The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 19, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 2
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DrOUth At The Plaza ||| In Choctaw Situation Looms Acute Without General Rain In Next Ten Days HUGO. Okia. — In pans of Cboctaw county, the drouth s;tua- • tion is becoming more acute <?ac.* | day and unless a genera! rain corn- ; es in ihe nest ten days, farmers ; and siockmer. win be forced to move their herd* to watering . places. Mac Py!e. pioneer stock- ; mas and hardware merchant o* ] asserted Wednesday that fee ' to move his horses from his ; farm east cf the city. *-here for . thirty-two year? he had never be*n without water, to another place northwest of Huso where he would ; have sufficient supr-Iy for at leas; two veeks, J. V. Grant of Frog- : Trille has been moving: his stock ; for three -weeks to water and brings In water for his own house- ; bold use as his wells are dry. The ; J. C Collins of Erviti have suf- | ficient water for several days yet but after that time, the condition •erOJ be more or less salarming:. : B. A. Nelson of Grant feels no • danger in the situation as he has deep wells but there is no water ID the cref-ks arc branches and ; many neghboring: farmers are ; bavins to move their stock, c.ass Vandergrrlff. Choctaw county ~s.u- er -K-HO has a farm at Nelson says ; ihere is some water in his pool yet : and Tvith his eighty-five foot ^all : here -wil! be no lack of water. Charley TTeddiacton moved ; some of his stock ten cays ago and : isow has: du?r earth Tank? near ; ^pr-jr-.gTS so. that his stock will have . !R- H- 5atter?iel5 east of Hugo has indefinite water supply from wells from which twenty head o* stock is watered daily. Nehrhbr-rs are de- „ rto sro dry- No immediate _inssr lies there. In many places the stock has already been moved •and- -nnless a srood rain comes Tcx2^ "be n€"Ces"S3.r~^. Ci*y Engineer K. G. Hixson saic Tuesdav ihe water situation In Hu- 2:0' wDuIc not become seric-us unless" the continued drouth lasted •for- another thirty days, i-p^in^s into Klamichi ri---er =unr->-* the se- cessar>". TTatf-r for the city. "Sockol" A little society hell cat lands a i««.'ter»t nght on the jaw of a newspaper reporter. The reporter counters with an open palm to a very pretty mouth I —and "The Hell Cat." ihe hilar- • .ously funny romantic thrill-drama • .s on it way. The picture, featuring ] Robert Armstrong and Ann Sothern which will be shown Friday for o»i- day only at ihe Plaza Theatre. I It is a rap!d fire- mixture of ne-vspaperdom. gangland and high society thnt starts moving from ihe shot and doesn't stop until the final scene fades out. It is rl<-h entertainment high comedy. "The Hell Cat," is really a re- versul o; the taming of the shrew- theme wherein a girl decides 10 -each a presumptuous young: man the A. li. C.'s of decorum. Masquerading as another character. she makes said yo'Jng man—a newspaper reporter—fall for her. But. what she lets herself in for In the process of her plan is something else again. It involves gambling raids, smugglers of Chinese and a veritable nightmare cf even's that result not in the taming of the reporter, but ta« complete capitulation of the girl herself- Armstrong and Miss Sothern Erive.fwo" st>lendid performances in "The HeH Cat." They play the r-arts as though they were really enloying them and their enthusiasm :s caught by the audience. Minna Gombell, playing a hard boiled newspaper girl, adds plenty to the picture as doe* Benny Baker "Shawowski" of radio fame, play- inc a stooge news photographer. Apply For Home Loans Recent Amendment to Law Broadens Provisions of Loan Act At The Grana ;, The Grand theatre presents Frt- day and Saturday the vrestem star,' I^s-ne Chandler. !n a thrilling srory of a cowboy ^'ho •went up aj^aln^ 7 " a • p *2.' ri £' c-**" cat*le thi^ve-s, •fight their battles. The title of the picrnre is "Guns for I£ire" and ad- \~^j^cs r~pci~ts *n —,^'— at*^ ^^s.