The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 23, 1932 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1932
Page 4
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TOUB THE DAILY NEWS, F2EDEBICK, MD., MONDAY. MAY 23. 1932. THE DULL* HEWS. MR-ROGERS EXPLAINS HIS 'GAG* ABOUT THE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR TEACHER AT ANNUAL X««r*-Pest KWSPAFKS- «e*pt iss Ccsrt Street., Hannah More Academy To Ofebnfe REPEAL OF PROHIBITION ' « « . '«"» Aiuu«w»r. . To i-e LS.VJC of Tct J»«r»i £.: BIBLE CONFERENCE . . T2JJ OSEAT SOUTHERN PEtUmSO CO- O? ASSOCIATE!- PSESS. jLSSoditee Free » nc-as!«;y *a- Ctleci to tt« c^e tcr p^i^»ncu el *1J oew* to fee* SO COMMtrXTCATIOS c: »=/ scan « ««- s»=* e» ** IMt K «siSct:t» far ·-=« ·taw- -- « *-**« !l " c " ;ie To '..~« »! Tee Ne»i SanU Cal May J3 -- xher ca;. I vr/-* * _» I'.'t n;~. Yoi - A.ll find c.'.; Your L"r..'.ed S.ave* Kt^ Sc.: The Ha;,:.^.. ·.m -s r.y. a «r:-. * »*·; ar.S x.~. ^^"j" ·· LS cx.:-:r «ii.:^s : ·. i. c*..-. · O--.::.-- t !: '-.? ..i-'.d ar.l ' Svkesville -.i" :r;t--r. · ''f D~ O^IG Mrs Arthur JNDAY MULLMf ,rr^ trt«rrta^-.-.-l at a e*^--. tn i. ·:·- r ". :i-r :n--'!i-r .:r A.-.r-a I In I9C8. o had b*r. a , Today In History Today* Anohrtmrfe*. iTUT--Lir-nae'-is. celebrated S««di*h cobnut »cd r.a.tunlist. bore Died . jjnuary 10. 1778 1783-- Js:s Tappac. New York _ei*r- uie cv.^nry'6 fu-st mercantile astscy. j sorr. Jsi NcrtjiArapu/r. Ma-*». Died .n j 1795-- Thosias Hood, fAinous English; ; poec j£.a. huaxwst, bom. Died i ' May 3, 1845 j ' '.810--Sar^h llirsaret Puller, the Mar-^ Qsid. .iir-CT-g America's j v.r.iw t j hrr caj. bcm *i Cam-i bridge. Ma*s. D«G July 19, itoC. i 1321;--Jins« B EacL;. noted civil en; CAN YOU BEAT, IT By Kettc RE\ r DP. RUSSELL BRADLEY JON'HS in-.«itor and bridge builder,! c. l-A-arencrburg. led Difcd in : i-iarsi* Islands. March 8, 16«7 | general, Rhode ern?r ar.d L'nit«l States Senator, J bom «t Uber.y, Ind Died «t Bns- j to!, R. I. Sejxtenaoer 13. 1881. j IE59--Everett T. ToailiaKKX. New Jer- i arr vierjyaiSB aiid author of cc'Jjat- , less popular boys' stones, bore «-' Shi:oh. N. J Di»d in EUzaoetfe. N. j J . October 30. 1931. | : 367--Richard V. Oulahar.. noted j American jtKjrrialist. born in Wash- ^ .:igtOD. D C Died there December J 30. !931. A: he.- ctatn :r. ISIS G S.uw ·,-r «'. thr eigr.'.h ir.jr.'.hiy Blox Con- Today In HMet?. fer«r.'"?. ·*:;::!! -'. belr-g h'.-ld at Cn- 1493--Sivonarola. famous tor. Br.dze Methods: Episopal c:: jrch n former, burned as a her«:c. "^ · tocjy and T*j«eay Th» «-l--s.:.? -us- J701--Captain Kiad nowrtoi: ""'.'*·" T u-.-d.*y afTeriiojn 'Aill **- T.i- rate, hanged in London " · . T . - . , ·».. ir- ' Rov.'.t \V C.l: 178*--South CaTOl'-iii. the Slh pece ~i:d 1. . .ii.i . '. _r:t Then came t..r :i- - '.: that the s_.i--r 1 -,d«-r.= lia ii-.a -:x-y x.cj-.urj R.cliardiOi;. :. W«- fmo\:. ·.'.:-_'-. :» car,, party k.:chen beer, as- f-orces of national But v.hin civil gvrerrjiric:.', rtisn. and Mr ar.d T.!r Cit't-ro 1 H.irns and ;-» the Monday night cu.jt »·! --cr aunt. u.r*-:i;f-*.t3 o: md tn*- C"to! b?ior;:,5 v ti:t ' ::r. «: A-r-dlted S- -r.dar;, tr.d -VSTr:. U:.'' : -.. '.:.." ·; M.I.