The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 22, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 3
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, CB FOU«. SECT10NTWO_ THE DAILY, REGISTER, HARRISBURG, flX., THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1948 S T . J O S E P H ASPIKIN rORCHItOPEN KIH.V t Golatio Register Society News Mrs. I-'dna Junes Ki'preseutative Tlic American Lffjion members entertained a law crowd at their hall Friday niuhl, Jan. 1U. with an i n i t i a t i o n of 20 mcnibc-rs. which Kuckwcll S]oaks at Kotfan I'TA McctiiiK Sfjt. Lynda 1 1 Kockwell discussed ' Pedestrian Saftey Problems." at a meeting Monday evening of l.o- }-,;.n School I'TA, held in the school , building. his talk with Rockwell followed the exhibition ol Grave Danger Russian Jan. 22-W'---For- --- -- - . , LONDON. - ···" -- --, -- -- - -- - - - ,a Safety f i l m which is b c m j - s h o w n O j., n sceretarv Ernest Bcvin to- was followed by a barbecue s u p - | a ; i ovcr t |,e state in a stale salcty ( i a _ v warned the House of Com; l )(r - tfJiinpaiBii. imoiis that there is "jjrave danger '» A nlav, prescnleo oy the fourtn of a Soviet blunder in Greece ami · - . . . . . . . usc( j " - 1 Mrs-. Herbert G u n t c r was J K v a n s v i l I e Monday receiving mcdi- treatment / v jjju^v, J J I voviitv-v* iy^» v » * v i v / v i i t , * * \ti ,i ±y\j v nji, i y * v * » » w x . * jjiadc students under the super- charged that Russia vision of Miss Edith Morrison, wasjcry means in its p power·" to get ji-iii IH.-.IHIH-IH. . / vision 01 .MISS buun JUUITIMJM, wuj»| means in iw H 1 Mrs. Uennetl Webber is on t h e : included on the evening program, i Communist control in eastern tu '.sick list this week. a.-, were two piano .solos, played rope and "it now appears in inc 1 . . . . 1 . . · . . . 1 . . . t , . , . . , / · . . . . . I f ! · ! / * l * l f I I ·! I 1 1 / 1 C \ I \ i f \ . I I I S . f - 4 *!*.· t I f f l l I " SAit Carps great After Inventory Store (.--L ^ \( J Wide Clearance. Odds and Ends. Broken Sizes in Men's, x^x* Women's and Children's White Elephants to us but bargains to you. Save up to Vz. .Joan Gaskins and James Lo/.o- west as well." j y. Logan students. , Launching Britain on a new for- ^ voar by the Galalia Kebekali! Games of hingo followed the,cign policy oriented cvcnT . m .?^ 1 lodge. Friday night. A pleasant so-! program, the proceeds from which!closely with that of the uniit.u V i a l ' t i m e is planned. "Aill be given to the -March oi States and more openly ^msi Dimes fund. Refreshments were'Ku.s.sia, Bevin spoke in serious served bv the fourth grade room .tones of the dangers overwncim- ! mothers." l i n n the f u t u r e peace of the world. i Announcement was made of the lie pin-pointed Trieste and ! joint Founders Day meeting of .Greece as major danger points, 1 i''iA. which will be held in Febru-characterizing the situation in ary at the Junior high school. , Greece as one of "ruthless wai to bnng that country within the bov- Miss Lois Abcrnathy to lot orbit." Wed at Evanslon Jan. :JO i ji e appealed for caution on the Mr and Mrs. Carl W. Abcr- part of Moscow and said that There will be a public installa- lion of olficers for the coming - voar bv the Calalia Kebekah Order Centralia ; Man to Buy New Suit As Drunkenness Fine , C K N T K A U A , 111., Jan. 22.