The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 23, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1932
Page 2
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TWO THI DAILY NEWS, FBEDSBIOK, MD.. MONDAY. MAY 23.1932. BY MABEL McELLIOTT BEGDT HERE TODAT CAHET. 9 *»« ftentt. tal, fca* +*cam» «««mc*d t» EK- STEST HJKATH. 45. her f oner I "Tcull hrra to »jeak more plain! other. Scsaa'* b»ck *a» toward Use!* mote toward her bat D«slM w*§ ! ly tha tbat, I'm afraid," Snean In- J openis* o£ the little aicor* »o »he ; too quick tor nUn. St» fcsd hl« arm ·ul wfc» to tkc tBtvr* of ill «JBd partly be- «t e»-r wl»- BOB Dl'SiBAH. ROXD. » «*b»t* ACK- :r. S«- troabl* brtwem her *»4 B»fc. BEN LMPXAV ··*r aJMtlirr *f $a«ajt ·· at Hr*tJk aift4 then turn* gTKa ·· klmocU. He rvrerrn tk» affair u kuhrd np. ··»*:»» ·he *«r««'t I « « » Hrmtfc t* marr? alai fevt cm* not 1* a Ml thl» a«»mkrB» old D»ts* trIU Bob Ikat forssed fcisa- "I don't understand, w«* not avar* of Intruder* usttl, nod was clinging to It. Susan riddles." I »h« caught the acnoytJ ei;rvss!on ] slipped through the ccruina and i Ho lo!d*d his anc* »B(S regard** ;«a Bob'» face. ! was do^n the stairs. 1 her wrath'ully. "When I saw you j "Well. we!L Isn't ibis Just too i "Curs» you! She's gone!" that sight a: the tbeater-»wh*a I sweet!" she heard a mocking Tole»t 'Of coarse she has." D»n!se heard -what !t was aii about--1! say. "But play time Is orer BOW. · patted her r-oJCei nith cempla- ecaldn't believe it." i Drop your little girl friend and. C ec^«. "Aren't you being: rathtr "Whit was it yots heardT" jcorae aloes to supper." She whirled Bob did cot answer. H» was Cy- g with long steps in the direction ro'le lorward. o ; those apricot colored panaiera. :. Dec!ge.~ h« said , . . . end I har» inpor- [ THROM the shadow of a curta'.a matters to settle." ' T g^^u K1f b m cess _ g:. e te!t rnlse's !such tickled. ~ " ' lie, cade a TSEU* gesture, .turn- t! laeel the ,f* rd f a lf ***" f 3 .? '"I" i " * " * to ear It m «- c!!n * s m j e cf Dta:se Ackroyd to say it. IKG. :g lor a grsrefu! i "You acd ti-at eld man.' he choked. I "He's cot old." siid Staaa. "Lots , o! successful marriages are mad? with just such difference Is He "You rua around «no ,j, e tuij . hear the scents too. Deoise lores \ louc »jel t the youcg j w . t ' hou .' i wry mmfTT- JACK W \R- Bratk'B auUtaBI. atfvikn i a«t !· marry v»ltb*at lavr. ffn ta a laat-y irr*m party -- - - tkrre «ac«aa- , ter. Bab. ' SOW CO OS WITH THE STORT Up wi CHAPTER XLI ', "1 b 'I'HE can's eyes, stannp at Susan tered. .-w. » wu: . ^.^^». * « · · . . . , ,, . (rf nretM'r 1 frora beneath the powdered wig. '.-*'- ** ^ « what I thought « j"'^ b , h VS*l-er o» « ' were stem, almost accusing She first. Even worse, la fact. TM- f Bob s -°^ her °" " shrank from what she- yaw in th^ra. r.ght have you--" "Tea. It's I." said Bob q u h U y . ! * * * 'la'tr" -Why are you so sarprUed? You CL'SAN rose. "I thick you're said , - c ' ysau a b . m pess . Sh -Really? s!ck and f a!at He acd blTe fro » reached with her hand. Her now was to es;a;» ctter la her ears. | "He has brain storms but be at a csastlS , wax s ^u.