Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 9, 1965 · Page 21
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 21

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1965
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

CLOVtS --L-., — ..pts.. NEW OFFICERS — Officers were elected at a luncheon meeting Thursday for the Women's Golf Association at Colonial Park for this year. They are left to right, seated, Mary Grinde, treasurer; Annabel Skarda, president; Barbara Black, secretary; and not pictured, Gerry Allison, vice president. Standing, left to right are, Gale Klnyon, tournament chairman; Sally Holland, social chairman; JoAnn .Johnson, historian and publicity; and Doris Triplett, handicap chairman. Golfers of the Month are Mrs. Skarda and Mrs. Grinde. Rick BQPPV National Celtics Pick College Big Scorer gffltfl • j'!*">* T Women Golfers Hold Monthly Luncheon Meet Colonial Pnrk Wonw; handicap chairman. iand .lodv Johnson is low net. NEW YORK (UN) - sports of all sorts: Rick Barry of Miami, the Nation's leading college scorer anded by the San Francisco Warriors in the pro basketball draft, probably was the best scouted collegian in the Cdun* .ry... "We know more about Rick than he does about himself," said president Frank Mieull of the Warriors. Here's why: Bruce Male coaches Barry at Miami... he also sees quite a bit of his star out-of-season since Rick la en gaged to his daughter... Hale played basketball at Santa Clara... one of his buddies and teammates was Bob Fee* rick ... Ferrick is general manager of the San Francisco team. When Princeton's Bill Brad ley was made the first draft pick by the New York Knicks a newsman called the home o Princeton coach Bill Van Bre da Kolff to ferret out some comment... "Bradley has jus been drafted," the caller toh the coach's wife, who prompt ly cried, "Oh, no!" ... it took a while to explain the New York basketball club — not Un cle Sam—had drafted the Tigei Istar. Willie Shoemaker, who has won the Kentucky Derby three times, has had little luck in the Preakncss ... the Shoe won only once in five tries at Pirn- lico and lost three on favorites — Correlation, Sword Dancer and Hill Rise last year ... he'll have another favorite on Derby winner Lucky Debonair May 15. Folk-Singing Cowboy Quarterback Don Meredith of (lie Dallas Cowboys also is a good hand in the vocal league BOSTON (UPl)-Heavyweight \ dered champion Clay and chat boxers Cawius Glay and Sonny Miton were ioheduled to meei, „ ........ .1 eourt today during a legal tent when Suffolk County Dist. "hallenge that could ban from Boston Garden their scheduled Vtay 28 title bout. Summonsei issued in a sur- prlie move late Thursday or- ! Iftnger Liston frofn their respee- i live training camps to be present when Suffolk County Di Atty. Garfett H. Bryne presses his bid for a restraining order against the title rematch. of the bout which they expect'the to gross a record f5 millioh, itfetched foeytmtl also were summoned to the Ing. hearing before Suffolk Superior ' "* Court Judge Felix Forte, Spokesmen for the Pennaylva- Officials of Inter-Continental 1 ia-based premotions firm said Promotions Inc., the promoters i they would seek another site lor I- Golf Association held their The Womens Association April 8 — Kdan Dolezal and ...he has recorded a couple of monthly meeting to elect nfti- meet every Thursday to play Margie Uryant in low from tee country - folk tunes called errs for this year and held K"lf and meet every first to ween. i'Truvellin' Man" and "Them their luncheon and biuln e s s Thursday of the month for their April 15 — Gail Klnyon and That Ain't Got It Can't Lose" meeting. luncheon and business meeting. Gerry Allison in lows on even and that's a fact. Officers elected are Mary Golfers of the Month were holes. Alabama's Bear Bryant is a Grinde. treasurer Annabel Annabel Skarda for 18 holes April 22 — Delores Armstrong tirm believer in platoon foot- T »i> ; _..-„. Skarda. president. Barbara ami Mary Grinde for nine holes and Kathy Hierson in most of j )a n . j n fact, his annual Red - n Wor . 1 ^'' tournament chairman; Waneta Yarborough, Hack, secretary. Gerry Alii- The golfer of the month is de- any number ' vs White game Saturday night m>n. vice-president. Gale Kin- cided by low score and their April 29 — Buddy Howell and ; will have the offensive team yen. tournament chairman. Sal- attendance Mary Grine in Most 5. 