The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 19, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 4
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NEWS. I The Paris Evening News PARIS, TEXAS July 1O, TEXAS PUBLISHING OQMPANV New York D*y by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE How To Torture Your Husband C»t*r*d a* Second Claw Mail Matter at tfc* Poal- *Cfto* at Paria> Term*, tinder Act of Con«T*«« •March. 1S78. Dally Except Saturday and Sunday KTEW YORK, July 19.—Amelia Earhari con- j IN iinues to be as timid in public as her fa- j rnous fellow flyer, Lindbergh. The lion heart- j *d courage so distinguishing each of them dis- j ^solves into a shimmer of self { •consciousness when they ap-j proaeh the rustle and roar of; 'crowds. ! The striking similarity of' their facial contours extends* |even to the deer-startled looks j they express when cornered by \ reporters and photographers, i Miss Earhart's delicate femin-1 jimty is not only accentuated by t her thin reed-like, figure, but j O, o. Mclotyrc by the bouffant frou-frou of I her gowns. f Like Lindbergh, she goes to *** CO * _ ...— .1.^...^.^.^... . „ .J..MV* - v-i- Ci • — -•.• ~." _^v«--l^^. .^.—.^....J. to o*it s*»a* i jy^ herself just whe« she is likelv to don her j urtlslcS ord«r» . J „. . -' . ., rlvine toes and be on for some tag-end oi tne > ea'rtfcT "" i Her marriage to George Palmer Putnam ; I has been a happy one. The publisher has nev-' n | er offered the slightest obstacle to her pro- j History Or Hot Dogs \ fessiional career. He has managed .too. not! j to be known as "Mr. Amelia Earhart." The! trix neither smokes, touches alcoholic! or drinks coffee, £ti i/V Ui*-~^^> t-'-^-tv^AA-a, - -f* «•«— — -- - - _ • -what the commission has determined^ upon is what being teen. iature Philadelphia, cities in iae past 50 years. The demand of the commission is for a ( least 200 acres that can be developed with j streets, lagoons, parks and similar "nn- j " other words, exactly -what) the world's fairs Lave had. ficatiorts be perhap the best But the independ ice- of its history as a By if«a Oae Tear JSaJi. Six Month* IMttiw«a By Carrier MaiL Oa« Month or corporation - t to ti«n froffl UM o«lc%. fcw ***** paper, oot to tk«!r *tt«Dtica- ~ *. — i designation is made in New York only the j i yolks are scrambled. provements *'—in In a short taxi spin today I noticed the ; meter was not working. I expected to be tbe \ victim of an experienceo. hoocLwinker and was j argument. Instead, at the stop the 1 .linked at nis neglect and said: "No j mister. f I'm excited over being mar-! ; pvpisme." He got a dollar for what \ An-d in chronicling \ _:ht be just another j York is funny that \vav- f 7HCRC GOGS * IXA/f adcL w nat ne Buffalo baT ton's vie Jaemto T-eirs aco. buildings when the Alamo has been pres for more ttxan a century? The centennial of ihe independence array oi :o bi and who = - an< ^ A( j i soap box preaching. Also the ] "who hawked extra editions and never missed | a[ getting the hook at an amateur night on 14th j forces w«re Xndepen . . , liberty Bell-all necessary in sch .* ceiebi •tion. The exposition oiar.s padded attraction. Here .TKifintly preparing to reverse e p.o tad make the aistonc seanzres seeonda, the mid^av and the hoi Cog concessions- Charles B. Dillingham ? s constant com pan-| lion is a young fellow he calls '"'Mulligan. 