The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 20, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1924
Page 6
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PAC.F. SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1924 EPSOM SALTS World - .-, finest 1'hy-ic now 1 'liM .smt as Lemonade NATIONAL CHIEF GF THE LEGIOf 3l\ tad Delegation of Hutchinson Veterans Were at Train. TO SEE COMMANDER J Naticnal Commander Drain Told of the Five Million Dollar Endowment Fund. '4i '-UM3HAK; rino EpHoni Salts ha? no (Miunl In mp(lk*ini» Tor con- H I 1 ]> a Hull, hiliuim- nens, sick hoadiwlto. I)(icli>rs iiml nnrsps. rlcpcml upon it I)- 1 cruise no nilmr laxative nr.'1» so perfectly, HO harmlessly on llif howels, It mnvr i;rip< •. or ovonicl«. "Kpsniiiido Suits" ia pun 1 Kpsom Ralls mnitc ph'fiRiint with th< i . fruil iififs lUit> spiu-klinp li'iuonii'ilt. 4 uiid I'ftsis Dilly ii. few ci-nH any tlnip slnrt'. Try it* "K-tpomule S:iMs" N ;u:ir, II 1« M-II hy (lot Amur- icjin Hpsom Assoi-iiUitin. Major James A. Drain, national eomnuiiHl'M' of the Ami-'"'ran inn, wan un-fted on Ins arrival in 11 u I eh instill \ cst'M'iley cvoiiinp on KinK Maml <:<>lrl-'ii State Limited hy a unup <C I he officers and moinhfi 'K ol I In* l.ylo Kli'hol post of til Amerie.-tii I .cuion. lies was afii 'i -eahly surprised at heinf* ni'-l I * >" a iwoup of the local I.e^icKiiiiies fur !e- did not realize that anyone Uin-w h" would even tin tlimui;h 11 ui e!; In son. Alt liouch ho was i ii! - . i i\ 'X a nap when the train ^in].p>'t here, he quickly j;ot j in In his clnt and came out IMI the station piai form for a little dial. The Endowment Fund. "The hi^t-I'-st activity uhich i-- hein»; tnken up hy th.- AmiTican l.e^ion at The presimt time is the raisins of the. '•'»(),<)ni) endowimMit fund, the income of which will he used for helpitiK the dinu!)led veUI onuia and orphans of vetoraua of the World War," declared Major Dtaffi, whoKe prey cyea piereeil those of his listeners n« he Rpoke. When he was questioned about. His opinion of start inn Legion or- pllilll» hi !:;'.' at I udepea'ielice, Kans., (in Die•"nroiind riven hy Dan Daluiev, a wri'llltv nil man, he re- idled. ' Not an Orphanage"Legionnaires must not, call that, home an orphanage. H U In hp n Leginn Millel, to he ured only as a temporary home for the orphans of ex-service men. The idea will rot ho to keep the children there for any i;reat p'rind of time. That's where the Leuion conies In. It is up to ns to find homes of (h.* right character for these sons and daughters of our buddies who havtj passed mi. In that way these children wilt bo better trained tor after life (linn they would bo iT ihoy were raised together in an orphanape," he explained. A One-Armed Vet. Major Drain is an interns!lug example nf what a mini can do even when handicapped by having only one arm. lie has the distinction of being the only American soldier with one arm who wont to Krance , finance of I , Ainsworth. | > commander. ' t Now—as You Read —Make this Test! P RESS the thumbnail firmly for a few Beconda — then watch it . . . unless the blooci comes rushing back rich and red, 11 means that you too may blame your tack of energy or* Anemia —blood starvation. The best way to restore the iron and manganese to your blood Is by the daily use of Gude's Pepto-Mangan. Physician* have tern thou* hands of worn out bodies regain health because of iti iron and manganese content Easily es- timilated by the blood stream, it M distributed to every cell in the body—rebuilding their vital- j ity i , Gude't Pepto-Mangan ii now I mi youi druggist in liquid or ' tablet form. f Gude's Pepto-Mangan Tonic and Blood Enricher \ American Legion, win) mot Com-i iiiiinilor Drain yesterday was coin : pos'd vt Louis W. White, post com mantler; Mi't Wymnn, post ndjn \ I an t: Clnrc-nt'c I lo'iston, flnanrp of fli'i-r; MISH 1.. Myrtli' •liivk McC-HTiiM. nisi) iiinl \Villiuvl W'-l.ili, Junior (•um!ii:i:Mlcr. I.IM -; r.M )!-:n MAT - RADipSj j Proyt-.Tm for Friday, Nov. 21. (i-um-i-.-". i .f Ihidio iNjo-stt, * I > • A • !.»t.-.1 1'ic -s.l i; - i.