^ tack home . . ." ! ..hakes a terrier. "Vou toddle," he; oh sha was bitterly ashamed. said coaiingly. "acd I'll ee« you sha foan1 tt dsfflca!t lo beHere that i it vras all true but after all hadn't BEAD THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE came here to torc:E=t EJO. didn't you** It was her tuns t.o be angry Why ·was h» £3 stur'-l sposlir.i: everything the firs: chance tht-y hso to be together? "I think you rr.j«t bo a t'.ttle niad." she said cold:*. "1 hiiin't .--,....-.,. ^ ..^..^ .. u ^» » - ~ «^^-- the remotest notion I shcu'-d see coablnc tho town for you for the a ^_ r TM_ T __ nancee [ you !rt mp go aowT" pa«c month, looking for you ' Bob quite enough. I can't Imagine !__,,,, enl ,. _,,,.,.-.. , nrt _,,, .,' I!OD admitted a sort of engage- at n-^de TOU think you could tell ,H Em! '* vaa!shed and w!th ' l meat? A re*!lzalion of her own how to" run mr life. You're th P reUy - P o u t l n * nianaer ro!!y bro t e OTer her. She had bo- wk i'r'.e enough In'e'est in it ' Sb " D !ant?d fc " r Ema11 feet »1«arely ;ra ved her pledge to the man whoso ·o row"" ' " ral not ' roln S to budge." she In- r j n E s t e wore . i n E pit e of this con- ^ W » - v ^ « . , _, j _ j « » _ _ _ . ,, · . _ _ . . . _ . . _ _^ tion of wrong Susans heart was "Oh. leU us Te'.l keep is nir« about as a the house ' -The Scrub-a-c-'os I.-.e h*r? 701; ^e , ;·«' T "· -ac **tY*- ~ « - ·" « -.-TV -^ *a:d.'--- - --- as --- J -- " ^*-- -^ :.-.»T are U , , IX ',[ "'-i'.own"l'»le!nte'est' Oh that's. forl=e1 h l m - Her contemptuous -. , c . -ood' That's Te-v rood!" He K'ance surveyed Susan. "Count me Hoo JaoKhed b-fcrly "When I've been ' in on tfc!s conference. After all. I rera " ' Hooded n i t h traiif»ous joy when she you here, remembered that lone kiss. She At tbo word Su-. put ber han i s to b ., r burning san gasped. I checks. It bad not all been a IP--he was still holding fast to her every crowd I passed." | Bob said. "Don't believe her., dream. He had really clasped her. Her hands fiew to the laces a t ! She's talking rot. There was never he!d her close, and there had her breas'. "Did you--did you do ' anything settled." i seemed to be a surge of real emo- that too""' ehe asked with awe. | "Listen to him." Denise Buttered tion In his voice when he had Dumbly they stood for a moment ' her hand, "as If we hadn't agreed spoken to her. How could all this regarding each other, these two ' not an hour ago to an elopement! ( bo false? In her heart of hearts yo-ine things. Tbo fury of their Is that nice?" , she knew It was cow could not be. ijuarre! dissolved like snow Cake* i Susan had gone very white. She Somehow sho managed to glide ana. "Xo. I won't. I've been wasting to talk to you acd by th» lord Harry I'm going to do it." Susan assumed a Icok of rroud resignation but inwanllT she ex- cl*«d in his mastcr;u!r.«"=s "Very we!!, but can't we E.: down in tbo sunshine. For an Instact stared at t.'ic j o u n s man. ignoring ( unobserved into the dressics room some p'laceT*" th^y were wordless, then suddenly her tormentor. "Is that true?" abe where she again assumed tho pro- The boy codded grimly. A splen- they wera in ecch other's arms. ' whispered. " ; tcctlon of mask. Wrapped la . did figure In the costam" of an ISth ra!~ apricot b.