The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 21, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1948
Page 6
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I ask Jeff what he was doin* the ten minutes he sat alone to his car in the driveway before coming into the house the night J A N U A R Y 21, 1948 Election Checks Washington Column of the party. thinking how 01 me parvy. · · · ·«"-------c. -- nice and simple everytUng would be if only Avis were dead--and ;I were free to ask you to marry me, he replied. ^ ^ · XVIII Everything was horribly clear. Everything! Jeff walking out on Liz and me that day at the studio after his fuss with Avis and threatening darkly: "I'm tired of her pushing me around, and I m going to do something about it." And the way his face had looked when he said it. . ,, ; "Oh, Jeff." I said again weakly. And wondered sickly what the expected me to do. He had just made an indirect declaration of has love. Was I supposed to accept it? And keep silent? Shield him by my silence? "Was he so sure of my love for him, that he thought I would do this? Was I so sure of my love for him, that I would? The attraction between us had been an intangible thing. An uncrystallized emotion. It might have become love . . . in time. Now I didn't know what I felt. · " My thoughts were mad, whirling dervishes. I couldn't sort them out. or my feelings, or my impulses. I could only gasp weakly in the manner of a drowning person clutching at a straw: 'The police, do they know--I mean haw they were killed? That detective wouldn't tell me anything." Jeff looked at me oddly. I plain patiently as one would explain the obvious lo a moron. "Of course, we're going ahead with it. Holly. Don't you know that all this has given us a million dollars worth of free publicity.' It will be the most talked about picture of the year." _ Liz Leydcn had said the same thing It seemed that I was always underrating that man's cleverness. By Peter Edson NEA-Uegister Correspondent s^ -· play the part Avis had All of our Bureau surveys LJs are tied up in other produc- , housing ^ ' tions right now. worse than on V-J Day. . . - - , . i little wors« iu«" v" · - --··- I had a brainstorm. Jeff--why, October. 1945. a survey show- don't you give the lead to Marge. l " ,,» 000 f am iii es were living Narnev? I watched her the othcr !j«j ub icd up The '-: - K " day playing the part of the secre-' d t _ c 'j u st tary. That girl really puts ^ nc%cu lu " --- the veterans' P » 0 « n m . , ' « i ceedcd 100 per cent, thcic wouldn't be enough housing. This does not mean, however, that the whole veterans' emcrg- cncv program should be considered a bust. Many of the things it accomplished do not .how j, completed houses. But it did mucn good in arranging priorities a 1 getting the building materials .industry back on its feet, after being out for the duration. The nail situation offers an excellent example. In January, 194b, production was 25,000 tons. In April. 55.000. Then .the premium payment plan went into effect m Julv. Production jumped to «9.000 b v " Januarv. Premium payments went off last March. Production flowed It was down to ST.OOp tons s -- August and September, is be- i\aus used to sell for $3 a They're now quoted at 515. have sold as high as $3o on the black market. Av'biloble'to Workers available in the city dork' it was announced today bv Ut Clerk Opal EpperlK-mu-r. jjct-s Mess Tilings U|» C I N C I N N A T I (U.R)---Karl Arm- in the J:» !Hc smashed into an automobile are now and caused ^three-way crash. The Daily Register, 20e a week, carrier boy. Peoria Man Relief With isntox Mr. Rfchord White, 13O3 Wisconsin Ave., Peoria gets relief ryISCOIij'i* 1 *"*****r · -- -- - - -suffering