-- JN .s; -1 »is|.;tt«li (.MO) S |'. 111.. COUCH t. . Uly (til) "-"«. p. HI-. l:i !;('•' !;• ur; V- v , jitl'lr^ss and imiMcut i .i <]'-ctiniis iCitn.siifl ("*iiy Star (111) lladi.. trl.t; r.L.iii-ll. Miirkt'tgmiu, \M .itlnr I 'orocast, time KI|;IIK ) :itwl ronil r«i>ort; fi-7. Sehnnl of (lie Air, mMrfiHft, si my and tmiHie; x-9;30, popular musir pnv'.rant; ll:t ,"i p. in. to 1 a. m., Ni^hl- luiwk". \VS1!. Atlania Joiirtinl (i2'J) con- t -crt: l":!.'-, Kmllowls. Wt:t:i. Ho.-lr»n (.Vi::) G. ldi; rirotlni fttii-; "i::a*-S. musifu!; S, pregiam from WKAK; iim-iciil. \yan. llut'faln Cilltt C,. musk-; t):'M>. ni '\v>: s-10. L'utu'fi t.i; in. dunce. WON. i.:hicnj;o TriUtltie C;t7ti> 6, or- cini; t'.'.'.k). concert; S, v.i'tioovt; clas-Kal; 10, ni'rln-MAa.s. WI.S, Chicago »}:30, organ: 7- pi, enu-rt.'iliu rs, orelu'strn; x, farm prnfrram. talks; 10M0:K), oicheatrn, cn- leriiiliitM-js. KVW*. Chicago C'Aii) 7, concert: 7:"n. PTMCiiiin: MUv, sp»M'chv5«; 5, reviiv, H-_':::i>. Nlgtiilmwlis. organ. WijJ, Chlcntro (tiS) 7, L 'onc«rt, so!sts: 10-*J, SUvlarks. WOC. l>av.-h|>«rt 11^4) 7, snndrnan: 7:-'*. ediicntijinal It-etun*; S. imisical. WHO, I h-s Moln.a to'Jfi) 7:30-S. .hals. jii'iiiMiiii; S-'.', tiilt-nt. WW.I. netrolt (M7) 7:SU, Ncwf oi 1 -tn-st ni, sopra no. harttoni 1 . W<".N. lHtroit Fvi>i} 1'rt'Ks (517) P. 100-Picce Set White Bavarian China _ 24th Anniversary Sale— 4i» $39 .25 Bring the Children to Our Hair Cutting Shop Our Mezzanine Floor Friday and Saturday—The Last Two Days of Our 24th Anniversary Sale Many wonderful values liavolieen saved for the last two days of our 24th Anniversary. Sale-^—Friday and Saturday! livery Department is offering quality, seasonable merchandise at great saving's. 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It not «nly iw-ottic* &Di3 h^ats norent** untl Itritntion, hut it quiclcly loosens und r« • luovra tlin pblcirru »nd ronyi'fltion whlctr Ii tUm real cnu;j« of tho cough. Th« i-»MuU In that yon uaunlly uleep KI Roundly u* a balxt tliu very first ntght. and tin couirh £ona In a very •hort time, Thtt prctcrlittlsn contaJnn no opintaa oi hftnnlul «lmn KxctilNint for children iti well AH KrowTi -ujis, J"or cuiiRha, client colds, h'inrn»nttt>n, it urn lliroat, spcsmodle cr«up, btonriiitiB, lnrynRltl»nnil bronchlai ftcthmo* At el) good UrucK'sto. Aok fot Mr. Allan Small of 607 Greene Avenue. Brooklyn, N V., writes: "I have al\v;tyf lived in fear of heart trouble—my father, as well as my mother's tistcr, died from this dreaded affliction when 1 was a child. As it was on t»oih sides oi my family and I had oiien heard it was hereditary, 1 lived in dread and fear "As \ have had at intervals severe abdominal pains, heart-burn and pressure on the heart, J felt there was no relief so 1 became reconciled to the horrible truth I was doomed, nothing ,could he done and must await my time to go a* my father and mother's si?tcr. I nc\er dreamed I might only hi\\ e intestinal indigestion, und my trouble was sour and acid stomach, causing gas pressure on the heart. Thanks to a friend who suggested Carter's Little V<vcr Pills as a remedy fo_r faulty intestinal elimination, I am .free from the dreaded fear and .all around good health. Sj I '^HPw}' to take and relievi t'o^Kw 1 a rational way, v, k effects." RHEUMATISM LEAVES YOU FOREVER So Says James H. Allen, Who Drove Out Rheumatic Poisons After Being Crippled for Years. ifs n part of tho Auie-riean Kxpedi-j linnary Forces. lie ln.-t his,arm j when nnly a younji man. It was hhot off aeeidentidly whib? he was! on a hunting trip out in 'WnshiuR- tun. wlicro tic was working at manual labnr. H*» had u wife and two children at that time, and ho do- trnninod then that he would do sonif'thing which would make it pnssiblo for him to care for his' family in a\tUo. of his disability. \ lit? Unuu'diati'ty took up the study of law and was later admitted to the bar. Ho succeeded in his law practice and was further honored in Washington state by being made adjutant general of the national guard. Some time later he moved to Washington, D. C. where he was