The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 27, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Tuesday, March 27, 1956
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Coder BATSHOKK • WEATilRR—I'arlly cloudy 'J'ticMlny night;, widely shower* mid turning coolch. Clear, cool Wednes- diiy. Temperature, 5*i-68. CALVESTOX TIDES: lli(c»i Low For Wednesday— <>:OHit.m. '11:53 4:41 p.m. .11:27 p.m. * Vggf mim 9tttt YOUR HOME NEWSPAPER VOL 36, NO. 248 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Tuesday, March 27, 1956 BAYTOWN. TEXAS TELEPHONE: 8302. five Cenh Par Copy TRUSTEES TALK $950,000 BOND ISSUE THE BETRAYAL—Follou-ing the Last Supper, Jesus led -His disciples to the garden of Gethsemanc. Thrice,-while they slept, Jesus prayed, saying, "0 my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me. except that I drink it. thy will be done." Waking the disciples. He^told them, "Rise, let us be going: behold, he is at hand that doth betray me." As He spoke, Judas Iscariot. who had plotted against Him for 30 pieces of silver, appeared with "a great multitude with swords and staves, from the chief priests and elders of the people. Kow he that betrayed Him gave them a sign, saying, Whomsoever shall I kiss, that same is He: hold him fast." As j'udas kissed Him. Jesus was seized and led away to the palace of Caiaphas, the high priest, where the scribes and elders were assembled to hear witnesses against Him. Two Senators HERE ' S PROOF SPRING REALLY HERE Duck House Trust Probe Northers' to "the. contrary. Spring must be here! The. birds are sinjrijiy, (he /caves are green, the suri is shining, and little boys are playing hookey, A nine-year-old, reported missing when he had not returned home at 7:30, Monday, AUSTIN —UP— A House, committee dug deeper Tuesday into the Texas insurance scandals after hearing, three stale senators testify voluntarily about their dealings with the bankrupt U.S. Trust & Guaranty Co. Two other senators rejected committee invitations to appear- before it. and three have not replied, Chairman Wade Spilman said. • As the committee prepared to hear still another state" senator, there were these other develop- mnts on the insurance front: 1. A Dallas county grand jury was granted a 30-day extension to its term .so it can continue its in-. vestigation of some eight insurance and investment corporations. 2. A district, judge ordered premium payments continued on a SI million life insurance policy on A. B. Shocmake, who headed "U.S. Trust. The Dallas county grand jury requested that its term be extended so it can finish its investigation cf the Dallas insurance situation begun last January. Its term normally would have expired Friday. A now jury will be sworn in Mon- Texas Democrats,"headed by'cov was finally located by his father late Monday- nijfht. But before he was found, he had been *een in Coady, near .Highlands' in Busch Terrace and at various places in Baytown. He had disappeared from school at noon. It was a pretty day for going- places and he went, he explained. Shivers Leader Nixes Johnson Conservatives To Decide On Dixie Revolt HOUSTON — UP—Conservative ENQUOTE! day. but will consider on!y routine matters. The court order continuing pre- Allan Shivers, decide Tuesday whether they .will join the insur gent South in a states' rights bat- mium payments on the Shoemakc. tie keystonod on opposition to in policy was granted in Austin by Judge Charles O. Belts. He had been asked by State Insurance Liquidator .T. D. Wheeler, receiv- tegration of public schools. Meantime; as members of the state Democratic executive committee tackled the ticklish issue of for the defunct Waco firm, for integration, the governor's top po- nihng- on the matter. ijjjcal spokesman rejected a move Wheeler said the ;;race period on booming Senate Majority Leader the policies totaling SI million expires April 1. Quarterly premiums totaling- S5.000 were due, he said. sun spots To Quit Senate If Nominated-Price Daniel Makes It Lyndon Johnson as a "favorite