-ocado and biscuit- i "Of course It's true." Dcnlse In -fca cobceallag folds of the fur coat century beau, he led her up a nar -o!orcd satin crumpled recklessly j tervencd. "Everyone knows about »be waited for Waring. After what each other. For a l"nq; mo-' it. Bobby Just gets brain atorins scorned ages she caught a glimpse rnnt th"y stood thus. Then the now and then but he always comes of his feathered headdress through ?ir! broke away. [ r o m p i n g homo again, doa't you; the crowd. His eyes were raking: "What are we thinking of?" she darling?" j the scene, evidently In search of r£ed. "I mast be losing my mind." ! After one withering look Dunbar. her. She bribed the maid to take message to him. Susan wrote up. You . to yusan. "uon't Deuevo ner.' n e ' that she felt faint and wished to row. ·winding staircase to a lit'.: gallery overlooking the gay F-ene beneath. Never once did that iron grasp of his relinquish the girl's slender arm. She shook her=»lf _ . . , free petulantly and disposed her "You can't go back now." Bob j Ignored her. tut'iln? his attention j a ruffles on the low seat. ^:'.i!. "You know it's all up. You . to Susan. "Don't believe her." he' tt "I don't know what this is ail can't go on with this monstrous said huskily. "She's trying to about." she said icily, "but r^rbaps notion." ' sandbag mo into this. God knows you will be good enough to tell me." Sho was trembling but her eyes J why." were starry. "Whatever happens." I With diCtatlty. Susan spoke --he murmured, "we've had this, "You are eiigascd to her though,! to yon. I hoped, perhaps, you had m i n u t e of knowing wo earn for each aren't you?" j found some of your old pals." H!s ither. That's a lot." She found | Ho said uncomfortably, "In a i eyes twinkled shrewdly. 'Ton don't, eh? You haven't the remotest suspicion. I suppose." Hi towered over her. his brows black with, anger. Susan could have laughed for sheer joy at the s'sb: but she maintained her pose of aloofness. E« home. Waring was all solicitude es be put her Into the car. "I wondered what bad happened .-.erself seized again, her !'os sl- ".cncetl in the way lovers know best. sort of Indefinite \vnv--yes. It's | Si!san colored. "WL*at made yon nothing binding, nothing that can't; 'hiak that?" "Oh. I don't know." His gesture "Stop that Idiotic talk," the young be broken off by either of us at will ^ "Whoever would have thought." n;au growled. "You know there's i She's always known that and acted' was airy. "You never know what Bob demanded, "that yoa were that no use pretending." ! accordingly." i may happen." j eort of giriT* They had not noticed that the | "It's a!l too confu?od." Susan! Why had he said thatT How "What sort of girl?" She gave music had stopped and couples had | muttered. "I've got to think It out much. Susan wondered, did Jack: him a ioofe all innocent candor. br-tjun to d r i f t toward tho supper , Let me KO. p!*::=o " . Waring know? ^ "Yoa know what I mean." j room, so absorbed were they in each j "You can t go like this." He made j (To Be Continued) j ' I! you are real good Tmvsii'es and zo tnc-re, yoj »:Il see iorr.f sisii'-f ARC no*, sho ·sants to try my s'._"-s7" Up :o h.m D^r.ry ran , "Oh. I do! I do!" he c.-.ed out. "I | knos n ha", tr.ej are ail about It's oeen (years s:r.c«r l i e vralied on taess. but : ' I am game to try 1 "A '.-^nole a iiTia'. I expe-c: bu: hold , ' .T.? ".".I I -ar.d erect" Tr.t- to the j Tlr:.