The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 10, 1948 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 10, 1948
Page 9
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Stern Note To Russia Sent By Three Allies Philosophy Of Plenty In Netc Long-Range Farm Law United States. Britain and France 5E *« By ROBERT E. GE1GEK Washington, July 9--Department * Agriculture officiaJ, say the new in set at 90 per cent of parity when the size of the crop is 70 per cent of normal but it may be reduced as Playgrounds Tloral Week' Beginning on Monday the municipal playgrounds will observe dance club 10.30 a m and a treas- ! ure hunt in the evening, teensters. ! will leave early Friday cvcjJina by bus for a ikutiiiK party at Braddock Heights: Fairground play-' ground will devote Friday evening to drama especially^ prepared to entertain parents pnd friends. "Floral Week." The main event of j Prizes will be given for the foi- low as 60 per cent of paritv if the {the week wUl be the flower i lowing classifications in the flower moves to\\ ard a philosophy of · site of the crop leaches 130 per . show on Inursday afternoon at | show; three of any variety: not less ! e ,; S cent of normal. In the case o f , 130 on the south side of East i than five «"*ed flowers any vai- vealing a stern warning to tfc*-"^*!^ 'The* "law knmvtT^ thr i tobacco the price will be 90 per Church street at the M a r k e t »**" flower arrangement*, fKmes* wl "a bc t! V 0 , e " Kremlin that they will not be V__=-.:,. aral ^ ct ' O f 1948 wc-ks i cent oi P 3 "^' whenever marketing ; street corner. During the week the i and vases to be under six mche* rhe outlook '..* " * ; quotas are in effect to control the ' children will work on flower ar- | ·nd eight inches: Queen Anne and op iv Jeparlrr · Agricultural this \vav: forced out of Berlin by threats or pressure. Thev offered to negotiate on Berlin" issues but said that first, tae Present high wartime price; Russia would have to lift its food . supports through 1949. Then and fuel blockade of the Western long-range plan, with lower price sectors of the German capital. Britain held its note back from publication ha.f France and the United States had' ceive. The government may pro- released theirs- But the London vice this support by making loans. Feeds May Cost Less This Fa II College Park. July S» uv- The men who run Southern Slates Cooperative today heard a fort- cast that livestock feeds may coit fait and things the far- and needs probably readily available, survey was drawn up by Jepariment heads of the six- The Nem-s. Frederick, Md.. Saturday. July II, MttfB It continue* w^n torn* rhanir^ siz * of the cro »- rangements to b* entered in the i °t«" grasses with garden flowers state " f arnl cooperative which buys .. . swiuc ui*ii K «r*.; Wool prices win ^ supported at show. The show is being sponsored · "» arrangement: corsages or ha»r supplies , support, an hour after the less support the farmer will re- at from M » w » er «"* of P"^: 10 a - n - to U -*- **?_*«* hour time document spoke in much the same purchasing crops or other means. words. The British told the Russians their actions in Berlin had created an "extremely serious international situation."' They charged that the Soviets were acting in "clear violation"* of existing four- power agreements. The three powers, in their notes, varied only in small part as to wording." They demand that the blockade be ended at once. The American note, signed by Secretary of State Marshal!, called the blockade "intolerable." He implied that it vio- m?re riLdS? $ 7he *?op * h TM PO»«O« will be supported of the week is as follows: Monday. ' at from 60 to 90 per cent of parity. : 10 ' Other farm products including . a* C. Burr Artz library: 10 a. m. j poultry, may be supported at from 5O noon, playground staff will meet _ zero to 90 per cent of parity. at Baker Park for two-hour train-'. . . , The secretary of agriculture may '«3 course to study flower arrange- ; Department spokesmen say the c£taMlsh n -, 3rk e ting restrictions on - ments. craft projects for the week purpose is to give some support to | Jhe basic conl , nodisics whe!1 supp iv 1 and exchange new games: Monday abundant crops, but not so much support that the man who has to j buy food has 10 pay prices too high j *or W, pocketbook If prices svart, ^ , ecre:arv es . abhshes Of 3*1 f I ing quotas for a basic cro^ may vote upon it. If z:».ore than one-third of the vo:es are asainst is 115 per cent normal vr prices are below 70 per cent of pa:i:y and supply is less than normal. When market- afternoon and each afternoon thereafter, craft, flower arrangement. , story hour and singing games; Monday evening, rhythm band time nd money i to farmers will be increased. This i ' , . _, . . . . .the quotas, "he support level will crops too sharply. This ties in price -. ,,.. _ . _ / . _ =,, _j_T - - .. n n » "»t» .e_ i * · j ·**· »^\A**V.^\A iv o./ wci i ^ i i t i O* *.*.«.. support witn the Jaw of svpply and " demand create lated a hitherto secret, war-end · T' ae \ agreement made by Premier Stalin with President Truman and former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The experts hope it will j GRANGE MEETS aoundance without waste. Emmitsburg G'an-e held ! :s reg- iy this is the first time there ' uiar meeting- Sa '.he High School nas seen such an arrangement cov- on July 7 with fair a: ;endance. enng major crops. rt'orthy Master Zemz presided. The new l?w has a new method The minuies were read by :he ec- of figuring parity prices. The. re:ary. Clara Harder. The U n i t e d States. Marshall parity formula attempts to define i told the Kremlin, will not be com- A motion was made to have a the buying power of farm pro-' food stand on August !S at the pelled to abandon its rights as a ducts during a period of fair farm ; Field Day. The following commit- B e r l i n occupation power "by profits. Then it attempts to insure | "ee was appointed: Mrs William threats, pressures or other actions." the farmer the same buying power i Wive!!, genera! chairman: Mrs. Then in words as blunt as they" today. As an instance, if two i Charles Lime and Mrs. Edward · bushels of wheat, in a given period, Smith, bought a pair of shoes, today's! Mrs - Edward Meadows is a pa- were undiplomatic he declared: , "It is hoped that the Soviet Government entertains no d o u b t s pr i ce for wheat would be set so that ! tient in the Waynesboro Hospital. whatsoever on this point." Sent Last Tuesday The three notes, which were sent · to Moscow Tuesday, have not yet been answered by Russia. They. were held secret by all three governments until tonight to give the Soviets time to think over what they should say Some diplomats here said the two bushels would be sufficient to I il was buy a pair of shoes, although in ! T1 ? e Kterary hour was :n charge dollars the price is twice as high. ! * the Glrb n "° *« *' Club. he should ducts he sells. "I'm , Clover:" 4-H Pledge: pro " j one act play. "Fever Heat:" piano Tuesday 10 30 a. m . dance club in Baker Park; 10 a. m. to noon. Harmon Field, story hour and rhythm band practice: Washington street, music appreciation and folk dancing: Staley Park, story hour and sandbox play: Mullinix Park, singing games: Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock, teen town meets at she upper end of Baker Park: Tuesday evening, organized games for teensters and adults at Harmon Field: Washington street, dramatic play and folk dancing: Staley Park, folk dancing and social dancing: Muilinix Park, bowling, croquet and paddle tennis tournament for teensters. Wednesday morning. Baker Park, relay time: Fairground, dramatic olav and rhythm band: Harmon Field, sandbox play and dramatic play: Washington street, special The fol- story hour time: Staley Park, s'ory hour and choru? rehearsal; Mul- liniv Park, rhvthm band time. Wednesday evening from seven until 8 o'clock, tweensters dance at uet. Mar- and' Carrie Hahn: re- , Baker Park and from 8 to 10 teen - i xt ut. i.. .