-I. i.-. Mo.-' ha-.t o: Ww'err: I Union Bridge 1925--E-'rthquakee in Japan .« -- property | HELLO UNCLE '%e fK THE- C:.:on Br.dge. May C3.--The Union W_::iai!' Club had a:i unusually PA»- Today's Birthdays. i..-ab day -,-ri Thursday of veik Alfred P Slv-in. Jr.. prev.i Tli-y mo'ori-c -o Baltimore u; th-- Gr:irra! Motors. txrr: -at Ne'*.- Haven. J at tile Maryland Hiilorscal Soci":;.'' with Mrs. Edgar Bar::r5. or.t of and philanthropist, grandsor. of the; -de,.-, of 1 IN NEW YORK j SIDE GLANCES By George ClarJ i Xew York. May 23.--Stowaway tales . their former members, uho is no* as tour.der of the soap company, bom at| «^f »«'-* l!,**^^ o'^J^ ! :.--ar.t librarian ;htr- they .w:e Vonkcrs. N Y.. 69 years ago -today. ; ^ voure ^-eri -ac^"--^^'^- ;ii.-itc:- Beach n-.tcd New york : "·" ou " s --" -ac * --f 335 *-" 5 ? -- . boxes and you-;? xccien trying to hide jj bu , ^ .jr.-- llar.djillstov.:!. . *: M.-:..i- .v, c.-..-. .. R- ne. neraun P*Z?. P. E ,,_.,, a3oroachcd and a r :er ta ^ chaj - ge j , . . «*:on. 6b years .j^^^.,..^.^^.^^^.,^ W l a a 0 o .oca.. i , as _ a . j _ n d ho?e a : - r . e ; a *Ter i his | Federation mceiir-s West- P'" en a bi!ia.r.s f.'i Wcdnesdj. M i . i rr.:r.ster recently. of Maryland I -S frn::: J t? 4 o'clock. acts. If U can be accepted. It --A jc-ir.t supper T. ill .\eii be one more illustration of box ;- h o s ,^ vi: H; Kh School and St this amazing case ha**preyed on AIQ-i B,irnab-is Guild, at 'he high .'.c!ixl i erican nerves, leading :o thousands of '; bmjdlr.c Thurrfav. J'ir.t I fjf fantastic theories and clues. ' " As for Curtis. IT he can be considered sane money assra sorelv FLOODS IN ENGLAND respect his conntielic . . . . . "You se-?," said the voting man. "I've : A* this aa progrc^ a more car- _ ollcc , ;ha , ^ Q , .^ gMa; .^^ | Today's Horoscope. 'riinu-.iiid Of InIiabiLiiit . I sent fa* pass- i T-1-.h :ae 3a =53Dr:. pr'rniTie.ici' anc reputa'.ion. This per! ,»""".. ! ftxt ·-·.:T, t h e ;-,,·::·'. \*r\ :.:·"- ;s.i.i:i.- No C'juanltics Reported. st'.iulcJ rise tr: places of honor and · i p«y art adequate p^nai'-y for such an j _M : -. ar.d Mrs P R Souder Lou:sc ! "··- ataaslnc fake. Civilization consis:^ of; thirig«; to worry about. I Soader. Walter Souder. Mr* Einnsa j wli: »·· -"· Al::.i:: f d.r.::c' t h i t c-e- -' lrn -' 1 "- :o prt;-ert;. Souder and LoR--y Souder Hni-r--- mot- j "l:v -rc! - - rlsr-iv-J t in.-.- n-.rrn- £ ir:v r^pjrt* :-.£ j ored to Berpton. Va . on Saturd.i--. and j bor ' "·' '· '" ·' ·- v:.... :: .-;;··;-.-! t!v- ::ul;; ' '·-"·" ^ ...1 ci , spent, the r.xh: Mr. and Mrs.!"' ··' ! Frank B. Souder. -M G C DJI )-. S.-..ffi--l : B.=tn : ;r_.. X-jr.ltiXp- ' ;on. L .'-·ifr. Buck ns:i.ur. Works--p --Miss Mildred Raum spent the Evea !f It is more so. is s. burden, iack ol I '* eei -«'" 1 w1 "-"" Miss Sue Boyer at her . Urc«'. Prompt --apport Of Central Kr- f'f;/ and home here, celrbratir.c tl'.c;r mutua organization. and coat in the ?.ailirocai and ' keep out of sisht lentil tho boat gets off Sandy KcoVi ins th^ pilot lea'v'ei. j 1 Then I £c. t3 7.3rl-t on the sin. So I : i seorn to c;: plastered--see--ani all of , \Vorcu often niisaedt Do sot say. a sadd:r. I e^rce en rlctk a bit drunk | ^115.". I c-^iild -*nte like you do ' Say. · and noti:e '.vhere I am So I start j 5 -.cj do." " 'things. I ceniind to .