«s he said. "Stand wr^le I ' . -salt by " j Tne stilt man he!;xrd him. place his . .'evt upon t:ie st:l"_s " No». bt d^creet." I ht- Aarr.ed game l:f..e D^ "Taie · j:: r.ii "A r.en you stirt j 'Tne stUts are safe ;f vou -*.!". treat \ ! them r:ght. and stay upon yoar Teet " ' j TVtll here goer.' answered Dune;.. - l [ ! hope I don t 5al! apart." | j He .vj^ed a l:it!e wa;.-! ar.c then was j | baci do^n on tee ground a?a:n Th^ . 'stilts had tipped far forward arid poor took a jump ".VA. these are too h.^h 'or ', me. I was zs dizzj- as ce'-T.d be." jald ' ' "ir I -aa'-ked again. I'd 1 ly be a chump " made the s:::: man !s"»h out i louc! And then he s'.;xi:-?d t-j the , crowd. · Once more m;. kirxi sug^ostion 1 is that ;oa be on ;.OLir '.vay. j "Tha; house «n: far fram ! here By walking fast you "I br:r.g :: · r.ear." "All ri?:it' Come or.." sa.d 'Scou:y. 'We n:Il reach :ha; place -o~ :day.' Ar.d so they walked along real fast anl reached the '..·· ho-'Ote at las: 1 -Trial :s strange ·ah.ip°r*d C^ppy - T j ^ o , r . ;; p;J , ^-^g.,. 293 -. NEA s ^-.- ce , -- ' I=.c ) Ti 'The T_n^s r.-..-e: the -ru=-a-dubs in '· e r.ex; stor,. I Try l!.3 E. PTVMI-'S Vegetable Con-oound I Felt Terribly Nervous O'-t. . . 2!w2 - .s rnilinchoSv and blur. Shi s'-.o--::d raic Lyd:a E. Pint- hin's Vegetable CoispouE,*. Ics ac::on hint's up thc"sitc^3. Try · * I Bonder «:iat j ;n itore 0 jri f~3~\ · mumc:?a::ty ^Hl conclude a v^orousiy- ' fLVCT^ i TID a a a tough;, mayoralty and counci'^'-anic ·*· 14 YEAR OLD GIRL shonties said thev had received no ! ^campaign on Thursday, tihen the car.; i aida'.cs ·will coice before the e.ectora'e I 2 0 0 0 ^,uuu ct r.c«3ei He riad learned that the ,' plane w hich came 0:1 him like a bolt out of t:-.e blue had crossed the At- · l.intic and ·»»-· piloted by a soman---so O c.ery'h^ic ^M all right j j The arr.val of the slim. b!ond 33- i -.ear-old airwoman -aas so unexpected i :hac e-.en the Londonderry police had . a hard t-rne finding her -Ahcn they In 14 :earnmi sr - c had pu: ihc " community ! =«c!'. wort! The sir! said to have I I lin M I H I P P n C I V P A D P i c ! a r k ilalr an ° weuhed about 100 i AND MAN AdfciD 04 i f i A K b ' pounds V^Sam wore glasses, used crutches and wi-ichs about 200 pounds jn.the biennial election Harpers Ferry Parents Alarmed v TM- ^ Hours And 54 Minutes. LTOED NEAR FARMHOUSE e all-time lot: NOMINATE THOMAS Named B Socialist Party As Presidential Candidate. M»waukee. Wis . May 22--Kormar. By Daughter's Disappearance. | about S25 ° a TM«'h and had been us- I jig a small portion of his monthly allotments The iargcs: portion Ti-as dp posited in the Harpers Ferry bank, it stated Mr and Mrs Grove were greatly upset over the disappearance of their daughter w i t h VanSant. viho A ;earch w.ts c-r."r.-.:ed tociay for clues to the i\ hereabouts of Frances J Gro\e. 14 attract.;e daushter of Mr and Mrs C M Oro\e. ar.d J D. Van- Sa:it 54 both o! Harpers Fcrrv. \V Va. who dssfipoeared Thursday aftcr- r.ron West V:rRin:a police w h o were Three .seei the mayoralty p^^s:' J j i Richard Russell. Frank E Cocsrell ana j S Frar.i Moreland. The present may- j or. G K W;.sor.g is not a · for re-election. ; For city cou-.cil the folio-R-ing have l 2nr.ouc~ea their candidacies, four to or named \V M S'-anley. HoMtt D Ear%. G. W. A.ns iortr.. John \V Gore. · A I. Grandstaff. Alv.n Ena.s Jesse A , E:igle and A. V. Garaey. i frequently \ .sited a; Uie»r