The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 4, 1965 · Page 44
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 44

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1965
Page 44
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Page 44 article text (OCR)

Frog Murders Bass So Many Giant Catches Outdoor Life Published 4'Page Article Featured on Front Cover Sports Afield Ran 6 Pages Fur-Fish-Game 6. On Radio, on 2D0 TV Stations. BY PAUL STAG-The Weekend Fisherman A frog stumbled on by accident by Bill Plummer, a New England Fisherman, catches such giant bass for him ... so many bass, so often ... so fast it has changed his fishing life . . . and for others who use his frog . . . experts . . . average fishermen . . . beginners . . . even children ... it murders bass. Here's how it can for you. . The Secret Of Catching Bass For 22 years Bill Plummer fished bass the hard way ... but studied their habits . . . how they love weeds . .. and devour every frog they can get. Finally Bill tested simulated frogs of every color, shape, size and material he could find . . . but even perfect replicas when motionless were so unnatural in water as to prove useless. Every lure Bill used . . . even so- called "Weedless" ones . . . fouled or snagged in weeds . . . until he invented his own weedless hook... diagram below shows why. Then he found the answer ... he combined a sponge rubber body and long trailing, thin triple-jointed hollow rubber legs with his weedless hook. This frog changed Bill Plummer's fishing life and can yours. Here's how. What Frog Did to Bill Plummer 1 Creel census men of Massachusetts Fish & • Wild Life Commission sent photographs of his catches to papers who published Bill's picture and 2 and 3 column stories. 2 Radio and TV Stations interviewed Bill about . his frog's giant catches. 3 Outdoor Life ran a 4-page article on frog and • Bill — featured on front cover. Sports Afield ran 6 editorial pages...Fur-Fish-Game ran 6; 4 General Motors filmed him using his frog, . showed it on 200 TV stations. 5 Thousands of fisherman heard of frog, or. dered it — forcing Bill into business and out of his job as flying instructor. .. then users reported fabulous catches using Bill's frog and method.. Catches Bass Twice As Big Bill Plummer using frog below now catches bass like lunkers shown average twice as big as before. on Twitches Of Rod Drive Bass Crazy Bill rushed with his frog and his weed­ less hook to the nearest weed covered lake. Once cast, the frog sat with just its eyes above water. When Bill twitched the rod tip, the frog's legs kicked backward in e -xact imitation of the real thing. Before Bill could give a second twitch, something green, black and white blew the pad apart to get at the frog . . . Scratch one bass. Here was a lure that looked, acted moved ... felt so natural to bass it proved irresistible. Bill could make it sit motionless on a pad . .. move s-l-o-w or fast ... on or below the surface. With a twitch of rod tip he could make it look frightened, hurt. .. anyone could do the same. He could move that lure through the heart of weed "jungles" as safely as if it lived there. Bill Plummer sculptured one body after another out of sponge rubber to get the precisely right shape, size and weight for perfect casting ... worked on ho «k arrangement to get perfect weed guard action with positively no interference with the hook after the strike . . . solved the problems of action and buoyancy . . . tested powers of his fi'og. ^ Wh^Fjiog Casts Safely Into 1%ke^t Weeds 1. "Side arrRi^* Mtend down on either side of hook pofMj. . . eliminate "open gap" usually found at hQok point on weed guards. 2. Bulb deflector %)Ds" frog over stumps and branched. 