77 one 1 I of the usual bright Broadway talkers tricked ; j out in snappy garments. "Mulligan"" Is 3Iur- \ 'ray Laehmann and was once Dill bash am "s of- ! on your siiaggy fierce eye- } time in which I locked to plan?" f "I <Jori"t know." she BACKWARD GLANCES IT i. w. nrnis year* it b*cax»e in i he Siarth district «ourt, com- pri»inr R«d Jftlv*r. LAmar and Fannin counties, needed tli« services of a district attorney, the county attorneys of the- three counties having so much work in not «ive the cases In the courts the attention necessajry, so the legislature that met in 1SS7 created the offi<v And for 40 years it was filled by some of the. ablest criminal lawyers ia the three counties. The office rotated be- t-ween the counties. did the judgeship and representation in the senate under a sort of tacit understanding, until it wa* abolished by another act about 195? and ceased* January 1, 132S. James BL Lyday of Fannin county -was first to hold the office. he being appointed by Governor Sul Ross when the act creating the office became effective, and he was elected in 1SSS. the first election after creation of the off ice^ the term beiny for two years. Xat F. DoaJc of Red River was elected in 1S90 and terms and in 1SS4 A. held two J, Nichols of Lainar was elected and held he also serving four years. Th* 1916 election went to of Red -January 1. 1»17. R. K-en- who qualified attended, the term of court at Eonham early that year and died. Governor Ferguson appointed A_ I*. Robbtaa to fill the unexpired terat. Hobbins was also a Red River countr naan and was then elected, in l»lt, George Blackburn was chosen for the office in JL920 from L«jcnar county and served four years, at the end of which time he ira« elevated to the district judgesbip. Red River county had been talce* off the district in the meantime, leaving: only ILaznar and Fannin. and in the election of 1924 Wyatt Baldwin was elected. He was * Fannin county man who had come the position. It* abolished by act of the legislature during Mm last term."and since that time th« work has been done by tJie county attorneys o* tlie two counties. Seven of these district attorney* served with Judge- Ben on the bench, a period of *4 years. and each of the 11 is remembered^ as an able prosecutor who did his duty well, by every attorney who had to match wits and legal lor* against them. There were more important cases brought before the three terms. in ISOO Johr 1 C. Meade of Fannin tras $iven office, at the same election thai: placed Judg^e Ben Denton on the i coitrt then than in later year*. bench to begin 24 years serrice; Homicides and similar major of- which ended by voluntary retire- * fenses -were more frequent than ment. Meade s&rved" four years and was followed by "Dave, "Watson of Red River, ^Jected in 1904- In 190S !t was considered Ua- mar's time and R> 3U. Lattirnore. county attorney. serv*3 four years, being succeeded In the 1912 elec- who had been was elected today. There were not so many bootleggers and chicken stealers nor were suspended sentences in vogue during much of the time. when district attorneys were pro«- ecutors. Apparently the legislature took the view that the need for tee office had ceased and tion by Trav LJpscorrsb of Fannin. abolished it. At The Lamar j Allen. I "Me 'Men