home. ! XT/\ Ha;ersto-*n police arrested Cornelius J\|(J Rti-'.er. colored, shortly before midnight TVTA . iNU Hanvortlu England. May 22 --Amelia Tnornas Ncjr x - cr k. today was norm- I The Kirl ri.d not return to her home Earhart Putaara landed is a borrowed airpUae in a nolent tr.undersiorm here today on her way to Loadoc from northern Ireland -s-liere she completed t infest solo flizht o! a -aromar. across trie Atlantic yesterday. The plane, in Th:ch she -s-as a passenger landed at Hanworth airdron'-c near London, u; a delute of rain. C.a~.- bering from the coc'spu sa? dashed ..r.- der the winss for shelter Fcr f.-, ^ minutes the downpour -xas so h-.i\- she couid*Tiot vent.ure a~nss '.lie '···la EvenfjaHy she was cs^r*ed t-^ '.~ n c'. ib bouse, where sne accepted an :~. - . ,'a- tkra. from AmoassadDr Ar.c-e» W Molina to stay at tia America- S~.DT.VT ·ariule tn Ixirsdon. Breaks Transatlantic Record Mrs, Putnasi rnace appr^x-.r.-.a-'-":. 2.000 miles ir: fcurt-eer: hours ^r.d t :*.'·- record of any o' tive trans-At --- flyers. She -as ieaced for F3.r_^ ·.- r she took off fr-jm Har-r Grace. 3_t f ~.o at possible to so ar.y ;ar:.,;r--3.~ s* too much to set t.? Ire'.ar.-d "About fyor iic^rs altrr .r--."..rc X." - fotmd^and." sJie sa^d c~ ^.^T.^ _-~ -- ·. c 1 . * -r-- day. "I no-ced r.a--.e; frcrr -I-.: c\r.. --: and became very tires?y B_: .t ·» · »." Isave taken f^-r r3-;r^ ··· r^' ^ - ~ ~ I thouj^m it to £ 3.. · sc "My sett tr^-^3le fzs a .'.··· r '-- gasolir.e tank. a~d a-- t "E f.r r 1 · _- Storm CortaUs Speed "To aJd :: jr.- :ry_3'^ I T.-^.-.t- ered nes.-- arxi tr.r st rr. : .-- "I sa-ar lar.i at ai-Mi' t i e -- .-iz ' -'. Ireland--probably ;t ?as G'-"~i",-- ileTr nor;.- I r.ev: .V»T a -; "- L finally la- Sec _r. t r " f e I had t- eat ·:- ·-.· candidate for president he assared the Socialist i-.a:ed £ His raniiiiJK national cornent-on here, will be a rc- "'.le.%s war Kepub'.ican and D"m-v-rv.- par-ies ar.d asair^t the ' kinnd-im cf ro v c r; y " Thcrr..vs. also the Soclaljst candidate j-. 19^8. was ch-x^er. bv 3CC'.ar.-_Tion to Ic-.a the rv.rt through another cani- H \jatirT Per.r.-.V.ania. f o r ' - rr^.-idcnt of the Fedcrat.on o f , -» ·"'.· St-itf was named tne | c^nc date for v.ce-prcslcient by a f t r r schx! Thur-sdav arid ar. inicstl- gn'.ion ^vu 1 ; Ivij'in that c\e:ur.f when It was learned th.v VanSant. a neighbor, was also miES'.riB The belief tvos that the g..rl n a ^ either forced or went wili- ine'.y in VarSar.t's nutimobile. a 1929 model driven bv a colored man namrc! Rre'.cr of Boi.\.-ir \V. Va VanSant a. c-,rpi had tx-'-n unable to dr.\r- an a;i" imoblle since an :n;urv years ^cn ^^.s-.air.ed Rhcn -working in a P.f.sotircJi :r,c-cn.. Hagcrstois n and noi^nborins Pcnn- sjl-. a:-._i cr'ts na\e been r.o^f.ed of 'he d_^.pr-"3rar.ce but Frederic's au- ,, Grove. gaujst him ,, . , No charges were preferrea , rad a bad slomach aad 535. W as ner- Compaijn Conrlndev Charles Town. W. Va. May 32.--This No more GAS not sleep. Aclierika, n me of sll s - ornach trouble and now sleep fire." Lealjig crosSis^. ', £-icht Maclxine Work--Can and Locksmilb % _ _ _ ^ U-ANS FOR INDiGESTION S»x)"^ftSoHF^.