The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 18, 1934 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1934
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FACE TEN FAMS LABOR TURBULENCE SUBSIDES OVER COLL Troubles In | Many Parts ! Are Fading Most Noticeable Easing of j Tension Seen In San j Francisco j By The A.-ooeia-.e-c Press From Orecor. ;o Alabama. i sA-un ir.:o srr.oother .-han- ROUTES OF ARMY AND NAVY FLIGHTS TO ALASKA The tr.o<t s-trikir-s: e.xamp.e w <" j in Sin Fr^r.cisc--, where the sren- j f-'-^st* iSf-ike-'s board of strategy took j the lead to divert the l^^hore- ! Arbitrate or !ose cur support, j tv::i!:y t;.>Ii the maritime work- j er#. "I_e:t 'viris" headers roarec I ir. vsir. The wa:?rfront Employ- \ drive :o Jam the unrest at its ; front. Police a.rre?r,ee 540. ; Nations.: yuarc=?:i:e- took ch.o.r:;t_ ' strike was held :n abeyance to • Senator "W^g-ier. the government's : : lation. '• In Berke'e:.. Genera! Kii=:h S- ! strike "civil \var."~ It is "bloody • insurrection" to deprive a -whole The m^-.-r o: Houstor;. Texas.; tlon of :r.e rjiaritiitie strike -arhicn . Miners at the Fui-nior.G red or*. mine, near Bimiir^harr. Ala,, re- •with the Republiv Steel corpora.- . strike -svhich called cut 5.0C-0 -^ork- ^ers snc cos; twv "r.ves. In IMcntar.t. »**nere 3.500 en;- pioyes or: the Anaconda copper mines are on strike, mine proper- the -lexiiK. rril! Corkers' strike in i northern Alabama. The walkou' mills idle. •despite th.e strike of 7.9-00 tr-.j-.-k struck in Baltimore and a spokcs- Mediators sc-urht to restore pioyes of *h<E Century Slectric cost-pany. ^'here a strike has been tfecks or, vc-rkirts eir.r/iOyes of the ig:ra,r»t s " r " per T^TT*. ^s.s'e :r. create. Proposal PANAMA CHIEF GREETS ROOSEVELT Kroin way out of the demoralizing crisis. The resolution adopted by the tvmnmtee after sev^n hours of del-ale followed a. day of increasing?" tension as 30.OOO east bay workers joined in the walkout and raids and riots struck the rejrion. More than 300 alleged radicals were i-ounded up by police while se'f-sryled vigilante groups stormed known communist headquarters. National guardsmen, in control of th«r San Francisco waterfront and touring the eastbay cities in squads, aided hard-pressed po- j lice in gruardiivs the be'ea^uered j region. | Increasing: evidence of federal 1 concern over the spreading: strike, j was seen as Hugh Johnson. > administrator, branded the strike a "bloody insurrection" in ] an address at Berkeley and P. A. j Donasrhue. chief examiner of the i new national labor reference! board, arrived here by airplane j I iYo:n Washington, | j The s^neral strike committee's; ! ••peace" call L-ame from a turbu- j ! i-ut meeting of the members at i i the labor temple at -which John i | A. O'OonneU. secretary- of the • j central labor council. collapsed . home in a i President Harmodio Arias of Panama and him wif* welcomed Presi- ! <** nt Roc*tvelt to Panama when the chief executive's cruiser passed ! through the Panama canal enroute to Hawai?