The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 27, 1951 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1951
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

N«ws, Frederick, Md., Tuesday, November W, 1911 It'a A Date I'LL BE READY/ , TW»S IS TWC FROM «V ENTEfcPWSiS FOR 1 6CEATEST HONOR FRtSNCty UBANHUtt MINING OPERfiT MM AFRICA D»B*NbS CM' Ij/ y^ \OULEAWEY ·^ 9 MUT CALL ON YOU, MY , TO SIT IN P ME CHRIS WELKIN, PLANETEER Whoom! ZGJZO AUMU* ZO! BE WEAL! ITMUfT BE A , NlHTMAKEi FROM THE TONE OF THE VOtCB I'D GAY tt*y WAKH- OF THE TAKEOFF! OM Carnival J|V^: =:*- T. M. nto. u. s. PAT. oFr. WTO. 1»S1 BY Nf.A SERVIcr. INC. "Here, just take a look at the view from this west window'" JACOBY ON BRIDGE \i You Follow This You're Real Good NORTH A 7 J104 27 WEST BAST A 5 4 2 A J Ifrftg V 9 8 4 3 V 2 " *AKQ98»S $ 7 3 2 *»one *AQ.10'8"5 SOUTH A Q 6 North-Soutli vaJ. East South West 1N.T. Pass 3 V 4 * Pass Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass .Opening lead--· 1C By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NBA Service Back in 3923. when the National Open Pairs Championship was staged for the first time (before most people had ever heard of contract bridge), Waldemar von Zedfrwitz walked off with the national title. He repeated the feat in 1937, and will be trying to win it for the third time in Detroit next week. One of the hantls that Zedtwitz played recently makes it clear that he is at the top of his game. -I'm williag to bet dollars to doughnuts that most of my readers won't find the winning line of play even though they can see all foui- hands. West opened the king of diamonds and : continued with the queen, forcing Zedtwitz to ruff. Declarer then drew four rounds of trumps, discarding a diamond and a club from dummy. East also discarded a diamond, but then had to find two more discards on the third and fourth trumps. He correctly decided that he could not afford to part with a spade, so he signalled with the eight and six of clubs. That was all the information that Zedtwitz had. -He proceeded to make his contract against the best defense. Can you? Declarer ' k n e w that .West had started with: six -diamonds and , four hearts. From East's club signal he deduced the rest 6f the situation. Hence he could play the hand just as though all the cards were exposed to view. Zedtwitz merely led out his last trump, discarding a second club from dummy. East still couldn't afford to discard a spade, since South would then run four spade tricks. Hence East had to discard the ten of clubs, · Declarer then led a club, allowing £a,it to take the queen. East Mturnld * spade which dummy Radio Program NBC «TBAJt. 1090 kc CBS MBS ABC VVFMD WOR WMAL 030 k 710 k. 630 ko Evening 6:00--News for 15 Alln.--nbc-cbs Network Sllont Hr.--abc-mts-«asl Kiddles Hr. (nit.)--abc-mbs-weat 6:15--Discussion Serloa--cb» 6:45--Newscast By Three--iibo News Comment--cba 7iOO--News Commentary--nbo Baulah's Skit--cbs Noxvs Commentary--abq News Commentary--rnbs 7:15-- .Tadc Smith Show--cba Dally Commentary--abo Dinner Date--wbo 7:30--Nows Broadcast--nbo Bob Crosby Club--cbs Mr. Mercury Mystery--abfl Gabriel Heatter--nibs 7:45--One Man's Family--nbo News Broadcast--cbs livening- Nowsreel--mbs 8:00--Cavalcndo Drama--nbc People Are Funny--cbs NoTvstana Theater--abo Count of Monte Crlsto--mb* 