^ *~:—.— e is "never a dull moment In 'the en- 'tire .picmES, TJie Grand ^ill also sho^w tie chapter is tie most thri'lins cf the both tlis fi&ht for possession cf the treasure and. also the romance Applications for loans for mak- ! n§: repairs, rehabilitation or mod- : ernization of homes under the pro- Tisions of a recent amendment to the Hon^e O-vners LfOan Corporation law are now being accepted by Judge E. 1- Myers, local attorney for ihe loan organization-" Full information as to procedure for obraining loans as •well as all necessary application blanks may bs The recent amendment encour- . repairs and to modernize. The : re-employment in connection with ; zi<^ National Hecovery prosram. ; Home owners whose property is. • mc»rts-£ed- —ray their =ort• gn==:es refinanced tj^iroug-h the • Konis O'smers I^can. Corporation. From five 10 five and one-half • per terest rate depending upon wheth- • cash or g-overnme-t bonds in pay- i Althc-gh a number of applies; t:ons have already bo-*: received . b:-- Judge Xyers. he sai'-c T-iurscay : there are- a number of home c— n' ers" "in Pans and I^mar county entire, serial. PALESTINE FARMERS HAVE WORKED CROPS borrowed ~^Hl en- commcnizy are «"t th.rotig'h 'working' feed crops. Com ~"ill be E-hort on account of the drouth buz cotton is looking fine. l-£r. and Mrs. J. T-r. Dnff. Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Z/'unmori and Tsfiss Fee I>t:ninon visiied at ?aTto—-i::e Tuesday, Mr. ar,d ^rs. TTillie Heed and I>a'e Smyers v;s:t« In The TT. C. BOS^ELL PASTOR EN 5OPER FOR REVIVAL j'r. Cosby :s in Sc-per to assist in a. T^O -K-e*V:s revival at the Methc- ~F:oVd"B"-K= and Chester !>£--;* have left for a tour of eastern and the Century cf Progress f^i>C'S.t:c-r; ir Chlcacro. "rs. Jeff Collins is visiting at der horr:e Ts-ere r ran k Nixc-n and • _ ve _,, e . •»..= -« T_ ^ r'Varnbers. Miss^-s family of iTidland. Mr. ani Mrs. - ^ T V t ;.^"^Z^ ~^ yr . s-« n a-i Settle H. 3, Scott. H. H- Condor and : ^-'_T,~~" f, : ^. 'ner.— DeHa-. £r,d family of Paris. J. A. Confer and M ^ >'ca" Duncan: "HT. and Mrs- family. Mr. and Mrs. Graiy Co-- ^ ""^- ,%,.„_._ Vrn'-s. Henr-^- I>ur.- der. Mr. and i'rs. Roy Deweesc- ^^_, £ ,.^ .^_ £-_ P;tts -^-»nt ti Paris. s.T*d sina.ll s*or.. r£. N. cosc^r and «- ^^ - •& --~ f g~. •••.•>—». TO riugc- an-1 faaaily of ifug'o and ?-Ir. and Mr?, • ^-1"_," ^^,-^^v-^^ --.. r^>?"?_y Kwbert Sssyers^ _ _ ^fr^/Norri" Kir^ £=« M;JW_A:- Sefn viFiri-g her sis-^r in ^Vs-. „ :.;.. : ..." a . HUJTO Saturday. nas returned nome. ^-ar.da L-o*- Pitts Is spending -.h* Here's Quick Relief for CAS PAIMS— Stomach Distress Mr. ar<f Flrsr. t h i r-s 1 — ; v " r o mss-n^-sia.. so--la. ar;^ stuff iike :ha«. •don't •worry v- n^'h'-r ;-'c<w ci.r <J;- • ,,._ £-«$t it or rc-t. F-.-r ;T yo-j w. 1 ." ^'^ simply iak<? E x;v": >-*p-:--.'r.f-j;; TEACHES S7 TEAKS uc »chuc-iS r.*rt. She haa net i=i *.<* a ter:'.: sin*:* h*r first c-irti of trcrabi a.JS ar* sor,*. says *hr . ug Sior*. Toy csr. h*vr. . oI<J<-s: r.