In TCTiite" -was awarded the Pulitzer prise as the best play on * the current American stase. Every so often Hollywood up its lions* takes as. deep breath and concentrates its silgrhty re- \ sources on the production of one { motion picture. Such apparently j NEWS OF HVTEREST FROM GLORY .ABEA. version of the four-star play hit. "Men in White," for the new t&Hcie to be seen *t ±he Laaaar theatre j ^ today and Friday, is undoubtedly f one of the most effective and dis- GLOKT— Sinsing Sunday, nis&t drevr a large attendance. Sunday. July 22. the former Sunday school superintendent, J". T. Norwood. n-d Judge C. A- Martin frill !>• tinguished photoplays to reach the screen this *eason. Clark Gable, in Rain Iielp the crops atjd benefit, those who are to natsl -wTiter^ fsr family use *» le well as for *;ock. • •• . performaact, appears as T>r. Fer- gizsoTL. tne yoims interne -who realizes ail tbe obligations of profession out strajrgrles against the conflictinjr claims of the girl he loves- The girl, played by Myrna Ix>y t soon comes to the realization ths-t a. doctor so engrossed in his career has no time for love, \ Joel R. Young: and faraily returned, from an outing at veston acd other places in Texas. CHAPTER 10 iasy talk of realities. Ton were un- ! TtJnmrrfcTkTG'rc BITTER SCENE ' easy vhen I-planned. These were f JxJtdMJ -iflJC* 1 JtlV/JLJl j J. j the Paavo Xunrii feat en (the -moments ^-hen you had to 'go j *pQ HAVE REVIVAL Tilg-bt like this?" she asked: she |.sOrr s eteJs«re/ when I "bored* and j :e-a- weli enough: but anything I you and you said BO. How many) p-c-x-rt T*IA \s^-«od ! K* rpviva* i , * , t •• „ W « mt m«,-. . U^i^n. ha« ^, imM ^ ^i.« - ^-1-^--^ -- SS?SSr3^Sr^Sl«- «t » «««»* tk-r d. ices io b* held on tbe church lawn. Rer. J. M. Connaily will preach V. H~, Tralock and family ar« visiting in Xashviile, Tenn. Mlss 5fary3o Price has returned from a vi=St with Mr, and Mrs. R«- Be-weese at Vasco. md >Irs, C, Beaver and Mi«« with the result that the young la- { -^-"^ McKianer. of Parfe. 2-aw. teme is thrown into compromising { r ^- C9 Price and family oi Glory, circumstances with one oi the. nur-? Ed McK!nn«y and family of Bird*. towa. C. Claad -McKinney and ses in his hospital. The uinglement and its water mark in dramatic a good many. I sup- j through Sunday and I>r. C. M, 1 Simpson will continue the rneet- -•^•-11. SLnyisray—" he faltered. "I i !r ^ through next -vveek. kao-w how ft A Knock On Our Door ] ray i,aenmann ana was once L>uii3ignajn s oi- ; 1 lice boy —orkins: up to various managerial f ! posts in .the theatre. ] Thinkcnjbobs; Warwiek De€Dill ^ is re ^ f i ed bv z>nbiishers as snyest of all authors J- -, - - -- eoianionly caljec domestic after "cse throngrb tne severs and ib\s Is tte smT\r4lTii<^ o'^i'* 'n*N il r ! TOT-TV liiiiiJi-'ii i£,ii<-i>jii_^ v*. -• ^- , . , . , . . .sappnec. a-.^ t^>-t* - 1 -- -.\- i -;* - ^i-—,, eT , ia prono-unced accent. Wearing- a janniv Tom- -f«^. iBTr.-ri'Kjmijfsw; t"5TQ ^OlfitS Oi aGVaBiag'e eH- ; r . , - ^. Ter, .e^pna^^zeb ,.«v ^^.i-w. _- c imy s cap. sfie sives a queemv Boaaicean ilour- jpjed by residents or tsis city. ;- First 1st] of Tfrater—i macl* -*f snpDly. tsi _ . « as ample and satisfying to tfee signt as eve^. | i« dajs'Tc-fcen Parisians "bad to be pot on an j ^ alkrsranee of vrater are ir°^ forever. This use of water prorided as Average almost the ci _ for batfes. for Crater for nvesxocs a=c ior^--i« | ^ ^.