-tno'.v why they're! Often mispronounced: Edible. Pro- ' taking me across tho occiii when m y ' Daily Lesson In Ensflish arid wen: ta the -.viihroirr.. goinj so far Wonld the f orem an be sore, if he could see what I wrote ! May 10 Foliov,-:n5 the ceremony the j Crrnru:;-.- couple left fo" a. mo'or trip tv Ph-ia- j other »-;t d delphia. retumir.s Saturday. ·,:r.i KiEh School srnsor class j e ~ s 3:v '·' "· daace will be hrld in ths -.cho-»l auiii-t P'-"'--"' ; i ~-~-- ·t-onurr. cr. Friday n:?h'. M.\v "T. ! -^"ri.y : ol As the phystc-sr, to the president c-f --Willani Kr.-tuse and J,5:s$ Margaret! 1 " 0 '-·-'·^-tors here should not delay o'or great nation. I kna-s- President Hc-o- . Krausc. of Washsr.Kt'-n. D C.. were ' 2n ~ : '"-·-''--"· ""· : -- r'-iri for r~rsaniza- ver to be phys.cally v.rong ana po-aer- , week-end cuests of Mrs Ethel Peck. · ;-1 " ·*--···· -" K or-.niaii. mil r r.v'l;' *· a - ; - : - u - n 5 --* fj.-r.- ? ^ ror i;:s ': :c ^ "" ,,,,_..-r 0 _ '·'. '-h? r .j.-.s .o.^.a.: .'."'..'-I- im-'V'-Oil- . ..c r..'-x c.--. v. o"ld fXi ; i ire More t h a n AT.COO ^··rr.on are 0:11- '.»·· ed n Un.tcd Slates bank- Wc-r-i st.;dj: "Use a ^orti three times ] as to srr.c-ar his ores Ttth soap to ma.e , .ind it 1^ yours." Le; us increase our ' them l3olv blo3==.tDt But ho didn't , io-rc ·,;. tj master^ig one ?.orn each firare with tne el=mer,t-=. and his j day Tr-ti-iy's z-ord- Annihiiatet to re! sohen;? explo:;-d. Fc-r there "-as a ; ritire ··» nothing- "A body cannot be|hsa-.y fc; hang.r.g o'-cr th water ana j "a number of hours olapsed between the ! last swig o' gin 2nd the ship's arrival ! at Sandy Hook Alas, the young man ! A DAY BY BRUCE CATION i vegetables as- 2 sourc? of this el-eraer | Cheese. ".-ht;h is probably the olde; rcilk procact. is a concentrated an valuable food, and is therefore cspe ially mteree-inj as a. source of ca.'. eiura. Most cheese products consi of one-third water. one-rhifS fac. sr DECLINE OF MORALITY IN YEARS OF BOOM. one-fourth protein. A pound of chee: represents the amount of protein an fat available ir. a gallon of ntilit. There used to be a txoie when mo. cheese was made by farmers out c syrcoathy bea-ty --Dr. Frink S. C Wlrkf. We are ronfesse-dly tne ni'-\5'. ladles.; dti^tec in the TT--".-. -nth r cr-rnir-ils. racketeers sni gun- rc-am-n; s tree's .·Jvrr.jn;"." siore oowerft:! t.iar. tr.c ?li^t -- A. Caswei: ZU^. cirec-or of Cle-.t'jns Dadp -'·;, MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP i, look bact at it. the motto j the milk developed on the farm: ix average big city, dunng the re- j TM? practically all of the cheese users of high prosperity seems to j « '-^ country is rr.aae by factors en "anything goes." ' I B / « e ?* °- ^^~ «=«».^"^ · TT*, cB-nr anri pvervbodv was j saj: 3"- ' ne «~^^s prM'Jced totia, a t; [better caeese tnan former." ava: Twenty Years Ago Today In Frederick | L-^: Itents from the Colur.tr_3 Of ' Tr." XCT.J. :,!.-.-.- 23. 1912 " 1 THE BARBARA rRITCHIE a or. Tsft Flapper Fanny Says - -- \VHH-E " HF FLECTION · a", x- t.