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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Thursday, January 22, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results THE DAILY REGISTER Continuously Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL," THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 173 ·H Purely Politico! ECOVERY PUN I f S-^fl ?, iff And Country TIMOTHEUS T. , -- ' ' March of Dimes Containers Filling Up Too Slowly a warm, pleasant : .day and Timothe chores of the ;; UR - lo v.ork in his outer tin- outdoors- the streets uptown, tew store's. Many 01 he little receptacles to .nrr 101K a u»»« ph'.i y -' IIK (UT' lSS| . 011 ir f j i t H - ' 1)cen n,r of H-ar lor \vcli, it's oacK. FRANK G. THOMPSON.'director of the Illinois Department of Reg- v»eii, i t » "· _ ^ration and Education, who will back about u us, k toniglu at lhc p u b l i c mccling several ea s, ' , , ,. c., linf r m i n , v t«e I In- : - March of Dimes cam- Ai-ic htaried. tola ot uptown took on b s as 1 gazed at container on the aren t iiU- 'viuf'thev snould be. i!;' there are "a lew pennies, 1,7, dunes and quarters that , f i t » i , i . . . . . . » t-i/\ ro. u . been dropped :«nck" !· a low campaign welt- tu'i-s "Hi ^ t n c sum I0lal 01 . ht . ' ia xi, were Known, it woulu sponsored by the Saline County Council of American Legion posts. The meeting will be held in the court room of the court house, starling at 7:30 p. m. with the Legion ritual. Mr. Thompson will (Editorial Comment) Minimum of Primary Battles in Illinois Major Parties; Cook County Still Holds Balance of Power; Governor Green in Strong Position in State and Nation; Dick Rowo Coming to Front for Republicans; Democrats Have Balanced State Slate; Powell Seeks Legislature Above State Office; Com- mitlecmvn and Delegates to Be Elected. 1 - U Announcement of Congressman Roy Clippinger of Carmi.that he will not be a candidate for re-eleclion from Ihe new 24th Illinois [Congressional dislricl. Ihus eliminating what was set up to be a most ! strenuous light for the Republican Congressional nomination, is an' other straw in Ihe wind of indication lhal there is to be practically no primary campaign by either political party in Illinojs this year. And the care with which the slates of the two major political parties are being arranged gives evidence of one of the most active, and probably the most bitter November election in many years, even j eclipsing some of the bitterness of the old New Deal days. The ramifications of the approaching campaign are enough to keep students of political activities in"Illinois on their toes, and it goes without saying that a majority of those whose principal participation Deal Blows Documents Reveal Soviet Bases Used by Germany Before Russia in War WASHINGTON, Jan. 22--U.R-- \ Stalin, according to the German foreign office documents Account, categorically rejected the Survey Indicates Ohio Republican Easiest to Beat By LYLE C. WILSON INclZl luriiigii uAny- wwv-w**»\»»'v«7 i captured by the United States in- I elude instructions to the German (ambassador in Moscow to thank I the Soviet navy fo'r "valuable as- Nazi officials during which they .sistance" purportedly given the ! German fleet in 1940--before Rus- isia became a belligerent. The German message referred Asia and Africa. WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.--(U R)-Dr. George Gallup's polls are dealing sledgehammer blows to the bases on the which the Nazis were aban- new bases had be- in Norway. Ex-President Proposes Big Cut in Spending Must Counteract Subversive War, Wartime General Says WASHINGTON, Jan. 22-- OLE)-President Truman today flatly op- ister Yosuke Matsuoka, in which recommenuauons 01 loimtr i IC.M alleged British offer. 