^ ^ o t i i i V A i \Jll «f W * y --^ VV'as f T l - · -- -woman when Maryland's delega- ' the object around which circum- ' fe " on - f a , ( *5" n and Roosevelt into . -- _ _ . . . .. ss- re P resent n § tne . fending the strategic town Of Er ! tion that the allies *houlri ~eneaee- i tr °l of Congress, know this is their ' S5.050. The real estate included a objectors, said he wanted to cite | Ramie have offered to surrender in^"ou^poweftattsTho^f^ i ·»»* chance to w£n the Presidencv : tract of four acres improved with from several Circuit Court opinions to encircling Jewish forces. j pers ha ve hinted that this might i sinc « Franklin D. Roosevelt whip- a six-room log and weatherboard ^noles had been rum, before the commissioner decides' The spokesman said Arab and j end^the food and feelIcrisfe g j ped them down in 1932. j house, outbuildings, and also nearly j weeks. The delegation v. 3 v»*«" V.* ^Ji^J, t . . T . . . . . . - . . . ^ , * . __. ·. ! * * · » rttvn 'n.TT-i- T^*t* i f nl* * i »-i-+ v v t * «,v/ i»n_ a-»Ci»»V/Ui d H l _ i t d L l U i l i l l j »'»·"*···'-.» ~ « _ » i t n CVA HI «l Ui clllll, Ulldi J^C *4 *' T I T ' T * convention held its initial caucus. ' preferred by First Sgt. Walter K. ara ume - Mr - -Truman collected two new opponents. ,, ,, _,.,, , , . T . . --=^, «"iu i the case. C. Clifton v irts. who rep-: Jewish conmianders have arranppd I « * ' ° f : convention opened today ( Stottlemyer, clerk. the usual speeches. It prob- ' Unimproved land whi Jewish . cuiation in Berlin. The city now gone, nine acres of pasture land. Personal ' ^° S' ve Mrs - Whitehurst the post subject to ratification tic national com- rumored for i -"«B'f iTMie -nanuei .«. Weinberg in .· c , Peoples Court this morning. ~ J ' 5 - A campaign to replace Mrs. j *£': "fj 1 "L Stat , e . TPo »« - b e f o r c Southerners Back Laney ,,«,!«« hnd h. Pn mmnrf * fnf i Magistrate Manuel M. We.nberg in Southerners.making « admitted- I ly hopeless fight in. this case, lined up behind Laney. A committee narr.- Mav -aid todav that of Ju » 5m*mber* n t h °» -»«'-. o members of that did not go into the record. T. West · Claggett represented the commis sioner. est ! assault on Arab Legion forces de- ^at t ° ,, is- fending Latrun, now the last bar- : w ^ er t ! ner to Jewish entry into Jerusalem. I ^, w- . :\(^t7*»T- ?T% rT^« O f\nn . _ i - - - 1 ** * * « currencies. Kussian and ! ^ 15 Jet Planes Jewish entry into Jerusalem j i Never in the 3.000 year-history" { o.. Holy Land wars has Latrun Hill · I ; fallen to direct assault. i j ably will be over Thursday with to the late Florence I. Burdette and came after an open .vhich belonged ; fi g nt - with State Comptroller James coud Poland's . , ,, , . A few hours earlier Israel units , iU H. co °Peration of the four pow- ;-^j T--u_ ^ . . , » s could solve the problem. | German news agencies have j , ,, , 1 the nomination of Mr. Truman and controlled | . fae select!on of h i j vice pres = den -1 t - ^ ^ an ° °" I tia! running mate. Dlockaae and said that only j Warsaw backed James and S emoon. ; J- fighting a losing battle thc eh o the , carnival \vhirh iv« ' I on dis- ' * to -»' behtad the Governor. CW0 hours earlier - Senator · p!av without thc u o f lhe Claude Pepper of Florida had ' werc infOrmed ^ t n a t madc T T^T 1 · seized Lydda. J«^ish commander's i er ^' couid solve «« problem." !p*«. c f I .OHO" r nrrnt' reported laT ^e scale Arab fliehts' German news agencies have j A 11 »L -"-rfvr-".