^». SAFE WORK A SPECIALTY JAMES E.SOLT \ LIGHT TTEI.BIXG OF ALL MZTALS % ' WORK IN BRAS=. BRONZE 1 | AND ALClIXItM » | 403 Magnolia Ave. Phone 970-J i i 3O ITARS EXPERIENCE You can still fravs! at the lowest fares in bus history- Feres parrnir you to travel with sixty day return limit, stop-over privileges, tickets good on all regular runs and trips Available to almost any poirii in the country. Here are a few sample farest Round Trip Excursion Fares Akron. O S12.90 Canton. O. ,, 10.90 Baltimore. Md _ ~. 3.00 Washington, D. C. 3.00 Morgantotvn. W. Va. 8.25 Fairmont, W. Va. 8.70 Clarksburg-, TV. Va. D-25 BLUE RIDGE TERMINAL 22 W. Patrick St. Phone 203 sojae say baci. surf -_se c~ - rr---;. I .-..,-: _- S2Q tl'.at ·» as .-Xincec to rrt -_- I - ^ leavtrg I iarer.": ever, s :~.c - . · , - -- . Landed Xrar Farmboase "I haven't slecr: s.r.;e -----.- ing. but I clcn t IK! ..-; 1. a»: z.: '2- S506-V luCv ^-5A-2*-CT "-r^iTi snr ^sncr c Her plane came V r=s~. ~~.-~.r. i i -\ yards ol tne farmers c:. - :.^" s--; « very ured and half b^r.cec c; -.-· -;.-- . unuous strain en her eyes c ; - · "e tae noose sin til the sr-p s-co~xi "It -srould r.ave bear rxzs-*-^~~: to crash sw tr^e cottsje alt-cr s?.'" - -- T.Z.- infe.** she said, ' o^t my .uCs. . t.c ^ * As her plane s*,artec .is s_c;=r. o - » ; earthward the racket o; ;a rr.o'or j t ^ r led s plcyKTnar; and c^s horses -r. s *~cxi aearby. The horses belted ar.c. tr. r -.. ·- man had a hard t-rr.e gett~g :.-.?=: oac_ [ at their business. lNG TO SEE (F . WRONG \%rrr4THE SAID NCI' V.tKEN' XM'TH THE COOKS CF -me CLOTHES S1LLY5 (T ISNY THE WASHER. TOE S^LESNIAM JUST TOLD N£ ITS THE SOAP IX--E BEEN USING KESA1DTOOSE _._, *-» ( SEE MO~r!£R--iTS JUST-AS TP£ } SALESMAN SAID. KCiSO GIVES ViCr? iCH£RSl?DS Use Rinso!" say makers of these 40 famous washe 2fojn_fub. washer and dishp Your Ship Comes In When you, the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO- 1 NORTH MARKET STREET \Y1iere Banking is a Pleasure r- T H E LEN-A-DOR AN EXCLUSIVE FEATURE OF THE NEW L E O N A R D Here is the greatest cotfoenience feature ever introduced on an electric refrigerator--the LEN-A-DOR. Both hands full of dishes--touch the LEN-A-DOR with your toe--the door swings open--the roomy Leonard shelves are ready to receive the food. And that is only one of a. great many Leonard features . . . Its Chill-om-eter gives you eight different freezing speeds . . . Its one-piece interior is of snowy porcelain with rounded corners . . . Its egg basket, table top, recessed shelves and its new beauty of design and finish will all appeal to you. And only ia the Leonard Electric can you get them all. May we have the pleasure of showing them to you? ONLY IN THE LEONARD CAN YOU GET ALL THESE FEATURES: The LEN-A-DOR . . , tfae Gafl-osi-eter Oa*- P«K» AD-Porcelain Intrrior . . . Porcelain Cooling Unit «UL Chromium Plated Door . . . Soaitrays asxl Rubber Trays . . . Heavy Bar Type Shelves . . . Egg Basket. - - Electric Light . . . Tsbfc Top . . . Sena-Concealed Hinges . . . High Legs . . . Seed aod Wood Cabinet Constractioa -- Leonard Approved Insolation . . . Leonard Pure W tute Lacquer . . - Vegetable Crisoer Steel and Wood Doors . . . Fioaacg Condensing Unit . . . Mechanical Unit backed by I "years of experience- Delivered Price *j The Ebera! ReDbCo bodge: pun makes the Leonard easy to boy. STORM SHIPLEY AGENTS Phone 266 L E O N A R E L E C T R I C R E F R I G E R A T O R

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