3. Memoranda of conversations between the highest Soviet and often were said to have expressed determination to drive Britain and the United States out of Europe, 4 A d s c s s o n between Adolf ^ ,. Hitler said "Germany considered This "was "one of the 260 Nazi · war with the United States to be dent Herbert Hoover. The President told reporters that he was not for the recommen- ... politics "is merely voting, will be lost in the maze of activities. It has been increasingly apparent during the past decade that political maneuvering in Illinois is done largely in Cook county, and, although the regular downstate vote is required by either party to be -- ,,.. a winner the balance of power remains in the state's biggest metrop- speak on the subject. "Education | Decisions affecting Democrats, Republicans or both are deter- 1 ' 8 n Ralph Dennison. county conV mined in Chicago, often on a bi-partisan basis. c - ver. \ery \ o u % o hoard the story over and u ot hou polio striKes swat v HU ,. cjn MHKC your tamnv -,t av as thc tcllow's over ;',, the otnJr s-ide oi town, now Prompt adequate treatinen is moecl to pre\cnt boys and girls, ,,!en ami *umcn. from becoiir"" . na ( now, although n . mander. urges the public lo allcnd Ihis program. If they cannot attend, they will be able to hear the address over WEBQ. pre-convention Republican presi- forc i an office documents publish- undesirable, but it had already -------- ... . dential candidacy of Sen. Robert! . ,* j« h t by the state Depart- been included in its calculations/' , dations of the former Republican A . Taft of Ohio. '. mcnt in a relating to Soviet-Nazi The document alluding to Sov- president who yesterday suggested Taft consistently shows in poll Delations in 193941. Some of the iet assistance to the Germany navy . that Congress make i a substantial reports as the Republican presi- 'other documents included Nazi, was dated Sept. 5, 1940-more ' cut in the $6800 000,000 recom- dential nominee Truman most sure- 1 versions of: . than nine months .before Russia en- mended by Mr. Truman for the Iv could lick next November. The' i Alleged secret agreements ' tered the war. It was a routine first 15 months of the Marshall same statistics are boosting the 'between Russia and Germany in German foreign office instruction , plan. slock cf General Ike as a man Mr. 1939.41, including plans-- before telegram to the German ambassa- j ji r . Truman said he simply did -- . . . , . i - _ . ^ ... ,, · . ^ T _ _ _ = i ---- 1, ^ r . ,.,,,.,,« ,}/»,. in ·Mnc/tniir . ' Truman could not defeat. 'the Soviet-Nazi break -- to carve dor in Moscow. approve of Hoover's statement. Frank G. Thompson To Speak Tonight At the Courthouse Several guests arc scheduled to be present tonight at thc court house tonight to attend the meeting ·im-vs, the situauon mvuv i.'·»-.· sponsored by the Saline County , J '- \our mindb j Council of American Legion Posts. It t4-t.- lots of money to f i n - ) a t which Frank G. Thompson, di- ·-(.e the' ticatment of polio vie- rcclor O f the Illinois Department MIT-,, iheic ait: cimtcb wiucn O f Registration and Education, will ic'pcnd upon our nickels and - - - a i l , be a Rood idea, just to . situation more lirmiv And Saline county itseit Ucas half of all lunds collected c-imei spea k. The mee t; n g originally schedul- f ? . 45 m wiu slart at 7:3 o Four years ago, Illinois gave majorities to Democratic Roosevelt "u S Senator Scott W. Lucas. Congressman Mrs. Emily Taft Dou«las Secretary of State Edward J. Barrett and three Democratic trustees of the University of Illinois, but elected Republican Governor Dwight II Green, Lieutenant-Governor Hugh \V. Cross. Auditor Arthur C. Leuder, State Treasurer Conrad F. Becker, and Attorney General George F. Barrett. In the off-year election, Republican Richard Yates Rowe was elected slate treasurer for a two-year term and Superintendent of Public Instruction Vernon L. Nickell, also a Republican, was re-elected for a four-year term. It would be no surprise if a situation comparable to the 1944 split election were to materialize this year, although it is obvious cither party would be pleased to sweep the entire