*a » ca.ix* ^i^.. L IT-- ^,j,bi.iii. i. t DciK,OT The new parity will be based on | citation. Gloria Herring: one act I dance prices in the 1910-14 period. But c-ernpnt cement d Corn ;Crop Forecast Washington. July t» ·?'--An all- time record co:n ctop of 3.3"S St2 000 bus-hels was forecast for 3!«S today by the Agriculture Departnu-ut It compares with the previous 1946 record total of 3,287.9^7 (WO bushels Corn is the largest feed crop A record harvest hence ^Jiould :nea:i larger meat supphe a:i the iu.ure In the months immediately ahead, however, the department has forecast tighter upplse and higher prices. The depuitisient -aid crop production in 1948 p:o«i:s-e- t? surpass that of the uut-tandir.t; year of 1942 and the record -ft m 1946 The acreage in crop- i- amorig the largest :n recent »:!! and field prospect- are very good for most crops. The forecast wa. based on July 1 conditions. The wheat ciop piv-pcct of 1.241.751.000 bushels is an improvement of four per ce::t over earlier forecasts If that amount i- «· harvested, it would be the -econd larcest crop in history ' The department said lice wiil ; yet a new acreage record and r.ear- . ly equal last year's recoid t»o- : ductioti. Oats and barley \\ :I1 be ; well above average crops Cotton and sells products for 228.000 farmers in Delaware. Mar larft. Virginia. West Virginia. Kentucky a:id the northeastern corner of Ter.iies^M.'v. It was pre:-ented to a conference of 73 managers, district managers and oSiicer^ from the headquarters :ii Richmond. Thc.r thnc day on the Univer«-:ty of campus ca:nc Mar ia tyday. The forecasters prices of most ;h::ij; :o r»»e, wsth the a cloc wsmisi exception of Rosc Growers Should Spray Their Plants Rose growers should spray their I plants several times during the | hot summer weather with a mixture of fermate and water. This j is made at the rate of l' : table- 1 spoons ol formate per gallon o f , water, accotding to Dr Walter F ' JefTe.-. plant pathologist at the University of Maryland. Purpose of the spray is to control diseatess such as Black Spot, powdery mildew, and some of the other 15 diseases which frequently attack roses in this area. These sprays should be followed in t h e ' fall by a cori'bination spray of fermate sU:\ weitable sulphur. · DubU may be used, but sprays do a better ob " · Jellers- aKo urged rose lovers to ' check over their plant; during the! winter a::d prune out a!l dead or ! severely alfecu d c a n e s C u t s should be nsade v.t-!I back of the French was perhaps somewhat'. n addition it will attempt to take softer in tone, but they noted that' into consideration changes that France was not a party to the, have taken place in farming prac- original Potsdam agreements on tices and demand for farm products post-war German., and thus ap-. since then. For instance, it costs proached the problem differently '. less to produce grain today than it from the United States and Brit- ' did in 1910-14 because grain plant- j The French, too. insisted on , been invented, reducing farm labor, their "rights" in Berlin and said, Also the demand for grain has they "will not give away before! changed. The new law averages menace or pressure:" i prices for all farm commodities · . CT- | \4t*£*v.