The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 19, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Thursday, July 19, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHIEE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA tf Yow Fftrit New» I, Not On Yo» Pordi By 5:15 o'Oodt. C*B Th* News Office fUfor* • o*Clock For Prompt «ry. Plnme 164 or 165. VOL. LXV NO. 231 Ucmnn ( AND THE DINNER HOR3V) Complete PARIS, TEXAS, THURSDAY, JULY 19, 1934 . u- . and Local News Coverage T HOME EDITION Parisgraf FEDERAL, and state «ov- eraznems will never be In position to say that Paris and Laxnar county have not shown «, willingness to help in the relief program- ! The county government has spent j considerable money in cooperation { with the relief program and the I city government has spent sizeable | sosas to enable this work to con- I tlnue. In addition the Chamber of j Conunerce has drawn heavily upon < Its own budget to pay costs for j •which neither of the governments j made any allowance- i _ | But this is as it should be. The | government never intended to car- i ry all the burden of this relief I •vork. There is however the danger i of lessening th«; feeling of respon- Acting Chief Takes Reins In Bismarck North Dakota's Lieutenant Governor, Backed By Militarv. Takes Office MORALS WITNESS IN COLLAPSE flff t/ff OF THE LEGISLATURE ____ f*, , *»'•*»' ^ Guardsmen Posted In State Capital As Opponents * of the individual reference to the citizen regular charity vrork they rightfully should carry on. "~ ~ IS has suffered less mosquitoes this year than In many j'ears past seems to be an evident fact. True we have some of the pests with us. but not nearly so many as last year. Some would aitribme part of. this to the dry •weather, but The News is of the opinion that a srreater factor has b-eers prevemative <iork done by tb.e city. '•••With a continuation of the pro• jrrarn and with fxill cooperation from the people we can make fur- iij«r tasprovements. For too long **^e have n^lectod in Paris and Xamar conaiy preventative meas- ttres to Improv-c health conditions. M AXY A L.AX) xv hose parents ar« i UKabJe t*r> sffisd him a%va~ to rsssulai- camps in cooJer climes, ar« ItaTins .fas* 'aa .s» : >d . a JJme at rh« *nmial ^athericg ot ...Boy~Scouts at Clark, Boy$ from ten coan- ia Kortheast Texas and Soatb,- OkiahorKa, -trc-rrsprisSng the 3-on» Star Area Council, have ac- to ihiy splendid eamp. BISMARCK. N. !>.. («>>-—rrhe Dakota house of representatives, meeting in defiance of Lieut. Gov. Ole H. Olson's proclamation revoking- a special session of the legislature. convened at noon Thursday. Mrs. Slinnie "D. Craij?. speaker. ^ho a few days ago resigrnee a federal relief job to avoid question .of her risrht to participate in the special session, called the house to order, Olsoa. who took physical possession of the governor's office Thursday morning: ander authority of a state s-upreme court order oastinsc William I^anger as governor win not attend or recognize the assemblies. National graard troops -were posted by Adjutant Geueral Ea.r>e SarJes iu the state capitol corridor?. Sarles is holding- two companies in readiness to prevent vio- ience. He Is taking- hfcs orders from Olsou. although previously bis office had honored iLanger's com- irsaiid for I ^ I Strike May End Friday IN COLLAPSE i Tiif-pp iVp i n ~~~ ~ — •i.