The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 16, 1955 · Page 9
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 9

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1955
Page 9
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Emmanuel ER Guild Annual Program; MANMEBS Hot Feslive Event r ^iu ,«-.u:« '^^•^•^"•^^ At Parish House |* —~ Set For Sunday Woliday festivities for the 1. k R. Church featured a pol-| ^j^^^ p,,^^^ f^,^^^ ^^ f^„^ MAKE FRIENDS hicli dinner at the parish house | with forty metfibers attending, i Mr«. Alton Zimmerman led group! Ilnglng of Christmas carols after; the meal. Mistress of ceremonies, Mrs. Pearl Johannsen introduced Mrs. E. .1. Meckstroth who related in a charming manner Christmas! experiences in Europe. Christmas selections were sung by Penny Stehle. Judy Morton', ConKregational Church. The annual Chri.stmas Vesper program and fellowship tea of tlir First Congregational Chur(h will be held Sunday at 4:30 p. m. This event has grown until it; lias become one of tlie highlights of the church year, featuring tlie singing of llie old and new R'5'N Carrion fnforfoinod At Chn$fma$ Party I 150 Youths Rnjoy Full Course Dinner, Program Of Archery, nanccrs And Films. Santa Clans Again ViiiU In Bellevue sunflnskr. n, rn., n^f. is, THE SANDUSKY REOISTEft-STAfl-WeWft One hundred and fifty Register- .SlaiNews carriers fioliclted at the 1 newspaper's annual Christmas parity Tluirsday night in the Methodist Church basement. After a full course dinner put on by the women of the church If you play rarris ofti'n you are sure to tiavc ria.\s when you seem to pel one poor hand after ani 'inriPi" Ih*' direction of Mrs. Freda Sandra Schatz and D e a n n a!"i«-"» '""S 'c b.V jiin'<" and seniorjothor. Don't ((impinin about your> Holmes, local restaiuant opera- Weaver, students of Nellie Bailey Miller who presented them. Santa enlivened the presentation of gifts with entertaining antics. Mrs. Aldcn Foix planned the program while Mrs. Floyd Slone- rook, chairman. Mrs. "Fred Corwin, Mrs. A. R. Thomp.sen and Mrs.* Robert DeHaven served as hostesses. choirs of the church, the organjinck take the hands youllor, the boys en.joyed an enlertain- nlerludes b.\ Carol i\icl<erson .lud .son and cuiminaling in the festal exchange of Christmas greetings cci and pla.s' llicm a.s well as you ment program comprising some can. iunique features. Your companions will notice Principal among these was an; over the tea table arranged by thelthat you are playing poor hands exhibition of archery put on by; Women's Fellowship. who|^(p |l_•^•{lhoHl your calling alien- :Robert Burns, a Sandusky resident! BELLF .VUE, Dec 1«5-U was announced today that Bellevue rchants are .tanning a climax to iheir Christmas efforts. Santf Claus will roll into the city Satur day evening on a float which will also bear member:- of Ihi Williams \ccordlon School a* f band. Santa will circii Iflfe fn (he downtown area anii have treats" for he children. The n)erchants arc staging this effort to ciiU altention to the; ide variety of their ('hristmas merchandise, promoting a "Buv; in Bellevue" theme. Emerson Keller heads ^ the/ •^"ile\uo ann Norwalk branches of the Williams school. have become members of tliclfjon lo it. church during the year now clos-l iiig will be guests of honor. ' ivirs, Fred Martin. .Ir., supcrin-, tebdent of the church school, and: Mrs. .Jack Mayer, director of thcj choirs, assisted by the staff of the! church school, have planned an elal)orate carol pageant in which EtKiphcta Auxiliary will have a Christma.i) party and gift exchanjfe, followed by a supper, Sunday, Dec. 18. In Kniirhts of St. .Inhn hall. Holy Angels' PTA Hears Program On Holiday Decorations!"" "'^ departments of the church I'*''^''"' participate. The pagc- A ioi.ff« i_ .u . -ii""! is divided into three episodes:' . A large tree In the center oi,^^^,^. ^^e Child. The Shep-^ ShonlJ *#«i.. R...., herd.s, and the Three Kings. ^ OnOpilfICfS DUSy Mrs. Oliver F. Rinderle, .Ir., as- VnaaX WaM. si.sted by Mrs. Wilbert Henkelman] TV amS and Mrs. Millard Kerber have —_ planned many new co.stumes which With the season of greatest ac- were made by the members of tlvity again at hand for shop- Ihe Women's Fellowship. Mrs.!''''''' I's because of ilie shopping tion on 'Christmas Oecorations"i'-'""'''^''.''