The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 9, 1975 · Page 19
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 19

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1975
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

Page 20-THK HERALD. Prnvo. I'tah, Wednesday. April 9. 1975 If Railroad Abandoned: lack of Coal Threatens Amish THESE AMISH of Indiana, who shun the modern conveniences of the world, are threatened bv the proposed abandonment of a railroad through their area. Not because they ride the railroad (they still use real horsepower, above) but the railroad hauls coal. And no railroad, no coal. And no coal, no heat because they shun modern conveniences such as gas or electricity. BERNE, Ind. (UPI) Members of the Old Order Amish, who live in simplicity and shun modern comforts, depend almost entirely on coal to heat their homes. The coal comes to Berne by Perm-Central Railroad. Under national rail reorganization plaas, the line through Berne could be abandoned. There are more than 100 Amish homes in the area. Few if any use electricity, gas or oil for fuel, depending on coal and wood. "Take the railroad away and we are up against it," a concerned Amishman said. "We don't want to compromise with the 'world' and go modern by using electricity and gas. so the only solution may be to move away where coal is more readily available." The Amish use a lot of coal for heating their big old rural homes. Their homes mostly are large, two-story structures and few are insulated. Most have several coal-burning stoves in constant use during cold weather. Amish may not believe in modern comforts, but they believe strongly in physical comfort. Regardless how much coal it takes, they insist on keeping their large families warm and cozy in the winter. If things reach the point where the Amish feel they must leave the Berne area because of the coal situation, it would not be the first full-scale exodus of members of the sect from Adams County. 'During the 1960s more than a dozen families sold their farms near Berne and moved to Missouri where land was cheaper and where they believed the danger of their young folk becoming "too worldly" was less than in this area near Fort Wayne, one of Indiana's largest cities. Word trickles back that, for the most part, Amish families who moved away are settled in their new communities. A Serving Suggestion Safeway Regular Ground Beef At Safeway You Buy Any Size Package You Need At The Same Price Per Pound Ib. 69 A Serving Suggestion Tom Turkeys Norbest - USDA Grade A Self Basting With The Tender Timer , b 59' Skinless Wieners Sterling Brand — Keep Plenty On Hand For After School Snacks Mb. pkg. 79 C IB-IT Smoked Hams Morrell's Pride — Shank Portion Great Smokehouse Flavor Ib. 89 USDA Grade A Fryers Fresh Fryer Breast Beef Plate Short Ribs Beef Round Steaks Sliced Beef Liver Fresh Whole Chickens USDA Grade A Plump & Meaty USDA Choice USDA Choice Full Cut 1.09 Skinned & Deveined Ib. 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The State Department of Employment Security said Tuesday that 36,300 members of Utah's civilian work force were without jobs in mid-March, down from 38,600 a month earlier when the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.8 per cent. The 7.2 per cent rate was the highest in the state since 1946. In March of 1974, the jobless rate was 6.3 per cent. The department, in its monthly newsletter, said one reason for the climbing unemployment rate "is that at the same time the number of job losers has increased, so has the number of job applicants." "Many of these applicants are wives who are looking for work because their husbands have been laid off. Also the number of job vacancies has fallen below last year's level." "It also appears that the duration of umemployment is increasing; jobless persons are remaining unemployed much longer because of the lack of suitable jobs," the agency reported. "One result is that more unemployment is being carried over from one month to the next." On a more hopeful note, the department said the employment level has also continued to increase at a very impressive rate — with 19,100 more workers on the job rolls in March than a year earlier. The total civilian labor force in mid-March was 507,100, with 470,800 of them working. A year earlier, the labor force was 481,200, with 451,100 working. "One reason for the good over-the-year performance of the Utah economy is that construction activity is beginning to pick up." the department said Shorthandled Hoe Banned Wednesday. April 9. 