The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 19, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 3
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it; THE PAWS NEWS, OCI Churches Morning Coffee Honors Miss Crawford Wednesday Complinientiag Mi&s Madelon Crawford, whose marrias* to Job ic Hammond will take place Saturday evening. Miss Georgia B_ Mayse entertained \vith a morning coffee Wednesday at the Gordon Country club. The clubhouse was decorated with, tinted pink and green daisies, pink crepe myrtle and other garden flowers. Miss Crawford wore " a, corsage of pink gladioli, given her by the hostess. After the guests had been served, "a kitchen shower was presented to the honoree. Miss Mayse a.)so presented gifts to Miss Evelyn Yancey, another bride-elect, and to the out-of-towjj guests. Miss Elizabeth- Alexander of Fort Worth, houses'-est of Miss Dorris 'Williams, and Miss Edwina Boyn- ] ton of San Diego, Cal.. houseguest of Mrs- Roy Johnson. "The guest list included Miss Madelon Crawford and her sisters. Miss Virginia Crawford. Mrs. -Win- fre<I Garrett. Mrs. Boone Hunter and Mrs. Paul Crawford: Misses Lou Walker. Eleanor Scott. Josephine Amis, Jane Fitzpatridc, Marcha Crook, Virginia Baxter. Olivia Hunter. Virginia Alexander. .Louie and Early Fleming. Isabel Thieien. Dorria ^illiams. Elizabeth Alexander. Eugenia Ezell. Mary Virginia Johnson. Eleanor Wood. Christine Goolsby. Mary Elizabeth and Eleanor Moore. Margruerhe Jordan, Mabel Becti- Evelyn Yancey. Ruth and Hammond, Lx>uis» Beatki, lorse- Wright. Edwina. Boynton, Mrs. Edgar Earl Hooker, Mrs. Albert King. Mrs, Jack Welch, Mrs, Pete••. Cro-ss-. Mrs. Paul Crawford, Mrs. Scott Hammond and Mrs. Frank Fullcr- Mrs. * Bill* Entertains Mrs. J... Lolyd Bills entertained the regular meeting of the bridge luncheon club Wednesday at Brookhollow. A large bowl of -varicolored zinnias centered the luncheon table. High score was won by Mrs. Geraldine Wagner, and the galloping prize went to Mrs. Y..H. Harlan of Bonham. The members present were Mrs. Robert K. Berry, Miss Mary Osburn. Mrs. Alfred Kibble, Mrs. C, R. Caldwell. Jr.; of Kbxton, Mrs. Geraldine \Vagner, Mrs. Ernest Crafton, Mrs. Y. H. Harlan and the hostess. Make This Model At Home Paris New* Daily Pattern Dr. W. M. Farewell Service Is Well Attended FC2TERAX. SERVICE IS ON HUGO. Okla.—-Faneml services •trere held "Wednesday afternoon lor Miss Sarah Morris. SS. ^vho died !ate Tuesday at the home o' her Tiiece, Mrs- P. I>- McWaters near Hugro, The Rev. Mr. Littlejohn of Grant Methodist church officiated and irucrmfnt. was In the 'Sr.rips.-~ O!SEOC; ectnc-t-r;-. Tots Story Hour Wednesday Morning Miss Madge Seek el had- charge of the stories- and games at the bimonthly story hour of the Tots' library which was held Wednesday morning 1 . About -IB members were present. After the * games, each child was given a string which when wound led to a favor placed on a large spider web fastened to a. tree. The next story hour will be Wednesday morning-. ••• August 14.- ••-•;• East Paris Pre-School Association Meeting The East -Paris Pre-school association met Tuesday rooming at the home of Mrs, Ed G. Sluder. with Mrs, Carl Tanner, assistant hostess. A_fier a. short b^riness session, the follots-ing program -was presented: Roll call -eras answered by each member telling' how she chummed with her child; Mrs. Surford Brooks made a talk on the subject of encouraging children to think for themselves, followed by a. round table discussion of "New Ideas on Sex Education"; ; a paper . on "Obedience" prepared j !