many years. "For the hst lien or ten years 1 h ivc;,c - - number is be high today. In * i ***.7 r"--- --cy - - - + , . . i ipvPll IU UV J i»«?» ***' "-o" . * . tary. That girl really puts her . " J ; TM ^ ig4 ^ a gurvey showed heart into her work. I believe she 9 qnf) OOQ f am jiies in need of hous- has talent. You said yourself when r£ u u - h num ber is put at 3,000,you first mentioned her to me t h a t , "'-· . she was one of your most promis-; uu " l " .y Uon exist s in spite of STIC*" efoiOotC ** A1I*3 _ _ . n ,tfii«it*r nf Sed at me . Survevs at the end of the war indicated that about 50 per cent of the people in need of housing wanted to rent, though 70 per cent wanted to own their own homes eventually. In 1946. about 20 per cent of the new housing constructed was housing l e n s u c r n mv back, left side and k cc. White. "In the iw'.t "'"·"" * r( .^| flli! °" 0 ''' p V » B V - - - ^f - *~ ^ Kc'iKxc briiiK you quick relief as it i blcndid medicine o M« Mi. White. This b " M« Mi. W t e . is 1 mt 1 1"'. 21' uwrwlicnt* which strike at " ons. It relieves r '. 21 u w r w i ts of many conditions. It relieves fcw hour d l ° ncs msti.Ml«'n " » c · " ",r bmu-ls into a more rhythmic action Yi-u look better, fee tetter, sleep ' n ° V cr " o u t - ' . , , ' ou fccl llkc - a n °- V elp's rheumatic pain, ey last, he admitted slowly: ' l a v o e living doubled iasi. IK UUHHIH.M ·»«"·..· · _ - - , ~ :i: p( . w ho nave ueen nvin!., uuuu you've got something there. Holly. "»· . accommodations. And so another infinitesimal 1upT - 111n «6 only 437,000 new per- piece in the pattern of our murder, _« ·£^ se s %vere completed. * . 1 · * _ A . . - . _ 4 - . m l o r * I l l _ n i t l i l d l v l . W V « « - *"" myster y - and its eventual solu- , i l l J O l ^ A J * _ · _ » - - -- ~ - tion was laid jn place. Jeff left. I out away the food and cleared the table and did the dishes, all the time going over ' ' what we had talked com . *\n CM1HIUH-A1 v f w v , w w - _ ^ Dieted in 1947. But even this isn t P «ood as the record of 20 years " In 1925. new housing units per cent of the new housing for rent. Since that time, _ the percentage has been increasing. This has come from the many multiple- unit projects now rapidly being completed in metropolitan areas. The 1-per-cent-a-month increase in rent rates has come entirely from the 1.500.000 voluntary rais- meant--Avis and Art , , . soned. I mean. For one ^"2 ^^""XtThYs^oal seemed to exclude the possibility, to meet this e pai of any outsider being the murder-1 .. . : , er--Jimmy Peters, for instance. ] Narrowed'the suspects down to the , people who had been in my house the three survivors. a«n In 19°5 new Housing umis in re nt rates nab wmv ^..."^j Completed numbered 937,000. from the .1-500.000 voluntarvr^s- The need is put at 1.250.000 es authorized by Q^f^J, r eJjf. The industry will h a \ e o e ^ ad repor t- HALSirS 66 SERVICE Halsie Moore, McKinley Poplar t/CVlJl V ¥ O V \ » * » * » » O ·«··!- - ---and said thickly, -«.-- .poisoned? But how could they be poisoned?" "That's what the.police are trying to find out," Jeff said slowly. He began to talk, giving me time to gather my scattered wits about me "The pupils of their eyes were one of-the things that tipped the " » off Dilated or something iiute that. It seems the eyes of people who die in automobile accidents aren' that. And so l the police had autopsies ·performed and found poison. That's why Leiphan has been asking so many questions about what - we - had to drink. And who mixed the drinks. _ _ _ _ _ The idea is that it was given to have been, them here in your house...' 