The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 23, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDEBICK, MD. MONDAY. MAY 23, 1932. THKEJB Aerial View Of Soviet May Day althoug.i a grei. utluer ... :~e ^.BICENTENNIAL OBSERVED H million ' I ' O 1 d l M I ·id 1 Sermon To Graduates At Mary-. land School Sunday. j EXHIBITION DRILL HELD Commencement exercises at the laryisisd State School for Deaf began I Sunday afternoon »:*a the bacealau-! ie»te sersnoa to Hoe graduates by R*v. j Dr. Amos John Trater. pastor of the; Evangelical Lutheran church, followed j by an eshio.'jon drX of the Cadet! Corps on tae front campus. Ignatius j Bjorlee, superintendent, presided and! presented Rev. Dr. Traver Coamence-' meat proper »ill be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock then diplomas will be presented to twelve grad"ftW. awards made by Mr Bjorlee and the ·» n pi«i competitive drill, one of the i principal evenis of the year for the! School's Cadet Corps, will take place The exercises Sunday were heM in the school auditorium inich was crowded with students, faculty and a number of visitors. After being presented by Mr Bjorlee. Re\ Dr. Traver delivered a a j inspiring sermon. mtrpretel in the s^n language by Mr. Bjorlee. ra'-r-'g "Loyalty," for his theme. He spots at John the E-.angelist and said :f any one word could characterize his relat.on to his Master, it would be loj ilty. He then! reminded the graduates that this is his j message to uiem and the way to royalty is by the way of loyalty. Connnuing Rev. Dr. Traver said "the world hates a traitor With Josiah' Royce, it places loyalty m the lery ' arrni dm-as the Roolutwnary War 'UP . the tJB c b, betra,*. *. ^ ft LEADERS' BIBLE CLASS t:.,^-, ' uU' " In 1 * ' 1 - - ' tl s °' '«'° '*' ' t ·. i w v · ··uj vort o* | 'i i i «· « lum Wj.-!!- He i he »as ever al'erv\a-e known as a MAQf Lo,att 10 Kea^ Major EdgarlTMcBride Dehx- ^ -Be lovai" ^ cod ^Ot-e aw* 1 ^ i*e ers Address. 'pression SMI make :^. b s?esr -ii--S -'· ^ ,,,,, x b ^7~ ka\e a clear-cut oo:.c ol c-r God Br.dc- '-1-1 ..*-' fea'U'vc :^ the great of thl:» »^r:d !ic» to i-»'h- ".ii ~.'U. n.v ir.ea.c' ins bet-.ce--Him Ij^a- * ".oGod -» - ·*»£*- e-iisc* of : IxMao"* B.b.t 'mental The »orla i a.\ii:u.g ?»s"' : L\.\.ir\ Me oc_' Lp.^ 'pi the coming cl a ma-i .\1.J ^s Unal to helc bi.r:id\ nx-.^^ d ' r i i g ,com» 'Be :ho-i fa- hul OI.M cea',1- ;. eila-v. C \.li r OLVK- I and I »!-! gi\e ^J a V--OAII ol L.'t' ':c.»rd "he j iRo-.a: hoao-j are f «r tiic^* In lij. naii ' »nu are iojai loa. '··) i.ujis^.^es. The grca*. ^'. ' to\al to oters ^nd 2tK\e all I\.il :o ware E\ere:t God" cliaraoie- ol Sewra: \ocal -jtanic ;ns »ere ^.d : v - post gi\en by the ad\ar.c«J class before and ,. ; ;-^- ^va a!ter tae teraor: ^rder "he cir«?e*.o-! ol ;he\ a"e hs Miss Rad^'^ff *.'h M^' Mar!;en .v» ^; j ]jaret Ken: piariist Groupec about :i.e _ : ... fic a u · i piano the c*a ^A-is es.c^pl-Jiia-- 'AC-.I hoi ^rsblo a 'and carried the *.-ne perfertl.' -.hro^sh .i v greattit aff-^^ jich in .r.e happ^ the Instrumental::-.- ot ioanc bv RXIC-I .« ei: . 0 ! a fu'l nsav_-. ·· and a 1 1:1 :ha: ' The eshib.tion dr.U was under :*ie ..._ e p^por-ion in nl^r.i 'hov ba'.an e direction of Jamej McVernon railitarj ^ it j ..^^jij edcl' c'^r- I ins'rticwr a:h!e:..- coach ai.U sutx-rxis- -\vh.le :!_* j do ibsV-ss -r^e ne\-r- jor of boj-s »i:h LeRo\ Arr.aers actir^ .:elcss on -r.\ *ho_i!.'I-i VOISIOT- caoet officer Foi:o*mg :he Uriil the j; , D!; O f t ;, e chjrac-cr t! WM! .-.g'«i ' I cadet corps ·aas revl^*ea bv Supenn- Ke n ,..| of.-.i :J ;".es « he po- . 'tendcnt Bjorlee Re - . Dr ar.d' ^s^ ;o 3 il .per.ili've do^'e* a".d j Harry E ChapUne whlcn cor-r.bu-*d\ :o Th drUl contest Tnursds. '*iU »e t.-.e y^^^^ a c in.\^-t^^ jf h^ I damnation p'm ^"-i Ma'or Elmer F . fl ^ ca , cer j v a o \ '(- · »- Muns-ioAer. in cha-^e Th_s contest is , u ' ra " S9 ;f_ a icrene loiricci.i.* I held once a ear."g gracua'.ion ^ar.w! a quie: |ei.ercise, anc is opei. :t t~e pvib'.ic ", ^"^ a ., d " a ^ ,,, % The graduates are. E^h'h g^ao- f ~ ~ ' Full or t oi.fidencr. ! ·AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE HKt 1HLI-1 P K O P K K I 1 l \MAOt UAB1LJTX HELFENSTEIN URNER ' i. : -«A Hire tilled i ·'! d .*.·.'-."·:. ».ti- : p i :.-. :· n Ar-J * Stieff s Silver ROSE PL'RITAS CLI\TOS PATTERNS f-lLJ. L I N f C \KKltl) IN STOCK EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR FREDERICK J A M E S E. DOLL far (h?r 50 Years -:.d!K: o: ! '. r ': "art* Arrer C3.' Near* ad.?rtls.:.» ^ · Fasteeth Holds Your U- False Teeth In Oxlege prepa-atorj -- James* Gniecko. strength ir. the midst of sorni.