>y Mrs. Alfred Ribble, was read \ XO. NOT A CAPE . . . SOMETH1XG MORE CUCVJER: PATTERN 1SSS By AXN'E ADAMS i You're wrong: .. SCOTTIE IN SIMPLE EMBROIDERY IN JMfes Mary Simkel Is LAURA WHEELER DESIGN New Secretary of People's Association The fare-well sen-ice, at the First Baptisi church held Wednesday r:igh-_ prior to I>r. W. M- "Wright's • departure for the TVorld's Baptist I AHiance in Berlin, Germany, and j a tour of the Holy l^atid, was at- I tended by a, large congregation of j members and friends. | it is not. a i The service featured t-R-o num- i cape! But something muen easier | b trs by the male, "!>>ad I to make, and everybody else -is i Kind ly Z.ight," and "God Be! going to be fooled just as you were With You 'Til We Meet Again/* I . . . that's the clever thins about it! It is a sort of .glorified yoke An announcement was made j that, during the pastor's absence, I which develops into shoulder caps Miss Oilie X,ee Thompson would j »,nd is frilled all round the ed^e. | bo :n charge, o" the office. The fol-! You may make the frills of any- j -owing committee was named to; thing- you like . . . lace, or net. or \ have charge of the prayer meet- ( the fabric, of the frock, and any- | ings: Dr. A. L. Jones, Paul Bar- j way you do them rhey are devast- | n<?u. Miss Karie Feeser and I>r. T. ; tatinsly feminine! Watch their «£- ) E- Hunt, Dr. Elberi Goolsby is • feet on the fy-si friend you meet \ chairman of the pulpit commitiee. ... and all the others thereafter- I The Rev. Bryce Tritty, sup»rin- The frilled and twisted belt-ends ; r&ndant .of the Baylor hospital-in add extra chic to the whole pretty i Dallas, will be in the pulpit Sun- businefisl { day at both the morning and eve- Pattern 1S5S is available in sizes i nins: services. 12 24 IS IS 20 30 32 34 36 SS and I Dr - "Wright leaves Thursday and 40. Size IS takes 3 1-4 yards- S9 ! ~ l ' il! return TO Paris the latter part inch fabric. Illustrated step-by- I ° r September. step sewing instructions included. } ' " Send FIFTEEN CENTS (loo) in j PERSONAL ITEMS coins or stamps <.coins preferred) \ TTRfYYf for this Anne Adams pattern, j F ItA/iTl "Wiite plainly name address atid style number- BE SURJ2 TO STATS SIZE. Tfaa smartest warm weather POWDERI/T.—Hiss Mary Haz- i elwood is visiting, at Sherman this { "f&jatt- *• ""ii. Mrs. X«ll Tuttle j During- the Tour.g- People'* con.. ferenc* o? the P res byrerlaa efe arch. ! r 5 - A - whl "eii care* to a^ doss j vi ednesday at Trinity uaiveraitv | :s TCaxahachie. Miss Mary SuakeJ o: Paris was elected secretary ^of | :he organization. Other officers | elected are: present. Bill Bv e r- ; f"^~ v c ^ Ke rens and vice president. ; TrVilson KaUen of Gainesville. i Dr. B. A. Kodses. field repre- ; *<rntarive of the board of Christian : -education in the Presbyterian i church, acted as dean during the ; conference. : V^rncn L-arsen. tvho also atten-d- j ed from Paris, szooed !« Dallas | tor a few days' visit and will ar| rive home Saturday. Miss Strakel " returned INSTALL LIGHTS AT CLARKSVILLE FIELD scribed .in the >TEW AD- A21S PATTEIiN BOOK FOE SGM- ing school at Commerce has returned after spending a few days MER, ORBER YOUIL COPT OF \ at hom~ between te^ins Tills HELPFUL NET? SUMMER j BOOK. PRICE .OF'BOOK FIF- TEEX CENTS- BOOK AX25 PATTERN TOGETHER. FIVE CEXT3. i IL*-E. — Eight sixtv- ; foot poles have been placed, at ) Xc-v.