1 £ $ * I rubbed my hand over my forehead "I can't believe it,-Jeff. Why, we all ate" and drank everything--all of us." , · · '. ~ ,, T «ff "I'm sorry I upset you, Jeff [said. "I--I thought you ought to I When he next spoke it was with determined cheerfulness. /'.The police don't seem making much .progress . . -. maybe-they'll drop the whole thing and let it go as an accident. Lets you-and I try to forget it, anyway. I-want you down at the studio in the morning. "You mean you're going ahead with the picture now that all this ave to De aooui coniroi uuaiu^ j»«.i. "^ "^ *·· __,,+ it did last year 1 ,decontrol law. only 3|1 had reported up to Jan. 1. Five of these s « - boards have recommended total * .·E'-TSS moSL! yss!'%nSS-3JKS$£££i S i before the war. Mater-, 299 have yet to report. is are pretty well licked, --~ ' · ~-- ^" mh - Mother and Pour Children Burn to Death in Home , LITTLE FALLS, Minn.. Jan. 21 ight with me to;the housing s"PP lv , ^^:^ urc '"-as 26 miles northwest of here. thought you knew. Avis and Art V A 4 U I * · * » { 5 » - - " « - It was funny the feeling sa\ c ivi nc*i*«j» » j -- - - -- *--*. ' - ers' supplies and other metal pro arrived at the fact, as were poisoned." : per cent greater than in the eyes of the police j. rviiw vr 11 v ·» %,»ww- w - ---- --. been watching me in that moment n0/»c i , n I'd brought with me IIUUSIHS J "rr*.- ·-· -· · 95 miles norinwcM "i ntiv. and-his men went over my house the ^a,t i ^ ^ them peman ., f age . T was sweating and not from ihe u n ' i * -- * ; . Tb nre f a b pro-! Thev said first reports of tne I was sweating aim .»» --»· -· - , construction. The prei; California weather as I dasnea up. complete flop. 85 e?d"S/'lt!r tn h g e" d an1i Sr The poor materia.s.nnd . froublcU with gas forming " WUllVH- 4 **·· ·«»··· ^ f mend it to anyone. jour decorating. Attriaivc pi«cU in g:c). gte«i JnJ blue. Populit ivot.a are cuility rootrotled biked cnirocl ' !. flcxibk ilumm ind «ood ESSSFiHlco^cS flf tto 3 " .. . It was there!! (To Be Continued) Rudement i f i r c came when two farmers ar fault?.rived here with Ernest Anderson. ' band and father of the.yic : Anderson was iveW PO a Sl m a ajornatlo1iarscandal.Tf Uvith serious ' 108 N. Vine "Where Saline County Buys Us Paint" Harrisburff, Illinois Phone 151 We are having real winter wea GF J ' A'physician was called Sunday. - - M r s . John Milhgan who- ther. to see is no better. v* ibAi v»*w tr ··*·"-- - -has happened?" "Going ahead with it . * » -- --UMV****** Jeff UO1US aiica« ".." I t . i.:,. was stopped for a moment b his amazement. Then he began to ex- no ucnci. We are glad to hear that Blackman is able ^ be up again Darrell Wasson left Sunday for his home in Pontiac after spending the holidays here with rela- tlV Mr and Mrs. Willis Reed visited Mr. and Mrs. A. J- Wasson Saturday evening. Dewey Baldwin has a roof on ORDER a Clctchcr of Harrisburgi was a business caller at the A. ( J Wasson home Sunday morning., "Oscar Millfean of loua is here! or a visit with his parents. Mr., ind Mrs. John Milligan. HTHSlovTWow i To Be Held Feb. 11 \ It was announced by R. L. Fos- j tcr HTHS principal. Tuesday, that j the annual HTHS Pow Vow has been postponed to a ater date. Due to limited time between semester exams, which are now in i full swing, the Pow Uow has been moved up on the .school calendar to February 27. instead of rco ; "'cage foe for Harrisburc Coach; Ralph Davison's Bui! Docs will be jthe McLcansboro Foxes. Tne, game between the local team a n d . .that opponent will start the oc ; ; nings program, v.hicn consist OK several shows and cntcrtamspcnts Last vcar the Bull Pop. nlsy'. host to West Frankfort on this occasion, and defeated tne J.