The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah on April 9, 1975 · Page 17
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The Daily Herald from Provo, Utah · Page 17

Provo, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1975
Page 17
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f Page 18-THE HERALD. Prove. Utah. Wednesday. April 9. 1975 IKt 10 i I II ^ I 1 IJl Irt LjJ-/, I » " »''. *-' l "**' " • M Jill Clayburgh Studying Hard For Carole Lombard Film Role Newsman Says Researchers Note Tie to Cancer By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UP/1 - •'*" day-burgh, the girl who will portray Carole I/ombard in "Lombard and Gable." is doing her homework —studying old Lombard movies Hour after hour she sits alone in R Universal Studios projection room watching the flickering shadow on screen that was Lombard in a variety of roles "I have to see the pictures more than once because I gel involved in the stories." Jill said "I laughed all the way through To Be Or Not To Be She was a great comedienne " Jill has style and ;> distinct quality of her own. yet she is reminiscent of Lombard, light, breezy, faintly mocking At five-foot-eight she is three inches taller than Lombard who died in a 1942 plane crash before Jill was born ft was necessary for Jill, who has the high Lombard cheekbones, to bleach her brown hair blonde for the role. "Watching old Lombard movies isn't really the key to playing the part," Jill said. "She is acting in them and I have to play JILL CLAYBURGH, who will portray Carole Lombard in the movie, "Lombard and Gable," is shown with co-star, James Brolin who will play the legendary Clark Gable, in the production. They are shown in a scene from the movie. UPI Telephoto Dr. Lawrence E. Lamb Abdominal Pain Called Symptom DEAR DR. LAMB - 1 had an attack in my upper abdomen. It was a squeezing, cramp-like pain. It did not go up to the neck or arm, but it did last longer than 24 hours. There was also vomiting. The pain was almost constant. After several tests and X rays the doctor said that my heart was okay and that I had an infected gall bladder and that an operation was necessary. I'm a 45-year-old married woman, 5 feet 3, weigh 112 pounds, very careful about my diet, don't eat heavy, greasy food, don't smoke or drink. Neither my husband nor I can understand how this could happen. 1 feel fine now. It is very hard for us to accept the doctor's statement. 1 would appreciate it very much if you would discuss this in your column. DEAR READER - Pain in the upper abdomen with or without vomiting is a symptom. It can be caused by many different things. That is why the doctor has to take so many tests and sometimes observe you over a period of time to find out what the real problem is. Such a pain can be caused by the heart, from gall bladder disease, pancreas disease or a host of other problems Your tests failed to show any evidence of anything but gall bladder disease. Your doctor made the logical conclusion that your pain was caused by your gall bladder. It is true that gall bladder disease is more common in overweight women, but it fan, and often does, occur in women who are thin. About one out of every five American women eventually develop gall bladder disease. Men get it too. but about 75 per cent of all cases are in women The pain of a typical acute infection of the gall bladder is more often under the edge of the right rib margin and nearby abdominal area. It is something like a red hot appendix, except that the location is higher Such an acutely infected gall bladder can rupture just as an actue appendix can Pain from gall bladder disease can also occur when a small stone passes through the bile duct. This may cause inter mittent crampy pain and it can be quite severe. \Vlie' 1 the sione has passed, and if the- e arc no other stones in the bilt- duel or other complications, the severe pain may stop. You might have passed a small stone When stones are present it is almost certain that the gall bladder is diseased. And. when the gall bladder is diseased or "non-functioning," it usually contains stones. You can have recurrent milder attacks from chronic gall bladder disease, usually causing gas and intolerance to fatty and fried foods with mild pain. As you see, gall bladder disease can cause a variety of symptoms and may even be present with no symptoms at all. These latter cases are found only by X ray studies of the gall bladder. Most doctors believe that if the patient has no other serious medical problems it is usually best to remove a diseased gall bladder or one with gall stones. The recent work on dissolving stones offers hope that when the problem is just stones that one day these patients can be treated medically and avoid the surgery, but that choice is not yet generally available. