Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 17, 1970 · Page 134
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 134

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1970
Page 134
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Page 134 article text (OCR)

LilM •HAWN NORTH WOWKApH YOU A WAftAFffftYOU Friday Foster Wizard of Id •KU IiMiton, IM. »» That's what I tike oboub these TV suppers... In the I think I'll finish off Fred Basset VANNA S«E ME DO A WANNA see »r A&MM Squint has 1 ?- "This jug was.filled with "(ruarcf Hr with gour life.' It mat) be the last breath of fresh air left in the countru! air near Plaqstaff, Arizona An iron jucj.. sealed tiqht. 1 in January,1955.'" a message on the side here/ Gasoline Allev MOTHER, VOLJ'RE LOSING WEIGHT/ VES, I KNOW/ •HEV COOL/ IN TEN MONTHS I WON'T^AVE A MOTUER- IVE BEEN LOSING FIVE POUNDS EVERVWEEK/ Mult and Jeff i m ~~ DID YOU GO TO THE STOBE WITH DADDY. WINKY? DO YOU KNOW DAPDV CALLED TH' MAN WHO WA6 PRIYING IN PRONT OPU5?" B2..UW...YOU CAN TELL ME LATER, WINKY... ME CALLEP HIM A ROAD HOG / /(YES'/*' ( NANCY, DID YOU PRACTICE v YOUR PIANO LESSON WHILE I WAS OUT? I'M SORRY— I SHOULD HAVE SAID, "NO, MA'M" YES, MA'M Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. YAASS J HOTW ' ) TEAZOL WNGYT 3|C •«5wwa8a*- r* \ S. / ^_/J '*^>JL'^\ > ••'iS r - 1X^1 M**m*mn*§ A 1* ii^m« WHAT A PAP* MI6HT BE IW WARM \VEATHER Astrological forecast By SYDNEY OMARR for June 17 of beauty and MM* of refinement. She is no angel, but may convince vou she actually does have wings fhe is especially attracted id AQUARIUS men. Some famous LIBRA women Include Julie London, Carralne Day and Annette Funlcello. flow. Get around TT see and be see Make conciliatory gesture to relative seen. tive. 1 K?lT" r * iW '* |Tl?n. *7urnv igmyvft bl* tShtt® .b 1 X d nUe Ul ^unfe n ' k ? 6 S|U»mu^.te^^ , write effectively, speak with authority and aet ma or points across; Plan advertising, public relation? programs. Vacation travel also favored. FAMRUS (April 20-M»y 20): Surprise In flnanclaT area — Involvfnj money of mate, puslnew partner — is like- Kome P * C| *---*"-- e -' 0n £ ^* ld '' esu - ln famin LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Study , GO message, Accent on short I neys, Ideas, Inspiration, ability to thoughts on paper. You may ex ence dlfflcuUv organizing. This Is temporary. You are getting at truth. ive HOUSE-. CLEANING Dick Tracy Judge Parker lour- get ixper- but UP WV< I IVMIKIV |WI pay debts, (if a can get what you SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec, 21); C t peak; you can take mltl ,ke changes. Accept chj •ransfprm the abstract n lid. Be sure, poiw\ Ivi jnd you flv e ' My member'i a f^i N WVuPUJlSLSi '• 3** ]n - - h J"t C*fR!?ORN (Oe |C . e 22 rf an. . alfy. t Now arrange the circled letttri to form the lurpriie atuwer, H tuffeited by the above cartoon. RUS essage. Your great «. Show form esoe- rela- lessa or 1?): specie! tone AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fe. onliopes, .desires. GaTr vajlable. CTTTT1 (AMvcrt tomorrow) Jumble,; ZOM9I JfiKY BYOQNf OIN9HY If hat thine uhu dritik to J'orgei ( lo rtiiivintiti -- TO wii ifVt*M0f WVOII B9i UOIII 9I| you relat.e to assqcafr- •-Keep health resolutions. EO (July 23-Aug. 22): today coincides with ci rornatlc Interests. You J» ! shown fc°eep LEO coworkers, PISCES ,» shlp. new VIKCO I/U'I.'IUN i time . ilKJKtui Good aspect creative efforts u may have to y l 8peclsl r «'a''on- for an end — or a "L T9D*Y is. YOUR l -a): HiHv have natural execullve sbll tend to be reitj^s. When y «c/i« at< bt« you l««rn you f»n «l . ton t 82 The Arizona Republic Phoeftfe, Wed., June it, 1970 88&?ffiL'8S^ ALL ASOUT ft WHEN YOU *T G60KINB MV DINNER SOMeTHINJ® TELLS ME THIS IS QOIISK ro ae ONE OP'THOSE LONS, QUIET EVEMINSS WU WAY HAVE TO CHEAT A LITTLE ON THE SPEED LIMIT, .EDGAR! THE OTHERS IN THE CAST LEPT FOR THE THEATER, NEARLY AN HOUR ASOJ MY 6E5T, Mr55 y KRI5TINE! D NEVER NOTICED SEPORE THAT SHE'S HAD IT FOR SEVERAL 1 . YEARSJ-SINCEBACRWHEN V SHE WAS HOOKED ON ^NUMEROLOaY! *£Sa POLICEWOMAN? -6R-WMAT-? ONLY INFORMATION, MA'AM. DID YOU KNOW THE COUPLE THAT DIED IN THE FIRE NEXT DOOR IN 1961? OH,MY,YES! NICE PBDPLE. IT WAS HER SECOND HUSBAND. NEVER KNEW HER , FIRST HUSBAND. HE WENT TO THE PEN FOR KILLING A MAN. THERE'S ONE THING YOU'P BETTER L6ARN, ABBEY,, AMP RIGHT NOW! THAT LITTLE GUY IN THERE NEEPS ONE THING MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE PI5CIPLIWE.' THING HE NEE-PS MOST IS LOVE, SAMi LOVE NEEPS LOVE.. 15 THAT IT? YOU'RE BEGINNING TO SOUNP LIKE THE LYRICS TO A CORNY SONGJ WHAT PO YOy THINK LOVE IS.. GETTING AWAY WITH ANYTHING ONE WANTS TO PO? 