The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 11, 1918 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 11, 1918
Page 3
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PACE TtTRfchi, Physician Explain* Who Should Take Nuxated Iron • Practical Advice on How to Help Build Up Great Strength, Energy and Ettdur&tice* itiifi nnd woman who wftftt* to MMUM* ttttftttt h*iiUh; irrMtjth»ifeflrrhtliiHittf« Commenting on the Hie or NuKftttd Iron a* » tonic, Mtentih una blood tailldet- by over thfefc million people -annul] If, Dr. tame* Praiicls/SulllrAti, formerly pliyttlclitn of ncllcttic Ilosntoil (Outdoor Dept.), New York, and The W«t- Chester County Hospital, said; "Lack ot Iron Iti tlie Mood not only nmke* a nun t physical fttid mental weakling, nervous, irtftnhle, fatigued, out it utterly rot»s lilm at that Virile force* tliat • I n n And »tren B th or will which are g<> necessary to iticccsa •tul power In every walk of Ute.. Tt mny nlso transform a beautiful, tweet-tempered woman Into one who In cr6fts, nervous and trriUhle, I have strongly cninha*i*nl the ureal necessity of phyaiclaiiB iiukliift htood examinations of their weak, 'anaemic, nm down patients. Thousands of persons g»t oil year niter year suflerina from. pliyaicnl weak- fttid A ktrnnfc, keen mrrrUrity ( 1>r. BullltM tell* how tolDerenMttholrttn In our blood ami thor+hy Rain *T *nl *Tniiy *lejiI iwd ftien- tul pnwer. brfclrter U MII M U and better- heklth. % ^ tint In m» opinion you can't matte strong, Vigorous* 8U«e*n(id. Sturdy Iron men, and Wealthy, rosy- eht«:leed women by feedine them on mC; tallic iron. Tfienllt forms of metallic Iron uuutgn through a digestive process to (raustntm them Into organic irort— Nuxated^lron — be* fore they are ready to he token tip and As&imltated hy the human aysiem. Not- tvllhitanding all that Ims heeu said, and _ written on thil tub* well-known phyikf a ns, thousand a of people stilt irtniat oti dosing themselves with metallic-Iron* simply, I suppose; ho-," raute ft costs Jrfcw tenia leA. I strongly ailflae readers in all cases w get a pfiy. j siemn's prescription for organta iron-*-, Nuxated Iron—or if yoti don't'want to J o to this trouble then purchase Nuxatctl. ron in Its original paeknges and set that this particular name- (Nuxated Iron) ap< 1 pears ott the pnekage. H /on have taken '. preparation* such an No* and Iron and "— j-y ~r;"\ " """"J—V •iion.i SUCJI HBIIBJC ana iron ana neis nnd <• highly nervous condition dnfP" other simitar iron productannd failed to cet to lack of Mifficltnt Iron In iheir, red *«ulta, remember that such prmlttett are art blond corpuscles without ever renlltirig the entirely different thing from Nuxated Iron, real and true cause of their trouble. With- . ••. M • Kfimufiirlurera out Iron In ymir Mood your food merely , pass-.H through the body something like <* corn through an old mill with rollers so wide apart that the mill can't grind. For want of Iron yoti may be an oM man at thirty, dutl of intellect, poor in memory, nervous* Irritable and all "nm down, while Rt 50 or 60 with plenty of iron In your blood you may still be young In feeling;, full of life, your whole bring brimming over with vim and energy," The nrcatnpnnylnir »r()clo of Dr. 8al­ ii ruu abould lx> carefully bjr every Note — Nuxated Irfm which Is uhed hy Pr. Buhlvrui itnrt otht*rn-with such nui-piislnn: ro- Hults, nnd winch I* |>re«cr>betl and rpcorntnc ruled nbovo by pliyNlcl&ns in not. n .weret rjwiaiy, but ono , which ttt well known lo druKKlstn J ovvrywhorp. Unlike i *ic older Inor- »' ffnijlo Iran products tt to easily n«- ..y Hi ml hi ted nnd dnen not Injure the teidh, nmkc thein black. n«r U|w*ot the stoumcli. Tho tnanufiLcturcrA punrn .ntco fluccowsful atHl entirely KHtiftfnctory reiultR to cvory pur- ohaRor or thoy will re fund your money. It 1A dispensed In this city by Tho K. & A. I >PU(? Co., Folta l'hiu-tnacy and all ol^er dtutfulnU. es and V^artrK for Shooting Right E VER\* i- l«Tjinn»otf to pee the difference between right riflo ahuotio^ Aud niiiil *Hi "potting nroun^" and {*o H -aa*you-plea«e "target •hoot ID The trend