The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 26, 1956 · Page 13
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 13

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1956
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

ay, I'arch LO, 1053 Sun Classified \ HUICRT 41, Houie« For R»nt KAZKO. Slin— r>-rwm furnished lio-iit, fM uo month, flionr 7311. PARK. Mil — .Vrwpiim uput Until wl'.K Eftrane. For IntorinaLlipi) plume 3-1152, "BEirONI), nil N."-K'ii7nT«ricir~hou^; $.'i"."o p^r month. Apply 109 En.n WKST HAV I'.OAD" <»-.\lnrl-n H(iS> iirv.', Moil*>rn --titMroom MOIMC on 3 •ere*. S'IS.M! |>er niunili. H.'iotu- M56. WISCONSIN. 34 H -•-.Moilt.'rn S-BcSToi/m mir:n nl!"iu;,l holism, DrtilM'S, <.'*.i«:lan blinds. I'll. X-UMi. WOOjjTEK ST,. si2— 3-roomii, tmili iin~ rurnl«hfi| house. 2 >;iiriif{M, wnier paid ISSJin moatli, J. J. Rilry. diiy j.|i. »513| nights o.Mi. WILLOW. ]3(M~:>-rooin 'house <>n~80xYoo ft. lot. Reiisunitrjit. For information -4Voosli i r. H.L- St. Hnittll 2-lp(droom hbisse, cut- ! p' i 'inK in llvinK roum and bp<ituom. I.arj:*; ! gitriiKP. SIT..Ml month. Will nonnliler irnde for equity. J37<m balance. Phone 9TQ4. 42. Bedrooms-Board CREr.ER HOTEI^—ClMti, qnln. homelike. Good beds, KOS heaters, tub anil fhasvpr h.iths. I^mv rates, lr«« parklnx ]ot. Photic 232U. Wlh'CONSUS, 32(;n—Room~nna bosrd for mntlier and 1 chliil. SI.VOu month. Monroe's Ntii-Rtry. phone 3-2SS7. Business Rentals INT-'if \VARF.HOUSE FOR RENT— Sniuh AKhhel. for details phon* 50. Halp Wanted "While you're taking your cold shower, Son-in-law, hold this. It needs watering." Congressmen F/nc/ f qc/// /n Navy Ships ABOARD THE CRUISER NORTHAMPTON' —UP— Congressmen observing new naval »lr techniques in the Caribbean suspect they have uncovered a. basic fault in naval architecture: No place to sit down. The planes are great. The pilots are hot. -The guidotl missiles are hotter. But the more than 70 senators and representatives who left their seats in Congress 1,100 miles away have to lean, squat, and mostly just stand for hours to see the show. Initially, this was considered merely serious. As the maneuvers progress, it is coming 'to h<: held by unanimous consent a fundamental oversight in design. There are sofas in the wardroom and chairs in the cabins, but you can't see maneuvers from wardrooms and cabins. Empty beer cases would have sold at high prices just for the place to sit down. 55. Work Wanted PEST CONTROL TERM1TEB, KOACHKS. ANTS XII Work Gun:ant«ed Tot BMt fUIUlU I30.IW O.ULV — S*ii Luminous Poor Pirne?. Write R»evr«. Atlltboro, Mass. Kree S.impJe and IVtails, McShan's Button Shop I Custom Belts, fcuUons. buttonhole*. Cor- intr Ptirc* uid 8. Third. 51. Female Help Wanted •WAITRESS WAXTEB— ' JCxjJeflenceU \v.t!;r«*s wantsJ it Tri-C!:y Ctif*. Apply In perion. the SKTTLSD W"HITE WOMAN — For hot«?l rr.altl work. Must llvt on place. T'l-.ipTir 2326. Lawns Cut REASONABLE. PHONE 3-202S Monroe's Day Nursery TV. records. gooU Vnolesome meals. larR shady fer.esd yard. Stipen'is*tl by *.xi«ri c!li;*d nurse. inspt'Ctiun of pretniflca v.-p: come, Nurftry 51.SO Uh)-. 