son" presidential nominee, as well as chairman of the Texas delegation to the national Democratic convention. New Scout, Leaders , CLINTON BRtTT is the new senior patroi leader of Boy..Scout Troop 255. Jimmy Prigmore is scribe: Louis Killingsworih. quar- DALLAS —UP— f.S, Sen. Price Daniel announced his;, candidacy for Texas governor Monday night on a three-point platform. resign. He made the expected announce- "1 will time from Texas ends in 19, r >S. but he not authorized when Congress is said that iic won the Democratic in adjournment. nomination for governor, he would Tha 4ti-ycar-oiii Daniel, former state attorney general before going- to the Senate, said he would. my resignation so man George Sandlin etched a line ,„ . . , . . ing liberal Democratic aspirations ;i nigh-level campaign... that, Johnson, rather than the gov- honesty and integrity in Aus- - - ment On a statewide radio anU 'that the "people wtil have-the freest conduct television-appearance and then re- possible elufco of ray 'successor- tm-neci immediately to Washing- before I take office as governor, 1 ' t° n « he said. He said he expected to be able Daniel said he would not think t.rmb«tcr: Thomas Holdback. L^S^u.^So^hT'S'lS' Ihe ^». Ho Sd'im^i^ """•' ""^ ^ """?• ^ ^ G ™™ 1 ' ^'^ ^ chailN reporter. Scout master is David Funderburk. iu important legislation ncnuine eel or haminirk<vl hv ,-invnno <%!«> '• in -j.-, o,,>-ii 0 ,. speech for publ -Vage Two) Edster Musical CAR.VKR HIGH school choir will present, an Easier musical, "Excerpts From tlif Ufe of Christ," at T p.m. Wednesday at the school auditorium. Celicia M. Green will be organist. Bridge Winners WINNERS for the benefit Service League Duplicate bridge games Monday niphl at the Community house'were Mr. and Mrs. Ben .Ijove, lii«h North and South: 7.rrs. Willinni Harrop and Mrs. James Harrop. high East and. West; Mrs. Jack Kurbce. and Kl- mer Gray, .second North and South: Or. nnd Mrs. H. I. Davis, second East and \VesL Aides Meet BAYTOVVN POLICE auxiliary will ernor. will head Tex;). 1 ;' Democratic delegation to the national con- The substance of his three-point vention. platform, he said, was obtaineii "I am nlreruiy on record as fa- riy ."0.000 letters, post- voring- Governor Shivers as chair, , - - -- ---- - cards and telegrams urging him man "of the delegation." Sandlin • icvote tne remainder of the time would Ins successor be -appoint- to run for governor after he asked said pointing out" he has mailed to important legislation pending ed or handpicked by anyone else." in an earlier speech for public in recent weeks more than 20,000 in congress. He explained that -appointments, response. Daniel's term as junior senator even for temporary vacancies, arc (See DAXIEf. Bids Being Taken Daniel Pulling 'Big Switch,' On Concessions Yarborough Charges Here AtRoselantT Bids to operate the concession stands at Koscland Park are being; accepted at the office of the city clerk in the Baytown citv hail. City Manager C. D. Middlolon said bids will be accepted until 5 p.m. April 11. and that bids received later than the deadline will be returned unopened to the bidder. Leases to operate the stands previously were extended on a _" t •" *• » ' •.' i*wi t - 11 \ t \ i. .vtv: j ivjl. v.1 tji 1 it. meet nt Baytown Community House yoarly basis but Middleton said at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday to discuss lho bids on proscnt leasn wil , Ralph YarboroiiRh Monday night termed Sen. Price Daniel's vandi- dacy for governor the "big; switch" with Gov. Allan Shivers scheduled to take Daniel's place i;i the U. S. Senate. Pastor's Wife Carried Away By Services "The junior senator has diclatc." Sancllin said. evacuation of cities during cmer- gcncies. Hew Well TEXAS COMPANY is drilling its Bessie Wh.-iley No. .4 on a 343-acro lease in the C- P. Welch survey, 2.