The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 19, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 5
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[IHUMOJIkT. JULY lit 1M4 'ecansGlut Warehouses In Santone 8»OOO Shelter* Still On Strike, Nut* Continue To Pile Up Fred Greger HOB Bought Athletic Club Franchise New Manager Announce* Curd For Next W«ek, That Will Feature Chief Che wehld Againrt French? LaRue In Main Event Finish Match Cannery On 24-Hour Day Greyer announced Thursday that h« has purchased the franchise and equipment of Paris -.»«• *»<»^ VT ,-v •» -«. Athletic club from C, J. >Juasel- •AK ANTONIO. T«xae. C*H- mAD Md wm op<smte wrestlU^ "Warehouses were glutted with matches there, becinniny Tuesday pecaaa Thursday as fresh carload.j night. Mr. Greger. who b« had the lota, of the nuts continued to ar~ • cold drink cohcesaio nat the Paris and complicate the problem: Athletic club arena since wrestling -was inaugurated there, has been interested in wrestling for some time. H» expects to ^ive Paris fans the very best talent available at all times, he said. To begin with. Mr. Gr««er said, he has obtained th'e much-talked- of Chief Chewehki. Choctaw Indian for the main event Tuesday night. The Indian will meet Frenchy LaRue, This match is expected to be worth the price of admission to any.wrestling fan. The Indian is known for bis unusual ring tactics, beins just as likely to use a cord or a coat hanger wtih which to strangle his opponent into submission as to confine h!m- i self to straight wrestling. However. he will find a worthy opponent in Frenchy L>aRue who is just as tough as they come, in all previous *torm£« while thousands of atrlkinf pecan shelters peaceably the city's 400 small shalltri**. according to M. Rodri- l*ad«r of the striking Pecan, Workers* Union. The strike leader Thursday claimed that numerous car loads .of pecans had been purchased all over the state for July and Aucust delivery under a plan to set the shelilnt done in the slack period at the low waye of three cents for halves and two cents for piece*. . It was expected that the open* in* of aheUeries in July, height of the slack season in the shelling ; industry, would insure plenty of shelters, -according to Rodriguez. Th* plan has been thwarted by thV strike of 8.000 shatters for a •wagje scale of six and fire cents. RodziE*ue£ said. Shelling contractors have begun to turn back pecans to various companies whose storage space like that of the shelling contractors is- rapidly being exhausted, accord; ing to JFtodrigner- ]^? the end of the weefe Rodriguez claimed, 100 carloads of pecans -will be in the city. 'The San Astoaio regional labor .board in statement Issued through Koger Busfield. its executive sec- xetary, has announced its inabili- rcjr to do anything In the matter becatrse of the lack of a labor code in the pecan shelling industry- The labor board calls the strike a walkout or refusal of •heller* to contract their services ati a scale they consider insufficient. Supporting the main -event, Billy Burns will meet Jack Spurgeon. These men -were slated to appear on the semi-final bout this week, but due to the fact that Spurgeon came here direct from Oklahoma and had failed to obtain a Texas license, the match could not be. put oa. Both Burns and JSpurgeon are reputed to be unusually fast and clever and are expected to keep fans on their toes throughout thetr bout. Burns has wrestled -George Sauer here and made a-very favorable impression on local fa^g JLocal talent will be used to open the show Tuesday night, the principals not being announced on Thursday. Mr. Greger said the first match will begin at S:30 o'clock. H- O- Hike, popular referee, win be the third man in the ring. In discussing the matter of future matches to be put on here, Mr. Greger said he has just returned frona Dallas, wcere he conferred with Bert TVilloughby in regard to getting wrestlers used by him. He has also communicated with promoters in San Antonio, Houston. Shreveport ana Fort Worth to get a line on the best matches in Paris has demonstrated i men being used in those cities. Mr. his ability to take care of him- 1 Greger expects to give Paris fans self. The main event will probably ! the kind of matches detfred and be one of the most thrilling to be • will make every effort to obtain given here. the best men possible. on a 14-feomrs a ? baste the Parts carotin gplant has an average dally output 8,530 cans, according to j Thursday morning. A total •£ II,724 cams had been filled at 1 night Wednesday. The plant ACT* j has been, in operation about two weeks. A total «f }.