3205 Wisconsin, Phone 3-2SST. Russia May Soon Surprise World With Jet Airliner AVON COSMETICS Our rolling n**v K»fi iin« of cosmetics !i; b .i.i toiitlrlfts CUT) give you unusual »svrn- in;: <>;i;><'iriunUy tin ring' itir coniing va- r.^iftn !**ftson, Mrs, P.. L. Springfield. 2213 T-ou Ellen X.nn*. Houston IS, Tcsa-'. ~~ • ~ TKACUER3 VACATION EMPLOYMENT Prrzonnf.i Director of nationally known corporation witt Interview ttucherx for fijTsifne,- position? 1 that n rr »iifffr*nt, Thl? hifcli-paytfip itfftiittv? vn cation work ap- pi?rlt tA r.*Achpr* w*-.o w«ni tn rrwv pro- f*5Sion *•'!>' «-fr!?p f fvo;. jric a^* of pi?*- from th/ 1 cla.'jsroon'.. Wrlt» In con- h<'.f"'" (Y J^r intfn'ifw c'.vsnc tli'tflU;* o? triichlEir cxprrifrscp ?.r,<\ pri-vioujt vacation ".•>ir-;'i/m'nt. Bna. .y*3, car* Thf Baytown ___^__„ ™.^™ ~ j IXi;—In rtpalrlnK. rtrnoilflinc, 1 new adiiltlunn, roofing, siding. cihln«'. ! work. FHA Improvement lx>an«. Fret «iimatf». Cull L. A. 8tan«r, ph. 29J5, MOT11KRS. fur one or two tlays a week, let yin;r prif-school nfic chliU 8h*ra lo I all the fun nt j Jack & Jill Day Nursery | Every child participate* In xroup pl.iy, 'day modeling, rhythm band, rest period. I color i:rayon wurk, nurs«rv rhythms anrt .sonici. Ho: Stir.cht? a: noon—phi? snU- Imorntni; snrt mm-aftfrnoon rcfTeshracnt. 1 ". ! All (or only 12.0(1 ptr day. Jack »nd Jill : IJav Nursery. i 'MRS. NOVA WANG. D1RECTOB |805 Pearl Ph. 3-2400 Insurance Secretary WRITE P. O. BOX 599 BAYTOWN, TEXAS Stafe full experience. If no Insurance experience,: DETAIL Other employ-j Ironinq Done In My Home 405 K. Honrnn. Ph. 7293. PAPERHAKOiNC—Aim imill r«mofl*I- Init Jobs. Wy th» hour or Job. For Informal ton vhon* 1731, 63. Lost and Found lost «t,Devir» lev 1 *" fr.h 7791. Special Notices ment. PLEASE GIVE REFERENCES 1.—M^v^r Brox. Bnylown Pra'jty j Pi-Mr MlM Bf'tty.' SKI. AT.COHOLiCS ANONYMOUS— T.-i-C!tJf,« Qruuji .-- fit. 2«S. P'32. W««t B*ytoivn Group — Ph. »C>76. Wlithlind" Exchansf Ph. 2Q822 or 2-2731. I WILL NOT BE~PJ:SI >1 ON'glB[ J K for (Ifbis made by anyone other than my- «flf f. K. Kurt. INCOME TAX SERVICE Diy or nlicht In your horn* or my ofdce. L.APIKS -Vrrr ptfn*ant vorX, pftrt or full time. Your «wn hosi. Writ* Box 4PE 1 , rnr* 1 "f Haytown Pun. 52. Male Help Wanted T!"S 1," THE SVAI.LKST AO but. ri,'!cr« •'•^ prf-aip."'. o;'7».Tri'»Tilly. Contact W. s. I?.'it' Boom I'X). "Wood.1 Biuhllni:. WE NEED MEN .'UTrrtAHT.v VAMII.Y MF..N' WITH KV n::;c ,s.i!>'< wr.t 51.95" SEWING MACHI.NK BERVICK Any m»Kf or model - cle»nM . oiled - Adjusted - tn your horn*. WORK OUARANTEKD BHKRMAN SEWUfG CENTER 102 W. TEXAS PH. 2004 IT'S NO DISGRACE To Havi Ho.'xdiei But r. li to kttp tnrm; no lot us i(«t rid of thtm Tor you. All Work OunranttKS ftu 3-M01 65. Monumtnts-Burial Lots ».',' *^ lv.;!M yn.;r filtur* cm •••apply m I>n,<i.n Tn Mr. Mct'lrlinn. S t-i I p.m. The Carnation Co. •IPO R. MAIN 53. Sales Help Wanted Heavily Concentrated Rtir.'il route n;:i?n. Must !uiv? and RdO\l r»f/Tfnrpfl. \Vniklns tn::;nifss (s cood for !»fv*» n! thftii*nivl iJftllnrs profit nnnmilv. If you qualtfv. Also. j;rm'1 i-My roitlf (>pcn. \Vrli* Box ,".02. carr of Ilnyinwn Hun. MEN'OR" wo MEN Full iir l>.i:-l Unit. Onxuc jvur nnn liourp. Ovmi! '.".."n!nir» frnni slur!. Wrlti- llnyiown Sun. R<ix ,'nn. ____._. nf roilr^n^nl npr ivho ^-ant c^o*l yrnr nrnund Incomp. Full "r |,.iri-ilmt. Av»r- src »2.Mi pi>- I oil Yonnurr n-rn or •Rv.mfn "'oniil'lfri'd. Write Hot SCO. cr\rf (tt Bnytmvn Snn. ; Cf.DA RCRE8T C E M K T K R Y, INC.