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on hiatal hernia, send 50 cents and a long self-addressed stamped envelope to the same address and ask for the "Hiatal hernia" booklet. Take a break from $2.50 and $2.00 movie prices ... come SKATING. Adm. weekdays $1.00 weekends $1.25 Prices include Skate Rentals Lessons instruction ... Saturdays from 12:30 to 2:00 pnujust $1.0C EGGERTSEN HOUSE .1 MKiulfitt Broiled Steak Unm-ii'ii Culor.Kki beet) sur- iuuiKk\l by the iia.outer- ineiHs u! a line e\ emn^'s dining: hearty homemade soup, tresh tossed salad with a variety of greens, plump baked potato, mixed garden vegetables, and three piping hot breads ser\ vd with butter and preserves. Broiled New York Steak $7.50 Broiled Top Sirloin _Sleak ..... _. $6.25 The liggertsi-n House 390 South 500 West • I'rovu By reservation, please: 375-6471 the woman herself, not the actress "So I look for those moments which might be pure Lombard rather than the character she is playing And that is very hard to do. "At first I tried imitating Ivombard's external look and mannerisms, mostly her voice. But that was superficial. She gives me the impression of being sweet on screen. I think there was more acid in her off camera "I'm searching for the same sort of quality that Dustin Hoffman found when he played Lenny Bruce." No newcomer to films, Jill appeared in "The Terminal Man," "Portnoy's Complaint" and "The Thief Who Came to Dinner." She recently played a prostitute on television in "Hustling." Jill flunked her first screen test for the Lombard role. It was touch and go whether she would lose the part to one of eight other actresses who tested. In her second test Jill wore one of Lombard's long, clinging gowns. "It was a weird sensation putting on her dress," she said. Jill, the daughter of a wealthy New York family, makes her home in Manhattan. She is a Sarah Lawrence College graduate, an intelligent sophisticate who was the longtime girlfriend of actor Al Pacino. "The more I see of Lombard's movies the more I'm convinced she was a warm, elegant woman who was available to everyone. "She was delicate and feminine. She wasn't aloof. I talked to Edith Head about Lombard. She said Carole was elegant and her reputation for using foul language was exaggerated. "I'd like to talk to more people who knew her in the old days. I don't suppose there are many of them still around. But it might be awkward calling famous people and asking them about her. "So far as I know she has no living relatives. She never did have any children." In her quest to capture the Lombard charisma, Jill is learning everything she can about Clark Gable, who will be portrayed by Jim Brolin. "I'm still looking," Jill concluded. "And when I finally find that Lombard quality you can bet it will be an impression of her, not an impersonation." He's x Curious' About Mistake BETHANY. W.Va. (UPI) CBS newsman Roger Mudd said Monday it was "curious" to him that so many American presidents made "the same mistake" on Vietnam. "I think that's an awful price to have paid to realize after a 1 or 15 year period to find out that all your presidents have been wrong, Mudd said. "Those 50,000 lives, and 300,000 bodies and $150 billion dollars, and to realize after you've done all that, and everything a country could be expected to do for another country. PHILADELPHIA (UPI) The presence of four trace elements in human blood can be measured to indicate the presence of cancer, University of Rhode Island researchers said today. Blood tests of 16 patients with diagnosed cases of advanced cancer showed