The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 20, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1924 HE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE SEVEN. IF BACK HURTS BEGIN ON SALTS Flush Your Kidneys Occasionally by Drinking Quarts of Good Water. No mnn or woman can moke n nitstn 1<o by Hushing llio kidneys occasionally, srnys n weil-l nown tin. thorlly. Too much rich tooil ere- nlcs ileitis which clog tha kiilncy pores so Hint tliuy sluggishly tlltar or striiln only part of the wasio nnrt nolsnns from the. blood. Then you got Kick. Rheumatism, heii'l- nchos, liver trouble, nervousness, constipation, illzzlnoss, Hleopintss, liladrtor disorders often como from Blugglsh khlnnys. Tho moment you fool n dull ache In tho kidneys or your hnck hurt*, or If the urino Is cloudy, offensive, full of sediment. IrroRiilnr of passage, or attended hy n fionsntlon of scalding, begin to drink soft water In quantities; also ret about four ounces of ,Iad Sails from any reli- nblo pharmacy and take n tablespoonful In a glan.-t of water before, lirenhCust for n few days nncl your"] kidneys may then act fine. This famous sail'.-. Is made from the acid of nrnpes and lemon juice, combined with lllhla. mid has hoi-n used for years In lclp flush clogged kidneys and stimulate them lo activity, also to help neutralize tho acids in the system-so they no longer cause Irritation, I bus often relieving bladder disorders. -lad Halts is Inc.'ipeasive and can not injure; make:! a delightful effervescent llthla uat"r drink, which everyone can take now and then to help keep the kidneys clean and the blood pure, thereby often preventing serious kidney complications. By nil means, havo your physlofhn examine your kidneys nt least twice a year. CROSSWORD PUZZLE The vagaries of this serpentine design prevent the words from complete interlocking. Tho perpetrator of this crossword crime lias since been garroted. Hnappy definitions aro the chief rcco-ninendiiilon of •ri!" workout. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Olive Robert!, Barton. A VERY GRA ND RIDDLE N:w Oriental Balsam Lifts Out Hair —Roots and AH! Objectionable hair on face, under arms, on Ic ^s —Alt (jone In 3 mlnuteil No muss, no odor, no discomfort, no growing back of hair stronger than ever. Quick.- harmless— guaranteed effective! A Ite.-ttiiy JJIKTH i»f Urn Orient has itt la-st lu'cii hi i.iif.;lit t'» Ani '.-vlctL— u lii .'irvif Iniis now h:itr rmnuver. enlU-d KJIIMIH . It is mmli; of Ihu finest nri- (ntnl huts 'iiniH which, when (ii'pllcil, o)H'i) Dir- hair itor'*.*, pwietniti; t<>- w:tnN I'll* p'M.s, and when removed ii |.\v i-ihiuli's later, tli.'licHtcly ntnl L '.'iiily • niu" every unslnlitly liuir - IVKII uml nil! N" nt't'ii now to iisn itplln.-iry *1<?plla- L.tilrs which niriily burn nif the stir- f:n-(' H . nor tu i\y.<\ n\o\v painful pioi.'ssi a uhk'h must. lu> riM'cnli-d ii(iii!n in II few week*. Karma'a ef- f"itiv'.iii:s.i Is Munmntt't-tl nbs'jlutely— not only to rtnimve luilr, mnt arid all. hut lo lonvo Ihft slitn flt.;ir, healthy and «oft ns velvet. Knnun is sold iind Ku.irnnt cod by A & A Drue Co., W. ,r. Jliuvall Drug Store. x SAYS RED PEPPER IN FEW MINUTES Rheumatism, lumbago, neuritis, oacitaclie, stiff neck, sore muscles, strains, sprains, aohinff in'itr* "When you are suffering so you can hardly get around, Just try Red J'onper Hub. Xothlng hns such concentrated, penetrating heat as red peppers, and -when heat penetrates right down Into pain and congestion, relief conies at once. Just as soon as you apply Hed Pepper Rub you feel the liniilln; boat. In three minutes tho sore spot is warmed through and through and the torture is gone. Howies Red Pepper Rub, msde from reil peppers, costs little at any drug store, net a jar at once. He sure to get the genuine, Willi the name Rowles on every package. Quick Relief for Rheumatics Local Druggists Sell Rheuma on Money-dack Plan. If yon suffer from torturing rheumatic pains, swollen, twisted joints, and sul'ler Intensely.' because your system Is full of uric acid, thai dan.,erou!-. poison that makes thousands h'dpless and kills thousands years before their time, then you need Rheuma, and need It now. Start lalilng It today: In 24 hours It will begin lo act on kidneys, liver, stomach mid iblood, and you can sincerely exclaim: "Good rlddnnce to bad rubbish," Mnny people, the most skeptical of skeptics right in this city and In tho country hereabouts, bless the day whoti A ft A Drug Co., anil other good druggists offered Hheu- ma to tho afflicted at a small prlca and g.ia-antoed money refunded II not sat.sflod. If you have rheumatism get a bottle of Uheuma today. HORIZON rAC, An effusive write-up. (An easy one for the press agents. To nnnoiince; also a common name for newspapers. What you trousers do if they are too tight. A female sheep. A synonym for nlso. A preposition denoting presence in. Olio of those • re-Volsteadic drinks. An Interjection (oft favored by Major IJoople.) Pronounced the same as VI horizontal, but spelled differently. Sick. Used to keep 14 horizontal In oottles. What almost every woman, has done to her half. A tree whoso leaves crowned victors. A preposition meaning upon. A hodgepodge 1 . Wall. Steamship. (A "perfect" crossword puzzlo has no abbreviations. This is not a perfect puzzle.) A percentage paid tor the use of money. A prlnters's unit of measure. VERTICAL. Wheat hulls. Lighted. A higher place oil. (Another handy preposition.) 