3. Resilient flexible wiir %i({eeps guard aligned, wards off obstructions. Weedguard holds U.S. Patent No. 2,789,387; Guard deflects instantly during strike . .. does nol Interfere with hooking. Frog Irresistible To Bass Bill could show anyone in five minutes how to use the rod with his frog. He'd inch his frog ahead . .. suddenly sweep forward . . . make his frog slip quietly off the pad into the water . . . race across the moss .. . looking terrified —and the bass struck without caution. Bill would make his frog dart . . . jump . . . dive . . . struggle in water as though drowning . . . jump temptingly along the surface. He'd catch bass when his buddies would come home skunked. With his frog, Bill began to catch all the bass he wanted . . . throw back all bass under four pounds ... in New England before his frog Bill rarely caught bass over four pounds. Now he began to catch bass twice as big as~before. He was able to fish in places huge bass hid. He'd boat and release bass after bass. One Fisherman Tells Another After newspapers wrote two and three column stories of the Frog, after magazines wrote multi-page articles on it and radio and TV interviewed Bill about it, thousands of fishermen wrote Bill about his Frog—forced him to quit his job as flying instructor ... just to manufacture frogs for other fishermen. From all over reports came in of astonishing catches . . . bigger, more bass caught than ever before . . . fishing in weeds made easy as a game . . . even for beginners for whom it was frustration before. "Best all-round surface lure I used." —"Weedguard superior to any on market"—"Since my first frog more than doubled my catch of big ones'." Bill's frog worked for more and more kinds of fresh, even salt water fish. Proved sensational in rock quarries for small mouths. Underwater the frog proved extremely effective. What This A ^^l ^o You Simply this. No longer need you helplessly fish edges of weeds, when bass are not venturing out.. . waste untold hours fishing countless acres of barren water . . . lose valuable tackle in weeds you're not equipped for ... be content with puny bass, with a fraction of your limit or even getting skunked simply because you can't safely go after bass in shelter of weeds, pads and moss. U.S. Patent No. 2,789,387 Weedguard Flexible give life Floats naturally eyes just above water. Guard deflects during strike ... No hook interference. Rugged Guard wards-off obstructions without bending. "Bulb" feature "Hops" frog over stumps, branches. "Side arms" eliminate "open gap" of old fashioned weed guards prevent fouling hook. triple jointed hollow rubber legs -like reflex kicking action. Now you can fish into center of weeds ... over submerged logs, through matted bush, in underwater thickets, through weeds, grass, pads . . . make frog crawl . . . race . . . dive ... sit motionless . . . dart away—use obstacles to help you that used to hurt you—overhanging branches . . . half submerged logs and rocks . . . moss and weeds so thick you can't see the water. Now you can catch bass as never before . . . bigger bass, more often. Amazing Trial Offer Try Bill Plummer's frog at our risk. Fish in worst weed trap area you know , . . where bass have been caught but you've been skunked or caught practically nothing . . . over logs, around rocks, through matted weeds. Unless delighted, return for no cost. You must catch more bass, bigger bass, more different kinds of game fish, more often . . . must have more fun fishing where bass are ... in the weeds ... or no cost. First Come, First Served Demand is so great Bill Plummer has turned over all manufacture and marketing to Harrison Industries. To be sure of getting your Bass Frogs in time for the fishing season, mail coupon today. It's first come, first served. This advertisement may not appear in this newspaper again. So act now! Rush coupon below. MAIL AMAZING 6 MONTH TRIAL COUPON TODAY 1 MADISON HOUSE, INC. Dept. FW-41S BOX 4455. GRAND CENTRAL STA., NEW YORK 17 Y«» I want to try Bill Plummer's BASS FROG lures on AMAZIfJG 6 MONTH TRIAL OFFER. Send me set of tmo alii Frogsjnd "(ftnrone vTol. and one % Oz, for only $2.98,>^BASS FROG does not catch bigger bass fo me mate bass fishing more fun . . . If BASS FROC is not the gMMest bass lure I've used, I can retur? it within 6 months for full purchaae price refund. n PAYMENT ENCLOSED. Enclosed is $2.98 (cash, check or M. 0.). ... ^ ShiTme setof 2 BASS FROGS postpaid. I SAVE all C.O.O. charges. Money-Back Guarantee. • SEND CCD. I will pay postman $2.98, plus C.O.O. charges. Same Money-Back Guarantee. j NAME. ADDRESS:. CITY -ZONE. _STATE_

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