— ; For.y no.-ul Cpdur Bayou. A !>c;:i:! f .riil fomi.lrlpjy ••PEP.PKTi'AI. fAHE" rttnr- Itery in ^n 'nlfril loratlon. BpauMful trtr.t. wpll tir.tinc,!. ilist tmtilde rlty Unili.^. ; Now sprtiun* under drvcloluutiu now. i M;Y NOW AND SAVK. H. D. Hanllwn. Munaccr. K. IP. Hays. SnU'smnn rti. D3MI ,ir 3-2W7. Bi;Y I1IRKCT—From UrKi>»t r«l.ill nion- uinpnt mrtnuf.Ti.'tiirrr In thf work. Markers, mormniem.r niausnleuni. Granite, miirlilc or bronze. Oould Muiuiinrni Work?. HUlnvny 146, Cfrtnr Bnyuii. 1'fiortc P30I. CRAXITK. M»rbl«. ilronic. Monuniint'«. mtiri:*rR, ctmctery work. Kaxy term?. No carrying chatKe^, Trl-City >ion»urrni Co.. Market St. at Main. Ph. 4702. 68. Lodge Notices 55. Work Wanted DEPKNt>.\H!.K KABY SITTEK AVAIL. \l)t.K ANYTIMK. ANTWHF.RE "12 HOLSTF.R. PHONK 7049 OOORK CHKKK AKSKMBI.V NO. SO. Or.lor of Kalntxnv for '^irl,«. will hnlil Its rri;iil"r ntntfd meetinpT lui MondRV, Mnrcli 2fi, \9!t& ut 7:T>0 p.m. In tlif Mn.tonir Hull. Inltlntton. AH mcinber. 1 * r.rt- urk'eil to Ht- tcnil. Mnsanx and Enste-n Stars art Invlifd to attend. Aldfn Crunforrt, \V. A. SnndrA nia?, Ri-riinlfr Yellowstone National Park was the first and is still the Ip.i-fjest of the nntionn! parks In the United Stales. LONDON—UP—Russia soon may show the world a bigger and better jet airliner than the one which sin-prised experts here on its first appearance west of the Iron Curtain, informed sources said Monday. The sources said the Soviets are working- on a four-jet. 70-passenger airliner version of the "Bison" bomber which rivals in size any jet aircraft flying in the world. . Tne sleek "Aeroflot" twin jet plane which brought Russian secret police boss Ivan Serov to Lon- 'don Thursday is a commercial version of the "Badger" bomber. It is the only pure jet airliner in mass production and operation in the world. British and French jetliners stili are in the development stage and American four-jet aircraft are years away from the market. The twin-jet TIM 04 is a 60-passenger aircraft. However, it is considered by experts here to be too small for economical use on long 1 stage, long distance routes. But the Soviet four-jet bomber, apparently equipped with massive Traffic Court Keeps Groom In Sweat >'K\V VOKK —IT— Phil Newman waited patiently for more than Jour hours in Queens traffic court Monday but finally asked the jiidge if" his speeding cas« couldn't he niovisl up a bit. Nctvman explained to Magistrate Del Gornio that he had only an hour left tn j;et lo his \veddlng in the Brooklyn municipal building. flip magistrate dismissed the rasp and Newman made it on time, without spot-ding. Retired Railway Agent Dies Here William Gulp, SI. who died Saturday in a Baytown hospital, was to have been buried at 2 p.m. Monday after funeral services in Pan) U. Lee rhupei. Gulp, a native of Burton City. O.. had lived in Baytown since 1941 and was a retired railway and passenger freight agent. He in survived by his widow. Mrs. Agnes Gulp of 501 Burnet drive: a daughter, Mrs. S. B. Hickerson of Baytown; a son, H. J..I. Gulp of Omaha. Neb.; four grandchildren, six great grandchildren, three brothers and two sisters. The Rev. \Vnynp McCleskcy. piustor of St. Mark's Methodist church, officiated at the services. Burial v.