uf th< limes toward efficiency ia leading tbontfands to follow toe Government'/ withe* and ahoot t)« pfficial N. U.A. ew.ill- kore course! (not inilitat-y) adopted for civilian aod junior nurkatO'Sa* RUMC .W CiliWr Rifle* aad Cartrtd^*. m*Z* to *Tio»t rt>Af. »TO tW*l r\**in fur tbu •kootin^. WnuH thry mtwure u» to th« bichwlMaudord of aocar»o »e^'i-r«J- Grt i»li»t wbh K11«MI»^»<I Cil.Ti^r KiHcaitJ Lc«moV C«rtridtfM »•*-' "••» (IJ tffiaitlG**tnm**i Avtutttin** « w a rJ«dfor pro/tcicjicj by tli< M«tiun»I UiTle Arto^.w^^x. S*JJ hy Smarting CaoJt Dtahrs in Ywr Community For ndWtMatJM about lW *rw Smsll-lWa C.onrtt*. uk tka S«erc*ary «f uty «ifilLn IT twra ri(U dn«, «r »Ju«*t \h« National Rifla A^owjtioa, 1106 w<w4*nrJ. UuileUjij, Tlifi REMINGTON ARMS UNIOlsp METALLIC CARTRiDGK COMPANY. Inc. , WO<?LWORTH BUILDING ' VV.W YOUK Tall can Hebe milk for' Small can Hebe milk,...... 2 large cans Pet milk for... Small can Pet milk Utah Potatoes, sack lots. 3 dozen can rubbers for 10c 05c .......25c 06c .$2,25 bu. . 25c RACERS Ml FOR FAIR Saturdny tlie£t6si»g Day for the State Pair ft. Good One. SIR. Hiigdnhl,. Scandinavian speed star, J HIo.i l&lllngboe, Canadian champion, hhd "Wild Dill" BndlcoU, a B|jeod veLpcan,. who have bnon netting many records on halt-mile tracks throughout the United StatES and Canada this year, will come together on t hir llutch- Insoh oval on Saturday, September XI, nnd they will battle it out for suprcm- ncy, espeelnlly when it comes to holding world's records. HhRduhl now holds three world's records, for short-distance troths, and Elllngboe and Endicott one each. Two of the marks that Hugdahl possesses were formerly held by BlHhgboe, ahd that is one reason whf the Canadian pflol in anxious 'to meet Blllngbou on tho Hutchinson track, -which is one of the fastest shoftl-dlstnnce courses in the world. Endicott also set a few marks, which the Scandinavian bettered ••with, Ms fleet VM, and yWlfil 11111" has promised himself plenty of revenge tho Kansas Stale Pair races. Htigdahl. Kllingboo and Endicott are but three of tho notod drivers that will compote Tor the $3000 In prize money oh Saturday, September 21, the future day ot tho Talr. Additional qntrlc's have been filed- by Tom Alley, notod speedway star; Cliff Toft of Cnllfornln; I>eon Ouray- of France; Verne Soules of Chicago and others- The cars listed at present Include a--Flat, Haho Special, Briscoe*, Bender' Special, Case Special, National and Maxwell. •$> FORD COUNTY <» HONORS HER HEROES Try Our New Help Yourself Grocery Corner Sherman and Main : Dillon Mercantile Co., 4 Stores No. 1—318 North Main No. 2—15-17 B West No. 3-817 South ^lain. No. 4—Corner Sherman fi Main Produce-17 B West f AGA/j <$ Memorial Service for the First ^ <8> to Fall—Address by Henry * «> L. Ctrey. •» ^ «• From Ihc nnilRi! Ctly GHobo. ' Scores ot the friends, relatives and acquaintances of Charles Krnest Scott and Howard Gotshall, the two Ford boys, members of tho 117th Ammunition Train who,, in tbo recent fighting on Ihe Aisne-Mnrno front paid the supreme sacrlflco for their country, paid tribute lo their moinory in memorial services laBt night at the Congregational church at Ford. Miss A. W. Swilier, pastor of the Congregational church at Ford, gavo prayer nnd introduced the speaker, Henry' K Carey, who said in part: "The inurfli-d drum's iwi roll litm boat the Hol'ller's last talloo. No IIH H'O on life's imrudo .shall meet thai Itmi-t' »ti(i fftllcn few. On fame'* eternal caintitnR ground their silent teuUt are sprDud, While (ilrji-y j^Jards with solemn round, I the. btvollac ot the dead. ' Fellow A-mrricnns of J'ord City and county, we have met In this solemn though glorious occasion to erect ns fur as our tears, our presence and our futile words ran, a splrilual memorial in memory of two gallant young mil- dier citizens of this cofnmunlty, who freely gti7e their lives that our liberties, our honor, Ihc virtue of womanhood and the Innocence of childhood should not perish from the earth. This sacred memorial service Is but ihc silvanco guard so lo speak, of. many whjch v/lll be held throughout the land