^^^,,-....r-^-^^ AUrecLWein Blast Furnace Temperatures I Coast I .afmr Three Die In State As Heat Is Unabated Shrivel Crops, Dispositions Sight shower amounzin^ ! TEMPERATURE SOARS I TO HIGH ling, this week w'th i 5 "~ * Kt > vver amounting to .05 i weeing O v^ f?e '<5s a^ ? ^^ accord!l ^ ** T - *•- Rogers, . ,. . ° e " i-e-t-s a.-,, government xvea'h^r obs*-v»r • Veciiesdav afternoor v,*r- v»s^.er ; Uhere were *££ SSS^r Jlud ! ^ e f~' *—-^ has no: i resemble^ a blast from a furn- ] ^^£0%™'^*** ^X ^^S!" d . r -^a-*bav e alreadrapplteJ Coast Labor Front Starts To Crumble Crops already suffering from , Paris during the last rive continued drouth in this section j c 5 -* 11 * J-^Iy 1. when there | are shrivelling, this week with Hot Wind* Sear Gr»<« anrl ho: -winds sweep: •*****" i^cdr vrraLS-S dntl -. , . ,_ . _ .• &«--»tri-iiiic;ii. -5\-ea T n^r oi>s a -v»7- • •««• •.. Blister Crops Over i S^SX.,^^'! T - , j MoSt Lni ° nS Sh ° W Dis l» osi Te«s i:-" -« =-~ -?« «b."^;i i .pSUrX, ^ii^fiv "J^S! ; «<« to S«*«J Men Back To Work nee. Farmers report .-- ,. . ^ Weather Wednesday O f 1O7 Degrees By The Associated Press Sheltering heat made life miserable for Te^ans avails Thursday With all crops damage to crops of a!! kinds. Stock RFr"OI?n^ • "' vat - r asd Drinking water is re- ! " ( . K&^UIUJS j ported to be becoming scarce in } I I T , »«any sections of the county. Many i * -Lorufview Records Hottest farmers have already begun ha.ti.f- j C ' ^ n S -waier from Paris. Unless there \ s Js rain within the next few days. | p it is feared the situation Trill be- } c coma extremely critical in some • -, sections. The season's record o^ - ^-s a 104 set Wednesday followed a 102-^ ^Reports from various :r report for ^uesday. | lMs Eerri:ory indicate thac ^ oniy .05 menes of rain | temperatures and hot winds a^ter temperatures soared Mi«* June DeLong, 24-year-old movie extra who«e «tori«« of Holly- ? — c.n» cry ra"^ wood orsie.jreated * sensation *t the Lo« An fl e!e* trial of Dave Alleys • hot winds" added to t»- damage ' and Gloria Marsh on eharae. of an offen« to public morals, is shoWn I alreadv caused fov a WSI^d ' S^Sl? n ^"V^,% d ^* * tt0rn * y '* eff$C * l " L °* An =*~ ««^-i^««h I B -m£U Section, ! •turning to end h.r hfe. (A»oc,ated Pres, Photol j ^ ^^ 80 _ yeau>oW ^J . j tiled of heat prostration while cut- i i ling- com in a field near Taylor I idnesday, J. c. Eaton. 72, col- ! I lapsed while fighting a grass fire \ I r-ear his lunch stand at Houston, j ' He died en route -to a hospital < Several other elderly men have ' Mandamus To Force Permission To Vote "^'ed- ' Wita only .05 inches of 1 r.esday to seasonal high marks all :; recorded here since June 22, i rapidly causing the drouth condi- |.over the state. There wer» three ' streams, ground tanks and cisterns 1 lion throughout this "area" to b«»- I aeat fatalities Wednesday. j are going dry. The only rain in ' come more acute."" Relief Work j Mrs. Dunagan Attacked By! Seeks Post Of E. K. Russellj Late Husband ARE STILL DISSATISFIED ^ e "~ Officials Admit Maritime ittie Problem Is Still Loaded Dynamite WASHINGTON-. <** — After a. ; long conference at the White | House Thursday Secretary Serkics , indicated the federal government I st:!l was attempting to settle- the ; San Francisco strike on the basis | that both sides would agree to ar: I.