8i30--Hollywood Theater--nbo Mr. Mrs. North--cbs Chanco of a Lifetime--abo Detective Drama--mbs 8:00--Bob Hope--nbd · Life With Lulfiri--cbi Town Mectinjr--abo John Steelo Drama--jnbs 8:30--Fibber and Molly--nbc Pursuit Drama--cba Mysterious Traveler 1 --mb« 9:45--News Comment--abo 10:00--Blur Town Drama--nbo Meet Millie--cbs News Music--abo Comment; Mystery--mb» 10:So--Broadway Playhouse--nbo Robert Q. Waxworks--cba United or Not--abo Dance Show--mbs 11:00--Mews Variety--all net» Tolovition Summary 7:30--Eeulah Film--abo 8:00--Milton Berle--nbc Frank Sinatra Hour--cbs Charlie Wild--abo What's the Story--DuMont 8:30--Psychiatry Erocram--abo keep Posted--DuMont 9:00--Firesido Film--nbc Crime Syndicated--cbs TJnitea or Not--abc Cosmopolitan Theater--DuMont 9:30--Circle Theater--nbo Suspense Drama--cbs On Trial Forum--abo 10:00--Amateur Hour--nbo Danger Drama--cbs Hands ot Destiny--DuMont 10:30--Chicaco Symnhony--abo won with the king. Dummy returned the king of clubs to East's ace. East now returned another spade, which South won with the queen. And at this point South's five and four of clubs were as good as gold. ELECT OFFICERS Officers elected at the recent meeting of the Frederick County ounc?l of 4-H Club Girls are: Wary Thomas, president; Barbara Eaves, vice-president; Sandra Hoffmaster, secretary; Ann Runkles, treasurer; Dolly Lawson, parliamentarian; Betty Rhoderick, reporter. Members of the recreation committee are: Ann Runkles, chair, man; Dolly Lawson, Mary Ann Burrier and Pat Shuff. The club plans to adopt a Christmas project and meet at the Extension Service rooms in January. Mary Thomas presided and led in repeating the 4-H Pledge. Miss Evelyn Hutson made several announcements. Forty-six projects are under way in 11 countries of the Western World to boost production of d«- fenst-essential sulphur. Sportscaster ., _ . - - · . .- . . · Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL VERTICAL · 1,4 Depicted sportscaster 10 Seraglio 12 Click beetles 14 Males 15 Proofreader's mark 17 Light touch 18 And (JL.atin) W Irregularly notched 20 Father 1 Seesaws 2 Sea eagle 3 Ambary 4 Demigod 5 Rubber trees 6 Glut 7 That thing 8 Seine ' 9 Vine fruits 10 Fish A fe M A U A l" H i e 47 T 5 1 t- t t te «S T A 1 e M U O es i_ xs to f o N ^ P tt N Y E ^s D (=. M A M D F 0 *w M t ^ ? A L fe E hi g ^ £» T A T * ARMV ANT A H W A f M D R fe e L. E- 1 Si £ E. es £ A ^ 1 E A M l=! F? £ 235 V o 1 c E ^ K A C. 1 M F g® EO W i_ I Nj -; R 1 T A. L. I t E D t. S £= R 1 U el sea 23 Number 24 Allowance for waste 2« Fewer. · 27 Pigpen 28 Half-em . 29 Symbol for iridium 30 Auricle 32 Edible roots lock 34Cicatrix 36 Exist 37 Japanese outcast 36 Symbol for samarium 39 Skins 44 He on television 45 Smalt child 47 Lariat 48 Explosive sound 49 Newspaper executives 5-1 Years between 12 and 20 53 Stage whispers 54 Onacer 36 Sediment 31 Allotments 11 Frozen water 32 Savor 13 Bridges 33 Armed »fleet ,16 Area measure 35 Grates 22 Withdraw 39 Goad , 23 Bridge holding 40 "Emerald tele" 52 Babylonian 25 Beginner 41 Girl deity 42 Size of shot 43 Perched , 46 Roman god of underworld 48 Footlike part · 50 Palm lily Among The Lower Forms Of Animal Life Sv«^ T8BU?W^ *RB*I .i-CHiWA- ^ *6^ ;K- )dor From Cbemical dislodges Starlings It is too late to do any good this ear, 'a local resident reported VIonday, but one of