state, giving majorities to both state and national candidates. In arranging tickets, both parties are' vicing for all support they .,,,, «ct aside frorx regular machine activity, and they are attempting to «et througlTthe primary with a minimum of sore spots. Bitter pri- °v fights bring to light intra-party differences which are used by " . . . . . . _ i _ i ._ _i.: ^ --. U L l ^W W * i t 4 1 V F V V * \ . i N . « » · · t i l t . »JV » * \ ^ V * *«*··· « - -- " ,, I _ _ · 1 J J 1 l^ I r * - · i "iv Thorn-is E Dewcv of \e\v up the Eurasian-African contm- The documents were taken by ' He would not make specific ob]ec Yor?- shows u D v / e l ' n ? the "poll ents into spheres of influence for U. S. officials from the offices of tions. saying his flat disapproval reoorls but trails Eisenhower in the Axis powers and Russia. former Nazi Foreign Minister wou ld have to stand for itself, reports, but trans .^ ls ? ni TM w ,Y,._^ i r j tis h offer Rejected Joachim Von Ribbentrop. He was pleased with Baruch Report s i 9 The German version of a! hanged as a war criminal after | As to the international and eco- P' mirported Russian claim that in | trial by the Nuernberg Tribunal. I nomic recommendations also made is mid-1940 the British offered to That court, on Soviet objections,' this week by Bernard M. Baruch, obstacle t» his Ribbentrop's defense many of the to read most of these recommenda- documents now published by the tions. U. S. make a good president but would knock himself out in his campaign. Lot of Taft Delegates j Practical politicians often chal-j lenge the validity of polls, especial- 1 Iv if .he figures oppose the practic- a'l politician's idea of what is what. The concensus here, despite the polls, is that Taft will come to he Republican Natio nal conven- Bankston Miners Jobless Claims Appeal Rejected d f ' from this "· /'· instcad ' Art !" lr M °° r ? S * d . ' iw ,,,,y can ,011 next June a large ; col ,011 lectfon of delegates. He maj not n - . have so many but he hC i i u . v - ^v ...»---,,- -- . . have a lot. Those Iwo are expected , to lead on the ballot It was that way m mary " "n^Sonev 6 b"wesson's address at 8 p. m. \yill be . l .^:J?°hn C l Solved James S. Gwaitney, Harnsburg, Mr. Thomp will be l Thc Mdims have received) James treat free l l i v U v o t w* »'j*^,w»»-«»-*---- _ ^me son ot tree treatment will continue as Ion" as the public H-poncis to the tund-raismg earn- ! % \ e ma\ not be able to give L;;c Mini-- to such a campaign. hut \\e can rirop small change oc- lasionall 1 . into thc containers and that it is money well put. Jerd this' SmfthV Fairfieid, 24th district commander: Charles F. Ruth, .Ml. Carmel, past Fifth division commander. the opposing party in the general election. .. .-r ^ 43overnor. Dwight.Grceu. who. -has JHe.o! mosl favorable -spot, nationally as- well as in Illinois. . The "Governor is not by nature a person who develops^many close personal friendships and relations with his constituents. He is a cool, calculating and astute politician, and he is growing in political stature In the face of voiced Republican opposition to a third and a fourth term' for President Roosevelt, he has announced for a third term for Governor, because he knows thc matter of the number of terms is was first, Taft a good second and ,H l £- K Wendell L. Willkie far oack on| ris *| ul *- , , · - _ * _ v _ » i « * *u n t -iTrt-^r- Tlourfltv'f; ! 1 nC Jan. 22 -Court unemployment corn- claims by about 600 Pro- Workers of Amer- period of idle' ness at five mines of the Bankston H 1 Creek Collieries, inc., near H; Court S u e m e C u r t strength' iot. Taft ,, while but was overtaken -.. - ----- , who kidnapped the nomination to, " »et the first ballot that year. Dewey's | 1 ne strength-fa^pfan ^^^babj^me^-^^^^^^^ ^ I employed arid therefore ineligible Longer Work Week Proposed By AFL Chief WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.