1975. THE HERALD, Provo, Utah-Page 21 Low Bid Submitted By coast Unit For Logan Project Ruling Made by Appeals Court NEW YORK (UPII - All defendants in a criminal trial are presumed innocent until proven guiltv. but a defense lawyer wearing a clerical collar might give nis client an unfair advantage, an appeals court ruled Monday. The Rev. Vincent La Rocca, a Roman Catholic priest who works as an attorney for the Legal Aid Society, was ordered to leave his clerical garb outside the courtroom on any case argued before a jury. The Brooklyn Appeals Court decision, which went 3-1 against La Rocca, said the priestlawyer's "attire at the trial would undoubtedly affect the witnesses and the spectators. Witnesses for the prosecution, especially the complaining witnesses, might question whether the scales of justice had not been tipped by the petitioner's presence." SACRAMENTO. Calif. — The California Department of Industrial Relations has banned the use of the shorthandled hoe by California farm workers, declaring that the tool causes back injuries. The noe, which has a handle generally 12 to 18 inches long, can only be used in a stooped position! It is used bv farm workers to weed and thin crops such as lettuce and onions. The ruling, prohibiting use of any hoe with a handle shorter than four feet, was made under an administrative regulation banning the use of unsafe hand tools. SALT LAKE CITY UPI - A Cache Valley construction company has submitted the low bid on a contract to widen and resurface Logan's Main Street. But the $473.770 offer made by the Le Grand Johnson Construction Co. Tuesday was 10 per cent above the state highway engineer's estimate of $424,622 and must be approved by the State Road Commission, which meets Friday. It was the second bid opening for the Ix)gan Main Street project The Road Commission received only one bid the first time around which was rejected because it exceeded the engineer's estimate. The project calls for the resurfacing of Main Street from Sixth South to Second South, the widening of the street by five feet and installation of 28 new street lights A second part of the contract calls for iastallation of four mast arm type traffic semaphores at the intersection of Eighth East and Seventh North on the Utah State University campus. ay vUith ^ror (afttaJily and ['aridit at (^verijday oLom cJLcvcl [- rices YOUR FAMILY NEEDS All 4 BASIC FOODS DAILY Catfish Steaks Brazilian — Fresh Water Fish Pan Fry or Deep Fry Ib. 99 Pork Chops Quarter Loin — Assorted Loin Cuts One-Fourth of a Loin Sliced Ib. 1.19 we welcome FOOD STAMP SHOPPERS Holiday Hams Cudahy Bar-S Boneless Waste-Free Full Slabs Top Quality Pork Fresh Pork Roast Leg 0' Lamb Lamb Rib Chops Boneless Boston Butts USDA Choice Lamb Safeway Trimmed USDA Choice Great Flavor Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. Hormel Little Sizzlers 12-oz. 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Emphasized are those valuable as sources of vitamin C and vitamin A. Recommended Amoiiiils: Four or more servings every day, including 1 serving of good source of vitamin C or 2 servings of a fair source; 1 serving, ai least every other day, of a source of vitamin A. If the food chosen for vitamin C is also a source of vitamin A, the additional serving of a vitamin A food may be omitted. The remaining 1 to 3 or more servings may be any vegetable or fruit, including those valuable for their vitamin C or vitamin A. Counl as I serving: '•: cup of vegetable or fruit; or a portion as ordinarily served, such as 1 medium apple, banana, orange, or potato, half a medium grapefruit or cantaloupe, or the juice of I lemon. (iood Sources of Vitamin C: Grapefruit or grapefruit juice, orange or orange juice, cantaloupe, guava, mango, papaya, fresh strawberries, broccoli. Brussels sprouts, green pepper, sweet red pepper. Fair Sources of Vitamin C: Honeydcw melon, lemon, tangerine or tangerine juice, watermelon, asparagus tips, raw cabbage, cauliflower, collards, garden cress, kale, kohlrabi, mustard greens, potatoes and sweet potatoes cooked in the jacket, rutabagas, spinach, tomatoes or tomato juice, turnip greens. Sources of Vitamin A: Dark-green and deep- yellow vegetables and a few fruits, namely: apricots, cantaloupe, mango, persimmon and pumpkin. Bread-Cereal Group l-oiids Included: All breads and cereals that are whole grain, enriched or restored. Specifically, this group includes: breads, cereals, corn meal, crackers, Hour, grits, macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, rice, rolled oats, quick breads and other baked goods if made with whole grain or enriched Hour. Parboiled rice and wheat also lit in this group. Recommended AIIIIIIIIIIX: Four or more servings daily. Or, if no cereals are selected, choose an extra serving of breads or baked goods, which will make al least 5 servings from this group daily. Count as I serving: I slice of bread, I ounce ready-lo-eat cereal, li to -?-i cup cooked cereal, corn meal, grits, macaroni, noodles, rice or spaghetti. Other Foods To round oui meals and meet energy needs, almost everyone will use some foods not specified in the Hasic-4 groups. These will include such things as sugars, butter, margarine and other fats. These often are ingredients in a recipe, or are added to other foods during preparation or al the table. Try to include some vegetable oil among the fats used. 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