The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 7, 1970 · Page 5
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May 7, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
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Thursday, May 7, 1970
Page 5
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/LEADERS ASK KENT PROBE | **. CAMPUS CGntlnued from Pag& One and Mr. Nixon told them this could be done but a request would have to come from the state. •The students said they asked the President also how future tragedies might be "avoided and he replied that an end to the war, reduction in armaments and a volunteer Army would minimize dissent. ,The students who met with M r. Nixon are sophomore Thomas Brumbadv^of Mantua, Ohio; senior Richard Cutler, 23. of Kent, Ohio; senior , Donald S. Grant, 22, of Ridgewood, N.J.; gra R. Dean Powell, 24, of hoga Falls, Ohio; senior Daniel G. ^Tretinik~r2i:~~6f TWfckliffe, Ohio; and senior Samuel H. Trego, 24, of North Hampton, Ohio. Senate Action Meanwhile, Senate leaders of both parties joined the students in asking that a special presidential commission be named _ to investigate the Kent State killings. Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield o' Montana .and his Republican opposite number, Senator Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania, sent a letter to Mr". Nixon asking that the same high- level commission should also .study the general question of campus unrest. Senator Stephen M. Young (Dem., Ohio) told the Senate - the shooting at Kent "by trigger-happy National Guardsmen" came soon after the President had referred to some- college—students as bums. He told the Senate "there was no riot" 5n the Kent campus and there had been no shots fired by a sniper or others until the guardsmen fired at the students. He said one guardsman had suffered a heart attack and another had fainted but that was all. Young said his investigation showed an accidental shot by one of the guardsmen touched off a "trigger-happy" response by other guardsmen. "I have received reports that o n.ey o u t h f u 1 demonstrator hurled back a half-filled canis- WIREPHOTO (API Grieving Family of Slain Student Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Krause and their daughter, Laurie L 15, mourn the death of their daughter and sister, Allison, 19, at graveside services Wednesday in Pittsburgh, Pa. Miss Krause was one of the four Kent State University students killed during Monday's confrontation with National Guardsmen on the Kent, Ohio, campus. ^ter of tear gas which struck a guardsman on his shoulder, or hisyrifle, and immediately that rifle was discharged accidentally., instantly, his companions— trigger-happy National Guardsmen — shot and killed four students," Young said: House Speeches The House speeches on the also heard Kent State tragedy. Representative Edward I. Koch (Dem., N.Y.) said there was "a casual relationship between the harsh rhetoric of President Nixon and Vice- president Agpew and the fact that the National Guardsmen shot down students on an American campus.'i Koch cited Nixon's recent reference, to "bums blowing up the campuses" and Agnew's description of student radicals as impudent snobs and paranoids as examples of harsh rhetoric. Representative William A. Steiger (Rep., Wis.), noting that thousands of students are expected in Washington this weekend for a demonstration at the White House, urged bis colleagues to receive thern and listen to what they are trying to say. Representative Charles Vanik (Dem., Ohio) said it was impossible to believe that guardsmen would go onto a college campus and shoot down students. "In other places, this would be called civil war," he said. Ohio State Closes Down COLUMBUS, OHIO (AP) - After'new trouble at Ohio State University, Gov. James A. Rhodes said Wednesday all state universities experiencing unrest should be shut down im mediately. Shortly thereafter, OSU Pres ident Novice G. Fawcett ordered OSU closed immediately until further notice.. He said he acted after consultation with Rhodes, asked students to return home and said all students were expected to be off campus by noon Thursday. The latest incident at the OSU campus-here-involved the stoning of firemen called to the campus to fight several fires Wednesday afternoon. A contingent, of Ohio national guardsmen,. stationed near the campus for nearly a week, was called to provide protection for the fire fighters. OSU students had demanded an end to war research and ROTC, and provision for greater black enrollment and greater student decision-making power. Scores of persons were injured and arrested in two days of violence which erupted when a student leader was arrested last Wednesday.- Meanwhile in Kent, convoys" of national guardsmen, bleary eyed from lack of sleep, continued rolling away from' Kent State, University campus W e d n e s da y. Security precautions, however, remained tight in the wake of the shooting deaths of four students by guardsmen Monday. Nixon, College Group to Meet WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) President Nixon will meet this morning with" eight representatives of the Association of American Universities to discuss campus disruption and the war in Southeast Asia. The university representatives will be Malcolm Moos, president of the University of Miri- nesota, William Friday, University of North Carolina; Fred Harrington, University of Wisconsin; Alexander Heard, Vanderbilt; Charles Hitch, University of" California; Edward Levi,' University of Chicago; Nathan Pusey,. Harvard, and Allen Wallis, University of Rochester, N.Y. Dei M6in«S Miy 7, I'M f f * f t >*»** Hickel Cites Depression, Revolution HICK EL"* v --, Continued from Pogrf One , \ v \ wofd from Hickel's press office was: "we have no comfHentT- no confirmation, denial of anything else. It's natural to assume the secretary and President communicate oft a private " white House press secretary Ronald L. Ziegler said that, while he had not seen the let' teTT "there is a possibility the secretary did communicate his views to the President. "There is no lack of concern throughout the administration the~~ptoblems of the— sc^ ciety," Ziegler