--U.E-- AFL President William Green proposed today that labor and industry agree to lengthen the work week , by five hours," to be paid at over- nitime rates, as a substitute for in- icreasing "-existing straight-time compensa- thought they were running national convention. tion "or a worK stoppage the t o u t of a labor dispute. Green submitted his proposal to the Senate Banking committee in a statement emphasizing that his proposal .would be workable only i The lllinul* bitinon of Place- if Congress adopted . n and Unemployment Compen- antynflation _ program winch would l Senate committee that Russia has .1 .1. _ _i _ *1.. A _U .*T?4sk **c*nl"\tro.T C- Other guests will be L. S. Mor- j mere i y a political, talking point. ris, Cairo, and Noble Horton, Al- 1 bion district supervisor of the, Illinois Veterans commission: Charley Golliher. McLeansboro, 24th district vice commander: and Dr. mander. -Tic Republican Illinois legislature was one of the first in the country to approve an anti-thir,d-term-for-president resolution. ,-Ike Move ootential kid - sation rejected the original request; apply to other phases of the na- Geaeral Ike is thes polentiai K a lo o£ mines 4 5f 6? 7 a nd j tional economy. . , napper this-yean The^Uup poUs ^ ^^^ ^ g ^ ^^^ of .shall plan a r i t ^ hfm to' make tKefinite ies for compensation from Sept. o ;GeneI , al Motors a i so has,recom-,^ ife^d tT"the saboteur, the | cult for him to raaKe int Q ^ ? 1944 _ i mended extension of the work- TM[* %. A fhe hldden enemy." He 'subvers- must be counter- strengthened Mar- said the Rus- net- Some vl L/iyi v/ i v- »*·* *...-- ^-- -s and Democrats alike were genuinely opposed to more than for a principal political official, but either political party will accept a third or a fourth or a fifth term 'if it'is politically expedient and Governor Green well knows this fact. With a deadlock for thc Republican presidential nomination an accepted possibility. Governor Green, controlling Illinois' convention delegation and himself a well-known political figure, is a possibility for president, more than a possibility for vice-president, and even a stron-cr possibility for an important presidential cabinet post. £; thc nominee for Governor, he can assure himself a top position "on thc Illinois fall election ticket pending the presidential nominating convention. . _ , · « _ · «t If thc lightning strikes at thc nominating convention and he is the * ^ t ^ ^ _ _ _ _ * . _ _ i ? _ * _ * _ ! _ ; ,, --.»rty»j"kf cni" :.ct- fill 'cm up for some kiddie ^ v \vhitlcy. Harrisburg, zone coni- vl.o-will be struck by this dreaded; u-oa-e and \\ho will need ex- ;(.:, treatment quickly. Former Resident is Visited by Mrs. Daisy Seright in California Mr* Dai.-y M. Seright, publisher j oi The Daily Register, who is! '.iMiiim m California, has written o; a most enjoyable visit with Mrs. (.'hark". Iimlcs. the former Mrs. Luretiuis ««"·'-·---.---·---^lyiudiwin.""-« -- « - - -- . . c *^»« -r'a^ti-ni rnnmittpc i D A Kobt-rts of Harrisburg. who day at thc annual meeting of the h govcrnorshi p nomination through the State Central Committee . ...,.._ »»_ c-_i: r-^,,«t». Qrtil Conservation "·*"· ° . . ._. _ _!_,,,, *,, 4i, n n-,»;nnoi tipfcpt ann that ticket Thc meeting is open to thc public. Doors will open at 1 p. m. Re-Elecl Directors Of Saline Co. Soil Conservation Dist. Directors were re-elected yesler-1 prcsi dcntial or vicc-prcsidential nominee, he can dictate . t i~^~. ft f^\ \\-\e\ \ r . . · . _ . * ? A I___A.. *«l» 41« A d*\t f*. f^onT f* statement which would take him out of thc contest now ana forever. Manv of the political regulars regard" Eisenhower as an interloper, a political unknown, and they don t want him. Already there are vague indications of a slop-Ike movement which would seek to get going a, Philadelphia next June if the con- v«ntion were unable to make a I mended extension of the wons- -^^ and ^ hidden enemy The State Labor Director denied t wee k from 40 to 45 hours, but at orODOsed placing control of the t - _ _ . r ._ r-«,«t- =_ +« Crtr\f 1 I _j. :«t.i. *:.