^_ VIS t*IC LCillCKL IClillld I.UUI fc3. t rf ' * i » ( playlet "The Train Leaves in 10 : Fairgrounds, folk dancing; Wash! ?"?2fS 1S ten per Cent larger lhan Minutes:" son? bv proiiD- "Hood . inntnn ,.»,,,,» ^u:j___-_ _* '. n I**'. Minutes;" song by group. "Good . ington street, children's own «=tory Nile Everyone." The next Grange; i, our ; stalev Park and Mullinix meeting will be held in the High ' School on July 21. SYKESVTIXE CLtrB ELECTS Sykesville. July 10.--The Sykesville Rotary Club. Tuesday stalled officers to serve ing year. Arthur new president, sir j R. Hering. Other ENLISTS IX XAVY Park, organized game time. = George Eugene Kline, of Myers- Thursday morning, dramatic play, ville. has enlisted in the L'. S at Harmon Field: 10.30 a. m. special j Navy for three vears and been story hour in Staley Park; Thursday i transferred to the Naval Training Dc ~ plentiful by Fall. 3 ' Center at Great Lakes. 111., for re- afternoon all narks xvlll be closed i The h:uh po::U of the survc-v : Fertilizers--They will be ome- ".\ ha: ::iore plentiful !h:s fall a:i! :se\: ?pr:iis :n ;he country as a who-e. but the supply on the ea_ttr:i ^eaboard w:S5 continue ab^-t:'. the sa.ise Strikes 1:1 sonic of t:.e plassts furnish::)}; various fo:::»« of :u'.rate for fer$i!;;ers !:a\e curtailed the supply. Supcr- 5»!nj.l;-:e- w j ' l be plentiful Potash \\ill be in -lijihlly bettor ·supply if ::'.H'-':t keep to schtslule i':i ail \\:1! be -ome\\hat Low cr \-\t Kali Feed -Pr.i'e-' wi:I be lower this fal'. tJooti \vhe.K and oats crop.- secr:i defiiiiteSy e.tabj;shed and :!·.· proven: ouilouk f i r corn :s ^uHi The relation between what a i,iri:\cr i'a.i 1 ; for feed and what he if'.- for livestock is uomc to improve. Farm supplies--Items made of or cMitamintf steel will continue .-h.r.r; The supply of most other ;l ,,..- s ^!)ou!i be ftreat!-- improved O.I ";'-' be better Some of the technical advjijces made during the war nr-? now coming into ueu- , eral use. Tires will be plentiful and better. Plenty of farm freez- ' ers. The grov.-".-i popularity of aluminum roofing has eased the shorlase in other types. Seeds--Most legumes. except alfalfa and crimson clover, will The clover · seed crop will be only about 75 By their emphasis on the "inter-. during a recent 10 vear neriddT£ : , - g ' ^ omcers are: - ^ oaay . n a r m o n r iem. aramauc itio"al" nature of the Berlin dis ! ^T *».- recent l°-ear period. Flrst vice president. Willard L. plav in the mornin? and parent- iiiu-idi nature uz tne reniii ois- . Thmn fni« at-«*i-acf(» ic- n^a/4 -»f ^no i TT . - _ , -,-^-- ,, « I _T -* ·· ** . ,. . j=day i n - j during the flower show; Thursday i cruit training, it was. announced percent of last year the com- j evening, folk dancing in Baker j today by Chief Quartermaster Earl \ Small grains--A i C. Brown, is the j Park: and storv hour, group singing j D. Underwood, recruiter In charge mo*t small "grains cceeding DeVries: an^ eames at Washington street of the local recruiting station, quality ccd barley. ter officers are: j- Friday. Harmon Field, dramatic Upon completion of his recruit , 1_I '." fair supply of except high j put^e'Se^plw^opeSedi? 