~00 feel, northeast of the 2 Kirby. Oil Co. The well is projected to 1.1,000 fret. Around Town- the park, ,-uul thnt a refreshment stand will bo built to accommodate picnickers in the park. accepted on a. yearly rental basis and will extend for a period ot t.wo years, with an option to release for an additional throe yours, subject to the approval of tho city council. To qualify, tho bid must be accompanied by a certified check in the amount of two months rent, and all bidders must be of good moi-al character nnd sound financial rating. The city will retain the enclosed check as two months rent, on the bid accepted. Middleton said the concessions will include the swimming; pool. GKACF. ODOM registering amaze- ! " 1 d all refreshment stands within mont when picking- up her car license plates nnd discovering they had the snme number as her telephone . . . Ray Ferguson hup-two- ing . . . Garret! Herring still making like a .souajerk . . . lOd Tillery tnliuiiK about "foreign correspondents'' . , , Guy Monslfy making n welcome trip In the Sun Office . . . Ann Prilcbett with mixed emotion* over a birthday . . , Bill r,aiij{h!i:i still growing . . . George Chandler busy as a bee . . . Sparky Bond poing lr» I,ions Chih . . . Jimmy Bond joking; about Hoar Bryant . . . Bill Hinson talking about erstwhile junior high pep rallies , . . .Tim Xelson showing pictures lakon in Ihe bay ... of fish and what's loft, of them. Owr.or of a ring or keys found South of Texas avenue nenr Croon .Briar and South Fourth .streets p nn rail 3-1023 to identify and reclaim . . . Birthday greeting."? go to Kay Lilly and Bill Brewer who are ceie- Mrs. Clinton L. Williams. \vil> of the Mont Belvion Methodist pastor. Sunday paid her husband the supreme compliment of compk'Ui attention. l'*o)lou'iii!f (he impressive Imp- 1 initial eeriMiiony of Vrrnou Kemp dr.. young son of Mr. :uul Mrs. Vermin Kemp .Sr,, Mrs. Williams \vas still engrossed with proceedings when she iviul the church annmi nee menu. One item on tho calendar informed the congregation of Hie water conservation program county-wide doc vaccination pro- ".Shivers >W«I«K- i,.-, ;"* i,,,;i,j; letters touting- Shivers for the delegation chairmanship. Sandlin pointedly snubbed the proposal that Johnson be named a favorite son presidential nominee. The state Democratic chairman, one of Shivers' top political spokesmen, said he was opposed to any favorite son nominee who i.« not a serious presidential candidate. "Senator Johnson ha? said he is his unconditional promise to put not a serious candidate. Therefore. Allan Shivers in the U. S. Senate " r am " ot ? 1vin ? sel ' ious eonsuicr- Yarborough tola" 200 persons at a auon to hlm as a f:lv °» tc son can- meeting of the East Harris County Democrats in the 'WQW hall. "How will Texans benefit from this big switch in an effort to keep the lid on government scandals?" Yarborough asked. "I don't believe Texans will trust the crown prince of the Shivers' regime to clean tip the state government." The Austin lawyer, two-time loser in the race for governor and a likely candidate again this year, YH.—,tF--One of throe persons was introduced by C. D. <Dieki stricken'with gastric upsets aboard Little, Baytown attorney and a swank railroad car later used •chairman of the East Harris Dem- by President Eisenhower was ro- ocrats.- ported Tuesday suffering 1 from Yarborough was given a stand- "acute uremic poisoning." The IT. S. Secret Service Lee College, High School Needs Cited By FRED HARX3KUN- ^ School board officials Monday .nsght discussed two proposed bond issues that will total S95Q.OQO, but definite action on the proposal must await public reaction. Supt. George H. Gentry recommended that the board entertain a $450.000 issue to add a second building to Lee College to take care of increased enrollment due by Sept 1. 1957, and he also said that major alternations to Robert E. Lee High. school . and additional classrooms at.Harlem and Carver schools would he the two largest items in a 5500,000 public school • bond program. Gentry has called for extensive remodeling and enlarging of the high school auditorium. It Is so small now it won't/accommodate half of the students : at one time. He' said there is great need for more office space, for the staff and for more restroom. and toilet facilities' in .the building 1 . It was pointed put that Kobert E. Lee was erected to\care for about 400 students in the main building. ' There have been, many, additions since that time, but not in auditorium facilities nor in restroom ;ij| facilities in the main building. *?