«,,. nn*t f*\r tV»o ovfra , r'* v 'l /w *? c» f A I _ . u««*lf» successor s . _ _,,,;,,,, v .-, rcMdent here when Mr.;Saline County Soil Conservation Rowrts *av superintendent of the. district, held at the Masonic tern- .__. .. · t 1 _. r _. « l \ * r » /*ii\» traction lire jplc in this city. Mr ami Mrs. Ingles operate a . Rc-clcctcd were: Frank Sutton.. ranch KP.O.MI ns Ilidscxvay Acres at · Eldorado township, chairman: (.arKbad. v.'nhi. near San Diego. Xoble Williams. Galatia township. i:i'i ha-.e a beautiful ranch home. ! secretary: and C. Ersal Vinyara. jric-i^t-'. ;,:-.! decorated by Mrs. Mountain township: and A. J. InJv«. v.ho always possessed un-'jison. Long Branch township. If he does not get a place on the national ticket and that ticket wins in November, he will be in a position to accept an v important place in the Republican administration in event he is not re-elected Governor, or he can resign as Governor should he be elected, and his will be the Lieutenant-Govcrnor. whom he has already ap- successor tastes. r.i!-.' :i pioduccs avocadocs , _ _^. i t T.on.v. peaches, plums, a. m. and continued Xrv*':c rfr^immons. lorries and.dav. I A ... in _ nn ; n t n f winninc ^«M .,j , U1 , S . I M 0rnin g speaker was Pat John- Jtcnalizc to a point of ^nning. Vr- limits has continued hcr' son wno has charge of several »::iri4 am; iv author of textbooks university experiment stations in ::·: o:h; ,,r::dcs for general pub- sou thcrn " Illinois. Mr. Johnson a lecture. illustrated by Haylands. is an accepted fact that Governor Green wil, win the Repub- - o i n t h e (Continued on Page Four) . -- · Thomas Trammeil, 82, Retired Farmer, at . 41V mj*."*^ ---- ---- -- -- ft i. - l O l l_ A I^A W M i / O C V * £/i**V*A»£J *· the claim from Sept. 5 to Sept. 18 straight time pay for the extra i Recovery program but allowed it for the period from fi ve hours. President Truman at f ^ -^ s Nat i «- t ·* rt . ~ /~\ni T TV^rt **tiTM"OTnf* t . r _ __^__.«. A «rf A»nn·«/· t/\/lIT* /»T*Iti_ .. .. Sept. 18 to Oct. 1. The Supreme Court ruling concerned only the period :rom Sept. 18 10 Oct. 7. Tw@ Hen Hurt in Combaiiing Fire Two men were injured late yes- terdav combatting a fire at the home' of Harry L. Harper at 15 t West Lincoln avenue. Kurt were Fred "Buddy" Lancaster and Frank Rister, neighbors who rushed into the kitchen his news conference today criticized Wilson's proposal. in the hands National Security Council. Says Can Furnish Food Mr. Truman said he thought, 3. Secretary of Agriculture Wilson was living in 1890. Mr. j Clinton P. Anderson told the Truman was not asked about House Foreign Affairs committee Green's proposal: , that any cut in the food estimates Green said that recent wage under the recovery program would increases had been .offset_by in- rendange^the^success of^e^n- creased cost of living. But he warned that labor will be forced to demand new raises unless the ^*3£ t !P~ SLTS » IS^cr on , reviewed'President Truman's a n t l - f o o , ° p e s ' _· inflation «...,,- , _ proved and- disapproved by the home- sided in Stqnefort. died o'clock last night Mr. Trammell. farming circles throughout the i«lilll"i ^iix.«*-»' w.- _ countv. was a charter member of Saline County Farm »~ was a I Mr Su on presided at yestcr- lican nomination for Governor. He has opposition in me prn,,.^. v., a«u^,,,, . .!da?s'n2SSS. which' smrtcd at 10 | ^ tJR| opnosition . to be determined when the date for petition board of.., , .._.:_..,,., ,i. M ..