added. Hickel's President: "Addressed letter advised the either politically Sets Self Afire at Wabash College CRAWFORDSVILLE, IND. (AP) - Rex Bice, 29, or philosophically, I believe we are in error if we set out consciously to alienate those who could be our friends." Serves Little Purpose As for Agnew, the letter said: "I believe the vice-president initially has answered a deep- seated mood of America in his public statements. However, a continued attack on the young— not in their attitudes so much as their motives —can serve little purpose other than further to cement those attitudes to a solidarity impossible to pene,- trate with reason.". The secretary said also the administration "must win over our philosophical enemies by convincing them of the wisdom of the path we have chosen, rather than ignoring the path they propose. -"Today our young people, or at least a vast segment of them believe they have no opportu nity to communicate with gov- ernent, regardless of administration, other than through violent confrontation. But I am convinced we—and they—have the capacity, if we, will have the willingness, to learn from history." Hickel said meetings with col lege presidents might help bridge the gap between the administration and the young. The White House had announced on Tuesday Nixon WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) A high Nixon administration official indicated serious doubt Wednesday whether the admin- Stration can restructure its welfare reform^ proposal to meet the criticisms of the Senate Finance Committee. John G. Veneman, undersecretary of Health, Education Welfare, said further it is questionable whether the alterations requested by the committee should be made. The Finance Committee ordered the administration to redraft the measure after it discovered a small, number of welfare families who earn less~would be better off financially than those who earn more. This disparity, or work disincentive, stems from benefits under other federal programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, and public housing. "I believe what happened last week was that the members of the Senate Finance Committee dian invasion with him. Makes Comparisons Hickel compared - events of kersburg^Jnji^as-hespitalized' and university presidents who in criticaTcoridition Wednesday wanted to discuss the Cambo- after he set himself afire on the Wabash College campus., •• •College, officials said Bice had no connection with the school and had never, been a student there. He doused himself with fluid from a five-gallon gasoline can and set himself on fire with a cigarette lighter. The Rev. Fred Hoflieinz and Prof. Edward McLean wrestled him to the ground and ripped off his burning clothes. Father Hofheinz said Bice, while they were waiting for an ambulance, asked over and over:'"Why did I do it?" Students at Wabash were in the second day of a four-day class strike in memory of four Kent State University students killed in a campus demonstra- Flickers Text Warns of Alienation <tj The Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C. -The text of the letter from Secretary of Interior Walter J. Hickel to President Nixon: 1 believe this administration finds itself, today, embracing a philosophy which appears. to jack appropriate concern for the attitude of a great mass of Americans *- our young people. Addressed either politically or philosophically, I believe we are in error if we set out consciously to alienate those who could be our friends. Today, our young people, or at least a vast segment of them, believe they have no opportunity to communicate with government, regardless of administration, other than through violent confrontation. But I am convinced we — and they — have the capacity, if we will but have the willingness, to learn from history. During the great depression, our youth lost their ability .to communicate with the Republican Party. And we saw the young people of the 1930s become the predominant leaders of the 40s and 50s -r, associated notf with our party, but rather with those with whom they felt they could communicate. What is happening today is not unrelated to what happened in the 30s. Now being unable to communicate Vrith either party, they are apparently heading down the anarchy. Have Obligation And regardless of how I, or any American, might feel individually, we have an obligation as leaders to communicate with our youth and listen to their ideas and problems. About JWO years ago there was emerging a great nation in the British empire, and it found itself with a colony in violent protest by. its'youth —- men such as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, to name a few, Their protests fell on deaf ears, and finally led to war. The outcomir'is' history. My point is, if we read history, it clearly show's that youth in its protest must be heard. .._ Let us give America an optimistic outlook and optimistic leadership, Let us show them we can' solve our problems in an enlightened and positive manner. As an example, last Dec. 16, I wrote to you suggesting that Apr. 22, Earth "Day, be declared a national holiday. Believing this would have been a good decision, we were active m university campuses over the Christmas holidays with a program called SCOPE (Student Councils on Pollution and the Environment). It was moderately successful, and it showed that it was possible to communicate with youth. I am gratified that on Apr. 22, I, and approximately 1,000 , employes, ,parycipate4 in Earth Day commemorative activities all over the—United States. _ Urges Talks I felt, after these meetings, that we had crossed a bridge; that communication was possible and acceptable. Likewise, I suggest in this same vein that you meet with -college presidents, to talk about the very situation that is erupting, because before we can face and conquer our enemies, we must identify them,' whether those enemies take physical or philosophical form. And we must win over our philosophical enemies by convincing them of the wisdom of the path we have cho- GOODNESS sen, rather than ignoring the path they propose. In this regard, I believe the vice-president initially has answered a deep-seated mood of America