abnormal levels of copper, cesium, cadmium and cobaJt, researcher Dianne D. Zdankiewicz said in a paper prepared for the American Chemical Society's national meeting. The copper level was found to be 60 per cent higher and MANN THEATRES cadmium 28 per cent higher than they were in a group of healthy subjects "Copper and cadmium are considered essential for human health. Perhaps because cancer is an uncontrolled growth, the body absorbs more of these elements to support the growth." Ms. Zdankiewicz said. Her research with Earl W Stromberg and Dr. James L Fasching of the URI department of chemistry showed levels of cobalt and cesium were down about 25 per cent in the blood of cancer patients They had no theory to explain this. The researchers said they believe variations of trace 2nd BIG WEEK! Washington Irving shot his first bear on his "Tour of the Prairies" in what was later called "Bear's Glen" near Keystone, Okla. The site has been covered by the waters of the Keystone Reservoir. Bit Parts: Phil Silvers will return to television with a pilot for a new situation comedy at Columbia ... Helen Reddy signed a two year contract to star at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Hotel... "At Long Last Love," a slow starter at the boxoffice, has been shortened nine minutes by director Peter Bogdanovich... (imp DRIVE-IN THEATRE Orem 225-1740 NOW PLAYING! SHOWTIME 8:15 Alan Arkfn "Gena Rowlands is brilliant in the most important screen role there has been for women in a decade." -Pal Collins. WICBS-TV "The soul of the film is the strange intense emotionally daring performance by Gena Rowlands. It's a performance that women understand and respond to unreservedly." -Moiiy Maskeii VIVA "Gena Rowlands' portrait the most breathtaking screen performance I can remember."-Manone Rosen MS. James Caan Freebie and the Bean CO-HIT JOHN WAVNK Met! HELD OVER! .SHOWS AT 7:30 & 9:30 MAT. SAT. 2:00 P.M. HURRY! ENDS SOON You'll FEEL it as well as see it.. EVES: 7:30-9:30 MANN THEATRES FOX 374-5525 FOURS .it's four for fun w and fun for all! r* j rvj255 s. STATI. 2V PH. 374-0511, Show 8: 15 NOW AT TWO THEATRES SHOW 8:15 489-5401 Sprlngvlllc EXCLUSIVE HELD OVER I WOULD HAVE TALKED ABOUT IT YESTERDAY BUT I WAS LAUGHING TOO MUCH.' Robert Rcdford George Segal The H*i Rock 'TEN LITTLE INDIANS' IS SCARIER THAN'ORIENT EXPRESS'.'^ ™ Syndicated Columnist / Agatha Christie,' • the greatest ' mystery-writer. "Ten Little? Indians''' her greatest mystery. g 1 i i I i i ACATHA CHRHTIEY "TEN LITTLE INDIANS AGATHA CHRISTIE'S "TEN LITTLE INDIANS • INTERNATIONAL. ALL-STAR CAST •-, aiVERREED ELKESOMMER RCHARO ATTENBOKOUGH STEPHANt AUOHAN HERBERT LOW GERTFROEBE MARIA ROHM ADOLFOCELI ALBEfUODEMENDOZA- CHARLESAZNAVOUR w..«.. i -PETERWELBECK,, u ,.-.HARRY ALAN TOWERS «... PETER OT.LINSON «•,«,» ORSON WELLES COLOR by Deluxe I-3J-1 415 AN AVCO EMBASSY RELEASE M .HIT vharlei "" ' I Branson in "Rider on the Rain" w owns A/VJrtW urv TH ao f WCHLD W "«i "^ «;jiWCTW ftOKt] elements in blood can be used for diagnosis and clinical purposes, perhaps to follow the progress of chemotherapy in cancer patients ••There have never been accurate blood tests for trace elements before Only in the past two or three years have we had the techniques to measure such minute amounts," Fasching said. CORAL THEATRE American Fork Oo«n7:00-Show7:15 "YOUNG _ FRANKENSTEIN' UNIVERSITY DAILY AT 2:00-3:50 5:50-7:55 ELLEN BURSTYN KRIS KRISTOFFERSON, AICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE HAPPILY WE CONTINUE OUR PARADE OF DISNEY 1st RUNS WITH ANOTHER GREAT HIT! CAUGHT IN A WORLD WHERE THEY DON'T BELONG... THEY HAVE TO TQ WITCH unexpected thriller WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN sia-.-jEDDIE ALBERT-RAY MILLAND DONALD PLEASENCE • >:.• s.-i.^g KIM RICHARDS IKEElSENMANN-=. .-,• i .„-.., ROBERT MALCOLM YOUNG UNIVERSITY^ IN THE UNIVERSITY .'ERSITYMALLl •DAILY INCL. SUN.-i AT 12:30-2:40-5:00 7:15 & 9:45 AUTIW HURAER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS AGATHA CHRISTIE'S "MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS" ISTHENo.1HLWmTHEU.S.TODAYi GO SEE IT. PERYONE ELSE is" SHOWS AT 6:30 U'SQ r

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