successful in practicing law and was also prominent in national affairs. With First Division. When tho World War began, he was chosen ns tho best ordnance officer of the entire military forces of the country, and was made division ordnance officer, of the 1st Division, the first, division of troops from thi.s country to bo sent to Franco. He was decorated by siev- r-ral lOreiiin countries for his service during the war. Upon his election a a national 1 commander of the American Legion [recently, Tdajor Drain gave up his j practice of law and is now devoting ! his entire' time to furthering the i work of the organization. 1 Enroute to El Paso. Mnjor Drain is now nn his way to J El Paso, Tex., where he will speak at the national convention of the AmericHu Federation of Labor. He will make several addresses in Texas and at Muskogee. OKla., and then he will come to Topeka ou November 2" to meat with the stale officers and the commanders iMui adjutants of the Legion posts in this state. The local delegation of the llMt ltd ml A\'l!AI'. Ft, W.irtl. Slav TeW-unim (17>;> 7:30.,i nUj tkMlcrs; H:.i0ln: ).'.. liaml. W It AH, T.nuUvlile Times Jcmrnr.l i4i»-n V:Se-?. rum-crt. talk. U'.MC, Mt 'iiipHif* e'nmnu*rr1i\] Appeal \ (Til")) M "*0. iMnicort; It, frolic. | IVfl'ii. Mlnm-fipnlls-SU. J'aul (-*IT) I •':;;i>. roiu-ert; ":"o, lr-cturo; j»;30, mtis- | ieiil. WFAF. New York (4H2) 7. Hftppl- ; iif-s Hoys; 7:;»fi, l>anil. Newark t-tvr.) t*. trio; 6:U.. ; spnrts. j U'TAY, OiiU iMrk P:43, solo-; 1st a; f'iit\ir,>: nrr -lu'stra. 1 \Vt).\W*. iUn;ilia 0, stories; ; dinner uroKvum; fl, Mu?lcal • Maids; pnino, violin and sa.\o- plinr .M; ]0;;ui. iLuict 1 . WKI, riilHiilt'lpM.-i IKW) 0, talk. Wit*. Ph!l.iileln'da (•'•0'.»i r,, talk. WPAi:, I'liiknlelpiilii CV.T,) R-.:',0, tallc T. < aii-'en: s:;\v, nciUil; duiu-e; ; 11. rnncort. W'H', riilkiil.lMlila (."t>9» fi:^0, (.r- (.•lu^ir.'i; 7, recital: S', «jri .'lieslui; 9:Ui! rei -it:d; 11 ilatice. \Y(\\V.: I'itl^luiiKb <ir.2) R;30. I 'n.-Ie : K;e 1 ; 7-7-.:;. L sp«.-i;vl; 7:^0, <|tiartel. t "W.lAi;. l»i i>\ lilenec CICO) 7, muslenl;* DM'-, nielnsir.i. *' KPO. San Franelaeo (tl!:j) 6:30-7:30. ni-fth^lrii. , W(JV. SilKiioctHfly f3S0) 7, farce, Instrumental: !*::i0. fini*lrjil, KKQX. SeiUtlc S-9, reports, n*ws; li.'liime; 10-11, orchestra; ]"-!. niv)i*?- c ir;t. WHZ, SprhiKfieM (3.17) K:0S. bed- tinv>: l .oi.U revit-w; Oiliit, lecture; tikt: 1'), coneert trio; 10::j0. slngln« (trclnslra. KSl>, St. v >ul* Post Plppatch (Titr.) S, enin'Tt. CIO'. Winnipeg M50) fi, lecture; 7; 15, concert; S. churcli concert. EAST SALEM Dandruffy Heads Become Hairless Lose Your Fat, Keep Your Health Superfluous flPsh Is not healthy. Ni-Itli.-r Ls It healthy to diet or exer- i'l*« too much. Tho Elmiilcst method known for reducing the overfat body OHSily and ateRdlly 1« the SlsrmoJa Method, tried and endorsed by thousands. Mnrmota Prescription Tablets ennlain an exact uf the faiu-^UH Mannola Prescrit>l!on. Theite taltleti :uo wold by driiKK^ds tlie world ov.-r lit one dollar for a box. They are Pleasant to take and leave no wrlnklca flal.liine.-i.H. They are Jjotetlar be- nuse effective and couvenii-nl. A.'k vtnir drugwhst Tor them or send price dln-et to the Mannola Oo., tleneial Motors lildK-, Detroit, Mich., and pto- cuie a box. If you want plenty of thick, 1 R>IUI- tituj. Klotisy, Bilky linlr, tin liy all moans got ritl of dandruff, f,i r it will starve jour liuir anil ruin It If you don't. It doesn't do initcli good to try to lirusli or wash ll out. Tha only .sure way to get rltl of dandruff ls to dissolve It, then you destroy It entirely. To do this, get about four ouneeH of ordinary liquid arvon: apply it at night when retiring; use enough to moisten the sculp and rub II in gently with tha finger Hps. By morning, must If not all, of your (lttndruft will be gone, and iwo or three more applications will completely dissolve and entirely destroy every single sign anil trace of it. You will find, too, that all Itching and digging of thu scalp will .