The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 7, 1970 · Page 4
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May 7, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 4

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1970
Page 4
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•Enemy Kills 1 29 Yanks in \ Viet Attack » ^^ '; SAIGON. SOtTH VIETNAM j(AP> - UJ5. and Smith Viet- ;iiamese troops launched three • more drives into Cambodia Wed- :ncsciay, but savage North Viet- .jnamese attacks in South Viet- ;nam's north raised the threat ;of a new enemy offensive there. I North Vietnamese struck Fire ;Base Henderson, a 101st Air•borne Division position 16 miles vsoiiUf of the demilitarized zone, ; killing 29 U.S. soldiers, the I greatest number of Americans :slain in a single action in 2F • months. ~~~< ~9 ~: ". " ; -ThrarDlvfJions : Field commanders feared the : North Vietnamese might push ' ;the zone into the northern part ;of South Vietnam, which is : thinly defended by allied forces. : Enemy gunners hurled six :.122-mm K rockets late Wednesday into the old imperial capi- ;<al of Hue, the first rocket at; tack there in several months, A spokesman said one rocket | struck a_.miltary hospital, kill- •ing 12 persons and wounding ; seven. Four persons were re- 1 ported wounded elsewhere in the I 'The U.S. Command said v eight Americans were killed • and six wounded in the latest ; allied thrust into Cambodia. : It said the U.S. 25th infantry ••-: Division killed 45 North Viet• namese just beyond the fron- ; tier 18 miles northwest of Tay : Ninh city. ; Latest casualty figures listed •30 Americans dead in the Cam- ;bodian sweep and at least 61 ; wounded. South Vietnamese '.casualties were placed at more : than 170 killed and more than • 700 wounded. ; The three new operations in ; Cambodia raised to six the nu'm- ;ber of fron& opened in "-{KIT t country."Informed "sdurces~said .• 20,000-25,000 U.S. troops and the — WIREPHOTO-(AR). A Drink While Under Fire MELVIN R. LAIKD A G.I. drinks water from his canteen while pinned down by sniper fire during an assault on the Cambodian village of Tasuos. o ..-, Udon Than! iThakhek V - ~-^:;:-T\!c^ ? >; \"" -• -*-- .-'-"•veiu«««»tl, THAILAND i Nhon a^SOUTH VIETNAM &# ^ PARROT^ | Mekong-Delta V BEAK j same number of South Vietnam-highland bases 200 miles north strikes, .in the massive sweep ^ SL^? 1& iM ;cse were overrunning enemy nf )ho Fiehhnnlf _„' * the nineteenth parallel. ;cse were overrunning enemy , thp Fishhook ; bases .along 230 miles of border, l Ule * lshhoolc • : capturing great stores of mu- Jnitions and food. ; U.S. troops opened t w o ; drives north and south of : Cambodia's Fishhook about 70 miles northwest of Saigon •'- where American forces first '• moved into Cambodia last Friday. • The third operation is along , the northern fringes of the Fish; hook, where American armored forces and South Vietnamese troops entered Cambodia to link ; up with a U.S. armored column , that seized the highway town of REDS BOYCOTT PARIS TALKS By Anatolc Snub if) The Washington Post PARIS, FRANCE -North Vietnam and the Viet Cong canceled Wednesday's scheduled session of the Vietnam peace talks, with a warning that the Nixon administration would bear sole responsibility for the "grave consequences" if escalation in Indochina continues. Announcing the cancellation Wednesday morning, a half- hour before the session was scheduled to begin, North Vietnamese press spokesman Nguyen Thanh Le charged that U.S. bombers had carried out another attack on North Vietnam, on Tuesday, in addition to the raids of May 14 already denounced by Hanoi. Le said the latest took place south of LAIRD ADMITS COUP A FACTOR By Ted Sell © Th« Us Aft«lM Times WASHINGTON,.. D.C. - Defense Secretary Melvin .R. Laird told a press conference Wednesday that Cam bpdia'si "changed political situation" presented an o p p o r tunity that was a key factor in the U.S. decision to attack Communist sanctuaries in that country. It was the first time a top administration official had conceded publicly that the overthrow of Prince Norodom Sihanouk in March triggered trie~~U.Sr'action" against base areas which have existed for years. President Nixon did not cite the downfall of Sihanouk when he gave the reasons for the move into Cambodia in an address to the nation last week. Meanwhile, a State Department spokesman disclosed that the first shipment of U.S. weapons had been made to the Cambodian government of Premier Lon Nol. Previously, the United States approved dispatch of 4,000 captured C o m m u n i s t-made