- Left to right; President ? Aria *' Mrs - Arias, President Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt, Jr. (As- i Ir. its resolution stating the of- < .. * •' • \ x'er. the strike committee called ! the needs of the community of 1 Maine- apple crop compared with \ upon the 27.000 marine and dock [ SUO.QOO as conspared with the IS i j as t; year was estimated XVednes- This map sh^ws rout±s of the army and navy fiights to Alaska. Twelve army bombing planes will take off from Washington between July 20 and 25. while the navy flight will get uncsr way from San Diego a few days earlier. The pianes shewn are the types that will make the heps. The purpose of the army flight is to survey Alaska and the Aleutian islands. The flight of the 12 navy patroi planes is for training purposes. f Associated Press Photos) *o*3^r mro t£ift tz^*cvzm4cv "to £LW full** f^l yft n*t^f of z£i* i < i r **TinT>? _ Ir is »£e aad poaJTav* for botH chUdr*n * T_ .*•- _a • ««cL a'd 1 *!^, E^*liy is <? a &gg-*g My- so Tfrd>y »^* workers of the coast to submit lo { eauag: places open the ^rst day j day by lhe state depar tment of Ir r« b»ck oa «&*&&, Tind *a y tb«r*. agriculture. ' n«s-h«b- 'Grafs (Continued from Fax* On«> with the novel "mud jack"* whicli enables th« leveling up of rough concrete roads. This work ha* been under way on Highway 5 from 1>e- troit to Paris for some. time. A hole is bored through th* concret* and with the "mud Jack" dirt mod concrete is pumped through th* hole, raising the low places as much as four or five inches- A. drive over the strip of road that has been thus treated will convince anyone that it produces the desired results. City May Be "1 SACRAMENTO. Car. (^P) — In gold rush days. th« raining: town of Columbia came -within on« vot» in the legislature of being named the capital of California. Recently it was revealed by Attorney General TJ. S. XVebbs that tlie «tat» may lease the ghost city lor $1 «. year as a historical site. Doctors Admire This Laxative Doctor* c*ct±Ixt!r pr*»crib« tit* l*OJrv« eusi UX*CT« b*ciiia« it but is gentle. By d*liciaa> Death Federal Agent Held In Slaying Held For Murder i arbitration by a federal board ap- ; of the strike. ! uoirited by President Roosevelt. ] Convoys of fresh fruits and veg- j i Employers likewise were asked j etables. which broke tise -blockade | i to place issues in dispute in the { of highway pickets Tuesday, were I hands of the president's board i escortei to the patrolled comxnis- ! i and the entire proposal ivas made { sion hoxise district. ! j coating-ea: upon emploj-er recogni-] Members of the"strike committee ! :ion of all the 10 maritime, unions ' said there should be no interfer- 1 \vhosei strike has crippled ship- j ence with deliveries of fuel oil ! t-irjsr since May S. | and other necessities to apartment! The longshoremen's demand for j houses and hotels but the major 1 1 complete control of hiring agen- j oil companies refused to order out j i cies. whicn. has been a stumbling i tank trucks, declaring they feared ! !?iock In mediation attempts thus j attack? by pickets. \ _ar. was not mentioned in the res- \ \ oluiion. Maritime union members j ; of the committee; came from the j I meetin^. obviously angry and \ } Harry Bridges. militant long- j j shoresmen's representative, de- ;. ; clared the proposal "will never be i ; accepteu by the men." ! was -^-nsin: for ^^ ^^^ ^ ^fc^t^F S^B ^^^. |k| CmAf lAfJLlT Tfj •™KWW WW^^^.» • %^ YOUR INSECT PROBLEM Myers FLIT SPRAY AND O W D E R (CoutinueC F fas* On*> >n "an attempt to conn- . A warrant -was issued imntedi- ' v requested * ^ bov's pic- j " s announced by ihotrsas G. ] / | Plant, their authorised spokesman. I at&]v fo? r ^ ^^^ | The president's mediation board, j T v e at-o; ; now- preparing to conduct an elee-j newspapers to pr-r.t lion among: striking seamen for; ture a g-ai n _ " j t'ne purpose of determining what j Although they could not deter- I leaders shall represent theirs. a.lso ; raine the exact cause of death, the I will meet on the rnatier, O. K- ! thrc-:- nhysicians --vh.-. performeu | Cushinc, spokesman for the board, j the autopsy" said they were certain i 1 it, was no* from natural causes. | Members of the general' strike f I 1 (.-ornrnittee declined to comment j on their possible course. should ! the arbitration edict be rejected. i Conservative members indicated. j hO".vsv*r. that they bslievesl the DOCTORS GET BREAK; APPLE CROP SHORT PORTLAND. Me.. -V?>—Th*> ne fleers en ,_^ Frank Martin (above). Arkanss; vic^ guard, was he'd cr cf rrsurdsr fc> sheet;.'-i .ce Hstcn. girl ccnv'ic- who -was slsin after her esc"2 farrri Z\ Ltar B. Rsec <aiiove} r rnert of justice scent c* St. Lot-' : r WES srr*st«i after the sJaying o j Mrs. D^ssis Masterscn. who was shct and kii:±d curing 3 raid by of- ^ he- home. (Awociatei \ ro ™ * " cm l* s pr!Scn JacksonvjHa. Ark.(Associated ?r- Pr*ss Photo* Photo) Convicted n.JTTH F.rRN VICTIM DAjLI-A-r '..-^ — Burr.s :--vurrec ITT, a cls^st; cti.^ % r-ii5 f-~~~~_~-~ ~.r:c.r Harpoic. 5,'. :f !:a:y. "*-%.*. KOHI.ZR, •W^-. OFi —Medi ;:-:-n of the strike at the ICohl :.':ar.t. held in a state o* s-ie cr: re us: is Tuesday nzght by t 1.000 pickets parading about t ;.f this "rno^e": industrial villag F;r,-?t effort-- to-arar--! settling t f-~f:~a:rz.~i.-!~ of I^s.bor TJ"n^on -we -"a~t & -5 urjC-'r th-& direction of t F:^v. J. *V. Maruire. Kankak 111., a rr.errii-er of the Chica To The Voters of Precinct 4 BANDITS LOOT ALBA>~Y BANK —<rceivei T -T-«& spr:\ Tn-3.ster of J^sris i maritime unions, if they refused j may tve a <!el:~h: to the n^edicai f • consent, would lose genera! strike : J pro:ess:on. but it's a pain- in the ; : baekins: and that the employers, • pocke-tbook to ?.Iasne orehardlsis. { ' in the event of failure to accept j The "apple a any" treatment, j 1 the offer, vrcuid lose public sup- : -^ruoh. traditional:-:- •':-;.?•?;>- the doc- f i r> O f-» . I *«r away,"" is likely to b-" 1 sharply | ; ^ i>-z-ns of men ^.-ere injured. I curt - ai!ed lhis --" ear - A reduction"! four" Jrrested a-d scores scattered j ° r 72 P er cgn - _ J n _ :h;< season's j in a street flare-up Tuesday ni^ht j -. as police attempted to disperse the | i ccnirnnnist orator. j I In Oakland ani! Berkeley, mobs [ threatened four rests.urasts open-; ed by the eastbay citizens enters- j -mcy coiriinittee but police squads ; : arrived before any of the estab- ; • Belief that strikers may need ; protection "from the fury of citl- J zens" ucIeK?? tne. mass ^vaikon* in ? ; the bay region, no-w-' :n its third ; : day here, is ended was expressed ; ; t-y Acting: Governor Frank F, M-r- 1 | rrarri of California. | ! Street car eer".'tce, stopped in ; i the easthay cities of Oklanci, A:- i : amicia an-d Berkeley early Tue,s- ? ; cay, remained