Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 22, 1962 · Page 31
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 31

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 31
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4924 CO. Aft. Win ** Attoeiitftd §f Aft SBIf 1©N Lake Charles American Tress Partly cloodjr and *§rfft HBroogfi ffftnrsday frftft sctttifred thumJershowers. Wntffe trirlabU, 5-15 flfi.p.b. Low tonfgM, fl tomorrow, so. 5 CENTS LAK6 CHAHLES, LA., WEDNESDAY, 1962 30 PAGES QUAKE NUMBER 25,068 ITALY CLAIMS 15 INACCURACIES CLAIMED Governor Expected To Answer Critics (tee Page 4 for text of Speech) BATON ROUGE <AP> - The press secretary for Gov. Jimmie H. Davis today said he's confident the governor will "want to correct the inaccuracies" con-1 tained in a speech hy Rep. .Joe; Cooper of DeSoto Parish. j Cooper Tuesday night charged ; that Davis has defended his legis-1 lalive actions wit.h •'half-truths.: inaccurate and incomplete state- 1 inenls." ; Ed Reed. Davis' press secretary, said be fell, sure a statement clarifying most of the questions raised by Cooper would be issued today. Reed said Davis himself had no immediate comment, but added: ''I am sure the governor will want to correct the inaccuracies contained in Mr. Cooper's address ... 1 am also sure this statement will explain many of the so-called inconsistencies Mr. Cooper pointed to. BY LEG/SLA TORS Smelser Case Is Under Study BATON ROUGE (AP) - The Joint Legislative Committee on Segregation is studying the plight of Rex Smelser, director of the Sowela Vocational Techn i c a 1 School at Lake Charles. Smelser, the state superintendent of education and the 11 members of the State Board of Education face contempt proceedings lor failure to carry out federal All Parish Schools Open August 30 The first regular school day for all Calcasieu parish schools will begin at 8:30 a.m., August 30. Pre-registration for new pupils entering Calcasieu parish schools, with the exception of Iowa, will be held in the schools on Thursday and Friday from 8:30 to 11 a.m. Iowa's pre-registration will be held on August 28 and 29 between * and 12 a.m. Superintendent H. A. Norton has announced that any student entering any school in Calcasieu parish for the first time, regardless of the grade, must present his birth certificate. Students entering the first grade must have, in addition to birth certificates, evidence of having had the inoculations required by law. All first grade students must be six years old on or before December 31, 1962. court orders to desegregate trade schools. After a hastily called, closed- door meeting of the segregation committee Tuesday, some members expressed concern that Smelser may be "left out on the limb" in the contempt move. These sources did not make it clear why the school director was more vulnerable than state education officials. The committee me! in the office of State Supt. Shelby M. Jackson. Rep. John Garrctt of Claiborne Parish, chairman of the committee, said he called the group together, but he declined to go into details. Garrett said the segregation committee had no urgent legislative problems at this time. This committee traditionally has been the state's champion against federal desegregation moves. Before the meeting began, Garrett said the group would discuss the Orleans Parish School Board's plan for long-range desegregation. The committee heard a report on the financial assistance program for pupils who choose to attend private, non-sectarian schools rather than desegregated public schools. Some members reportedly expressed concern that undesirable grants may be made. A number of applicants for the $2-a-day state aid came from parents who have j children in expensive private schools. TRY AIR TAXI Convenient, fast, prlvatel Go when you like and come home when you're ready. 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Goellner Realslered Electroloqlst 16 years experience RANSONET ELECTROLYSIS CENTER 900 Pulo Street HE 3-1958 CURRENT RATE NEW CAR FINANCING 4 70 1 GULF NATIONAL BANK AT LAKE CHARLES "Mr. Cooper," Reed added, "has played fast and loose with the facts. The figures he quotes from the U.S. Census regarding unclassified employes, for instance, do not exist, and apparently were invented by him." Speaking over a statewide radio and TV network, Cooper blasted the administration for defeating bills to set up a Code of Ethics for state workers and a public listing of all unclassified state employes. Cooper, who spoke for a group of anti-administration legislators, quoted Davis as saying in his speech two weeks ago: "The number of unclassified employes is not large and does not vary from one administration to the other." Cooper said the U.S. Census Bureau reported the number of unclassified state workers rose 30 per cent between October, 1960, and October, 1961. In justifying his action in killing the Code of Ethics bill, Cooper said Davis called it "the most sinister piece of legislation ever introduced." Cooper said every major Louisiana