-itrati on- to heat in the last few ] Candidate Aims Shafts At | Write-In Campaign Started cr. - it-- . : „ *• >— Filed With Supreme Court Attacks Po^ver of Democratic Party to Prescribe the Members' Qualifications AUSTIN, OF}.. days ox-er the state. Dallas had tile hottest weather ot the season "Wednesday, -with :he temperature reaching 101 de- For months there- had been State Administration And Methods For Precinct 2 Commissioner^ Place 1-s.un.chin a spirited attack on j Texas, E. Through this organization a ': thousand boys are trained !r. the i right way; .Th^lr boyish encrsrles J *re being given an outlet that will ! prove va.Itiabi<s to them *rs the \ years to come. The annual camp. I of course*. i_s hu* oac small part ; of the srreat Boy Scout proprram. i Doumergue Nips Crisis Party Truce In France Saved By Quick Decision Of Premier PARIS. («*> — Frtfin^r Or d iho wrc-ck of hS. dav by spr^adini; the word* **th<t beys rrius* b« cood." r -Incision nt a. railroad statlc-n W«dnt?srtisy nipht and sen: Aric!.re Ts-rdi^u. Kdv>u3.rd lierriott 3ta<J Ca.*TJ!*se Oha.ut^7»ips ii"fi partv leAeS^ry that Trird'.eu's charges that Chaut*mj>> and radical soeial- BOI>lF-> RKCOVKRKT* TV'AK,<AU. Poland. .^—Bodifn of ISO victims of ra.sir.jc flood* tn !\<j:in'J hav*? l-.-""r: rr>- «n officiai rrport taiSd y with J £*> »nsssirj.c and believed to h«v<» Pfrs^hcd. Will Rogers BI3MARCK. K. !>., at* —Uciit. Gov. Ole H. Olson.-.acting- governor, took physical possession of the chfef executive's office at 10 a, ITS, Thursday, He merely walked into the office, accompanied by two friends, Xatiorral guardsmen at ths t:n;e t«--»re posted in the corridors of the statehous-e. There -was no disturbance, Olson immediately posted his I proclamation in the corridors of f i!j* stat*hotis* revoking a special sr^sion of the str.te legislature. - railed by vVnHs.m Lander, ousted srovernor. Doors of the t'.vo ILS; .-errrblies were locked. Accompanied by the two friends ; —state Senator I<ars Fredrlckson :tn«i Arthur Lee of Farg-o Olson walked to th^ door of the executive quarters, Xationa! guardsrii-en •were post- eJ in the corridors but -were isot "r*efor? the executive offices at the lime Olson appeared. A stenographer on Uangrcr's staff yp-enef* the door, stnd then closed ir. O'iff.'n knocked agrain. This t::nc h#- entered. Adjutant Genera! Ear2«? Sarles, who announced he ^ou-d ?tand behind Olson. -^-a« in his offices '*. L^risiaiors wore in the city pr»- r'ared to convene pursuant to the cs!! issued by jL»anj£:er. and su!.~ i s t i?- rjeentJy revoked by Olson. V-'ith a majoniy of the '.esrisla- I iora favorsble to Lander, :t was' iinc«rutin what stejvs they would la ke. J John l!u.«by, cornrnisstorser or ': acrScuSturc and one of the off!- i cia}» who rcvoired from Lansrcr's j SeaderyhSp, xvjis in th« Jsovernor's I office when O3;»on enters^, s, A. : Oi5nes.<, .JnjvurariCf' cornrn:s«i<>n«?r I ahtrned with :he Olson jrro---p. canr;e ; Two of Lans^r's st<ersosr».phers : TV«TC at work wh*«n Olson took '• 'far^.j-f^see*!...,, ,., , v , _ -. elec—"T '* ::: ~Ft^3&xe*~ : ~'<&&•*.'•. __ D . ^es- tot] * ote in the Democratic- .primaries j • T',- appreciable rainfall in the Dal- | relief administration j las section- Crops and livestock r K- Hust-ell of Annona. candidate^ for : the I>ernocraiic party, the petition j 'we re showing- the effects of th- i f or croveraor. addressed Par^^ vo--! . ..,,._ ^ - < j roui - n _ • ers Wednesday nis-ht. He said that j :•- - .• • ' ..,.->-. . * ' ^ T .*• ^-*-ii •t-'C^S'fcACl. j iJ_li.Aiv* ^ , .. ejec-"l' T Tt" r aJteo^'-tva3"-coiftenaed. tiiat,4Jie;"i -'^LL. ^ on S v ^« Wt "- 5?