-;top, and your hair will look and loel a hundred times better. You :a» got liquid nrvon at any drug itore. Four ounces Is all you will moil, no matter liow much, dun- Irufl you have. This dimple rem- "•- -«ver falls. Mr. .lames It. Allen, of Forbes SI , Itoclicstcr, N, Y., suffered for years with rheumatism. Many times this terrible iliyease left him helplot, ml tinable to work. lle'i'innlly deeitled, inter years "t ceaseless Miuiy, that no one can be free l 'riim 1 hetimatiMii until the ae- rmmilateti impurities, commonly called uric acid deposits, were dissolved In the Joints and muscle i and expelled from the body. With this Idea in mind be consulted physicians, made experiments anil finally compounded a prescription that quickly and com- I plclciy banished every sign and ' symptom of rheumatism from bis j system. ^ | He freely r.ave his discovery, i which be called Alleurltii, to others who took It. with what might be culled marvelous success. After years uf urging be decided to let sufferers everywhere know about his discovery through the newspapers. 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Roy Hlatt and John McAsbter shelled corn Saturday for Herb Fossey. Dan Ringer shelled corn for Wm Pike on Friday forenoon and In tho afternoon for Percy Moats. .Yard Bishop's nephew. Curt Bishop of Oklahoma has been visiting him of late. Mrs. Chester McGonigle ami little son spent the week end with the Wm. McGonigle family ami attended church at East Salem. Rev. W..A. Kinzie of Ottawa came up from Darlow Sunday evening and spent a few days at the home of his sons, Archie ot Fast Salem and Roy at Plevna. The community was saddened Monday morning when the news spread of the death during the previous night of Grandma Stebhins, at the home ot her daughter, Mrs.- D. M. Ileitler. -Mrs. Beitler, also her brother and sisters have the sympathy ot the community In this sad hour. Funeral services at Salem Wednesday, conducted hy Rev. W. A. Kenzle of Ottawa, her funer. al pastor and friend. Cliff McGaffin shelled corn tor Ward Bishop Friday. W. A. Kenzle took dinner on Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. John Lolling. Tho farm bureau met at Kast Salem Friday afternoon as per schedule, but was. deficient aa to members, however, ft was a very profitable meeting for all who did attend. Edward Westfall, Percy Stuart, Henry Lolling, Frank Itr.telia and the A. H. Lolling family aru among those who attended church at Pleasantview Sunday night. • Dannie Itinger and wife spent Sunday at the U. L. Snodgrass home in Enterprise township. Mrs. Etta McGonigle and Mrs. Emma Westfall spent Sunday mgnt at the D. M. Beitler home, being with Mrs. Stobbins when she passed away, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Stuart and two little sons spent Sunday afternoon with .Mrs. S. C. Mo ts. Geo. Van Horn shelled corn Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Lolling and Mr. and Mrs. ltenshaw of Partridge spent Sunday at the A. II. Lolling home. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Williams spent Sunday with the Hubert Steed family In Hutchinson. Geo. Griffiu and Uruce DetUr shelled corn Tuesday afternoon for John Lolling. Mrs. Carrie. McGonigle, Mrs. Letlm Snodgrass, Miss Ethel Itinger and Mrs. Lola Itinger upent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Alma Itlnaor in Xlekerson. (.'lias. McGonigle shelled corn Tuesday, 1). II. Itinger doing the work. The trustees bad a man from Sterling reclean and repair the sioiago batteries of (he electric liuht plant In the church last week. Raymond Trostle was down from McPherson over Sunday.' llelmar Stuart spent Sunday afternoon with Wvlle Bookless and Wednesday night wlilt Irvan Woods. Anios Mosler is repairing and improving bis residence west of Nickersoti. $1 5912 You have never seen values like these in Women's and Misses' beautiful Winter Coats. Many are fur trimmed while others are self trimmed. There is a refreshing diversity of silhouettes and treatments which assures you of get linn; a Winter Coat of real distinction at the price of an ordinary coat. 1. 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