The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 19, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE «t IRE FAKB HEW3, DALLAS CLUB TO PL AY RETURN GAME SUNDAY t Revenge For j Last Defeat | Here Sought; Hap Morse to Lead Nine Against Gene LogsdonV \ Paris Battlers- r big- treat *s in store for the baseball fans- of Paris a.n<2 surrounding territory- Sunday afternoon lie Dallas American Laundry" club, beaded by Hap Morse. is cojrsirs^ back to do battle with Maziag-er Gene Ix>s^s don's Paris Battlers. Hap avo-^s and avers and that he still bas confidence in his club will present The same Thrtee Minute Relief From Periodical Pains It is so unnecessary to suffer month after month from inor^asic s. because "B. C." wil] bring •-cothins relief in • V, — e Ja ™""^^t.—S- i?" "S. O."* -S Qre- '^ by a resrls- J* tered pnarma- cist. co ir: po u nc. - ec on s. <liffer-sut -. T-* ^v y; G~fl-*-i —^ J>g 4^ that it contains ancs. u s e c by sisa.2sy physicians. S-D blended ar.<3 ?io one cms formula can co in so siiort a riiae. *'B- C." should also be —seS for the relief of co~- snon colds, headaches and neural- muscular aches ar.d pains, re- fever and for qiiietin.?: a ner%-oxis system -^'ithout opiates, —arcotics cr such habit 'ormizis- drag-E. Get "*B. C." in lOc ttid ~Hsc t?ackasres. wherever druc^ •^.re sold.—Afiv. line ttp that ^er* Ileked hers last Srtnday. Asked over the- phone if he its- tended .making any changes in his club. Morse stated that he did not. **I sril! believe we have the best club. That" Injj-n got the juplp on us last Sunday but =est Sunday is another day." Asd "that Iiijun" will be In there Sunday to really show the invaders how a baseball sfaoziM be pitched or thrown. Morse intends to work the same two hurlers he started las: Sunday, but would not say which one would start the gaTne. Paris faas would like to see the kind lefthander that went in after McConnathey had failed, and ix may be that this lad will be the starting ehiinker- The Paris clxib will present a somewhat • changed lineup. Manager Gene ; Losrsdon has stated.. Griffin, a hard hitting outfielder from -r.ear Deport, is one addition to the local club and Homer Templeton. another nifty 'ball player, will be at shor: stot> in Sunday's fray, The Paris lineup for Sunday's sranie wjl2 see Dnrhatn behind the bat. Chief Bohannon en the firing ;?ne. either Griffin, Spears cr Burke at first, -Tohn G.lliam at second, Templeton at short, Morris Bailey, the sensational Powderly bo;- at third. w>i:e the outfield will be made up of eitner Spears, Griffin. Cox and Burke, Dexter Ray. locs.1 catcher and Pete Bower:. another Iocs! boy. as a reserve This game will start at S:3-C' o'clock and troni present indications there will be a b:s crowd on hand. The ticket sale. st-rted. Wednesday, is s'oing over big- It is planned" to sell at least 1,000 of these ciicats, the money derived from the sale to be used in buying u^^'-iTr;- anc. ether baseball ectiit>- ment for the honie club. At present a conglomeration of tinies are cein~ used btit that is the best that placed in the treasury. Seemingly Paris fandom is red not for the type of baseball that is now beinc olsyed anc if they Pleasant. Mount Vernon. and other fast teams and. hopes to play every Sunday at the local park. He al- read"-" has a g"ame scnecule-fi ~?>"ith "With Hugo. Antlers. Sulphur Sr-r:r;s:s, Zvlount Pleasant and oth- San Antonio I FAMED MARKET STREET DESERTED Takes Indians! To Cleaning! Texas League Leaders j Chalk Up 3 to 1 Victory Over Cellarites j BY BlXil/ PARKER ] Associated Press Sports "Writer 1 A t^o-man hitting combination! of Betteacour* and Schareiri com-« biised TVedneseay night to grive- the j league leading San Antoaio Mis-! sior:s a 3 to 3 ' I'ictory over Ok!a- ] homi City. Bettencourt, with t\co j hits, scored a. rus and drove one > across the plate- Schareia sot orse hit that accounted. for a tally. Killiu, ace Sas Antonio hurler, stopped the Indians -wiih six hiis to resrister his sever5teeuth victory ihis season. The Padres Increased iheir pennar.t lead and shoved Oklahoma. City deeper into the cellar. Frank "Lefty" Barnes pitched Tclsa 10 a 4 -o S victory over Galveszon, allotvins nine hits but clainpliis dov^n in the pinches. The Oilers collected -hrec runs in the last of the cinth. "TTjth a. major league scout in the grandstand 10- watch him pitch, Joh^i "Whitehead, husky Dallas rigrht-tLander shut out the Houston Buffalo-es for four innings but that •was all. Two ir:nij;ss later he •was knocked from the mound and tae Buffs went on to bear Dallas. S to o. Pippen