*«« head of «attle from the drouth stricken arena *€ Texas have been received her*. with additional shipmenta expected to follow almost daily. All animals are beli*? shipped 1 for slaughtering and **•*?*»£- The canned meat win be distribute* to needy families of Texaa j the Texas Rehabilitation mad Belief Commission. All can* ar* lab- elled and placed in crates, 24 to the crate. To Wednesday at midnight. 45.$27 cans had bean crated for shipment. A number of cattle received here are OR pastures, awaiting slaughter, and it-Is planned to pasture others as they arrive. To 'Wednesday at midnight, only €6S animals had been slaughtered. Mias Ethel Price is plant superintendent, under the direction of Mis* Beulah BlackweD. T^mmr county home demonstration agent. H. A. Cunningham is acting -as bookkeeper at, the plant. "Work of canning is progressing rapidly, according to reports and is expected to continue for several weeks as further, shipments of cattle are received. The board calls it a because the virorkers refused to gro " to work Mond.a.y when contractors opened the siselleries -which had Ib-ften previously closed because _of t2i« ; slack season. Rodriguez describes it as a. strike for higher RQXTON RESIDENTS^ COMINGS, GOINGS HGXTOX. — Mr. and Mrs. Ciar- *ncs Batler of Dallas spent the past vcveefc end witfa Mrs. T. G. Mr. and Mrs. I»n McC-Jilcy of Fuefelo. Colo., are visiting Mr. and ilry. Bert SlcOtHy. Mrs. D. S. Murp>ir€« has returned from a vfsit in Greenx-ille. Slrs. D. S, Sates a.n<5 grandson re visiting at \Viison. Okla, ^rs.. G. W. Fayzie who "h&s been 111 several days is imp roved. Lad Kicked By Mule: Condition Is Serious ST. LOUIS. (JP). —Establishment of a. aation-wide system of federal "criia* laboratories" -will *b« recommended to the American Bar association at Its annual meeting- at. Milwaukee next month. Installs of the plan are included in the report of the association's committee on co-operation witn tne International Chiefs of Police association. The report will be presented to the ba.r association, probably in the form of «. re*o!a- tion, As outlined Thursday by Arthur J". Freund. chaincan of the committee and a former police commissioner, the ulaii is designed to promote co-ordination of state. local and federal authorities establishing federal criminal identification bureaus, «ach containing a complete duplicate fingerprint register, in each, of the circuits o£ of ap- the United. States coort peals. In iddition. each 3urea*a would contain a .staff of handwriting experts, specialists in the medico- legal field, psychiatrists, alienists i and experts in ballistics, chemistry f and physics, [ Assiirnment to-; the bureaus of j experienced parole investigators. (both men and -women, is proposed to aid in establishing a co-ordi- nated supervisory method of deal- ins ^ith prisoners who are paroled i» one state and go to another. Pointing out that the federal government is becoming an increasingly important factor in crime enforcement. Freund said establishment of the bureaus "wo^Jld bring the full facilities of | the government to the people \ tv-ithout loss of time o red tape,'" Outings Arranged to Honor Roxton Guest* ROXTONl—Miss Benlah Fletcli- er entertained with a. picnic *t iLake Crook, honoring- h«r aru««ts. Misses Lucille Hall and BiliI* Looney of Xe~5v Soston_ Guests in-. eluded Messrs, and Mrnes. Homer Boyd. C. R. CaldwelL Jr., Thomk*. Julian and Haskell 4"!'tiTt T V''r'g > >* m •£' Mrs. Myrtle Turner, Mis*e* Julia. Maxwell, Eloise Creed, TJITJJJI Pedigo of Dallas, Mary Ritchie and. Hattie Khoades, Messrs. K. Fletcher. Bennett Casey. .Keith and Mor-> ris McFatridge. \Vilburn Payne and TerrelJ. Perry. Miss Cecil Deaton gave a picnic Tuesday evening for Miss Lillian Pedigo of Dallas, other guests be^ ing Messrs, and Mines. Bo Springer and Homer Boyd. Mrs. Myrtle Turner, Miss Julia. Maxwell. Messrs. "Wiibum Payne. Bennett Casey. Clovis Cooper and Keith McFatridge. BRIEFS About Town Mel!. a_nd Mi's. Walter Bart- leti, all.of Columbus. Georgia, ar- ri-K-ed here 3IonSay for a visit with relatives. Oonnty and city "officers were called to West Paris Thursday to arrest a woman, who was creating a disturbance there. She placed is the county jail. I Mrs. Estell* Kolkurn. of Birect. 