^- merertcrv | usemplQyro.ent relief ; eeroes-to-fj^^^^'^i^^^^..-^ ; sta , c l*^°#?^^^:^i?^ primaries \ „_,. _. _„:_.... . ~ I ^aco^coches? It reached 106. Cor-] dastardly, insulting and humliiat- Lef as not? be- | 'tSe~-" "inostf" Mrs- Hoy H- , •widow of Roy H. l>unasan. vrlio died earfy Sonday mom- inff vrhile scrvinsr his first teroi as commissioner froni 2, Thttrsday annortnc- Al'r*/( ^x^ JT T^ -««'>=. >. • snroes were meligit rui^I c^r?^. 1> *™<*:^*x*c- primaries because of a resolution : ,-£,-„£. Jefferson ; Adopted DV the D-nrocr^t- c-.".- i i ™££ ^°^ C ««?^*v* co«- ; vention at Houston in MaV. 2^2. : ^^^^r\r d ^.^^^^.^^^- *- *«! county ' partys activi-sies to white persons. It^ alleged that W <3 ' B^i ! ^ 1Ired t f*&****** & ^ is ^^ ! one of the negro^ !T . '^'^*^~ i. i>oin that P^^ously taken by the j tcrest th« sa't waT" 5 *«"-*r -'"-CT ; stale executive committee in which • •wV n ^ra'J^^'ri,! _'-st'tut»j,. had ; t j, e Tjjjj.^ States strprerne court i .« B «-si,2; ssr^sj ^!js^ s corami!iee COTM = o; bi -> Jefferson countv c^erk 7" T- ' ~ . ~ ' Ju ?s ^^^n^'^'lir^^^^^^si ssii^,^ s™ B ! ^— ^^^5r^ f J-he 103 degrree reading- at Fort See HSAT. Pagre S, Col. 3 > .he state by statutory enact- '-*"t and has be*?n surrendered by of the CANDIDATES i -^ r - Russell chargred that relief I acmisistratioj! -was full of graft I : from Auszin do-mi and that Austin • officials had their arms in the • treasury up to their shoulders. He ) ^ald the present methods of acmin- 1 isterins: relief is bringing poor peo- I REL.IHF. Pagre S. Co!. of commis?i<mer to eticceexl her husband. As the time i? T»ast for sretonsr her name on the ballot. Mrs. DoLnas^ii i-* asking her supporters TO her name on the ballot- In her attnooiH.-ement. Mrs. ^Ti says she is annonnc- inir as a candidate for the office after d*Je consideration a.iKi because of expense in- cm-red by her husband in his candidacy for the pla<?e prior to his death. Onnagttn is a native of Paris, the dairerhter of the 'ate Captain D. S. Hamniond. She i« well known throngrhoct C SAX FRANCISCO, ij?: —Signs of rapid return to. normalcy were observed on all sides Thursday .as San Francisco and Oakland shook "ff the headache of a srener^l : strike which, althonsrh not called ; •-•?:. --vas disintosrating- rapidly as } various uinon grroups rettimed to ^'Ork. Resurnption of street car service : ''-y the Market street railway" ^-as i expected shortly -while Eastbay ; transportation service will start I again Friday. i ^Approximately 50.000 «n.ioa • workers in San Francisco are still | yn strike, althoug-b many have re• turned to their duties of "j>-ul>lic [ convenience and , necessity," dei Glared Edward Vandelsur. 5 Vandelenr. president - ot -the; San I Francisco labor council and c&air- | man of the genera! strlkie -coirj- 1 mittee, called tne committee into | session asrain to consider the situa,- | tier. I "TV"e are still \valtingr for th-e •• president's mediation board to re' port back on our resolution offering: to arbitrate." Vandeleur said- See NEGROES. Page S, Co! Body Will Be 1,304 Head Brought Here Cattle Used Bank-Robbing Youths Face i NO. 2, CHARLES McDONALD T 1 • 1 j~\ TT 7 S~\ r ^i . Trial On Heels Of Crime second of nomination i S pea^er e on V Tex^'po^^^ronts Pair ^° Rai«2e^ Albany, Texas Bank and Were Soon Captured By Sheriff Are Haled Before Grand Jurv for alniost a quarter century, has ;n to wage a campaign: for f onj--nlne years ago he bom on a farm near Bonhara. George A. Griffiths to Be Held Here Here Up to July 19 Funeral Service For Mrs. 71,734 Cans of Meat Pro-! snd -- year? ago he -rst ap .; 3 ^ k ; peared as a can^:>ajs:ner. Ke con\ tributec. his firs: efforts to the B. Cosquitt. Four vears The body r " "~" ha ^ ^ n canned through Jujy , >. . he ^..