- Centtiry Athletic field Ixere. ? "*. n--r*? insis 1^3."ion of 3, Hs'li^iT*-^ | system will b° completed this [ v.-eek. = iood lights of 6.000 -wart j poyrer are being- mounted on -each j pole to provide illumination, for i nigh- football games, several of Here is one of our most: popular ; eel as a picture, for it makes a very | ^«f"" na: " e seen scneduled for ., , -<Jl bundin ^ ^v^ " ^"«* . " .ass rooms. I dogs, the Scottie, ready to be done \ striking one. . - i oT'kst^yeaX* ^itr^cf^or-ors Blaaconia j in simple embroidery on a. piHow. I Patte ™ 74T co^es to you with j ~T> res sin~ euarte^ Wl "also *>e fashions, the newest fabrics, and t is visiting her parents. Mr. and i ^ n( j ^Q^^ -„*. 'nntr woo 1 - * ** >i * ' a u " artSier P actern OI a <2og 12 j pr-o-j^d O n the the Summer season's outstanding Mrs, T. M. Morgan. |~ " * " " " y an ~ cute - | inches long; material requirements \ ^-^1^1 accessories are illustrated and <le- Miss Vera Dodd who is attend- f^^-Pa-^on pillows- to the kitten ; and. illustrations of the stitches to 737 and the cat and dog pillows. ; be nsecl- .- _ ^ 633 and 571, i- is to be carried out. I Send 10 cents in stamps cr coins ! just as they are. in. either wool j (coin preferred) for this pattern to ' or rope silk. AJicL the dog-fancier | The Paris Xews, Xeedlecraft Dept.. ! j "who doesn't care for cushions will t S2 Eighth Avenue, New York, X. | ,. in9 &tate be pleased with this Scortie fram- IT. f Texas, OF CL4RBY FOLKS ' Address orders to The PAutens Department "West 17th Street. 2Ce7r Tor] Paris j 243 i CLAHDY — Mr. and Mrs. Pleas Benisors of Independence j CLtr- j spent a few da 7s with I ter, Mrs. Jacls: Park 1 — ! Mrs. Tj-ucy Cherry FAUGHT PERSONAL NEWS OF INTEREST I DISTRICT IOOF f Know All Men by These : | ents: | That I, "W. L*. Grizzard of ! -'-- county, Tesas. who accom- ; panied Bert L-uttrel! to Ijamar i county, Texas to Investigate a narterly district \ burglary- occurring- at Joe DEPORT PERSONAL AI\T> LOCAL ITEMS ZJEPORT-—Mrs. S. Jeff us by Mrs. Sluder. Refreshments were served to I has returned, after several "weeks in Tyler with K- H. Wade Harold and family. YOUR FLOWERS 1 0 members and Mrs- Hodges, a guesu The ue« meet- j Mrs, Sam Read la visiting: her ingr win be August 21. at the home ] sister. Mrs. Hu^h Joiner in De- of Mrs. -"SVayne Chastaizt. j KaTb. Mrs, Mack Bill* MAXEY COMMLWTY ITEMS OF INTEREST Wa-xa.fc.a.chie are M. Martin- son of Mrs. A. T — W. A. Cobles received a message Wednesday morning thaz his father. W. -A. Mrs. rrank Griffin, confined to by lumbago three weeks !«t ^ J, n i Nobles of Paris, had died at Sul- j week ^. h£s home : phur. OkUHosna.' j Mr . and Mrs ^ Rassen Grant and 1 _ F A U G Hi T.—31isE PaulHze [ HUGO, sp^nt the] rjf^ 1 ^^ 0 v? ar ^,* Pen ^f the '"^^ 1 ~ eetins of ^^ Odd ^^^ and j S° ck " s f es!de -; e ^f°" r ^ & 1Stii .«•past week end. at Paris with her j ^T ? t-_ W1 " i "^^ c ' ri - ^-rs- Hll = 11 ! T» e beka.h. lodees otsened he'-a w?th - Jt ".~ e ' "^" I> '' 1 ^f"^ > '•"Serein the 1 naur""t«"- ATT«; Mas T,OV=" i ^-"- L! '- ri * i ".",.. ." ' ! . — inor boys of £.d B^rks acd Bob T fir AT TTVTTTUITCT^ ~ . C V "I ' ^ \.