ajid -wherever our flag flies until the accursed enomy of mankind Is himself crushed to atoms. (»The words ot our good gray American poet will have new and more touching pathos when we realize as we will, I hat: "There Is no flock however walehed nnd tended, but one lost hunh ts there, .N\» flnwldo L.iwe'or so well defeudeti, but has one vacant chair." Soniecne has written In lellerr, of gold: "Not onco but often, in our young nation's story, The path at duly was the path of glory." Hi-nest Scot I and Howard Gotshall, In tho morning of their young lives caught tho gleam nnd. the inspiration of litis glorious sentiment and followed 11 acrosH their native Kansas pral- iMes—|Kist the teeming millions of the Mississippi valley and the eastern seaboard—across the wide Atlantic whore deslh devils prowled in ev- err wave—Uirorch the srecn fields ot "Merrlo England and Honnle Scotland ' lund of their forefathers/ Followed it on shell swept road past yawning craters—through deadly poison gas and rrcnth death-dealing fiends of the air in glorlovs Franco 'till in their last great •battle having performed glorious service Ihey rendered up" unto their Cod, their allies and tueir native BENT YOUR H0U; HAT OR STORE V A WANT AD IM THl NEWS ' Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA land the last full measure of human devotion, their glorious young American lives. He who died on Golgotha's dark hill for all hutnnnlty could do no more. Dut In the hour of their death they were permitted to sfee what Kngland hnd scarce hoped tb son; what Franco ahd her children had despaired of Boeing and had prepared to perish; but what America had sworn on Ood's high bailie altar to SEC, nnd that was the 'baclis of the redoubtable Prussian Ouard In full retreat before the untried American sotdlery of the plains. Yen, Ihey saw in the mists of death the sunb'irst of that glorious Euro- penn tomorrow which with their last breath they hnd helped usher ,in. Through the mists of years and tesrn we fbny one day ask ourselves, did Ihcse our boys, die In vain? For answer let its ask the soldier otj France- as today with fresh courage In his stout heart he presses onward toward tbo Rhine and Horltn" where a'year ago he sadly retreated on Paris and the Marne; Ask the HLlle French mother and her orphaned brood' as under the protection of American soldier boys they creep back lo Iheir native farms and villages and with the help of the American Red Cross slowly and sadly bun thankfully rebuild their shattered homes and altars. Ask mighty Britain once queen of the world, still queen of the seas, when with hsr back to the North Sea, in agony of despair sho lifted her proud hands and «rled: "Come over and help us and for Ood's sake come quickly. These boys come like Caesar of old. They BBW, they conquered, and they died. Have the lives of these bravo boys, their momorles and their souls been blotted-from Cod's Book of Valor? Hear the voice of young Canada In nnswer to Edwtn Markham, the American Bolshevist, who In his concluding stanza of "1 Did Not Raise My Boy to he a Soldier," said: i O, mothers will you longer give your , sons, I To feed the nwfu! hunKer of the RUII S? ' What Is tho worth or all these battle dmrns If from the field the Invert one never' comes? ' What all these loud — hrwanuas to the brave, t If all you Rhare~ts sorr.« forpollen (jravc'.'. But Hughes, Ihe bereaved Canadian; rather and poet, answers In noblest' strain: "fiod save my son In trust tn me. Christ died for him nnd ho should be A man for Christ. He Is his own And tJod's and man's; not mine aiona. lie was not mine to Klvo. lu: «uvc Himself that he might save ~* All that should revere AJI that enlightened men bold dear." "Forgotten g-rave!" this seiflBb ploa Awakes no deep response In me, For ttwuBh his grave I may not. see- My boy will ne'er forgotten be. My rest son can never die; *Tls but his body that may lie In foreign land and I shall keep Remembrance fond forever deep Wtlhln my heart, of .my true HOP. It, matters not whom any one Reeause .pf triumphs that ho won Mav lie and sleep when work Is