^^ ^^K-^^C Citv'star alisifisi on tbe •and garfiens.^ Ah-tcai ^as "f®^^^ ^1^ ; American sagazine - . /-Jerome Beatty has left a sanitariiiin Trhere he •srent after turning our fc^ir long magazine articles in 10 days . . . ' Edivis C. HiIJ "s favorite cane is gold beaded ... Lfouella Parsons has signed up for a Hoily- provisioi: agaisst jre Is no one or fool on to j.or sew rs i-. v * " %^*" ,^ *-, r --^A ' Thev are aireadv -eariug- through tbe house 5v and C£S*rov tn*- ^raste irors ^*-e 4*013es . , -...'=, *?,. ., - -• *" u u^-*., ^ > , li-for-ieatner wits tne oest p::iow on the S^To/Sh^ S'^I^^V^-JP^ And I'm off to Jo=n the ^recki.g «*w. cocvecience our selgrbbors. Tae present sy&-1 ^°°^fj tem, like the old vrater supply, is insufficient j to do this. "*£> are nearing ar opportunity to I remedy tbe lack and to do ourselves a favor. ; It ic a* knj>ck on our door that -trill not 1>e re-1 peatted If unanswered. Let us answer :t toe |, rSgfct '•I do like them. Bob! Ton •; honestly. * really are as gentle as a lamb and. j pose. Bob. as innoc^r-t as those old maids ' who serve on committees for the suppression of vice, irat you can lock so alarming*" He said nothingr. staring: dovrn ie !".l," sh^ «:eat on, "rbe d^r ! ^^. Ke shook his head. has been <S'jllI Get at it* You're ; "I couldn't hate you.*' lie whis- | trear at the I*. Z>. Bybee home on j ins to ask me wbei5ier it's a.11 j Pered- "I have loved -on too well." j Xhtsrsdav evening. I been* a gs^ie, aren't you?" ; She sa-w his lips t-witeh. j Several yousy people from here i ••I'm rail-^r disa.ppoin-ed." Mar-j "One thlnff." he said slowly and I :31 *- a S r o*JP &* Par's people and | sha confessed, "bai at least that's : ctfter a little pause, "I am soinff to | fca - a picnic at LAk« Croofc Sat- ne-wl" ' ask you to do for me." I urday rxichi- Sr.s studied Bob. The snaa.ll chair | She waited. j Mrs. Asnie Thompson ar.d Miss he had selected seemed entirely in- • | Hthel Thontpsos have g^orre 10 Spur home. *or an outingr SurU The "CVHD club meet* Friday, j J-uly 20 and all nvcmbers are ask- The entire cast of "Men in! ^j -Q a.ttend. White." as •well as Its TsrilUant di- j Charlie Moore is able to g/et B>~van Bd^.-ards has gone'to Lab- I rector. Richard BolesLavsky, seem { about after aeveral nionth* in bed. ------ J - family Jess Mc- Elisabeth Stem-arts had occypi<-d. tertaln. th* girls -with an ics cream adequate for his bigness- Marsha liked him ra it: liked the way he rather disconcerted her aunt's snobbish. IstUe dra-nriiig- room. ?h~ liked his bronzed skin; his fd ha:r. ai_d his big. strong: hands. "Man's riiSin." h^ hs,d b*en called, and he was that arid siore; he -was a friend to men. *^>on't let another man kiss you, j If you don't care. It isn't—quite | fair, ilarsfca. You see, if I nad not i asd sort o: to bother you and I reallz- ) did^ iiapc&e myself most frigrht- j H« was capable cf being: a real j fuliy. Yoti're not alone to blarn*/' i !over of one woman, and incapable | He tried to smile at her then; ! of playingr with love; he vras real- -she couldn't ans^-er his ssnile. ! izlng- it vrith poigrnant bitterness ; "T&s're lucky. Bob," she said » _e that ^ O 7 "*" TjSO"""S Gibson '-^a« ill. Mr. and Mrs. .K H. Toang vis- ? you means to ! Jted u H Y . , a SheraMia aow - I-.esday. Mr. and Mrs, AqtiiILa Maloney ot j m*, it would be a little As it is—I'm a. seriocs thirty-five • utterly Inexperienced in thi* f-^-^^ °" ^^ of play and. well—bt:t I <lon t | T O V r^ 0<s ^^r ARE HAtlUGVG WATER . tiirogn tfmcn the ss mstitnmns nunim m rr* 1 s^or t*i - &-v i v or "Crater _ _..,. _. . Its clascv for me 1 IE eiear down to nere . , . - . . . 