^ hstf re - a ; ned po!it : C al af. to a report n:sde by filiation. county ^McDonald, a ;a\\yer. in his early ^ ho :s ; polJticaJ life held two public of- car.-tfices. He was appointed to them L5*—J.VTO youzhs to surrender First Xariona! a sr-n batt.!*, ^v?re scheduTec" •P?ear before the ::rana iurv he- here of slrrost $12,000 :-: ,o Mrs.- Gr?or5-» A. iie<! Tuesday in >. "VVyo,. hospital ri«?* received when according 1 : v*- A_ J J«_*i.^ ^J» \w\.^t^£ *-i i *. t, ^ Vs.* A total of 71.734 wns of ~-at ; iater he fir¥: espoused the . , , . ..,:<>* Barnes E. Ferguson with CHIEF. Col. 2 a Rork Spr of interr.Ui ir^ . . ._ her car ovesturnfd on the- high- ^Jiss B^ulah B!ackT\-e!t. way Tuesday morning, is expected home demonstration asrent, to ar:-:v*» here Friday nLsrht or S<it- : in charge of the srove^nr^r urduy ^ornins: for burial. Funeral , niny pjant ;n Paris. Up \o that ' by cove -r. or* for w>-oni he v» d r^dV^n = ^r Vr ^ yCt ^^ datC U30i " ead ° f cattl * had ^« ! cawpaJsneJ. Co!qu;:t elevat^J him .. u<,,.!. : received in Fariy from drouth reg- from school teacher to secreta—-- Mr. and Mrs. Luther owerton ions a^id they continue to arrive of state. While in th?t c'f'ce Mc- of Pans and George Howcrton fo ; almost daily, She asked for a r.e^ T Donald completed h-s ^<5y of Svymour who wore with her at • boiler at the canning plant and Jaw and ^c—v.-d ^'s "lice-.^e * *"«-th* t'.rrs*- -«-erc also injured, O^orsre «as assured that the boiler wo-M i F^son ap^o:ntea v,-,, tc > -h* "o'S^* Rabid Dogs Raid Farms Dogs, Rabies-Ridden, Terrorize Countryside In Pennslvania ^ Thursday — less than 24 hours aft, er their escapade. ^ District _ Attorney R. J. BIsck L,ucas. "C. -n.-ho recent!-escape^, from ihe Har-em state Oklahoma, wou'c be asked. H3.r.d:ir:gr two jru-s each, the -svaiked in:* the bank durirts- a. -oo- hour :u:L Irned up employ- es anc racsiicked the teller's cage ana va.u."t. They took with them $••".1*33 in cash ar.d 5,500 in travelers checks. Sheriff Hoist es of Seymour, in- STRIKES AT A GLANCE By THK ASSOCIATED PRESS Sar; Francisco ar 4 «I Bay area. —75,000 workers idle m paral- yzir.g general strike, an otst- ^rov.-th of Pacific coast shoreiri'en's strike. Alabama — Between 12,5-00 and 20.000- cotton textile -workers striking- for shorter hours and more pay: 24 mills closed. Minneapolis — 7,000 truck .drivers in second strike for hishe.r vrasres and. recognition of their union as cvarsaiiiins Seattle — i.400 maritime Corkers Idle in prolonged wat- Los Ans-^les — 2.'>0 maritime •Corkers out. FurJiar-.d. — 1.500 maritime workers out. Kohler. ^"is. — Water shortage threatened by strike at, Kohler company, fuel for the purr;ps being- shut off. 'Out 1 '- . for:r.-d of th« ho-du^, "st^r^d * V SAX PRAN'TSCO. — \V«>;,t for * IJttlip frAsh air away from HoUy- •*vo<x3. Madr a Jittlf Jtvo hour flight wp to Fr?««c.> Monday niirh:. I,ovp]y, historic o?d p^ic-». ^«t it yerms watf ft as quiet. Ahout thr •••ri!y rt«"oi-«. Max Baer who ljv*?