6, 7's. i handling the ball all the way h Holland, social chairman. The winners of each event There were 20 ladies present iW jth the defensive team rating Joann Johnson, historian and were at the meeting for cards and'points on the Scoreboard for .and Don*_Triplett. _April 1 ~ Annabel Skarda Rolf .certain achievements; like one for stopping a kickoff return in- *,j*»V»> cated IntMUst In fight on May » *fl& r C- LADIES DAY — Women from Clovis participated in the president; June Ingram, and Kathrine Williams, winners of first Ladies' Day Golf of the season Thursday at the Clovis the tournament. The women will play every Thursday. Ev- Country Club. A luncheon was held after the tournament ery first Thursday they will have their luncheon and bust- to elect officers. New officers, standing, left to right, are ness meeting and select the Lady Golfer of the Month. "" " . . .. ... (Staff Photo) vice president; Sister Worley, treasurer; Laura Mason, ENMU Sets A| ,. StQr All-Sports Banquet Team Named In NHL i side the 20, one point for the first five yards on a punt return and one for each additional 10 yards, six for an Interception, six for a blocked kick, etc. Event we hope to miss: Second annual West Point Invita- Clovis Bowling CONTINENTAL uiiu annual Ticai i uuii uiviia* *•»• *' MONTREAL (UPh - The ie netminder, Roger Crozier, a !|ional Parachute Meet at Wall- 11 S .: . . .° ' - il/»ll \T V *Me urnal^an/l 17. Ll -' nihsnn Discount 3. McDanleli Inc. 4 Paul Jones Tcxlco B. Manic Steam fi. Worley Mills 7. Ranch*™ t Farmtri 8. Lu«rne 1 Ctrolanrt Garage IB. Price Drug 11 '» Phone Oonitructlon 11 Swift 13. Phone Exchangt 14. Inirram Oil Co. IS. .Stanley Cup champion Montreal!second team choice at the half- PORTALFS ' Spcc!a '; Canadiens, the National Hockey! wav mark, overtook Montreal's ulonn Ixtbbs. head lootnall . , . ; ,,, • , ,, j , ., , ..,.4 _,ui-.,i.. A^ „» League regular season champi- ( harlie Hodge in the second " Y., this weekend .. some 90 chutists will be flying 17, Cora Cola 18. Ingram Brother* 44 ', a 44 40 39 38 36 Vi 334 S314 31 23 24 (SCKATCH) 17 •-•0 94 25 28 27 Vi 28 80'i an'., 33 33 38 36 H, 39 39 40 4l'i 47 SUMMER , . „„, ... ,: ., „ , » i.eague regular season champi- Charlie Hodge in the second i "^7 UIIJ l' re nnses. JHT^' WO^MIUS * Tu?^ Unfve± wH be h e l> " ^roit Red Wings and the half voting and won handily' Yo « cou ' dn l b'^e coach; --a D. Th^a, II,^ rJ»l^ M". \ ?nr rh *«*° B!ack 1Iawks eacn ttith a P oint ed?(? of 157 " 79 - ' * Par ,™^™ for shedding a Worl '™|j, DICAI1 ' ,r.f/r?Lr^ ™ e other Dctroit nominee. ! tea r of t wo ^"Z Notrejjtjg•$£&*& the annual all-sport* bann u e l ^ A 'l Star team it was center Norm mim«n wn ,,nri imiDame's varsity - old timers |«,J5-.N-.KH*! . *"•• Dobbi who is eon.tderfd one of the leading teachers of «^ pro-typ. passing attack, took Ihe Ti: Hurricane to the 1964 HlulKinnet Bowl in Houston and defeated powerful University announced FHday as onlv one " ,,d »ea on voe ndMsonxote .- nan, wound _ r I as the top pointgetter on thejSa" 1 ^ Saturday ... old - timers in team He had 75 points in thei wi11 be led b >' quarterback John ,. „ the fir st half, picked up M more in! Iluarte and s P ljt end J ack 2 rook- the second half and finished ! Snow - P lus nine otner more or with a high tola! of 159. ' less regulars from last year's _ ^^ ._ i, f .ft winger Bobby Hull, ai 9 " 1 Irish team . . Gus Cifelil, TO will? " nanimous cholce ln the first jtackle on the 1!M9 team, will be "• half, picked up only 33 more' ma ^i n R ms 18th old-timers ap-j'^s F"OP lUlQvi&S ; points in the second half Ills 1964 team, led by All- rWI IT1VVI «* American Jerry Rhome. posted CLEVELAND, Ohio (UPll — an 8-2 record, set 28 national jj mmv Brown, who in eight records, won its third straight seasons with the Cleveland - t^ _iu . , national passing title, and won f*,™* set nine National FooV- fenseman in lhe NHL ' was thejFordham coach Johnny «* WAA itatislical champ.on. ^ ^mber of the Black| 'We're still friends bail Jf^^wwa*^" 1 *'*" ^ Hawks on the squad. (though he beat us 15 out of 19." Montreal's two All-Stan were! The U.S. Open Golf Cham- Al*o featured at the all-sports U™" ni ...»