^'''^"''^' ^'''^rge of the '"sh of the holiday season, with More than 100 members were i'*'-"''''^'-' ^''"P^'"*''-^ ^^'^"''^ obtained'^''"''^^flpd stores, clerks and .^.•..oor ,l »„ „„i„„ ,h„ „„„„t Mrc 'lby Mrs. EdmoH iMiller and Miss '^'''•""'•dcncd policemen, thievery the floor and Christmas decorations on the table were festive seasonal accents for the Holy Angel's P. T. A. Altar-Rosary Society dinner in the school gym Monday evening. Mrs. ,!oe Laws was the speaker, giving an in"formative talk and demonstra- present to enjoy the event, Mrs. T)m Canino headed the dinner (ommittcc and Mrs. Francis O'Brien was co-chairman. They c assisted by Mrs. VViibert Agsten, Mrs. N. E. Boose, Mrs. Earl Hammer, Mrs. Earl Rogers, Dorothv Rausch. Mrs. i.ylc"Gund-iP'lfcrcrs and pickpockets is la -h m'thp director Si'e.itcr toward the end of the A highlight of the program -ji^'- ot'^^'" -months, Wil- musicaiiy will be the new Wai'ing' publication, "Gloria In Excelsis" j.^^,,, by Jolley sung by junior and .sen- • p^.^^^^ p.,^^^.^^^ far more serious problem !>m Engel, manager of the San' dusky Chamber of Commerce ^Trs. M. R.Gol'd! Mrs. "clarenceiior choirs. Also of interest will be j^. 3^*^*" ^ Crooks, Mrs, Harold Nath. Mrs.l'Tlie Holly and tiie Ivy" and "liOian m'an.v 'reaUzerfhresUmared Dan Beck. Mrs. .(ohn YakupaklSaw Three Ships," both arranged|,(,^, j„ ^^^^^ markets alone is iwh.. has twice taken the Ohio state: •^archery championship, and Uonj Bon.ier. also prominent in the sport locally and dealer in archery supplies. These tv^o fascinated the carriers with their execution of difficult sliots at various targets. Kay Lutes Dance Studio contributed to the program with four out .Ntanding performances of her pupi)-,.The youngsters taking part in this part of the program were Lee Ann Renande who did "Tips on Tap."^"; Tcrrie Lee Uther. Darlene Ziemke and Steven Bovia who did "Approach To Tap"; Betty ,Io Palazzo, who did "Acrobatic Specialty," and Gay and Dean Runkle who did "Swing Buck." Ken .lefferson. local photo stipply dealer, contributed a showing of comic films that "brought the house down" with the antics of "Chimp" and Lew Fields. A large number of awards included a valuable archery bow contributed by Don Bonner. The winner of this fine gift was Garj' Dunn, Regi#ter-Star -News carrier at Old Homestead, Huron. For the first time on record, no Indian deaths from tuberculosis were reported in Minnesota in 19.'i4. THE ALOHA $>HOP PRE-HOLIDAY SALE CONTINUES TODAY, FRI. & SAT. 50% OFF ON ALL DRESSES FREE Gin WRAPPING • FREE PARKING OPEN EVERY EVENING TILL 9 TILL XMAS HAYES AT OSBORNi PHONE 7528 Read And Use The Classified Pages- and Mrs. Ralph Sirene. in- Roljert Shaw. Each department iMrs. Thelma Weis pla.yed theiof the church school will offer special carol numbers, and there will piano while members C^hristmas carols. Santa arrived to Kifts to all, at the end of evening. sang between $200 million and $.300 million annually. Controlling pilferage is im- be solos by Helen Sutler Evans, poi-jnnt to everyone, Engel said. J!„.result oiL_pilXerage,—mer- dlstribule Jean Ebaugh Lupfer of the senior:As the I participating in Officers Installed Byi?»eert Gold Stcff Mothers choir. ichants lose profits, and all cu.s- Children participating in the tomcrs share in the loss because ipageant are:: Marily Arnold, .lean it becomes an extra "expense" of Mary Kerber, Debby Mc-; doing business that adds to th Cann, .lean Scibel, Claire Schubel,' retail sellins price. Equally im- Dianne and Suzanne White, .Judy portant, Engel added, is the: Hildebrand, Karen Rinderle, Sharon juvenile delinquency aspect of World's largest worm is the Australian megascolides. They average four to six feet long, and some may reach 11 feet. Some are an inch thick and may weigh a jiound or more. These worms are a favorite delicacy of the duck- hilled plat.vpus, A Erie County Chapter of Amer-jHale. William Whi.