« rc^r h«Tt*. announces that h<? Tuon'i fi.cht this f,ill. That BUI the old town kinder ! Huph Johnson trho Is thrmjarh sroinp "to I-os An. . H« iw lectiontjfrinK for th« . I want *o »«** " ta'k of pu{5in<r in her^ for fuel, but I trh#-r»- hr ha,^ Rr>n« to Honolulu ^rrsSni; *vrr happens Srs this town. Oh y*'^, th* ?Cat!on»1 <>uarJ is u»ir>K the old town a*« » summer camp. Instead of Mont*rcy. That brtn|rt« Jn * lstt?c tixtra money. of , T<» kinder *?ir up a Uttl«? intrrc*t | In the p]*c« th« jtovfirnor spoke on j thft ntdto M outlay ntjiht «>n "CtvJc l^ridr/* Certainly it quiet nsntful <vl«I city, but nothing *vwr hJ»pT><*twi Yottr*. WIJ«L. Brotherly Harmony HOUSTON*. Tfxa.' tiers of the Ho-n-erron. .^c'-ortjinc to word rv- cf.jvfd hy r^lativ^^ ht»rc bpirsy tho S-*- BODY. Pas^ ,S, Co:. " !>^ in place by Thursday night. has b-een slowed d-.iw n on" brother in the with f.Tri<nnn -st^b planned hy p^Hro Thur?- Hi!]. ;,T. wa;k char***! to murder aft*-r I-. Kill, 5S. hijt brother, h.^'l H«.fn taken to » ho»pi?si for treatment «>f I* Ki!J. ^xplajniRff the cjispolice: "\V<* fin curtis in »ur r>ock"t5. TiW look o f-w drinks niuj went to a vn^ant. lot »nd !«ai on the curb. As TT<> pijJle^ e»eh of the, ^ondSdatcs' cards front our pockets w« dj>etj!«*e..l tho merit* anil rt*meril5 of each mAn. Sam** of the oards we, tore. When \ve uot to the «ravernor'5 rare an Argument nro>e, I w«* f wr on? can<Udnt<s a«4 my; brotlicr for snother." Bob made no *ttnt«nj«nt hut police plannexl to <iue«tlor> Reported Kidnap Plot In Lufkin Is Investigated L.ITKIN*. Tex., kidnap r>Jor. purportedly aimed at members* ot a: leasi three prorai- >ser.t Lufkir. fannlies, was reveal- -tl by the sheriff? and pol:o»r <ie- 5> <rtm-"ti.!?. Thijrflity. The •P 1 —A rumored : duced to four m^n and a \\,-;^told of a scheme- ro k;dn *urdjc. &. the tiaushu-r I>r. and Mrs. R. M. Pur^jo H OUST OB. the aiorii; hnvo l»"*-n invii»«j ?wv werkjs. Offic»M>. hav»- n vain through i thr Anirfi'.na riv purporir-d to hav»- h*><r( th<i hend- qusrtcnt of Thr kidnap fzung, Th* soarch w»» *is»rt<xl sfttT w. laborer I tipped officers that th^ plot had • m<»n spproachrtl him \\ith a t»5«"*T! ' to "makr » lot of nion^y/" i Thf l»t>«>rcr &4tiif tho p?t>t wa* '• to him nftvr he was tuk^n, •' on A Io%c ride to the j In the thicker with another ' to abduct her sis;r.a:ed state's attomey Froni Thar position he --vent to ; the private practice of iaxv and ; has maintained offices in several ; Texas cities, principally XX'ichita I Falls, hjs home. f .Iii a csTrn cen^eanor Ttc»t char; acterlzed in h:s previous cam' paigrns. he has •• repeated h:s plea for the jCv^^'ernor^ A p iatf OTTjt tios*<"e*i t-^ 3i;5 t^e <lo\vnt*"o<?t^en, rle 1^A5 t^"^!^ tnc voters of his plans for "homes for the hon^vies^." ;irj old a^e pension and repeal of :ho ad vatlcreni tax on real estate. He ha* propose^ heavier taxation on cx?rpcra:ioo.s, those of monopolistic ?WX. Pa.. >F> ern. Cambria county farms, trans- fom«d into wa:chfuT. armed camps, Pore mute te^tirrt^ny or. ThurswS&y to the savasrery «>f 3 tr:o of rabies-ridcler! v.'i'-i do^s ^ raidins: the countr-sid" "*~ ^ressea s c«??j---ys —achir.e -se and a?:a:r: ricked ur« ->e;Three persons have ever, bit- by t:re r:::-»rks, ten and CO head of catt'e. sheep They srave vi» a*te~ a-^-'-j.- drivirrs: toward Albany. He me: :h robber car and :hey besrar. an ex- char:;;? of shots. The vou:hs d:«- abiec Shertff Ho-Imes' car but h "We have be-^n civeii to tinder- tfta-d that it has= been passed on to the shipowners for their con- sidera-ion." ~»3T7de?eur reported everj-thins: qu:et a-~d pesceful" in !ab^.?r circles. and deniea that the g strike r.;id be?Ti called' off. The produce district here, t-colled b> national cruard •n.