started for Houston and. hurled great ball for sis it:r!lnss then h&d to be relieved, by the veteran Georg^ Fayne- Fort "vTorth. strolled into a fourth place tie with Seaumont by taking advantage of 13 walks for a.n S to 5 victory over the Exporters. The Cats saitex5 ^5own the game in ;he sixth inning- with five runs on three hits. Bri^iiam iouns- tiniversity's Al- r>ine suminer school conducts classes each. STimme— 6,S90 feet up on the slope ox Mt. Tlmpanog^os- Utah. Srt-'Od sport is in the of fin* and L-osrsdon has a team that can step tvith a.n~ 01 then;. HOT WEATHER Comfort */ ALL WEATHER Convenience % with ELECTRIC Table Cookery Appliances I T PAYS you— especially in hor weadier—to make use of all the advantages modern elec- rric table cooking appliances will give; pays in comfort, health and good humor . . . and in CONVENIENCE all die year round! For a short time we are offering electric table cooking appliances ar special low prices. Every one is an unusual value. 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A rrrnarkzble value at our special price of "L«ncast«r" Iron Ever-hot Cooker Electric Fans This HOSJXKTH Waffi« Iioc h s re- Whetlser oa a pkzsjc or 10 sfae oiarkfcbi* vzioe. Giroaijass plated kitcbea,rf»e Everfaoi Electric Cooker You can esx, rest, work in comfors siscse hot suraaarr >i*>-$ wjtij eJcctrk fao to keep vov cool. . . , -wide tray bs*e scratcfc prooi is tfaoroc^ly at faonsc. It is * eoo>- tibre f«rt . . . fvrjry CalraoLd faas- piete cooking unit wfakfa roosts, dies. . . . faejf iodscasor oo top . . . stews, boils, bakes peiiectlv Keepn fcgular pri* S6.95. Durioj: this foods or beverages HOT or coltf ior <fc1 AA TT»* *alc, OUT specie! prkc. & A QC severaJ hoars. Otir spe- ^Q OC S3.UU Up on!y ^ I $4-^5 cf*J price !L__>"*"5 Convenient Terms at Slightly Higher Prices "ELECTRIC TABLE SERVICE SAVES" Texas Power &: Light Company Usually crowded with street cars and automobiles, San Francisco's Market street presented a strange, deserted appearance a* the city faegsn to feel the effects of the general strike. Autos were scarce because o' a gasoline shortage, and the only street cars in motion were occasion:-' municipal cars. This view look* toward the famous Ferry building o: the waterfront. (Associated Press Photo* Yankees Get J Tough Break Ruth Injured Tour of Vest Costs Them League Leadership and* Babe*:* Services BY HUGH S. FCtXERTOX. JK. Press Sports AVriter appear to be setting very bad for the Yankees. All their road tours have been rather dismal this season and the current tour of the west, now barely over a, •week old. has cost theaa the league lead and the services ot Babe Rath. After losing first place in Detroit, Jos McCarthy's club took another nose dive in Cleveland. dropping: a pair of decisions and \viBdinir up 2 *4 Barnes behind after a 15-14 trimming "Wednesday. And the worst blow o? all came in the third inning of that slugr- fest -wrhen Ruth was struck on" the !egr by a hot drive off Ix»u Gehrigr's bat. He suffered a severe contusion -which is expected to keep him inactive for tivo -weeks- The game, it was a -swatting maicli irom start to finish. The Timers took advantage of this opportunity to increase their lead by beating Washington 4 to - when Tommy Bridges pitched seven-hit ball. The thJrd-p'ace Red Sox continued their pursuit of the .leaders by humbling -the Pale Hose of Chicago 16 to 3 as they opened with a nine-run burst ia the first isrnrts. Jimmie Koxx clouted his ±Sth circuit s"wat *in SL !x>uis to tie his teammate. Bob Johnson for the major leagrue lead, but the Athletics still couldn't beat the Browns, corning down S-2. The Xationa! leasrue's "crucial" series between the Giants and tbe Cubs wound up in something of an anti-climax -aa Xew Tork won the final same S to 6 auid .increased its lead to three srameey one more than it held at the start of the five- yame set. Th<& Braves took another nasty t-raek at Pittsburgh's hopes by xvinning" both games of "a. double- Header. They won the first duel 3-1 •\vhfin Hai doubled with the corners crammed in the eighth, then smacked Eddie Holley. and a. couple of successors for a 7-5 victory. The Reds celebrated their re- leas© from Philadelphia by winning their first game in Baker Bowl this year. 9 to S- It.was a 33-hit. slussrinsr match terminated by Harlln Pool's single in the ninth. The Cardinals, led by Joe Medtvick. beltedt out a. 5 to 3 vic- iory. over the Dodgers, UNITY COMMUNITY NEWS OF HVTEREST UNITY.