Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 30, 1998 · Page 6
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 6

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1998
Page 6
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THE DAILY GLOBE, tronwood, Ml — Tuesday, Jun« 30,1998 Sex shouldn't be considered vulgar FOR BETTER OR WORSE Dear A«« Laaders: 1 just read your column with *J1 those responses to "Sexless in Canada," ihe woman who didn't care for sex. Then .another "iceberg" wrote to say sex is strictly for procrtaoon and some uck minds have the perverted notion that sex should be entertainment. She added gratuitously that 'this twisted thinking is rymp*om»bc of a crazed, decadent civilization.* Give me a break! , How dare that cold fish classify me (and millions of others) u 'sick* simply because we enjoy making love. 1 am an educated, single, healthy, attractive 24-year-old woman. If she doesn't want to have sex. it's all right with me. But I resent her making such ridiculous judgments about the millions of women Who do not believe that sex is vulgar or sick. Thanks for feuing me vent, Ann. -- NORMAL IN CALIFORNIA DEAR NORMAL: A Urge num bet of members from the Sisterhood wrote 10 voice a similar point of view There were, however, some voices from the other side of the aisle. Keep reading for one more. Dear Aan Leaders: I am writing to applaud the woman who signed herself 'Sexkss in Canada.' As a full- time mother who gets very liule help around the house. I was greatly relieved to find out that I am not the only person in the work) who does not warn sex three or four times a week. 1 am lick and tired of my husband letting me I have a problem. Here's my schedule. Ann. You be the judge. ! set Ihe alarm for 5:30 a.m., get myself and my children ready for the Ann Lanctor* day, leave for work at 7 a.hi., tiand on my feet alt day, arrive home 41 6 p.m., put supper on the tabic, clean up ihe kitchen, do laundry, help ihe kids with their homework and fall into bed around 11 p.m. By ihcn, I don't want sex. Meanwhile, my husband complains thai I am not paying enough attention to hi* physical needs. Thanks for the shoulder to cry on, -- DARUNCTON, PA. DEAR DARLINGTON: You need more than a shoulder 10 cry on. You need some help from that big lug who complains because he is not getting enough sex. I'm sure if he'd be more helpful, you might be more amorously inclined. Make sure he sees this column. Dear Ana Landers: The letter from "C.C. in Mississippi" prompted me to write. She told about the importance of carrying life insurance. I would like to lei! your readers how important it is to have life insurance for the entire family. I tost my newborn baby after 10 days and many complications. He was bom three months premature. It had never occurred to us to buy cemetery plots. In order 10 bury our son in a place where we all eventually would be buried, we had to buy all the plots in advance. We also have two young daughters and bought plots for them as well, in case some ftombte tragedy should be fall'them before they marry. That meant uc had 10 buy five plots, which ciKicd up costing us $.1,300.'which had to be paid for before my son's funeral. We had lo ukc out a loan for the co-u of the funeral, but I thought my life insurance from work would help us pay for thai. I was wrong. For the pas* 10 years. 1 thought my family was covered under my work policy bui lhai wasn't the case. Tell your readers to make sure their life insurance policy covers not only them but their families as welt. Caution them not to wait until tragedy strikes. --C.J, IN LOUISIANA DEAR LA/: How sad Lhat you lost your baby boy. It was brave of you to wriie and help others. Thank you on behalf of my readers, who will learn from your unfortunate experience, Feeling pressured to Have sex? How wen-informed one you? Write far AM Landers' booklet "Sex attd the Teenager," Send a self-addxssed. long, business-site envelope and a check or money order for $3,75 (this includes postage and handling) to: Teens, do Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11562. Chicago, ttl, 60611-0562: (In Canada, send 54.55.) To find out more about Ann Landers and read Her. past columns, visit the Cvaiors Syndicate web page at ww* ANN LANDERS* <0t»»a. Creators Syndicate Your Horoscope Wedneeday.Jwry 1, Stronger emphasis than usual will be placed on gaming new knowledge lor self-improvement in the year ahead. One* the* wisdom t* acquired, you'll Sod ways to improve your tot in We. CANCER (June 21-Jury 22) Be extra protective today o* houaenoid items you Bridge NerUi • A Q V A K • • A K 7 3 J • K Q J iWeet East KJ74 a 10 • 3 1 J » 4 J » Q 10 • J • •• • Q J 4 * 7 « 4 J J * I 3 Setrtfc • I • 5 » 7 • e J 10 9 I « 4V A 10 » Vulnerable: Neither Dealer West ftevtk 2 • 1 * S a, N«rt» East Put 2 * Pass PaM 2 « Pasa Pasa 4 e PAM Pa** 6 e AJipass Opening lead: * 4 cherish Keep them out of reach of careless guests or frolicking children, both pose s posfiole threat. Csncer, treat your*e<f to * txrtfxliy gift. Send for yoor Astro-Graph predictions tor the year ahead by m»itirtg $2 and SASE to Astro- Graph, c/o this newspaper, P.O. Boi 17M. Murrey His Station, New Vex*. NY 10156, Be sure to slate youf zodiac sign. LEO (Jury 2>Auo. 22) Usu«»y. you're not a person who spouts oft before rrwr*- ing. Today, however, you might btun out something offensive thai ooutd hurt the feelings of someooe wrthin eentrxat. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepf. 22} if you go srx>pp«r>g today, scrutinize the merchandise you'd like to purchase carefulry. II you don l. you could end up with fUmed goods " ^ . - LJBflA (Sept. 23-Ocl. 23) Your mind m*y be focused on set)-interests today This is okay, provided it doeen't cause people to fee< you have Nttle concern for them. SCOnmO (Oct. 24-Mov. 22) It's not that you're a goss<p. but you might not be at your bast today wr>en it comes to keeping secrets. Make an effort to keep your mouth shut if your dwopJme is weak. SAOrTTAmU* (Nov. 33-Oec. 21) Before accepting financial advice from a pal. QUIZ him/her m detatf to be sure s/he reat- ly knows the score. CAPftICO** (Oee. 22^»en. 19) In crrt«at career matters today,' don't rery haavily on the support of associates The help you anticipate rmghi not be forthcoming AQUARIUS (Jen. 20-Feb. 19) Your original ideas will be sound today, but you might make last minute changes that could lessen thetr bite and benefits. Keep your presentation as htftehH as possiWe. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Joint endeavors requiring cash shoutd be treated with cautious respect today You may regret wnpotwve moves ARIES (March 2t-Apdl 19) tf you enter (nlo an agreement today, honor your pledge rf you try lo back out, your image could suffer more than you realize. TAURUS (April 20-Uey 20) You won't take pride in your accomplishments today if you attempt important tasks in a hasty fashion. Approach your work in an order- ty. mettxxfccsJ manner. : aCMWM (May 21-June 20) An opportunity of financial significance should be acted upon promptty today. N you're irxjif- lerent rather than assertive, it coutd slip through your fingers ClMSby.STAInc Crossword The annual international event By Phillip Alder England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wate« have concluded the 55th se- riea at Camro«« matches. (For the first «ifht years, Eire also competed, and will return to the competition next year.) Before the final match between England and Scotland, the northerners enjoyed a 10- victory -point lead. But with M points at stake, nothing was decided. In the end, though, the Scots were worthy winners. (And, as is usual, the rxib of the green baize ran the way at the victors On the first deal of Saturday evening, Scotland played a laydown grand slam in game. However, one of the English players, back Ule from dinner, walked into the Vu-Graph room and uw the cards up on the screen. So the deal was scrapped.) This deal featured a good gain for Scotland. How would you play in six diamonds against a low spade lead? The English pair stopped in three no-trump, winning i i Locks North's two-heart rcbid was Kokish: either natural or a balanced 25-plus points South was supposed lo continue with two spades, permitting North to complete his description However, North had forgotten U> tell South about tfcie addition to their system 1 So. South bid a MturaJ three diamonds. The declarer. John Murdoch, decided that Cast would have btd with seven spedre to the king Jack, So, just in case the diamonds were 30 offside. Murdoch finessed dummy's spade ACROSS 1 Actor Bnice — 7 Outlaw Jemee 12 Quantity 13 Marathooer 14 Flaehy 15 Make current 1C SUppery one 17 Oree* letters 1S Nothing 21 fecewrtti stone 23 CaMlgrapner's M WMdparty 40 Narrate 41 S teeters' org. «2 Hymn of Joy 44 Tiny 4« Three-toed sloths 4« TV s Peeptee 44 Engage in a gang ngM 51 Dee this to Answer to PuzzJe 2C How 55 Houeton team M Cnoco4ato~ 97 Suggeet 94 Rime remover 2« Cxhauet 2* Chemical M The caama 31 Pert of e cieeateet Greek drema 13 Order of whatee M — Touch of 37 — de France DOWN 1 Ueadtobe 2 bUechievoue chiid 3 Game of ceroe 4 Entice 5 Bury • Surgical prooe 7 Largeet planet I Companion of odds 0 Nenoor sheep 10 hutched pair 11 Before, lo a poet STUMPED? Cal cod* The victory rostrum now reads: England 41, Scotland 12, England tie* I, th* rest 0. 13 Medie magnate Murdoch 11 of 19 Neuter pronoun 20 Narrowband on a buikttng 22 Countenance 23 Brother's eon 24 Breathe 29 Latfybug. e.g. 27 Red or Black 32 M Aviator 35 Ueee e pencil M Putted 43 Broener's daughter 49 Bomb 47 Hueoendot Oodrun 44 Pubrte mueJc 4«CMe'c*ut> SO AJpe, e.g. (aSr.* 52 U Fib M Ooo* Uc HMO ^SPECIAL PICK WITCH DOCTOR YOU TH6 ALL-CAT CHANNEL TOC*Vr» : HOW TO MAKC THAT STfW \i AMP ONLV HAS WM!9K£R9 KTHRtt GftAMS of PAT/ PKEMNTS "THE BUPG€T CHCf ".' «r»OOK RAT LAST A WHOLE WtEKf BEETLE BAILEY EVERY TIME i &o THf ftc YOU COME ISAIPI'P ALWAYS BiTHfKaT TO MT A PffOBLEM HAQAR THE HORRIBLE THE QRtZZWELLS A* A Mtf-LBUT I NE\fW 6tT OWtt CUCKf CUOtt awe'. THE BORN LOSER WOE HIT 6Y TWE. PITCH Ntt> HC. DIDN'T r*£KM IT ALLEY OOP ,..Ht DON'T T KIT 'N' CARLYLE HERMAN e <*se tf, Win, i "Mo, It's dwtlnltory not ttHf ON/OFF •wttch."

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