~~ 3Ir - and ^rs. Jesse Osbum have j a Program at «e nigrn scnool au- j Kiiadman to wit: ^oodrow Hind- LOCAL INTEREST | Johnnie Short aad Li!a Mae ] moved to Vossom. I ditorium, J. H. Warren znakingr the i mas and Eu^e 3t-ks ^ere .d. : Sparks attended the slnsing: con-i Mrs. Dee Solden lias returned to | p -i nci p ai address and Hugo Re- | taised ' I .desire to make this stati- r *' r r " !iT ~' :i ^^^ • : ' rr ~ent. tvhich T hot>© will ren^ov© aJU BOGATA1VEWS OF BOGATA.—Bogata won hall! vention at Shady Grove Saturday. S^a-nis here Sunday from Saliillo, I * Margie Parker and Henryetta I Short visited Mr. a.r>d Mrs. Barney 9 to S. Mrs. Gordon. 3>eBerry; and son are visiting at Huckleberry. Allen DeBerry and family iw.v e returned to Austin. Mmes. C. P. Pearson and Tom Keeth were in Paris Tuesday. _. Mrs,_ G- B. Stanton has left for! "ilubbock for the summer term ; of) school anfj Trill there tiiis 1 ffe.ll. She was accompafniod ro I Paris by G. B. and Martha Kate Stanton. The misslonar 1 t Tesas after a visit here and was accompanied^, norne by brother. Will Corn. -~^T. i yi&s-zis presenting a. skit, "~ I Ails Me?" _ What ^" i3son last weei. } The family of Hugh Smitb, wita j i Mr. and Mrs^ John Payne of ! J^se Carroll azsd family of Amherst I Paris visited J. H. Parker and j arid ^ r - s^d Mrs. Robert Snait family Sunday. picion o: stnlt that may ziave I been laid to tl.em frona the fact Supper at th= Odd Fellows hall I of their detention. We found not Idabel Epvortfat League Picnic attended. a b party Tuesday evening: 13. honor of I s^ee team. the birthday anniversary of Mrs. I Officers o Ernesz Thompson of Part society of the ZDABEJ Ep-worth church Tuesday joined other lea- Okla» — The Idabel j e of the Methodist ! FARMERS AT MEDILL the asscclatioi; are ! Hinkson. 3>jrant. president; ! ill. Hcgro. and Mrs, | S:g-nec this ths 14th of Jaly, A.. gues of ~he cocnry at Glover A. >r. si* Frances CUT CORN FOR FEED ! Presidents; Mr*: Ban Bridgres. SHu^o. secretary, Md Mrs Ada I Trench Mouth Healed TT. L. GRX22AHI>. TTItness: H. Lv L.ATTIMORB. easurer. Methodist church met Monday af- I a. picnic- Leagues represented { IT MEZHL-L-.—Several farmers are f Baker - ^^^ ^ j cutties their early com for cow [ •^ j feed, the crop, on account of dry j Church Picnic HeM T iOiir friends dare not say so ..Iras' I your sore gnms and fotil breath GALL 401— TINr* •urill buy or tr^l*- tor your oW furniture. Corrre 5n to »«e u» for the b«tt values in hom« fur- I> H. Baker Furn. Co. '"The HOGS* Thar Sells For L*s*T tercoon, eight members attending 1 were: the Drake home. " | Mrs. Billy Nobles and children have, returned to Pecos afner vis- Itins VT. A, Nobles and family. Mrs. Clint Lynn is ill with ma-1 laria f«ver. GARRETFS BLUFF)CHURCH AT WHITE GARRETT-S BLUFF.—Mrs. B. j ROCK HAS REVIVAL "Wisrser ?r spending: the week in } th her sister, Mrs. Kenry { WHITS HOCK.—A revival j meetinsr was begrun last Friday at Rev. and Mrs. J. O. Peterson,! >r r . an a ^fps. c. T. H=^!and vis- I tended a. picnic "at Ko-buc* 7 Tak= i = uaraaree * ;F - l2 - :::S ^?m^ Store.— ilrs - c - ^ • Bunyard. and Mrs. j i ze d Mr. and Mrs. Deb "^Tard ar j near here"" Tuesday "evenin"^ rep- ' Adv ' Donie Burns, sponsors: Sari Hen- j Idabel, Okla.. Miss Johnnie Kats | resenting- these "churches";" "the* ~~ ~~ drix. Charles Peterson, H. S. Row-1 Vrard return!as ^° Idabel after a j Methodist Protestant from " Huso ! land. Marvin and Maurice Boiling--1 visit here. • and Cooper, with Rev. Paul S. ; er, I- TT. House. Irven Over- | Mrs, Frank Jones is ill at her} How*!l and Rev. Kenneth Corse- I "resa.