Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1968 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1968
Page 8
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH i AJMJftfMENT 8*0 By Alex Kotzky CO SOU THINK FWOPe990ft/l WOULD VHM6M& KNOWS ANY* / DOUBT IT, wine ABOUT rr? j-tl Uu ANN/ ON'T WAIT W TELL HER ROOMMATES WHATS ff BEtM~ABOOf TWO YEARS SINCE SHE J THAT/ X JUST HOPE THE! WIZARD OF ID Vy Parker and Hart THAT T HANPUe&'~ WHAT FLASH GORDON FORCED TO SILENCE THEM' wm»« \n*r**^i-/ vn»»—••»i^«—*^« DIP WE UNLEASH THE VOLCANIC FIRES OF VESUVIUS/ WHEN THE PEOPLE OF ANCIEKT POMPEII DISCOVERED OUR PRESENCE*, IT WAS OUR LAST ACT OF VIOLENCE IM BUILDING THE EMPIRE/ By Dan Barry NIMOR/ WE THEN MAPB THE > VOW OF PEACEFUL CONQUEST/ NOW THAT EARTH HAS ARE THE >/ REACHED HER SKONP EARTHtlNGS I PEAK OF CIVILIZATION. REALLY MORE V WE ARE RCAOV TO MATURE THAN 1 . r MOVE/ ' THEY WERE AT THE TIME OF ATLANTIS f TIGER By Bud Blake / TO. WtY THIS JUMK, f OuroFTHSFbOLSO CAN THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF GOBB By Peter Hoffman >T A COLLEGE CHEMISTRY LAB... DANGER COKTIMT5NOT FOB. STUDENT USE. C'MONLTHE PIZZA'S ON ME THIS TIME' UH..YOUGO AHEADi^I'LLBE ALONG IN A FEW MINUTES/ PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates How Is the Correct Itme Decided? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20-volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this, paper. You must include yourj Zip Code. In case of duplicate! questions, the author will decide* the winner. Today's winner Is: Sherry Akins, 14, Fort Worth, Texas The two main units of time that we have are the day and the year. They are both determined by the movement of the earth. The spinning of the earth on its axis gives us the solar (sun) day. The journey of the I earth around the sun gives usj the solar year. The solar day is divided into twenty-four hours. The hour Is divided into 60 minutes, and the minute into 60 seconds. Actual- y, the length of a solar day varies. One reason for this is changes in the earth's speed around the sun. But even though each solar day is sometimes onger, sometimes shorter than exactly 24 hours, we say that ;he mean (average) solar day s 24 hours. For convenience In locating places, man has marked off 3ie earth into meridians, circles that run through the poles. Places that are on the same meridian have the same solar time. Places- that are east or west of each other have different solar time. The difference in solar time is one hour for each meridian. There is a meridian that runs through Greenwich, England, that is numbered 0. It is called the prime meridian. This is the starting point, and all other meridians are marked off east and west of Greenwich. Clock time the whole world over is based on mean solar time at Greenwich. Astronomers at Greenwich Observatory check their clocks against the sim or v a particular star. They check the exact time when the sun or the star crosses the meridian. Observatories in other countries also keep track of the correct time. They broadcast time signals by radio. In the United States, the Naval Observatory in Washington, B.C., determines the correct time. The clocks used for keeping the correct time are special kinds. The United States Naval Observatory uses quartz-crystal controlled clocks. The electric motors in such clocks are controlled by the vibrations of the quartz crystals. The clocks keep time to within 1/500 second per day! FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Ron: Did you meet your uncle at the railroad station? Steve: No, I've known him for years. June: I haven't slept for days. Mary: You must be tired. June: Not really. I sleep nights. THE TRICK BOX WASH THE? A6 LONO A6 VtTUR HANP6 ARE WET; PO ME A FAVOP; THB dpUARB OP THE TWB CUM OF THE TRICK® MIS WIFE CAN PULU OM HIM. By Walt Disney DONAU) DUCK THISLL 6«T HRR TO 1 PEACE 7Aeuc/J aUBBH __.,*<HO DAVID CRANE «f!HA WARRENS By George Slxta WATCH 7H/SJ 00U877NQ1 JUMP THROUGH THE HOOP, KM By Carl Orubert THE BEREYS THATS CHIP OFF DID DADDY TELL VOU TO SAY THAT? By Carl Anderson This is a gag kind of trick. Tell your friend to write a sentence on a slip of paper and not show it to you. Then say: "I'll write the same as you on my paper." When he challenges you to do it,' Just write the words "The same as you" on your paper. You've done exactly what you said you'd do! Win The New Book of Ksowl- edge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Biddies, Jokes: Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: Steven Brown, Camden, N.J. Want Ads True Life Adventures LET'S ® I9M USOPARD SBAL. AMUSES HIMOTU* ' WITH A n-UWF» PKJMGU1N.. ,., .i i 1 ^--. . ^jaig=r- y j nagii ; *fr** ! .'t ls J^X-g^-L^* — :i—- V 1 *- . • r ' ^-;SSn i A r- CRQgMMtP - - - By Eugau Sbtffa\ HORIZONTAL I.EnglUto streetcar 5. Jackdaw 8.Mar*h gram 12. Active place 13. Slender finlal 14. Sea eagle IS.Dyertivat le.Lawfulnewi 18. Butt* 90. Weather* LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE M.Quldo'a Mgtoert not* 32. Cistern 98. Geranium lake 26. Abilities 80. Son of Noah ai.Tranafbc 82. Wayside hotel 88. Language of Jesus 86. Facetious 88. Poem 80. Male adult 40. Barter 48, A mercenary 47. School term 49. Aleutian island BO. Charitable gift 81. Kimono nuh 52. Require 58. Peasant of India 64. Soak flax 50. Scottish Gaelic VERTICAL 1. Pronoun 9. Capital of Latvia 8. Avow 4. A union 5. Greek letter 6. Imitate* 7. Peruke 8. Tell 9. Emerald Isle 10. Grafted (Her.) 11. Tunisian rulers Answer to Saturday's IT.Orantf. parental. IB. Wapiti M . Johnson 23. The urial 24. Common value JO.Wlneveaeel 26. Atwltchlnf 27. Insooteff 28,Bxplosive 29. Curve of ship's planJdnf »1. A dessert . 34.Unpre- tentidiw 86. Fruit W. Had been 37. Mad W. Worth 40. Early Russian ruler 41. Depend 42. Sand: comb, form 48. Goddess of youth 44. Roman road 46, The sweetaop T 48, Bare n»l»tu. 48. High hid V* a T» 4. o 24 41 21 es * V s 801 W Y/s* ^ to 44 1 W OBAOBB1? t^lACi PIP» WJN008NT BMOKB BORiDBN. \ \ A "V

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