-r.-v Mr.- Cla-3 V M X- .T.I M--"2" Kasar tr-^v.rcr Mr.~ '.V O ':·" ~*-~.~.'-'- ··"r- M--- F -·-- '·* r 3ECA.ME PARENT t.-. Al lONG OSADUATEP :.: HAGA:C CY.i.r.,:~^n .. G rD\Y-\HD \" . ~ .-!"1S HiJosT 5? HEAD AM? WAS of MillT.stor.. Mr and Mrs. Thwnas . Stottierr.ycr and so.-,, Bickford. of Le- | _ gore. Miss Mildred Smith ar.d Carmel''," Smith, of Fov.-r.le: Mr and Mrs man Tr:\ ^!er.--f ?enn o rs'. ill?. Pa. Mr. and Mrs. John Meak and {ami of Bliie Ridge --Mr?. Arny Grumbir.c who has, been ill ?t the hcrnc of h*T ^is'er Alr^ i Geo--e Pofnr.bcrcer. has beer, moved: l_ / ..." ,. ~ «-, ,-- -·· erately wealthy New York merchant. I ^ ^_r!U^ private nct.r.-a..;r. -x Short Cuts It makes a queer picture. Most of the i f ^^ \ re:er.t municipal scandals a Sew York ! -y^-^ '· are dragged in. disguised. Rack- j ^ cteers. crooked politicians, anscrupul- \ S^ with M- sr.s M-- --M;ss H--lfr Trar o and Jamas T--.." - - Y-r"v P-. spcr.t S^r.cav trj 5."--a-- «*""""~-- tx"^-t--^ ~"tv " -^'OC-l^ ---.-" "lr.1"." "V ,.'J.,,"!."", " " i _ j T?.« "Babylon or. the Hudson" co-old have i ..iv w--ers -.·.a..-»..--^ .-^^ . jv..-. . --i - _., f. , r "^'Or^avs - --."----- ~ - , - -- i content -~r. editea to gooa ad-.actage it is i"c trO-.c. . ·l^.f'.- -V. Tile-":--="iV5 she--tcr*" the confusing, over-ln'v olved. all its "rere- ·.' .5. . ~~ 1 !^ -·..^^:' .ri c .^ ^-.« '·« --· ^^^ Mr.- \V T B^T.r. " ------Stickler G-''^r7' v J«se. never :· r ."- ·:·-' M those ( ^tiis; ,'.cir.= 1.? ~ ·-- *r.i 1 : Hoe's*ell' -as t«.«*«i s ; -.- '..t; - - a 1. .r.drcd 2 . - £ . - - - . n d t.:--r .rr-.":! 5 f rr.^': --GLL32RT SW.VN" HEALTH By DR. MORRIS FISHBSIN. r. Ja^--a; Ol A=er!can Mea:c«3 *sS c? Hyst!», Tt» Hs»:t , prcceed to .-^at ^r.d ."Ali-t s^rr.-- mc~s .At fsr_off v r -\ t.i. niiiy appear. t to p.aTM at ant.'"^ r^_jter Q't^r . v...rc R --.-.t.t .; Afr., .1 -s-.s.-.f t:-e o AAPMWORETDNN lo:~ !' ~: tSrcc Ic'ier vtrds lha!, nrn Bible Thought ; M-:c:x~e has been paying rcuch more j becatisf th? balls oanr.ot be se: '.at-c-'.ion in recent years to calciaic .ca-ort-n; all alor.g the 5rc^r.. it did formerly. It has been ', j recognized that calcium forms tne basis What striSipe sr.d useful j of bones and the teeth and that, the gam? of g-^lftnr do-h T-. ·::; ··· = I b- - c.".-r.e .--s 'vijt tii--'-.-t i-- essential to n-ary of the reactioris 'and yet ~hon vteived from clfi=e at I ca.n ·.-.; ·.-.·-.-:: I am nude all j of the body, barns concerned par.ic- | har.d it may !.- roec-cr.a:jd as grUr.i! thtr.js :· all n-.-:-. tnat I m^nt by/all j ularly rf:th the pre%cntion of \anousj rncatis ss.-,r ,A -vrr.c--Cortnthian» 5"?2. spasmodic disorders. £-jch as tetany ir.jSo 5."al the duos r.nd .«.jlly o-:; I the Infant, and vanous convulsive dis- i to knock the pclf.n; -r j -iif i*i*a erwe't hon-x-ty I tu-bar-.c* and ilr S^. U State IIIO.-L w^. be founu on las: page, i Tailor. __ '.ces in older p*op!» jand be a.-.nircd -' come vtat may 1 J'-rcmyj ?;·; ts ?»r;-.ct.:a:ly nc.-. .n ca.;tum. n-e"U find it n-ralthf 1 --hc-lc-some ?laj| ' nd actuary iecas io suipas greea' ' -- s. A,

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