in his public statements. However, a continued attack on-the young — not on their attitudes so much as their motives, can serve little purpose other than to further cement those attitudes to a solidity impossible to penetrate with reason, Finally, Mr. President, permit me to. suggest that you con sider meeting, on anTtodiyjduaJ and conversational basis, with members of your Cabinet. Perhaps through such conversations, we can gain greater insight into the problems confronting us all, and most important,, into the solutions of these problems. *rt £0* Plements and Medicaid today with those at the time ol the American Revolution and during the depression of the 1930s. Recalling the oratory of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and other patriots two centuries ago, Hickel said, "Then* protests fell on'deaf ears, and finally led to war. The outcome is history. "My point is, if we read history, .it clearly shows that youth in its protest must be heard." In the depression, he said, "our youth lost their ability to communicate with the Republican Party. " What Js happening today is not unrelated to what happened in the '30s," Hickel continued. "Now being unable to communicate with either party, they are apparently heading down the road to anarchy. "And regardless of how I, or any American, might feel individually, we have an obligation as leaders to communicate with our youth and listen to their ideas and problems." Drill Platform MORGAN CITY, LA. (AP) Three men, were killed and six injured Wednesday when an explosion ripped the living quarters at an oil drilling platform 84 miles, off the southern Lou isiana coast. 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Read his 12 guldclifres and othef helpful recommendations next Sunday. They come to you as part of'the Famous Writers Series ia the Picture Magazine Of yottf DBS MOINES SUNDAY REGISTER. \ allot •*• m RAISE DOUBT ON WELFARE PLAN discovered — the first time apparently^, for — that a broad range of federal programs outside of the public assistance area have an impact on the welfare program," Veneman said in a speech to a meeting of the League of Women Voters. Family assistance would federalize the welfare system, offer basic benefits of $1,000 a year to a family of four, and provide income supplements up to a total, yearly income of $3,920. The measure has been approved by the House. Veneman said structural defects in public housing rent sup- Fail to Move Jn Basement The 23 indigents housed in the basement of the Polk County Home were still there p.m. Wednesday, the dead are reform measures.' separate line issued "By "fRe county Board 1 of Health. | John Luebs, administrator of the home, said the 23 residents will not be removed until other adequate facilities can be furnished, probably in about two weeks. The Board of Health issued the order Monday, giving county officials 48 hours to move the indigents. Dr. Robert Hatchitt, board chairman, said the order came after inspectors found the residents were living in poorly. ventilated, poorly lighted quarters, and were using filthy bcdsheets. Luebs, appointed administrator last month, agreed that conditions are bad and said new - quarters are ' being furnished as quickly as possible. "We can'JL have them completed for about two weeks," he said. . "It's totally unreasonable to remove those people before we can find another place for them to live. Right now there isn't anyplace for them and the Board of Health certainly has not provided one." Dr. Hatchitt said Wednesday afternoon he thinks there might be space for some of the 23 persons in another part, of the home, but he said he does not know where. "That's the county home's responsibility," he said. Dr. Hatchitt also said he does not know whether remaining another two weeks in the basement would be • hazardous for -the-people~housed-there; — "If we are forced to come to the conclusion that to change these other laws through the of the welfare bill would seriously undermine the prospects for welfare reform this year, we will be very reluctant to propose those changes through this measure," Veneman said. Meanwhile, Secretary of Welfare Robert H. Finch announced Wednesday that 'Vermont will be the test state for the .welfare reform proposal. Find Prehistoric Reptile Remains PITTSBURGH, PA. (AP) Fossil remains found by two youngsters in Roane, County, W.Va.,. are those'of,a reptile that lived 250 million years ago, a scientist from! Carnegie Museum 'says. Just back from the site where the. skull fossil was uncovered near Reedy, Dr, David S. Berman said the prehistoric reptile —known as the Diadectes — is one of the strangest known and may be one missing in the evolution from amphibians to reptiles. $60,000 TO JORDAN AMMAN, JORDAN '(REUTERS) — The Ford Foundation has agreed to make a new contribution of (60,000 for the development of the Jordanian Ins t i t u t e of Public Administration, it was announced. Irish Rulers O.K. Firing Ministers DUBLIN, IRELAND (AP) Prime Minister Jack Lynch won approval from his ruling Fianna Fail Party Wednesday night for the ousting of three cabinet ministers in a dispute over the use of force against Northern Ireland. In a dramatic showdown, Lynch had announced early Wednesday that he had demanded the resignations of Agriculture Minister Neil Blaney and Finance Minister Charles Haughey. LocaPIGovernment Minister Keith Bland said he was resigning in support of the other ministers. All r three had advocated a tough government line to aid the Roman Catholic minority in Northern Ireland even if it meant armed intervention. Lynch accused them of conspiring to import arms to.Ireland illegally. : ' . / ' Mom, 7 Children Killed at Crossing SPOKANE, WASH. (AP) ^ A mother and seven of her children died Wednesday in the collision of their station wagon and "a freight' train as she drove the children to school. An eighth child survived the crash of the Burlington Northern train with the car at a grade crossing just east of Spokane. on 12-month certificates. Get full details from your Brenton Banker. tfoytpntty through rtpwted dUhwMhw «ye/M. Avocado or Hirvttt Gold. SH INCLUDES: » I qt. 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