| There are now 1800 students there. $ Gentry estimates that added ;%! classrooms at Harlem would cost Vj 350.000. He has set up a tentative £ estimate of S100.000 to be'spent at £} Carver for more classrooms and restroom facilities. In the bond issue would be $40,000 for furniture and equipment and $60,000 for possible additional sites. At least one new elementary site in the Ceda r Bayou area and possibly a fourth junior high site are in the not-too-distant future, it ' was brought out. : ; — „ _.,„.,, The college enrollment continues with a blood-stained seat nearly two months after he disappeared. to increase at a rapid rate. Dean turns up safe and sound to report his car had been stolen. . . ' .Walter .Rundelt reported to the board, and he is joined by Gentry in asking for an extension to the present building at the east end of tne present main bulletinu- This addition would be used for .nw.'e rlassn^tas, tc-au&r cffrcfcs, an adequate.cafeteria and student lounge ana a'new book store. There wo;;!c.' be some changes in the current main building to add efficiency to the operation. Dean Rundell asked also that tli-? entire plant be air-conditioned "If we can afford it," l>an MIAMO— 1UP)~- "Lady Nancy Astor on what she thought of Grace Kelly's coming- marriage' to Prince Rainier of Monaco: "From the American newspapers you'd think America was populated by naked women and cinema sUrs. There are plpnt* ,of women judges, doctors and scientuK in th P Lnited States / but do you hear about them or their marriages" ' / world news in brief By UNITED PRESS WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W. Va,—Eisenho\ver. the president of -•lexico and Canada's prime minister swap ideas on hemispheric, and world affairs. UNITED NATIONS, N. Y.—Russian-Arab power play hamstrings Se- A proposal by ihe governor that curity Council ' s effo «s t° head off Middle East waV. - Tesans vote at their July Demo- NICOSIA, Cyprus—New violence strikes when Greek Cvpriot cus- cratic primary on whether they torn* official'is shot dead. want to interpose the state's sov- , ereignty in protest to federal en- ODESSA—Farmington. N. M... man. whose auto was found near Odessa cronchmcnt on slates' rights was ~" : " " U '-- J -•--'-• - - - carded for quick committee approval. , . ...... State Democratic Chair- HIROSHIMA, .Japn.n—A'^-year-old Japanese dies, becoming fifth fatality this year from effects nf atom bomb U years ago. HOLLYWOOD—Actress Debbie Reynolds, wife of singer Eddie Fisher, reports she is expecting a child next November. City Council Election Is Only One Week Off By ED TILLERY Sim Staff Writer The clatter of voting will fill the air at the ei While a candidate must reside in : the district in which, he seeks of- I kn.ow the efficiency nf the Poison Hits Workers On Ike's Train WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS. three city councilmen. In the city election, to be held just 10 days after the vote of approval was given the proposed additional federal* housing- project, three councilmen. two of which are seeking re-election unopposed, will be named to serve two year terms in-districts 1. 