newspaper and many other groups, including the Association of Louisiana Chambers of Commerce and the slate AFL-CIO, backed the bill. Turning to the state's fiscal situation, "the governor failed to mention the ten million dollar surplus left in the state general fund by the previous administration and the 73 million dollar deficit he created." Cooper attacked passage of $200 million in bond issues, which he said would cost about $12 million in principal and interest payments each year. "This means that there will be 12 million "dollars a year less in revenue available to finance the state's recurring operations," he added. "In the midst of this financial crisis," Cooper continued, "the governor had the audacity to begin construction of a million dollar mansion, which includes two bomb shelters and 18 bathrooms." Cooper also assailed participation .of high administration personnel in the Baker Bank and Trust Co., which he said has had stale funds as 60 per cent of ils deposits since it formed two years ago. Among leading stockholders in the bank. Cooper said, were W. L. (Buddy) Billups, a leading Davis financial backer; Guy C. Billups Jr., chairman of the State Board of Commerce and Industry; I. W. Patterson, former director of the state Department of Commerce and Industry and the governor's campaign chairman; State Insurance Commissioner R u f u s D. Hayes and state Rep. Eugene MeGee of East Baton Rouge Parish. Pointing out that the bank's stockholders have realized about $200,000 a year on stale deposits, Cooper said: "I do not question the legality of what has been done in the Baker bank during his administration, but 1 must leave the question to public opinion: 'Is 11 Ethical?' " Cooper said that '"now, more than ever before, Louisiana must quit drifting with the tide. It must curb improper and unwise exercise of public power and public funds. It must rise above the concept of government by a few, for a few—at the expense of all." Tremors Hit Near Villa Where JFK's Wife Vacationing By DOMENICO GIORDANO NAPLES. Italy (AP) — New earth tremors spread panic in southern Italy early today after a severe earth- j quake Tuesday night that took about 15 lives and injured at least 100. No foreigners were reported among the dead and injured. The earth shocks left a trail of damage from this port city to the Adriatic coast. Some of the deaths were 134 Guerrillas Slain in Fight By Vietnamese ONLY LOCKED IN — Rita Ohlgren (left) and Maria Teresa Morley, both seven years old, were freed from a locked bathroom in a vacant apartment building near their Alexandria, Va., home Tuesday, by the FBI. The girls had locked themselves in while LOCKED SELVES IN playing in the unoccupied building Sunday. The FBI was called in 24 hours later when kidnaping was suspected after hundreds of searchers failed to find the girls in the area. The pair was scared and hungry, but otherwise unharmed. (AP Wirepholo). attributed to heart attacks from fright. Many of the injured were hurt in panicky flights from swaying homes and buildings. Jacqueline Kennedy's cliffside vacation villa at Ravello is only 45 miles southwest of the apparent epicenter of the worst quake. Only slight tremors were felt there and Mrs. Kennedy's four- year-old daughter Caroline and the rest of the household remained calm, servants said. The American First Lady was visiting in the garden of another villa across town. Only a slight tremor was felt there. Premier Amintore Fanfani flew here today to help officials speed relief. Thousands of frightened Italians spent the night in the open. New shocks at 4:10 a.m. and 7:15 a.m. By PETER ARNETT SAIGON. South Viet Nam (AP) —South Vietnamese troops today reported 134 Red guerrillas killed in the first success of the government's major offensive to break the back of the Communist force in the Mekong River delta. Military sources said the gov- ernmenl's 1st Airborne Battalion encountered a large concentration of Viet Cong guerrillas Tuesday Two Liffle Girls Found Safe in fmpf y Apartment By PRANCES LEWINE ALEXANDRIA, Va. CAP) - A bad dream ended happily for the haggard parents of two 7-year-old girls missing 48 hours but found safe in a nearby vacant apart- menl where they had been trapped by a faulty lock. Two FBI agents, making one more routine check of nearby i buildings, found j late Tuesday. \ Hungry, but unharmed by their , ordeal, piglailed Maria Teresa Morley and her pal, black-haired ; Rita Ohlgren, came home lo joy- I ous welcomes from families and I neighbors. { They had been missing since Sunday afternoon and had spent i Iwo nights locked in a bathroom Russians Switch To Armored Cars the youngsters of the untenanted second-floor apartment. The girls said they had gone in to use the bathroom as they had often done while playing nearby. This time, the defective lock t trapped them in the small windowless room. ! At first, they banged and yelled. i When no one heard and the hours j ticked by, they settled down to wait. They tried to open the lock with the hook end of a