«i, m ,t iho j w . thdrawals ro i, s around . but the opposition cannot concc.vaoly ma-j l a g c Qf Stonc f 0 rt. . gavc H r ; ., : . .;,, hn . tth o wjas a youlh , slidcs . O n "Pastures. ·'.Nr. ih'% k-li Harnsburg, is a fertilizers and Crops. Hugh Cross, now l. *V l l l l l B H ^ i - r Licutcnant-Govcrnor. is one of thc avowed can- I 111 1.11 V-* V»0^» «*v . . -- - - -- - ^ J * 4 didatc-= and Cross' friends as well as his political enemies arc admit" Cross has soiled his own mess kit by getting into thc race. thc rcnomination as Lieutenant , probably t" opposition, but Uiat is now slated for Richard Yates t ovv»- employed on thc He is an editorial v.ife. nlso a news writer. SOU Conservation Rowc. U still might be possible for CrossJo . Trcas- Alfrcd Tntc. . it spoke during thc after- Long Time Farm county soil con- scnat7onisir«id that two requests noon session Planning." Dick Wicsc. farm for meetings to. organize planning groups were made y dav One was from a group in Rec- ther from a McKinnis Seeks GOP Nomination as State Representative ,,,,,. v ,, ?· -i ·· v · v* * T~ lor township, thc other from '^"·l ...Kinnis, Eldorado Re-1 croup j n Eldorado township. ' r -H ii :\-, s iiied his petitions t*" * i'-'^-rrifi f ?fst sta dfstrict (Postpone Greater _ ^ f ' i ) i f en'ihc secretary of state Egypt Ass'n Meeting '"' r.:.. lidd ,-innounccd today. .,, .-i T ,~rAn\t tan 27 ^K,V,, K a school teacher. Until Tuesday, Jan. z/ «·-,v''T'V-M 1 ° f : lhc .V as * in S l « n The dinner meeting and program ^ ·"'), ,-! Kidorado. He is well- J " L uu ""-' - . . :«.:^,, .ro.'i. n ;j«,h] c ij c circles, as he · j'^ ' li'unincnt athlete in hiRh '·','','/'','' 1( ' f'^^ae and has been a ' "' '· 1 ;.r.\ basketball official for . J(K r.n-,N - lilins brings three into " f lor the two Republican \tn*. Olhcrs to file arc k. llarrisburg, and s, Vienna, prcscnt oi the .state legislature. · j ',' ' : - '-" MINES rcr ion on thc Green slate, but likely he will not do so. v General George Barrett, who doesn't like Governor . ______ _____ __.i:«:_~ii,. TviJnH^d rnonch ! He had been ill only two days ' and death was said to b a heart attack. Th- body en to thc Robertson funeral home at Vienna and w:.s to be returned to his home in SK»n Sen in oil sTox-e exploded and AFL. If Congress should enact - ----- a program recommended by the AFL, he said, he would push his longer work week proposal. "I recommend that labor and employers be called upon to enter into voluntary agreements, made pursuant to collective bargaining, to extend the hours of worn one hour per day with the prevailin- ' standard of overtime compensation for the additional hour worked. Green told the committee. i O l l i . W O l w » ^ * ^ v » » " ' » - -- - - -'escape from the room by smasn- i n i i n g out a window pane. Lancaster was tasen to Lignt- ncr hospital, where he received for a cuf "arm. cut thumb. =or'or,£s a-JS- gS 'gr^-SS yr.d head. .. Fire Chief Ray Johnson said tbc fire occurred about 6:30 p. m. Damasc was confined to the kitchen Ihc added but stated that ;herc was considerable damage ,o this room. The house is owned Ln Harry Harper, father of thc UI^ *4VH»^ ·*· ^ 11*. Survivors incluilc nis wife. Belle , Two Brolhers-in-law Learn of Death , _____ =1? , Tl ?r^"So^cS?iLoca! Masons Attend been in ;« serious cond'tion: |Successful School Ot Benton than docs Cross, remains politically minded p r«Kon for Secretary- of State four years ago. and although Benson I comp i ctc . P. ]cnson ior defeated in thc fall KV Democrat _ cc^f»l nominee, he was defeated in thc fall Straiton had announced he would seek thc Secretary of the Greater Egypt which had been scheduled for evening at the S1U cafctcrw a Carbondalc, has. been postponed f ,lr nnination again this term, but Dick Row. ending a two-year of State nomina*io« b annolinPC d. and annarcn'.ly v'th term as liv;iinii»»»* 1 ''" «* _ » State Treasurer, also had announced, and Governor Green's assent. ll VVl* «^ *"*" v ··" _ _ « Cross came out for Governor. Kowc switched to thc Lieu- \Vhon cross vo«i«- ·""» -'·- s , - - , ," C ;:,,,,_ OOM leaving Straiten clear for Secretary of Stale, and until Tuesday. Jan 27 because tciwr.t-Govc nor^oM. ic ^ Republican fold oi thc snow and rcsuUani un jrC } Urnin g birauo.i.