the nation's eading chemical companies has developed a sure-shot method of basing starlings. One of those who have watched 'rederick residents grow-hot un- er their collective collars for ome years because of the starlings, aid yesterday that the new chem- cal is paradichlorobenzene. .When pr^nkled where starlings .are wont o roost, he said, the starlings just move out. They can't stand the dor. Asked if the odor might be so -ad that humans would have to eave too. he hesitated. He hadn't hought of that but supposed it 23 SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS wouldn't chase humans. It has been successfully tried. A quart or two might make a nice Christinas gift for some of your friends who have had nice trees that have attracted starlings in the past. DEMBIN SURRENDERS NEW YORK, Nov. 26 (.-?)--One of the nation's top criminals gave himself up today, a tired, beaten bank robber making a furtive living at the gentle art of hooking j rugs. He was Martin Dembin, 39. sought by the FBI from coast to coast for 16 years. He xvas on the FBI's last of 10 most wanted men. His attorney, Robert Mitchell, said Dembin married 10 years ago and he made $75 to $100 a week wherever he hid out by fashioning hook rugs. urn. AND ami If* X*J REALLY x CMAJ?T: MEWS* T RftOMT IN/ TWC BUTH OF ir POK WCATWEff Joe'A C.«*-Z* *,. s UUTT AMD JIFP Jeff Wanted A Good Outside Job But Not One That Was Out Of This World! YESSIR, T YOU'LL HAVE I'D LIKE \TO TAKE AM NOW rAEN- IS IT FROM NEW YORK MAN, IF YOU RE GONNA PUT ME ONTHAT ROUTE I DON'T WANT 60 To THE POST DEPARTMENT. IT FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON? IM *r« oSrrsmE OUTSIDE EXAMINATION AND ANSWER CALIFORNIA? THESE QUESTIONS? BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIBS Independent* I FILL "EK. UP, PDKKY, E'LL 0£ 3ACK IN COUfLA OMI6OSH-l AM I'P LIKE To SEE HER MESSIMG- AROUMP IM THIS BILGE . WATER/ flC IHUNT A Job For Viof BV CATIME I FINISWPMY NEXT CA6E D BOOK, VIC, I'ULr-' WAP BETTER BE SET TO WOIK J CO^E iOON, WITCHA ON VA r--'LOUIE. THE ~ NEXT CA^E. J URY tf- IN B*D SMAPE. BUT VIC DOE6S1T KNOW IN £TORE FOE HIM. IflA A 5-PORTV 6UY, HAM. TELL VOW vWWAT-- I'LL HIRE THE BES-t DETECTIVE IN fN... T. M. HBO, g. «. MT. Off. RISCELLA'S POP GRANDMA, DON'T VOU THINK A LITTLE GIRL SHOULD ALWAYS SAM. PROMISE /S ,4 UMPA/D/ PRISCU-LA! PROMISE? ...TO INVE*-1ALOT fe I'LL EVEN HIRE YOUR .QUOTE THE DICK WE WERE TALLIN© WITH TOMieHT VIC FLINT. THAT^ HOW COMR DENT i AM THAT VOU PULL TMA I'M COA\MITTINie THE PERFECT CRIME / That's Our Gir (GOING? WHERE ·^THEN WE'D GET 5O1WG.' TQ T. M. REC. «. S.T COPE. 1851 BY NEA SERVICg. IMC- ^JieaZ ·1 PROMISED MV5ELF I'D GO TO THE MOVIES WITH OU TODAVi ti-27 BOARDING HOUSE Say you saw it in The News. If a fool and his money OTC soon parted, how did they gftt twjethar m MM first ploee? © Nt » ESAO/A OF \ ANO MARTHA M£OOT .WITH A BROOMf "ee UM.? X MOST DEVELOP AM IO£A10 ESCAPE THESE MEM/AL WACT- ADS ? -- -^AhiV AOS FOR tKOPICAL EXPLORERS. JEARY WORLt IS FULL OF TOIL HAVE TO COP£ OUTOUK TDO LATE/THEM TOOSH SPOTTED TH/CT VALUABLE CkSAR D--WHY. DIDW'T -)D WO, THEM KINC? \ WON'T IVE IT TO YOU.' THEY LIKE TO SHOW- OFF WHAT EXPENSIVE CIGARS THEY .SMOKE, AM' Vou GOTTA FOLLEK 'EM CUZTHEY KEEPMOV1M 1 TH' BAMI7 SOCM J£; «S tWiBs, - iNEWSPA'FERr SPAPERf

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