^ ·*- JJ- w ^JJ-l'j from Lydda-Er-Ramle area. ; spread reports that Marshal VassQy T. Burdette in Woodville against virtually ail the the other l as ' s ' "xhev we'-e "informed'"that madC a belated and almost single- ;nd Linganore districts brought j top Democratic leaders in the state. tnis could not be " a! j O xved and that nanded entr y into the race against ""' 730 at a public sale Saturday aft- In favor of Mrs. Whitehurst were Sncy - vou id have to get l-'cense 'i*s Truman. Pepper took over the - A tract of four and a half ! Senators Tydings and O'Cc-nor. , f or "thc vehicle or t-ansport it on = a pnysical Properties--but few of the Selrridge Field. Mich.. July 32 · of the Jews v.** .*_·*· uuet-jc*!.--JViiiiiie SiGra. ' * ^*TM* - M^JW«*_- i T~V"W J* Tne obvious immediate objective P' Sokolovsky. the Soviet military f |X M I o ft rkTlVI '. the Jews xx,-a: to h,,-rf +-__ ' governor, would be transferred to a ! VrJL f. J.d UL \JA JLM.JL was to burst tne ; governor, would be transferred to a ! Transatlantic flight. '· vance thl ^4.000 " Traiis- Jordan Le" : In ^"*TM «e Soviet news agen- In four separate formations, the ! gionnaires defending Latrun mfv ' cy Tass Quoted the Moscow news- F-SO Shooting Stars streaked east- I be forced into a withdrawl to a-"1d ' ^P^r Pra'vda as declaring a report- cratic platform framers were re- S acres along the Fritztown-Karris- j Governor Lane. Robert B. Ennis. truck, thc officer said supporters--of the boom for Gen. viHe road was sold to Mr. and Mrs. i chairman of the state central com- · That evening about =cvcn o'clock TM? ht D ' Eisenh ower. .Charles W. Peddicord for S210. A ' mittee/and Mayor Thomas D'Ales- as he was on patrol in Walkers- ,, convention itself offered a , six-acre tract along the same road, i andro of Baltimore. j ville. the Sergeant said, he came y ° f s P ecch - nlakin g as the main. which was good meadow land, was ! Lacy's comments became so sharp upon thc car being operated bv sold to Beethoven A. Fogle for S320 j that Senator Tydings remarked: . A six-acre tract adjoining the last- - "If "this is war. all right, let's nameS tract was sold to Mr. and j make it war." . Sirs. -John L. Glass for S200. Sher- i Both women are from Baltimore. ward across a hazy sky. Good i being outflanked or into coming I ed Communist plot to begin street weather was expected all the way. , out on the plains for a show-down ! fighting in Berlin was a forgerv Firrt lafcpoff -,TM* =t o na = TM battle of armn^ , T«I °TM.i * I "Z n TM "^ *»,- -^ 0 ^ n ^ ^~*£ ^ First takeoff was at 9,03 a. (est. the fifteenth at 9.29 o'clock. battle of patch said. Aviv dis- ', the recesses feited collateral of SIi.45 this Philadelphia, July 12 ¥ Demo- man ^- Bowers and Walter E. Sinn | and Governor Lane's stand became morning. 3««. n i*tr n TM T^TM., t ^.i-. ,-,,_ conducted the sale as trustees, with a pivotal issue in the noisy caucus. Maynard Roulzahn. of Murray C. Bohn. auctioneer. , Lacy boomed: attraction in a hall where the Re- Mohn W. Reever. of"New Midway. E" blican i tost month picked Gov. Chareed with operating a motor vehicle without tags. Recver for- ported todav to have driwn a ore- ' j At a public sale near Jimtown. ; "Now lopk over there. Cover- ville. charged with operating a motor vehicle without lights, plead- Thomas E. Dewey of New York and Gov. Earl Warren of California for their ticket. Lawrence said in a prepared ad- Mvers- dreSS openin S the meeting that Joeph Grundy. former head of the liminary civil rights plank bidding j Saturday, real estate offered by i nor. at iVIillard Tydings. with that \ ed guilty and paid a fine and costs Sixteen specially groomed planes _ . , were scheduled to make the trip j I OUtllS AlTCSted Here i said Dssti -! 