—Rev. J. w. Millisaau Baptist minister, closed the revival at Direct last week, with three additions to the cimrciu Baptism was held Sunday afternoon at the Milligran pool. Howard Fuller who has . been employed in Paris, has returned homo. " M. T. Million of Direct- and ] Junior Scott of Brookston axe \ iting Mr. and Mrs. J. TV. here. one of the so-called ia- | ert -gases, makes up a fraction ot one per cent of the earth's atmosphere, astronomers say. » Skeet Shoot Wfll Be Here Verbal Assurance Is Had That Paris Will Get Southwestern , NOTICE XVa_nt to buy HJO shoats welsh- ing from 75 to 125 pounds. City i of Paris. Members of the Paris Skeet club Wednesday that verbal assurance had been received that Paris \vi!i be criven the Southwestern Sketsr Shoot in September. Confirmation of this by Jetter Js ex- pecied •within the next few days. The Soutlj-w^stern Skeet Shoot -will brii^g- shooters here frora ,aU parts of Texas. Oklahoma, Arkansas .and Louisiana, "Weekly practice shooting Trill-be held at Gordon Country club rans«> Friday attsmoon. beg^nnin?: - .at 3:30 o'clock. All Paris, I^amar county and visiting- shooters are invited to attend- . • " TVith the Southwestern event in tho offing. Paris shooters are ; taK- ing greater interest in skeet each •R'e^k and attendance at the -weekly shoots is increasinsr. according to -menibers o* the club. remember, loss of strength ... sleeplessness . . . nervousness . . . paleness...lack of appetite...and general run-down condition quite often mar be traced directly to Itrw blood strength—that I&, the red corpuscles and vital oxygen-carrying bcmo-glo-bln of the blood are" below normaL S.S.S. is the great, scientiScallT-tested medicine for restoring this blood content. By «H means trj It for better health" and more happiness. Unless your case Is an exception, yoa should soon enjoy again tbe pleasure of appetis- ing ; food ... sleep soundly... feel stronjr_..and regain the pride of. clear rosv cheeks^ Bo aot of a. may Jusv* snppiied yoa on nooeix. It* years of j>r*£er«>c* of Armour Hits Out At PGA CHICAGO. (£*?.• — Toaainy Ar- rsiour. the noted, black Scot, fired a hot blast at the I*rofessionai Golfers' association Thnrsday for amcicaticaily exempting- all Syder Cup players anc nobody else from quaiifyins 1 for the annual pro championship at Suffalo next week. "The P.G.A, cb.arapionship never had any dis-nity anyway, but. its tOiirnaiaent ai Buffalo is going- to~ be the joke jolf chanipionship of all time." Armour sai<2 as he prepared to *?ave fur the pro tjtle strxig-gle- **AlT the r*ot shots, who brorve into neadliries by winning s Sou ;"n- iiiberiar:. Alaska to 2Corce or Podunk ' championship, are getting' 'TI tincer rhe exemptei list — settins into a. toTirnarnent labeled as a national professional championship by inrsiienco. Fellows like Harry Cooper. MacDonaM Smith. "^Tilll'i *>f ac-i* arlane, Jim ^ames anc Ttiy- self. who have won everything ;n sight, must 5-0 out and qnaiif;-. "It doesn't make any difference how many championships yoti've •sroti or what your record is. Ton must qualify unless y>a ens?? to sneak in or: the The Ryder Cup players, ai* » ernpte-d from ouallfying-. are "tVa ter lia^en. O!in Dtitra, ~Lj°.n Di .s-*L Gene Sarazcn. Paul Hnr.ya B<i "D^aiey, Craig- ^Tood. Ben SiJtite, Horror. Smith sr.i B: Burke. witers can Major Leaders By rhe Associated Presw NATIO'AJL Hitting—Terrj. Gis-^ts. -*5SS "sVaner. Pirates. -355- Scoring- — MedTiek, Car^i: 73: Vausiian, Piraz«a.. 72. Kits Allen. batted in—Ort. G-i Braver.. Co";ir.s. Car^ir and Suhr, Pirates, 71 *:aca. t>oubles—Allen. Phillies. j£««5-*rlck asd Collins, Card:r a.^4 Urbanskl.«., 25 *taeh. ^rlpjes,—<J'wick asil Coi' Cardinals, n:r.e each. Hc-nse runs—Ott, <**;a.-t*. Co'lins. Cardinal*. an*! Bcr Braves, TO «ach- Sto!«:n baLs-es—Msrtfn, Card:? IS: Baneli, PSiiili-es, 11. Pitchers—J. Dear. Car-Si: 15-3: Frankhswise. Braves. 14- er, T5?ers. .351. Scoring 1 — Gehringer. Tls r «?r erber, rte*3 Sox, $£, Runs batted In — G*hri^. " s, *5: Cronir.. Senators, 75. Hits — Manush. Senators, ;. Ser^aLtors. ar.<5 2Z »a,ch. Chapman, Tank««r, 10 earh, Horn*- r«n*—Johnson an<5 >*^'sr:-;. Stolen bcses 22; Fox, T1«*TW, 1*. Pitchers — Gomcx, 3; tell vou all about Electrolux economy HE Tmpreccdented Jemand tHs season for autoesatic refrigerators "•• ias mafic lively seUin£ campaigns. 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I "Walter Co«cb, charged with sra.m3 j Ja.rc*D5V "«*** h*l<* o*'+.r to th«; ».c* 1 tion"of the district court by Ju*uc* M-,A- Brock, untfftr fcai! of f 1,009. to . tn»-k« in J ffc*'*wto4y of £H* LONE STAR. GAS Texas GitiesBlGas Company

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