AK-47 rifles. The new shipments, according to the State' Department, are of World War Il-vintage M-l rifles and carbines from storehouses in South Vietnam. Laird also explained Wednesday why the Pentagon had failed to report at first a -fourth U.S. air strike against North Vietnam which came to light the day after three other attacks were announced. The fourth strike, he said, Remarkable Remarks * Speaking Ifi fWsa, Okla., former Supreme Court Justice Tom Clafk said the/rising crime rate cannot be laid at the doorstep of the SuprenTe Court. He declared: "A society is judged by the wanner to which It treats Us criminals. In the'past 15 yeifs we have developed the best system of criminal justice the world has ever seen." * Vefnon R. Aldeh, former president of Ohio University, said in Boston that students - <J have naively expected that, universities could. take on the responsibility for changing and reshap- "Studeats have discovered that educational institutions are completely unprepared to accept this responsibility and" are perilously vulnerable when under attack." * Posing in the White House East Garden with Vincent Gorman, a drama student from Lea College in Minnesota who had introduced himself as a Democrat, Mrs. Richard M. Nixon quipped: '-'I used to be one before 1 reformed." t<JM CLARK Des Moines Register " ! operations. About 1,000 more Americans j Meanwhile in Washington, the (were landed by helicopter seven White^ House said Wednesday | miles inside Cambodia to join was mounted by -Navy planes. These planes reported through channels different than the Air Force, which undertook the oth- 'er three.,But that attack, like , Snuol on Wednesday. Heavy' enemy ground fire 500 U.S. troops who got through Tuesday. .-.But this is only a fxa^tiQn'of the 6,000 U.S. and South Vietnamese committed to the operation. Four U.S. helicopters were shot down, one of them a command ship. 2,700 Enemy Dead The "sixth operation is in the Parrot's Beak 40-miles west of Saigon, where South Vietnamese troops with U.S. advisers opened the first big drive into Cambodia last Thursday. still plagued a U.S. operation in northeast Cambodia which was ; begun Tuesday from central that President Nixon's 19-mile restriction on U.S. troop movements into Cambodia is flexible — commanders can go a bit further to protect their men or wipe out a Communist bunker. The president's pledge to limit U.S. military thrusts was first disclosed Tuesday night when he briefed key congressional committees and said American forces would not advance beyond 19 miles without seeking the approval of Congress. Heavy Barrage In South Vietnam, Fire Base Allied headquarters . claimed tTJn S° uth Vietnam, Fire Base lore than 2,700 Viet Cone and Henders °n was hit by a heavy more than 2,700 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops have been killed, mostly by air 1C 11111C ICC I III 1 Ual CtllCli ' *- 1 llli t.V.i__ JLJMfc tllUL 11VLU *-"•). *I1»V* A statement by the North i lhe other three, was authorized Vietnamese delegation declared by h | m ' Lai £ d said> MarthaWonts Colleges, Advise Students By Marie Smith t) The Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C. - Martha Mitchell, outspoken wife of Ally. Gen. John Mitchell, wants to visit college campuses and talk to students about drug abuse and harmful narcotics. She is not thinking in terms DENIES ROGERS OPPOSED MOVE WASHINGTON,' D.C. (REU- ERS) - A" State Department spokesman .Wednesday denied reports that Secretary of State William P. Rogers did not support the decisions and policies which led President Nixon to order U.S. military attacks on Communist sanctuaries in Cambodia. Spokesman Robert McCloskey told reporters that the responsible officers of the State Department, including Rogers, were "fully involved all the way along as decisions were reached, and the Department of |State andjhe secretary fully I support llie decisions and the MARTHA MITCHELL that the raids were "a violation of the American engagement to halt the bombing of North Vietnam completely," and that "in energetic protest" against the raids, the North Vietnamese would boycott Wednesday's conference session and propose postponing the next meeting until. May 14. & Involved in Wrecking Dow Offices Sentenced i WASHINGTON, D.C.