4 c^-it r. . -r, ,, , ; call but one failed to start up. .uesu- i * ,-, . lt _.. ·'nation of the pioneer flight which ', Are otill JoeiHS[ Held will test long-range jet operations. is Europe's diplomatic hotspot, the American zone of Germany. i the British embassy in Paris." j ' French diplomatic informants ! of the 1944 race stand, last week a Communist plan | called for demonstrations bv Ger- for party unity through a revival I Maurice J. Hurley and Anne B. | smile on his face. I remember the ° f $1.75. He -.vas arrested fay : Hurley, Thurmont. Route I. was! primary elections when he said i Trooper L. M. Ridse on July 5 xvsihdrawn at an insufficient bid A ' vou weren't ?.t to be Governor. ' about five miles from Frederick on But there were BO immediate woodlot was sold but the home; Do you remember-' man Communists to enable the Rus- ! ; signs whether thc proposed com- place was withdrawn. Kcach Dow Base Bangor Me.^ Whether two vouths arrested i dan army *° int ervene and occupy j ? rom « c can stop a convention floor j -- _here early Saturda'y^n conSS i a]1 Berlin - j fiffht - between southerners and Ellfl Of Hoi, with the robbery of a Glen Buraie I Ex . cccd Food 1 ? r \ . . ,. . self-styled "liberals"--that could . ^V at j ier TV TO * T n Sio-]if B "^h a'rmen j determine wlfcther the Democrats i C i 0 1 ln ;?1 e 1U on food ] "But Alice Canoles supported you · from the beginning. She took you. i and me. and Ha'.l Hammond. Re- Alten-ate Route 40. Collateral forfeitures were by sess on Senator Francis J. Myers of Pennsylvania, welcomf. *. the delegates, called in a mi^iuscript for "a tv.-o-front war" in which he said driver would or member'' exceeding 50. $11.45: Norbert Hyrison. Baltimore, passing when be tried in Arundel "Stick to your guns. Go%-ernor. ,, -\ will be one party or tw o in Xo- ! Stick to your guns."' Tydings and Lacy met each other atlaniic Sight, a grcup of F-80 ' ' st A ^. or ney Edwin F. Xikirk Shooting Stars roared in'io Dow air ! a " d StaiC . ir ?P«r Lauren Ridge. ; base today from Selfridge Field. ] " TM " * ** investi - ' TRIAL STARTS Ellicott City. July gambling layout arid discussed the question of: jurisdiction with the Circuit T--,f- IV ^*Court. A decision may be reach- · JD lit J Ol ed later today. The truck driver. Robert Gault -- . When the vote way taken. Governor Lane explained that he was "a very c!o*e friend" nf Mrs. Ca- noies and that his vote was "not against" her. When the vote? were tallied, only 1. exceeding 30. S6.45: Martin E. Clinsan. 35 Hamilton avenue, exceeding 30. SS45: William F. Bro-vn. Pittsburgh. Pa . failing to keep to right of center. 511.45: Ninety-degree weather v.-as evidently back for an extended stay, at an elevator later ar.d exchanged the forecaster indicated today as acid remarks. Philadelphia. July 12 ..-?--Demo- dry weather gradually reduced the crats put the first draft of their flov.- of v.-ater coming over the controversy-laden 1948 platform on spillway at the Fishing Creek res- paper today and routed it toward ervoir. she convention floor. Battling over' The observer ?aid it ivould be the race plank there may deter- rather warm and hu-nid today, to- mine whether the Democrats will night. Tuesday and Wednesday. ; Lacv. Attomev Genera! Hall Ham- ^. t ,. Bllt . ^ OK ^ K . J U , ,0 w.i ·Substantial be one Party or two in November, scattered thunderfhov.