-as to be in Hill of Rest cemetery. Pall bearers were J. W. Small- Ing, P.. B. Henry, L. E. Jones. J. R. Hickerson. J. F. Hickerson and O. H. D.ixvson. VHiili' Dr. Willis Carrier is credited with the invention of nir conditioning the bocs heat him by thousands of years. Bees carry water to hives whore it is fan nod by the wir.ers of workers to cool honey in .storage. turbine engines of around 20,000 pounds thrust, undoubtedly is within the transatlantic flight range, sources here said. The London Daily Mail reported from Moscow Saturday that*Aero- flot Chief Marshal Jacoronhov is anxious to start jet airliner service between London and Moscow with his TU-104's. Aviation experts had High praise for the Soviet jetliner, which is under heavy guard at London Airport, but estimated it would not pass Western air safety tests. Former Hungarian Finance Minister To Speak In Texas MINERAL WELLS. Tex.—UP—. Hungrian minister of finance who predicted Communist aggression in Korea and events that followed the death of Stalin, will be one of the principal speakers at the 38th annual West Texas Chamber of Commerce convention March 2S-30. Dr. Nyaradi. now an American citizen, fled to this country .with his wife when the Communists took control of his country. The Hungarian minister predicted a year before Stalin's death events which have occurred. Other convention features will include a forum on March 30 at which a panel of six U.S. congressmen from West Texas will answer questions. They are Congressmen George Mahon, Frank Ikarci, W. R. Poage, Jim Wright. Omar Burleson and 0. Clark Fisher. The first general session of the convention is scheduled for 9 a.m. March 29 with a keynote address by Robert M. McKinney of Santa Fe. X.M.. chairman of the joint congressional citizens committee on tatcmic energy. Bedroom Held No Place For 57 Chickens UNION CITY. N.J. —UP— City Magistrate Mervin Herzfeld ordered Mrs. Joyce Southard Monday to remove a flock of f>7 chickens from her husband's bedroom even though her husband Is in a hospital. A health department employe said he discovered the chickens bedded down in Frank Southard's room Friday when he went to check on (ho family. .Mrs. Southard said her husband won the chickens in a contest. A. W. Cloud's Father Dies At Bryan Home Mr. and Mrs. J. C Cloud, of 3309 Michigan left Sunday for j Bryan where they will attend the funeral of Cloud's father. A. ~\V. Cloud, who died at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at his home. Services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Hilliard's Funeral Home. Burial will be in a Bryan cemetery. Aiso surviving is one grandson. Kldon Cloud of Baytown. SUPERMAN WAIT, SUPERMAN-- . Y; NO, THANK YOU, ^T DON'T BE SO HASTY/ A SENOR RIVERA.' AND ) ONCE YOU MEET ff I WILL NOT APPEAL *S WHAT COLOSSAL ARROGANCE.' HE AND HIS SPOILED DAUGHTER THINK THAT MONEY CAN BUY ANYTHING.' SHE'S PR08A8LY SO USED TO GETTING WHATEVER HER HEART DESIRES, THAT SHE THINKS PAPA CAN LIFT HIS LITTLE FING6RAND GET Ml AS A HUSBAND ' AT YOUR DAUGHTER'S PAHTV.' THAT'S FINAL. 