6 " *««'«?» Is used, at one !Hawkins:' s «rVta"r^:"winthrop E! ! children voll^"b^i'g^e fa*The put,, me V,este-n powers opened, stage of flgurir±g . to establish a| LawTence: treasurer. Frank S. i evening: Baker Park, tweensters to the Russians for a peaceful set- . tlement in line with Article 33 of I am ? Ia 5 rease ? rlces for livestock i DeVrses R. Hering. Nathan C. the United Nations Charter. This I ^ da | ry proa " cts ' l*°° os and Thomas F. Arrington. article calls on the pa-ties to any : Tne Iav '" spell? out the wav the ; Other c° mml "ee chairmen are j dispute to settle it by negotiation j secretary of agriculture may sup- W- illard Hawkins. Wilbur Wimmer. ; mediation, conciliation or various I port P rlce s of the -basic" commodi- j Dr. J. B. Koerner. Elmer Lee. | other peaceful means In addition j ties ~ corn - wheat, cotton, peanuts. I Arthur Collette. Robert Green- it empowers the U. N. Securitv I r!ce ano * tobacco. He may support i shields. Rev. G. E. Osfaorne. Dr. J Council, when that faodv deems ! other products at his discretion, j Robert Gardner, Thomas Arring- j call upon the parties ! T^ tobacco price will be set at 90 | ton - DeVries Heririg. Nathan [ rper cent of parity indefinitely. The IHobbs. Joseph Seevold. William B. · ', other five basic commodities may I Kldd and Charles C. Williams. j be supported at from 60 to 90 per i " ; cent of parity. The level will be J Fragments of rugs dating back i determined by the abundance of hundreds of years before the j necessarv to to settle their means." dispute by such r " " BOVARD ILL Havre de Grace. July 9 if Sylvester W. Labrott. Jr's Bovard- ' any ctfrornodity. The price may be i Christian era still exist. one of the top Maryland three-year- · olds, was stricken here today with forage poisoning and is reported to be in critical condition. Bovard had been expected to | rule as the favorite in the S10.000- ' added Potomac stakes to be run ' at a mile and a furlong next Wednesday, The three-year-old made ' his last start in the 517.500-added ; Leonard Richard stakes at Delaware Park and finished second to "Woodvale Farm's Page Boots. YOUR DRAWBRIDGE OF PROTECTION XEW ROADS MAP The 1948 "official highway map" 'or Maryland is being distributed without charge by the State Roads Commission. according to announcement. In addition TO the map. which shows State and county roads on a scale eight miles to the inch, the publication includes a series of 25 photographs of places to visit in the state. A comprehensive listing of historical areas. parks, forests asd trails has also been added. ' 4 Furnish us with a few j · i simple facts--tell us how j ·i much to set aside for you. j .-* The money most likely* ,,- will be ready for you by fg ,i the time it will take you :-; : to reach our office. § $25.00 to $300.00 LINCOLN IOS W Patrick St. Phone 1270 Upon comp! training he will be sent to a ma- · The amount of salt in the sea is chinist's mate school. - estimated at 32.000 trillion tons. DOSH'S LIVESTOCK MARKET Tuesday. July 13.1948--12:30 O'Clock Sharp HORSES, MULES and COWS IN THIS BUNCH WILL BE SOME REAL HORSES AND COWS If you are looking for eood hoi-.e-; and cows, this U the place to bur them. All kind of livestock told »n commission. If you have any stock you \vant to sell, bring it in or call 1033 Frederick, and I will come and buy It. COME EAICLV--UOXTT FORGET THE DAY--Tuesday. July 13. i9-«s DOSH'S LIVESTOCK MARKET, Frederick, Md. MODEKX P H A R M A C Y Successor To Pear re's Drug Store Drug A Prescription Service TELEPHONE 208 STOPPER INSURANCE AGENCY FREDERICK.MD. Phone:i292 Cole's Jewelry Trade in your old watch for new or recondition watches. All ?,Iakes Of Watches And Clocks Repaired WE BUY SELL 323 XORTH MARKET ST. BETTER HOMES, Inc. Hagerstown, Md. 1 Johns-Manville 'BLOWN" ROCK WOOL HOME INSULATION Top Soil and Flagstones BLUE RIDGE BUILDING SAND AND STONE SUPPLY Stones for Roads and Driveways ALSO FILL DIET FOR SALE CHARLES MARINO Care Rose Tavern, Phone 1614-J Duir.p Trucks for Hire Get Your OUTBOARD MOTOR XOW AVAILABLE SHIPLEY'S SPORT STORE 103-105 N. Market St. JULY SPECIALS Gent's Wrist Watches Were S29.75 to ?45 NOW S17.50 to S24.75 5-Piece Silver Service Was $60 NWS30 Odd Pieces Silver Flatwear Were up to