-ers possible mond. John j". McMulicn of Cum- p a " exceeding 30 '$fi-5- Harold Senator Francis J. Myers of from tonight through Wednesday. . berland. James H. Grove. Jr.. o f , Bro : arde~ Rockfo-d 111 exceed- Pennsj-lvania, platform committee Since a maximum of 90 v.-as recor- Frederick and T. Howard Duckott jng 50 sil 45- Bradfo-d C Georse G. HoWeman. Washington. ^ e Democrats can win in Novem- *· j ber with President Truman. He said the party would be "back at the Roosevelt-New Deal"' Truman, fighting reactionary, dominant isola- st right"' on one hand and "the totalitarian Communist left" on the other. National Chairman J. Howard McGrath lashed out at what he called the record of ''negativism. 50. S1145: Robert L. Foclc. Route Waiter L. Andrew?. 107 s:rect. using flasr.Keht Fifth front. - I T - j ·· j. -~ - ~" - - ~ $1145: Harry M. Williams. Win- [° ,, . u ?-- Dy - nc Re P«°"can-con- chertcr. Va.. passing on hill. S6.4?: ' ro!sea obstructionism and retrogression"' thc Republican-con- Congress for nearly K Becker. Johnstown. raid at Rocway Towers last month P^outjvas toter_robbed of S32. ITrtually a H V n e resTof'to iboys one 18 and the other "i6. were kota and Minnesota'and was ex- Cap " it remained to be seen whether water over the spillway, steadv all , IMPOUNDED Halifax. N. S.. July 12 ...pi Customs Collector Charles Collins | said today he had impounded a mystery B-17 bomber from New York which landed here ]?.=! night : ". on what Rational ; still being held in jail here today. · pected to overspread the lake area ' the words the sleepy-eyed drafting , year, k dimini.-hing to the point ' , by tomorrow noon. committee of seven came up with ' where it may soon merely drip or 'Elsewhere "typically warm sum- . at 3 - 30 a - m - would please either : .-top altogether. July's first eleven er weather prevails." said Fed- ! E j de in the red hot civil rJgn^s bat- days have produced 1 inch of precipitation, far below James R. Reefer. 114 South Mar- j mer wcatfter prev , ^ ua "^° as i eral forecaster K. L. Jacobson. estate of Thorn- j He Eajd humidity is high with Already the Dixie rebellion had normal. ·-- ,._,,. ,,,-, , i4 ... , . tormeriy of .his city. pe rsistent cloudiness from the crashed head-on into a counter re- the pilot , aid was a navi . ' Orphans Court today. No e,u- Rock Mountain , eartw - ard . training flight. : laie was P' aced on the property, i Convrntioii Moves Washington. July 32 --The produced but .09 of an White House was S! ! cnt toda '.. on Democratic national convention S6 45: William Hamilton. Cleveland. O . sashing on a curve. S6 45: Thomas D Tebbs. Baltimore, exceeding 30. $6.45: Gilmore W. Ewins. New Kensington. Pa., passing when way ahead no 1 SOih two years. Attacks Legislation Finally, in their rush to adjourn ahead of last month's GOP convention, the Rhode Island Senator added in his advance text, the lawmakers jammed through "legislation that will prove to be ill- timed, illogical, and utterly mean- in the solution of the cri- issues of our times." Press Secretary Charles G. Ross declined comment : A number of nieces and nephews ! volt by the party's northern and »,.,*»«·- A,, C U Charles G. Ross declined comment self-styled '-liberal" wing. Brings UllC 5OI1 Home; on published reports that President Va. $11 HEARINGS HELP The County Commissioners wcr in another round of hearings on _tiew assessments in the office of the "Supervisor of Assessments today. The hearings a^ain related io .