done." Friends, the years will come and go as before, 'rlie tide of battle will: sweep on and on. Tb.e march to Ber-i lin and final' victory' of humanity! which these boys started will be fin-' Islted by the trend of millions of; American boys yet to cross the seas,: Spring's gentle showers, summer's 1 best and sunshine, autumn's golden' harvest nud winter's snows and storms will pass In endless cycles but our sacred dead will sleep peacefully afler the toll of bottle'to the great awakening. The little wooden crosses'; will proclaim something of Kansas lies sleeping here. Something of herj sunshine and the wild sweet freedom br her prairies and fields. Above their, graves the lilies and popples ot' France will blend with Ihe sunflower of their native land. Little French children on their tardy way to school will deck their graver, with choinens wlldflowcrs. innocent Frccch maidens on their way to vespers in the Angelus time or evening will kneel reverently and pray fervently for the souls of the brave American boys who died fov, their purity. Resquiescat in Pace! | In the long winter evenings gray-1 bearded vaterans of Franco will gath- j er their children and their children's! children about restored family altars, and firesides and tell I ho wondrous: story of American valor and chivalry- tales surpassing the wildcat \dreams ' cf mediaeval chivalry. 'How the free] horn young princes ot the west crossed the seas and died for humble French and Belgian pi asantry. '•Ite.-J n nembal/ned :uid sainted dead. Hear as tb«- blood ^he gave,. No Imp lolls fooL-nt'i, here shall tread The herbage.of your srave. Nor shall youa- Klory ho forgot While Fame her reenrd keeps Or honor points the hallowed si<ot Where viUor proudly sleeps." NEW PRICES-30c. 60c 41.20 SAYS IT FITS» MAN FOR ACTIVE SERVICE Warehouse Foreman VV^s tn Mis* -erable Condilign Ueforc Taking Orgatonc. RELATIVES RliCUlVED RESULTS I SAMIi Now in Fine Sbapc anil Never Felt Better in His LJfe. "1 just needed a general all around building up and Orgalone lias done Hint for me," said It. (.1, Docker of HHO S. Emporia St., Wichita, while In Dockums' Drug Store a Tew days ago. Mr. ljeclter Is warehouse foreman fdr the Bryan Transfer Co., of this city. "For several months," he continued, "ipy stomach had been upset and out of order. My appetite was no good, everything tasted bad and I couldn't digest what little 1 did manage to eat. My energy was about all gone, my strength was getting away from me and I had that tirad, lifeless feeling all the lime. .1 wasn't to say sick, but was In.just that condition that unfits a man for active service and keeps htm feeling miserable. "I knew I needed something to give me an appetite and build me_ up as some of my relatives had received such wonderful results from the Orga­ tonc treatment 1 decided to try It myself. Well, In a few days I began to crave something to eat and it wasn't long until I was just eating anything I wanted and could hardly get enough to satisfy me. Nothing I cat hurts me now and the nervousness and restlessness is a thing of the past, unnerves are as sleiuly as an eight day clock. I certainly struck "It right when 1 got tho Orgatonc treatment and I am now in as fine shape as I ever was." There are thousands of people who complain of being nervous and run down. They are not Hick exactly hut feel tired out and good for nothing most of the time. They simply need something to build them up and throw off the symptoms of this weakened' debilitated condition. The system besides being purified by Orgatonc treatment, is toned up and invigorated as the treatment, aside from assisting Ihe blood, rein- vlgorstes the constitution, overcoming as it seems to ijttlckly do, nervousness. Indigestion, non-assimilation of the food,, headache, backache, kidne.yj complaints, general debility and .many other ailments th::t arc so common to the thousands of hulf sioit, depressed men and women. Orgatone is not a so-called patent or secret remedy but Is a new sclentu lie treatment containing no. alcohol or other stimulaling drugs and is sold In Hutchinson exclusively y Ihe A. & A. Orug *.