4 and 5. Incumbents Paul H. Mears. from District 1. and A. L. Clayton from District 5. are unopposed for reelection while A. J'. Lindstrom Sr., H. E. McKee and W. C. (Pop) Swain will battle it. out for the position of councilman in District -t. Incumbent Milton L. Campbell, of District 4. whose term expires this year, will not be eligible for re-election in the dis:rict. since the recent district boundaries shift has made him a resident of Dis- tricf 3. Campbell was a member of the Meet.. ing ovation when IJttle asked for The U. S. Secret Service- wjs in- a show of hands on support for vostijfating; all aspects of tbo case Committee which voted to extend 1 his candidacy. Yarboronsrh also —including the possibility that gin- }j lc Dwtrict^a line north to East farborongh was presented with eight petitions urging; that he run again. Ytirborough called 1 for reforms in the treatment 'of the mentally ill. "now locked up in jails like criminals" and for a progressive gram set. for Mont Kolvion Tuesday, and Mrs. Williams proceeded to exhort members to "finve their dogs baptised at the county courthouse." Shivers boasts he is building 200 dams. You could triple the size of the Texas Rangers, call in the Canadian Mounted Police and the FBI and you couldn't find one of (See YARBOROUGH—Page Two) Communion Marks Maundy Thursday Rites Sunrise Service To Climax Holy Week Observances Holy Communion will Ije the bjgh point of many Maundy Thursday church services in Baytown during Holy Week. In observance of .lesus' last supper will) His disciples, the First Christian ihuuh will present "the .Story of Raster in \Vorship and MSisic" at 7:,'!0 p.m. Thursday in llio church sanctuary. The (.'bailee! choir under the <ii- rection of Gerald Cox will provide Main Bridge Out 10 Days Traffic Being Detoured To Market brau'ng their natal day Tuesday. Dodie Ostcen hearing her name b "! 1 b.- under repair for about 1(1 days aiul a detour around the span has but having difficulty in finding the source of the voice,.. City Manager C. D. Middleton engineers estimated about. 10 The damaged Goose Crook the <:onira.-t to mend. the rinni- strenm hndRe on West Main will aped span, when its bid of $16,000 was accepted. Harris County is paying for the job, nnd the award was made on the U'orthnm low bid. r, ,....^, .,, VIlt . %11U -,. , . Tlie repairs were made ncces- Rosnlie Mvers spendir~ hr- dnr f, ft - vs . vvi11 "'- required in repairing snry by bnrRcs min* the stream ' " '••••(S »'••« \Hl^ f K^v si ft *v\ rtft.-^i.I M*M..A*«.WJ. -i,_t .i_ . »„ ~1- ii ' >i • brushing the piling. Ouinty ("ommi.s.^ionor V. V. R:invi,'y said ihat t\\o <;oiu:r«'te i-iii!igs \viii hr,V;> to bo •icpl.Ut.-cl. ar.d that a cro'jtor of tin.bors will bo plaoi'j <\rour:d li:e i''.cn (;- l09l j % •~!"S : .^'."_j,~;.""'"""" '•"'•'•'"> 1 -r to prevent rocisrrt-hco of the dam- off collect ing the latest news Judy W)ft)<>y beliij,' mighty con- s(/iciioiM Viy hor absence . , . Jim)';y P.iiy Powc-li fc-t-lirig better after ^ ^ tx.-ir.g hc-spitalized with pneumonia traffio' . Qttetinga to Jam ts and Ruth The- \V. E. Wortham the damaged struruirc—and that xvest-boum: »r.nffic will b<- diverted itt MnrKtt by wny of liAfry- more and Ciirncji^, m.c! to Robor: K. Ix'o Drive for tunnel-bound ing firm of Houston was Awarded the musie. Xarnuion of the .story will bo by live HfV. Cly,!,- Kolt:-. pastor. Inoludod in the program "'ill bo a communion service. Observance of the Lord's Supper will ho included in the T p.m. sorvioe ;u St. Mark's Methodist church, during which the Chancel choir will sing. Or. \\X\-ne MeCloskey. minister. will continue his series of soi-mon.* for Holy \\Yok with the topic, "T Am the Bread of Life." His topic for Wednesday will br "T. Am the Light of ihe World." The choir music for the 7:Si> p.m. Thursday Holy Communion nt. Cedar Bayou Methodist church will center around the theme of the cross. The Rev. Ei/.a TJOVO, pastor, will conduct the sen-ice. Trinity Episcopal church has so5jo(}n]<. ( -j !