'WE HAVE ONE OTHER % _ _ LITRE THING TO CON5IPER \STANP THE AT THIS TlWE, ABBEY.' THE THOUGHT OF JUVENILE AUTHORITIES HAVE/ HIS BEING TO BE CALLEP ANP v^^RETURNEP TOLP HE'S HERE! 1^% THERE i ,^> ® V / » X - 2frtmt what t(ou say, £ir, if a composer were ia steal a iunejVom. Schopenhauer, Pogo PL*M*»M*-lUtL.**aiC*f» * < ^SSaSH¥*9I ire ^ ANtyro 0fc FAIR, ru TABUS POINT POUR. Ask Andy How was the pterodactyl able to fly? — from Richard Crotvley, Peterborough, Ontario Our modern birds are masters of the air and it is natural to suppose that no creatures of the past ever equaled the grace and power of their flight. For a long time, scientists were somewhat puzzled about the pterodactyls who took to the air during the days of the dinosaurs. Fossil evidence suggested that their flight was weak and clumsy. Recently the evidence was re-evaluated and it is thought that perhaps the pterodactyls by GENE FAWCBTTB LEWEITTOTH6 BRITISH TO DESIGN A SECURITY BOX THAT WOULP STUMP EVEN '007.' A NEW SUPER-SAFE CONTAINER AUTOMATICALLY SPRAYS ITS CONTENTS WITH A SPECIAL BLACK DYE MAKING THEM UNUSABLE IF ANY ILLEGAL ATTEMPT IS MADE TO OPEN IT.,, won PJOMS ' • even surpassed the flight of our modern bird world. The term pterodactyl, meaning "wing-fingers," was coined during the 1700s when paleontologists first found sample fossils of these early flying animals. Later, with many more samples, their family tree was surveyed with astonishment. Although bird-like, they were not birds and their descendants did not give rise to the modern birds. Some 20 species are now classified as pterosaurs, for they were flying reptiles and qualified members of the great saurian order of the dinosaurs. The earliest pterosaurs took to the air some 150 million years ago. All the pterosaurs, large and small, had light bodies built for flight. Their slim bones were hollow and porous, their bodies were small in comparison with their wide wings. They had huge heads with long, pointed snouts. Earlier models had rows of sharp te§th in their jaws and long reptile tails. Later models were toothless, their wider tails were shorter and some had high crests of bone on their heads. All had small, weak legs and all wore reptile scales, rather than feathers. The remarkable wings of the pterosaurs were bands of scaly skin, supported on the elongated bones of their arms and hands. The first three fingertips were free and fiercely clawed. These membrane wings resembled those of a modern bat and their flight was bat-like. However, the best of them far surpassed the flight of any known bb( The early pttro- sparrows. The much later pteronodon were huge, their wings spanning 25 feet or more. The mighty pteronodon was nature's supreme flying animal. Scientists suspect that he lived along rocky coasts and soared for long hours above the waves. Now and again he plunged down like a dive-bomber to grab a fish in his toothless jaws. Maybe he used his finger claws to cope with a strug- gling victim. In the air, perhaps his short tail and the high crest on his head were used to steer and guide his flight. His immense wings flapped and wheeled, banked and turned, swooped and dived and, no doubt, out- soared our soaring albatross. Send questions on postal card to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 2406, Phoenix, Ariz. 85002. The author of the published question won a 20-volume set of World Book Encyclopedia. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE ©»«> WMfrtDfTT" Kwvite II SVteO- r^* fc r/

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