>^ner, Fred Mar-1 this problem. tin 111, Janet Miller, Susan Miller,; Miriam Rinderle. Mark Schubel,! Walker, The second atomic submarine, Calhv Whitlaker,!"^'', Seawolf, is the third U. S. .fames Stahl, .John Fry, Bobby 1 ""f'^'-'Pa cralt to bear that name. Kerber, Jack Richardson, Dwain ican Gold Star Mothers, Inc. combined its annua! Christmas dinner part .N' and in.stallation of of-1 John I'iccrs Monday. E4ec. 12. Dinner at Martin's Restaurant al .six-thirt.\- started the e\ening's|Smith. Douglas Spencer, Bobby, procram, \\hcre the tables were'.John and David Gundlach. Dcnni.s! attractively adorned with red:Smith, Robert Kurtz aird David randies and pine branches. i White. Piescnt at the affair were Mrs .i The committee for the tea is Mrs. Emma Glimc, Mrs. Blanche Jar -i Robert Kurtz, Jr., chairman. Mrs. roti, Mrs. Mary Barber, Mrs.iH. R. Bowman, Mrs. Carl Evans, Emma Grimmer, Mrs. Helen Pol-j Mrs. Edgar Bird, Mrs. Byron lack, Mrs. Gertrude Fortuna, Mrs. Helen Baum and Mrs. Edith Gall. Installation was held at VFW hall at eight o'clock with Mrs. Barhei-, past president of the Chapter serving as installing of- ficei-. New officers are: president, Mrs. Fortuna; first vice- president, Mrs. Baum; second; ^ • vice-president, Mrs. Mary Meyers;'^ll" Q^j NotlOll treasurer, Mrs. Gall; secretary, Mrs. Glime; chaplain, Mrs, Bar- „, ^ „ , ber: snrfieant-al-arms, Mrs. Lyda WASHINGTON. Dec. 16 (INS) Wallace: b a n n c r-bearer. Mrs. government agencies an- Grimmer; and flag-bearer, Mrs.i """"'^ed today they will soon be- Prsoar'nq A P%rtyJ CALL 8102 PART V 'SHOPPE Market at Decatur St Walker, Mrs. Paul Oswald, Mary Slayfon, Miss Dora Kurtz i and Mrs. George Gilbert. Reveal 5-Year Plan To Purify Prudence Parker. I HAPPY BIRTHDAY | -i TODAY—-DEC. 16 .lohn Boden Mrs. Delbert Thayer Timothy John Hifrgins, one Alfred F. BroRlc, 74 gin a five-year campaign to make the air in U. S. communities more healthful. The Interior department's Bureau of Mines and the Welfare department's Public Health Service joined forces in the $9fi,000 drive to begin this fiscal year with four air ooUution projects. SUNNYSIDE FIORISTS 2108 Cleveland Rd., Cor. Remington Ave. "Flowets for Every Occasion" CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Balsam Pine Wreaths, $1.75 DOOR SWAGS PINE ROPING POINSETTIAS GRAVE BLANKETS CEMETERY .VASES Novelty Chrlitmit CMterpiecel Potted Novelty Christmas Trees PHONE 8426 OPEN EVENINGS TILL NINE Harry & Don Boiseoneault Open till 9:00 FrL and Sat. /ree giU wiappinq lot menl Just in Time for Christmos! SPECIAL PURCHASE of beautiful Suede Jockets *22.98 regular $30.00 Valuel • wear belted or loose Colors • covered buttons • rust • sizes 10 to 18 • charcoal fully lined blue I'- No Size Problem . > t • • • ivith ..2 Stretches Its uarantee from chxlstmas io easter si- &3 if'' t' X-90 stretch sheers They're guaranteed to make her happy at Christma.s and long after. And Larkwood gives her this special gift: a Guarantee of 97 days' wear instead of 90 days', from each 2 pairs. If 3 stockings run before the Guarantee expires at Easter time, larkwood will give her 2 new pairs (reel X-90+ all-purpose nylons stretch from toes to thighs. They skin-fit her legs exactly. Never bag or sag. And they always keep her seams straight. Their stretch- ability and dull "makeup" look are permanent, 2 pairs for $3.85. NO it» rtOSlfM I "Chadolon"* yam makes them stretch so easily, 3 sizes rit all— Petite, Average, Tall. Ciryt Craw " YOUJ charge Account U Invil&d' O 1 15 I 1 22 29 18 ' 19 25 i 26 . *5 1

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