'wjtii Toca-rs coitLrBn. A neig&bor just . , . ., , ., fe - , . in iiis Dair of Englisn buiJ pttps wits . = r - _ _ undershot pups -with bow iegs, 5, comic waddles and €•< In the News 13 Years Ago From the file* *f The Paris Storming News thirteen year* ago "I don't suppose ycsu •w<nzS<J 1 " ?he a*e*-d weekly ar.d -with sharr-e, Sh*r sass- him Gamble *or hi* cigar^*s. He lit one -srtth flnyers that w*rfe unsteady. She had not dreamed could tremble as be trembled rem;n/Sed. "arid I want to "Its not easy to explain," he r*- *pon«5*<J, "and especially for a ra-x sort who doesn't talk easily. But \ pretty girl you it too c'ear at iancheon , . . you r< EAL.L.INGER.—Because of :h*l as sne ; continued drouth several farmer* j ! are ha.v.r:sr to haul -water. :&ry Lxjt:, : lnfant danghier of * Burns, is ill, 'arsrie Perry, -who recently had ( :r?^;caS operation at Laraar hos- a little ar.d she Hked the pain. j pits.-, has beer, b-rousnt home. Siie rose suddenly. "I want to j Mrs. S. F. Tus^ell who visited dance!" she aald. ! h«re and at Koicla.n«S ha« return- He looked at her. astounded. I e<j ;o her home in Gdes*a. "I'll so niau if you lea^s me like ! Gordon Kud^ins and family o* tirl*"* she went on, close to crying, j AUus. Okla.. an<J Ml»a Frances "I mest get out and drink a lot j Kudgreru* of P*tty v-^ite<j In the and dance and—laugh. You've up- : \v. I* Wl'son home S&turJay. an-a :t *no-wec.. i and as close to harshly "Ho-w did you know? 1 ", she a»k-; could speak*~i. "H?_s your cousin Letltia beers ; He shook his head. Suddenly he j ra~eet nothings of me?" imo^red hts chair closer to her? to ; narrowed. "!>o you i Lake both of her hands in his and • be questioaed is turn and j to hold them tightly. He hurt her J a stercess she had ne~\*er ' from him. "that I xrould :o anyone w^ho would say 2: •s«-"aus less than good Mrs. "vT. O. Burnit and MUM L«r- * Burns att»nd*<! graveyard set nie—horribly." f Ke rose siowiy. "Wisatsver you i so balanced. ^ need,"" be isa.i<3 at length and after I "working at Slar-dstown Thursday. a deep, sodden breath. | Mr». Ernesi Hud?in*t 1« unim- "Tou take thin«» too ecriousiy. ! proved from an {lines* of several Bob." 1 day*. God!" he «id sharply; his * *••• %1t "' Bills ant? family. Horaer •wan rnirtaiess. ! McG*e and family attended wins"If you Ie*rn lo dance with any i ^ts ** Shady Grov* Ssndax-. | Mrs- J. H. 5le:d of Millerton. "I can t do that, Marsha." | Okla.. 1» apend'.ns the week In rather, after luuciseos | Tots can! it's a snalter of lea.m- ? tJ " J * ^ "** • S'- 1 * •sr«r« halted i iog. Toa'll find a hundred. .- Unel* Sa:n a living, j * ^ ^ •very t«iiow a nvaig, j TUESDAY, JULY IS, 1921 for it, as is evid^isc- i There -w&g heavy rainfall and bO—•„ .. ».*-.* «d bj the fact that be b rsakiisp tbe fanners 1 and tbe I&rge tent used for the Crimm re- •pi.oW «p tbeir cotton.