-- O) j __ A Centralia man went to a t-lolhing store to serve out a .sen- tcnce for drunkenness today. r an rs ai . The man, whose name was not nathy, 309 North Granger street, 1 "there is a grave danger that the given, was sentenced to buy a new , a i o 'announcing the coming mar- Soviet government may make^ a suit of clothes after he was brought riagc of their daughter, Lois, to grave blunder in this business. into court on a drunkenness charge \V. T. Stille, Jr. of Chicago. "There is a grave danger," said || (or the 24th time since 1941. i The wedding will take place Kevin, "that the Soviet govern- 1 I'oli'-e Chief O. T. Bounds said , on Friday evening. J a n . 30, in ircnt may make a grave blunder in the man earns at least S60 a week · F.vanston, at the home of Mr. and this business. 1 appeal loi great w o i k i n g for a railroad, but appar- Mrs. Stephen Tedor, relatives ol tact. Problems like this some- , en lv spends his money for houcr ! the bride-elect. times lead to grave development, , and' goes around "looking like a j Miss Abernathy, who graduated which we and I hope they are anx j bum." ' f r o m Blackburn junior college in .ious to avoid. 1 Bounds described the novel sen- 1945, is at present employed as a - It followed a n . emerge "cy cam- tcnce ns an "altempt to rehabili- group worker at Gads Hill Cen- net session _ taken to consider ,u t l ' s n a n " i ler, a Chicago settlement house.. Iraq's stunning rejection of the t.nt ________ , o ' h Mjss A b c r n a t h y and ^ , 1CW Anglo-Iraq 20-year treaty at Muddy Stille arc attending Kossevelt Col- which had bec-n designed as the ai iviuuuy and everyone is myited to ; altend . ci , p |ccts these services, which begin at '-i-' ! w i ', h Mr5; ,{_ E _ Evans ' p. m. daily. --in printed sheer raon irtpc w i t h neckhce neckline of self lording. Tht double-tiered ikirt add* height *ind slimness for that new longer look. Fashion's f a v o r i t e S p r i n g ·ifudcs. Half-sizes. Ifrvivi at MllildV ai me arc auvnum^ I\UD.-V;»V;'I. ~y ·'····-" "" -7 : . . ..,,!,, KCM\.U ai iviuuuy member of the,cornerstone of Britain s new rela- A revival is now in progress at , ^..^f a n d hc as a mem-'t-ns with the Arab vorld. the Church oi God in Muddy. } j une gl . ai i uatm{ , class., soviet policv in Greece, Bcvin Thomas 1'enrod is the evangelist. ^_ '^.^ scci ^ cd IQ bc lQ wait until Daptist Circle F Meets 'Britain and America "got tired With Mrs. IJ. E. Evans and then -a Communist govern- j Circle F of the First Baptist nicn t %V JH i )e forced upon Greece 'church met Wednesday at the home, a n i i s i ic would be incorporated in 01 Mrs. B. E. Evans, 113 East Wait i ie Soviet Communist rystem." 