-s.« a scene of intense aor;x';t;--. Auto f^rry beats carried full loads e: trucks bearinjr fresh produce snd as soon a. s they arrived they were dispatched to- • varioiis o: the ci:y to supply grocery pa- from and cth^r livestock fallen ^'ictinis to th**'.r fans^s. Fearful for their children ard principaliy on remainirsi: six-e^tock. the farmers sre keepsnsr shotguns and rifles close at hand, awaiting new forays by the madvJer.ed tr!o. Dr. Ira Mrtterlir.y of tlolhdays- i>urjr. .«tste veierinarian. is checking a*! farms in the resrion for infected live-stock. Enrier?:en.c-y sup- of an:;-rabies serurr: ha-, e ••u*e ^-:-- have g-as soon." >:ar;-ir; opert?.tors proTrs;se*i {j*r>. as rank i rucks? besran s*rr ; icc. A retv had casOiine ava.iial>:e. \ andeleur said teamsters were sti" on strik'..- w:th s?a.n.ciion for operateti srasoliia* trucks alone Butchers ar?..J culinary -v orkers re- \\'ic h-:;a a hastity- TRIKE. rersihers of the ^* S. Co!. 4 •.-trohetl f.>r dnys A. Rurket Lufkin mayor of her grandfather C. naltjrt: - and ^J^used legislation J^en stocked. OKLAHOMA BLAZE DESTROYS TIMBER with r her dru.c- At a later conference, the laborer r*v*«Ale<J. thr plan was* ch«ns:r«3 either th« chiidren of ilrt\ h^nc! of an brothers-'. <-h.un favored by labor. ; A bisr planX tr; hi,-< platform, one which he- ii«^;:^;^Ts so stress, in his T-»T •-,-%,, , ~ . ,. , . ,, ^*.^> : J>, ,V KILOoRl-:, Tex, •.$*—Peaceful xovdi\ ».- repea; o. t..» !>TaTe p^^e-Ti^^ o f non-union ca^es and fujuor^. tl« hss ;a-d ctairn to V.^.-K..^ «>, .„ „ , » . oari>er snop** TH tvissiore ended OTY «in^ the nuxv- co:;s:>:?n: ar.ti- Thursday \%-:h al! "barber «ht>»-s pr«hib:uc-nis; of Those, seeking the ^ininsr the union. Only iton unior; and Temperatures continue to make ':grh records ir* Pans this «••«*»k- h 15 h f-. e re •» as J *,' 4 at*ov* th». rec- jTld<» -S 1 .* «*•!»' adtl- .Democratic «»nc of TO RKRVU.D ITAI.L, TAXI STttlKK KNDS , CI.KBURNE i.^-~-Rtvons;ruction \ CLEVKUVXD. <.•?>-, ~ Clev^ ! of the mess hall and kitchen of the ! protractenl taxicab strike and its i fore it ! Cleburne cix-ilian LA^'TON. Okla. ,.^< — Flames tvh:t.->« r-.-'ar-:-d across •>»» Fort SJ5J .™JpJ*r y -."-*r^ n ^ d ^**«>y*<i ord set T-j**day. Hoj -, ns ^^-^ M^ic«c Park national forl ' «£ lr> :h< , d!5Cdmfort caajted hv "AS ^. T un f er / ontro5 Thursday. ; :he r «*ak:n 5 hear. T*.mper- ^.it.tT *>ta i^* 7 * lt^ n rX* J — P »*^*'«£^i t W* *V»^» ., : ' "" " - •»'»»» Jn ^ne arures r*cordi-d ^v»>j,{n*«itja,r ranged v-«o. nor:nwe*t corner of the r«i«rva- : - from 76 to 1 04 degr«**. I 10 "; Ih / ! ire ^'^ Pt ^ m ' ! <-*^* : KAST TEXAS: <..en<.»r»ily fair to sx^atn to the doorstep of the re- : fwtrtJy clowly »nd ^witini*^ .sort to\sn of Medicine Park b«- Thar^lay nlehc »t«f I-Vk»»> finally halted by 500 H« claimed, he wa» tnlro- PLOT, lmTO*diateli\ — • —• ~ •"• '•«».» v.«»i.i:ij (KIJUTU w a»/u • un^cMiHxr wnw c« conservation I attendant street fi^htin^r came to f re en. including 300 soldiers and a I southerly win«fe ^ y *ti-»f f -!itl.! R<1 _ T :^^ m _? n asreemenf|5roup of FERA worker* engaged f" OKUUIOMAz i. - — ---• - --,— —~. ,.,» Son* sin construction of % dam on iand Yellow Cab companies. I Medicine creek- r

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