«.t' Birds 34 to 30. HEW "Pilot-House" Cabs with all -round vision Hicher and ^der u-indshield and windows give the dnver real "Pilot-House" vision . . . in dl directions! Its all-round vision, still further augmented bv newlv available rear quarter They're the safest truck cabs ever built, too, with welded all-steel construction. Their comfort is almost unbelievable. Take a ride . - . and you'll feel that you're "sitting on top of the world" . . - with all the road yours to command. -/ Wards new Spring Catalog has page after page of fashions with a future figure-flattering fashions that will be in high style for months lo come. Stop in or phone our Catalog Office now to order your new Spring wardrobe. Use Wards Monthly Payment Plan. A GAY DANCING BALLERINA FROCK in Rayon Faille. Full, swirling s k i r t . . . back bustle bow. In Mack or navy. DB 2521--Sizes 10 to 18 11-98 21 N. Vine St. Telephone Number 192 Order Today .:: | Father Placed on , Year's Probation jj For Kidnaping Son MARION, 111., Jan. 21-T1"- 1 Rurl Dotson. a Bristol. \;.. store, manager, started out one years probation yesterday aJicr pleading, guilty to the kidnapping ol his MX- j vcar-old son. " Circuit Juagc H. I- Zimmerman, in accepting the recommendation for probation by State's Attorney , Un Hancy. said he believed Dot sor. had acted in ignorance- os Ihc kidnaping statute Gerald Wayne Dot-son, .warded lo his mothers custody aiur Do.- son and his wife were duorccd. abducted by his father lat Mav dunng a %isit to his former ! wife's home in Crcal Spnncs. Dot- Ison was arrested in rn*tol in jbc-ccmbcr and tne boy returned to his mother. 1 Dotson said he had taken the; lxy because he "felt sorry f o r , him. Old Tipping Coslom During the Middle ages it was a custom for condemned men, upon irwnting the scaffold, to tip the man who -Aa? abort to hang them. | You're looking at the most attractive and useful trucks ever designed. The first thing you notice, of course, is their new massive "truck-like" appearance. But underneath--you'll find power-packed chassis, each "Job- Ratcd" for performance, economy, dependability, and long life Because these new Dodge trucks are "Job-Rated"--because they fit the job --they naturally save money and last longer. But you're in for a real surprise, when you see how many additional money-saving and time-saving advantages Dodge has built into these newest tracks. We urge you to come in and see them without (relay. You'll find them years ahead in design . . . the only really new trucks on the market this year! IttUfEase of HttttiandM You enjoy remarkable new case of handling and driving in these new trucks. You can turn them in much smaller circles... thesarr.e size circle cither risjht or left. You can park, or back up to platforms, with greater case. With this shorter turning you also get full-size bodies, longer cabs, better weight distribution. Real comfort at ten below or a hundred above! That's because of an ingenious combination ol ,r«* hratcr, defroster vents, vent windows, cowl ventilator and a r.ew fresh air intake from the radiator RriDe. It's the finest "All-leather heating and ventilating system available in any truck cab. SE«T conxcnicnt hand control. 0 PLENTY OF HEADROOM. ©STEERING WHEEL . - right in driver's lap- KaTORLBaCK SUPPORT . . . adjustable for maximum comfort. ® PROPER UG SUPPORT . . . under the ^nc« where you need it. CHUR-HEIGHT SEATS ... just like you have a? home. "ASB-0-KIDE" CUSHIOKS . . . adjustable t o wcisht of driver and road conditions. IN \*/»TlT,j'^i.*Jlfc, J J o l V * * ' «*»*»*·«··-'·*' · · · ~~"'^ ·" · -- · - · - - - - - ~^*^^^~- m^^^^^^^^^^i^tfem^^^^fmtmmfmf^ff^f^^^^^^^^ n · ^ i i . · -All, 248 BASIC CHASSIS MODELS UP TO 23,000 POUNDS G . V . W UP TO 4O,OOO POUNDS PIERSON AND RU 100 S. Main £ Telephone 525 -IWSPAPFR!

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