1 nut street, with 15 members m j _ attendance. i A dinner meeting was planned for Feb. "4, at which time Mrs. , ' K. W. Wallis, the pastor's wife. O i ! w i l l review a missionary book. : -At the meeting yesterday. Mrs. Henry Boarman resigned as_cir chairman and Mrs. J. !U J m ^i*%: ' SUSPECT CAUSE 7 7 *· n * BACKACHES The Women's Society of Christ-, n Service for the Ilarrisburg' w i l l have the mid-winter; at the First Methodist t ,,. *The Communion service will j be held at 11:30. All members j ' arc urged to attend. j Brand This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief , VIV , V1M . _ "'-n disorder of kidney function permits I \vas appointed to the OUICC. OILS matter to remain in your blood. : j cs wcrc given bv Mrs. ClarK, ;M1S. !.,,»· cause naBKina backache, rheumatic . . . '^ Mattie Mar- DOJR* lc!T I'ains. loss ol pep and cT»crK-. set- Jonn SlbK diiu iuio. . iinc up niKn:s.swc!lina;.i.u«in«.» under the ti n . Mrs. C. F. Gidcumb pre-, Ic ^ h S±^^1SSS5'SS l»dcd during the afternoon. ^U^^thereK^cthin^ron^ __ « , , TM a former' ~ £ Q wiu m e e t , 1 tlH. homc'at the home of Mrs. Dora Capel |" uy ,,,.,.,,,.,, , , -. - ,, u J. e , \ 121 South Main street, Friday at happy n.iiof and v.,u heiy the is miles of t ncr daughter. Mrs. t reel A. 0 f u pounder's Day , tS^iffi^^^SSr i Phillips, m East Grand Avenue 1-^noon ^^^ t o j iD^o^^uch.^^^, j;;lson ic is pleasc ^ thc change m tmle . , j . · of Gary, Ind1: Mrs. \V I. Deuces; Hc jg invited lo ; of Normal, HI-: M i - s . C . M V c a t h . , - Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. arc in Harlingen. Mr. Boyett is resting ! severe " heart attack. LilRtTlv i . i . .'v. v/nii. .·"··· c. - i ejrs. pie and coffee \\ill be sold.ij and the Gospel Airs quartet \ v i l l j , : be present to sing. There will be a chili supper; icrvccl at thc East Big Ridge 1 ui iu utL *-· * v.^fc-'-o - - n ' i ncrc v» in uc ** ^.iiin ^v.^^^severe "heart attack. Ihey w i " j crvcd al Uic East Big Ridge leturn home sometime in i com- , fcchoo , Fri d a y at 1 p. m. sponsored arv. ' Mn the Big Ridge Home Bureau ary. : - ~ ,, . , f , ! Mr. and Mrs. Danny Porter l e t llasi night for Chicago where then a- . . the Big Ridge Home Bureau The public is invited. Masons: Special meeting lasi ngt or asons: peca baby son, Terry, has been a pa- star lodgc 458. A. K tient in Illinois Research hospi M/o£ Carricr Mills . Friday its.1. They will bring him n o m c , ^ 6;30 p m Work in M . M ' r n i n . de Dunn. . ' tomorrow morning. ; Hudson Foremen i Return to Work degree. Refreshments. Clyde Dunn. " Easier is early -- MARCH 28 BOB BURNETT'S PRE-SEASON SHOWING OF NEW SPRING FABRICS AND FASHIONS · . . NOW READY FOR. YOU. V -aily Easter means an early buying rush. By placing your order now you get :·· -r 5-kk of hundreds of fine new colorful. »H TMol fabrics and you'll have your suit " P^U of time for Easter. The fabric, the fashion and the pattern of your choice. f-Uii tailored to your individual measure. it's Made-To-Measure This Spring Summer Exclusively from i ,..,, Ladies Auxiliary^ of : Be asiey-Murray post. 3642. '' meet Fridav evening at 101 »»est -' Church street. All members are Hudson requested to be present. IssaSwu^ 1 *- j Taft-Hartlcy Labor law. ^^^^^ ' Thc Daily Register. 20c a week., TQ Mr and Mrs Norrnan Hicks. . 1209 East State street, a baby girl . I weighing seven pounds. Thc baby | i has been named Karen Kay ana the mother is the former Wilma 1 Rose. Word has been received here of thc birth on Jan. 21 of a nine pound four ounce son. who has been named Robert Kenneth, to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fisher, of Ccn- terlinc, Mich. Mrs. Fisher was formerly Miss BcrnSce Stncklm. daughter cf Mrs. Emma Strickhn and" thc late Homer Strickhn. of Ilarrisburg. Infants' and Children's Beacon ROBES; Regular $1.98 values Choice "Pacific" Extra Strength Muslin Sheets Marriaga Licenses James K. Russell. 