1 BUZ SAWYER —by Roy Crcrn* ^m-fVSi . McSss! VftKil!P! 75£IMPC5SIIU \Wf ARAYISHiWG CUT1E WTH 4 K3CDIS HA.SIBO. jP^^^^ $M HAS HAPttHiej SOMs Gift J'JST HfW g| fUW *3CA*,0 IN H*S CTW PLiWE. t HS« /CK, W STABS! iJiiiL ABOARD OUR CAXRIIR'. 1===id^ SW£'S A WOTE*. j , m^^ TWT SCW05 BIG BEN BOLT —by John CuHtn WHAT'S THIS ?TlT'S NCTTHIMS, 86N- YOU, MY BOY, IS THAT t HAVE „„ IN 'MAXIMS A fOOt. OP UVSpfiLC V1JTU/L P40P«S OP pXTTH WU. MOT T=LL Al Copp ond Bob Liibbtti —by Mort Wafctr —by Fred Lasswcd WOLVERTON'S SUPER MARKET Specials for Tursdn.v and Wednesday, March 27 and 28 900 MARKET ST. Ul>. AT XORTH ST.. WOOSTER Ritht Reserved to Limit MOHAWK LJ A p\J C Wlmlo or TlMlTl^ Slmnk »nlf ................. Ut. RIR Oft I/MX KXI> PORK CHOPS i:..S. CHOICK AM) r.(K)l) VICAL SIRLOIN STEAK IIOMKMAIIE H KK PORK PAN SAUSAGE 39 49 I.AIJOK CELERY S ui fc 10c I'AOK CARROTS 2 lANANAS .,.. 15c IDc FOR Ot:K MARYLAND CLUB COFFEE MIRACLE WHIP ................................ u,c«,, 89c Qt . 49c Box *p* C CIGAREHES „„ S 112 PET or CARNATION 2 ( r 25c LIGHT CRUST FLOUR 5 IA , 43c Mrs. laird's Home Rake Rolls ......... pkq. 19c Kraff Velveefa Cheese .......... 2 3b. loaf 79e J«*a luftcrscotch Pudding ____ .... 4 pkgj. 29c KLIENCX . . . .. ............ 2 200's loxei 25c Th« New STA-PUT .................. qt. SI'F.CIAIA-IN F.FFFFX.T At.I.TH.IT T.5-Tr.\V, MJinAY. MITKmV \ w rc> NOT I CONSIDER: ME 'ONE OF THS&SLS'f A PiffEKBNCSjJT MY POOR &STSR, SARAH, AMP ' ITHAPA we wn •BBltJnFU. ==TLE, \ TWE CAMP PSYCHIATRIST WANTS TO HAY ( COM6GN IN AND / TELU ME/ WHV yoi \AlONaBETTEfii ARMY? BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH GIVE ME SOME DURN YORE HIDE, RIDDLES YE TRIPPED ME UP !! I GIT THAT SHOT OVER !' SHET YORE TATERTRAP, SNUFFY!» ! ELBOW ROOM, YE SHIF'LESS SKONK !! THIS IS YORE LAS! CHANCE. SNliPFY- IF ^E DON'T BEAT MY LEANER I'M STILL MAYOR OF HOOTIN 1 HOLLER-- SECRET AGENT X-9 Tht Ml: nortViJfn hemitphecf hucricanes of storm* 5tfiKS4 a given point,rcan'ni in BESM 70 THc PRIVATE CE,CORR16ANl WILL FRC.H THE -tn cT,r,ou5 cuet- eshe canter, cr'eye', en thetrail strides, w'stVi racing opposite u)ind»; ''**'*~ *•-"^-" «s.<>..^:t ^y H . ^ • ,,-Vj. But fie 'o\iiei' lasts only foe a CURLEY KAYO I'LL PAYYO'J 5AC"C 50MJ PAY, MISTER BARTON .' TUT-TUT... T£S5'£, '^ IT 15 ?»Y.V:VT ENOUGH TO 5££ TH; EAOTY OF YOUR IT MUST HAV£ BEEN LIONEL RJSTON WAS T AWFUL TO 3E TH£ ONLY PERSON N OUT L!,<£ THAT, TESSU ' WHO WAS KIND TO ME ) .. "'• N TH£ OLD DAYS: ^ V TOUoH FOR ( TiM£S SQUASE ' -AS I WAS KNOWN AT TR4T TIME. BUT i ALWAYS COUNT OM LIONEL../' WHIP L. ; O\=I \ O'JS AN NOW THAT HE ) BUT i AM M!5HTY MIGHTY PROUD Or YOU, IS Oi.0. ENN.'LESS. —by Me! Graft Sam Uff

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