- ; All W!iK<: And Biark iU2<l White FORUM $5 SHOES Tt> CtOM: Out $3.75 aC JOHN SNELL At *loe Wun>ch Sliore 5arn Saw- j nome here. leader. Charles Spencer sn<5 Georcrie i I>ee O-wens oj Honey Grove returning with them or a -week's visit. visiting O. F. and Helen Tho-np- Partv Is Given For PINHOOK. — Ar. accouat Citv Visitor Itching Rash asify soothed b/ihe D'snci rneGiCStTortcf Resinol Special This Week Only! . T"» —. ».. w * 4t* •* ti ^ > & I ** rrn a n r . ^- * ^ i ^>i T. G. Cooper of Bosweil. Okla.. had an eye operation Tuesday Oil T.YJIVO ...... S2.1 ly%-?ood Beauty Shop S5 Soath 15tb Street France* Bcaslcy. ELECTION RETURNS Will c« po5t-«*d again thts year en <-orv&pl<;v co«nty wj<3«» r«3turn«». through the courtesy of T!i* Par'-* News. Visit our - corner Saturday night. July CSih. an3 wat<;lj th* vot^s c^TTift irs- Hildebrand's ihe Rev. H. D. Rowland of ] continued dry weather, stock -wat- j Boswe'I, Okla,. is holdire a -«•I rr is scarce arsd crop* of s!T kinds j viva* meeting- here this'^week *at is re short. j the Baptist church. j K. I*. Ing-orson is r»ported i5I at: | his hr.nn* 1 . I ; M»-s<. Arthur Bobby ar?d Jsu^h- | in Paris, i? visiting his mother. 1 t--T ; Pho«;-b<> L.VC- of Blossom visit- ; Mrs. Hnjrna Cooper, wh; j » • J Kn'.tnitt and Rayni-.-rtd Dobbs 1 iroiris: further treatmsn?. | M- Buna Wis hw returned to | HUGO PERSONAL I I>?»tJar. aft.«-r visiting: hrr p.irc-nts. { j Mr. --tn-J Mr* Bud HaTcy. , • j Mrs. C. P, Phillips tv-ent to • J V.'^odJar.d tt> visit her sister. Mrs. i • Mi'l "Pzirkji -T-ho is .*orioussy ill. j { a.TV- visiting: their grar-.dpar^nif. -' | Mr. and Mr.*. -T. H. Mclaughlin a: '• • B'iic R'tls:^. ' ; | 'Doarias and On.i Moorr Fi.?m-: ;h-?sr sunt, Mr?, M. H. Phillips ! Miss Audrey Baxter of K^rso ;? '• vf*it!r»sr h«r srrandTnothrr. Mrs.. AND LOC.4JL IT IS DANGEROUS And expense to drive vour automobile with the v.'hccls «>ut of .ili^n- ment. We have the finest equipment and factory trained mechanics ^'ho specJalize in'wheel alignment .and frame s!r.i!£htensng. If your c->r docs not steer as weft as when nexv or if vour front tires are showing unusual wear, drive vour car into our service department for a FREE inspection. \ U T C) Q U/ WASHOUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win B*ck P*^...V5«»r...Vh»Kty HUGO. Ok la.— Mrs. MaJison I.-anco and sons have rriurriod to T'j'^on. .\r:z.. after a v;?-; ; O .-%. B. T: us and family. Rev. Magsrsrt Ho^veli hat- rt- :to«.I the Rev. Ker,Tioth Copelan-3. !>'"T: Graves has r?c*?ivttj ai>- pyintni^Tit *o the I?:gi3Jativ*> .advisory co:nr,::t;ee cf rhe Ok'ahcnia ytatc PJiarrTjaccuiica! aj^-ociation. Mr. and Mr?. Claiidt Kirt:rnor!^ rtn-3 ohJ'drprt have r^furned from K*mr.-.on-" father. K. El. Ree<2. Mrs. rtaynsond Snow is ^i '.'V'".'- Mr. and Mr^. Harvoy M. B-ack srsd Children have returned frcjn a vacation at Turner Fall*. Mr«. John Ro,s!ar»d has returned from University hoypita! in Ok*s a pa- Mrs. Ida. Ross of Oklahor?7H visking- her meces. 'Mines. G. S. | Crof ford and l_oni:ie Erirnmajre. j "*VOI-FE CITY — Mrs- Mr, and Mrs^ James Barren oH Dooiey "w-as hostess Mends: Arp ?L-ho vii»ize<3 Mrs. Warrer/s honor of her ; r Herman Parharr;. { guest. Miss Dorothy B ^"crv sccomfaiiiei home by "cr- ] JCilleen. Old fashioned "^"ere • ir.a*a Parham. Jr. j :i fesrure. Guests bes:de the hon- ! F?