S4.00 -- NOW 50c to S2.00 $7.50 Aluminum Sandwich Trays, NOW S4.00 S1.50 Sheaffer Pencils, NOW 75c Up to S6.00 Earrings, NOW S2.40 S17.95-S12.25 Electric Clocks, NOW S12.95-S7.95 Clearance of Costume Pins and Necklaces "Gifts For Baby" -- values to S5.00--50c SEE OUR WINDOW McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE 4S NORTH MARKET STREET THE HOME OF "KING CUT" DIAMONDS The World'* IVToit Brilliant Diamonds Rains Make Crops And Ruin Them When the soil holds adequate moisture ihinars crow ,_ * o *^ well. * When top soil \vashes away, fertility goes with it. Contour plowing and strip planting means better results over more years. Through our complete Farm Relations Department we are prepared to counsel with you on your long- range plans for your land. Stop in and let us figure on your plans for protecting your property. You won't be obligated. aTKNS NATIONAL R4NK MMIIt FfDltt.1 ItJCtVC »W!« AND FIPUAl · IFOSIT INSUIANCI C O t P O t A T I O N diseased area and th« part* t*- moved should be burned. Dorfcag, the early spring before th« bod*- open. a dormant spray of 1 part concentrated liquid lime »ulph«r to 10 parts of water should b* applied. To complete the year'* control program, another spray is applied as the new leaves are opening in the spring. This consists of two leaspoonfuls of fermate and two teaspooululs of wettable sulphur in a gallon of water. Two or three applications should be made. UNION DEFEATED New York. July 9 lif--Employes at the Celanese Corp. Newark, N. J.. plant have turned down the CIO Textile Workers Union of America as their bargaining agent. The National Labor Relations Board regional office announced today the vote was 477 against the union. 329 for. There were 929 em- ployes eligible to vote. Hotpoinl Appliances Hotpoint Electric Ranges Holpoint Automatic Dishwashers Hotpoint Automatic Hot Water Heaters Hotpoint Home Freezers and" Refrigerators Hotpoint Washers and Ironers fO.ME IX AND MAKE YOUR SELECTION MELVIN M. ENGLE BUDGKT TERMS HOME OWNED HOME OPERATED Back of Post Office Phone 80 Frederick. MA JULY CLEARANCE Rensie and Wyler Watches $39.75 Rensie Watch $42.50 Wyler Watch Special '24 V 75 Special '24.75 $37,50 Rensie Watch $39.75 Wyler Watch Special 19.75 Special '24.75 ALSO OTHER WATCHES AT A SPECIAL »RICE BKOADMOOR AND VANITY FAIR PATTERNS Sublets. Sherbets. Wines, Iced Tea Glasses and Salad Plates Special 29c cwelti KEY HOTEL BLDG. Let's Go Fishing Famous Evlnrude Outboard Mot***. Immediate delivery on fishing models. DELPHEY'S SPORT STORE EVERYTHING FOR THE FISHERMAN IN FW SPA PERI . . . with a New Form Tractor Fleet Three new Oliver tractors to fit your farm power needs! A TJCJT 2-pIow, 4-cyiindcr "66"! A new 2-3 plow, 6ylinder '77"! A 3-4 plow, 6-cylinder "88". "V our choice of three great new engines for all three! AH r HC' for gasoline, a "KD" for tractor fuels, and a dicsel that -will be available later. All three are equipped with 6-forward-speed transmissions. The remarkable new direct drive power take-off K available for all three. A choice of cast iron or stamped steel wheels to fit you- traction and weight requirements--interchangeable among all three Row Crop models. All three arc farm-engineered . . . incorporate the same advanced new features. Oliver's full line of centrally mounted and rear suspended tools are basically interchangeable among all three Row Crop models. Available in Row Crop, Standard. Row Crop with Adjustable Front Axle, or Row Crop with Single Front Wheel. Sec us first for facts on all the modern, valuable farm features on this versatile new tractor. FREDERICK IMPLEMENT CENTER, INC. 510 W. Patrick St. Phone 232I-TV FREDERICK, MD. ,,_.. NEWSPAPER!

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