- j« . . _ fjAorablc driving conditions. incrs each day and actual degrees ! were conferred on tx\o candidates. ! There were 446 Mason registered from 81 lodges in Illinois and seven Snow Causes Slick Highways and Poor Visibility A dry. cold snj^v {^^"jj v^n" w^'in 'aUcndancc:/here lolling 'in the early "»«« lo ? a j ! ^rc 13 district deputy grand mas- was still descending ai noon an, , .,, d lccturers . the mcrcur- this momma hoverot, ? , ^.^ distr i ct deputy in the Marshall "plan were contained in a 3.500-word memorandum submittea to the Senate Foreign Relations committee. Demos Rap Plan . . He proposed revisions tnat would slash more than S4.000.000 000 from Mr. Truman's request for a $6,800.000,000 down payment for the first 15 months of the recovery program. He also opposed even a (Continued on Page Four) Held for Grand Jury on Charge of Robbing Deaf Mute R. J. Johnson, charged with robbing Jesse Rouse. 31-year-old Car-.- ^ . g irier Mills deaf mute, waived pre- flf (ir^nnnArPnt^ Himinarx- hearing when arraigned Ul .UIflllU|iaivHIJ i before Justice of the Peace Thos. Within an interval of five and J. Cain yesterday and his bond one half hour^ John Damcron and was set at S5.000 and his case^vas SSn "SonnV 5 Cummins, brothers- bound over to the circuit court in-law owners of-John's Standard grand jury He was taken to the grandparcnu ^ ^^ Cummins from the effects^oi_ «posnre. A ago. Mr. other -state jurisdictions. nr.d lodge officers headed by Master Fred I. Milk of Rob- Wm. M. Patton, 70, Of Near Raleigh, Dies William M. Patton, 70. died night at thc home of ' vm* f i p?,!Jrtn. north oi crand^on of Richard Yates. Illinois' ' one of the state's future Republican political Jnark -,v:Slillcv of Eonton and T. is being acknowledged as Included among those_attcnding of primarx' fights lo be waged icportcd an auto mishao that re- · Washer work.,ody works. \\--on works. He from Harnsburg were: R..C. Dav ticket is headed for Governor by Adlai Stc cn- treatment for slight injuries. « works. inc v-ounm;^ funeral -Satia. Funeral arrangements will ~ l»c announced later. j "S fro Vn f«t are in Surviving children include Mrs Weother Cuthbcrtson of Johnston City: and Mrs Earl Griffiths of Miami. A " an outstanding track star of the ;3 " inc hcs in depth extending state, was drowned seven years ago., f jom St. Louis. Snow flumes and Funeral arrangements for Mrs. iVCry cold tonight. Fnda. iair ._ - ^ « _ ..* Wwj%«« ^^N^rt. 1 J ^.A.«4 *««4l/^1 \*{*¥\.' t*ft\Q the' Cuthbertson ha\-e not been plcted. very Word of the death of John Danvj Friday 5 to 15 above, eron. 75. of Murphysboro. who had, been ill for some time ^ ceived by his grandson at 7:30 a m. today. He is survived b his wife, and six children, one of . 6 p. m. whom is Clarence Dameron of this p p. m, cit.v. i 12 roid ' Local Temperature Wednesday Tburiday p. m (Continued on Page Four) ft · {?' ?*tt !rft : j : ,tf' ;S 'it » tire undertaking. vinced that the United States could furnish the necessary food "without adding any extra strain on / tv Southern Illinois-Snow this a£- King Cubby" Cuthbertson. tern oon with a narrow bc»t 2 to Hish 3 a. m 20 _ 40 6 a. m. 1» J 33 9 a. m J», __ 23 12 noon *» 'i The President said he agreed with the Baruch recommendations insofar as Baruch agreed with his own recommendations to Congress. Baruch proposed to the Senate 1 Foreign Relations committee Monday a U. S. defense alliance with Marshall plan countries in Europe and a rigid domestic economic program including wage stabilization, reduction of prices, no tax cuts for the next two years and an increase in excess profits taxes. GOP Leaders Support Hoover Mr. Truman voiced his opposition to the Hoover plan in the midst of these other Marshall plan developments: 1. Sen. Robert A.' Taft of Ohio and several other Republican congressional leaders rallied behind Mr. HGOverVeall for'drasticTevI-- " sion of the European aid program. 2. William J. Donovan, former head of the wartime Office of Strategic Services, testified before the r ;

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