° n !™" l ".! ni 'L^!t!l defenseman Jacques Laperriereipionship this year goes to $125,- H.I.8. L. Sherman 968 Pins! 2686 Pin* I 601 Pins! 333 Hm* 1015 Pins! 3824 Tinsi KM Pins i 244 Pins JOLLY ROLLERS LTAGL'E Laundry 39 3 Blue Room 38" 3. Atwell Plumblnt 96 4. Williams Paint Store 23 ylnr Dress Shop 31 Eans 1!) 8. (Jrent American Ins. Co. 12 4 (SCRATCHI 15 17'. 18 '»*» 23 23 25 ... t *• „ K „ . sul! had enoug h of a cushion to^ Joe Lapchick, retired basket heal ° ul Toronto ' s Frank Ma-;ba» coach at St. John's, hav!ich ', 123 ^ Defenseman ?' ^ e gues °/, h «" or af3 ™° el S l> " e I>U ° te ' l38t yeat "' l ° P de * ln Fordham "....said Bach. was|.?£ .HANDICAP) 312 Him 8-tS Pins: ITS Pins I 486 Pin»j 396 Pint! UM Pins! 223 Plni i 609 Pinsi win « er Claude Pro- Drop UNM : will retire at the end of his present contract to ent banquet will be presentation of ness fu " time , anri . ";,"•'"'.and awards to athlete* in the van- make a cou P le of movies. yogt cms varsity sports at Kastern Brown repeated Thursday The banquet will be at 7 30 p. tha , he piang to ca n u qu it S| | A l^m.^AA* m. In the ballroom of the Camp- when his present three-year bM tJQVVVV9 us Union Building contract eipirej after the 1966 Dobbs" ambitious program at season Ti; is beginning to show re- "That would give me 10 years suits. In addition to gaining^ the NFL," he said, "a pret- national prominence, the pri t y long time to go in the HMAIIA X'»h vately endowed university is it leaeue " , l ' M ' utA ; !Ne . D _ . the process of expanding 'its 20,? 8 }?* An f eles Javcees Thursday 000-5«at Skellv Stadium lo » *ai not the first time defeated the I'niversity of New wore than 40 000 »eats Brown had insisted he would Mexico 15-4 and 15-5 for a first (retire He hinted he was consid- round win in the National Vol- After being a member of the ering it when his last contract ley Ball Tournament in Omaha Oklahoma All-State squad in ran out prior to the 1964 sea- The Cleveland Buckeyes 1939, Dobbs played for the Hur- son. but changed his mind and downed the Los Angeles Tigers rieane ia IB40-U-42 and led Tul- signed on for three more years 15-6 and 15-11 in the winner's ha to a 254 record During this "Anything can happen ni bracket of the open division, period TU appeared twice in the next year or so." he said. The other three teams to post-season bowl games TU "but I definitely will retire at share the winners bracket were played Texas Tech in the 1842 the end of my contract as far the San Francisco Olympic Hun Bowl and Tennessee in the as my present plans are con- Braves 15-9. 12-10 over the U.S 000 with $25,000 to the winner 1.ADY BOOSTER LEARl'E 1 (ieneral Adjustment M •2 A*tte Bowl 49 3 furry County Grain 44 4. Paul Jones Texaco 43 6 A/te>- Loungr 4O 36 3b * at> 3.1 S Oovis National Bank ,., . , . » C,.ii,i»n Truiihlm . It S easy tO See Why top in KattvVi Beabty Shop j Australians like to campaign uvU ' H '^ n > ^f nranc ., (the U.S. . . . Australian cham- 1 '^ n'..yii Fiorn pionship this year totals a rec-' Is w T. *or«nu ro. ,ord 3,000 pounds with 1,000 ;}*• ^"^ B «* uty 09U *' e (pounds to the winner which is 'i Rh«tta'§ _omi shop | a lot on the scales but not,» SX"' 1 I much in money the rate, „ T Q Allec _____ this week was $3.24 to an Aus- HTS A»t*c BO»I (UPI>- The sie pound. iltls M^iaffl^m^ 33 21 15 16 19 24 •V-j 26 as 31 32 33 32 33 :ts 36 40 41 43 44 45 47 862 Pins 3567 Pin* 243 Pint 52* Pln> NOW FORMING 5-Man Handicap Sanstorm League STARTS BOWLING 8P.M. TUESDAY MAY 11th If Interested In BOWLING Come By Or Call Us At 1943 Sugar Bowl. cerned BIG 3 POINT AUGNMOT & BRAKE SPECIAL CLOVIS SAFETY LANE Navy Allstars: Los Angeles Westside Jewish Community Center over Rhode Island YMCA. 15-5, 15-4; and the Honolulu Outrigger Canoe Club which defeated the L.A. Westside Jewish Community Center Masters. 15-4, 164. The Honolulu YMCA aosed out the Midland, Tex. team 1513 and 16-14. The winning teams took a step toward possible championship laurels in the double elimination tournament. EVAPORATIVE HI I CHECK-IP SPECIAL 1188 Ut Us Put Y«nr Coolw In Sfepe • Olt iiOTOB t CtCAK MOTOE • OIL BLOWER • CLDAN flOVQHS t Ctt£CKH4Tf»P^OW • CHECK WATCB t CfflBCl • CISA* o,w4sviii»iT - mmm 120 MAPlf ST. MO. 7624MS

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