*o. Out of town peuple are being -supplied ell chare"n prepaid, upon receipt of price, $1.2."i per bottle or six bottles for K>.25. (Advertisement.) "The Finest of Clothes Ready-to-Wear" The new Fall- Eighteen Clothes are ready for your inspection and' selection backed by that prompt, intelligent, satisfactory service for which this store is famous, featuring the best ready-to- wear clothes. btirsh-Wickwire Society Brand Michaels Stern Suits and Overcoats. Quality Flrit" fcartrtu Bran!) CSlulfjn Hanan Shoes Stetson Hats Borsalino Hats per cent. The indications are that corresponding excess dealh claims were incident to Canadian rorees. However It should bo remembered that the mortality rate In Ibis country among the younger companies forms a much smaller percentage. Kven so, no company having largo 'numbers of members actually engaged In battle could stand such a drain on Its resources without charging commensurate premiums. "But the duty of the Individual to organized society Is not greater than lhat ot the society to the individual. The duty is mutual and when the life of (he organized society Is at stake, the socloly owe it to Ihe Individual who offers Ills life to preserve him the benefits of what may be consjderod his contract with the company without increasing his burden for him proluvtlon should be extended in Ibis case to the end that justice be done to the soldier. This obligation on tho part of society can only hi! done by contributing to the common fund of Ihe Insurance group the extra cost ot mortality during war lime." A BUSY MONTH. The French Dropped Loads of Explosives From Airplanes. Paris, Sept. 11.-'During the month of .August French bombardment airplanes dropped more than 62!) tons of projectiles, according lo a statement Issued today by the war office. The slatemenl. says: "In Ihe course of August our boni- hardiuent airplanes . In day flights dropped more Hum 2Cil tons of pro- jer.liles on objectives on the battle field between the Soiume and Ihe Alsne. In night attacks our bombing airplanes dropped 3110 Ions of projectiles on rallwiiy stations nnd enemy roads of communication. "In Ihe same month 1!S0 enemy machines were downed, or seen falling I out-of control, und 00 enemy balloons were set on fire." CHARGE TO COMMUNITY. Extra Expense of Life Insurance Be. cause of War Should Be So Paid, Denver, Sept. 11.—The community nnd not the individual should bo made to stand the expense of extra premiums of life insurance policies duo to waTactivities in the opinion of Carey J. Wilson, superintendent of Insurance for Kansas, in an address here today before the National Convention of Fire insurance Commissioners. "The man who closes his shop or resigns his Job in response to the call of his countr/ is liable to think something Is radically wrong when he finds he must pay an extra premium on his life Insurance policy," Superintendent Wilson declared. "Why this condition exists today Is a question calling for an answer and a remedy. "Our executive committee has put ihis esse before in this form. 'Are Iho premiums on Life Insurance Policies because of War Activities Jusli liable?' There is but ono answer t« Ibis question but this answer although Hue will not suffice. II should be borne in mind as a fundamental postulate lhat premium rales for life policies are not based upon' mortality tables which include the casualties 61 war. "The. liesi Information 1 could obtain Is! (o the effect that Ihe war mortality experienced by British and Canadian companies that normal death claims during the first full year of wur were increased approximately 12per cent; In Ibo second 20 per cent and In tho third year ending December 31, 1917, something over 30 Fall Opening —Sale $10.00 Liberty boot In rj'reys mid the dark chocolate in this high Louie heel or in the new military boot, in 3 to 8, A A to 1). Then we have eight other $10.00 and $12.00 Hoots iu this sale at $6.95, hut ha veu't all sizes. Such as champagne, white butlon and two-tone. | PETEY DINK K Petey Ought to Have Been a Quaker

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