-?y<i Brc^r: spent lay: n-e-, •; .-t | O re* -^ere M:i*.«s Mildred L.O-R-S. ! Haze-del! with his sister. Mrs. } Dorothy l^uise George, Corinrre j reunion Suncay at ;h e | Th ^np'soi : . Li'ia Mse 0^135^1^'-'; AMERICA'S GREAT TRUCK VALUE The FORD V-8 alone offer* all these 5 important Bertha Walker. A far hone of G- FL Crefford tended by the faniiljo? of I-vrr.-? Br1mmn?c of NobJc. Arthur M-Burnett of Mosey Grove avJ I>ov c:-' TTithrow of ctethany. Ok ; ^.: Mrs. Ida, R^ss. Oklahoma; F-o"- 1 Ohr of ATT tier?. Okla..: J. ". --^ Kloi5c Cunning-ham of S-eni;r^>. Ok';--.: Mry. J. H. Crofford sr.d ?•*" ana Mrs. D-rTvej- Crofford: *'.*;*> i^rrcnstead of Hus:o T Ok'a. Mr. and Mrs?. O. F Thompson '•:a<-5 as sru¥"*ts Taossday Mrr, "v\". D. Otvrns arvd d.iujrhte'r. Mr. a.nd >T"s. T, O. O^ver,?: snd <iaus:hier of T-.n- T-y Grove. Mr.s I>. M. Ruck^r ar.d one acd 7-iarcrueT-:tr La:O!-n Kay Cherry. Buddy Mosquito or Chigger Bites may oa"se serio*is« infectior:, Don't ?cr?.:-.-:«: -..Tct B bottle ci BKO'VVN'S: L.OTIOX. JUST daT^ j: on. Siopi- ireh^n^ ;r,>;arj.:7y 3n'.i Paris. Mr-. J. \V. C-^nr.irtch i yc-r: and Mr?. J. TT. Orof:Y :;? prevents ^. • Store. — Adv. Cit^v where she :.i«rrt The H stre- wer» contain 55 tchich Idd- • of U»y taV» or to purify Usr blood «sd Slave. r?T«:rr>.ea coutaJtw « poisnd* cf wmst* ra»tt«r. wtth too t. tlw 15 MILES 'ross anOI Trorrs i:«nt«. ?.!r. snd Mrs. I., A Mr?. Jehrs Crain has When Kidney Trouble Causes You To Get Up Nights Browns' her H. Kd- Jt»w of pep Jcplin. >!r». R. I,. D«vore o - —--^* — -r-" v i^**«** »P»"V-V Wt T *iT-*> t^TTi. 1 * ' **-S 1 ' * V " * T,??J *** rh * a 5»*« i « P**"* «Rd di*zia**i. ' ^Ir.». A. %I. Hood -ni-^^ss'fssnss:! ?ir / uanST:i w ' I!j ?r lrft ^- yo«r body wiJl t»k* up throe pofoons cm^iiajc ( "°'- s «*y f o *ccon>^3ny Mr. stn-l Mr?. '— tPcabJr. It mmy Irmxrk jw» owt «nd j M. r. H«v»rTic of Overt^n, Miss Jennie I*vnn S Bladder U Irritated ' When PasM^e I 5 Difficult When Backache Bother* Flush Poisonous Waste! From One r^haM fsci^Ttt ard i ME0AI, Haa you ca.u"t src OL. pains srsd to bar:- .- - • »W«>« b** — ___ ._ i ra'giia, lumbjiro and rhciiina:;s:r. If >ou'l fcelinjr JUM ~'>^t — | So it you ha 11 tr such syrr.pio Io-«- ia rice as any truck of But «lon t of «>nt^r- occasional backache — *tudy your friend? In- kidneys and learn ft*rnt>on at | y< TOOT* about rof« o ftx Kc<»(! }s In Knnis Yi-wirijr t thf« kidneys, jtoid ar»<! po minut«». Y«Qr*cocmncm fHRw* I rristtlvejil - ; wa«« are drawn from Th>; Z!^t!^IrTws th » t * w « f « Swa>*f»iN*. Ttwat- t»r. **t<3 TUrs, K. !„ H^nd#rson ant! discharged from th«? "tPHjELV"* ?•*"? «»y wsrioiwlT.inJTjr* and daaghier, Phylli*. u<r* bust- in«»t «« ncss Vlsltor4 to xorman day. of Kidrsey trouMc. I?" •** WAN'S TO e lf*4. Fv^wMQIw* C*. Mr*. Griff ith is in Cooper thru th« Maddor — sorn filters become clo$ne«d with poisonous. xv«st« ar»d kidneys do Tu>t function backache. ', , getting up two or i three times during the n^:ht— i . burr.Jrsi: or smarting pa»~ ) !e$r cramps—moist palms or j *yt's S*"t a .",> cer:l paclsa^* j : of ibi> sran<j diuretic at any mod- « «rn drugstore 1 —"t starts tlxe first ' <i*y on its errand of betpiulness. But be *ur* it's GOLI> MEDAI. 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