-(AP) - A federal judge pronounced ' jail sentences ranging from three months to possibly 10 years Wednesday for nine persons convicted of wrecking local offices "~6f the Dow Chemical Company in March, 1969, in protest of , Dow's connection with the Vietnam war, ; The Rev. Bernard Meyer, Ro-j ~ ' man Catholic.priest from Cleve' land, was sentenced to jail for ; from six to 18 months, but or- •t dered to serve three months ; with the balance suspended. He will "be on probation for three years. The Rev. Robert Begin, ^ also a Catholic priest from * C1 e v e 1 a n d , received con• current sentences of six .' months on one count and from .one year to three years • on. two counts, with all but six months suspended provided he meets probation, requirements for three years. ; Michael Dougherty, Buffalo, ,".\., now a Jesuit seminarian . at Woodstock, Md., received • concurrent sentences of six • months and from nine months i • to four years. I Joseph O'Rourke, also a ! Woodstock seminarian, received ; concurrent sentences of six : months and from one year to j three years, with all but six ; months suspended during a ; three-year probation. ; Michael Slaski, Detroit, the '• only non-Catholic C h u r c h-re- j ,'• lated defendant, received an ; "indeterminate" sentence that • could range from a few months ; to a maximum of 10 years. The Rev. Dennis Maloney, ~T- Detroit priest, W-'eived eon- current sentences of 'six months and from one year to ; three years with all but six ; months suspended provided ; he meets probation require' meats for three years. : Joann Malone, St. Louis, a ; member of the Sisters of Lo- i ' retlo, received concurrent sen- .' tences of six months and from Do Your FALSE TEETH Prop. Slip or Foil? ; Don't keep worrying wnether you* ; . laltif teetn will come lQQ£fi_m_Uie • wrong time. For more security •*«! • . more comfort Jmst sprinkle fattious • FASTEETH on your dental plates. • FASTEETH De*ture Adhesive Pow' der noldE false tetth firmer longer. • Uafce* esUng etisier. Won't sour under denture*. No gummy, gooey. : ! pasty Lwte or feel. Dejuures that fit »re essential to health See your Sjentist resulaclj'. Get FASTEETS '. • tcd»y »t «iU drug counters. nine months to three years, with no portion suspended. Arthur Melville, former missionary of the Catholic Maryknoll Missionary, received six months on one count and a concurrent sentence of one to six years. In his case, the judge explained that all but six months may be suspended on the longer portion of the sentence. His. wife, Mrs. Catherine Sa-' gan Melville, also a former Maryknoll missionary, was sentenced" to 'jail "for ffofn""six (months to 18 months, with mortar barrage and ground attack shortly before dawn. Details of the fighting remained sketchy. Besides the 29 dead, 31 Americans were wounded and two were missing. The U.S. Command said 29 enemy troops were killed. North Vietnamese soldiers also overran the government's Que Son district headquarters, 28 miles southwest of Da Nang. A half-dozen other clashes in the north left seven Americans and 40 North Vietnamese dead and 32 _U.S_ , troops ' wounded. In Saigon, the government moved in four battalions of troops to guard against growing unrest in the capital. Schools were closed until further notice to deny students a place to assemble "and possibly be incited to violence by the Viet Cong," one source said. Few observers here believed, however, that the Communist side would return to the conference table if bombing of North Vietnam should continue. The United States and South Laird, asked about the U.S. drives into the sanctuary areas now, amid U.S. troop withdrawals, instead of several years ago, said: "There have been international policy considerations that have been involved," he said at one point. "The political situation,changed and this opportunity was-presented."— But Laird made it clear that he defends the U.S. moves primarily on grounds that destruction of the base areas is essential to insure 150,000 U.S. troops can be withdrawn over the next year while "Vietnamization" of making speeches at this time but rather ,of talking at close range with the students and listening to them. "I want to get close to the youth of today," she said W e d n e s day o ye r luncheon at the National Arboretum. Mrs. Mitchell said, she has no plans at present for college visits and is not even sure that she Will do it. She has gone so far, however, as to discuss it with one Washington college youth who told her, "Mrs. Mitchell, you can't do that. You might be killed." "If God wants to use me." with a message for the youth of today, "I want to do It," said Mrs. Mitchell, a former Sunday School teacher. The blonde, dimple cheeked j Cabinet wife confessed she is worried about her husband because he works so hard. He has twojjroblems that are of special concern to her. luncheon food. Then, by 5 p.m., she is "ravenous," she said. Trailed by 2 , ., __._ Mrs: Mitchell was one of five K°gers appeared policies." Indications that Rogers disagreed with the. Cambodian venture came from the part i a I release of testimony which he gave to the House appropriations subcommittee Apr. 23, that if U.S. troops went into Cambodia "our whole (Vietnamization) program is defeated." McCloskey said that when before the Cabinet wives attending the subcoml ™" cc A P''- 23- no dcci- . . . ,, , , B c :-sions had been made with re- luncheon held by.the Americani spcct to the operations which Newspaper Women's Club. She I eventually-came'about in Cam- was not accompanied by hcr|bodia.. new press secretary, Kay j Anv remarks which Rogers Woestendieck, but was' trailed i™ dc al lha f timc> McCloskc . v , . . , L | said, were. in the context nf by a reporter and photographer;whether U.S. troops would be for Look magazine, which is j used in support of the new Lon doing a story on her. I Nol government in Cambodia. She apparently is filling her! McCloskey said Cambodia days with .newspaper and I maflc no rc nucst for troops. magazine interviews, for she left the luncheon to'keep an appointment at her Watergate apartment with . a • reporter "from a paper her home state. in Arkansas," Vietnam said they had not de-i proceeds in Vietnam. Keokuk Man, 64, Dies^of Injuries (The Register's lows News Service) KEOKUK, IA. - Charles H. j Byrne, 64, of Keokuk died early Wednesday in Veterans Hospital at Iowa City of injuries suffered in a one-car accident Sunday afternoon in Keokuk. He and a brother, Leo, 59, were injured When the brakes of their car failed on a city jjrget and the car rolled over a . 40-foot embankment, smashing into the edge of a railroad boxcar. cided whether thev would re,..._, the ! Argentine Arsenal other side of our decision and. Burns; Hint Arson BUENOS. AIRES, ARGEN you will be notified," U.S. Am-j C. Habib toldi bassador Philip newsmeti. In both the official statement and responses to questions afterward, Communist spokesmen laid heavy stress on the amplitude of the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam,, recalling repeatedly that cessation of the bombing had been Hanoi's precondition for opening talks with the ;TINA (REUTERS) - About soo firemen fought a major fire Wednesday in a military arsenal 10 miles south of here. No cause was given for the blaze, but there were reports it was started by a left-wing extremist group. During the first five days of May, the North Vietnamese spokesman said ".hundreds" of U.S. planes had attacked populated areas in North Vietnam, causing numerous deaths, including those of some 20 children. She disclosed that he has bursitis in one hip, and it is "ruining his golf game." Despite her pleas that he get more exercise, he doesn't find time for it, she said.. She is also concerned about the weight he has gained while at the Justice Department. "He now has two double j /n Passion Play .chins instead of one," she , MUN , CHi WEgT QERMANY wu-'i u i, u A u i (REUTERS) - About 10 mem- While her husband has only bers of , h cast f ( he oberam . fruit juice and coffee for break- me Passion Play were fast she always eats a large among young pe0 p le interviewed breakfast, she said. 'Creamed uJ.'__ii* :_ iu * .«. •. ,. : _ McCloskey also read a statement by Rogers welcoming a call by United Nations ._SecretenfcGjtfteral_ U—Thant— for an .international- conference on Cambodia. McCloskey said-the U.S.-already was engaged in an effort -tn-negotiate a peaceful'settle- ment of the Vietnam war in Paris. Grand View College SUMMER SESSION Day and Evening Classes Leo Byrne remains a patient at Graham Hospital in Keokuk, where he is in satisfactory con- about dition '__ Question Actors , . jr.. n v i »(• "3 jjuiiuc in me jjaai vycciv ill chipped beef on English muffin, connection with possible drug scrambled eggs, bacon and grits offenses, police said Wednesday, and just everything," she said. »T I l_ - * 1 _._ Ii_ i • Her husband eats "a big lunch" while she picks at her CAN YOU MAKE BIG MONEY IN LAND? ... OF COURSE! If you learn some simple rules before you.invest! ---•-• FREE-Southwest Land Corp. booklet tells what you should know about investing in land. er stop in TODAY! rhone2U-5731 SATELLITE STATION THERMOPYLAE, GREECE (REUTERS) - Premier George Papdopoulos opened "a satellite ground station here Wednesday will give Greece direct with North HOTEL irkwood COUNTRY KITCHEN _Motbfr'$ Day Deluxe Dinners Baked Ham, Roast Turkey, Golden Fried Chicken, and others. 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