^g-r GENUINE GLOVERiZED DRY CLEANING ^S ciotres clear- longer snd—Try this famous merhod -used exclusively at cur! Men's Suits and Ladies' Plain *5 cleaned and pressed r omorrowf Penneys GREAT Midsummer Thrifty People Will Hurry To PennevV This Week To Snap- Up These Clearance BARGAINS An Extra Good Quality Bed Sheets Si i S3 Inches. "Priced To Close-Out 59c ACTNOW-When wessy Clearance WFMFAN/T- Every kem in this ad hat had a genuine price reduction to move k quickly. Why? Because Penney's does not carry over seasonal merchandise; never allows odd* and ends> soiled or shopworn merchandise to accumulate. Petmey*s first quality summer merchandise is being cleared at prices which make k much to your advantage to buy now wkh lots of summer still ahead* Clearance bargains are plainly marked throughout the store. Many are not advertised. Come early because quantities of many items are s -c Bona-fide More Than $20,000 Worth of Summer Merchandise To B« Sold I n TO* Bi« Clearance Sheeting Genuine F«pperell i-4 Bleached Sheeting 29c Yd. JUST RECEIVED Another Bis Shipment, Ladies' Full Fashioned, Pure SILK HOSE No Seconds or Imperfects In the Lot. Stock-up '-Jew Ladies" Fancy Broadcloth DAYTIME PAJAMAS Vat Dyed—An Extra Good Value, Priced To Clear SPECIAL PURCHASE WASH FROCKS Fancy patterns. A variety of Styles. All Fast Colors Ladies Rayon SILK UNDIES Teddies, st^p-ins. short Only 49e Closing Out All WHITE SLIPPERS Values up to $4.00 $<*98 Ladies* -white —Pumps .-XfTS^-ri IS <7»« <^%.\ —Straps —and Ox- fcrds CLEARANCE OF 200 PART WOOL PAIRS ! 72x84 BLANKETS 8 Larre Double Bed Size, 4-inch Sateen Binding To Match. Colors, rose, green, orchid and blue Positively no **'ays on this blanket. Boys' Bine Hickory Play Suits In Sixes 2 to 8 39 Inch Brown Domestic A Wonderful Vah»e Men's and Boys' Harvest Hats, At Close Out prices, An Extra" : -Larce Kat." Worth Twice The TABLE oa cioth A Special Purchase Fancy Pattern* Just Received ? 200 Fancy AXMINSTER RUGS $1.00 Size 22x44 Inches, Don't overlook this value for just 1,OOO Yards Fancy Voiles and Batistes An E-Ttra. Value In FANCY TTRKJSH Wash Rag Vat lOc Per Doxen 2,OOO Yard*. S« Inch Vat Diapers Prints Size 27 x 27 S in pkg. only 49c An Extra Value. Yard Remnants ! Remnants ! Silks. ra>ons, fancy prints of all kinds. Domestics, Sheet ; n£r -nd otiier Remnants. Priced to clear at out half their regular value. Ladies' Two-Piece Linen SUITS $1.98 200 Ladae* Summer lia^n *y:'i.5 -worth* <Joub*« the pric«- I-ook ai the*« on the racks for only 2,35. $1.44 To close out quick. Silks, Voiles. Piques and Rayons, lake your choice of these for LAST CALL LADIES' SUMMER HATS Now only - 25c An Extra Value in Good Heavy TURKISH TOWELS These towels are v/orth much more than the price risked. Buy Them by the dozen .... Men'* Comfortable SHIRTS t I9 C each SHOUTS —Fancy Broadcloth Shorts —White Cotton Ribbed Shirts Our Entire Stock of Men's Dress Priced To Clear Men's Fancy Broadcloth SHIRTS 63 Good Patterns, Full cut and vat dyed. Priced to clear! Men*» White Wash Caps Extra Value. Clearance Men'i Wash Pants Nub. c?*xH or white dock. Priced Qfitf* to clear ____ W\* Men y » FuH Cut Standard Make Work Shirts Sixes 2 to 17 . Men*» Fancy Dress Sox Bey Them by the dozen. Pr. An Extra Value In MEN'S OVERALLS We bought these overalls over one vear ago and they were pricc'd to sell for quite a bit more. We have bought too many and we are going to close them out at a very low price. Look at them, only 69 West Side Plaza J. C. P«nn-€Y Co.lnc Paris* Texas

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