* Henderson, Ka;herin near Frederxi. Jonn \Ves!» M.tcrhe:: The Dandelion Poet Says: When your liver's upside down; must Be loyal to |-rn»ir -'·- ··· Purr.phre. Laager Erne*- AJW.I .^e-i .^o ^ h - d 'a - » -he '^o-: An d U P C Wading ssaDus streams of humanity, converging upon Moscow's famous Reeb. John LeRov Ar-ioe-g ar.d «»·»-'- .,.^_ .,, soundness 3 nV of 1 t ,, Red Square* are s^^ngly shown in this aeruU phxo taken during the Ma Davis Si^rman. Batunore a,cl Mar;. ^ ^^ y ^. M ~ "^ '^ ^ \ ^OU-'n. Dav demosLStration is the So/tel capita!. At the rtght may oe seen an eage | Florence bay .or. KOva-j i-c-c^e ^ _ rjo^-v HA ^r» s WT-M *« 0 **i.» ereCtect OH CAC~~ Sice l-pper --gn- ^ i*-^ ^-^.vt* - ·**··. ( mst'on of our Constitu'iors Aii*xanci^r ! rt*-n ·· -he -vo- · And upon your face c \ fn you go without a tain great convictions which you have j You have been trained to know the · right Tour honor demands that yoaj do not violate these dreams that lead j you on today. If you play traitor to your own soul you wO pay the price every traitor pays. Be Loyal To Friends ' Be loyal to others Loyally is the' rock upon which fneadsrup is built j ,, right is a former church and convent which now houses a historical museum | and government offices. I n, others trust you? S\en at great personal sacrifice will you keep your ycur fneads' Bshop Soott. TOr d the first colored Bishop cf tne Meth- odisi, cnurch, is^s sent through school a railroad in order that his brother! might receive the oenents of trained work. Back o* every successful person' is a background of loyal associates i Honors won today will be shared by' i mation of our Constitv.'ion Alexander j risk t . i NEW YOR and into ministry bv the earnings of a | parents, who haie tnade your educa- ; brother, who g2\e "up nis chance for , tion possible Do not betray them Beae- , an education to work as a porter on i diet Arnold oetrayed his country and, iittlk Gilbert Swan JACOB RUFFERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP TTKe Talk of tke And take a Dandelion Disk." large box - Sl.OO Your Drujjist's or Dealer"* Auction today! Giesterfield buys the best £ Tr /T-,«»\\V I*** / £ C Merger voa b« V, \Jr /Chele'S-ld-, ou gc: then ju;! as fresh as f ou CSTC bv our farjorv door Chesterfield tobaccos are aged right © 192-, LJSGETT Mvoa Toasceo Co. N OWADAYS, when so many people are talking about paper is pure--clean, ^hite, the best cigarrtte paper purity...pure food, pure milk, pure water... it's that money can buy. Therejs puritj in ever} ingre- worth a minute to tell you something about the purity " ' "~"^ *~~~ of Chesterfield cigarettes. All the materials that go into the making of Chesterfield cigarettes are tested again and again by expert research chemists. Just like the things you eat and drink. The tobacco is pure--the right kinds, Domestic and Turkish both, mild, sweet, ripe. The /n factories « cfwn us your fa'tcfien dient and cleanliness in evefy operation. You can know, ^hen you light a Chesterfield, that it is as pure as science can make a cigarette. And your taste will tell jou it's milder, it tastes better. Chesterf YOU FEEL IT! ·c. \ \ i t b security, hclpt'iilne.*?. with to-ttnl qualifications, are rhararU-nstii-.-. oi tins Bank. Patrons en-»e thoin when openiuuc busi- ne? relations \ \ i t h t h i in^tilution. Old patrou? count ui»n them. It takes \x-ar of e^taWishment and cliaracter-buildintr \n hrinir a Dank to this decree of individuality. But we're -till young enough to appreciate new friends! Farmers Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 ^^^^^^mm^m*ma^*----^-- Extra Value Extra Savings On Your Purchases , , - » i Girls* Style Nazarelh Twirl Mesh A lovely new mesh fabric In plain paste! shades Co'ors- B'ae, Green. Golc. Orchid. White _ -. · I I nfOfft W 1U.VM.1 yd. Blooms:- leg Sizes 2 to 12 Sleeveless Suits i 25c each For little t: S z^s 2 6 3 ears Crepe ] A Raor. Crepe printed in the nCT l.s«t sroond ef- Another Sale of Chinele Rugs g0 c yd . 95c 24 by 36 «'·«-?*·' A BETTEE ^ S 1.29 Chiffon 24 by 48 »"·!· cesisr-5 -- c 30 C A Sale of Fine Hair Nets Stocking A J 29c the half dozen New Sox and Anklet ert of Paimolive Shampoo S r/os 6 :a S . 25 39 SHOP S FOR STYLE AND VALUE

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