>;:y> a.m. ("ommunion aiui also ;i 7 p.m. f-aiuiU-- r.rht Conuminior. service Thu;\<- ( ' Ts ' y J : ' : :', h: - th? KfV - p - ^»":'.U:-r K::v.kcii. rcccor, has a.r.ncur.cei-'f. 7hs P.ev. Kcopsr Hay good of St. ale which the railroad said the victims drank was poisoned. But the Secret Service's pivliminnry in that the incident resulted from anything but accidental causes. Truck Stolen Here Found A truck stolen from Bay Cigaret Service duiiiig a burglary about three weeks ago. has been found in Houston, Buy town police learned Tuesday. John Meadors, investigator, said ihe truVk'had been abandoned on a downtown street and was 'ouncl K. B. Diekens, owner of the Ray Oigarot Service at IDS Monvl'i. told police he awoke during the night and heard the truck motor start, then heard ii leave. Believing that his truck driver way making an early morning trip to service a cjgaret vending machine. Dickens said ho wen; baek to Sleep without investigating. At dawn, he went to his warehouse nn,\ foun,i that the truck (See TKl'CK—rage Two) Di,d You Know-- that Antarrfifrv (Sonj)i Pole) roRion ts the healthiest continent? The nir contains no dust, fungus, bacteria, or pollen. T'"rtr :i hoaUhy hiinlc rrafrtnoo. (IrtvMfiod stif, uro the \\i>,oi ft..-.i.-;c: Vv'irAtevfr you're soli- IRJT, renting, ' or trad- «i;ror! Curl &W2 for an r-.d- \\vHft, Texas, the District S line south to East Texas to incorporate the leg in the southwest corner of District 4, extending; from Highway 146 westward to the District 6 line, in Districts 3 and 5. The action left councilman Campbell ineligible for re-election in District 4, and as the spot in District >"> is not available until 1957, he could not seek election, even,, if he. chose to do so. To be eligible for candidacy for one of the city posts one must: !. Be a citizen of the United States. 2. Have been a resident within tile corporate limits of Baytown for at least two years prior lo the election. .?. Must be a. property owner. 4. Must be H bomi fUio resident of the district in which he seeks office. •x He must not owe delinquent tax or any other liabi'ity to the city. Dr. Bridges Re-Elected Health League President Dr. William H. Bridges has been re-e',ectecl president of the Baytown Health league. Officers were named at a luncheon Monday at San Jacinto Memorial hospital. Mrs. Jack Furbee is secretary- treasurer, succeeding Mrs. H. M. Johnson and Bill Hinson, vice president, succeeding Dr. John NYsh-elrodiV, I>r. W. O. Finch was appointed Jo the medicaJ staff to replace Dr. Kir.r.tth Day who moved to At;- kr.e. Dr. Finch is from Spring- not in school, it is harderfor them to do their best under not so com- rot-'able circumstances." The offices, the library and the auditorium, at the college are now air-co.-iditioned. None of the classes arc air-conditioned. Assistant Dean Alvin H. Miles has made a study of the cost of :he air-conditioning program. Kis _ eaumatc was S60.000 for the whole •} job or $.17,500 to complete air- conditioning of the present building. Lee College Staff PayR Given se HI-LOIS The young couple who find the funny side in modern living. .Lee college trustees J n.ght added .?200 at each stop o n tne .salary scale of the instructional stair to bring; the minimum salary (o $3906 and the maximum to $6012. They'll have you laughing every day starting Monday on the comic page of the the new schedule, recommended by President George H Gentry, those holding bachelor c!e-" > grees will ^t an automatic 5130 raise to a maximum of S4620. For those- holding- master do- srecs. there would be S1SO a vcar increment to 5-1626 and then $126 a year increment to a top pav of SoG.yf. For those who have r,0 hours of work beyond ihe master's the increment would increase after 15 years to ,?soi:\ The board also authorized a $300 annual increase to Dean \Valtei- Kundell and a ,$325 increase to A<.<istanc Dean Alvi n Miles. Trustee Harper Off Building Committee Svhoo! Trustoo jr, \V". Harper, chnirman of thp building romrnit- trc. .trot his diplnma at Nfonday uiRht's m-?etiiijr. _ He presort tert a rpcomnien.iation that the board accept ihe two swimming pools at I^e .ind Car- x-cr as ready for school use. With this job finished, Harper asked to be relieved of the assignment as head of the building committee. Board President Stark appointed L. L, FuHer to fill the post temporarily. His associate on this eommit?.r(> is Mrs. Elmfr Cr;»y. Harper iclj ti-.A board that servir.? as h*iid ef the t.jiidirix- sroup '.'.-as t.-ik:' tto rc.iuh of hi* time, s,nd ho asked that he be

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