two-inch spring Maria Teresa had with her. time drawing it 7:30 p.m. This Neapolitan city kept its public parks open for refugees. Police eslimated a third of the 1,500,000 residents spent the night in the open. Several bridges were wrecked, telephone lines knocked down, water and power systems in many communities cut off. Police patrolled glass-lillered streets of stricken towns against looters. Geologic disasters—earthquakes and volcanic eruptions—are not new in this area around Vesuvius, the volcano that buried the city of Pompei 1,900 years ago. The worst shocks struck in an area between two cities that have felt disastrous quakes in the 20th century—Avezzano where 30,000 persons were killed in 1915, and Messina where 75,000 perished in 1908. cration . s command post at Bac Lieu, in southern Ba Xuyen Prov- * n , A Ne fP? llan woman wa « struck by a falling cornice stone and killed - Two ot »er Neapolitans died of heart attacks. Single deaths were reported at Molinara, Salerno and Avellino. Naples hospitals admitted 60 injured. An estimated 300 guerrillas ambushed the government battalion after U.S. Marine helicopters had ferried the South Vietnamese troops into the area. The paratroops fought their way out of the ambush and chased the fleeing guerrillas through the flooded rice fields. Government troops counted 54 dead guerrillas. The Vietnamese air force claimed its follow-up strafing atlacks on the fleeing guerrillas killed 80 more Reds. American sources could not confirm the government claims. , Government casualties totaled j six killed and 14 wounded. | The informants said 54 Reds 1 were killed in the ground fight i and another 80 by air strikes. l Government casualties totaled six killed and 14 wounded. Government forces also cap| tured a small store of Communist i arms and fuel in the clash, the I firs ttime South Vietnamese By CARL MARTMAN BERLIN (AP) - Soviet Wai- Memorial sentries were sent into West Berlin in armored cars Tuesday night, bul heavy rains cleared the streets of the West Berlin demonstrators who had stoned the Soviet sentries in buses in three previous niphts. Showing no arms, the three Soviet armored cars and a Soviet staff car made the trip from Checkpoint Charlie to the Soviet War Memorial two miles away and back without incident. American military police and West Berlin motorcycle policemen hide as long as they don't show arms," a U.S. spokesman said. The Soviet sentries entered West Berlin more than four hours later jthan usual, possibly to try to : avoid a Western escort. The Soviets refused escorts for their buses Sunday and Monday when they were stoned by Wesl Berlincrs. A Western spokesman said the i Russians even threatened not to | move a bus into West Berlin unless assured there would be no Allied escort and no West Berlin ; police patrols. The spokesman said the Russians' "obvious aim has been to embarrass the Allies and the Finally, they huddled together to sleep in the lavender bathlub. "It was cold," Maria Teresa said, and they became hungry. The girls were dressed in shorts and sleeveless blouses and they shivered in the air conditioning apartment. They had nothing to eat since noontime Sunday, but j there was plenty of water. Their sudden disappearance from the garden apartment development area touched off a frantic search by some 600 volunteers, police, soldiers, Marines and neighbors. Marine helicopters and police dogs joined in the widespread hunt that fanned out into metropolitan Washington. To the frantic mothers, put to ; lapsed at Passo Eclano, 40 miles 1 ' i east of Naples and near t h e | ! quake's center. Several patienls I {were reported injured. j Homes and buildings collapsed in at least half a dozen communities east of Naples. Windows were shatlered in Naples and walls cracked. A railroad bridge collapsed at Bari, on the Adriatic Coast. i Avellino, a town of 37,000, 30 (miles easl of Naples, was espe-; Icially hard hit. The quake' i knocked out the town's water sup- ! Iply and communications. Build-! lings lay in ruins. ! Church bells chimed wildly' throughout the countryside as the 'ground rocked across the penin-, sula to the Adriatic. : A mild quake preceded the, ; main half-minute shock by 1 tion Big Pacification" last week. first out Viet Cong concentrations controlling most of Viet Nam's southern pointment for its American planners. Gen. Paul D. Harkins, commander of U.S. forces in Viet Nam and Thailand, and his high command had worked on the planning for three months and were highly optimistic when it got under way. YELLOW FRONT BARGAIN STORE East Brood We Are Continuing Our Blq Sale Shorts ond Pedal Pushers 55c Blouses ond Sweaters 25c All Skirts Me Men's and Boys' Pants , ....1.00 All Men's Shirts 50c NEW SHIPMENT Fall and Winter Merchandise CASH OUTLET STORE, INC. 826 Third Avenue Lpdics' ond Children's Shoes — Tweedl«5, Life Strides, Nolurollzers, Busier Browns, Edwards, Flexles, Girls' Curlsv and Corrcratt Coals. Also Name Brand Dresses. 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