a,* a standat-I!. In : : ^au Francisco only the cars of th» i rnuiiici'pal rail-way representing but • about one-icurth cf the. city's nor• roal traction service. wcri run- TH€ «OUS£ THAT f LIT SPRAYS IT COSTS SO LITTLE-IT DOES SO MUCH 1 C-jntinuid operation of Soulherr. ; i Pacific ferryboats on the bay or. • s '. which thousands o. il" comrsts*- •*r>» d^p^nd for service, was aaaur- ed when the ferryboatmen's un;on of California, fa-led to tak- a new arrivals " sp-ecJal purchase of .'ir. !•:?!.:« in bJi-'k pat", in "whit*-, t. 1 *". r^d. :«r ki--:. Ir;;*-r*-*liris: ^d* to J^-iil for much organization. (Associated Press Photo) this pr€-~:T"' ?p IX'TTOT'!' BuSJ -;. Oa.. >JP: — The ^ •o hav* ha<i th;r*ss- ALL DAY ROUNDUP AT FOREST HILL Shivering with Chills Burning with Fever •Ttrre ReG*f for Malarial b<*rj Irft of.' \v as t o-r* I a T <- GENUINE GLOVERIZED DRY CLEANING Keeps ek'tres clean longer ^ndl better—Try this- ons ;ne*hod used exclusively a? our piant; Men's Suits and Ladies' Pis in •^reM"-^ c'eaned and pressed OKER sarr* tini«= Dr. <">. O. . .,..., ;.,.,-.. ... • ,j • Don't try horr.emarfc '. ., . ,. ... ' ;• or n«wfa,rsg:J*-d r«rri' i *<Ii«?f[* ,,,,.^ -i.--•;';.,. --«.»,( that jfoo'* o:<! Grove's Ta«t«i««s i J.'" h ,..,^" L;j "J,.. *" '. ,'.'^ ; Chif! Tonic. Soon you -sriH be, V.j,,,/ f ,..,.,.'^ ! yo«ni5*!f a<?aln. ?••>?• Grove's Taste-- [ . . , ',.....,.-,*• l«-?is Chill Tonic not only r<sJJ«v*pr ? Tr.n n : ?ht rnfrct;-?: Tr..;- of J ! -,.„,.« wtroy* tfsf infection Itself. • The taiitelftsw <juinJn* in Ortyv*'* ,.,...' Tast*J«s» ChJU Tonic ktZ!* th-j Ma.- I w^,- '••o:r-*f$ JT; ihe r»-rripie />f Juno ft* ream of .- «'«.n r.-rr ^'• ^^n Oi-i K^r;,. X «..;.. fs-«f., N". C. Con*«J<rre4 i>y man*, ^. <-^+ Wtjt^ tl>* iron it contains byiMn up the ; .i. the <SJJWsaa-*? an-J fortify s^&inKf. fur- ; ." 0 if;*r attack. Th« twofoM •fffecf i« ; I*-*"-""'' """ * . '. <~*>tTSififf <>f J»f JlJj*T"*3. •TJ'rsjGC* O*fnj{ '. a. «J^P*n<5s(-^}^ rftm^*Jy fc*r Jrlalstris. ~' r " *;rov<;'r. T*.«t<?Je»<» O'ii Tonic ts : '''" . Jtlso an "xcetlent tonir of £*n*r*l ; liw* 1 , PSeajsant to t*ke and a.b«K>- ' iijfiy' ha.rrnJ*s*s. Saf* to K»VO ; '* ; '" ; ch»!«Jrftn. <J*t * bottle today at | two Main final clearance All whit* sport oxfords, artd •"••hit,* kid TJ^S and parnpj* priced to cJoseoui. This group contains vaJue* from «2.9,> to 54. ?5. Most a!! ar« showr; ir; some M»in Floor men a oxfords ?»l*n"i« as? -white an<3 oxfords ir t ad« to we! S3. 50 And 54-00 pxtra taliy priced at $!.SS for cJearanc*. A real opportunity $«98 M*to Floor All Summer Shoes Marked for Positive Clearance— share in the savings Children's Sandals 69' C.ildrerrs p'xy 5sndals of fine, soft, v. Ivte elk. Good size ranges are featured from SJa to 2. They're coot, c<.. •ntoruHc and very attractive. Ladies' Sandals 97' A big special purchase of ladies' toe- Jesr $anda!s just received. Also included in the lot are white sport ox- fojds and Czecho SUwakian san- dr'i5. Former values to $3.95. Perfeins Broi other ancient nation*. r*-<!'U'. % *-<S th* 3T}< j The ft *lze contain* nornii:atf?<J for K'^'-frnor o ' Kepublican ticket, Juae 27, without lowering th« ' vajue. ^your *• much you 25 h« CGc «lz« c«nt more for o /v\

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