-i^;- sessment? recently placed on prop- ertv in Frederick ciiy and · there 14ere iome objections on file. are the heirs. SCOUT INSTRUCTOR DROWNS Cambridge, O., July 12 tip)-James Leasure. 24. Zanesville, O., an instructor at a Boy Scout camp, drowned yesterday in nearby Seneca Lake while showing a group of Srout' how to determine the depth of watcc. WOULD HEAR BERNADOTTE j Lake Success. N. Y.. July 12 i,T)-The shouting band of southerners, Finds Other Drowned ' primly threatened to walk out of ! t » , . _ I rj. , _ as his running mate, _ , _ _ _ · , - - - -- -- · " · - " · - · " ' · · ' ^ · · r " » * v * j » v ^ « j i i » » i i i t . » v c n * ~ i *O\v3no3, t 3 , «Ju i v 12 i "T*,--·--Cjf*r« ' ''T*!-. . « * »^^. A* v. n n States formally request-, didate of their own later this month aid McDonald vveni to Towanda I Truman had sought Justice \Villiam T-^^^^.,' \\- . --t r\ i f *\ f s* A * r u O J J C i 5 » . - » . j.ft«v_i»; i-_ 4 . \^ 4 4 . ] O. Douglas of the Supreme Court DcWm . Rid2e . A . D . Hasenfauhlcr. STRIKERS EXPELLED Paris. July 12 r.3i--Police expeil- ciear, ed strikers from several offices of ;. , the Ministry of Finance last night i*!h:e Vandervander. and this morning while 300.000 'sine on a curve. ' other government emploves waited -·= were madf bv ' W ord from their labor 'bosses oa A. ^lutchncr. C H. ubether to strike. convention and nominate a caned today an immediate meeting of the United Nations Security Council as soon as Count Fclke Bernadotte. the mediator for Palestine, arrives. Bernadotte. under fire if any part of President Truman's civil rights program is written into the party's platform. They demanded a plank leaving all racial legislation entirely to the *. . - - - - - -- - j -- · -- - " *.««-·« · ^ ^, i .1 * n«. 11 j 1 1 w ( i i-11 ci v \.\f 1111; from both thr .Io« s and Russians, , Mates, without Federal jntorfcr- is ilying here from Europe. i ence. W n « n t « i * « K · Hospital to bring home his wife and their son born a week ago. When he returned to his home ye.vcerday. he found that another son, Joseph, 23 month?, had tor'died It's all ^ First S?t M j! y ' Philadelphia," Ross told a morn- KING BAGGOT DEAD MARKET GOES AHEAD New York, July 12 ,/P)--The Hollywood. July 12 .'/Pi--Death stock market took anothea step While it is regarded as probable j has taken another of Hollywood's forward today after reaching a that President Truman will fly t o } old guard--Kinsj Baggot. Baggot. new 22-month high last Friday Philadelphia to accept if he is one of the top leading men of the i Rails and iteels, long-time mar- nominated for the Presidency. Ross | early silent sfreen and later a sue- i ket leaders, again stepped in front ing news conference. f . f a , , _, . . . . . . - - - - . , . - - - . . . - - - - ,, - - - - ,. . . . . . . . . . i ^ n i i . * ., * ^ i i L . . \ i ^ . * - i i c i i . i t a i i - i « i ^ n v . - | i x v . i n _ e i u t . t 3 T 1£UJH AtC(J^lt;U I I I J l O I l t foot from the hous«- and fallen :-aid that no f i r m pUns have been rr;?fii1 director, died vestcrdav in \ v i t h gams ranging from fractions - - - - - . » ·v«w«is l i n t o a shallow pool and drowned. I made for MJCH a trip. 1 a sanitarium. He was 69. ( t o around a point. NEWSPAPER!

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