1 is a patient at the Lamar hospital and will undergo a.n operation there Friday morning. Williams, ten year old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Williams •of Cariaess, -wras reported to be irs *, serious condition at the Sanitarium of Paris Thursday. The lad TV3US kicked by a mule at his home Wc-dnesiay broujrhi here for t TWO ARE VAN, Texas, (5*?.—Roy Sebum was bamed badly about the head.' face. ch«*t and arm* in a fire •wliIcJi destroyed a loading rack and four taak cars or gasoline here Thursday. E^ -was -rashed to a Grand Saline hospital. Another worker at die loading rack was burned slightly. The fire iras caused, by a boy striking a march. to light a cisaret some 40 yards away frosa the loadinjgr rack. M. L. Foster, formerly of Paris now residing: in tVood county. was in Paris Wednesday x- his mother, Mrs, J. F. Disefcer. one plea of guilty to stesJing gasoline in jebrpor«.tio3 | court Thursday, only two prisoners ] 3^ ^jj,* > Irs _ ^ H . p-eeman are held. One man was re- | aa<i son> Baiy Bob _ re:urr ^ d Wed _ leased Thursday tnoralng. aesday from Austin, where ilr. Freenian attended the first term of the University of Texa* summer school. BEOSTDE Mr. and Mrs T. P. Walker of Brenhana. th* R«v. R, A. "Walker of Merkel, and Mrs. A. J. Coleaiasi of Fort Worth, have arrived In Biardstowij to attend the bedside of W. W. Walker who i* seriously ill there. • • ™ j —^ — ~ ^r^r^f ^^f ^ They always get a hear/off crac! R. R. Allen said 13rar«d*y Uie continued drouth is damaging cotton en his farms south of Paris. Mr. Allen said a larg^e part, of the crop will open, prematurely if ^he drotzth continues. Mr, and Mrs. J*ss B. AJford left Wednesday for a t\vo tv-e^ks' trip to Chicago, While away, their two children, SlaLriwynne and Jea« K. (l>oc) Pnston. formerly I Burke. Jr.. will visit Mrs. ALford's empolyed at the Corner Drug store. !» reported to be critically ill at a Ixjnjprtew hospital. Raymond Fueton of "the Pans fire ce- | sister in JUST watch children listen to Kellogg!** Rice Krispics crackle in milk or cream. Then watch them cat. Yon never need to coax them. Rice Kri*pie» are a fine, nourishing; foodL Ea«v to digest. Extra good for tho children'* crening meaL Always oven-fresh in th* "WAX- fTTT. wrapper. Made hr Kellogg in Battle Creek. Listen!— P-ICNIC POSTPONED The picnic, whic'r? was planned partn-.ent. & son o? Mr. Fusion i* j for Friday evening: by the Men's attendlrsi 1 clrc tber*. I club of the Central Presbyterian ——•— j church, has b«cn postponed until City otttoex* rcoedtrcd * call to J a later date, t2»» corner of Grand aver.ue and South Fifteenth streets "Wednesday UCEXSES FOR BIHJES io arrest 'a prowler. The OGDENT, Utah. (£*; — In an «f- roan. upparently becomimr jUarm- j *ort to cut down bicycle thefts, ed had fle<i before th« officers ar-i riders of this ciiy have to buy li- rtv * d - j ceases now^ and register them with I police. The cost *.s 25 cents for a {/canty Agent A. I*. Edmfaston | sisal! while plate engrave(3 -writh » measuring of contracted cot*! blue numerals. There's a $10 fine :on acreage in Z-amar county wii! penalty for riding an unlicensed probably begirx Fri«5«.y. All contract signers will be required to famish two men to «aijsi: In rrseaa- J. P. Yatcs. of Goree. is at the St, Jo*eph hospita.1 for treatment. Mis* Imogens B«rry. of Ail«n. is her* visiting Mn«- E. A. Rsbbl*. Mr. ana Mr*. Claud \VoOdwan5 of Z>«»iiSson xrJH spend Sunday h«re with relative*. Lee Tolbert will amv« Friday from his home in Esmond, Okla.. for «. few <Uy» vi»lt with r«latir*». Mrs. Raymond Finn el!, of Deport, I* * patient *t th* Sanitarium of Purls, Robert Cook. Jr., underwent «. m*jor opemtion *t the of Paris Kschard Ivey who haw bf*n lit for * longr time is reported to b« unimproved at hl« hojne. 2S5S Church «tr<s«t. Infant Mr*. Ray dau)trht«r, born a few day* ago at St. Joseph hospital I, tT'tUm^tS TO their home Wedn«KJay afternoon. W. H. Mathews of Wright City, on bike. Graduation classes from Iowa colleges numbered 2.300 men and wora*n thfs year. at tho S»nU«trtum of P*rl«, and t« reported to be mUTttr Mrs. X*n« Tolbert, Ml«*«* Nor* M«H .*n4 VIVIAN ToVbett. Mr. and Mrs, Xlmer Skinner *nd CALL 123 For Tire mud Battery Service Across Street from L«t us do yoar valca and battery recfcarclnj:. tT. S. T* Ba««rl«t, fjf^t Tiros Bill's Tire and Bat tery Service W, F. Prop. 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