'i. tine in every church steeple. Third person masculine singular pronoun. Presence In. (A preposition.) Fill In the missing word: House and Destiny which cannot lie changed. You and I. A while church vclnient worn over a cassock. Sixty minutes. Tapestry, A particle into which a chemical substance Is broken up by electricity. (If you don't know, ring up the noarest college.) Worries, Barrels. A knight of the road (slang.) To burden with. Behold. An evergreen tree, 3.1416 (Ask any eighth grader.) Exist. Another form of 27 vortical. Answer to Ytrtrrlny Crossword Punle: 8. 11. 14. in. Hi. 18. "We want tome more riddles riddles, please," (aid the Twins. Clean children want clean school clothes. Lot us do the cleaning. Phone 1335. Lewis Cleaners. 11-lOt Read the Classified Advertisements In the Newe-Herald. "We want some more please," said the Twins. "Good!" said the Riddle Lady. "I'm just trying to think up a good one." Nancy and Nick got. as close as ever they could, but the Fat Man of ISoinbay puffed so loudly when he breathed, poor thing, that it didn't do much good. They were sure they weren't going to hear a word. Nancy was greatly relieved when all nt once the fat man said. "Oh, shucks! I never guessed a riddle In my life and I'm not going to begin now. If you don't mind, Mrs. John, I think I'll Just go and sit on your nice little front porch and smoke my pipe." "Oh, yes, do, Mister Fat Man," said Mrs. John (for that was the only name bo had), so away he waddled. Everyone could hear twice as well after he left. "Here's a now riddle," said the Riddle Lady. So she began: "He sits on a throne, And he rides a white horse, ^ And ho wear twenty rings on his hand. Bows of soldiers stand stiffly, . Not moving of course, Just waiting to do his command. "A dozen long Adorn his fine lint. And a buckle both handsonic and big, And his hair's curled so finely, I'm positive that Any person Would think 'twas n wig. "His robe Is of velvet, And trimmed up with ermine. As white as the midwinter snows And ns silkworms make silk, 'Tlsn't hard to determine, Ten thousand worked hard on h hose. "His crown is of gold, Set with rubies bright red. And with diamonds and sapphires and pearls, Oh, it surely must be Quite a load on his head. And muss up all his periwig curls. "His dishes are made Of the richest of wares. And his furniture's certainly grand, Why they say that tha backs Of his dining room chairs. Contnln gems quite as big as your hand. "He lives In a castle, On top of a hill, 'Mid gardens where dickey-birds . sing, And whon you're grown up, He'll be living there still, This story-book, fairy-tale—." "King!" cried averybody, JUBt like that. "Oh, dear, I Just knew I was making It too easy," said the Middle Lady, "t can't give a prize to everybody." "Oh, that's all right," Bald Nick kindly. "Hut why did you say he was .lust a story-book king, or a falry-talo king?" "Well," said the Riddle Lady, "because real kings don't dress up like that excopt on vory special occasions. But In story-books they always do. And In fairy tales." "That's so," said the Wise-Manof -Our-Town. "A king can't wear his crown when ho goes to bed, can he'.' Although I've heard It said 'Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.' But I've always had my doubts." (To Be Continued) (Copyright, 1924, .-NEA Service. Ino.) Buttcr-KrusT [Does Not CrumMe/j Try it / J Now— Sport Hose That Flatter the Ankle You'll be proud of your ankles in these new Windsor Full Fashioned silk- and-wool sport hose. Their sheerness and fit rival chiffon—yet they have all the durable absorbent qualities of wool In the lesson's new shade*, InefoeV Ing black, brown, gray, fawn, oomet, buckskin, piping, root% gray. Price $2.25 Pair Courtesy, Promptness, Quality, Price. Call SNYDER'S PLANING MILL FOR Lumber, Stormsasb or Weather Strps Phone 184 THE SNYDER COMPANY Lumber Yard Planing Mill, Office and Paint Store 8-10-12 West A. 23-26-27 West Sherman. Lumbermen and Manufacturers. .Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. DAY, SATURDAY and MONDAY a n O'Coat Sale! TAKE YOUR PICK! JESS STENGE. There is no need lor you to go around In those old clothes this Thanksgiving as Jess Sten&e is having his usual special offering to the folks of Hutchinson and territory and if any man or young man don't buy one of these suits or overcoats, then something is wrong. "I am putting this sale on for thece three days to raise some money to meet coins bills dus the 25th and I am trying to cot money out of these suits and overcoats, regardless of cost," added Mr. Stengc. "If an all wool, Royal or Gibson, and others, hand tailored suit or overcoa^ isn't worth 515, then I am ready to quit the clothing business,' 1 said Jess. ''There are about 150 suits and about 7? overcoats that you can afford to buy two or three suits for what you are usually compelled to pay for one suit and don't forget that the regular price goes back on every suit and every coat Tuesday morning. TAKE YOUR PICK! FOR THESE THREE DAYS ONLY You Get Your Pick of Any Suit or Overcoat (150 Suits and 75 Overcoats to select from.) All Royals, Gibsons, and other hand made suits go in this Big 3 Days Selling Event. Come in, lay down three $5 bills and walk out with a suit worth anywhere from $22.50 to $37.50; and o'coats worth up to $40. GRASP THIS OPPORTUNITY NOW! NO ALTERATIONS! NO LAY A WAYS! NO EXCHANGES! NO CHARGES! AIR PANTS-YOUR CHOICE $3.65 15 SOUTH MAIN TENGE'S HUTCHINSON'S BARGAIN SPOT \ IS SOUTH MAIN

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