Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 26, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1961
Page 5
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Monday, June 26, ACROSS : | Kitchen wortt*r; S Used with. violM-. ... 3 Clerk doe* thif ' ff Ab«v* 12 Chest rattlet 7 18 Eggs 16 Espouse - lOlnsectt 17 What a tracfc 11 Pafadis* meet contestant 10 A milling oes sell* it r md of SO Thro*. 31 Mail 42 Flower holder • forecaster 5 22 Rambled 34 Doctors 43 Poker stake 20 Seized 23;Strike prescribe it 44 Gait 21 Head part 24Beneflciaty 35 Cocktail 45 A copy-reader XX H eity . ._ 25 At °P ingredient does it 23 How a stock 26 Ship's offMW 37 Girl 46 A jockey market bear 27 Protruding parts 38 Permit does it „„ f ? lls . . 28 Russian rivet 40 Cloys 47 Bird's home 26 He works at 29 Network 41 Intimidates 49 Spring month rubbing 30 A photographer needs it • 31 Cushions 32 Exist 33 Small island >§4 Cook's utensils "••Spoiled child 36 Pledge 38 Cotton thread 39 High (music) 40 Harden 41 Be of use 44 Dressmakers use it 48 Sorcerers .use it 49 Wrestler's pad 50 Girl's nickname 51 Italian city 52 High card 63 Frees SA.Observed •WAssent 66 Let it stand DOWN tortoise 3 Essayist TIZ2 4 it u r ft » i A * , HO Vy MOTV' ^MW •CAIMMMON BUT I. rANflEE THE HlfsH'PP.IfeST IN THE CENTER AN? THE PevOTtP 'VE MlSUNPF-RSTOOP/ ) BAH .'I OC*N<5t 'Si NO TEMPLE — — ' WHAT A SPORTiV A(?6NA.m IN >Ol.R §3 IANP NEAR TEMPI F:, . . THI5-IS-THE gNlTEO STATES, | GORDON. PKRUG<3.'- A COUNTRY AT PEACE.' /\WOIJNt> HIM/ ••- h. <>v, ^tSWvWv / jf /: .. -. V MY (SOSH.WHVN'T HE NWrBE ITS NOT TOO LATE Y6T.' LET'S ...WHAT WE SOM.IHAtSNOT OCMNA CO A TOO MUCH OP <!' HOL-YCOW, HE'S \ BRINS ATTACKIN' THAT I TWO ARMIES MOONMAN BASE 1 T'HCLP AU 8V HIMSR.F/ GO GET ALL THY YEH, WITH THESE A PROBLEM HELP WE CAN I BUT, SCRAPE UP/ «11»S1 by NM, Ine. T.M. KM. U.«. F«. Ot,. Call me back later, Janie! I'm helping mom with some cleaning!" J Ship's workers •y LMli* Turawr CAPTAIN EA.SY ARRVQUINN*\ BUT IT 15i I WA5 HIS J5PLENPID. 5EWOR JUCAE01 HE HAS TAKE OFF 7 -*ANTA MARIA! IT 1$ NOV KJ£6J«ARyj NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. ' ' ly CHAN6ED HI* STORY TWICE WHBM THOSE WRK* I'P KNOW HARfty QUINW ANIYWMEREl •y Nodln* Seltxw A&&I&TAWT AT TUB NICKBL PLANT TILL HE DISAPPEARED LAST VEARl CALL W PAUOHTEK WILL CONFIRM' WBi SWEETIE PIE THOUOMf WERE IK) PRI&ON 5BNOR . "SMITH 1 ." By Chic Teung ''IIF 1 I KNEW I'D SEEN L THAT FACE SOMEPLACE BEFORE [ VJHItE THE T.V. CABINET )'". © 1961 b, ._ T.M. Rec- O-S. P"t OK By Al Yb««M«r f RISCILLA'S POP ® 1961 lij HW, Inc. T.M. «« E . U.S. Cat. OtT. THAT'S WHAT LITTLE "They have a lot in common! She knows it all, too!" can't go. I have to stay in for saying'meow'during my mother's bridge club meeting!" SIDE GLANCES, BOYS ARE FOR. ...TO PROTECT LITTLE are little dobs By Galbraith FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blomr LOOK, JUNE fi WOM A BIC TEDDV BEA FOR YOU/ BULL'S-EYES, MISTER. \ SHORT RIBS i SAID I WON I IT/D HELP IF HE'P MISS > ONCE |M AWM1LE/ By J. t. WiiitaiiM OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoopto OUT OUR WAY / VUH SEE THET J P BRAWP ? \__^ f VES, f WELL, DL'MAW PURVIS WEMT \ (VES>-\ BROKE AW SOLPTOTH'CROSSB-- ) / ' &O \ TH' BAWK FORECLOSED AM' TH' J I OW. 1 f C BAR TOOK IT OVER, AM' THEV -C -^-> ' LOST IT OKI A GAMBLIK1' PEBT TO TH' K-4 --AM 1 TH' SOM WEWT TO JAIL AM 1 THE 1 / SOLO TO TH' BAR 37 TO <3IT HIM OUT—AW 1 ... X'LL R£TURM YOUR. WEU-,MOOPLE,|FTH X PARROT MoMeV-«-BUT X TALK.YOU'D BETTER ASSURE YOUTHS MPE&R6E, SN6TH& LADY HER *I2 BACK.' T STANDS TO R6ASOM SHE- r' 1 ^f^ IS A SOOD X CLANCY » OACforfr ffr~it? ^ \ lMLKfcrs,lr 1UU PARROT FOR r^_ V ,^ & „ ^ & WW U cnAwcE/-"-Mc»Ar\ AiAke Inc. T.M. R«£. U.S. Pat. Off. "Women should never be given an expense account. They're too miscellaneous:" A KflNSAROO TO i MORTY MIIKU •f Dkk C«y«1tt WHAT£ WORSE, WE'RE LO6INC3 6CME CDF OUR AND AU- WE EVER 6ENr e^Oi WAe A NOT6 SAYING XVEGOTTOKOUNO HIM BILLS FOR Hie He<S SOINQTO BUR/ ME GUY OVER IN RUS5JA. CLUB. I HAVBNT UP FOR A LONSTIMS ® IXf ly KM, fne. T.M. R. r . U.S. Pit. olf. VUGS BUNNY THI STORY OP MARTHA WAYNI J DOM'T WANNA MISS ANV FIGHTS I'M NOT LOOKIM' FgRITNOW... BRIWCS TH; PRINKS! I'LL "OPEN 'EM 1 CAM'T FINP THE BOTTLE i OPENER! MAV9E VOW HEY, CICERO! WHERE ARE THEM COLP PRINKS I ASKYAT'BRINKj • PER US? r COME OH 1U, THE WATER'S FJME' As A SHARK KNIFKT&W*

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