—Honey Grove Signal- j rival was blo-^m clo-wra and damaged. CStlzes. I — f A teaam farmer told a News reporter that Aunt Minnie thinks you efcotild trust, your j he was giving an k;e cream supper tbe fo!!o-.y- ekildreii. Of eoarse they will get into every pug Saturday nigiu to raise money to enab'e form cf meanness, but she says if yon trcst jinna to visit his aged father in Alabama. tlfceiB voi: don't worry so much. —Claude Callazi I •— m Stir-Telegram. ' - ! Tee body of J. H, Norwood who died at ^ i i ValHant. Okls.. j>au«ss«d through Fari« on s Spring house clean Trig- is a sirrpl* art. Tou train beisg taken to Austin for burial. He a ar.<I you «a.w a chH<5 ; saml. girln -i feaid wa* jf»"c«t *.r s <J yotj look- • Itrcafting &K min^. If at her — rath«r Jitjngrily. An<5 it thoxi- are aa in- I you'll try \ made m« qoite lows rny h«*a.d. you r e rr. * rr b * r ?" "Nor' *iia.rply. h* 4i«mi?re«>d shortly. L-«xiiiKtoii. Ky.. is developing; an a.!r»ort on a. K»5-acre tract u««<J «« a cAmpins sro«nfi fey XJnion tb* Civil War. "I suppo** I »m," h* He looked down on her i "If there** some otJi^r man : -fit — i3 . jro*t sweep and dust as usual and then put all ;'a former citizen of Blossom and Paris. tfe* furniture in a new place.—San Fr&ncisco; ^ Obronide- Excavation began for the building to be —— — • erected on South Twentieth near the market Tfe* A|?e of the earth i* now set by science ! square for cotton bajers* off Sees and stores. «t two billion years. Birthday presents will be : News. Tim Meddlin say*: Ef you help ssiro fel- —— i Jer that is down and. out t fnr hejnyec r « sake h*s complicated life by equip- Jet the tuther feller telj it- Sam poet put t ««4 narrow path with some h this way: **Do go<x! by stealth and then »«t*r«<tunc dctoar*,—San Die^o Union, j blush to find it fame. "~X»rBji*li N*^^. "It wasn't s«n«uot»s. 3«fa.rsha. ».'- thcugrh. God kno-ars,. I am alive wjta you. There will u«ver b« atny- { would tak« you <S*ncingr tonight, »js yon <So," Fro-wning:. Ji«e "JCol I wjtnt yoc." | har<J on his cisr*r«t. **T h«.tf "Very weH." h* *a.i*3, -with a j i," he w<snt on, "of whatt iif« | m^ustrinjic of *ho«M<!Tjt, • txs for a. ma.n a.R<3 •woman ; He he!4 her cloak for !**r an<3 ! >^'e«S "air I tho«gbt W4B di<5, 1 rather 8ttir*i/»5y h« fo!!ow«yj h^r Jn- j "AntJ I thought of my OWTJ chU<3- 1 to the rol*t of th« nisrht. **Th« la»t hoo<3 which *aa feftppy *iwJ I i !>->nf rid* tosiftther," »h« *a.J<S. «,ft*r L—of how h*ppy *oy ciiiM j th«y h*d »etd«4 tn th* t»x?c*!> he h*il*d. 8h« indrawn br«*th. IMS with yo*x for *. iriofli«r 7 »««? And I jmt n»y Js«-oxl on yocr*. you renstrnber? And I «*4<! *I Iov« yoo »o, wb«n ar« 700 goinjf to- be- Ionic to meT and you mhrank." She ira-id ax«.in, "Yes." "Tin&n I l<ft you here, and I went horn* and 7 b***n to think of fc<y»r I had forc«d tJ?.l» «*tt*r «nd,j TH«re were 1* 4«*tJ>* of how yotj ha<5 drawn a VST. Net jfooUwtt twjwi1«« in ItJ*» «* from*—«arc«M«, JCaraHa, but from fit Ift lfJ2 and S* In Iffl. hl« ah&rply "Cmnt yoo tftk* It U^htly, Bobr* "No, M*r»b*..," "Are you p«*Jfy — «urf«rJn«r*" r *H«J1," h<* an*w*red < To 1 from Amusements YOU'RE TELUNG ME W. C. Ftrtd* Adrtenn« Anw» AT THE PLAZA MEN IN WHITE (Pal!ts*rr T»r!»« Piny) Clark GaMe Myna* AT THE LAMAR HEADLINE SHOOTERS (Ten Cent fmy) Wtntem G*nr»n Wmiof AT TOE GRAND Solution of Yesterday's Puzzle 41. 42. Ok: «IC!JL=I»- tiou 4«. 5t»t« oi net

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