25. and Betty Jo Smith. 16. both of Carrier Mills. Physicians Freed Of Blame in Death of Infant MINNEAPOLIS. Jan. -- -Thc parents of four-months-oW Arthur Jonscn. Jr.. who died oi l.ronchitis on.thc desk of ^f'°J liubcsl Humphrey, joined the r«o- ' l i e Welfare board today m an- «.oh-ina physicians who rcfucd .'.dmil^the "infant to the city-owned hospital. , . i -We don't feel that thc !«* r H :il thc i:o-pilal were wrong. !»obcr';: Jensen. 2-5. said know ihc did what they "as nnht. It just seemed to us, Uinl thc haby should h;AC occn l;cpt .'it thc hospital." . Thc four physicians examined 1K infant only 12 hours before, "re died. They said he "not 5-kk enough" to lc admitted to :nc hospital. They were a '' ts ^ v ?M !y thc evcn-mcmbor wcllaro boaro 'vt-slcn!av after a DO minute Main TAILORS-llATTKKS-HAiSERDASnERS on Main Street KXOX CAMPr.F.I.I. SPRING HATS « Tlumphroy conferred briefly 'J'ic fa'her. Arllnir Jensen. ·*», i Mrs. Jensen after announcement : c J tl:e bo.'srd^ decision. 1 The m,-ior srra:i-c-d for . c i t y to finance the bov's i The Daily Resistcr, 20c a \\cek.lj lv.- earner boy. Boys' "Woolmaster"! 100',/ Virgin Wool. Ulack and While or Brown and \Vhite Chock. Sll.UO Value Women's House SHOES ( Ue^ular $1.98 Value Felts and Fabrics. 1'air Hoys' All Wool I'luid Sport Coats. SI2.30 values. Men's Winter 81x99 Men's Leather Jackets Each ·Bleached 1'iilow Si/.c 42x36 Each Regular $10.95 to $12.95 values,] Union Suits [Ecru Cotton Ribbed, Long Sleeve, Ankle Length. Boys' Winter Unions Ecru Ribbed. $15.95 Values Now Solid White Merexerd NAPKINS Size 22x22 49c Values t [Long Sleeve, Ankle length. Sixes 6 to 11 Years. Men's All Wool Mockinows $9.85 to $10.95 Values Each 36 Inch Solid White Outing Flannel c Yard ^·^··^^TM^^^-- Hope Bleached MUSLIN Ac I Men's All Wool Plaid COATS "Woolmaster" 100% Virgin wool. $20.00 ' Value. Children's Brown LeafSicr Field Boots, were $4.59 Sale Price Solid While Cotton Sheet Blankets Perfect bleached. Full yard wide. Solid White Cotton Suiting Yard wide. Fine weave. 69c value. Tairj Goodyear sewn constnictionj have long wearing leather soles. Rubber heels. Ideal, for school or dress wear. Each "Monarch?' Extra Size 81x99 Heavy Weight 5% Wool Double Blankets Size 72x84 Pair S5.95 values. Colorful Plaids. Sateen Bound Edges. Yard Hurry to This Clearance] of Children's SHOES Sizes Sy 2 to 1 Values up to $3.59 Choice Pair Broken Sizes Odds and ends in shoes for boys and girls. Ev cry* pair a real bargain Fine Ribbed Solid Color Dress Socks or Anklets Si/.cs 10'i to 12 49c Values Smart top quality socks made for perfect heel lo toe fit. Socks ]Qc Pair Si/c 10 Only "Monarch" Husky $8.45 Double Blankets $^.88 Pair Size 72xSi Indian Robe Blankets Each Size 64x76. Novelty Pat terns for the home or your car. Yard goods in curtain marquisette, drapery, gingham, prints, etc. All 1-3 lo 1-2 regular price. Men's OSc Value Leather Palm WORK GLOVES First Quality Knit Wrist Pair ¥\ Kil Li? !1 i 1 » . t ' SPAPFRf SPAPFRf

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